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HomeoDr: middle child stutter

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This is an internet forum. Posts are not from medical professionals.
Hey sorry for the late reply.

Hows is Kody feeling now? Is he still coughing? What is the color of the phlegm, how is his thirst and appetite?

homeodr last year

It seems to have passed. He seems ok now, not coughing that we have noticed.

alaskamom last year

Hello there,
I haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to see if you could advise for my middle son.
He is now 3 years old, will be 4 in the beginning of May.

I recently got diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism, and started some natural dessicated thyroid with good results. After seeing what symptoms were improved that I thought were just "normal" for me, such as mood, energy, sleep, dry skin, eczema, and constipation, I began to wonder if perhaps the middle son (Kody) also may be somewhat hypothyroid.

The symptoms that I notice are this.

When I read the description of a phosphorus person, with big, luminous eyes, I think of him, because he seems to have large eyes. They are gray, and his face is somewhat thin, so perhaps it makes his eyes stand out.
His skin is dry, with small white pimples on the backs of his upper arms.
His hair is fine/thin.
His nails grow relatively fast, but are thin, tend to split and rip, and he has some hangnails. His toenails look like they curve downward slightly (as if towards the ground if he is standing up).
About once every 4 days or so, he will complain about his throat hurting, and will point to about where the Adam's apple would be, right in the middle of his neck. It's random and seems to be fleeting.
He gets lots of growing pains. Seems to get a big growth spurt every winter (seems to me that that is out of season? Wouldn't most living things grow more in the summer?). When he does, he gets a lot of pain in his legs to the point of complaining about it every day and waking up crying at night. Right now he has occasional leg/foot pains, and will say his feet hurt when standing for awhile. He prefers to sit mostly.

We have been moved out of the modly house we were in since December.
His health has improved somewhat, he is no longer constantly ill, but when he is, he is always the most sick of anyone in the house. Stomach illnesses always deplete him more than anyone--he will vomit far more often and the aftereffects will linger. Respiratory illnesses will be more serious. A month or two ago, the kids all had serious colds with sudden onset, but were manageable at home, but Kody woke up in the night wheezing horribly and barely able to breathe. We took him to the ER, and he had croup. They treated him there. Only after we got home and things had calmed down did I recall that I could have tried Aconitum for the sudden onset of croup.
He also vomits or gets nauseated no matter what the illness. A common cold will make him nauseated, unable/unwilling to eat, and he might vomit a little bile.
He gets hungry often for small amounts.
He likes sips of cold water now and then, but generally seems a little under-hydrated to me, in looking at his urine. It's usually a strong yellow color, and never do I see clear or very pale urine from him. He urinates infrequently as well, perhaps 4 times a day total. It's not enough that I'm really worried for him, but enough that I wish he would drink more.
He still dislikes milk unless it's cooked into a meal. He does love cheese (cheddar or mozzarella), and once in awhile likes cilantro. He used to like beans, but doesn't now, and used to often eat seaweed but has stopped asking for it. He doesn't crave sweets but enjoys them now and then.
Se thing I noticed is this. Quite some time ago---perhaps last November--he had an attack of what seemed like appendicitis. He had right-sided pain that made him draw up his leg on that side, was crying and wailing and vomited as well. But then at hospital, he had a sudden diarrhea (smalled awful) and felt better. They kept him for observation because of elevated white blood cells and released him after a couple of nights.
Ever since then, when he gets leg pains, it's always only the right leg that hurts. He had a second similar attack about a month later with nothing found at hospital, and now occasionally has had similar pains with lesser intensity. I had read online about CHRONIC appendicitis vs acute, and how with chronic,the lumen of the appendix is partially obstructed buy not completely. It gets swollen and inflamed, but then then pressure forces the contents out and the patient feels better. It almost seems like that could be what happened. Just yesterday he curled up in a ball for just a minute and started to cry that his stomach hurt, pointing to his bellybutton. Then it passed.
He is constantly constipated. I give him a laxative tea and magnesium daily to help keep him regular. Usually his stool starts out dry and a little hard and then finishes soft. It's usually a bit dark in color. He gets some intestinal cramping before he needs to have a BM.
Since we got going giving him a daily laxative, he complains a lot less about epigastric pain. But still occasionally has those bouts of abdominal pain or leg pain on that right side. Sometimes only his right foot will hurt, but I feel it must be related since it's always that same side. He had xrays and other imaging done of his abdomen, but none of them could visualize his appendix. They concluded it looked OK without overt signs of infection, but I don't trust it 100%.

What else? His energy seems low for a child. He seems like he might have a burst of energy in the late morning, may want to go play outside, and then seems grumpy and low energy the rest of the day. I tried these homeopathic thyroid pills (with a combination of remedies) and they do seem to give him more energy temporarily, but I know they are more of a palliative thing and wish for something specific for him.


