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Nose; nostrils agglutinated, stuck together; 1aur., bar-c., carb-an., lyc., phos.

Nose; nostrils agglutinated, stuck together; morning; lyc.

Nose; nostrils agglutinated, stuck together; sensation of; phos.

Nose; sensitive to breathing in air; 2aesc., am-c., 2ant-c., ars., brach., bufo., echi., gins., 2hep., hydr., ign., kreos., lith., mag-s., med., nat-a., osm., phos., psor., 2ran-b., sep., thuj.

Nose; sensitive to breathing in air; behind nostrils; kreos.

Nose; sensation of a light current of air passing over the back of nose; spig.

Nose; Nose bleed

Nose; wants to blow nose constantly; agar., 2am-m., bar-c., 2bor., bov., carb-an., echi., hep., 2hydr., 2kali-bi., mag-c., nat-m., phos., psor., 1stict., sulph., 1teucr., ther.

Nose; forced to blow nose; evening; lith.

Nose; forced to blow nose; sensation of a large body in nose; 1teucr.

Nose; bubbling sensation; sars., sulph.

Nose; cancer; alumn., 2ars., 2aur-m., 1aur., 2calc., carb-ac., 2carb-an., cond., 2kreos., merc., 2phyt., 2sep., sulph.

Nose; cancer; flat, on right side; euphr.

Nose; cancer; epithelioma; 2ars., 2carb-ac., cond., 2hydr., 1kali-s., 2kreos.

Nose; Catarrh

Nose; Coldness

Nose; congestion of blood to the nose; am-c., calc., 1cupr., samb., sulph.

Nose; congestion of blood to the nose; on stooping; am-c.

Nose; constriction; graph., hell., kali-n., nat-m.

Nose; crackling in nose; acon., sulph.

Nose; Decay (see discharge if applicable)

Nose; Diphtheria

Nose; Discharge from nose

Nose; feels double, like two noses; merl.

Nose; as if pulled up by a string, tip of nose; crot-c.

Nose; dryness; Inside

Nose; dryness; behind nostrils; 2acon., 2aesc., alumn., calc-p., carb-ac., carb-v., 2cinnb., 2coc-c., fago., 1lyc., merc-c., 2nat-m., nux-m., onos., rumx., 2sep., 2sil., sin-n., stram., 2wye., zinc.

Nose; dryness; behind nostrils; morning; carb-ac., nat-m.

Nose; dryness; behind nostrils; night; cinnb.

Nose; dryness; sensation as if nose were parchment; 2kali-bi., sulph.

Nose; bony growth; merc., phos.

Nose; sensation of expansion; in nasal passage while walking in open air; carb-ac., carb-an.

Nose; sensation of expansion; behind nostrils; 2fl-ac.

Nose; sensation of expansion; sensation of nose enlarging; cann-s.

Nose; sensation of food behind nostrils; 2nit-ac., petr., 2sil.

Nose; sensation of food behind nostrils; on swallowing; 2nit-ac., 2sil.

Nose; sensation of foreign body in nose; am-m., calc., con., kali-bi., nat-c.

Nose; frost-bitten; 2agar.

Nose; frost-bitten; easily; 2zinc.

Nose; Sense of fullness

Nose; gangrene; 2ars., hippoz.

Nose; hair of nostrils falls out; calc., 2caust., 2graph., iod.

Nose; hardness; calc-s., canth., 1kali-c.

Nose; hardness; of mucous surface; iod.

Nose; hardness; of wings; aur-m., 2thuj.

Nose; hardness; of wings; left; alum., 2thuj.

Nose; In heat

Nose; Heaviness

Nose; Inflammation

Nose; Itching

Nose; liquids come out through nose on attempting to swallow; anan., 1arum-t., aur., 2bar-c., bell., bism-ox., canth., 2carb-ac., caust., cupr., cur., gels., hyos., ign., kali-bi., 2kali-ma., 1lac-c., 1lach., 1lyc., 2merc-c., 2merc-cy., 2merc., 2nat-m., op., petr., 2phyt., 2plb., puls., sil., 2sul-ac.

Nose; movement of wings of nose; constant; 2ammc.

