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Prolapsed disc
I am 39 yrs old female With previous history of hypo thyroid I suffered from dengue Nd
janks 2015-12-12
4   janks last year

Respected doc , I am 38years old woman. Recently I felt weight gain so got the thyroid
ranveers 2015-12-12
6   ranveers last year

Cellulite. Anyone can help me?
Hi everyone! Please, I would like to receive advice from any one willing to help me. I

abcjoana 2015-12-06
15   abcjoana last year

Help! Need to sing but am getting laryngitis
Oh boy. I have to sing on Tuesday. But this morning, I woke up with a congested nose and h
aprilm 2015-12-13
1   Ranasavio last year

to moderator why are you deleting my posts
i would like to know why my posts are being deleted and not answered?
DKathy 2015-12-13
1   Sivaji1 last year

att, rishimba
I have been trying to reach you by posting here but all my posts went unanswered. I wou
DKathy 2015-12-13
1   rishimba last year

att. Rishimba
I have been sending multiple posts but they have went unanswered, My husband has prostr
DKathy 2015-12-13
1   rishimba last year

Please help - DesBio Coxsackie
Hello, I am having severe symptoms after taking 2 doses of desbio coxsackie series therapy
Sherrycr 2015-12-13
1   Sherrycr last year

Need homeo remedy for Impotence
My husband is having absence of libido and Erectile dysfunction problem. He is of good n
Srihomeo 2015-10-12
6   sabkamalik1 last year

Power of Retention?
Please tell me bout Power of retention.
Razi Shah 2015-12-13
no replies yet

Please Help! I'm willing to pay someone for positive results!
Hi about 13 years ago a doctor accidentally tore my eyelid muscle while trying to remove s

glodivina 2015-05-05
67   Ranasavio last year

Severe Nightfall... Please help..!!
Age: 17; Sex: Male; Weight: 70 kg; Height: 5'8"; Main problem: nightfall (wi
RajdeepOjha98 2015-10-26
4   akshaymohl last year

Suffering from nightfall regularly without any foul dream
I started doing handpractice last year and done for about 10 months sometimes after a gap

Pankaj kapoor 2014-04-19
15   akshaymohl last year

sleep apnea cure help
Dear Homeo Experts, I am suffering with sleep apnea from last more than 6 months. My
syed 2015-11-24
7   syed last year

Adult acne
I am 31 years old female and have acne around on my chin area. It has always been bad bu
Cmasters443 2015-12-09
3   nawazkhan last year

Right Testicle Swollen
Most probable condition of "Hematocele". Injured right testicle while playing
Patient new 2015-10-20
10   0antivirus0 last year

Suffering from Balenitis
Resp sir i am suffering from balanitis last 2 years i have used allopathy medicine but
jake0047 2015-12-09
3   jake0047 last year

High Blood pressure
Age 62 years, B.P ranges 150-160/90 and cratenin is 1.1 please sugust some medicens
Helper2 2015-12-12
no replies yet

coronary arteries blocked
my cousin under go angiography the report is L.D.A Total ostical occlusion. some homeom
Helper2 2015-12-12
no replies yet

Plz help me any doctor to take my case
I am 24 Years old and i am suffering from dribbling of urine after micturation when i fini
Ranasavio 2015-12-08
3   Ranasavio last year

too much hair fall of my pet dog
I hear about that every treatment is possible through Homeopathy and it's safe to use
deep09 2015-12-06
1   radu_costache last year

Kidney Stone
Assalam o Alaikum i had an ultrasound test, and it diagnosed a stone in left kidney. m
Firdoux 2015-12-06
3   mnaari last year

Weight loss , sir telescope please advice.
Sir Telescope please advice for weight loss for my wife. Age 51 Height 5'2" W
Manny0013 2015-12-10
4   Manny0013 last year

premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction
Sir, Most respectfully i say that i had married 6 months ago. 7 days after marriage i had

smfrana 2015-09-28
14   smfrana last year

Headaches which do not go away
Hi, I am 29 years old (female). I have chronic headaches several times a month which
snmjhr 2015-12-11
1   Zady101 last year