He wakes up every night sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. It's either that he's had a bad dream, his diaper feels too wet (he's potty trained for day but not night yet), he's hungry, he's scared, his legs hurt, the cat was bothering him, and the list goes on. I'm not sure if he knows why he's waking up, he just wants someone with him. He usually wants me either to climb in bed with him, or to sleep in our bed with us.
He tends to fall asleep very quickly and does not fight bedtime. He will even ask to go to sleep sometimes. He sleeps later than either of his brothers usually. He seems like he could have slept longer from how he acts in the morning, kind of groggy and not very cheerful.
He doesnt want to be very active, yet when sitting still he fidgets and rocks back and forth, wiggles and just has to move around. He can't seem to keep still even though he is tired.
He seems a bit grumpy most of the day. He often will make a "mad" face (brows drawn together and nose slightly wrinkled) for many things and likes to punch/hit his big brother when he does something to make him mad.
He has been very teary lately. Anything that doesn't go his way will make him start to cry, and he seems extra sensitive to getting hurt. He will cry and wail loudly even while being held, rocked or sung to and will only if bribed with a treat, favorite TV show, or other distraction. It seems he is on edge and just keeping it together, and any little thing will make him lose it.
He is very afraid of being alone. He sometimes will have fears of being alone keeping him awake at night, even though he shares a room with his brother.
One thing I'm noticing, is that he seems to be having a hard time forming a coherent sentence. He will try and try to think of what he wants to say, beginning the phrase but getting lost in the middle, and then finally finishing it. It reminds me of the brain fog I had prior to starting the thyroid medication I am on. I would have a hard time finding the words to say what I wanted. I'd start the sentence, then not be able to think of a word I needed, get stuck for a minute, then either choose a different word or figure out the one I wanted. With Kody, it sounds similar. He sounds tired and forgetful when he talks, talking slowly, he even walks slowly most of the time, shuffling along like an old tired man.
I still feel he is too skinny, even though he is "normal" on the charts. He just looks emaciated somehow, with his dry skin and his ribs seem to stick out a bit. His upper body seems kind of weak looking. The only part of him that has much fat on it is his cute little rounded rear end. The rest of him (arms, legs, neck, chest, back) seems spindly, weak, or shrunken somehow.
He seems to take great pleasure in taking his chewable multivitamins every day, almost as if he craves something in them but yet, it does not help him. He asks for them every day without fail. He often asks for more than what his daily allowance of vitamins is.

He has these occasional spurts of activity, where I feel he is more like a normal kid should be all day, but for him they are usually short-lived. I do notice he seems to have more energy after I give those homeopathic pills. Sometimes he will get so much energy that we tell him to settle down a bit! He seems more like a kid should be at those times. Playful, laughing, asking lots of questions, talking, and running around.

So to sum up, I feel that he may have hypothyroidism like me. So many symptoms seem to match up---low immunity, dry skin, grumpy, tired/low energy, slow metabolism, weak nails (oh and vertical ridges in his nails like me. And absence of lunula on the nails except for thumbs), constipation, slow speech with what seems like word hunting, slow gait, moodiness. And then that curious bit about the seeming bout of appendicitis that never really seemed to resolve satisfactorily.
Sorry this is so darned long!

alaskamom last year


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hope you are doing well.

Unless we dont get the blood work done for thyroid, it would be difficult to say if he has hypothyroid or not, as the symptoms of hypo is very general and doesn't always point towards the disease. Hence It would be better not to give him those homeopathic combination remedies as the symptom relief will be temporary. Instead we should go for single remedy at a time.

Can you please describe me his behavior with other people, with his friends and strangers?

Growing pain -- What type of pain he gets? KIndly describe the type of pain.

What about his stuttering speech? Is it same as slow speech (word hunting) that you have mentioned?

Kindly let me know..

homeodr last year

Around other people he's generally reserved and very quiet. Prefers not to ask for anything and just wait to ask me or his dad. Once he gets more comfortable he will talk more with our friends, but still not 100% uninhibited with them (for example won't be cuddly or snuggly with them, but will talk and engage once comfortable).
The way he is talking now does remind me of the stuttering problem he had awhile back, but he doesn't actually stutter, just seems like he talks slow and takes forever to figure out what he wants to say. For example, he might say, "I want to go to the...the...the...um...store." Similar, though, overall, to the stutter he had. Definitely reminds me of it.

alaskamom last year

As for growing pains, it seems they are different now than they were last year. Last year it was both legs, this winter only the right leg. Sometimes it will be the foot, sometimes the lower leg. He sometimes will say "my feet hurt" after standing for a few minutes.
Last winter he would wake crying in the night saying his legs hurt, this winter he still wakes in the night but doesn't cry. He just climbs out of bed and comes into our bed. When asked why he woke up, he has many many different reasons why.
It seems overall it's a similar problem to last year, just frequent, short-lived complaints of hurting that make his face frown and a whine to his voice. Then it seems to be gone in a few minutes. He doesn't constantly complain all day, just a couple times a day and then back to playing. Last year seemed more intense on the pain level than it is right now. Right now is just the more occasional. And doesn't seem to interrupt his play.

alaskamom last year

And yes, I agree with you that the combination thyroid tablets are not the right way to go about this.

alaskamom last year

I will get back to you in a day or 2..

homeodr last year

Thank you!

alaskamom last year

Hi there, I'm wonder about trying Silicea again. I used it long ago (another homeopath on here prescribed it) when Kody used to get fevers every full moon. I noticed he happened to get a fever this past full moon, within a couple of days of the full moon, anyway. No one else in the family got ill, just him.
I noticed Silicea would possibly cover the nails being thin/breakable, even appendicitis is on the list.
Abdominal issues as well. Slowness of mentality. Worth a try maybe?

alaskamom last year

Its worth a try.
Silicea is my 2nd or 3rd choice, but you may try.
Just try a single dose of 30c or 200c . Dont repeat the dose.
Update me in 7 days.

homeodr last year

OK. What was your first choice(s)?

alaskamom last year

My first choice was Pulsatilla. But I guess it was prescribed to him before and it didn't work well.
In that case you may give him Silicea (its complementary with Puls). Just give one dose of silicea and report in 7 days

homeodr last year

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