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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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height gain medicine
please reply me ... i gain my height 10-12c...
0jigs patel04:20 28 Sep 15 by
fistula in ano
Hi, my name is srinivas.age 31. I am suffering wit... [LAST PAGE]
88srinu11s200404:14 28 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
height increase
hello,i am 22 year old and i from gujarat. my heig...
0jigs patel04:14 28 Sep 15 by
Chronic Constipation, Insonomia and hair balding
Dear Sir, I am 36 years old. I have been suffer...
3mumbailad04:08 28 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
Nervousness, Palpitations, Vertigo, Fear, Cowardice
Im unmarried, 33 yrs old. Please, Please help me...
0dehnaloud03:15 28 Sep 15 by
Dr Nawaz Khan ..please help… respond to my daughter‘s problem... please
Dear Doctor, My daughter, age 11 years, having sev...
10Maneesh499619:43 27 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
Post surgery remedies .
Hi can anyone advise me. My friend is doing his ...
2Phoenixflower19:03 27 Sep 15 by Phoenixflower
Struggling with dosage

[message deleted by gailmiller on Sun, 27 Sep ...
1gailmiller17:00 27 Sep 15 by gailmiller
Help wtih dosage and conditions...
Hello, I've been trying to learn about Homeo...
0gailmiller16:59 27 Sep 15 by
Grey Hair - Hair Fall - Dandruff
Hi I am Ram and 28 years old,Married. I am h... [LAST PAGE]
24kramprasadh 15:17 27 Sep 15 by ayushjames
After Tuberclosis treatment
Hi friends, I was diagnosed with tuberclosis ba...
5rushd15:10 27 Sep 15 by Zady101
Premature Ejaculation
Hello i am 26 years old getting married in couple ...
0shahzad.khan11:40 27 Sep 15 by
Homeopathic solutions needed
Dear sir, i m going through breast size issues.wh... [LAST PAGE]
14Secretidentity08:43 27 Sep 15 by rishimba
Total IgE & Eosinophilia
I'm 35 years old male.I have no Asthma , no ...
5adil666108:36 27 Sep 15 by rishimba
Skin problem
Hello doctors My skin of hands and face has becom...
1Bgneha06:50 27 Sep 15 by rishimba
schuessler salts make simillimum
Dear All., Is there a posible sinergy betw...
8seroquel06:02 27 Sep 15 by kohler
no replay
hi any dr is mthere for hlp me... [LAST PAGE]
22shrishty05:40 27 Sep 15 by shrishty
Back pain after C section
Hello to All Doctors. I want to discuss about my ... [LAST PAGE]
21Mr.Sheikh04:39 27 Sep 15 by Reva V
Kali Sulph vs. Calc Sulph
The materia Medica for both Kali Sulph and Calc...
0DebbieC02:58 27 Sep 15 by
cantharis side effect on my penis on blow
sir i take cantharis 200 two drops two time in t...
1sudhirkunar01:48 27 Sep 15 by sudhirkunar
pain in testis
Hello Dr my age is 48 male Is there any suggestio...
0sameer4819:35 26 Sep 15 by
pain in testis
From sameer48 on 2015-09-25, 0 replies ...
0sameer4819:33 26 Sep 15 by
Transverse Myelitis
Is there any medicines available in Homeopathy ?... [LAST PAGE]
17rckids216:22 26 Sep 15 by telescope
Need help on Anal fissure treatment completely
Can anyone please follow the below link and reply ...
6742813646616:16 26 Sep 15 by telescope
Dosage of sabadilla
I m 40 yrs old female.i m a chronic hey fever pati...
0Manishamittal14:28 26 Sep 15 by
Appetite in kids
Hello, I have 7 years old with very low appetite ,...
2Parvanehasadi13:32 26 Sep 15 by Parvanehasadi
seeking medicine for good hair
Anybody pls suggest the good medicine for hair of ...
1deepeshmmm09:00 26 Sep 15 by rishimba
Respected Senior Doctor's...I'll be indebted for life
extreme psychological issues+ Ulcerative Colitis ... [LAST PAGE]
48Ak200009:00 26 Sep 15 by Ak2000
Need help with height
Hi, My name is Ratan and I am 25 years old. My...
2ratanm08:51 26 Sep 15 by rishimba
recurrent cold and sore throat
My daughter is 7 years old. She has a tendency to...
3mmm_mis07:01 26 Sep 15 by AsadGhumman
thyroid and weight gain
Hello, I am a 22 year old male, I was diagnose... [LAST PAGE]
45gpram04:19 26 Sep 15 by gpram
Eid ul Adha Mubarak
Dear members, I would like to say to you all, ...
8nawazkhan17:36 25 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
suffering from dengue fever asad sir please help!
Hi asad sir this is Alex sir I am suffering from h...
0alex99917:15 25 Sep 15 by
suffering from dengue fever asad sir please help!
Hi asad sir this is Alex sir I am suffering from h...
0alex99917:14 25 Sep 15 by
Blushing, redness in face, social anxiety
Hi, I have been experiencing some symptoms for ...
8diji447416:37 25 Sep 15 by akshaymohl
Severe generalized hyperhidrosis
Hello! I suffer of severe hyperhidrosis all o...
