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Eczema & Chest congestion in 20 months girl
My 20 month daughter has eczema and repiratory problems since birth. she got the respirato
ka_kirti 2005-06-27
5   last decade

Fast Heart Rate
I'm an other-wise healthy, thin, 26-year-old mother of two who has been experiencing
Specialscar 2005-07-02
no replies yet

Need some knowledge on Sun Blisters-
I got a bad sunburn on my legs when I was at the beach on Sunday...I didn't think it
Hawkstar 2005-06-30
3   last decade

Ear infection, Swollen Lymphatic glands in neck of 2 yo boy, need urgent attention to avoid antibiotics
My 2.5 year old boy is suffering from an ear infection that won't seem to go away even
Mon Cherie Amour 2005-06-24
9   last decade

My Chalazion situation...
I've had a chalazion for about 7 months now.About 3 months ago I went to a opthamolog
audiorox 2005-07-01
no replies yet

urgent reply requested
Hello ,Last month i saw that there is a swelling(pouch) near the tonsil which was light ye
debotri 2005-06-30
5   last decade

Jaborandi Extract
Hi,I'd like to buy Jaborandi extract. Where can I buy it? Thanks.
username 2005-07-01
1   last decade

Echinacea question
Hi,can somebody clarify it for me,please.How to take Echinacea liquid 3x how many drops in
Anna25 2005-07-01
no replies yet

for all those who have used silica pls read
hi everyone!i just read a few of the forums regarding silica. most people havent actually
Isma1 2005-04-21
12   last decade

20 teeth pulled
I had 20 teeth pulled. What can I take for the swelling? I was wondering about arnica mont
tweetystone 2005-06-30
1   last decade

Dear Kuldeep, again to trouble you for help
See there is a small redness sort of a sore in my cheeksinside my mouth,just behind my wis
ganesh2280 2005-06-30
no replies yet

Sanjay Modi
He is the author of "Accurate homeopathy"- in which he tries to make sense of homeopathic
Astra2012 2005-06-30
1   last decade

The Linden Method to cure panick
Hi all.Has anyone out there tried the Linden method?It claims to cure panick and anxiety b
monaa 2005-06-29
2   last decade

Thyroidectomy 1/4 lobe
One-fourth of my thyroid lobe was removed on one side. What is recommended for this?

Patsy 2005-06-17
13   last decade

I have had acidity problem for more than a year. I have no symptoms of heart burn. I have
asham 2005-06-23
9   last decade

URGENT: Need to stop lactating
Ive stopped breast feeding 6 months back but am still lactating. Can someone suggest a rem
crabcanc 2005-06-14
11   last decade

4 year old waking
A friend of mine is having a bit of a trial with her 3 yr old at the moment.He is a very b
kairos 2005-06-29
2   last decade

burning sensation in the soles
i am 48 years old. I have burning sensation in the soles. It starts only ion the evening a

geetha 2004-03-15
30   last decade

Recurrent tonsillitis
Hello –Thank you in advance to all who give of their time and knowledge so unselfishly on
tharri 2005-05-13
8   last decade

where could i find--------
hi, i am a resident of uk and would like to know where i could find jaborandi extract;to c
bushra610 2005-06-30
no replies yet

Chicken Pox Scars
When i was 4 years old i came down with a really bad case of the Chicken Pox,. Now i'
pinkxelefants05 2005-06-29
1   last decade

feel thing in eye
The last week I feel like there is always something stuck in my right eye. Can anyone hel
Rebecca 2005-03-28
6   last decade

menstral come at the wrong time. how to delay it?
suereka 2005-06-29
2   last decade

Posted Twice, without reply
I have posted twice, regarding my dauthter's recurrent strep throat, and over use of
mittmitt 2005-06-28
7   last decade

Spotty little rash
HI, just wondering if anybody could suggest a remedy for me. Over the last couple of days
chica 2005-06-29
no replies yet

Can Thuja help in conceiving?
I have a case of a young woman who eaily aborts because of weak cervix. Has lot of moles o
willway 2005-06-28
4   last decade

help me please
I shoot to quick when i used to last for as long as i want what caused this please help me
Christo 2005-06-29
no replies yet

Advise on books (MM, repertory and general) please
So far I have (or have borrowed) Boerck's Materia Medica, Viltoukhas' Science of
Bodhitshe 2005-06-26
9   last decade

How to reverse post heavy metal and vaccine etc.problems?
I am interested in homeopathic remedies to reverse, chelate, or otherwise clear the syst
Bodhitshe 2005-06-26
2   last decade

Nitrous oxide, general anaesthesia
DO any remedies help detox the body after general anaesthesia? My 5 yr old may need to "g
Rebecca 2005-02-04
9   last decade

Successively 5 Remedies in High Potency
According to mental systems, if Pulsatilla,Nux Vomica,Sulphur,Lycopodium &Natrum Murare to
Mahfil 2005-06-24
12   last decade

7 year old daughter
Please see my post on strep throat. My daughter is getting worse, now is vomitting. I ca
mittmitt 2005-06-28
no replies yet

appeal to sabra /passkey
hey sabra/passkey,not sure if sabra is coming back.her treatment has done tremendous good
sanvar 2005-06-28
no replies yet

Thinning Hair
Hi...I am a 19 year old male with thinning hair. The problem is really getting quite serio
needhelp19 2005-06-28
2   last decade

