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Breast tumer
After Mammogram. Dr has recommended Biopsy and after that Chemothrapy or Breat remival. Pl
thezahoor 2016-06-25
4   Raja Arrive last year

I m sufering from hairfall wih dandruff.I ve itching scalp though not severe.Dandruff on

piu80 2014-07-01
47   Raja Arrive last year

Tissue Destruction & Bleeding PLEASE HELP
Female, age 37, Please help my nightmare situation: Tissue Destruction from possible ozon
Scarlito 2016-08-05
11   Raja Arrive last year

plz dr Fitness help regarding PVL
Hello dr Fitness I earlier posted my problem under the topic '' please help reg

fatehveer 2016-04-16
25   Kamal1 last year

Cat - Kidney Disease
My kitty has acid reflux from kidney disease, and started eating less since being on Veraf
MimiMama 2016-08-07
1   kadwa last year

Suffering from Masturbation , Dr. 0antivirus0, Dr. Mohla, Dr Kadwa plz help
I am suffering the effects of masturbation. i am doing masturbation since 6 and half year

Pran7 2016-01-29
17   Ayaan khan last year

Birds Problem (Budgigar)
After 1.5 months age, Its feather was start Curving. Now this is his present situation. (p
ghazi251 2016-08-06
1   kadwa last year

Starting over--what's my next step?
Quick overview---So a few weeks ago I took Sepia because I was experiencing pelvic sensati
rom109 2016-08-07
2   rom109 last year

Dr deshlok, dr kadwa please suggest medicine for vitreous haemorrhage...
my father has been suffering from retinal haemorrhage in his right eye. twice PRP laser do
homeopathictreatment 2016-07-23
6   kadwa last year

chronic uti
Sir,I am 34 yrs Old,5ft 7inch,wt.70kg.having daughter 13yrs and Son 5yrs. I am suffering u

bithi 2016-07-08
16   anuj srivastava last year

Brown/Black itchy spots on palm
Hello, I have brown spots on my palm, fingers and sole. The problem started one year ag
kmmr18 2016-08-06
6   anuj srivastava last year

please help
The ultrasound report of my abdomen is " small nodular ( 21.9x8.1x18.9 mm) homogeneously
Ritwik 2016-08-08
no replies yet

Is Pulsatila complementary to calcarea silicata
Respected homeopath's kindly pls share complementary remedy to Calcarea sili
HoneyKhanna 2016-08-07
3   gavinimurthy last year

Does homeopathy really help cure MS.(Multiple Sclerosis )
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS) - t

shamid 2003-10-30
107   Vajiha last year

Profused sweating followed by burning sensation
In humidity season, profused sweat followed by burning sensation at the back only. Relieve
MCKAUSHAL 2016-08-06
1   Raja Arrive last year

Viral fever 51 yr male
Pl suggest med.max fever 101.2.since last one night.bidy ache,head ache,pulse 106.
andy_65_in 2016-08-06
2   Raja Arrive last year

Rishimba and Fitness : Please help
Hi, I am a female(31 years)posting this post from my relative account on ABC forum. Prob
7428136466 2016-08-04
4   Raja Arrive last year

Cyst on left ovary - trying to find the right remedy
Hi. I tried using the Remedy Finder on this website but after answering all the questions
Rachael1 2016-08-03
6   nawazkhan last year

Health Issues
I started masturbation at age of 16 yrs due to bad company and till today, 26 yr. Of age,
Mrasimkhan 2016-08-05
3   0antivirus0 last year

Cist on Right Testical
FNAC is negative. Having Cist on right testical. No pain. Can this cist dissolved with hom
MCKAUSHAL 2016-08-06
no replies yet

venous leak medicine
I am having venous leak issue,i can't hold my erection even for few seconds without s
hp1990 2016-08-06
no replies yet

Reaction to 2 mth old vaccinations
Hello, My 8 week old son had his immunisations last Thursday with no apparent side affects
titchbublez10 2016-08-04
3   homeo_helper last year

