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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Primary hyperoxaluria TYPE1
7ab de06:33 17 Jun 15 by rishimba
weakness because of masturbation
hi I am 17 years old and have been masturbating si...
1privacyneeded06:01 17 Jun 15 by Nikkie
1 year Old Sleep Issues
My Daughter wakes up crying every night. It has in...
5tulika2205:29 17 Jun 15 by Nikkie
Dr. Mohla's plese help to overcome my issues.
I m 42 year old married man. My weight is 75kg and...
1vinay Sharma 200600:52 17 Jun 15 by akshaymohl
Hypothyroid (TSH 8.2) - Please suggest
Sir, Just diagnosed with HypoThyroid. My test r...
10vkaushik7920:07 16 Jun 15 by rad75
Severe itching of remedy
I have been prescribed sulfur d30 and arnica d3...
2troja18:42 16 Jun 15 by troja
Premature Ejaculation
I m 42 yrs old man suffering from PE. I ejaculate ...
4vinay Sharma 200618:16 16 Jun 15 by vinay Sharma 2006
Chronic Sinus issues
1 Name: Daved 2 Age : 26 3 sex: Male 4 ...
6superdave97215:08 16 Jun 15 by simone717
Please help Me
Its all about my Wife who had a Brain Tumor Surger...
2khalid271014:39 16 Jun 15 by simone717
Question about.(Cartilage regenerator) dr.deoshlok sharma
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a ... [LAST PAGE]
13ridha8914:16 16 Jun 15 by simone717
Fitness - Would you pls. review this case?
Hi there, Since Evocationer hasn't been on...
4JMalik13:28 16 Jun 15 by fitness
Nephrotic Syndrome
Hello, I am seeking help from a professional ho...
4mp390911:16 16 Jun 15 by mp3909
Is Spartagen XT Testosterone Booster Reviews A Scam Or Fake?
Healthy fats do assist to gain muscle mass. Consum...
0kethyvarela10:49 16 Jun 15 by
premature ejaculation
Sir I m suffering premature ejaculation when we do...
0gcb150410:46 16 Jun 15 by
Mild Fundla Gastritis
Hi Team, I am 29 years old and not alcoholic. I...
3vrathore10:37 16 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
need help.........psychological problem
Sorry it is too long but it is important.. I am... [LAST PAGE]
18ansarishoaib08:02 16 Jun 15 by ansarishoaib
excessive un controllable and hyper erection,precum and P.E , ejaculation with toch and thought
Need help please , My age is 22 I have a case ... [LAST PAGE]
14insearchforrelief04:06 16 Jun 15 by drpnidheesh
Need help with insomnia. Please help
Hi I'm not sure if I need to identify some...
3lmftit02:33 16 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
urine problem
I have a problems for Urine, it’s come again...
5adi adnan02:01 16 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
From 2007-2009 I was threatened with excommunicati...
1Austin201101:53 16 Jun 15 by simone717
Breathing disorder blood pressure, irritation, weakness and lazyness
I m 42 year old married man. My weight is 75kg and...
7vinay Sharma 200622:22 15 Jun 15 by simone717
nasal congestion
Hello, I am having nasal congestion from severa...
2rad7518:48 15 Jun 15 by rad75
Therefore, 1285 MUSCLE recommends?
1285 muscle recommend...
0nagasaki39915:58 15 Jun 15 by
chronic dvt
Hi, I was diagnosed with a genetic clotting disord...
1H2Obeliever13:53 15 Jun 15 by homeo_helper
i had my biopsy last year.from that time i have be...
0munnaravi12129111:55 15 Jun 15 by
Hi I am 54years old Male. I am suffering from chro...
10mshaqal10:50 15 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Osteoarthritis, High Uric Acid and Knee Pain
My mother is 65 yrs old and suffering from Osteoa...
8manoj_chakra10:43 15 Jun 15 by 0antivirus0
Memory Dysfunction
Dear sir , I am a student living in India. I wan...
0Student209308:50 15 Jun 15 by
memory issues
i am having the following issues main issue ...
2TONYG08:42 15 Jun 15 by Student2093
Premature ejaculation
I am 25yr old and suffering from premature ejacula...
0Nirwan08:13 15 Jun 15 by
Dr. Nawaz, pls read carefully & suggest! really urgent.
I started masturbating at the age of 12-13. I did ...
2aguy12307:41 15 Jun 15 by aguy123
stuffed nose
I am traveling and so stuffed up. I can't bre...
0jazmine707:22 15 Jun 15 by
Over sensitive........plz look at this.
My aunt age 35 suffering from over sensitive probl...
2ansarishoaib07:04 15 Jun 15 by ansarishoaib
sore throat
I've been up all night. My throat is sore. I...
1jazmine706:51 15 Jun 15 by kadwa
mujhe paishab kartey huey jalan hoti hai Toilet te...
