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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Samrita

Look again to know why I had to intervene in this thread.

This is the Joe's post which made me to respond.

' you may have noticed that I have been subjected to a lot of vilification from some trolls who strangely seem to have disappeared from the ABC for the last 2 days, thus leaving me the opportunity of helping patients who post their problem.'

Do you expect me to keep quiet when he calls me a troll.

We might have had disagreements earlier, but what is the necessity of all this vilification on this thread?

Please understand that I have a right to defend myself, when such insinuations are made.

It is strange that you give advices to me, but, were happy when he was calling me a troll, and never had a word of protest.

I don't need any support as such, I can defend myself, but a partisan reaction wthout going through all the details is not a healthy sign.

gavinimurthy last decade
And for your information, I have been trying my best to help others to understand homeopathy.

Just search the forums using the search button to the left of you, and read the following threads.

Why to follow guidelines

The theory of Suppression

Don't even touch combinations.

There are many informative posts. Look at my profile, and try to locate them.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

I am copying my post on another thread which will give you some food for thought:

Re: Diagnosed with weak osephagul sphicter From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Murthy

Chahat has clearly indicated that he is now only using the Nat Phos 6x but NOT the other essential part of my standard therapy for GERD which has worked in many hundreds of cases. He has probably stopped it for some time and his present condition is serious as he is considering surgery which will not help him and perhaps leave him a patient for life.

This is the reason why I spent some time to prescribe it to him and all you do is to butt in as usual with your standard prescription to see a 'classical' homeopath.

Why don't you prescribe that elusive 'single remedy' to cure Chahat of his chronic GERD ? All you can do is to suggest the patients who has obviously run the gamut of doctors and also 'classical' homeopaths and has finally landed on the ABC and asks for help.

What makes you think that any 'classical' homeopath can help him with a single remedy which you can also prescribe ?

You are advised to spend more time in helping patients instead of jumping in on every thread that I prescribe on, instead of wasting your time on investigating the past posts of everyone on this ABC which now run into millions.

I know that you cannot resist your urge to upset everyone especially me on this forum but as you have seen I am made of sterner stuff that your obese self with a clear mind even at my age of 77, old enough to be your father.

Remember that age and the experience that comes with it helps especially if one in not as conceited as you obviously are.

I believe that you would have been the over grown schoolboy throughout your life and cannot even at your age of 50 years, overcome your bullying tactics that are getting you nowhere, at least on this forum where you are recognized to be the Homeopathic Troll.

Re: Diagnosed with weak osephagul sphicter From Joe De Livera on 2006-12-03
To Chahat

You can help your GERD with the addition of Asafoetida 6c which you take in the dry pellets twice daily.

Please report your response after 2 days on this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You can't win a point through discussion and on merits.

You sulk for a day, after being thoroughly dressed down, and come back with your 'bullying' tactics.

This has become a routine, and by now is a matter of fun to the regulars.

It gives me too lot of amusement.

I hope you are enjoying it too.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

I am simply amazed as to how you presumed that the reason for my silence yesterday was due to my sulking 'after being thoroughly dressed down, and come back with your 'bullying' tactics'. I can reassure you that I just did not have the time to even read your insulting post which I did only this morning. There was no question of 'sulking'.

You have obviously forgotten that I do not have the luxury of the time you obviously have hanging on your hands which you put to use to vilify me and others on this forum. The same tactic you tried on the Homeopathy and More in one of your posts was promptly deleted by me.

You may like to know that I am the Chairman of my Company and have matters pertaining to the business to attend to especially today, since my 2 sons are abroad for a week on business. I am at 77 years of age fully occupied and I am able to devote some time to Homeopathy only during my free time, of which I have more when they are both in office.

I can assure that my attacks against you will remain a routine strategy till such time as you cease to vilify me with your 'classical' homeopathic nonsense. I am glad that my calculated barb at your being an overgrown schoolboy bully has found its mark. I hope that its amusement value to you continues.

It is obvious that you live in a world of your own spreading your message of hatred throughout the homeopathic world and you still delude yourself that you are doing a service to Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good. Some improvement. The 'lunatic' fear worked.No more 'troll'.

gavinimurthy last decade
You both are still in the same state of fights.. Murthy, I am not blaming anyone here.. all i am saying is a clap doesnt sound with one had.. if someone calls you names may be u wud hv done somethng to them as well..

I really have no problems you opposing Joe's remedies.. but on a second thought... you just OPPOSED and do not offer ALTERNATE remedies..

Hold yourself strong and if you are convinced about yr remedies put it here for discussions

Instead of demeaning a person by showing utterly disregard.. wudnt it help if you simply put forth a messaging stating or asking users that 'so and so' remedy can also be considered..

thats my whole point in interfering in yrs and joe's matter.. nuthing else..