Itching Allover the body
Dear Learned Members, I am 35 a years old, Male, Vegetarian, Non Smoker, Non alcoholic.
ravikiran.cv 2015-12-09
2   ravikiran.cv last year

Spondilitis, tonsils & feringsitis
My sister having all 3 problems spondilitis, feringsitis & tonsils for last 4/5 years.
abezbaruah 2015-12-11
2   abezbaruah last year

New case for Kadwa or Rishimba
The following is for my wife. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read through th

DH-Homeopathy 2015-09-14
33   DH-Homeopathy last year

Teeth Problem
Teeth Problem, I am 36 years Old, Male, Married, My working in I.T Dept Actually
asim_ashoo 2015-10-18
4   asim_ashoo last year

acne and scars
Hello dr i m 24 yrs old i am suffering frm acne frm lst 3 yrs i hv been to many dermatol
mohita 2015-12-08
1   kadwa last year

Grafted symptoms
i went to a homeopath, my remedies were misprescribed and i had to take remedies that graf
brianMP 2015-12-07
1   kadwa last year

23yr 9 months, suffering from spams , palpitations in head, neck
hello from past few week I am suffering from spasms, palpitations, and some wierd type fee
sundipan 2015-12-09
3   mnaari last year

cracked edges of lips
Sirs I suffer from consistent cracked lips on mouth edges both sides. I have tried bco
Outhoz 2015-12-07
2   Ranasavio last year

is there a remedy in homeopathy that can help with memory? I cannot recall what I read n
DKathy 2015-10-29
11   DKathy last year

Complimentary Medicines (Telescope, Nawazkhan)
Sirs, I need guidance on below: What are complimentary medicines? When are they used
cartoon123 2015-12-04
8   cartoon123 last year

My two year old has had a cough that is quite bothersome to all of us and worse at night (
caligirl 2015-12-09
6   telescope last year

cystitis, burning in urinary bladder & urethra
sir i have cystitis & burning inflammation in urinary bladder before passing urine an
khan12345 2015-11-12
7   khan12345 last year

absent menses
age 37 absent menses from 4 years

afeerairfan 2014-10-27
14   afeerairfan last year

Severe continuous hair fall, thinning hair. Which remedy; nat mur,sepia,lycopodium
I am a 33 year old female suffering from hair loss since a few years, I have tied taking
kitkat123 2015-08-20
9   kitkat123 last year

Silent reflux
Hello- I have a two month old and he seems to be suffering from infant reflux. He is uncom
NewBaby 2015-10-21
2   Cmasters443 last year

nat phos 6x dose for 7 week old baby with acid reflu
Hi Joe. I just need some advice or suggestions on the dosage amount to administer nat pho
cbcj2014 2014-02-18
7   Cmasters443 last year

Seeking weight loss with homeopathy (telescope sir)
Sir telescope (dheeraj) As you suggested Im starting new post for weight loss for my wif
Manny0013 2015-12-09
no replies yet

Please take my case
I am 27 Year old male. I am married. I have problem related to sex. When i sex with my wif
Wiley1122 2015-12-09
2   radu_costache last year

Right ear clogged, sore finger joints, sore right eye – cold around waist and neck. Fear at 4 o'clock AM.
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. 54, female, weight: 54, Sweden, teacher and transl
Moomin 2015-12-07
3   0antivirus0 last year

Dr.Reva please help
Dr.Reva, I have read your posts but I don't understand which draft to follow. There a

Jirvankar 2009-12-18
43   Engineer arif last year

suffering from balanitis
Iam male 30yrs,,,married for 2yrs and no kids yet, now..recently i have diagnosed with B
sickpatient 2012-10-25
4   jake0047 last year

Balanitis and UTI. Male mid-40s
Would appreciate help please. I got balanitis last year. Have shown several dr, dermat
ricnish 2012-02-27
5   jake0047 last year

