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Anal Fistula
Hi,My husband is suffering from an anal fistula. This began as an abscess in May of 2004
kristin 2005-07-29
5   last decade

Positive ANA test might be SLE
hello one more problemmy wife ANA positive and she has following symptomscontinuous fever
ghalibtommy 2005-08-14
1   last decade

diverticulitis flare up
i seem to be having a second flare up of diverticular problems. bloated feeling, pain in
annesmith 2005-08-15
6   last decade

M potencies
Is it normal to get prescribed 1M potency homeopathic medicines 6 pills 2 times a day? I r
kirti 2005-08-14
5   last decade

hair loss
I am 25yrs n my hairs are falling in bulk. i am afraid to wash my hairs n put oil when eve
ritu080 2005-08-10
6   last decade

My Daughter's 9 years old. Taking multi-vitamin "Flavay Plus" and have seen signican
milan 2005-08-10
5   last decade

Anyone, after using sulphur 1M, how long till results will start to show? 1 day, 1 week, 1
saltOftheEarth 2005-08-14
3   last decade

depression and anxiety problems
I am suffering from depression and anxiety problems, lack of confidence, social phobia, an
raja4 2005-08-11
3   last decade

is this normal reaction to natural wart treatment?
I have been using a product I received from a homeopathy doctor with the ingredients liste
Hasna 2005-08-13
2   last decade

problem with my lips
i have been reading a lot of problems lately regarding allergies and eczema.i need help re
sudha 2005-08-12
1   last decade

Difference between dilutions?
Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between hemopethy pills, liquid, etc. Are al
Wazeema826 2005-08-11
3   last decade

Genital wart?
I believe I may have a wart on my penis. I believe I may have had two when I was 13 years
frankie 2005-08-14
1   last decade

Nails don't grow
My husband's feet are a mess -- the soles are rough and peel and the toe nails are cr
ruth45 2005-08-14
1   last decade

scope of being homeopathic doctor in Canada
I would like to get suggestions about what is the scope of practicing homeopathy in Canada
raj005 2005-08-13
2   last decade

Thank You to All
This is to say Thank You to All of you who have rushed to my defence on this and other thr
Joe De Livera 2005-08-11
4   last decade

Urotropin for Uric acid
Anyone know somethig about remedy named urotropin or its alternative naems for uric acid.
ranaz 2005-08-14
no replies yet

I have the same symtos like , marina.
Whao. I can belive that some one alse has the same thing I have , I feel just like marina.
bethanykati 2005-04-12
2   last decade

Aggravation timing of remedies?
can anybody tell where I can get aggravation timing for homeopathic remedies. Also I want
nitinkolte 2005-08-12
2   last decade

Have followed low purine diet for one year. Gout in feet hereditary. Swelling of toe joi
ladron 2005-08-09
3   last decade

joe de livera...60c or 6c?
dear joe,i am going to start arnica 30 2day.. as u have suggested me.. i was going thru so
jasmine_191 2005-08-13
2   last decade

joe de livera- regrdin arnica
Dear joe,how re you? there were few qns regarding arnica30 that i wanted to ask you.can i
jasmine_191 2005-08-12
1   last decade

joe de livera- few queries...
Dear joe,how wre you?there were few things i wanted to make sure before starting arnica30.
jasmine_191 2005-08-13
2   last decade

white hair on my chin & head in age 26
plz, tell me a good homeo medicnefor white hair on my chin & headin age 26.also ihave nigh
goldy 2005-08-12
2   last decade

abcessed tooth
Hello EveryoneI have a broken tooth that evidently has the nerve now exposed and is abcess
unity 2005-08-13
2   last decade

Hair Loss, anything i can try?
I'm 24, male, shed more than i should. Is there anything i can try, i read about wies
tomgarcia 2005-08-12
3   last decade

my cat has inflamed gums
My cat has inflamed gums. Not in the front but in the back. The teeth are ok its just the
rayne 2005-07-31
8   last decade

Chronic injuries
Lets say we ve hit the correct remedy and we knowits gona work...all good but... how long
GoodFella 2005-08-12
2   last decade

I have daily headaches. The only thing that works for me is Extra Strength Excedrin. But n
doril 2005-08-12
2   last decade

Blew up eye!
Hi guysI wonder if anyone might have some thoughts on this. I suffer with bad ezcema on my
emma.devaise 2005-08-12
7   last decade

Itching vagina after periods
Hello all, The past few months, I have been having this problem. Vagina is itching after
shreyakashyap 2005-07-12
6   last decade

Homeopathic Warfare (copied)
I mentioned yesterday in my post entitled "Thank You to All" that this was not the first
Joe De Livera 2005-08-12
no replies yet

Joe De Livera PLEASE suggest dosage for arnica 30 that is right for me.
I have been losing large amounts of hair every other morning when I wash my hair, far more
andigreen 2005-08-11
4   last decade

joe de livera please reply...........
I have been losing large amounts of hair every other morning when I wash my hair, far more
andigreen 2005-08-11
1   last decade

joe de livera- please help!
dear joe, i hve seen dat u hv helpd many for their hair loss.can u please help me wit mine
jasmine_191 2005-08-11
7   last decade

information about homeopathic medicine
I am trying to learn about homeopathic medicine and wonder if someone can tell me if the h
Jani1 2005-08-06
6   last decade