Murthy this is a place whr people like me come and ask for help.. such arguments amongst the solution providers will simply degrade the respect in this forum.. please dont let that happen.. we need expert advices and not expert fights..

please please give up this cold fights!!
samrita last decade
Dear Samrita

Thank you for trying to put some sense into Murthy.

He just lives in a world of his own and my analysis of this man whom I have never seen but who was one of my patients 2 years ago when I treated him for his Obesity, seems to have finally found its mark when I described him as an overgrown schoolboy bully.

On his own admission he has only 4 years of study of homeopathy and yet he dares to butt into every post that I make and as you rightly stated, he never dares to offer any alternate remedy as his stock in trade reply is to suggest to the patient that he consults a 'classical' homeopath for a single remedy, which in my opinion can never help the patient over his ailment.

This continuous process of my responding to Murthy's inane posts takes a lot of my time and I do not have the time to spend in helping patients as I used to do in the recent past till Murthy returned to the ABC from which he absented himself for about 2 years and returned perhaps due to some disagreement with the Hpathy forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Samrita

Should the name calling be extended to all the threads?

You are conveniently forgetting who started this on THIS THREAD.

As to 'alternate prescriptions' it is not easy for those who follow the classical way.

Most of the times the information is insufficient, and further questioning consumes lot of time.

That is why the work load is distributed among classical prescribers like Rishimba,Rajiv,Maheeru,Sajjadakram,and a few others.

I do take up cases, if you care to see.

'This for that' presribers don't have to go through all this drill. They have standard medicines on their lips,and they won't work most of the time. Sometimes they just palliate, and some times they lead to dangerous suppressions too.

If you want me too prscribe 'this for that way' it is a matter of seconds to me.But, that is not my philosophy.

Hope, you will understand it.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

I respect your age and assume you have some maturity.

If you stoop down to the level of attacking my personality, I can do worse.

This is the last warning for you.

If you don't desist from your useless personal comments, I too have give you the treatment that you deserve.

Now, I understand why Nesha behaves like that with you. You don't deserve anything better.

This is your last chance to be civil in your wordings.

Take care.

gavinimurthy last decade
I'm going to comment on this one.

Murthy, I think that samrita was ignoring these comments at first, as was I. We didn't come here to get in the middle of you two and your disagreement. We couldn't possibly know who said what or why unless we were following your every post and I just don't have time for that. I feel that you both have something to offer and that you must avoid one another, as you seem to butt heads and will not agree ever.

One thing that I surely think you are wrong about is your statement that wet doses do not work. They most certainly do work, and I have absolute evidence of my statement. Wet dosing for my dog from her well known homeopathic vet is what got me into homeopathy in the first place. She surely did help my dog, which is what drove my interest in the first place.
Also, this wet dosing has helped me and my children with other remedies beyond arnica. It may be so that a wet dose that is not successed first won't have much effect, but shaking it up certainly creates it's potency and that I'm sure of.

I mean no offense, but before you close your mind, you should remember that there's always something more to learn in homeopathy and it usually doesn't seem to make sense. I'm sure you know this. Actually i'm quite sure that you know allot. Joe is guilty of certain things as well, but we are all human and ever learning. That is that. Please do us all a favor, both of you, just avoid one another. Make you comments and let people decide what they feel is best for them, unless you feel someone is being put in danger. You are both stubborn men and I don't believe that either one of you will ever sway from what you believe. And please be aware that I honestly mean no disrespect to either one of you. I value all opinions, but become very leary of those who punch each other in the eye.

Samrita, No, I am not a homeopathic doctor, i'm just here learning and helping where I believe I might have some ideas, but I answer very few posts. I'm not qualified, but I sure am learning. I do believe that Carlotta is a homeopathic doc, and she sure has my attention. The best thing for you to do, is to fill out this questionaire, put it here or start a new thread if you wish and let's see if someone can help you. Be patient, stick to this, because I honestly believe that sooner or later you will find the right remedy, it just doesn't happen over night. Homeopathy is for patient people and well worth your patience in the end.

Before I post the questionaire, keep in mind that you should be avoiding coffee (including kahlua) and anything containing mint (including toothpaste, as you can buy ones with no mints.) These are antidotes to the remedies you take and will slow or sabotage your effort to be healed.

Very important...mentals first and the physical later...that is a rule in homeopathy...so always remember to give your mental (mind) symptoms along with physical symptoms.....like mind -depressed, frequent change of moods, angry when contradicted, depression due to business failure, depression due to broken love affair, cannot get over a bereavement in the family, throwing objects at others when in an angry rage, suppression of insults, suppression of sexual desire etc etc etc.

