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perplexing problem - with extremely swollen legs
Dear Everybody,I have a very unusual problem. Just turned 47 yesterday and have been suff
Buchworm 2005-12-21
3   last decade

7 year old with Strep throat
My 7 year old has begun contracting Strep throat from last winter. His throat has the typ
rectian 2005-12-19
5   last decade

3 yr old with lichen sclerosus
need help with natural alternatives.
dips_taa 2005-12-20
1   last decade

Need any help that can be offered!!!!!
I would like to know why I feel the symptoms listed below and any medication that can be r
taniya26 2005-12-20
1   last decade

HelloNot sure if the above is spelt correctly. I heard it was the homeopathic steroid. I
ninab 2005-12-19
3   last decade

Dark Circle Under Eyes and Dark Lips
Hi,I have very dark circles under my eyes and also have dark lips. They were very pink fi
monashafi 2005-12-20
1   last decade

Weak Memory
Weak Memory of a 7 year old boy...forgets learned school lessons easily...very shy, but en
shaikh47 2005-12-17
9   last decade

Cough & Chest Congestion.
I am a male 52 years old. For the last eight days I have had sever chest congestion and s
faqir 2005-12-12
8   last decade

Confused in finding Asthma Remedy
I have found many remedies that seem indicated for asthma. I can not be sure which is corr
samnbudsmom 2005-11-22
11   last decade

Chronic Pain - Very Difficult/Complex Case
Hi All!Don't know if there is anyone out there who can help or not. I have been treat
Herbalguy451 2005-04-20
6   last decade

Infant with reflux
I have a 6 month old(born 3 months premature) with diagnosed reflux. Although he does not
gurly 2005-12-18
11   last decade

I have been experiencing tinnitus for the past couple of years. Looking back, I think I&#
guestuser 2005-12-19
2   last decade

Hair Loss+Sexual Debility+Coryza
Age: 28, UnmarriedSex: MaleBuilt: Athletic with fatness on abdomen & HipsHeight: 5'6&
indiana1000 2005-12-19
4   last decade

3 yr old coughing with gag and vomit
My 3 year old has a cough for about a week and is deep down in chest and when coughing, it
jtlaharder 2005-12-19
2   last decade

This Homeopathic Acne gel works!
I found one with Arnica as others have recommended. It cleared up my sons acne in one week
curious123 2005-12-18
1   last decade

gluten intolerence
i am allergic to gluten.i want to know if its curable or not?
muskan2005 2005-12-18
1   last decade

is pellet form ok?
Regaring my previous post on infant reflux.We have been having trouble finding liqued aeth
gurly 2005-12-19
1   last decade

Post Natal Depression?
I am trying to get some advice regarding my wife.She is mid 30's, and has had 2 babie
jjjjj 2005-12-19
1   last decade

long term chalazian cyct
hello,i have had my chalazion cyst for almost 2 years and just recently found out what it
Lboogy78 2005-12-19
1   last decade

Question for Namaste, Astra
Hari Om!Just wondering whether you have come across a dog who will sit on the floor and dr

mersing 2005-12-07
22   last decade

Frequently waking toddler
My 2 year old is a terrible sleeper. Wakes every couple of hours with a cry and breastfee
rectian 2005-12-19
2   last decade

2 chalazia -- please advise
Someone, PLEASE HELP! So, I've had a chalazion for the past month in my right upper
mochan 2005-12-11
2   last decade

need help with 1 year old chazalion
i have a very tiny chazalion on my bottom eye lid. i havent been persistent with the hot
moocow51 2005-12-19
1   last decade

I want to gain weight
I am 24 years old, my height is 176cm but weighing just 48kgs which is too low for my heig
mailforhari 2005-12-19
1   last decade

Anemic - Help - Just Got Blood Tests Back
Hello:I have posted before and am not certain what to do for my severe anemia and constant
Mousitsa 2005-12-13
7   last decade

mild asthma
I have a daughter aged 3 1/2 yrs, she had pneumonia last year. After that she has been on
ajay kr 2005-12-17
4   last decade

Where do I buy in Mumbai?
Where can I buy the medicines in Mumbai?I went to a homeopath pharmacy nearby me, for Dros
Deven 2005-12-17
2   last decade

i did mastribation 10 year now my penis is small and thin from bottom i want power in my p
kamran2005 2005-12-18
1   last decade

acute pain in hips
My husband came down with the flu yesterday. Started scratchy throat. Gave oscillococcin
Newcreation 2005-12-15
3   last decade

Bed Sores
My sister (42years old) who has been bed-ridden for the last 10years due to Fredrick Ataxi
Remedy Seeker 2005-12-18
1   last decade

nat phos
I have read the articles on nat phos for weight loss and I am starting to take it. Where
marge 2005-12-18
1   last decade

Acid reflux in babies
Is there anything that can help with this - when my 15 week old baby regurgitates milk, of
Jinko 2005-12-17
1   last decade

Help, 3 yr old overdose on Allium Cepa 30x
My 3 yr old took about 1/3 of the bottle of 100 tablets. I called the poision control and
jtlaharder 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Thrush in nursing pair.
My 3 month old daughter and I have thrush. She has thrush on the sides of her mouth as a
chicky32 2005-12-16
2   last decade

Rattling Cough Stuffy Nose
My 3.5yr son, had viral fever this week and had been having cough and cold even before the
Deven 2005-12-17
1   last decade

