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throat ulcers
My son came down with mono late last summer. It was quite an ordeal. Since then he still h
Tammy 2005-01-21
5   last decade

anxiety, depressed...help !
I am a 32-year-old mother of four. I remember situations, in my early youth already, where

ann32 2005-07-05
24   last decade

Acne on forehead
Basically, I have acne on my forehead and I would like to get rid of it. I have had it fo
Karrot13 2005-11-29
9   last decade

repeated remedy too soon...help!
i have headaches when starting and stopping my period, bruising easily all over without in
NESS2DIE4 2005-11-29
4   last decade

problems with sexual excessiveness
I my name is Eliran. im 26 years old male from the middle east. im having problems with in
eliran 2005-11-27
5   last decade

High Eosinophil Count
I have been suffering form allergic bronchitis for over 25 years. I am regular user of inh
manpur 2005-11-27
4   last decade

Strep B
Someone was looking for a remedy to cure Strep B virus, I was told to take Acidophilus and
momof2 2005-11-28
1   last decade

Essential tremor
Hi I am in my late twenties and suffering from essential tremor(my hands shake and becomes
knowmore 2005-11-30
1   last decade

i took a cycle of accutane when i was a jr in highschool. 4 years ago. Just began losing h
dudes 2005-11-30
1   last decade

I had a grand mall panic attack in august (about 2 weeks after an MMR shot that I really d
taralee8 2005-12-01
1   last decade

Attn: Erica, Joe de Livera, Anyone please help!
I have had serious seborrheic dermatitis on and off since 1994. They used to be huge flake
myhairsos 2005-11-30
3   last decade

1 month old Baby Boy with cold & cough (viral infection)
Hi there. I'm just curious about some opinions. My one month old son has had siviour
taksat_99 2005-11-30
3   last decade

for walkin-confused about kidney stones
Hello. Hope today finds you well. I think you can help me with a friend with kidney sto
joy50 2005-11-29
6   last decade

Toddler uses bottom lip as Pacifier.
All,Ihad a question about one of the unwanted habits. Ihave a 3 year old daughter who has
DP 2005-11-01
11   last decade

Polycystic Kidney disease
I have PKD and am new to the concept of homeopathic medicine. Can someone out there give m

martinhelen 2005-11-15
13   last decade

to joe -
Pl refer tohttp://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/39736/constant pain fingers and toes. I too
new2town 2005-11-30
3   last decade

Q; both Ovary Mass
My sister has been diagnosedlike this ; and she doesntwant operation even though her docto
rxlove 2005-11-30
1   last decade

Any difference between tincture or pill?
Can someone please tell me the difference from prescribing pills or tinctures? I heard th
Traci_London 2005-11-30
1   last decade

Help Migraine!
This is how it starts-I begin to yawn non stop then my nose starts to run with a buildup i
Livvy 2005-11-30
1   last decade

question for sajjadakram635
dear sajjadakrm you wrote avena sativa q 15 to 20 drops every day three time for some o
steve2005 2005-11-29
2   last decade

Abuse of Homeopathic remedies
Hello, I have been under a hectic period of testing homeopathic remedies in the potencies
SergioX 2005-11-30
no replies yet

for joe de livera RE: nat phos/wt loss
Hi Joe..as far as my weight goes i am 5'5" and 185 pounds. very overweight. ir
nicksmom 2005-11-30
2   last decade

Eye Twitching
My left upper eyelid has been twitching since suddenly this morning - left upper eyelid ce
new2town 2005-11-29
2   last decade

Irregular periods
I have problem of irregular periods since my periods start. Initially i took medicien from
hooriakhan 2005-11-30
1   last decade

cronic psoriasis
i have psoriasis on my lower limbs, i mean on my legs and head, white powdery after scrach
hizbulla 2005-11-29
2   last decade

Pulsatilla made me worse - what remedy should i try now - female problem.
Hi,I have a bad discharge between periods and was told to try Pulsatilla. I did, but now
female47 2005-11-30
1   last decade

headache in 11 year old
my son is 11. he is an anxious child specially in social situations. it is very difficult
dani11 2005-11-26
2   last decade

prescribed pulsatilla now my baby seems worse!
My 22 week old daughter has had a cold for about 5 weeks now, after taking her to the GP t
joannemi 2005-11-29
2   last decade

Sajjad and All, Re: Multi remedies vs. Single
Hello,What is your opinion. There are many remedies being sold with different remedies mi

gracey 2005-10-02
83   last decade

autism, asthma, temporal lope epilepsy.
Hello. Very excited about this this website, and the wonderful people who are involved.I

guest user 2004-09-20
142   last decade

instructions on china
hello all i can now buy china how much will i be needing sajjad mentioned 6c thrice daily
sagon 2005-11-22
5   last decade

To Joe De Livera: Arnica question
i got chills & heavy sweating(similar to malaria) when i take arnica ,the same happened wh
raju_m 2005-11-24
5   last decade

Overweight & erectile dysfunction
I am a 32 year old male. I am 5 ft 7 inches and weigh 85 Kgs . I have erectile dysfunction
kuleepsingh 2005-11-08
2   last decade

Antibiotics , Penicillin and Alchohol
Why is homeopathy sensitive to Penicillin or coffee or alchohol???? Im using a medicine ca
eliran 2005-11-29
no replies yet

strange hairloss
I am 30 yr old mother of 2 boys. I have suffred from hairloss since my teens but more or l
ritu131 2005-11-09
7   last decade

