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A FREE collection of homeopathy books 0

A FREE collection of homeopathy books on Organon, Chronic Diseases, Homeopathic Philosophy and History of Medicine. Read online, Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine, Chronic Di...
Started by anuj srivastava. Last post: 2021-10-11

Pls Suggest good books to read, learn and serve in homeopathy 8

Hi Friends, Pls Suggest good books to read, learn and serve in homeopathy. I request Seniors in this group to share their experience. i dint find anything regarding it in this fo...
Remedies: Bioplasma
Started by Veet_manan. Last post: 2020-09-01

Books on homeopathy 1

Can anyone tell one best repertory and one best materia Medica book. There are numerous books. I am unable to decide....
Started by Irshad1. Last post: 2020-01-17

Useful books in gaining skill in Homeopathy 7

Hi Folks... if you look at my profile you will understand why I ask the Q ? I have had some success with ABC and would like to read a book on Homeopathy that would give me greater ...
Remedies: Histaminum muriaticum
Started by KcG955. Last post: 2017-04-06

Books on Homeopathy 0

Hi Folks . anyone read any really good books on understanding Homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy that they can recommend ?...
Started by KcG955. Last post: 2017-03-15

Yeast/Candidiasis in our books 3

I do not find mention of Yeast infection/Candidiasis in our books. At least the older ones that I have. I would be thankful if learned members of the forum could tell me what I sho...
Remedies: Rhus Tox, Arnica Montana
Started by mareech. Last post: 2013-02-15

Homeopathy Books in Mumbai 3

Hi folks, need help with the collection of all the best & popular homeopathy books and CD's in mumbai, can anyone update me with the name of few stores in mumbai who keep them...
Started by samur420. Last post: 2010-12-03

Help with homeopathy books in mumbai 3

Hello friends, Can anyone help me by suggesting bookstores in Mumbai or websites which deal in all homeopathy books and also can anyone tell me the names of some books which give...
Started by samur420. Last post: 2010-11-06

Need the best books on Cell Salts. 7

Hi to all.. Can you please name the best books on the 12 cell salts of Dr Schuller which are informative and easy to understand and covers everything about the biochemic salts, Ple...
Remedies: Silicea, Bioplasma
Started by samur420. Last post: 2010-09-14

Homeopathic books available on net 1

Hello Doctors Any doctor can tell me web address where homeopathic books are free available for study in pdf files. I shall be very grateful if any doctor can tell me. Thanks ag...
Remedies: Gun Powder, Eugenia Jambos
Started by hussain fayyaz. Last post: 2009-11-07

Please recommend good books on homeopathy 0

Hi, I am very interested to learn more about homeopathy, please recommend one with a good list of Materia Medica and Repertory. Thanks...
Started by homeo12242. Last post: 2009-09-12

Download Homeopathy Books 1

can any one tell is there any site where i can download Dorothy Shepherd' Tha Magic of Minimum Dose freely or any online shop from where i can buy this book i live in pakistan...
Started by Doctor Humayun. Last post: 2009-04-27

Books of sankaran 0

is there a special price for his books when they are bought in india ? and where can i find them ? shuli....
Started by shuli. Last post: 2008-09-26

Books for sale 1

I have a 10 pound box of books on homeopathy for sale. They are published by Jain, and are in very good condition. There is close to 50 books, too many to list individual titles. P...
Started by k9friend. Last post: 2008-08-11

Beginners books 7

i need a good book of homeopathy , for a beginner, in a simple and lucid language. Easily understandable. Preferably by any indian author. Other authors books are also welcome only...
Started by mycase. Last post: 2007-09-14

Good books of homeopathy 3

Joe / Murthy Homeopathy has worked like a magic for me (after taking Joe’s remedy). I am quite keen to learn basics of homeopathy. Could you please suggest any good book or any ot...
Remedies: Sulphur
Started by asadkayani. Last post: 2006-11-25

Good Books on Homeopathy 2

Please suggest some good, easily understandable books on Homeopathy. Thanks!...
Started by sandhya. Last post: 2006-05-08

Advise on books (MM, repertory and general) please 9

So far I have (or have borrowed) Boerck's Materia Medica, Viltoukhas' Science of Homeopathy, Organon in translation (not sure which edition), Rowe's workbook on case...
Remedies: Platinum Metallicum, Platinum Muriaticum, Argentum Nitricum
Started by Bodhitshe. Last post: 2005-06-29

Has anyone heard of "carsino cinuu" or "carcin zooch?" Cant find in any books et. 15

I was prescribed "carsino Cinuu" or Carcin Zooch , writing hard to read (not sure of spelling. I can't find anything on this remedy. I've been prescribed 200ch 3 pellet...
Remedies: Ignatia Amara, Carcinosinum
Started by justagirl. Last post: 2005-02-10

Where to buy cheap books or read online about homeopathy 1

I found this site where you can buy cheap books about homeopathy and you can read online a lot of them: http://www.minimum.com/I hope this information it will be useful for many ...
Started by gabituca. Last post: 2004-05-20

Books on homeopathy 2

Can anyone recommend some MUST READS of homeopathy? I have Boericke's Materia Medica and one of Dana Ullman's books. I believe it's called Consumers' Guide to H...
Started by Simone. Last post: 2003-09-18

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