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Seeking help dealing with hpv/genital warts outbreak along with other urinary symptoms
Greetings, I'm male, 26 dealing with hpv/genital warts outbreak, tiny bloody spots on

littlebee0821 2016-08-04
61   littlebee0821 last year

Wheezy chest, blocked nose, mildly feverish and cough
Dear Experts, As Male/42yrs, slighly obsese, though moderately active, seem to have caugh
falcon74 2016-09-07
2   kadwa last year

This is for DR kadwa or Gavinmurthy
Good day Sir' I've be previously helped by Nawazkhan but for some reasons he cou
littlebee0821 2016-09-08
no replies yet

Zero sperm count
Hello, I have found zero sperm count in my reports.But there are productive sperm counts i

Sameer Mehta 2016-06-26
17   Sameer Mehta last year

Dr Kadwa.. Shooting and unbearable pain in various part of the body.
Dear Doctor, 1) This fellow is is about 66 years. 2) He is suffering from the folowing di
kolkata123 2016-08-28
4   kadwa last year

Recurring ProtienUrea - High Blood Pressure
Hello ! I am 35 years old Male with a history of Proteinuria. I have been on Prednisone
Gaurav3 2016-08-31
3   kadwa last year

Radiation Proctitis & flared hemorrhoids
I had 38 radiations of prostate completed on 2nd September 2016. During radiation itself m
pantald 2016-09-08
1   radhey1504 last year

For Dr. Kadwa / Akshay Mohyl
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 i have been mastubating from past 15 years.
hp1990 2016-09-08
no replies yet

for Antivirus
Hello doc., age 26 height 5'10 weight 70 i have been mastubating from past 15 years.
hp1990 2016-09-02
3   0antivirus0 last year

Pre cum and pre ejaculation
I'm a 50 year old man, I had spinal surgery 6 years ago to repair herniated disk. Sin
Djranman65 2016-09-07
2   Djranman65 last year

Elderly woman with delusions
My 84 year old mother has been suffering from memory problems for many years but she has b

ruth45 2016-05-28
39   ruth45 last year

Severe Acne near Jawline
Hi, I always had some issues with acne since teenage. After childbirth the face got clear

Jinku 2016-06-29
61   Jinku last year

Lower potency works for temporarily
I am using medicine in lower potency which works by that time and problems repeats. If tha
agriz 2016-09-06
2   gavinimurthy last year

Arnica helps a Chronic Smoker to QUIT
I am copying below a post made by a patient on: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/4

Joe De Livera 2006-01-23
36   Yevi last year

51/2 year boy , speech delay, still not able to make sentence..
hi , My son has diagnosed with mild autism at 3yrs. we tried essential oil, diet and now
sapna2 2016-09-06
1   akshaymohl last year

Feeling Fragile & Sensitive, Please Help :)
[message deleted by beth88 on Tue, 09 Dec 2014 06:26:29 GMT]

beth88 2014-05-04
141   beth88 last year

Dr.Arshad Ali Saeed homeopath
BHMS University Of Peshawar Postgraduate homeopathy,London,UK Welcome all patients across
Ali007 2016-01-30
3   Hussayn last year

Worms in Child
A boy child 4 yrs old syffering from following ailments. 1. A lean and thin body with mild

lovely 2013-06-11
67   shilpa481 last year

Sciatica & Back Pain
Sir/Madam I am a professional mountaineer.It was 2007,i was doing AB CRUSH in gym ( i per

abezbaruah 2014-12-24
54   abezbaruah last year

Using bach flower remedy with homeopathy???
Hello, I have very simple question to ask.. Can we use bach flower remedy with any type
xpert5233 2016-09-03
5   gavinimurthy last year