1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. country
5. climate
6. current complain-from how many days-
7. current medicine you are taking
8. sign & Symptom of disease
9. Slight back history
10. family back ground
11. qualification of patient
12. Nature of working
13. desire and aversion of food
14. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behaviour,love and affection. If any secret thing or can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on your any forum doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.
15. Aggravation & Ameliration

1. For maximum effectiveness, take homeopathic remedies 3-5 minutes apart. Homeopathic remedies may generally be taken at the same time with other suggested natural or nutritional supplements.
2. Take nothing by mouth 10-15 minutes prior to or following dosage.
3. Alcohol sensitivity: If the person taking the homeopathics is sensitive to alcohol, put the homeopathic drops into (3oz) of warm water in a glass. Allow one minute for the alcohol to evaporate before consuming.
4. Limit caffeine or nicotine in any form (soda, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes). If necessary, try consuming these substances one hour after taking a homeopathic remedy.
5. Keep homeopathics out of direct sunlight and X-rays.
6. Limit mint in any form.
7. Limit raw garlic to one hour after taking homeopathics. Cooked garlic is Okay.

I hope this helps you samrita, I'll follow your thread. Good luck my friend.
lily white last decade
Samrita, i was kind of laughing after my above post as I realized that by saying you must be patient, you surely have already proven that you are very patient. lol
lily white last decade
Dear Lilywhite

You said this.

'One thing that I surely think you are wrong about is your statement that wet doses do not work.'

When did I make that statement?

Perhaps ,you misunderstood my statement when I said that the wet dose is nothing but taking water,IN CASE YOU ARE NOT SUSCEPTIBLE TO THE MEDICINE.

Please read the threads

How Dr.Luc made Joe's medicines rather harmless



Split Dose


I am an ardent supporter of the water dose otherwise known as split dose.

Hope this clarifies.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Lily,

I have just read the explanation that Murthy gave you about the Wet Dose and the Split Dose. You are quite correct that Murthy has often stated that wet doses do not work as they are only so much water. It amazes me to see how he boldly states today that he has been an ardent supporter of the water dose which as far as I am aware he perhaps had not even heard of till the time that I first mentioned it in the post which I copy below dated April 22 2005.

As you are aware Murthy has a very mixed mind often in the habit of stating untruths when it suits him but very quick to point an accusing finger at everyone on the basis that only he is the last word in Homeopathy and acts on the basis that the KING CAN DO NO WRONG !!!

As you know he is not taken seriously anymore on this forum as he has lost all credibility as you have seen for yourself and is considered the resident joker of the ABC.

The water dose was also known as SPLIT dose in Hahnemann's Sixth edition. As far as I am aware I was the first to make the concept of the WET dose popular on the ABC and I believe I also copied it on Murthy's own forum Hpathy and on the Otherhealth forum, also on the NCH. I believe that I was the first member to publicize this Wet Dose as I had used the technique that Dr Luc de Schepper used here in Sri Lanka when he arrived last year to help the survivors of the Tsunami. I was closely associated with Luc during his stay here as an honorary member of Homeopaths without Borders and if you are interested you can read all about the part that I played by typing in my name 'Joe De Livera' into Google and look for the articles by a few Homeopaths who also were here independent of Luc to help the survivors in batches of two for about 6 months after the Tsunami whom I hosted and helped in settling them into the remote areas where they could treat these survivors.

I discovered that the Split Dose was rather complicated as it involved the patient using a teaspoonful of the water from the remedy bottle which was then stirred into half cup of water from which a teaspoonful which was the remedy was sipped. I discovered that this Split Dose method did not sometimes get the same response from the patient that a teaspoon direct from the bottle had in helping with ailments like Asthma, Eczema and Diabetes and I then coined the term WET dose to indicate the teaspoonful direct from the bottle. The SPLIT dose was as per the instructions of Hahnemann as conveyed to me by Luc.

It is interesting to record that I was able to persuade the majority of practicing Homeopaths in Sri Lanka to use the Wet and Split dose method in the treatment of their patients as they too discovered that it was far more effective than the dry pellets which the majority of homeopaths both qualified and otherwise use even today throughout the world.

I use the Wet and the Split dose technique exclusively for all the remedies that I dispense free of charge to my patients here in Sri Lanka and many have benefited from their ailments in a manner that would not normally be possible with the dose taken in the dry pellets.

Here is the post I referred to above.

Dr Luc de Schepper's Split Dose method
From Joe De Livera on 2005-04-22
0 replies 15 views
I believe that you may be successful in the treatment of your ailment by using the technique that Dr Luc de Schepper used and demonstrated to me and his patients when he was with us in Sri Lanka a few weeks ago to treat the survivors of the Tsunami.

The technique that Dr Luc uses for Chromic ailments is to put just 2 pellets of the 6C remedy into 350ml water which is succussed twice before each dose. A teaspoonful of the remedy is poured out from the bottle and put into half a cup of water which is stirred. A teaspoonful is then taken from the cup and is sipped slowly. Since your ailment qualifies as a chronic you can use this method.

