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Need Serious Help with Acne and Gas


I'm a 34 year old male located in New York City. The climate here is humid with all 4 seasons. I'm 5'10' tall and weigh about 158 lbs (71.5 kg approx). I'm divorced and do not have kids. I'm not angry but a little impatient. I'm sufferening from two problems for which I dont seem to find any cure: Acne and Gas.

I did not have acne during puberty. My mother and her brothers/sister had acne when they were young. My father side did not have acne problem. In last 5-7 years, I used to get acne on my back, shoulders and butts. Sometimes, I used to get 1 or 2 small white heads around my lips but would go away quickly without leaving any marks. In past 45 days, I have been getting acnes all over my neck, face and forehead and its really bad big white puss ones. at places i get 3-5 white heads together. This has changed geagraphy of my face. I took antibiotic for 5 days but had to stop because of its side effects. It controlled my acne about 50% but did not really help. My friend suggested me homeopathy and i have been luring around this forum in past 20 days and took Arnica 30C in wet dose (as suggested by Joe De De Livera) which helped for first 4 days but acne started to appear again. I took it for about 20 days and stopped 2 days ago. I took Silicea 6X for about 10 days and stopped.

I did not have any gas related problem until I was 27-28 years old. All of sudden it started and I started passing a lot of gas after 2-3 pm in afternoon until I go to bed. Its noisy and odorless and I pass it almost every 5 minutes. If I have to hold because of company, I start getting headache and bodyache which doesnt go away and results in severe loss of energy. By 5-6 pm I feel bloated and always pass gas from bottom. It generally starts immediately after eating lunch. Passing stoll sometimes help but not always. I stopped milk 5 years ago thinking I'm lactose intolerant and it did not help much. My diet is mainly healty which consist of whole wheat bread, grilled chicken and vegetables. I have been thru all test and doctors did not find anything. I have done colonoscopy, blood test, gluten tolerance test, H pylori test, tumor in intestine test and they al turned up negative. I have been taking Nat Phos 6X 4 tabs - 3 times a day after meals and seems to help a little but sometimes it really gets worse.

Please help as this is causing lot of stress. I fear meeting people and being with them. I'm successful and have great family and friends and both these situations are very disturbing.

Any help will be appreciated.

  emjain on 2006-12-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
start treatment with NUX VOMICA 30C two doses at 30 minutes interval at least one hour after dinner on any ONE night.

after 2 days, take 3 doses of LYCOPODIUM 200C at 4 hours interval in empty stomach.

do not take any homoeopathic remedy, english medicines during the next 20 days.

your diet has to be simple, no strong smells in your diet like coffee, onions or garlic.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishibha.

I assume its for Gas problem. I do want to stop acne first. They are appearing all over my face with white heads filled with puss.
emjain last decade
The LYCOPODIUM is addressing BOTH your concerns of gas and acne, not just the one.

Lyc is well indicated for acne from gastric derangements.
carlotta last decade
Okay. I'll get Nux Vomica today and order Lycopodium as we donot get 200 C potency in stores.

Just to make sure that i just need to take 3 doses of lycopodium in one day and nothing after that.

Please let me know and I'll report back in 3 days.
emjain last decade
One more question: when you say empty stomach, does this mean one hour after eating or no eating at all until i take all three doses?
emjain last decade
Empty stomach being an hour before taking med, and nothing to heat for an hour after. This is an approximation - the main thing is that you don't eat SOON after, or SOON before .

Make sure you avoid any substances with eucalyptus or camphor and v. strong smells/tastes as this can intefere with remedy.
carlotta last decade
Thanks Carlrotta.

I got the medicine andr took two dosmoes of Nux Vomica last night toand will take 3 doses of Lycopodium tomorrow.

One more thing - I got 6-7 new acne on cheeks and forehead today.
emjain last decade
if it helps, i just went thru Remedy Finder and here is the link:

emjain last decade
all i removed some conditions from grid which are not priorities and got the link metioned below.

anyway, i'll take lycopodium tomorrow and report back soon.

please let me know if you see something that catches your attention and you need me to change the medication.


link: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/go.php?sr=47656,47660,47664,476...
emjain last decade
I had the same problem with the gas - started a couple hours after lunch and persisted all day and night. Awful! Totally ruined my life for 5 years. I tried all sorts of homeopathic remedies, probiotics and enzymes to no avail, until I tried 'Digest' by Enzymedica. Not sure why this works - it seems to have a lot more variety of enzymes than the previous brands I tried. I got it a local vitamin store.

I also struggle with break outs and was using Nux Vomica 30 c each night. It worked great and helped me sleep. BUT, I think I may have overdosed, as recently it seemed to be making my fingertips go numb, exacerbate the breakouts, and may have caused a 24 hour vomiting spell (or I could have just come down with a 24 hr bug, but strange it happened right after I took my nightly dose of nux). So now I'm afraid to try the Nux anymore, plus I don't think it's good to be on something for so long anyway. So I'm still searching for something to help with the acne. I'm going to a chinese medicine dr for acunpunture and herbs which helped in the past, and will be seeing a homeopath in January to see I we can figure out my constitutional remedy.