Sir/Madam, I want any remedy for a particular situation. Actually I am harassed by someon
shnzhl 2016-09-06
3   homeo_helper last year

blocked fallopian tubes
HI, please can you help me, what can i use for blocked fallopian tubes, and to make me ver
Baff 2015-12-07
2   RIZWAN2 last year

toenail fungus
hello. Please suggest a remedy for my toenail fungus. a few weeks ago i noticed my right
mkrt1 2015-09-22
2   kevin39 last year

brown marks on sclera (white of eye)
hello to remove brown spots from the white of the eye (sclera) did you say to take 5 pel
noel 2016-09-06
no replies yet

Oral thrush from chemo
I've just been through 4 rounds of chemo using adriamycin and cytoxin which left me w
bbennett1750 2016-09-05
2   radhey1504 last year

Egg Released
Hello, I am 31 years old and my periods are regular.I have noticed that after my periods o
Sameer Mehta 2016-09-06
no replies yet

Gynecomastia Problem
Dear Sir, I am 30 years old. My left breast is greater than right. I feel very shy to unco
rkjshuvo 2016-09-05
1   homeo_helper last year

andidote for sabal serraluta
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/395023/2 please refer to above link for my previo
earth 2016-09-05
no replies yet

hair loss and sore scalp
Sir my age is 24 yrs male I have been suffering from hair fall and sore scalp problem i h

Oihes 2016-07-25
37   gavinimurthy last year

Brown Spot In Eye
Hi,I have a brown spot in one of my eye whites, it's been there for about 8 years and
Andge 2006-01-02
8   noel last year

Dr. Kadwa. Thanks for your reply. I will start taking Hepar Sulph200 from
Gavvala 2016-09-05
no replies yet

Sensation in head
Dears For the last two months I have sensation and slight pain at the back side of head.
naresh846 2016-09-02
4   anuj srivastava last year

Post Kidney stone operation
Male, 27 years old. I have just done kidney stone operation. But I suspect there are still
sapmuk 2016-09-05
2   nawazkhan last year

Single on measures about 1.0 cm.. 23 years old female . please recommend me. Regads
Ingulounk 2016-09-05
1   kadwa last year

need advice for wheezing feverish baby
Hello My baby is 6 months old. Has had wet rattling breathing for past few days, starts u
mommy2six 2016-09-05
1   kadwa last year

nerve sprain
I am 62 years. 25 years back I had taken homeopathy medicine and allopathy at the same tim
svaith 2016-09-04
1   kadwa last year

Urinary Urge
Hi, My age is 23 facing problem I have listed 1) dribble urine/sperm after urinate 2)
listed1 2016-09-02
1   kadwa last year

allergic problem
sardi cough always rahta hai season ke anusar ghata hai barhta hai medicine khane par kam
Shouthie 2016-09-02
1   kadwa last year

Semen Analysis
Respected Members Please check my report, is that normal or not, and if not normal then
abdulsamad_online 2016-09-05
no replies yet

Excessive female pattern hairloss
I am 25 years old and I have hair fall problem since past 10 years. Due to excessive hair
prachi21 2016-08-09
11   anuj srivastava last year

Anal abscess/possible fistula
I had a bad anal fissure a month ago. There was lots of blood and very painful. There is

Owhey 2016-04-04
18   nawazkhan last year

Periods issue
Female age 38, Hypothyroid, Taking one tablet per day for hypothyroid, Past 3 month, not

hhraja 2016-08-19
23   anuj srivastava last year

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr. Kadwa
Hello, My 3.5 year old son has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. His ENT said his tonsils a
lxibrahi 2016-09-03
7   gavinimurthy last year

Necrosis of Femur head – Cure by Homoeopathy see the photographs–Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
See the photographs treatment before. Allopathic doctors advise him for replacement of fem

deoshlok 2006-07-14
70   debasismondal1987 last year

Help requested: Lichen Planus with case history included
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. 39, Male, 73KG, USA, Student Counseler 2. Main com
Meaphaiff 2016-08-19
8   homeo_helper last year

Nat Phos 6x
My son is 6 weeks old and seems to have a mild/moderate case of reflux. He is exclusively
DNS052786 2016-09-03
2   mnaari last year

andidote for sabal serraluta
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/395023/2 please refer to above link for my previ
sonics 2016-08-31
1   sonics last year