6thor0070016:29 25 Sep 15 by thor00700
continues with white fluorosis stains. What I can do ?
I did the treatment to my son and he continues wit...
3MiriamB15:06 25 Sep 15 by fitness
To Rishimba, please help
Hi Rishimba, I have a son, 18 month old, treate... [LAST PAGE]
49aflorea09:31 25 Sep 15 by aflorea
sleep apenea
I am having head ache daily in the ealy morning. A...
1rssmani07:24 25 Sep 15 by rishimba
nawazkhan case
sir mujhecystitis6 year se h. sir peshab lagte hi ...
1sudhirkunar03:21 25 Sep 15 by sudhirkunar
Older Cat with Constipation
Hello and thank you kindly for offering your help....
1jbela01:19 25 Sep 15 by jbela
7 remedies at the same time
Hello everybody! I'm a male 31 y'old ...
2manuelb22:15 24 Sep 15 by manuelb
Itchy, Scaly, Dry Scrotum and Itchy Anus
Male, Late 20s. Three Years Ago, one day while ... [LAST PAGE]
16dhammametta20:04 24 Sep 15 by dhammametta
Beard Growth and Gynecomastia
i am male 23 years of age, the problem is that i h...
0abhay11199218:07 24 Sep 15 by
Dr. Nawaz ...Tonsil I need your help urgently.
Dear Doctor, The following additional informatio... [LAST PAGE]
13Jaanjot17:49 24 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
Low Facial Hair
i am male 23 years of age, the problem is that i h...
0abhay11199214:22 24 Sep 15 by
seeking help
My mother is of 40 year old and is suffering from ...
1akarshi14:08 24 Sep 15 by 0antivirus0
Kind Attn: Dr. Mani_Jee
Hello Doc, this time i am writing you on behalf...
5Prakhar47612:14 24 Sep 15 by mani_jee
Toddler suffering from hand foot and mouth disease
Hi, My 2.5 year old son is suffering from hand fo...
1Bangy_Gal11:23 24 Sep 15 by telescope
NCH - Questionnaire for Homeopathic Patient
NCH - Questionnaire -------------------------- htt... [LAST PAGE]
20ABC Hompath10:59 24 Sep 15 by telescope
Dr telescope pls suggest my problem
I'm 30yrs old I got married 10months back I h...
9bharathgoms10:42 24 Sep 15 by telescope
penis problem
Dear sir! My age 26 year old. My penis is very ...
1M Hashim 06:40 24 Sep 15 by kadwa
Speech delay due to lack if oxygen at CC birth
Hi My son is 5. He has speech delay. For about 1...
3EvaLondon06:21 24 Sep 15 by kadwa
anyone pls take my case
Sir, I have low motility of sperm so can I take Hi...
2bharathgoms04:38 24 Sep 15 by bharathgoms
hello doctor i am anurag and i am suffering fr...
1anurag.nigamji22:06 23 Sep 15 by fitness
teeth grinding at night - help needed from 0antivirus0 or other doctor
Hello, My daughter Astha who is 9-years old has b...
12Simran2519:33 23 Sep 15 by Simran25
hair loss
can anybody help me [message edited by shrishty on... [LAST PAGE]
18shrishty17:51 23 Sep 15 by shrishty
Really confused o_O...
On one hand i searched through the Internet and go...
5Deathboy14:28 23 Sep 15 by Sivaji1
Urgent - Need guidance with dosage for 4.5 years old
Hello Doctors, I need some guidance with the ho... [LAST PAGE]
15PJ579114:09 23 Sep 15 by nawazkhan
dr telescope suggest remedy for my mother
My mother age is 55 year.she is suffering from ver...
6smali12:30 23 Sep 15 by telescope
Enlarged Adenoid 3yrs- Need Urgent Help
My son is 3.5 yrs old. He is suffering from enlarg...
3Maraisa11:56 23 Sep 15 by telescope
Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) & Other types of Hairloss
Dear Doctors, Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is it ... [LAST PAGE]
192msbaig08:51 23 Sep 15 by ayushjames
Dental Fluorosis
Hello, my 6 year old son has fluorosis in their fi...
3MiriamB08:11 23 Sep 15 by MiriamB
I am facing problem of eaching problem in my back ...
4anir84406:06 23 Sep 15 by anir844
burn extra fat
my sister priti age 39,wight 65kg, height 5.4"...
4arti kotak04:59 23 Sep 15 by arti kotak
Tinnitus , Homeopathy & Results.
Dear Sir, I am male , 20 , having mild tinnitus... [LAST PAGE]
13stuartrancer19:58 22 Sep 15 by stuartrancer
Vomiting on masturbation/Sexual feelings.
Hi All, I am getting so many vomiting's wh...
1anil82219:10 22 Sep 15 by vk804
Anybody familiar with this homepathic cpmpany?
https://kingbio.com/ was thinking of buying fro...
0bluesky7718:42 22 Sep 15 by
Stomatitis (Mouth Infection)
I had faced Stomatitis (Mouth Infection) problem p...
3Razi Shah17:54 22 Sep 15 by Razi Shah
penis problem
Sir answer me...
0M Hashim 16:23 22 Sep 15 by
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