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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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height increase
hello sir, my daughter age 15 weght 42, height 5&#...
12shravankumar08:07 04 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Asthma patient, help needed from FITNESS
I am facing asthma since 6 years, it get worse i... [LAST PAGE]
81inamahsan07:14 04 Aug 15 by inamahsan
skin darkness due side effect
I am 38 yr. old epilepsy patient.Taking tagratol...
2atulde2906:52 04 Aug 15 by atulde29
Remedy after antibiotics
Hello--I was wondering what the recommended waitin...
3Palomine05:00 04 Aug 15 by mani_jee
cure for Pulmonary fibrosis in homeopathy
Hi all, My father is suffering from pulmonary fib...
1mukeshkumar03:12 04 Aug 15 by rishimba
Bartholin gland cyst
I was bartholin gland abscess before 4 month ,it r...
1Varsha Patel01:53 04 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
knee pain and insomnia- help needed pls
I am a 46 yr male with mild hypertension not on ... [LAST PAGE]
28starzan01:00 04 Aug 15 by starzan
height increasing problem
Hello sir I am 20 years old and my height is only...
0gudu9600:51 04 Aug 15 by
To increase circulation in lower legs
Hi Is there any homeopathic medicine which can imp...
10sehatme23:57 03 Aug 15 by simone717
Simone717. Constitutional Remedy. Painful wrists.
Hi there Simone. I wanted to treat my spraine...
6Surreal4Real18:45 03 Aug 15 by Surreal4Real
an article by Dr Luc De Schepper on selecting a Homeopath
http://www.drluc.com/homeopathy-select.htm... [LAST PAGE]
37loree18:06 03 Aug 15 by Surreal4Real
Aurum Metallicum 200
I brought Aurum Metallicum 200 (30 ml liquid dil...
11dya321017:53 03 Aug 15 by Surreal4Real
Hot/Red /Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss
I am in desperate need of help. I have been battl... [LAST PAGE]
103LucyB2217:37 03 Aug 15 by tnmoore
Back pain, acne, anxiety. sulphur? please help
Hello, I am a 25 year old female. I think I ma... [LAST PAGE]
256zoloty16:41 03 Aug 15 by taz55
onychomycosis/ nailfungus
hi, I have a very stubborn toenailfungus. It star...
1bebear16:37 03 Aug 15 by bebear
2 years old baby does not gaining weight
my baby is fussy eater from his birth. when he was...
4lightsky 15:42 03 Aug 15 by simone717
nat mur 6, stop working....
Hello, I started to take Nat Mur 6 in the beg...
3fresa15:38 03 Aug 15 by simone717
eye twitching
Patient ID: Sex: Age: Female, 68 years old Ple...
12joyflower14:58 03 Aug 15 by joyflower
Endometriosis tissue found in chocolate overian cyst surgery
i am 30 yrs old and married on 09/05/2015. Before ...
1daskhokan12:31 03 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
Increase in Sex time
1st My Age is 32 i have a problem that when ever i... [LAST PAGE]
13malilhr12:01 03 Aug 15 by malilhr
sexual problem....
pls help me....its a very serious condition with m...
1rishi sharma10:35 03 Aug 15 by kadwa
psoriasis treatment
Hello , my sister has psoriasis since last 14 ye...
4sadheart10:31 03 Aug 15 by sadheart
Suffering with bug 4 weeks now
Hi, could someone please advise - I feel as though...
7gypsyangel1210:06 03 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Nil Sperm Count
I am 42 years old and married since 5 years I have...
3pace6309:29 03 Aug 15 by sabkamalik1
Strange Health issues..
Hi I am 34 years old and married person. I have...
1mrimran198008:57 03 Aug 15 by kadwa
aplastic anaemia
One of my relative is suffering from aplastic anae...
2shabnamansari4008:56 03 Aug 15 by telescope
aplastic anaemia
One of my relative has been diagnosed with a plast...
1shabnamansari4008:53 03 Aug 15 by kadwa
Anger,rage, bad temper, ....my life is hell
Hello I think my husband need lycopodium but I ...
4fresa05:53 03 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Migraine and neck pain
I am 38years old woman suffering from migraine a...
5ranveers05:46 03 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 06 Nov 201...
5girl201003:45 03 Aug 15 by girl2010
Genital warts dilemma
Hello, I am a 19 year old female that contracted H...
1Sonneblom22:28 02 Aug 15 by simone717
Question for Dr. Dineshji Charma on PCOS
Dear Doctor, I came across this forum through a...
6womanwithpcos18:15 02 Aug 15 by Outrageous
Medicine require for psoriasis patient
Hi, My husband suffering from psoriasis from ...
9seemipundir17:53 02 Aug 15 by seemipundir
Fibroadenosis of breast
Doc... I am 37years old female my height Is 5fee... [LAST PAGE]
33ranveers16:11 02 Aug 15 by rishimba
how i got myself cure of hepatitis
I was diagnosed of hepatitis B in 2011 and I have ...
0rswanker515:39 02 Aug 15 by
sabkamalik sir. My wife tear in her parts need help
Dear Sir, Good day My newly married wife (Age 22)...
