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pilonidal cyst
hello,After reading forums on pilonidal cyst, Sounds like this might be the remedy to try.
sony142 2005-04-24
2   last decade

PCOS (FOR Kuldeep and Passkey)
My wife is suffering from pcos syndrom. She is 34 and trying to get pregnant through IVF.
harrygarry 2005-04-24
1   last decade

im male of 25 yrs, and i m facing from excess hairs on my thorax, abdomen and ther parts o
ken 2003-06-22
2   last decade

Hair and Ears
Hi,I am a 28 year old female who has been experiencing ear ringing and hair loss for a lon
Harmony88 2005-04-23
3   last decade

4 year old with frequent urination
Over the past 2-3 days my son has been having to pee constantly. At home (or at a restaur
happyvegan 2005-04-23
8   last decade

chronic sinus and frequent urination with contineous vertigo
somebody Please help me.I`m suffering from multiple problems since 3-4 years.It is started
ashu_zeenews 2005-04-20
7   last decade

live in the now....live in joy
Live in the NOW....Live in JOY....even though you have all the facts. John is the kind of
sabra 2005-04-23
4   last decade

De-Wormwe for Cat
Hello, I hav a cat of 8 months old gave birth to two young ones on 11th Apr. Today i ob
vinaya20 2005-04-18
6   last decade

Guinea pig with recurring eye infection
I adopted 3 guinea pigs at Christmastime, when they were about 9 months old. 2 girls, one
Christinesw15 2005-04-22
5   last decade

Salacia oblonga herb Extract
Salacia Oblonga (Celastaceae), "Ponkoranti", is a woody plant found in the forests of Sri
bibcorp 2005-04-23
1   last decade

help needed
I am writing an essay on complimentary medicine, and as part of the essay I need to interv
stoopy 2005-04-20
2   last decade

Non-toxic dog dewormer study
We would be grateful if anyone would be interested in reviewing a nine page document resul
lblakey 2005-04-20
1   last decade

chronic worrier
I know I worry too much! I wake up at night worrying,and trying to solve problems. I alway
joanbaker 2005-04-21
4   last decade

Hello - My boyfriend is being treated for lung cancer. He has had four radiation treatment
txhart 2005-04-21
3   last decade

studying materia medica
I'm a 1st year student and finding it really difficult memorising remedies. I'm
kateB 2005-04-06
6   last decade

RA in small joints
I was about 40 yrs old when I began getting joint swelling/pain in my right index finger.
zortman 2005-04-23
1   last decade

Soaking in Barley water and Vit E
Hi - Someone told me this mornibg atht if you filled your bath ful of luke warm water and
emma.devaise 2005-04-22
3   last decade

nat phos 6x- remedy for constiapation as well?
Joei read your posts regarding the wonderful uses of this remedy.I was going thru terrible
desikudi 2005-04-19
2   last decade

Chronic Dandruff and Blepharitis
For about three years I have had a chronic patch of dandruff on the right side of my head
Redwoods 2005-04-21
2   last decade

pigmentation problem!! pls help!!
Hi everyonei am 22 yrs old female. i have suffered from mild acne aince the age of 13. it
Isma1 2005-04-19
6   last decade

Ulcerative Colitis Help
My 3 year child having UC for last 3 months . He is continuously on steroids since then bu
ramesh2005 2005-04-22
4   last decade

Silicea and Seton
Is it safe to use Silicea to help with drainage of a fistula when a Seton has been inserte
cgulyas 2005-04-19
2   last decade

Forehead skin burnt in child hood.
When my daughter was 4 years old, she got her forehead skin burnt due to boiling water. It
mbhasan 2005-04-19
1   last decade

Cinosin....anyone knows what is it?
I have been given cinosin and i wonder if you know what is it...or if the name stands for
mariah 2005-04-21
4   last decade

can sum pls answer my query regarding pigmentation(19th april)
can sumone pls giv me some suggestions regarding pigmentation. i have suffered from mild a
Isma1 2005-04-20
5   last decade

Please help my mother
Could i please get some help with the problems of my mother.I am looking for help with her
baccerelli 2005-04-16
5   last decade

Homeopathic Acne Drugs???
Hi everyone, Im fairly new to homeopathy but after a homeopathist cured a nasty long-stan
curious_pete 2005-01-17
5   last decade

Multiple Conditions & Treatments - What do I treat first?
How do I choose what to treat first???I had a hysterectomy in August 2004. Five weeks aft

abimn 2005-03-17
32   last decade

autistic son gets hurt
My son is 10 yrs old, autistic, I talked to Dr. Passkey last week, he told me to try 10M,
sherryb 2005-04-20
2   last decade

Sabra, need advice per Kuldeep's remedies for my husband
Hi, Sabra,I have been corresponding with Kuldeep via email in regard to my husband's
Laurel 2005-04-21
3   last decade

Help for my 6 year old
My six year old son hits his forehead into the pillow continuously if he wakes up in the n

asharma 2005-03-22
18   last decade

for Star123 -pls read regarding silica
i have the same query as yours. i wnated to know aswell if u can buy it in a crushed form.
Isma1 2005-04-21
no replies yet

for windwaker - pls read
hi windwakeri been reading a few of the forums, and ive got the same pigmentation problem
Isma1 2005-04-20
2   last decade

Post Jaundice Digestion problem
I had jaundice in the month of decemeber. After it got cured my intestines refuse to work.
mgchoksi 2005-04-20
2   last decade