My mother has been diagnozed with an infection of Brucellosis in her lungs. Initially the
Geeta12 2005-06-27
1   last decade

Hi Mr kuldeepCould u advise on the dosage to be used for graphite for an eczema patient?
jeremynks 2005-06-24
7   last decade

Hi - just to say I will be going away for one, maybe two, months from the 24 June.Keep hea
erika 2005-06-22
9   last decade

Need help with dog's symptoms
I am trying to prescribe a remedy for a dog I have been treating for anxiety and inflammat
Angeleen 2005-06-28
1   last decade

How long before switching remedy?
I was given a constitutional remedy of sepia and told to take it for 5 days....I have done

heather30_72 2005-06-16
16   last decade

Help with potency
Hi everyone,Just a quick query. I'm a newly qualified practitioner and I'm treat
rooty28 2005-06-26
1   last decade

Strep Throat
Hi, I am new to this forum and come here out of complete desperation and am overwhelmed wi
mittmitt 2005-06-27
no replies yet

nat mur duration...........
How long would a dose of Nat Mur typically produce symptoms?I took a dose about two months
jentoun 2005-06-15
4   last decade

folliculitis, need help!
Hi i am new here. I am a 17 year old male and have been suffering from folliculitis(on the
mjay7 2005-06-24
2   last decade

How often to repeat remedy?
HiGlad to have found this forum - have been using homeopathy for over 16yrs but am still u
luckyduck 2005-06-25
4   last decade

Hidradenitis suppuritiva
Hi, I am male,52 years.For last few years I have been suffering from it and during last fe
samiran 2005-06-26
3   last decade

Where to study?
hi thereI want to study homeopathy. Can you give me any advice? I have been looking at th
Cassis 2005-06-26
no replies yet

I am now 49 years old and I am having type II diabetic since year 2000. Intitally I used t
BSPILLAI 2005-06-01
11   last decade

will Arnica help me?
Please can anyone offer me some advice?I had a hysterectomy almost 6 years ago, used hrt p
sharon2999 2005-06-25
3   last decade

duration of homeo treatment
Hellodoes anyone know how long one can take a medicine once they know it is working? One
periopatient 2005-06-25
2   last decade

What effects has Vanadium Metallicum?
HiI'm Elena from Romania (Central-East Europe). I would like to know what effects has
belciuge 2005-06-25
no replies yet

High Uric Acid +Pain Below the knees
having a pain below my knee cap on the bone cause when i press there i get pain plus when
Kevin 2005-05-25
11   last decade

sabra i have not lost hope
DEAR SABRA,the good your medicine has done to me,i really feel you can conclude this treat
sanvar 2005-06-25
no replies yet

Soy Allergy, Hayfever, Sinuses, depression
Hi!I'm not sure what information is needed, but I am looking for some help concerning
whitelacesally 2005-06-25
no replies yet

Pet allergy & Pollen
Hello Everybody,I am a Holistic Practitioner from LA who is finally looking into Holistic
Alaizia 2005-06-18
9   last decade

Anorectal Abscess
I have had anorectal abscess 5 times in 2 and a half years now (average once per 6 months)
matchy 2005-06-24
1   last decade

Kuldeep "Vs" Hepur Sulf.
Kuldeep's acne treatment appreciated by many.I also convinced to read his silica post
aabid 2005-06-24
no replies yet

kids with strep...again
I am hoping someone can help...My six and four year old are on their fourth episode of str
dayzicrazy4 2005-04-07
5   last decade

too many remedies
Is it possible to have taken too many remedies? since taking the Injury 7C which I posted
virginiawoolf 2005-06-23
2   last decade

Quite a lot of problems
My mother aged 55 has the following problems :-No Blood PressureNo Sugars Cholestral on th

homeop1975 2005-03-15
39   last decade

Type 2 Diabetic
I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic 3 months back.Since then I have reduce my weight, I try to
amit777 2005-02-04
3   last decade

Guiness Book Record - The fastest homeopathic forum in the world
I casually visit few other political / medical / holistic forums once in a month. Today, w
ABC Hompath 2005-03-17
6   last decade

low hemogloben
dont now if i spelt it right i would just like to know what causes it to be low only my mu
dylis 2005-06-22
4   last decade

Low hemogloben
Is there and effective medicine for low hemeogloben????????

shahi 2005-04-07
22   last decade

Homeopathic remedy for sinusitis
Hi,I have chronic sinusitis problem. Following are the symptoms: Chronic congestion accomp
nazirmuhammad 2005-05-19
3   last decade

Bitten tongue - infected?
I have another thread on here about my ongoing eczema / psoriasis, for which I have been u
kairos 2005-06-23
2   last decade

I have been suffering from candida premenstrually every month for 3 years and am now, afte

NinaCol 2004-12-19
14   last decade

I am confused about dosing. I know you suggested taking the Arnica as well as Ruta for te
virginiawoolf 2005-06-23
no replies yet

drewzappa 2005-06-23
no replies yet

Please this is urgent
I cannot believe a homeopathic dr wanted two - hundred dollars just to answer a simple que
Arwen 2005-06-23
2   last decade

Mouth sores and swelling
I am a 24 year old male residing in sweden.On every season change I experience mouth sores
steven 2005-06-22
no replies yet

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