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4 yr old w/cough asthma and rash aggravation

1. Name: Noah

2. Age: 4 ½ years

3. Sex: male

4. country: USA

5. climate: Now fall, so maybe 40’s-60’s

6. current complaint-from how many days: cold with bad cough and wheezing, 3 days, now has itchy raised rash

7. current medicine you are taking: I gave Noah Ferr phos 8x every 3 hrs and had started Bell 30c with just one dose. I stopped the Bell 30c as his cough worsened and I feared asthma would start. I had gotten relief from my painful burning cough with Hep Sulph 30c, so I switched him to that and stayed with the Ferr Phos 8x. But he began wheezing badly the next day anyway and telling me that he couldn’t breath. So I gave him ars alb 200c and stopped the Hep Sulph, as I did not want to be mixing remedies. It helped his wheezing, he has since developed a very itchy hive like rash. I then began with Rhus Tox 12c in the wet dose and although it seems to help with the itching temporarily, the rash remains and his itching returns. Now I am worried, as his cough is bad and he still persists with wheezing, but I'm afraid to give him another dose of Ars Alb 200c. His nose runs clear, but is not as bad as it was.

8. sign & Symptom of disease: First, had runny nose, then cough developed, then fever and wheezing. Mostly he only has asthma during a cold.

9. Slight back history: Noah was a seemingly healthy baby, until around the age of 2 when he had a bad reaction to his immunizations. He developed asthma the following day and had to be put on a nebulizer (before I discovered homeopathy, of course.) The doctor gave my baby his shots when he had a cold. I very much regret letting him do this and I feel as if his pediatrician acted extremely irresponsibly. After looking into Noah’s personality, I have found him to meet many of the qualities of a Tarentula child. I was using tarantula 30c in the wet dose 2-3 x’s daily, but was not really seeing a change, so I have Tarentula 200c on order now. I do feel that his personality is more Tarentula, than of any other remedy I’ve read about thus far. He is a very out of control child.

10. family back ground: Mom (me) has the so called ADHD and seems to fit the traits of a Lycopodium person. Dad has many problems, that some would label bi/polar although I know homeopathy does not like to label. He seems to fit the willow and/or Lachesis personality. Very negative, constantly complains, is never happy and thinks the world hates him. Never has anything nice to say about anyone. Noah has a 17 year old brother who has also been labeled ADHD, with some depression and also seems to fit the Lycopodium personality.

11. qualification of patient: Has many emotional problems that are difficult to handle and usually gets the asthma with the onset of any cold.

12. Nature of working: Obviously he is too young to work, but seems to have the desires of a hard worker. He likes to pretend that he is a construction worker and pretends to dig up and pave roads, and do remodeling inside my home, etc. He makes sure that I know he has been working hard all day and tells grand stories about his endeavors.

13. desire and aversion of food. He is a good eater in some ways, but I can’t get many meats into him. He likes broccoli, corn, butternut and summer squash and sometimes greenbeans. He likes bananas, apples, grapes, pears and orange juice. Sometimes he’ll eat a little chicken, but rarely will eat meat. He likes pasta with and without sauce. Likes lasagna, cheese, grilled cheese, bread and toast, cereal, cream of wheat and dinner rolls, peanut butter, ice cream and pudding. He likes hot dogs, but I don’t feed then to him, only very rarely will he get one of those. He sometimes likes soup, definitely New England clam chowder. He likes ham and bacon. He drinks water and milk, sometimes juice and protein shakes, I don’t allow soda.
He does not like fish or any of the seafood I’ve tried except for tuna fish. Sometimes he will put meat in his mouth, only to chew and suck the juices from it, then he spits it out. Or may lick salt, spices or dressing off of chips, etc.

14. Mind-behavior:: Noah is a lovable, affectionate boy, but has another side as well. He can be mean and seemingly uncaring. He is not good to our dogs quite often, but sometimes is very affectionate with them.
Although this may sound strange for his age, he often masturbates, at least once a day and says that he does it because it feels good. I find it unusual, but have learned that it is not uncommon, especially with a Tarentula child.

He can’t sit still often, he must be moving about or running in circles, especially in the evening. He continues bad behavior after being reprimanded and will often do the same thing, even after a time out. He loves to aggravate and seems to get pleasure from it, whether it is towards the pets or his family members. He invades personal space and does not allow others to rest or have time alone, not ever. He likes to paint and color, but gets bored with any such activity within 10 minutes. He has no patience for games, but wants to play them. He cut a little girls long hair about 2 weeks ago, thankfully not much as her mom was quite upset. He was not sorry, he said it was too long and that was that. He can be very bold, rude and belligerent.

Noah cannot be left unattended, he is destructive and has broken mostly all of his toys, with the excuse that he has now made a better toy (that is not the case.) He has broken many of my things, and doesn’t show much remorse for this. He talks of death and killing, I just don’t know why. When he hurts someone, I ask him how he would like if someone did that to him, he always says that he would hit them, kick them or kill them. He pinches and hits and sometimes attempts to bite. He likes to threaten.

He is brilliant and very good at observation and extremely inquisitive. His language skills are fantastic and often he leaves people dumbfounded at his ability in language and comprehension. He has an outrageous imagination as well.

Noah will often make shrill, high pitched noises or screeches, very unexpectedly, so that one would jump out of their shoes. He likes music and will identify it with things, such as shows or movies that he may have seen. He has a keen memory and doesn’t forget much. He still reminds me of his memory of breast feeding which I stopped on his 2nd birthday and does not want to forget. He wants someone close by most of the time, he will panic if he feels he’s been left alone.