Anyway, hope the Digest works for you, take it before each meal. I know how frustrating the gas can be especially when no one can diagnose the problem. I went to a specialist and all he could come up with was to tell me to stop eating lunch!! Hmm, I don't know, I'm kinda hungry around lunch time...

So hopefully it's just a matter of your digestive system lacking proper enzymes. I've noticed some of my breakouts are due to an allergy to tomatoes and eggs. Perhaps you have developed some food allergies as well.
olivia_b last decade
Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your response. The enzyme you suggested seems interesting. I'll definitely try it if homeopathy doesnt work. The last does I took seemed to work a bit for both Gas and Acne but it wasnt 100%. I'm going to post my response to medicine now.
emjain last decade
Its been 15 days since I took the remedy and I thought its time to post the progress report.

After taking Lycpodium 200C, My Gas problem subsided 80% initially. Acne also start to disappear slowly. However, I kept getting 2-3 acne on face and on my back everyday. They go away in couple of days after leaving a mark which is very annoying. Gas problem has somewhat started to return after 10 days. Now, its only 50% better from before and get a lot of Gas after 1:00 pm. It seems to give a little relief sometimes after a bowel movement.

Do you think its time to go for another dose?

I had lot of trouble sleeping for first few days after I took the remedy. I would stay awake until 3:00 am and sleep for only 3-4 hours and sometimes none. It seems to have improved lately.

Also, I have lot acne marks on my face and back. I also have about 80-100 stretch marks on my lower back and butts.

Thanks a lot for your precious time.
emjain last decade
You can repeat the dose once the symptoms return.

You have responded well to the Lyc.

Once the acne is under control and you are left with the pigmentation marks, pure natural Vitamin E (not synthetic) oil rubbed into the the area will help fade the marks.
carlotta last decade
Thanks carlotta.

I got the email from John and I took another course of remedy today. I'll report back in few days how it goes.
emjain last decade
You may have to up the potency to a 1m, but see how you go for now - keep a diary of your case and any changes, new symptoms arising etc
carlotta last decade

I took the course on 12/26 and on 12/27 (yesterday) I was passing gas all day and night. I could only sleep for 2 hours last night. I have 7 new acne on my shoulders (3), chest (1), back (2) and face (1).

Is there anything I can take for sleep?

emjain last decade
Sorry am not clear on what remedies you are taking - what do you mean by 'course' ?
carlotta last decade
By 'course', I meant 3 doses of LYC 200c at an interval of 15 mins suggested by Rishimba. I did not eat anything 2 hours befor and after the first and last dose.
emjain last decade
This method (i believe) was just for the first dose - second dose is just one dose. You are sensitive to the remedy and the symptoms you are experiencing may well be an aggravation. My advice is to take no more Lyc, to sit tight and wait. You most likely will experience an amelioration in your symptoms as you did last time, after the aggravation subsides.

Don't take any other meds. Simplify diet. Cut out yeasted products and sugar while on Lyc and keep noting any changes etc.
carlotta last decade
Carlotta - I repeated the dosage basedon the email i got from Rishimba.
emjain last decade
Its been a month since I took 2nd course of Lyc 200C and I think its time to post update.

My acne has subsided 95%. I still get 1 or 2 a week on my back.

My gas problem is worse than before. It starts in morning and is worse between 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm with serious bloating and cramps in lower abdomen. I have to constantly pass gas. There is not much belching. I have to go several times for defecation and it always feels unsatisfactory as if I did do a complete job.

I avoid junk and drink one cup of coffee. I tried quitting coffee but it did not make any difference. I also avaoid anything with lactose.

I did some research online and my symptoms match that of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I have taken nat phos 6X back in Nov 2006 with every meal for 10 days and it did not relieve it.

Is there anything that can cure IBS in homeopathy. If not, I'm thinking of having my doctor prescribe Xifaxan anti-biotic.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.
emjain last decade
do not start antibiotics.

you symptoms point towards NUX VOM.

take a few doses of NUX VOM 30C at 4 to 6 hours interval for 2 days.

once the improvement is noticed, you can wait for some days and then take a dose of NUX VOM 200C one dose every 3 or 4 days for some weeks.

you should be fully cured by then.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba.

I have Nux Vomica 30C at home and I'll give it a try for couple of days and post results.

The gas and cramps are really bad make me almost dead by 5 pm.
emjain last decade
Here is my update after 4 days. I started remedy (NUX 30C) on Friday night.

Saturday - took 4 doses during day - no cramps, no bloating, no gas. Felt good.

Sunday - took 4 doses during day - a lot of bloating and passing gas but no cramps

Monday - one dose in the morning - passing gas with bloating and some cramps

Tuesday - no doses - bloating with passing gas and severe cramps.

It seems like the first day was good but symptoms started to come back on second even though I was remedy. Please suggest.
emjain last decade
wait for a few days and then take just 3 doses of NUX VOM 200C at 4 hours interval. thats all.
rishimba last decade

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