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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Please advise. Do homeopathic remedies work taken with antidepressants?
Hello Dr, I'm a 44 year old female and have ...
4ipslon05:29 11 Aug 15 by drsnehanshusaha
Dr. Kadwa - I am back after two years with same Genital wart problem. PL. HELP
Dear Dr. Kadwa, Kindly refer to my earlier hist...
7sam210505:22 11 Aug 15 by simone717
Premature Ejaculation
Hi All. I am 28 years old. Height is 5'7'...
0farhadanik04:39 11 Aug 15 by
Red ichy rashes on neck
37/M, I am having red itchy rashes on my neck. The...
2priyabhi02:15 11 Aug 15 by emilybh
Hearing loss
I am 62 year female and have hearing problems. I a...
3abha ayan01:22 11 Aug 15 by rishimba
How to speed your recovery
Homeopathics are great when it comes to addressing...
0emilybh00:52 11 Aug 15 by
Anxiety and panic disorder
Hello. I am a 15-year-old male. I am currently hav...
6Hakukale2300:22 11 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
Lower body fat- urgent help please
Hi ! I am a male with a problem of lower body fa... [LAST PAGE]
18@Harry@21:20 10 Aug 15 by simone717
Urgent help needed
Hello sir/mam, i was given aloe 1m and next day... [LAST PAGE]
55ahmed_198419:54 10 Aug 15 by mani_jee
Senstive Penis and Pre-Mature Ejaculation
I am 27 years old and mastubating from age of 14 a...
2frosty_man_00717:54 10 Aug 15 by frosty_man_007
Help with Social Anxiety
Hello All, My name is Matias and I am from Argen... [LAST PAGE]
49trytry15:59 10 Aug 15 by trytry
formation of cough,stuff nose and loss of smell
hi there.. i am a 27 years old suffering from seve...
1abhabh13:32 10 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Pilonidal Sinus with pain & blood
1. Age :25 years 2. Male or Female or other :Male...
2praveen240910:08 10 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS. 25,fm...
5Outrageous09:54 10 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Rishimba - Please help
Hi, My daughter's appetite is very poor. S...
4itzadarsh08:17 10 Aug 15 by rishimba
Injury in orphaned baby alpaca
One of my baby alpacas has had a very rough start....
1arina8308:09 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
Psoriasis in Nail only
Dear Sir/Madam, I am 34 years woman, the last one...
1Amita123ab08:06 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
Much hairloss and baldness
Hello everyone Im 20 years old and losing hairs f...
1Faisal.Rehman108:03 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
Dr.Kadwa's help - Infertility and Impotence problems
Dr.Kadwa, I am Krishnan and 36 years old male.I su...
6Krishnan201507:19 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
Swollen nasal turbinates please help
My Three old son is having turbinate hypertrophy ...
6ADEIYA07:13 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
celiac disease-help
I want to know can celiac disease is cured by home...
5Nitin Kumar07:10 10 Aug 15 by kadwa
IBS and IBD ?? From last one year want Homeopathic Treatment from Experienced Homeopath
Name- Mandeep Kumar Age-27 Height-5.10 inches W...
8Mandeep4u04:39 10 Aug 15 by Mandeep4u
Irregular Periods - Using Aletris Cordial for 3 months now
Hi, Since 2 years after marriage i missed for 1...
4saks12121:41 09 Aug 15 by Outrageous
Dr reckeweg formulation
i hve recently brought R78 for my eye problem. I w...
1serampore18:41 09 Aug 15 by daktersaab
Scrotal itching from 3 years
Hello, I am suffering from scrotal itching from...
1manav_mas17:37 09 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
I believe my family may have worms. My identical t...
8jerzeykat15:02 09 Aug 15 by simone717
Myoclonic jerks while falling asleep
Hello Drs, I am getting jerks just before falli...
6somukherjee14:18 09 Aug 15 by somukherjee
Dr Kadwa or any experienced one, Please help...
Hi, i m 38 yr male suffering from hypothyroidism s...
5Mausamnath12:17 09 Aug 15 by telescope
Help me in my Depression
I male age 23 suffering from chronic depression ....
1rrgreat12309:51 09 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
My 2.5 yr old has been diagnosed as a vitiligo k...
0Worried-mom08:43 09 Aug 15 by
Senstive Penis and Pre-Mature Ejaculation
I am 27 years old and mastubating from age of 14 a...
0frosty_man_00707:33 09 Aug 15 by
Advice please
Hello, I have been working with a homeopath an...
2midjanuary01:37 09 Aug 15 by midjanuary
Bad headaches I think from remedy please help!
I have been suffering from anxiety related insomn...
1ShannonPetch01:30 09 Aug 15 by telescope
Food allergies and chronic fatigue
Hi, I am a 31 yr old female. I have been sufferin...
12Annabellicas4200:35 09 Aug 15 by telescope
On Homeopathy
Dear Dr.s, I need an answer from you regarding ...