Noah can become very angry and will not listen to reason. He has severe tantrums and is unreasonable. He is impatient. He tells stories of a seeming past life, but I am unsure. He says things like, “I used to listen to that song all the time, it was my favorite.” And it will be a song on the radio from the 70’s. He tells me that bad people burned his houses in California, so he moved to Vermont. I don’t even know how he knows of these states or how he would come to such a claim.

Although he likes to make loud intolerable noises, he cannot and will not put up with anyone who does the same. He throws his toys about, rather than playing nicely and picking up afterwards. There have been times that he would be crying inconsolably, for no apparent reason, often upon waking from a nap, but is happy upon waking in the morning. He has also had uncontrollable laughing spells as well. He is a child that needs one on one and steals all of the attention when in groups.

He does not listen when he is told no, he continues to do what he wants. When you don’t allow this, then he puts up an endless fight and continues to try to get his way or continue this behavior.

15. Aggravation & Ameliration: I feel as if it was the Ars Alb 200c that caused his rash aggravation, as the rash began within hours of the dose I gave. And I gave him nothing else above a 30c dose with the other remedies. Although the Rhus Tox is helping the itch mostly, the rash remains and continues to become itchy.

I am asking for anyone who may be able to help. Right now I am focusing on his cough, asthma and rash, but would like to be able to help my son with his other troubles when he is feeling better. When his cold has subsided, I intend on giving him a dose of Tuberculinum 200c to hopefully help prevent this from happening again. If anyone can help me with anything, please do make suggestions. He has had this rash for over 24 hours now.

Thank you kindly,
Lily white
  lily white on 2006-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you ever taken a close look a Hyoscyamus.
Sycotic last decade
If the child has wheezing and chest congestion, give him ANTIM TART 30 and Bryonia 200 alternately every three hours two doses each for two days. The Wheezing will go hopefully and depending on symptoms, further medicine can be given.
At the moment, acute problem of cold and wheezing has to be taken care of, Later his constitutional medicine can be given.
robina last decade
Thank you robina. I don't have Bryonia 200 on hand, but I do have Bryonia 30c, so I will give him that for now until I hear back from you. He still has this terribly itchy rash though and it behaves like hives -coming and going, better then worse again. All over the upper half of his back, the top front of his chest and shoulders and under his armpits. It's a raised rash. I feel bad for his itching, but the Rhus Tox does calm it down, which i have made up in the wet dose. I continue to give this to him as needed for the itching. If you think I should stop it or use something else, please inform.

Sycotic, thank you, I will look into this Hyoscyamus this evening and I will get back to you on my findings.

Thank you both, I will come back later this evening with a report and to check in.
Lily white
lily white last decade
I am going to change a bit of what I said, because i am now wondering if Noah has been exposed to poison ivy or poison oak as his father has come down with something similar looking after chopping wood. Noah's father chose prednesone for himself, but I'm trying to help Noah's rash with homeopathy, I avoid pharmaceuticals as much as possible.

I'm having no success with controlling this rash or poison ivy, whichever it is. If anyone can suggest something, I would appreciate it. I've been using Rhus Tox 12c in the wet dose, but it only helps with the itching temporarily and the rash has worsened at this point. Should I switch to Rhus Tox 30c? I'm concerned and I think I may switch to Apis, to see if it might work better.


Thank you,
Lily white
lily white last decade
Rhustox and Apis are inimical to each other, and should not be used one after the other.

I need some time to go through your earlier posts.i will come back.

gavinimurthy last decade
Rhus Tox 30 is complementary to Bryonia . Normally Bryonia 200 is more effective during bronchitis and chest infection. Bryonia 30 more for stomach problems and joint pain problems.
You give the child Rhus Tox 30 1 dose every alternate day. Besides have you given ANTIM TART. Is the child vomitting out mucus?
If that is so, replace Antim tart 30 with Ipecac 30
robina last decade
Thank you Murthy, I'll appreciate that. Thank you also for the warning on Apis and Rhus Tox: not to be used one after the other. I'll be sure to add that to my notes. I have not given it to him, actually I had decided to make up a wet dose of the Rhus Tox 30c instead. I had success with Rhus Tox clearing up poison ivy on Noah this past summer. In just a few days.

Hi Robina, yes unfortunately I didn't have the Bryonia in the 200c. So should I not use the Bryonia 30c?

No, Noah has not vomited at all. He is still congested, but not struggling so much with the cough or his breathing. I do believe he is expectorating though.

If i am to give Noah the Rhus Tox 30 on alternating days, what shall i do about the itching? I have been applying the Rhus Tox directly to the rash with a cotton ball. It seems that each time I do it this way, it calms the rash's appearance and dulls the itch instantly. - Thought that might be interesting to some. So maybe I should just continue that with the 30 potency as well and see how it goes?

Thank you both for your attention and valued information, I'll keep checking in.

Best regards,
Lily white
lily white last decade
Dear Lilly

If you are sure, its poison ivy poisoning, then Rhus 200 will work better.
maheeru last decade
The runny nose has now cleared. He is still coughing with congestion and is expectorating, but no more wheezing and feeling much better.

The rash has improved and is now mostly under his arms and shows in just a few other spots. Where the rash was in the other places, like the back and chest, is now drying and feels sort of scabby. If that's a good description.

Because I did not have the bronia 200c, should I be now looking for something that will clear this cough, or should I just stay with the ant tart and see if it completes getting rid of this cough?

Thank you,
lily white last decade
if the wheezing has gone, stop ANTIM TART. Continue with Bryonia 30 (since you don't have 200) and alternate with Pulsatilla 30. This will enable th phelgm to become lighter and to some extent take care of cough also
robina last decade
You can apply coconut oil on the dried up rash.
robina last decade
Thank you Robina. I'll let you know how Noah get's along.

lily white last decade

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