1rihan014306:41 15 Jun 15 by kadwa
Small Amount of Semen Release
Age 20 years. Male Main Symptoms are 1) When I M... [LAST PAGE]
17arghyaprmnk 06:23 15 Jun 15 by kadwa
Dog seizures bad! Please help
My dog has had seizures for 2 years now ever since...
4sydney15405:53 15 Jun 15 by kadwa
New case for Kadwa or Rishimba
Hello Kadwa and Rishimba, I would greatly appre... [LAST PAGE]
15DH-Homeopathy03:29 15 Jun 15 by DH-Homeopathy
Trying to understand the Homeopathic tool
I'm trying to understand how the homeopathic ...
5lmftit03:17 15 Jun 15 by simone717
3.8 year old with 102 fever, no symptoms
my daughter started a fever 48 hours back ( Friday...
1tanushree02:27 15 Jun 15 by homeo_helper
Remedy for Headache due anesthesia use in C section
Please advise some homeopathic remedy for severe h...
5Spicey02:24 15 Jun 15 by homeo_helper
My mom (48 yrs) is suffering from bleeding piles ...
1banno01:15 15 Jun 15 by akshaymohl
Please please need help
see video of dogs seizures. Looking for a remedy t...
0sydney15422:34 14 Jun 15 by
Dr Nawaz , just a simple question please
As usual every one takes it as depression or sup...
0insearchforrelief20:12 14 Jun 15 by
Evocationer - I need your help please.
Hello, I have been seeing my current homeopath ...
0mp390918:39 14 Jun 15 by
Second opinion needed
http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/475768/ Tha...
8mp390916:33 14 Jun 15 by mp3909
Focal seizures video
My dog is having horrible focal seizures. He'...
1sydney15413:33 14 Jun 15 by fitness
Chronic Sinusitis
Age 47 Suffering since 15 years Headache on the ...
1Isoup13:32 14 Jun 15 by fitness
severe low backache from 04 months :-(
Praveen kumar MRI REPORT *Diagnosis:- (1) L...
1praveenkumar363610:49 14 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
skin tags - need help please
I have multiple skin tags on my neck and under my ...
12mspayton08:31 14 Jun 15 by rkahal
Nat Mur, side effects??
I'm looking for some advice or suggestions fr...
2Nikky1007:27 14 Jun 15 by Nikky10
weakness all the time
I am 49 yrs old male, married and have 3 kids. I h...
3divya938805:45 14 Jun 15 by rishimba
Sleep problem please help
Hello doctors, I am 28 year old male having sle...
12venkatm15319:16 13 Jun 15 by homeodr
Weight Gain
Hello All, I am 26 year old with height 177 cm an... [LAST PAGE]
20pareshmh19 19:15 13 Jun 15 by homeodr
Hello, Is homeopathic echnicea safe to be consu...
0mp390915:58 13 Jun 15 by
glioblastoma multiforme
hi : i need help a lot, my mom 81 years old, ha...
9love and peace15:21 13 Jun 15 by simone717
Lesion in left Kidney and Pancreas - Urgent!!!!!!
Hi My mother in law felt lower back pain (origi...
2shahidr10014:59 13 Jun 15 by shahidr100
Labrador Retriever ACL Tear
My dog slipped on ice and vet diagnosed partial te...
2jpm191914:54 13 Jun 15 by jpm1919
Mucus in stool
Mai 22 sal ka hu. Mujhe 5-6 sal se mucus aa raha h...
3Kumarbrajesh13:29 13 Jun 15 by homeo_helper
bilateral multiple endometrial cyst
9pratibha198811:07 13 Jun 15 by nawazkhan
Hydrocele In Right Testicle

[message deleted by darronlazaro on Mon, 23 Ma...
9darronlazaro 10:01 13 Jun 15 by rocky1095
white heads onli
Please help to remove white heads on my nose...
0dabhi9907:52 13 Jun 15 by
erectal dysfunction
I have a severe problem holding an erection, is th... [LAST PAGE]
14joedal07:13 13 Jun 15 by joedal
Chondromalacia Patella
Dear Doctors, My age is 33, Ihave been sufferin...
6Deepak Sodhi06:01 13 Jun 15 by Deepak Sodhi
scabies and psorinum dosage?
Hello I've had scabies for 5 months now and i...
0jx12304:35 13 Jun 15 by
Dear Doctor , I will appreciate if you kindly gu...
9davendrak01:13 13 Jun 15 by davendrak
Wart or dpn?
When I went to homeopathy doctor he said it was wa...
0Abhere22:14 12 Jun 15 by
Simone717 Or anyone available please
Hello again! I write to you here to request help f...
2Nataliesammi21:42 12 Jun 15 by Nataliesammi
helo dr help me
Dr my wife is pregnant around 5 months , Dr has ad...
0raj2420:45 12 Jun 15 by
trigeminal neuralgia
I have been in severe pain on the left side. Sensi...
5calwill19:59 12 Jun 15 by calwill
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