To dr.Telescope
He needs to think positive.
LovePeace 2015-11-11
10   LovePeace last year

Buzzing sound in ear
Patient Male 28yrs Am hearing buzzing sound in my right ear from past 4 months. Had se
Kumar9973 2015-12-07
2   Kumar9973 last year

Macular Degeneration
My 82 year old mother has macular degenration in both eyes. Both are now dry. The condit

cjs2133 2015-09-04
22   cjs2133 last year

Any homeopathic remedies for long-sightedness
I went to the doctor and he prescribed glasses for my eyes due to long sightedness. I have
dwest2419 2015-12-08
4   dwest2419 last year

Dr. Showrav please help......unwanted facial hair
My wife who is 29 years old female needs your kind attention. She has very thin unwanted f
healing_soul 2012-11-27
12   maklina18 last year

Is it safe to use GHR 41 during pregnency
My wife is 26 years old and use time to time GHR 41 for her headache but now she is preg
Muhammad Anas 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Mildly autistic child 3 1/2, speech delays
Hello experts, Please kindly help, I have a son who is around 3 1/2 years. He has
suns2020 2015-12-07
2   suns2020 last year

Allergy from dust sneezing, running nose 365 days in the year
Allergy from dust sneezing, running nose 365 days in the year
johnny rao 2015-11-28
4   johnny rao last year

Chronic Gastritis and Heartburn. Need help of some experienced Doctors.
I am having chronic heartburn from last 3 years.. Every time whatever i eat i get burnin
rukhshan 2015-12-05
6   sabkamalik1 last year

Election issues and premature ejaculation
Hi, my name is rakesh and I am 33 years of age. My height is 5 ft 7 inches. Nowadays I don
pnis5710 2015-12-06
2   sabkamalik1 last year

Sexual Problem
I think my penish is small (32 years). I wanted to strength for run smooth marriage life.
sajahan_chowdhury 2015-12-08
1   sabkamalik1 last year

anxiety and stress and pounding heart
Recently a family member was dignosed with a very serious illness and is now about to go f
reba111 2015-12-07
1   nawazkhan last year

Sir Mon here..
I ahve problem of chocolate cyst in both ovaries right and left..of size 5 and 4cm respect
falah 2015-12-03
9   nawazkhan last year

attention: administrator of the forum
Sir, Members are not getting intimation emails since about last three weeks. Members
cartoon123 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Coffee Smell in Office antidotes my remedy
I am a firm believer in homeopathy. My homeopath gave me nux vomica . It did great work

cartoon123 2015-06-08
61   cartoon123 last year

is there a remedy that antidotes all remedies?
like a master antidote? thanks, Brian
brianMP 2015-12-08
2   yogiram last year

pl. clarify - nixocid syrup - using diabatic patients
is Nixocid syrup sugar free. My uncle is using the syrup for gastric and indigestion , wh
ujv108 2015-12-08
no replies yet

Left Upper Eyelid- Ptosis
Hi about 13 years ago a doctor accidentally tore my eyelid muscle while trying to remove s

glodivina 2015-04-14
16   glodivina last year

right l4-5 pivd
A 66 yrs male. He is suffering severe right leg pain. Aggravating during walking. Bette
jilesh tank 2015-12-07
no replies yet

right l4-5 pivd
A 66 yrs male. He is suffering severe right leg pain. Aggravating during walking. Bette
jilesh tank 2015-12-07
no replies yet

Anybody Knows Where is Rishimba
If anybody knows where is Rishimba. He has not been at this forum since 26/11/2015.
cartoon123 2015-12-07
2   rishimba last year

Tumor size increased after taking medicine
Hello doctors. I have a small tumor on my neck (left side) without any pain. From differen
Khurshid23 2015-09-14
12   Khurshid23 last year

Lower Abdomen Pain/ Pelvis Pain/ Mild Anus pain ( Possible Prostate Issue)
So i am 27 (Unmarried), 3 years ago i had a slight case of non-bacterial prostatitis.
uzair1998 2015-10-16
4   uzair1998 last year

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