Acalypha Indica

The following are the indications of Acalypha Indica, as it relates to this part. Strongest indications are in bold, the next strongest are in italics, and the remaining indications are in a plain typeface.
Cough dry, hard, followed by hemoptysis, worse in morning and at night
Constant and severe pain in chest
Blood bright red and not profuse in morning, dark and clotted in afternoon
Pulse soft and compressible
Burning in pharynx, oesophagus, and Stomach.
Itching and circumscribed furuncle-like swellings.
Burning in intestines
Rumbling distention, and griping pain in abdomen
Rectal hemorrhage, worse in morning.
Spluttering diarrhea with forcible expulsion of noisy flatus, bearing down pains and tenesmus