Capsicum Annuum

The following are the indications of Capsicum Annuum, as it relates to this part. Strongest indications are in bold, the next strongest are in italics, and the remaining indications are in a plain typeface.
Excessive peevishness
Homesickness, with sleeplessness and disposition to suicide
Wants to be let alone
Peppery disposition
Delirium tremens.
mind, excitement, ailments from emotional excitement;
mind, emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition, irritability, during chill;
mind, emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition, sensitive, oversensitive, to noise, during chill;
mind, home-sickness (see desires home);
mind, insecure, uncertain, scared, frightened easily, starting, startled;
Hot face
Red cheeks
Face red, though cold ( Asafetida.)
Bursting headache, worse, coughing
head, pain, headache, on coughing;
head, pain, headache, in forehead;
head, pain, headache, bursting, on coughing;
head, pain, headache, sore bruised, sensitive to pressure, while walking;
Burning and stinging in ears
Swelling and pain behind ears
inflammation of mastoid
tenderness over the petrous bone, extremely sore and tender to touch ( Onosmod.) Otorrhoea and mastoid disease before suppuration.
ear, bones threatening to decay, the part of the skull sticking out slightly, behind the ear (mastoid process);
ear, bones threatening to decay, skull, above ear;
ear, pain, soreness, behind;
ear, swelling, behind;
hearing, too sensitive, during chill;
hearing, too sensitive, during heat;
hearing, too sensitive, to noises, while perspiring;
face, skin, discoloration, red;
face, skin, discoloration, red, without fever;
nose, discharge from nose, thick and sticky, tough, from behind nostrils;
nose, discharge from nose, behind nostrils (see catarrh);
nose, running or blocked nose (coryza), blocked;
Herpes labialis ( Apply one drop of the mother tincture.) Stomatitis
Fetid odor from mouth.
mouth, odour (halitosis, bad breath), offensive, during cough;
mouth, dryness;
mouth, saliva, mucus, slime, thick and sticky;
Disagreeable smell from mouth
mouth, taste, putrid;
Hot feeling in fauces
Subacute inflammation of Eustachian tube with great pain
Pain and dryness in throat extending to the ears
Sore throat of smokers and drinkers
Smarting in, constriction
Burning constriction worse between acts of deglutition
Inflamed uvula and palate, swollen and relaxed.
throat, discoloration, redness;
throat, inflammation;
throat, pain;
throat, pain, on coughing;
throat, pain, when not swallowing;
throat, pain, burning;
throat, pain, pressing;
throat, voice, hoarseness;
throat, voice, hoarseness, overuse of the voice;
throat, voice, hoarseness, from talking;
Constriction of chest, arrests breathing
Pain at apex of heart or in rib region, worse touch
Dry, hacking cough, expelling an offensive breath from lungs
Feels as if chest and head would fly to pieces
Explosive cough
Threatening gangrene of lung
Pain in distant parts on coughing - bladder, legs, ears, etc.
respiration, deep;
cough, evening;
cough, from emotions, nervous;
skin, itching, scratching;
back, coldness;
back, coldness, dorsal (shoulder level), between shoulder blades;
back, pain, when beginning to move;
Stomach, Burning in tip of tongue
Atonic dyspepsia
Intense craving for stimulants
Much thirst, but drinking causes shuddering.
abdomen, pain, burning;
abdomen, pain, pulling;
abdomen, bladder, pain, aching;
abdomen, bladder, pain, burning;
abdomen, bladder, retention of urine (see urination delayed), after exertion;
abdomen, bladder, urge to urinate, but producing nothing, during stool;
abdomen, stomach, coldness;
abdomen, stomach, coldness, icy;
abdomen, stomach, desires, cravings, alcoholic drinks;
abdomen, stomach, thirst, during chill;
abdomen, stomach, thirst, after stool;
Much flatulence, especially in debilitated subjects
Vomiting, sinking at pit of stomach
abdomen, stomach, vomiting, morning;
rectum, diarrhoea, in cold air, drafts;
rectum, dysentery;
rectum, pain, burning, during diarrhoea;
rectum, pain, burning, in dysentery;
rectum, pain, urge to stool, or urinate, but producing nothing, with pain in bladder;
rectum, pain, urge to stool, or urinate, but producing nothing, during dysentery;
Bloody mucus, with burning and tenesmus, drawing pain in back after stool
Thirsty after stool, with shivering
bleeding piles, with soreness of anus
Stinging pain during stool.
stool, bloody;
stool, frequent;
stool, mucous, slimy;
stool, small (see long and narrow);
Strangury, frequent, almost ineffectual urging
Burning in orifice
Comes first in drops, then in spurts, neck of bladder spasmodically contracted
Ectropion of meatus.
genitals, male, erections, painful (see urethra);
genitals, urethra (urinary part of genitals), painful during erection;
genitals, urethra (urinary part of genitals), discharge, like cream;
Male, Coldness of scrotum, with impotency, atrophied testicles, loss of sensibility in testicles, with softening and dwindling
Lathyrus.) Uterine hemorrhage near the menopause, with nausea
Gonorrhoea, with chordee, excessive burning, pain in prostate.
Female, Climacteric disturbances with burning of tip of tongue
Sticking sensation in left ovarian region.
Pain from hips to feet
Sciatica, worse bending backward, Worse, coughing
Tensive pain in the knee.
extremities, limbs, cracking noise in joints;
extremities, limbs, pain, joints, paralytic;
Coldness, with ill-humor
Shivering after drinking
Chill begins in back, better, heat
Must have something hot to back
Thirst before chill.
chill, open air;
chill, open air, exercise in open air;
chill, on going into the cold air;
chill, from the least draft of air;
chill, beginning in particular area, back;
chill, beginning in particular area, back, between the shoulder blades;
chill, drinking;
chill, during movement;
chill, periodic, recurring, recurring every third day;
chill, with perspiration, after chill;
chill, with fever, but chill predominating;
chill, shaking, shivering, rigors, on drinking;
chill, warmth, external warmth;
chill, in warmth, in warm weather;
fever, shivering from drinking cold water;
fever, hectic fever;
fever, movement;
fever, perspiration with heat;
fever, with shivering, from drinking;
fever, stages of chill, heat and sweat, chill followed by heat;
fever, stages of chill, heat and sweat, chill then sweat, without intervening heat;
sleep, sleeplessness, insomnia, night, after midnight;
sleep, sleeplessness, insomnia, night, from homesickness;
perspiration, movement;
generalities, evening;
generalities, change of position;
generalities, flabby feeling;
generalities, lack of irritability;
generalities, lying down, lying down;
generalities, movement, at beginning of movement;
generalities, movement, of affected part;
generalities, movement, continued movement;
generalities, obesity;
generalities, pain, tearing, downward;
generalities, lack of reaction;
generalities, relaxation of muscles;
generalities, symptoms not symmetrical, left;
generalities, while sitting;
generalities, on first sitting down;
generalities, swelling, puffy;
generalities, temperature (felt and effects of temperature), cold in general;
generalities, uncleanliness;
generalities, walking, beginning of walk;