Nose; movement of wings of nose; fanning; ammc., 2ant-t., 2brom., 2chel., 2iod., 1lyc., merc-i-f., 2phos., pyrog., 2spong., sul-ac., zinc.

Nose; movement of wings of nose; fanning; in pneumonia; 2am-c., 2ant-t., 2kreos., 1lyc., 2phos., 2sulph.

Nose; movement of wings of nose; Widened nostrils

Nose; Numbness

Nose; Odours, imaginary and real

Nose; accumulation of fluid; 1apis., bapt.

Nose; open sensation, behind nostrils, on walking in open air; fl-ac.

Nose; Pain

Nose; perspiration; bell., cimx., cina., laur., nat-m., rheum., ruta., tub.

Nose; perspiration; morning; cimx.

Nose; perspiration; cold perspiration, around nose; 1chin.

Nose; Picking nose

Nose; pinched; 2camph., 2kali-bi., 2lyc., 2spig., spong., verat-v., verat.

Nose; pointed; anan., 2ant-t., 2ars., 1camph., 2carb-v., cocc., 2cupr., 2hell., 2lach., myos., nux-v., 2ph-ac., plb., rhus-t., spong., 2staph., 1verat.

Nose; Pulsation

Nose; Runny or blocked nose (coryza)

Nose; scraping behind nostrils; 2kali-bi., 2kali-chl., 2kali-p., 1nat-m., nat-s.

Nose; Skin or lining of nose

Nose; smell; Acute, over sensitive

Nose; smell; diminished; 2alum., 1anac., 2arg-n., asaf., 1bell., benz-ac., 1calc., 2caps., 2cocc., 2coloc., con., 2cycl., 2hell., 2hep., 1hyos., kali-br., kali-c., laur., 2lyc., 2mez., nat-a., 1nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-v., olnd., op., plb., 2puls., rhod., rhus-t., ruta., sec., 1sep., 1sil., tab., zinc.

Nose; smell; diminished; with sensation of small leaf at root; kali-i.

Nose; smell; lost sense of smell; ail., 2alum., 2am-m., 2anac., 2ant-c., 2ant-t., 2ars-i., 2ars., arund., aspar., 2aur., 1bell., 2bry., bufo., 1calc-s., 1calc., camph., 2caps., carb-an., 2carb-s., card-m., 2caust., 2cham., chlor., cod., 2cupr., cycl., 2elaps., 2graph., 1hep., 2hyos., 2ign., 2iod., 2ip., 2kali-bi., 2kali-i., kali-p., 2kali-s., lach., 2lyc., 2mag-m., mag-p., mang., med., 1merc., 2mez., 2nat-a., 2nat-c., 1nat-m., 2nux-m., 2op., phel., 1phos., 1plb., 2psor., 1puls., rhod., 2rhus-t., 2sang., 2sarr., sec., 1sep., 1sil., spig., stram., 2sul-ac., 2sulph., 2teucr., verat., 2zinc.

Nose; Sneezing

Nose; snuffles; am-c., 2asc-t., 2aur-m., 2aur., elaps., 1lyc., 1nux-v., puls., 1samb.

Nose; snuffles; in new-born infants; 2dulc., 1lyc., 1nux-v., 2puls., 1samb.

Nose; snuffling constantly, but no discharge; iodof.

Nose; snuffling constantly, but no discharge; while speaking; kali-bi.

Nose; snuffling constantly, but no discharge; in warm damp weather; 2kali-bi.

Nose; sooty nostrils; 2ant-t., 2chlor., 2colch., 2hell., 2hyos., 2lyc., 2zinc.

Nose; sensation of electric sparks in left wing; carb-ac.

Nose; spasm in wings; ambr.

Nose; spasm in wings; muscles of wings; lyc.

Nose; squeaking sensation; nat-c., teucr.

Nose; sunken nose; 2aur., hep., 2psor., sil.

Nose; sunken nose; in infants; 2aur-m.

Nose; Swelling

Nose; Tension (see face)

Nose; Tingling

Nose; sense of numbness; asaf., plat., samb., viol-o.

Nose; trembling sensation at tip; chel.

Nose; Twitching (see face)