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plzzzzz help me
I am suffering from Oral Submucous Fibrosis from last 6 months, I stopped eating tobacco
montu sharma 2015-10-14
3   gaintrox last year

help.meee plzz plzz
Plzz help me my skin colour is dark nd lips to facial hair is there nd brk lyk pimples is
sherya 2015-10-14
2   sherya last year

Need help. My 4 year old daughter has weak eyesight
Hi, my 4-year old daughter has weak eyesight. We noticed the problem first when she starte
MsJeevan 2015-10-14
5   rishimba last year

Feeling hot and head sweating
I m 26 years old.....my problem is hot feeling and excessive head sweating.......hair fall

razib1234 2015-07-26
21   razib1234 last year

Ligament tear
I Have arthritis and my right knee has ligament tear for the past one month came to kn
Jhullu 2015-10-15
1   Jhullu last year

Severe muscular pain in hands and legs
My daughter 20 years old is experiencing severe pain since last 2-3 days. On 10th Oct she
mathewfbd 2015-10-15
1   kadwa last year

sperm retention pain solution
Sir, . I'm practicing self abstinence from 1month....when I become sexually arouse
akash pratap 2015-10-15
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Khadwa please advice.
I am 29, Male, Married, height 5'10", weight 170lb. I eat indian food mostly, i

sameer322 2015-06-22
34   kadwa last year

3 year old son restless, cranky and crying all the time
My son is 3 years old skinny, medium height,wheatish complex. he is excessively cranky, re
reachoutarijit 2015-10-15
1   kadwa last year

kidney stone
I am 44 years old and have a 33.0 mm kidney stone in my right kidney. i HAVE HIV POSI
SHNAKAR 2015-10-12
1   kadwa last year

Sex problum
Dear Sir,i am 40 year old. My problem is that when i do sex with my partner i will quickly
S.Ghosh 2015-10-15
no replies yet

sanjeev2015 2015-10-15
no replies yet

Nawaz help Plz
Nawaz, How are you? I need help with skin tag on face, which appeared like little pimp

pinkyM 2015-03-16
32   nawazkhan last year

Pilonidal in young teenager (multiple tracts)
Dr. Nawaz, My daughter has a pilonidal cyst which burst of its own. Ever since then she&#

NatalieAT 2015-09-03
51   nawazkhan last year

Bad breath!! Please help
Hi, I have bad breath from many years...I have consulted several dentists n they say I do
Sonia123 2015-10-14
3   Sonia123 last year

need to hire a homeopath in india
Hello everyone, Can someone please recommend the top homeopath in India? Any city i
kaunhe 2015-09-13
2   kaunhe last year

pain, sensation in testicles.
In my left testicles there is a slight pain s sensation. spermatic cord is thick. the pain
Pran7 2015-09-13
1   deoshlok last year

Low Testosterone & Hypothyroidism
I am suffering from low testosterone & hypothyroidism. And facing premature ejaculatio
latu05 2015-09-13
1   deoshlok last year

Help for warts on beard area
I am having warts on my beard area.They are around 7-8 in number. 4 are big while others
amansingh2312889 2015-09-13
1   deoshlok last year

Erectile Dysfunction
Hi, I’m Mark, 38 years old from Los Angeles and I would like to share how I was a
mark38 2015-10-13
1   deoshlok last year

un controlled masturbation
Hello sir Please help sir. During sleeping i doing masturbation But i dont know in tha
ramlakhanpmv 2015-10-14
1   deoshlok last year

plzzzzz help me
I am suffering from Oral Submucous Fibrosis from last 6 months, I stopped eating tobacco
montu sharma 2015-10-14
1   deoshlok last year

Itching in Leg
Hi, My mother is 61 years, blood O+, Height 5'2'' and weight 60 Kgs.
praveen2409 2015-10-14
2   deoshlok last year

