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Yellow Fever Vaccination

Hi there,

I was hoping to get some advice from all the experienced homeopaths out there.
I am travelling to a South American country very soon that advises on Yellow Fever vaccinations to be taken (plus others like diphtheria, typhoid etc).
I am against vaccinations as I have personally experienced alot of problems as a result from taking them in the past.

Could someone advise what I may do/take to boost my immune system to avoid infections while I'm away on the trip?

Any comments/suggestions will be much appreciated.
  stickyfingaz99 on 2006-11-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear stickyfingaz (interesting name that).

The best way to protect yourself from yellow fever as with all tropical diseases, would be good hygiene and sanitary conditions while you are over there. Eat no unpeeled raw foods, boil all water, and especially avoid contact with mosquitoes/use a repellant. You should also obtain a potency of the virus which causes the disease (available from Helios or Ainsworths pharmacies) and take it with you in case of infection, which can then be administered three times a day. I am sure there are also other remedies which should be taken in case you do become infected (which would be quite rare), but I do not have experience with this PARTICUALR disease, so cannot make any suggestions, but I am sure one of the other Homoeopaths here, who live in countries where such diseases occur will be able to advise you further on these. Murthy, Rajiv, anyone?

Good luck on your trip.

JCS2006 last decade
Jacob, thank you for your advice. Yes, I believe the best cure is avoiding the disease by following good basic hygiene and mosquitos too.
I shall search for the potency of the virus, and purchase these. Can these be taken before any symptoms as a preventive method? Many thanks for your advice sir.

Any other homeopaths have any advice for me?
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Personally I do not believe in using Homoeopathy for Phrophylaxis. I think it is far more prudent to apply remedies if and when they are needed, but many Homoeopaths will suggest taking the remedy before travelling, and it is up to you which you consider the most logical approach.

And you are most welcome.

JCS2006 last decade
Dear stickyfingaz

Preventive medicines used for yellow fever are:

Carbo veg (30 potency)
Arsenicum Album(30)[It is to be taken just once before departure.]

You can take any one and if you want to take both give appropriate time space between the remedies.


Prophylaxis is still a grey area and we can't be sure if it works foolproof so also follow sensible hygienic guidelines.
maheeru last decade
Homeopathic medicines acts as a Phrophylaxis.So many times i gave Cocculus as a preventive for nausea and vomiting during travelling with complete success.No doubt in it.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Thanks alot for all your replies, much appreciated.
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Hello again,

Another question - how would one treat for malaria? Is that treated by China?

stickyfingaz99 last decade
Mostly, but other remedies such as Chin.Sulph and a few others are used, as well as the nosode of the disease itself (always the most effective in my experience).
JCS2006 last decade
Bringing it up for gurly:

For prophylaxis:(Malaria)

The nosode's name is Malaria Officinalis in 200 potency, TWO doses taken a week apart before embarking on a journey.

Another option is to take Nat. Mur 30 weekly one dose during one's stay in Malaria prone areas.

Apart from this non-specific measures such as wearing long sleeve and long trousers,
avoid being outside during dawn and dusk, as this is when the mosquitoes are
the most actively feeding, using insect repellent and mosquito nets will go a long way to help.

[Babies must be kept breast-fed(during the trip) as the mother's milk provides all the necessary nutrients to develop immunity.]
maheeru last decade
* 200,000 cases of Yellow Fever are estimated to occur yearly on this planet.
* There is no known treatment to cure the disease.
* The fatality rate of the disease is reported as 10-50%.
* Deaths from Yellow Fever disease have occurred in unvaccinated tourists.

Details here: http://www.yellowfever.com.au/vaccinations.html
ZepOz last decade
Thanks ZepOZ for presenting allopathic perspective.

Extract from H.A. Dewey's Therapeutics:


Yellow fever is a serious viral infection, transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical regions. It has both an urban cycle and a jungle cycle that relies on monkeys as carriers ('sylvatic cycle'). In mild cases the symptoms are similar to influenza, but serious cases develop a high temperature and may have a series of after effects, such as internal bleeding, kidney failure and meningitis. A classic feature of yellow fever is hepatitis, which is the reason for the yellow colouring of the skin (jaundice) and the name of the disease.

In the actual full-blown disease there is: high fever, generalised symptoms like violent headache, muscular pain, upset stomach and loss of fluid.

The fever dies down after three to four days and the general condition improves. However, in about 15 per cent of cases the fever returns within 24 hours and a dangerous situation develops.

Homeopathic Medicines & Treatment for Yellow Fever

#Aconite. [Acon]
Nearly all authorities praise this remedy in the early stage of yellow fever where there is high fever, chilliness and dry skin, bounding pulse and the characteristic mental accompaniments which are quite likely to be present in this disease. It will speedily calm the febrile storm in these conditions.

#Gelsemium [Gels]
Is a remedy for the onset when the patient is apathetic and dull, and Belladonna or Bryonia may also come in during the first stage. Very often, too, Camphora with its coldness and tendency to collapse may be the remedy. The vomiting of the first stage is often controlled by Ipecac.

