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cough plz help telescope or antivirus
Dear tele my sister in law have a problem of cough too she always suffered during winter.
Nitesh Kamal 2016-02-08
2   0antivirus0 last year

Dear Sir I was reading about Salix Nigra.This medicine is mainly used for sex related pro
gopal18 2016-02-04
2   gopal18 last year

Acute Sneezing Problem
Hi My Wife is suffering from Sneezing problem and have provided below the complete detail
Jitendra1960 2015-11-14
3   sabkamalik1 last year

dog treatment question
Hi, I have a small toy variety of poodle/chihuaha mix. She is an otherwise healthy dog who
brook29 2016-02-08
1   kadwa last year

Pran7 2016-02-01
13   Joyoflife last year

Dear Joe I have been recently diagonsed with Thyroid ..T3 and T4 levels are normal but TSH
Geeta Sharma 2016-02-08
no replies yet

oral submucous fibrosis
Sir I'm a 20 year old boy... I have a bad habit of smoking and chewing ghutka sir fro
neel kamal1 2016-02-06
2   kadwa last year

phosphorus & hypericum together
hi, would like to know if hypericum & phosphorus can be given together & if no is
naq555 2016-02-05
1   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa, Dr Mohla, sabkamalik1 please help, near to marriage
From Raman1985 on 2016-02-05, 0 replies My age is 29.I do Masterbution in day time, either
Raman1985 2016-02-05
1   kadwa last year

Kind att: Kadwa Attention and Memory
Please advice on my son who is studying 6th standard but unable to concentrate, not attent
sdharmm1972 2016-02-04
1   kadwa last year

Kind att: Kadwa Neutrophils increased and Lympocytes decreased
The condition of my wife is she often gets rashes all over the body. Normally she looks
sdharmm1972 2016-02-04
1   kadwa last year

I have been diagoned with Thyroid one month back.My T3 and T4 are normal but TSH is 12.It
Geeta Sharma 2016-02-08
no replies yet

cough from chest and throat pain
Dear sir My wife who is 28years old and 8month pregnant. She has problem of cough from p
Nitesh Kamal 2016-02-03
7   Nitesh Kamal last year

constipation, gas, uneasy, heart problem
my father is 60 yrs old he had severe constipation, and irritation, uneasyness and also
jhony1 2016-02-05
2   jhony1 last year

Anal fissure and hemorrhoids
Sir, My problem started about 5 years back, when I felt sever itching in my anus openi
somupriti 2016-02-05
5   nawazkhan last year

i m suffering from lipoma on my arms ,abdomen ,thighs since last 10 years ,i was taking h
RAMESH3 2016-02-07
no replies yet

oral submucous fibrosis
Sir mai 20 sal ka hu aur lucknow e rahta hu . mai pichale 3 sal se smoke karta hu aur sup
neel kamal1 2016-02-07
no replies yet

Nerve damage
I am suffering from disc herniation since 10 months in l4 l5 l5 s1 & sensation loss in
adit789 2016-02-07
1   0antivirus0 last year

Hello! I took causticum 30c for 7 days straight, dosing 3 pellets 2x per day. At first
Stefoo 2016-02-07
no replies yet

"Hematocele" might have abcess around blood clot
Hi, Injured right testicle while playing. Blood clot around right testicle, thus swollen.

new user 2015-12-10
22   nawazkhan last year

Acne and Acne Scar Help!!
Hello I recently became really interested in Homeopathy for treating underlying problems.
Quinn2511 2016-02-02
2   Quinn2511 last year

is Asad Ghumman back?
Hi could someone please tell me if Asad is back on the forum? Thanks
pixie wood 2016-02-06
no replies yet

Chronic premature ejacualtion and erectile dysfunction
Morning Doc, I am 35 and have severe premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, Marr

Tugo14 2015-10-05
13   Tugo14 last year

Advise needed.
Hello. I am a female 37 years old. I have been raised in a family with lots of undiagnosed
Nansy L 2016-02-04
4   Nansy L last year