Pancreatic Tumor
My 11 y.o dog has been diagnosed with multiple Pancreatic tumors and low thyroid. As a re

maggiemae 2005-03-11
72   last decade

mouth ulcer
i am having a mouth ulcer today. Initially it occured two weeks back on my right cheek.it
miracle 2005-04-20
2   last decade

Cyst & Abscess
Well, over the past few months it appears I have acquired some problems. I have 2 cysts on
Jplato 2005-04-20
2   last decade

different complaints plz help
Hello Here my aunt have a complant of lossing hairs badly , she is unable to tolerate any
Rabia 2005-04-13
9   last decade

Nosebleeding of a child
My 4,5 years old son's nose bleeds easly. When it starts bleeding, it keeps going on
Maria&boys 2005-04-18
9   last decade

What to take for Panic Attacks and fears??
Hi,I grew up with an alcoholic father and we were always running away from him. My sister
Star123 2005-04-17
3   last decade

back and stomach aches
I have a recurring problem that comes up a few times a year that I want to see if I can ge
lmhoopes 2005-04-14
12   last decade

Any medicine relates to Keloid plz help
Hellome and my sister developed keloid on ear lobe after pierced for earrings ever allopat
Rabia 2005-03-22
10   last decade

Bitter Taste
I am suffering from having bitter tase in the mouht when wakingup from sleep, either in th
kunjukb 2005-04-18
1   last decade

dealing with 'psychosis', anyone care to comment?
if so, it's a 'schizo-typal' sort of manifestation with 'fungal overto
penelopeQ 2005-04-20
5   last decade

Son's remedy
After trying many remedies I think I might have found one for my son.He is asthmatic and h
maryo 2005-04-15
10   last decade

Sabra please help
hello Sabramy name is Vedrana, and i m in a lot of pain last 3 -4 years. My pain is nor ph
Vedrana 2005-04-16
4   last decade

Pollen Allergy
HiI have effected by severe pollen allergy. The symptoms are highly ichy eyes, eyes became
AS 2004-03-28
3   last decade

Define the potencies of Homeopathic Medicine
Does 6c is equal to 6x. I think i need fundamentals on this subject.Thanks
mbhasan 2005-04-19
1   last decade

Remedy for After effects of Heart Attack
Hello All,My mother had a mild heart attack 15 days back. After that she has become very w
prashanthc 2005-04-13
5   last decade

cure for hereditary hair loss?
hii wanted to know if thers any permanent cure for hereditary hair loss? im 22 yrs old. my
Isma1 2005-04-19
no replies yet

Is there no place I can buy Silicea 1x from?
I want to really give a shot to low potency Silicea like 1x based on Dr Kuldeeps suggestio
unluckyguy 2005-04-15
4   last decade

severe burning sensation and cracking of lips,irritable bowels
yamini 2005-04-19
1   last decade

toothache with sinus pain
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on toothache. My upper right 2nd molar is in pai
freetrinity 2005-04-19
1   last decade

Thank you Joe De Livera
Joe,My husband and I want to thank you for your graciousness to spend the time and effort
Namaste27 2005-04-03
1   last decade

I have been reading up on yearly injections virus nosodes for animals. My 9 year old GSD i
jammie58 2005-04-18
no replies yet

Hello everyone. I'm recently qualified in homeopathy and am just getting started in p
rooty28 2005-04-18
no replies yet

Help - Acute Myleiod Lukemia
Hi, My Father aged about 57 years was diagonised (before 15 days) with Acute myleiod Lukem
naveen_dba 2005-04-18
no replies yet

I was recommended to take Iodium 30c for my hyperactive thyroid. I've also come to th
lisa1 2005-04-16
2   last decade

biochemics remedy?
Hi,waht biochemic remedy might be good for glandular cysts?
askomacic 2005-04-18
no replies yet

De-Wormwe for Cat
Hello, I hav a cat of 8 months old gave birth to two young ones on 11th Apr. To day i o
vinaya20 2005-04-18
no replies yet

I have done extensive searches on the right rememdy for allergies, but can't find an
inspired 2005-04-16
3   last decade

My 10 years old son is obese
One of my closest friend introduced me to Homeopathy, I am new to this medical Science. th
mbhasan 2005-04-14
3   last decade

Silica already crushed??
Hi,For those of us who can not get a hold of the rocks to make our own silica, isn't
Star123 2005-04-17
no replies yet

missing lashes and brows
My friends ducttaped my brows and lashes while we were on a camping trip. About 80% of bot
jonjon 2005-04-15
2   last decade

Complicated eczema case
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a case I'm working on. I've
rooty28 2005-04-15
4   last decade

head pressure
well im getting alot of head pressure but mainly at night never in the morning and when i
naumai 2005-04-14
6   last decade

non-verbal autistic son
I started tonight with a prescribed remedy for my son, he won't ever keep pellets in
sherryb 2005-04-17
no replies yet

Constipation, Osteo arthritis and Angina
Could i please get some help with the problems of my mother.The doctors tell her that she
baccerelli 2005-04-15
1   last decade

any remedy for a 5 years bell's palsy? please helppp pleaseee
hello people my story is too sad, i have bell's palsy since 5 years ago, i have notic
frustration 2005-04-12
1   last decade

Eczema for 8 month old
Hi My 8 month old daughter has been suffering from Eczema for last 6 months..It mostly fla
kanvij 2005-04-02
8   last decade

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