Demodex mites
Can demodex mites cause acne?
Lovebug93 2016-08-05
no replies yet

Overweight 7-year-old
Hello: My daughter is 7 year old and when i took her for vaccination last week, we realiz
Daisy1234 2016-08-02
5   Daisy1234 last year

Girl height issue
Hello Doctor; I am concerned for the height of my daughter; she will be turning 7 this Oc
hhraja 2016-07-30
4   anuj srivastava last year

Pcos+obese +trying to concieve for 8 years
Hi, Can anyone please help me. I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed with pcos 8 years ago
N21 2016-08-04
8   anuj srivastava last year

watery mouth
i get too much water in my mouth I don't like to eat food because of this feel like I

imran655 2016-07-02
13   anuj srivastava last year

Period problems
main bandana. meri age 26 years. meri period problem ho rahi hai. period time to time ho j
bandana 2016-08-05
5   bandana last year

sciatic pain and stiffness on lower back
I am 51 years old active male. I have acute sciatic pain on my left side buttock. My back
mayaloo 2016-07-22
7   nawazkhan last year

Heel pain - Tenderness
Hi, Since few month I am suffering with heel pain which increase once I woke up from sleep
Khobaib 2016-06-13
12   nawazkhan last year

Navel displacement
Dear doctors, I am 39 years old lady suffering from diarrhea..stool is 4-5 times a day thi
Ckarora 2016-08-03
2   Ckarora last year

Problems related to size
Dear Sir, My penis size and testis size has been constant since I was 12 years old and I&#
Daman1 2016-07-25
2   0antivirus0 last year

I am 32 year old male. I have a problem of sleeplessness. even sometime i am too much tire
seoulite 2016-08-05
1   anuj srivastava last year

stomach pain
my wife age 55.suffering from stomach pain.Ultra sound scan -- all are ok. CT scan report,
nagender nath 2016-07-27
10   nagender nath last year

hairfall , gynecomastia .
Hello all , My name is Harsh and I am a resident of uttar pradesh India. My hairfall star
1   dinesh016 last year

dr kadwa or any senior doctor plz take up my case as dr akshy mohl is not available
Dear doctors plz take up my case i m severe problems... dr akshy mohl was giving me treatm
ajayxp99 2016-07-29
1   0antivirus0 last year

premature ejaculation
I am 56 yrs male. Have been suffering from PME for last 10 yrs. I cum within seconds when
mc123 2016-08-05
1   0antivirus0 last year

Remedy for repetitive strep infection and PANDAS
Hi there, My 14 year old son has been having repetitive Strep infection. He had 3 in the
zainuby 2016-08-04
1   anuj srivastava last year

4mm stone in right kidney
Hi I'm 37 yrs male from India, actually 7-8 months back I have faced pus swelling and
DibyajyotiSinha 2016-02-10
7   DibyajyotiSinha last year

Natrum Mur Potency
I am Anand, I am suffering from acne vulgaris and too much oily face,too much,which attrac
anand9911 2016-08-04
1   rom109 last year

Frequent urination and emotional trauma
Good afternoon, I need advice from you : for one year i have had frequent urination due t
VentusHeart 2016-08-03
6   nawazkhan last year

For mnaari
Dear Mnaari, I have been suffer from tremendous , constant and causeless fear f
seroquel 2016-07-30
4   homeo_helper last year

lexapro for depression
Will homeopathy have any side affects if I am taking lexapro for deppresion
rlwebb 2016-08-04
1   kadwa last year

Left sided Inguinal Hernia
My right side hernia was repaired in 2002 and now I want to repair left sided hernia. Pls.
Yaqub 2016-08-01
1   kadwa last year

Pain in left arm and leg
4 yrs back i had a continuos pain in my left arm and leg.. It felt that some nerve pain..
Dhruvtara 2016-08-01
11   nawazkhan last year

How I increase my breast size fast
Hello everyone I m Poonam from India 21 years old my breast size is too small due this I m
Poonam1 2016-08-03
2   Aesthetic Homeopathy last year

Prostate enlargement
I am 65 yrs old male & keep generally good health. Recently I have developed Prostate
jimmybaba 2016-08-03
2   jimmybaba last year