Lower Backpain even after 8 months of cesarean
My wife got baby on her first cesarean 8 months ago. From then she has too much lower back
ankit111 2016-01-19
9   0antivirus0 last year

Erectile dysfucntion
Hi Doctor, I really need help. I have below problems: 1- I have erectile dysfunction, I
memo421 2016-02-03
2   Babai21 last year

Sever Performance Anxiety / Facial Blushing
Hi, I'm an 18 year old student in university. I'm studying fine art and have to
theturningoftime 2016-02-05
1   Babai21 last year

33 yrs old female suffrering from Knee pain in left knee with osteoarthiritis and ostoporosis problem
Hello Doctors, I need urgent help. I am diagnosed with eairly stage of Osteoarthritis and
bageshri11 2016-02-05
1   Joe De Livera last year

Can Someone Take Over Case - Throat Issues
Ok here it is. Evocationer was not available. I hope I have presented it well. I will st

tonybaloni33 2015-07-08
59   telescope last year

pain in shoulder and other places
I got this problem since I started to drink green smoothie with all kind of nuts in it .li
imran655 2016-01-31
1   imran655 last year

prostate impotence infertility due to over masturbation
Dear Doctors . Iam a 30 year old male unmarried . from the last 8 years i have been addic
hope4cure 2015-11-05
10   hope4cure last year

excess sweating in leg pits and palms. some constipation
Hello sir im 25 yrs old male in past year i had like this but i went to homeo doc at tha
jhony1 2016-02-02
4   jhony1 last year

Dr mohla, Dr kadwa, sabkamalik1 please help, near to marriage
My age is 29.I do Masterbution in day time, either I see bad scene or not. In day time Eve
Raman1985 2016-02-05
1   akshaymohl last year

for Dr akshymohl
Hi doctor how r u this post is for my mother aged 62yrs she has osteoarthritis as well

rashid.af 2015-09-20
20   akshaymohl last year

hii, i am an ibs patient been taking nux vomica from the past two weeks...but now my
arunpraj 2016-02-03
5   arunpraj last year

Taking help from Questionnaire posted in this Forum elsewhere, I am submitting my respons
ashokadvocate 2016-02-03
3   Joe De Livera last year

hlw dr. I'm suffering from PE. I started masturbating once almost daily since17 year
de007 2016-02-04
2   de007 last year

Tinitus ear problem
I am 54yr old female suffering from regular bozzing sound in left ear past three four year

solution 2015-12-10
16   nawazkhan last year

Phosphorus boy?
Hi would a dr of homeopathy be able to confirm please if my 11 year old boy needs Phosphor
motherlove 2016-01-26
7   telescope last year

IBS-D is curable or not
I m suffering from IBS-D from last 4or 5 year but get no relief yet. I tried Aloes-Q, Nux

Nitesh Kamal 2013-05-21
109   alpenglow last year

Tinnitus cure......plz help
Dear Sir Sorry for writing the problem such a long, but i feel necessary to do so. I am s

onegoodman 2010-07-21
67   alpenglow last year

Saggy breasts and low confidence
Hi I m 39yrs. Height 5ft 6 inch.weight 62kg.breast size 36B. Mother of two kids. Before ma
shaggy 2016-01-09
3   sabkamalik1 last year

Pain behind the knee
Pain behind the knee of my wife aged 51.Mainly pain is felt during folding right knee an
getsudhir09 2015-12-21
8   sabkamalik1 last year

anxiety .dosage ?
I am suffering anxiety at the moment and i will be facing a very challenging situaton tomo
suethedriver 2016-02-04
1   homeo_helper last year

Parkinson's advice
Hello This is for my father. 67 years old. Veg, non smoker, non drinker. Type 2 diabetic,
MAILHMC 2016-02-04
2   0antivirus0 last year

kidney stone with hydronephrosis
good morning everyone, i am having 3 kidney stones left side, 1)25mm, 2)15mm, 3)8 mm.the s
nishit2 2016-02-04
1   Joe De Livera last year

Sir, I am suffering from Earache, I have also visited to ENT DOCTOR, He gave antibiotic
dassanjay44 2016-02-03
1   kadwa last year

