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I have suffered from dp for over 4 years. It has consumed my life and stolen all of my emo
vness 2005-06-03
3   last decade

back pain from washing car- pls help!
I've had this about a week and am getting tired of the pain. I tend to get pain after
geauxp 2005-05-22
5   last decade

Similimum v Constitutional v remedies for acute
If the similimum (or apparent similimum, maybe the very-close-icum) to a chronic health pr
Bodhitshe 2005-06-03
5   last decade

frequent urination
I have to urinate aprox every 1 to 2 hrs. Sometimes a very little amount, sometimes a lot
debbiekaren 2005-05-28
7   last decade

carpel tunnel
I have received healing from painful wrists with pulling tendons and numbing fingers with
joy50 2005-05-16
6   last decade

PostPartum hypothyroid. Please help
Hi, I had a baby 6 months ago and a month ago was diagonised with hypothyroid with TSH lev
Bee75 2005-06-01
4   last decade

gladular fever help
my daughter of 29 has had glandular fever on and off for five years it is ruining her soci
sally7 2005-02-26
4   last decade

Has anyone used Thymus 6 to boost immunity
Dear all,I was recently reading Robin Murphy's book on Case Analysis.In this book at
rajivprasad 2005-05-31
2   last decade

dosage for Gelsemium for headache, help please
Had a major bad bad throbbing tearing headache following eating something. (Wanted to tak
Bodhitshe 2005-06-02
8   last decade

skin problems since I turned 30
Hi, I am 34 years old and I have been having skin problems since I turned 30. I thought m
suziemb 2005-05-30
7   last decade

all tests normal, dr's don't know what is wrong
Ever since my teenage years I have had a mysterious condition in which I get extremely tir
southernbelle 2005-06-02
3   last decade

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in 4 month old!
My daughter was diagnosed with RSV after having a cold for 3 weeks initialy. Towards the l

erika1 2005-05-01
22   last decade

cal flour for hemmoroids
Where can I find cal flour and collinsonia root for hemmoroid relief?
Jake Bluto 2005-05-31
1   last decade

Homeo Repertory (Vademecum)
Where I can find the last homeo repertory in the web?I need to find all the remedys, indic
Atila 2005-06-01
1   last decade

Wart removal
How long should I take Nitricum Acidum 6C and Sepia 6C for wart removal? Some of these wa
Samuel 2005-06-01
1   last decade

uncomfortable inhibiting sweat
I am looking for some advice. I am a first year homeopath so I know a little of the subje

waterfall 2005-05-23
27   last decade

nux vomice/depression/guilt feelings
I have been taking wellbutrin for 3 years. I bgan having more problems with bloating, abd
mrssrl 2005-06-01
1   last decade

nux vomica-ok for depression
I am unsure if i should be using the nux vomica as much as I posted earlier yesterday.I wo
mrssrl 2005-06-02
1   last decade

Urinary/Prostate Problem
Hello Everyone,Following are the symptoms:Lower abdomen feels bruised Abdomen muscles feel
vlohia 2005-06-02
1   last decade

Staphysagria 200c and CALADIUM mother tincture
I have been adviced to take Staphysagria 200c along with CALADIUM mother tincture for a va
suziemb 2005-06-02
1   last decade

Molluscipoxvirus Molluscum Contagiosum
My son have a type of acne in some parts of your body.It's medical mane is mollusk (o
Atila 2005-05-29
3   last decade

Cat with chronic cough and nasal discharge
I have tried numerous remedies to help her and almost all which seem to increase nasal dis
Namaste27 2005-05-15
8   last decade

absence / petite mal seizures
My son is 2 years 2 months old and he has been diagnosed with absence seizures / epilepsy.
khughed 2005-02-25
3   last decade

Any homeopathic hobbyist or practitioner from Chicago
Hi, Any homeopathic practioner or hobbyist on this mboard from chicago?I would like to get
sreeram 2005-06-01
no replies yet

helping my boyfriend get off ambien and wellbutrin
i have to start saying that i never took drugs growing up, unless when strictly necessary
dontpinch 2005-06-01
3   last decade

when i am writing in front of some one i feel nervous,and my hands start shaking.now a day
noman 2005-02-01
7   last decade

Help baby with acid reflux
My 10 month old son has acid reflux. He does not have it bad although. He spits up the mos
MINDI 2005-05-31
5   last decade

my seven year old has just come down with chickenpox, has quite alot of spots but i think
gerth 2005-06-01
1   last decade

effexor withdrawl symptoms...please....when will i feel normal again??
i was on effexor for only 6 months at 75mg a day to help get through some anxiety. it did
jacquii 2005-04-20
2   last decade

please help me with my effexor trouble!
I am currently taking Effexor. I am prescribed 150mg. one in the morning and one at night.
arrco2004 2005-05-19
2   last decade

effexor withdrawl
I have been on effexor xr for almost 2 years. I have started to decrease my dose. I was ta
roblynn 2005-05-22
1   last decade

effexor withdrawls?
Hello... I ran out of effexor 2 days ago, this is like my 3rd time this month!!! anyways,
leigh1982 2005-06-01
2   last decade

Can anyone suggest something for Hystoclytica. I am getting loose motions for the past one
ayaz_rl 2005-05-31
3   last decade

mouth infection
hiMy father, age 62, has infection in the mouth. Mouth swab test showed that this infectio
alokknp 2005-05-30
2   last decade