For Acute ailments he uses the 200C remedy in 250ml water which is succussed twice before each dose of 2 teaspoonfuls which are taken directly from the bottle tds. Dr Luc details this technique in his book 'Hahnemann Revisited' and emphasizes that this technique is mentioned in Hahnemann's 6th Edition.

I am now using this technique exclusively as I have discovered that it really works as according to Dr Luc the succussion of the remedy increases the potency slightly thereby rendering it more effective in the treatment of any ailment.

Also read 'Split Dose Technique' : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/59732/
Joe De Livera last decade
Hahn. mentioned about the split dose first in the 5th edition, not in the sixth edition.

It is strange that persons who propagate what they heard from others,pose as if they are the first people on the earth who knew about it.

Hahn. wrote about the water dose around 150 years back, and many homeopaths practice it.

It is this sort of self glorification, that attracts retaliation.

I very much doubt, whether these people have ever seen a copy of Organon, forget about reading it.

They even don't know, which edition contains what, and they pose as homeopaths.

How unfortunate the patients who have been following their prescriptions all these years are?

gavinimurthy last decade
Joe is considered the 'resident maniac' and is confirmed by google itself.

Just type joe de livera maniac in google and see yourself.

gavinimurthy last decade
The correct search phrase is

Joe de livera lunatic

to search in google.

It is worth noting that even joe de livera maniac too is returning interesting results.

He has become world famous, through his self glorifying, looooooooongish, substanceless posts.

Perhaps a sign of old age, and approaching imbecility?

gavinimurthy last decade
Please also type in my name

Joe De Livera

on Google and also on

Joe De Livera last decade
Joe is talking as if he is the first one who talked about the split dose, and as if we knew nothing about it.

See this thread.

Organon-The original. From bandarbabu2000 on 2004-10-21
30 replies 1666 views



Made in 40, 30, 20, 15 or 8 tablespoons of water with the addition of some alcohol or a piece of charcoal in order to preserve it. If charcoal is used, it is suspended by means of a thread in the vial and is taken out when the vial is succussed. The solution of the medicinal globule (and it is rarely necessary to use more than one globule) of a thoroughly potentized medicine in a large quantity of water can be obviated by making a solution in only 7-8 tablespoons of water and after thorough succussion of the vial take from it one tablespoon and put it in a glass of water (containing about 7 to 8 spoonfuls), this stirred thoroughly and then given a dose to the patient. If he is unusually excited and sensitive, a teaspoon of this solution may be put in a second glass of water, thoroughly stirred and teaspoonful doses or more be given. There are patients of so great sensitiveness that a third or fourth glass, similarly prepared, may be necessary. Each such prepared glass must be made fresh daily. the globule of the high potency is best crushed in a few grains of sugar of milk which the patient can put in the vial and be dissolved in the requisite quantity of water.


This is a part of the post I made from Organon way back on 21-10-2004.

Joe talks as if we learnt it from him after 22-04-05.

Who is teaching whom?

Fortunately all the posts are available in the archives, and it is very easy to call out one's bluff.

gavinimurthy last decade
Joe de livera lunatic refers to only our joe.

Whereas the general Joe de livera refers to many other souls who have that name.

There are many many Joe De Liveras on the earth.

Search yourself.

gavinimurthy last decade
also see the number of views.

the thread Joe is referring to so proudly has attracted a paltry 15 views.

The view count of my thread is 1666 !!!

So, who talked about split dose first, and whose threads are more popular, can be gauged by these staistics.

Empty rhetoric will make people a laughing stock, which is being reflected by the title our Joe got.

gavinimurthy last decade
Members can now see who the maniac truly is especially in the evenings, when I notice that his posts are more vicious than they are in the first half of the day.

I suspect the author Murthy is inebriated after a session of heavy drinking when I presume he consumes large quantities of liquor all by himself. He has admitted freely that his 'brain boils over' in the evening and this is not at all surprising after liquor.

I do often wonder what his other vices are.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe becomes 'personal' when his bluff is called out.

True to his nature and apt title.

gavinimurthy last decade
I believe that I have hit the nail on the head !

I believe that Murthy has now another qualification

'Hyper Classical ALCOHOLIC.'

Please read my favourite quotation:

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
--- Arthur Schopenhauer ---
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Please accept that you are not the first one who talked about the split dose on this forum, and take back your words that I learnt it from you.

Don't try to cover up the real issue with personal comments.

I told you many times, you are no match to me, and you will return wounded mentally, after a fight with me, which is not good for your health at this age.

I am more informed than you, and my four years study has much more wortth than your useless 25 years practice.

I have all the references on my fingertips, which comes with dedicated study.

Now, take rest.

gavinimurthy last decade
Even when under the influence of liquor ?

I noticed that you had added 13 years to my age and made it 90 years.
Joe De Livera last decade

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