Dr Kadwa: daughter has sore throat (chronic)
My 9 year old daughter has a fever today and a sore throat. She complains about her throat
rania1403 2016-02-04
1   kadwa last year

Enlarged Adenoids and Tonsils - Dr Kadwa
Hello Doc, My 6 years old son has been suffering from enlarged adenoids and tonsils. He a
vrv1980 2016-02-01
3   kadwa last year

L-theanine and homeopathic remedy
Is it ok to take L-theanine as a supplement while taking homeopathic remedy ? Thank you.
jojojoy 2016-02-04
no replies yet

HelloI am a student at medical school. I am writing my thesis about patients with loss of
TB.WOC 2006-01-31
4   telescope last year

Vaginal infection that will not go away! Please help
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm 28 and for the last year have been
Kking89846 2016-02-03
1   telescope last year

Multiple issues in toddler
Hello, I'm new here and very new to homeopathy, but I follow a natural lifestyle wit
emily812 2016-02-03
1   homeo_helper last year

dear telescope or any other doctor look this case
Dear sir Plz look rhis thread and give advise http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50308
Nitesh Kamal 2016-02-03
no replies yet

There are 12 biochemical salts & there are 12 zodiac signs.Dr.Sawtell & others hav
daktersaab 2011-06-25
5   pppttt last year

any forum Dr! urgent! help
There is a stomach bug going around in my son's school. We are traveling today and wa
bluesky77 2016-02-03
no replies yet

less sleep in night, day can not sleep
I am not able to sleep at night last 1 month. My eyes are burning all the time. Early morn
Tanima 2016-02-03
4   Tanima last year

uncontrollable sleep masturbation....Please help
I am 28 years old and i have a habit of doing masturbation by rubbing my penis on bed for

Riaz Khan 2013-07-14
14   Joyoflife last year

Suggest remedy for general and sexual weakness.
Hi I am 30 years old, skinny and under weight. My problem is weakness, no matter how goo
shaukat1 2016-01-30
2   shaukat1 last year

Please help with Homeopathy remedy for below ailments - Questionnaire filled in.
Patient ID: Sex:Male Age: 37 1. Describe your main suffering? Low concentration - Since
tyrelmiranda 2016-02-03
2   tyrelmiranda last year

Uterine Fibroid 3cm
Hi I noticed the questions, so I went ahead & answered as much as I could. I'm ho
Bohemluv 2015-09-15
4   nawazkhan last year

Chalazion lower right eyelid
My 18 mo son has a chalazion on his lower right eyelid and it's been there for almost
DNA_16 2016-02-03
1   homeo_helper last year

I am 26 years old and suffering from gynocomastia since 16 yrs old. My hormonal level is s
kabbo 2016-02-01
2   Ali007 last year

attn. dr deoshlok no improvement advice needed..
iam male 27 height 5-7inch weight 76 kg from UP india..i have ocd and i am on anti depress
patientz 2016-01-04
8   drjitesh last year

White head rash :( please help
Hello, I have been having a white head rash that comes and goes throughout the month on my
wisehand 2016-01-31
1   drjitesh last year

my problems
hii doctor I'm akash I'm a 23 year old male. Doctor I'm having a lot of pr
Rahul2 2016-02-01
1   drjitesh last year

Dry Coughing
Hi Doctor , I am here telling my wife problem, my wife suffering dry cough since one mont
fashfaq 2016-02-01
1   drjitesh last year

Spina Bifida ....Please help
My 2 months old daughter diagnosed with Spina Bifida type 1. Since birth she has a swell
zee32 2013-01-30
6   Asad last year

Child on the spectrum/help with symptoms
Child is 4 years of age, male. Very picky eater, eats: eggs, toast with butter, most fruit
Morningstar87 2016-02-01
2   Morningstar87 last year

Reflux in 18 month old
Hi Joe I have read so much about Nat phosphate helping reflux. My little girl is,18 months
Okeeffed 2016-02-02
3   Joe De Livera last year

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