Left allopathy for homeopathy-- seek help for autoimmunity, fatigue, etc. (long)
I have a variety of either related or unrelated problems many of which have been treated e
Bodhitshe 2005-05-30
2   last decade

Sebhorreic Dermatitis help!
Hi, just wanted to know if any helful people have the booklet from refreshed skin dot com,
crumpo 2005-05-17
4   last decade

There has been a scandal in Spain, about the consensus among the Medicos, that they will a
passkey 2005-05-31
no replies yet

After Effects of Recreactional lifestyle...
More and more men and women, girls and boys are involved in a depressive lifestyle stemmin
Theonlyexpert 2005-05-31
1   last decade

Ulcer in mouth & throat for last 7 years
This is my mother's case. She have problem of sever ulcers in mouth & throat. The siz
gokul 2005-05-29
5   last decade

Request Help for Stomach Problem
Hello Doctor,Request and seek help for three diseases:1. Since the past one month, I have
ayaz_rl 2005-05-31
no replies yet

Miasmatic Fears
I have read that fear in itself is part of the Psoric Miasms, but i would like some input
mariah 2005-05-29
2   last decade

Kindly let me know Doctor
Dear Doctor how are you.Hoping you are doing well. I have problem of swallowing, after eat
shakeel21b 2005-05-30
1   last decade

no fever~head feels hot~body feels clammy~no sweating
Hello there! I'd be extremely grateful if anyone might have an idea of what these sym
guest user 2005-05-29
6   last decade

Single remedy vials or Kits?
I am trying to decide whether to go with getting kit that has a lot of what I want, but al
Bodhitshe 2005-05-30
2   last decade

Scabies and Psorinium
I had scabies 15 years ago which was treated by a doctor with a lotion, I don't know
SFBurgundy 2005-05-30
2   last decade

for gall stone which remedy is best suitable? what is the role of cholesterinium 6x?
shangupta 2005-05-29
1   last decade

role of cholesterinium 6x in gallstone crushing
what is the role of cholestterinium 6x in gallstone crushing? how long will it take to cr
shangupta 2005-05-29
1   last decade

Dispensing remedies to infants?
How do you dispense homeopathic remedies (tablets) to infants that are bottlefed only? I&#
Peace4you 2005-05-21
6   last decade

Useful Homeopathy Software
Recently i found one very useful homeopathic software. First i downloaded demo from net an
sujeetkatiyar 2005-05-30
no replies yet

Hair Fall
Hi,Im Arunkumar aged about 32 and Im having some hair fall when I apply shampoo, I tried d
arunsoundar 2005-05-26
12   last decade

please clarify about potency and related issues
The post by Realwarrior, the Silicean who is Mad, below brought up a lot of questions for
Bodhitshe 2005-05-30
no replies yet

Did I ruin my remedy?
I transferred my homeopathic medicine from a ziplock type bag to a bottle. I first rinsed
naydies 2005-05-29
4   last decade

Need help with skin/eye problems!
Hi,I was wondering if anyone here could make suggestions about what I can do/take to allie
SukhUK 2005-05-23
5   last decade

6 month baby with chickenpox and eczema
recently my baby had chicken pox and just when he was healing he got a very bad flare up o
nivank 2005-05-23
2   last decade

Am having full erection atleast 4 times a day, this despite having good climax each time(I
revanth 2005-05-28
1   last decade

Wrist pain-computer professional
Dear Doctor,I am 31-year-old and a computer professional working around 8-10 hours daily f
pranesh100 2005-05-21
9   last decade

generic viagra from india ???
If you allow my advice, stop giving richness to multinational enterprises, and buy generic
angelll 2005-05-24
2   last decade

throat pain
Hi:I am 35 years old male and had a cold and fever on last Friday evening. I took acconite

amitra123 2005-05-13
33   last decade

FAO Passkey : please give me your opinion on this
Dear PasskeyI wonder if you could give me advice on how I should progress, in the absence
carlotta 2005-05-22
3   last decade

Can you tell me why my glands are permaenently up ? I was very ill last year and I had one
emma.devaise 2005-05-13
7   last decade

bug bite two year old
My son has a lot of bites on him. Most of them are mosquito bites. He has another bite t

lmhoopes 2005-05-26
16   last decade

8 month old with repeat ear infections and doest sleep
hi alli hope i am posting in the right place first time on heremy son is 8 months old and
needsleep 2005-05-22
9   last decade

Natrum Phos. Side Effects??
I was recently given Natrum Phos. by a friend who said it would help me with my stomach pr

JohnJRaivelhoff 2005-05-24
17   last decade

Infection in finger
I have an infection in my thumb for the last two days. It looks like a boil. It is extre

maryo 2005-05-14
64   last decade

aggressiveness - extreme shedding - need help
Hello,I have been suffering from hairloss for the last three years now and have also poste
innanna 2005-05-26
12   last decade

Persistent Cough in 5 year old
My 5 year old boy has had cough for the past 2 years. It comes and goes. He has been wheez
sgambhir 2005-05-23
1   last decade

Apathy and sugar cravings
Hi any help would be much appreciated.I am36 years old, skinny as a child, been gaining we
SFBurgundy 2005-05-16
7   last decade

I would like to know where I can get Silica..can it be bought a health food store, etc? I
dixie 2005-05-26
2   last decade

Spider veins multiplying
Does anyone know of anything that will get rid of these?Mine are hereditary and much like
Namaste27 2005-05-25
3   last decade

please help somebody
having a pain below my knee cap on the bone cause when i press there i get pain plus when
Kevin 2005-05-25
1   last decade

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