The following are the indications of Osmium, as it relates to this part. Strongest indications are in bold, the next strongest are in italics, and the remaining indications are in a plain typeface.
Feels as if a band around head
Falling off of hair ( Kali-carb., Fluor-ac.)
Glaucoma, with iridescent vision
Violent supra and infra-orbital neuralgia, violent pains and lachrymation
Green colors surround candle-light
Increase in intraocular tension, dim sight, photophobia.
vision, colours and shapes in front of eyes, colours, halo of colours, around the light;
Nose and larynx sensitive to air
Small lumps of phlegm from posterior nares.
Coryza, with full feeling in nose
Acute laryngitis, cough and expectoration of tough, stringy mucus
Convulsive cough, feels as though membrane were torn from larynx
Noisy, Dry, hard, cough, in violent short bursts, coming from low down, shaking the whole body
Talking causes pain in larynx
Hoarse, Pain in larynx; sore sternum
Twitching of fingers, with spasmodic cough.
Eczema, with pruritus
Irritated skin
Itching pimples
Bromidrosis, sweat in axilla smelling of Garlic, worse evening and night
Fold remains attached to growing nail