My right eye keeps blinking
Dear Doctors, Need your help...I am diabetic patient...sugar levels are under control now
srinivasu13 2016-08-02
2   Aesthetic Homeopathy last year

Need someone to take over oldest son's case
I haven't heard from our online homeopath in weeks. I would really like help for my o
alaskamom 2016-07-29
4   alaskamom last year

Dog epilepsy treatment
My dog is 3 1/2 years old. Here are the details: Mid-March (2016): One-day early morning
digitized 2016-07-12
9   digitized last year

2 chalazions and my wedding is in a week
please help me . I have 2 chalazions one in my left and one in my right eye. noth in the l
Wafaa.N 2016-08-01
2   homeo_helper last year

Need someone to take over Baby's case
Again, my homeopath is not responding (yes, I have emailed him) so I'm asking for hel

alaskamom 2016-07-29
16   alaskamom last year

my sister's cat
I am writing this for my mom and sister who have a rescued cat who is unwell. I was hopin
rom109 2016-07-13
11   rom109 last year

Having felt pain just above the eye brows. Either on left or right.light or sound or smell
homeopathictreatment 2016-08-02
1   0antivirus0 last year

Feetleg Burning and tired sansation - need help
my age 40 year male,i hv facing the feet burning all time feeling, or a tired sensation in

abhieng 2014-09-01
61   abhieng last year

Dear Doc Nawaz Dr Mohl Dr Deoshlok
Dear Doc, I have felt miracle changes after homeopathic remedy. I am totally different pe
Aks000 2016-08-02
no replies yet

worst depression and lack of self confidencr
my age is 26.i am from Pakistan.weight 58. my problem is that i have lack of self confiden
amaan1 2016-08-01
2   vasude last year

Winter Allergies for a 7 year old.
Due to the GREAT relief I have had, Thanks to Dr.Nawaz, am posting this for my son. for W
aries1 2016-04-14
3   aries1 last year

sex improvement
Dear Doctors, I am 30 years old suffering from Diabetes but now in control. from last on
rakkk 2016-08-01
1   mnaari last year

Breathlessness in my daughter
Hi Dr. Mohla , My daughter whonis 14 years old, 60 kgs, 5"2 inches is apparently having b
venus0743 2016-08-01
3   anuj srivastava last year

Female 29 ,Recurrent Tongue Sores
Reccurent Tongue ulcers on both sides of the tongue They start with a small blister and g

jasingh 2012-09-14
60   upma.chat last year

Height Gain
My son has just completed 14 years, physically and mentally he is very active but his phys
Dharmendra1 2016-08-01
1   gavinimurthy last year

high blood pressor
I am taking morning CTD-T 6.25/80 and nightmetolar XR 50 and asomex 2.5 for my blood pres
kanai 2016-08-01
1   gavinimurthy last year

epididymal cyst
sir mere 6 month se right side testise me epididymal cyst hai. maine private and governmen
ravidube0616 2016-05-17
7   vasude last year

Dr.Kadwa - Need help for my ED problems
Dear Dr, I am 36 years old man and have been suffering from the following problems, 1.
Kamal1 2016-07-29
1   kadwa last year

Dr Kadwa ... A case of ED, pls advise
Since the last one month, I am unable to retain erection after entering into the vagina. M
Dinesh5 2016-07-29
1   kadwa last year

Piles problem
[message deleted by Xdcse2016 on Fri, 11 Nov 2016 05:47:59 UTC]

Xdcse2016 2016-06-14
76   Xdcse2016 last year

Will Apis Mel help my swelling?
I have severe seasonal allergies for which i am getting Immuno therapy shots. I am getti
Lama 2016-07-31
5   John Stanton last year

Canine Causticum Reverse Remedy Needed
My Boston terrier Sadie had cataracts and I purchased a homeopathic eye drop remedy. Used
DogsPajamas 2016-07-31
5   John Stanton last year

can i take neem capsules 2hours after taking homeopathy meficine phosphorus?
i want to know whether neem antidotes homeopathy... pls help...
saranaaz 2016-07-31
1   John Stanton last year

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