#Arsenicum. [Ars]
This remedy come in most frequently in the second and third stages, and is one of the most important remedies in the disease. The patient has continued nausea and vomiting, and the vomited matter consist of bile or mucosities filled with blackish or sanguinolent streaks; the face is yellow and the pulse is small, weak and tremulous. There is much burning in the praecordial region and intense burning thirst, but, of course for small quantities of water only. No better remedy for these symptoms is to be found than Arsenicum. It sill often alone suffice to cure.

#Lachesis. [Lach]
This remedy has given very satisfactory results in yellow fever, especially when vomiting is present, abdominal tenderness, brown tongue, delirium, slow speech, nausea, offensive discharges and black urine. It corresponds to nerve-poisoning and suits bad looking cases.

#Sulphuric acid [Sul-ac]
Is a useful remedy for haemorrhages of black blood, profuse sweat with exhaustion, foetid stools and diminished secretion of urine.

#Argentum nitricum [Arg-n]
Is also one of the best remedies in the disease. It covers the vomiting; especially is it of use when the patient sinks and the vomiting become worse.

#Phosphorous [Phos]
Phosphorous with its haemorrhages; jaundice and other symptoms is a close simile to certain forms; it was successfully used in an epidemic occurring in Rio de Janerio.

#Crotalus. [Crot-h]
This remedy produces a perfect picture of yellow fever, and it corresponds to the stage of black vomit and blood poisoning- there is a low delirium, yellow skin and oozing of blood from every orifice of the body, even bloody sweat is sometimes present. The yellow skin produced by this remedy is characteristic, and denotes blood poisoning rather than jaundice. Cadmium sulphate has also the symptoms of black vomit, and its study in the disease is suggested.

#Carbo vegetabilis. [Carb-v]
This remedy has been considered as a preventive of yellow fever. Hering says this remedy more than any other drug corresponds in the totality of its action to yellow fever. It suits the third stage where collapse, coldness, extremely foetid discharge and great exhaustion of the vital forces are present.

Also one can start with following links to know the efficacy of homeopathy in yellow fever:


maheeru last decade
For those who are preferring Yellow fever vaccine shots:(some precautions to be kept in mind)

The following circumstances may increase your risk of reacting badly to the Yellow Fever Vaccine. It is extremely important you notify the staff member if any of the following apply to you:

* You are allergic to eggs
* You have had an adverse reaction to Yellow Fever Vaccine before
* You are, or could be, HIV positive or have AIDS
* You suffer from a serious weakness of the immune system
* You have cancer, are taking drugs to control cancer, or are undergoing chemotherapy
* You have any major liver or kidney disease
* You are currently taking steroid drugs or cortisone. Recent injections into a joint and steroid asthma puffers are NOT a problem.
* You are pregnant, or could be pregnant now or in the next two weeks.

About Side-Effects:

Mild Side Effects

o Most people will get a slight sore arm
o 2-10% may feel tired, headache, muscle aches, fever for 24 hours starting 3-9 days after the vaccine
o 1% need to curtail regular activities

More Serious Side Effects

o 1 in 130,000 will get immediate hypersensitivity – rash, itching faint or asthma – this is why you need to wait 30 minutes in the clinic
o 0.09-2.5 per million will get inflammation of multiple organs e.g. lungs, kidney, liver, spleen, skin, blood stream
o 1 in 8 million will get encephalitis ( inflammation of the brain )
maheeru last decade
Hi everyone

I am very upset at the lack of information about the severe reactions that people can have as a result of this vaccine.

On this sort of website, I would have thought that there would be a wealth of independent information (i.e; not partial info given by the vaccine manufacturers about 'possible' side effects - it is not complete enough).

I personally almost died after my 3rd YF vacine (reaction within the hour - as if potassium chloride poisoning) and all yellow fever symptoms after a few days plus went into a coma at the end. My daughter was very ill and had kidney and spleen malfunction in the following months.

After this harrowing experience of course I went round gathering information of other people who had had reactions. I was horrified to find out that I am not so unique in what I went through, only that for the others who react so violently, death followed.

Although my daughter and myself were very ill, the doctor (in France) refused to admit they were linked with the vaccine, and so our cases are not even noted anywhere! There are several sad cases when people die of organ failure within hours or days following this vaccine. How many of them are never heard about (died for 'liver/organ failure' not died from vaccine.

Please know that I grew up in a YF area and know many people who got it but they were never as ill as my daughter and I were. And this was the act of a doctor who should be doing NO HARM. I was finally treated by a homeopath - no other doctor could help, and the hospitals could not help.

Please avoid this vaccine if at all possible.

In 2001 the BBC wrote an article of the worries of the safety of this vaccine. If you check from country to country, the numbers admitted are very variable and of course, not independent. Our cases are not in their statistics. How many others are there like us.

Searching for the truth
MariK last decade
Hi Marik

Thanks for recording your independent information i.e your personal experience with the Yellow fever vaccine. I feel for what you've gone through due to this vaccine. Many people undergo such traumatic experience with vaccines, but unfortunately it's rarely recorded officially as after-effects of vaccine.

ZepOz was a sceptic of homeopathy and insisted on taking Yellow fever vaccine the conventional way. so I thought of adding some caution for those who may read this post. I never had personal experience with Yellow fever vaccine that's why I chose to add general caution. And now you've added your experience others may follow suit.
maheeru last decade

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