9nishitho15:30 02 Aug 15 by simone717
help anybody?
have a stubborn UTI caused by the Enterococcus bac... [LAST PAGE]
18bluesky7713:00 02 Aug 15 by telescope
Excessive facial sweating hyperhidrosis
Hello sir, I have excessive facial sweating, it s... [LAST PAGE]
14eddiesteve 10:07 02 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Hi simone, need your help in this case.
Hi simone, this case regarding a vaginal tear ...
2sabkamalik109:23 02 Aug 15 by sabkamalik1
dear sir...
pls help me....its a very serious condition with m...
1rishi sharma08:57 02 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Kadwa - Lipoma Problems
Dr.Kadwa, I have a post for my lipoma problem for ...
4Arunn08:51 02 Aug 15 by Arunn
weakness in lady.
My sister age 26 yrs old is suffering from great w...
1ansarishoaib08:17 02 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
[message deleted by amir0078 on mon, 03 aug 2015 0...
2amir007806:09 02 Aug 15 by amir0078
Please Guide! Really conscious
Actually I did a mistake In having homeopathic med...
4troubleshoot05:43 02 Aug 15 by simone717
sabkamalik sir Please advice

[message deleted by nishitho on Sun, 02 Aug 20...
0nishitho23:59 01 Aug 15 by
Really Sad with this ALLERGY, docs pls study this
Rihan Male age 22 I will describe my situation ...
3rohanlerk20:07 01 Aug 15 by daktersaab
Male warts on Pubic area
Almost 6 months ago I had 1 wart appeared on my pu...
2rokaroka19:15 01 Aug 15 by rokaroka
Plz help tooth abscess after root canal
Hello sir, I have done root canal treatment ... [LAST PAGE]
16eddiesteve18:25 01 Aug 15 by simone717
Eczema case - almost cured!
Hello Telescope/Simone/Others, Our 3 son recent... [LAST PAGE]
13kaunhe17:54 01 Aug 15 by simone717
pcos problem with multiple cysts in ovaries.
Respected doctor, I m 24 years old and I m diag...
6souriar17:27 01 Aug 15 by Outrageous
burning in feet
my name is rizwan sir i am not fat average weight ...
4rizwanramay15:39 01 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
only for doctor nawaz. please help me..
Hi doctor nawaz, Actually I was not aware of the ... [LAST PAGE]
42Brokenman198614:32 01 Aug 15 by Brokenman1986
homeopathy shop in nigeria
Hello, where in Nigeria can l get these biochemi...
2esene12:38 01 Aug 15 by esene
Akshaymohla - Fitness >>>>>Erectile Dysfunction - diabetic - performance fear ...
Since Evocationer is not in the forum and he was l...
0venus074311:44 01 Aug 15 by
To simone-need help with my 3 yr old son.
Hi simone, finally I found how to make thread. ... [LAST PAGE]
16hon_afn10:26 01 Aug 15 by hon_afn
Sir i m 25 male.. I m sufrng frm prostiratorrhea .... [LAST PAGE]
21invitor09:01 01 Aug 15 by sabkamalik1
homeopathy treatment for tooth pulpitis
I had an amalgam removed in tooth #30. The tooth ...
1packobeagles07:48 01 Aug 15 by anuj srivastava
Trapezius muscle just beneath the shoulder pulled
Dear All, This is the first time I am writing t... [LAST PAGE]
40Muhammad Asad05:15 01 Aug 15 by telescope
Treatment of Piles
Dear Sir, I am suffering from minor piles for th... [LAST PAGE]
171khannabobby00:06 01 Aug 15 by sam1990
Help to balance hormones
Hi There, I am a 31-year-old female. I have had t...
12leeward23:57 31 Jul 15 by telescope
urgent please -suffering from sexual disturbances premature ejaculation etc
Hello From past years I m suffering from many dis...
0apoorva jain19:39 31 Jul 15 by
Senstive Penis and Pre-Mature Ejaculation
Hi details are as under lower side and glans i...
0ghaier19:39 31 Jul 15 by
Homeopathic agravation please help!
Hi there, I took my first dose of arsenicum al...
5ShannonPetch18:30 31 Jul 15 by simone717
penis size
Dear Sir, I m soumen, age 30 yrs, hight 5ft 8inch,...
0soumen dalui 16:58 31 Jul 15 by
Is castoreum used in homeopathy? What for?...
1662727914:22 31 Jul 15 by simone717
Chronic fatigue
Patient ID: Sex:Female Age:30 Nature of work: Stay...
3tanyar102413:38 31 Jul 15 by telescope
Height is not increasing and arm problem
Respected Doc., My Son is 10.5 Years’ Old...
11khubaib11:40 31 Jul 15 by khubaib
anal fistula
Dear Dr I had anal abscess. But now it seems to b...
9tariq.khan 11:13 31 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
endometriosis cocolate cyst
Dear dr joe. I am endometriosis patient.please h... [LAST PAGE]
14nourin10:42 31 Jul 15 by nawazkhan
skin darkness due side effect
I am 38 yr. old epilepsy patient.Taking tagratol...
0atulde2909:36 31 Jul 15 by
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