Dry Coughing
Me and my wife both had throat infection three weeks ago. We took allopathic medicine to c
Deven 2005-12-16
5   last decade

ACUTE - 1 yr old fell down flight of stairs
Hello there. In a freak accident, my 1 yr old fell down a full flight of stairs to the bas
wendypape 2005-12-17
7   last decade

9 month old Baby Deep Chest Congestion/ cough
You all have been wonderful! New insight to me on Homeopathic meds!! I have 2 questions:1.
jtlaharder 2005-12-15
9   last decade

Anything good for glossopharyngeal neuralgia?
Hi,I've had virtually no luck with allopathic doctors, therefore I am now considering

veralucia 2005-11-20
13   last decade

pale eyes
well what do you perfer, i mean the eyes look pale, i dunno what the reason can be.
alwaysongame 2005-12-17
no replies yet

pale eyes
what is the best way to get an eye lift, if your eyes look pale when you want to look stra
alwaysongame 2005-12-16
1   last decade

broken hand
My bro-in-law i USA had fractured his right hand a few months back. has got a metal plate
maya_hari 2005-12-16
1   last decade

Entire right half of the body burning
I am 41 year old, married2004 November last I had got Herpes Zooster, the singles were app
joyvarghese 2005-12-16
1   last decade

Takink Stramonium 10 M and Mag Mur 200 for bipolar disorder. Sometimes I feel effect of re
cobus 2005-04-18
4   last decade

Tinnitus, Possibly - Right Ear / Movement Issues After Strange Experience
Hi All!27 years old from Pennsylvania. Several weeks ago I had a very frightening experie
Herbalguy451 2005-07-06
12   last decade

Fading Red spots from acne
Hello everyone I'm seeking help not with my acne which I have learned to control, but
Cuse17 2005-11-29
3   last decade

Please Help Me! I don't want to die.
Hi there! My name is I am 24 years old. I have been looking and reading some great infor
MooNStaR 2005-12-16
2   last decade

No appetite and slight nausea for 2 weeks
Hello,I have had mild fever, chills, fatique, nausea for the past 2 weeks. The chills and
jtlaharder 2005-12-16
1   last decade

Homoeopathic Viagra.
Is there any Homoeopathic Viagra??
ss200222 2005-12-16
1   last decade

dr. sajid
dr. sajid you recomendig medicine for winter acne.http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/
jacques 2005-12-16
1   last decade

I have been on my menstral for about 9 days now and since saturday the 10th of Dec i have
slmtdadec 2005-12-16
1   last decade

14 month with excema
Hi, I pray you will be able to help me out. My son is 14 months and he has had excema sinc

naz2005 2005-12-03
22   last decade

to new2town
As advised by you took Thuja 200 - 2 pills a day for 3 days & its been a week.The itching
shaikh47 2005-12-16
no replies yet

pain in both wrists
my wife have pain in both her wrists which goes to her thumbs during any work.i will realy

mirza 2005-10-31
33   last decade

you help sought!
the above appeared in the followingwebsite: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/
gwala 2005-12-16
no replies yet

ear throat
Can someone please recommend a remedy for sore throat that gets really bad at night and on
tatyana1111 2005-12-13
7   last decade

Erika:Re Head sweats
Hello Erika,you asked to be updated,re the calc carb.Just four days with out sweat,then t

drizzle 2005-12-08
14   last decade

6 yr old with food/chemical intolerances..refluxing, exhausted, coughs and IBS
Hi again,This posting is about my oldest child, who like my youngest has severe food and c
Jo Jo 2005-12-16
2   last decade

Sciatica/Herniated Disk Question
I am hoping someone can help me. My sister is in serious pain right now and I am not know
malica98 2005-12-15
1   last decade

Please Help Me Live! I have Poor Appetite.
Hi there! My name is I am 24 years old. I have been looking and reading some great infor
MooNStaR 2005-12-15
1   last decade

1 yr old with food/chem intolerances...always sick
Hi all. My 1 year old has just recovered from pneuemonia, and now, 1.5 weeks later, is co
Jo Jo 2005-12-16
1   last decade

Merc Sol
Am looking for the symptoms of this remedy.Can you Help ?????here it states no strong indi
drizzle 2005-12-15
3   last decade

Dr. Sajid can you help with
the post that states "help my 4 year old?" (Dec15) You seem to have been so helpful on my
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

erection and semen prob,needs urgent help
hi,i am need of urgent and advice from seniors about the my case..am male 29 years old , i
leobird 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Help 1 year old, sick w/seizure episode
Beyond trying to help my own children, I have a relative that is thouroughly traumatized.
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Help my 4 year old
Hi,My 4 year old is really going through some changes. I am suspecting that he has allerg
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Constitutional Remedy
What is the recommended dose, potency and frequency of the constitutional remedy? Should o
s_dipity 2005-12-13
3   last decade

Neck Lymph Node Swelling
Hi,From the past one month, I have a Swelling in the right part of my Neck. I went to the
akshatg 2005-12-12
3   last decade

Remedy equivalents......
I need to take 30C of a remedy but only 30X of that remedy. How many 30X would equal 30C?
thehuffhouse 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Dr. Sajjad/Kumar Please adivse....
Dear doctors whenever i feel anxious/excited/tensemy cough starts and i start to clear my
hisam 2005-12-15
1   last decade

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