Calcarea carb side effects
Dear Homeopaths. A baby boy who born normal. After 3 days he became quite as compared to

sameena sameena 2016-08-08
26   gavinimurthy last year

increase in heightat age 18
hi,my age is 18 and i'm male.during my growth periods i had suffered from thypoid my
vasay 2016-09-01
1   wtaumme last year

Dark brown discoloration - Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
I am having dark brown discoloration in left groin extending to lower abdomen after eczema
drsameer1 2016-09-02
no replies yet

homeopathy medicine for weight gain
Hello I m 28 yr old married woman. My problem is my weight which is just 39kg In Oct 2015
kavi1905 2016-08-31
3   mnaari last year

vagina sore / ulcer
dr i need help age 34 single period regular i got only vaginal sore/ ulcer ,,, very small
mahsan 2016-05-02
10   mahsan last year

Missed Periods
I have never had regular periods from the age of 14 yrs when I started menstruating. Now I
richasaxena 2016-08-27
7   anuj srivastava last year

Attn Kadwa - possible steatitis in cat
Can Kadwa or someone please help suggest a remedy for a female cat with possible steatitis
SophieP 2016-08-24
2   SophieP last year

For John Stanton: Severe baby eczema
Hi John, I read another member on here who shared that you had healed her babies eczema.
Cclark49 2016-09-01
no replies yet

Oromandibular Dystonia
I have been Diagnosed with Oromandibular Dystonia since last 4 years. I have difficulty in
callsks 2016-09-01
1   vasude last year

scar tisassue.
IF I USE Thiosinaminum 6c...for multi-pal scars due to surgery and adhitions having a colo
openeye5 2016-09-01
1   gavinimurthy last year

any medicine for this my son snore and he have adenoids also.and thyroid/hasimotos
surya2089 2016-07-11
5   gavinimurthy last year

I want to seek perfect remedy to cure my headache which is caused by following- exposure t
fmsryp 2016-08-31
3   wtaumme last year

Vocal cord nodules
Hi M vrinda, suffering for vocal cord nodules from last 4 years...Dctr have asked me to g
Vrinda1 2016-09-01
1   anuj srivastava last year

Post Kidney stone operation.
Hello Doctors, I have just been operated ureters stone in June. And the got the stent rem
sapmuk 2016-09-01
1   anuj srivastava last year

Need suggestion for PE
Hi i'm 25 yr old male been masturbating since a long time. Experiencing PE (max 60 se
zikmir 2016-07-23
1   Thinker1 last year

Chronic bartholin. Please help!
I have had it reoccurring but everything I would have a warm bath and squeeze it and clean
Chocoliite 2016-08-30
9   nawazkhan last year

knee cartilage regeneration
is there a proven method in any kind of medicine other than alopathy to regenerate the car
dpnctl 2016-08-23
2   phytonikita last year

urinary stone 6.4mm
dear sir, i had urinary stone size 6.4mm. i used Berberis vulgaris Q and Dr. reckecweg R
pankaj.shr9999 2016-09-01
1   kadwa last year

How to avoid depression?
Can you people tell me about the things that can help someone to avoid the situation of de
wtaumme 2016-08-30
1   kadwa last year

Male urethritis infection
Recently a few days after protected sex using a condom with an ex girlfriend I started exp
MikeS1 2016-08-22
8   kadwa last year

Frequency in Urination after Masturbation
Dear Sir, I am a male professional of 27 years . I masturbate on an avg of 3 times a week
Akash Sinha 2016-07-18
7   kadwa last year

gastritis and chronic constipation
Hello SIR! i am suffering from h plyori bacteria gastritis and chronic constipation and bu

manoj kumar1 2016-07-26
19   nawazkhan last year

The remedy store at this site
Hi every body, Please, I want to buy some remedies from the remedy store at this site, an
Sara5 2016-08-31
no replies yet

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