Urgent please
My daughter complaining stomach pain pls if any medicine suggest
surya2089 2015-10-14
no replies yet

Daughter bites nails very short and bites skin
Hi There, My daughter bites her nails and has now started biting the skin on her hands an
Lemifi 2015-10-14
3   rishimba last year

L5-S1 Herniated Disc
I have been diagnosed with herniated disc (12 mm) 6 week back. Pain in my left leg and bac

Gemini2001 2008-06-20
31   dpnctl last year

For experienced doctors
Kindly tell me best homeopathy remedy for curing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder .
benot123 2015-10-13
1   rishimba last year

Joyner 2015-10-14
no replies yet

.:: vocal cord cyst ::.
Forgive me for my poor english.I am a woman that live in canada and english is my second l

Rojina 2010-04-17
27   Joe De Livera last year

hair loss
hello plz someone help me, I am 54 yrs old woman, and I am suffering from rapid hairloss
bilbard 2015-10-10
6   bilbard last year

for dr reva v
1 Name: abc 2 Age :24,student 3 sex :male 4 Height and Weight: 5'10' and 82 k

aquaaaa12345 2015-08-31
42   aquaaaa12345 last year

Pylonidal cyst
My husband has a pilonidal cyst. He had a severe flair up a few years ago and had it drain
Kellyjo115 2015-10-13
4   homeo_helper last year

use of osmium and natrum mure against glaucoma
Dear Sir I am suffering from GLAUCOMA both eyes. i am using osmium 6 thrice a day agains
Yousaf 2007-10-16
5   shareefmm9 last year

Weight gain irregular periods and hair fall
Hi. I am 35 years old wimen. Went throgh sime shock in life 6 months ago. Since that time
Saadia zohra 2015-10-13
1   Saadia zohra last year

Questions for Simone 717
Dear Simone717, I need your guidance Guidance required: I had some problem which
cartoon123 2015-10-13
1   Dr.Nishat parveen last year

Pulsatilla for GERD?? Help!
My 13 week old son suffers with severe GERD , he has in the past been hospitalised due to

jRoberts 2015-10-09
13   mani_jee last year

IBS with Diarrhea, soft stool, indigestion, abdominal pain and P. Ejaculation
I m suffering from IBS problem for last 10-12 years. abdominal upsetness, loose/soft sto
sirfan 2015-10-13
1   homeo_helper last year

fibroadenoma left breast
i m fibroadenoma patient from march it increases very much due to which my skin also ruptu
osama78 2015-10-13
1   homeo_helper last year

homeo remedy for feet sole burning sensation
I an suffering from feet sole burning sensation for 10 days. My age is 49. I am male.Heigh
emdad525 2015-10-13
1   homeo_helper last year

impotence, weakness
I am male, 33. Was diagnosed Hepatitis C in 2007 & successfully recovered in Jan. 2009
bajrangi 2015-08-05
7   jose2424 last year

urine incontinence for years, so fed up
I've urine incontinence, for after hour or so of peeing if I cough, move quickly or o

despair1 2015-03-20
14   telescope last year

Dr. srivastava or AsadGhumman or first available to help.
I suffer from Crohn's and Depression . I also tried homeopathy self-prescribing befo

instantcoffee 2015-08-11
33   instantcoffee last year

15 Month Old Wakes Every 1 or 2 Hours
I hope I can get some help for my son. He just turned 15 months today but still wakes eve

cucu111 2006-03-01
127   Cailanna last year

itchy palm and sole
I am 31 yrs old have itchy palm and sole . when itching swelling the palm and sole. It
vicky03 2015-09-25
7   gaintrox last year

side effect of Calc phos and Ruta G
Dear All, My mum has tumor on brain (GMB stage IV). the tumor has been surgeried 80-90%
nutthawat 2015-10-12
1   simone717 last year

vaginismus please help
I am a new user here. I wanted to know if homeopathy can overcome my condition. Its been 2
hedwig3551 2015-10-09
3   nawazkhan last year