Mr. joe de livera please reply to arnica question?
Joe I wanted to see which arnica i needed to order the 30 or 6, which would do me more goo
andigreen 2005-08-11
2   last decade

feline hair/dog hair remedies
Has anyone successfully used "feline hair" and "dog hair" remedies for persistent cat/dog
merrybees 2005-08-12
no replies yet

Why no oil on the scalp?To answer your questions- I do like sympathy and public applause.I
jackierob42 2003-12-06
2   last decade

my opinion abvout homeopathy
Hi,waht I'm going to write it over here will not be very pleasant,but,....Namely,as a

askomacic 2005-08-03
24   last decade

How long does it take for a remedy to work?
Hey people..How long does it take for a remedy to work ?Thanks!
GoodFella 2005-08-11
2   last decade

Meningioma brain tumor
24 yr. old to have surgery to remove brain tumor.Need remedy recommendations for recovery.
patricia 2005-08-05
10   last decade

daughter prefers to act babyish
My daughter is almost five and she prefers to act babyish. There are times when it seems
merrybees 2005-08-11
1   last decade

Sabra-help diaper rash for a week
Sabra:I hope you can help me.When my son was close to two years he developed a diaper rash
kitty 2005-08-09
1   last decade

Help me with allergic rhinitis
I developed allergic rhinitis about one and a half years back when I got posted to North B
Taurusbull 2005-08-11
no replies yet

Please explain
Hi,Can someone please explain if there is any difference between pillules, tablets and the
habeeba 2005-08-10
4   last decade

Could Euphorbia be used for fading pigmentation marks on skin?
Just wondered as it is indicated for redness, rashes, infected pustules causing redness et
carlotta 2005-08-06
8   last decade

Dark Leathery Patches
Ever since i remember i have had dark patches under my arms. I am of asian decent also don
7leish 2005-08-11
no replies yet

I have developed two black hardened warts - one on my right thigh & one on my calve.althou
kisshor63 2005-08-07
5   last decade

Where to find herb extract,contact Dr.Anthony soon
Our company is a leader of manufacturers and exporters of botanical extracts and herbal ex
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
no replies yet

One of the biggest supplier in China-Dr.Anthony
Active Ingredients Group,Inc Our company is a leader of manufacturers and exporters of bot
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
no replies yet

Active Ingredients Group.,Inc
Active Ingredients Group, Inc. Active Ingredients Group, Inc.,was established in 1990, is
Anthony Tian 2005-08-11
no replies yet

toe and nail fugus
1.right hand and left foot nails have a nail fungus. One nail on hand is loosened from nai
currmom 2005-07-29
12   last decade

Question for Kuldeep
Kuldeep,I'm hoping you can shed some light. I was working with Erika for a few month
maryo 2005-08-10
5   last decade

vaginal warts and pregnancy
I have vaginal warts and am 4 months pregnant. Is there a safe way to cure them,
cameo0103 2004-04-21
2   last decade

16 month old cold and fever
My sixteen month old daughter woke up last night with a stuffy nose and then a couple of h
lmhoopes 2005-08-10
1   last decade

hair loss for 5years
can any one advise me?
nass1974 2005-08-10
no replies yet

advice needed for 6y/o
Hi,I have a six y/o son who has problems with some form of blockage. He doesnt breath thro
habeeba 2005-08-09
5   last decade

Someone's got symptoms matching ignatia and nat. mur. She is 28 and 1 month pregnant.
neeraj 2005-08-10
1   last decade

Nephrotic Syndrome
My 3 years old daughter had an attack of MCD, NS. After using the steroid, she is doing fi
shahidmanzoor 2005-08-07
4   last decade

Toefungus doe's my 11 year lod have it
Hello! Im a mother of a 11year old boy. He has a big toe that is a yellowish,almost greeni
Toefungus1994 2005-08-10
2   last decade

Thanks to Rajiv Prasad
You are probably coping with Monsoons now, but I wanted to report that all is so far so go
Bodhitshe 2005-08-07
1   last decade

alcohol content question
hi,i have just purchased medicine for my 9month old how has eczema. It is Graphites 30, b
mummyjoey 2005-08-09
2   last decade

Reoccurring Strep Throat
Hello~I think I have Strep Throat again, for the second time this summer. I have been trea
zenmama 2005-08-04
8   last decade

Autism 2 yr old
My 2.7 yr old was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Autism) at 21 months. We started therapy and bi
julie05 2005-08-08
3   last decade

urinarry tract infection
please advice me
anasa 2005-08-06
2   last decade

speaking problem
my son is 11 years old. he is suffering from tonsil problem. but from two years he is havi
anjalidu 2005-06-22
11   last decade

i have no idea where to start for my healing
Hello to everyone who reads this, I have just started looking into homeopathy in the pa
brandy 2005-01-26
9   last decade

sick with anxiety
I am under great anxietydue to a tragedy in my family .can anyone tell me something natura
janaya 2005-08-09
2   last decade

Any Remedy for Hypochondria?
Hi,Could anyone Pl. suggest a remedy for Hypochondria and Claustrophobia?regards,Harish
scorpioncan 2005-08-08
4   last decade

please help: homeopathic practitioner referral in LOS ANGELES, CA
i'm looking for a good homeopathic doctor who doesn't charge me half of my pay c
dontpinch 2005-08-08
no replies yet

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