6Sivaji118:35 08 Aug 15 by simone717
Suffering from spondylitis

[message deleted by Hakukale23 on Sun, 09 Aug ...
0Hakukale2313:06 08 Aug 15 by
gall bladder polyps
Hi Doctor, I am 27 yrs old, male, 185 lbs and 6&#...
7stasikus09:25 08 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
Bartholin Cyst .. Pls help ** Urgent
Hi all: I am a mom of 2 gals, healthy, 6 yrs and ... [LAST PAGE]
81hope123409:06 08 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I hope and expect that you mu...
0Hussain2006:49 08 Aug 15 by
FDA Hearing on Homeopathy
The FDA is preparing to hold hearings on homeopat...
3moderator02:47 08 Aug 15 by simone717
nawaz sir please help me about pilonidal sinus
sir i have suffering from pilonidal sinus last 6 m... [LAST PAGE]
124sergel2002:06 08 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
increase memory and concentration
is there any medicines in homeopathy to increase m...
2amiya12318:06 07 Aug 15 by amiya123
Hi I am 45 yr old male and in my teen age I did s...
0ysilva14:05 07 Aug 15 by
Dear Dr.Doctor Kadwa, Extremly Sorry th...
0Hussain2011:44 07 Aug 15 by
Dear Dr.Doctor Kadwa, Extremly Sorry th...
0Hussain2011:43 07 Aug 15 by
Dear Sir, I am 28 years of age and suffering fr...
5jaffer12310:57 07 Aug 15 by drsnehanshusaha
Itching Scrotum.
I'm 59 yrs of age. Male. Scrotum itches most...
8Fermick5510:49 07 Aug 15 by drsnehanshusaha
puffiness around eyes, striations & splitting nails
Hello, I have noticed puffiness around my eyes,...
1benindavis10:24 07 Aug 15 by nawazkhan
ears blocked - Eustachian dysfunction
Hi, my ears are blocked for over a year, aggravate... [LAST PAGE]
14geranium06:32 07 Aug 15 by anuj srivastava
Dizziness, Confusion and Lack of Concentration
Hello... I am 24 years old, I have been having a...
3Mennekin05:13 07 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
daktersaab pls help..
sir i explained you about my problems..i have a fe...
1aamir231203:02 07 Aug 15 by daktersaab
help with toddler
hi : my daughter 3 years old, presents this sym... [LAST PAGE]
24love and peace01:53 07 Aug 15 by love and peace
Female Hormonal Imbalance
Hi there, I am 23 year old female (slim built) ... [LAST PAGE]
66sugar_2101:25 07 Aug 15 by rishimba
how we can gain our body weight?
hi, i m new in this forum, want to know that ho... [LAST PAGE]
35honney20:30 06 Aug 15 by simone717
Colocynthis and nat phos together?
Hi everyone will be very grateful for any help rec... [LAST PAGE]
22Naryssa200020:23 06 Aug 15 by simone717
Allen homeopathy for Lucoderma
Dear All, has anybody ever tried A21 LUCODERMA dro...
1zaplin16:27 06 Aug 15 by simone717
Dr.AkshayMohla - Need help for Impotence
Dr., I am SivaKrish and 30 years old man.I have be...
7SivaKrish14:49 06 Aug 15 by SivaKrish
Chronic Nocturnal Emission
Dear Dr. Rewa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i star...
0sukdev 13:49 06 Aug 15 by
I Want to know this medicine any body suggest
I already use this tonic but i am not know the nam...
2gowthamau8613:45 06 Aug 15 by gowthamau86
small peniss and not erecting
Si, i am 22 years old . my penis is so small lik...
1ssnayak10:59 06 Aug 15 by kadwa
ASO Titre Positive
My wife is suffering from Joint Pains, weakness, f...
1nabin_dey10:05 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
need help with dermatitis
i am a 27 yr old male.to begin with i have excessi...
1max11110:00 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
suggestions regarding leucorrhoea
Hi, I have been regularly in touch with your ...
1riya00000009:59 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Anyone pls can take my pending case? The adviser before left
I am requesting any other homeopath here to kindly...
1Nitz709:51 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Homeopath from homeo.mzp pls help
Hi sir, Please follow my case which you were tr...
1Nitz709:51 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
Gas in upper stomach
HI I have persistent gas below the ribs in the ...
3Anwin07:29 06 Aug 15 by AsadGhumman
Dear Dr. Mani Jee, With reference to your ...
1Hussain2007:12 06 Aug 15 by mani_jee
antivirus, please help
Antivirus please help, I mistakenly took one dose ... [LAST PAGE]
35nobita05:49 06 Aug 15 by amiya123
For telescope sir
Sir, Due to some technical problems i am not bein... [LAST PAGE]
199nobita05:18 06 Aug 15 by amiya123
Reoccurring Tonsillitus
Hello, I have had a problem with getting soar thr...
3Catherine9205:15 06 Aug 15 by 0antivirus0
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