Aggravation questions.
Hello all, I am very new to Homeopathy treatment. We recently brought our 4 yr old for hom
hopecoconutworks 2015-10-11
3   telescope last year

eye infection in 3 year old plz help
Our son went to the doctors office for a check up and picked up an infection after playing
kaunhe 2015-10-09
2   kaunhe last year

Nervousness, anxiety
I am 32 years old. Due to hectic professional life over 5 years, I am suffering from follo
Rahul_prakash 2015-10-11
2   Rahul_prakash last year

Need Help with dipression,anxiety,fear
Hi everyone..Can some one kindly help me with my ailments that I have been suffering from

Bkhan 2013-02-02
111   kadwa last year

regarding skin tone change due to ovulation tablets
Hello doc, I am a 31 yr old woman. I was given chlomophine citrate for six mnths continuo
reshmatile 2015-09-27
10   kadwa last year

Please help me
From Imran2014 on 2015-10-11, 0 replies Hi my name is Imran please help me My penni
Imran2014 2015-10-11
2   Imran2014 last year

Slight fever with small blisters
My kid(girl- 2.5 years old) is having slight fever with red boils and blisters in body. We
Joseph Daniel 2015-10-11
2   Joseph Daniel last year

Very challenging case - 8 MDs & 4 Homeopaths have failed - Kindly help !!
hello doctors, I am a 35-years-old Indian male who immigrated to Canada in October 2013

Boynotwell 2015-09-02
38   vk804 last year

facial skin
Can anybody solve my problem? My two cheeks are pitted. How can i get rid of this problem.
Gehna 2015-10-10
2   Gehna last year

problem of gynecomastia
I'm 21 yrs old I'm having problems of gynecomastia my nipples are puffy nd remai
satrox 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

Physical & sexual weekness
I am 25 years old.doing job.I suffer from 5years physical weakness,lathergy,lack interest
SATADAL095 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

Right sided epididymal cyst
I am a 26 years old male, recently i went to check up to doctor. Doctor told need to some
jeetdsingh1606 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

Scratchy Throat
I've just returned from 2 weeks in Israel, where the temps averaged 100 degrees. I&#
0530T 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

mastrubation side effecrs
hello sie., I am 25 yr, male I have been mastrubating from past 12 years. i look oldet
zxcvbnmz 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

Evocationer..Please help urgently..Acne on face and entire body..
Evocationer, Can u please help with acne on face and entire body. It has been aff
uma1012 2015-10-11
1   deoshlok last year

Any one please help me
Hi my name is Imran please help me My pennis deep dorsal veins and and nerves was com
Imran2014 2015-10-11
no replies yet

Any one please help me
Hi my name is Imran please help me My pennid deep dorsal veins and and nerves was com
Imran2014 2015-10-11
no replies yet

enlarged prostate w incontinence
Hoping for advice, I suffer from enlarged prostate and nocturnal enuresis, I also experi
ggarg 2015-10-11
1   ggarg last year

Need help again. As soon as I stopped nat mur the problem had returned within two days

kohler 2015-10-06
14   kohler last year

problem regading penis size
hi am 33 ys old, i am married man, i want to increase my penis size. my size is too small
shyamalpdas 2015-10-10
1   Khan MD Kamran last year

Excessive Body Heat
I am having an issue with excessive body heat. This started back at the end of last August
TS111 2015-06-05
11   rishimba last year

dark line below lips
I have dark patches on my cheeks nose, around mouth and below my lower lips dark line is t
sherya 2015-10-10
9   sherya last year

Chalazion 20 months old girl
I've noticed a few days ago that my 20 month old girl has a little bump on her righ
nbanaru 2015-10-02
5   nbanaru last year

Patient vibrating
I'm looking for the correct remedy to help a patient who keeps on saying she is "
peas4 2015-10-09
1   rishimba last year

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