My son has pink eye
Hi. I am new to the forum. That being the case I thought I would ask a few questions. My s
Mom2nickyandjoey 2005-11-28
1   last decade

Skin Problem (called pemphigoid Gestationis in Alopathy)
My problem starts during pregnancy in 34th week where I started getting rashes and itchy p
ranvir 2005-11-29
1   last decade

Homeopath in Pune
Hi,Could any one pl. suggest a good Homeopath in Pune? Bad Experience with Dr. Batras Clin
scorpioncan 2005-08-03
6   last decade

Under developed Sex Characters
is there any remedy for under developed male sex characters (i.e testees and penis)there i
orris 2005-11-29
1   last decade

save me
hello,i am getting the feeling in my throat and nostrils that iam going to get full fledge

Larissa 2005-11-23
14   last decade

to homeopathic doctors n users
study proves homeppathy is ineffectivehereis the paper on same THIS ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED
stonecold 2005-11-28
8   last decade

Constitutional Remedy: How is it determined?
Being new to homeopathy, it's not clear just how one's constitutional remedy is
Will88 2005-11-22
3   last decade

Has anyone come across this condition before?? It is a form of dystonia affecting the musc
joannemi 2005-11-28
2   last decade

How to Lower cholesterol with homeopathy
Just heard from Doctor that 'bad' choleserol is at 166 . Do not want to take s
suzancr 2005-11-25
7   last decade

why has my homeopath advised me to take Ignatia 200, carc 30 and nux at the same time? please help!
why has my homeopath given all 3 remedies to take?ignatia 200 1 per week, has given me abo

sonia- taylor 2005-11-26
45   last decade

Cough and Cold
Hi,My Boys have a cold with bouts of coughing through the day and then in the early evenin
kikisklozet 2005-11-28
1   last decade

Two methods for Tapering Effexor -- hope it is a help to someone
METHOD 1:I have taken Effexor and my highest dose was 150mg XR/once a day (extended releas
sweettooth 2005-11-20
3   last decade

how long should carcinosin be taken for and is it safe?
How long should carcinocin be taken for, also is it safe. Is it true it can cause cancer?c
sonia- taylor 2005-11-28
3   last decade

How long before switching remedies?
I had been giving my pet dog a remedy with some success but because of a problem that was
Gaia1 2005-11-28
3   last decade

Question for Walkin about Syzizium
Dear Walkin,Kind regards.I was quite intrigued and interested by your recommendation of Sy
rajivprasad 2005-11-27
3   last decade

food allergy advice
Hi, I was on before about my wee son's allergies, i need some advice on a few matters
elainesmyth68 2005-11-26
5   last decade

Severe stomach ache from yesterday-plz help
Day before yesterday i was in a official tour and acctualy had no time for breakfast and l
osoniare 2005-11-28
2   last decade

acute risk of heart attack
After a regular check up my husband has a hich homocystein value (16) and a low HDL choles
Yoshi 2005-11-28
1   last decade

Help Needed - Multiple Problems
Hello:I am in need of help for my ailments:1. Neck Pain

RandyTX 2004-06-09
161   last decade

heartburn, acid reflux
I purchased a homeopathic remedy called lithium mur. It said heartburn and backache on the
cag46 2005-11-27
3   last decade

2 year old
my 2 year old son has a cough, with phlegm but he cant throw it up or spit it out, today h
Huntnsinme 2005-11-26
7   last decade

can some one help with this...repost
my son is 11. he is an anxious child specially in social situations. it is very difficult
dani11 2005-11-27
1   last decade

Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP)
I was diagnosed with RRP (caused by HPV) about 6 months ago although I have had it for app
gerbewa 2005-11-27
2   last decade

mother tincture
if homeopathy mother tincture is prescribed on symptom similarity it's not the allopa
abc_bod15 2005-11-27
3   last decade

What is homeopathy, Joe Delivra?
Joe, do you typically prescribe remedies based on ailments and disregard the personal elem
samnbudsmom 2005-11-24
10   last decade

Epidermx Microdermabrasion Pro Treatment
Hello, sorry to disturb you all. I am a newbie here. I have read the threads about microde
handsbella 2005-11-27
1   last decade

Alopecia Areata Please Help!!!!!
I am a 23 years old male. I am suffering from alopecia areata for past 2 years. At first
bdmmech 2005-11-24
1   last decade

Sabra: Tell me more about Flouride
Sabra & others, Is Flouride dangerous to my children?
samnbudsmom 2005-11-26
no replies yet

Dr. Kumar-please
The person "Tommy" keeps posting a reply to you via my topic, so I'm sending this. H
bluerus 2005-11-26
no replies yet

Joe; re Arnica daily
Good morning Joe from a cold a crispy morning in the south of the U.K.Re;non reply to last
drizzle 2005-11-26
5   last decade

Nat mur or Nat carb
I identify myself with the natrums constitutionally. However, it is a bit confusing whethe
Cecilia 2005-11-26
2   last decade

the da Vinci Code - the unknown chapter of Stress
The da Vinci Code Stress The unknown ChapterSigmund Freud famously said of Leonardo da V
Alexthink 2005-11-25
1   last decade

What potency Ignatia?
I've been having some breathing problems and am pretty sure I need Ignatia. (I'v
ruth45 2005-04-22
6   last decade

To Nisha
I have always found your posts very informative.My 6 yr old son suffers from asthma and is
shiny 2005-11-26
1   last decade

Ignatia or Staphisagria?
Hi, thanks for reading this.I've been taken Staphisagria remedy for about 2 days now,
Aalee 2003-03-14
3   last decade

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