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farsightedness& presbyopia
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. I have I have farsightedness& presbyopia as follo
kotaak 2016-05-15
no replies yet

extreme anger and tensions/looking for advice from a doctorr
I havebeen suffering from low back pain and leg pain since 2 yrs without any apparent caus
aasia2222 2016-04-23
4   aasia2222 last year

Fluke (Parasites)
Hello! What is a good homeopathic remedy for fluke parasites in the intestine & liver?
bingo1 2016-05-14
1   akshaymohl last year

plz help for extra cranial heamngioma AVM
i am 29 years old and have extra cranial heamongioma AVM (arteriovenous malformation) abo
zafarullah khan 2015-09-11
4   zafarullah khan last year

Treating ODD in child
Looking for advice on naturally treating my 8 year old son's ODD. Any advice and expe
mainemomma07 2016-05-13
1   fitness last year

Fever and cold
My 2 year old baby boy always having cough and cold and sometimes fever also, he's ha
Bgneha 2016-05-14
1   fitness last year

I m 51 years old male.I have been suffering from severe heartburn from several years. It o
mkh2000 2016-05-14
1   fitness last year

Skin Disease
I have been suffering from ringworm for about 4 months. I was diagnosed by alopathy last m

riyazahmad5 2016-04-22
17   riyazahmad5 last year

Plz save my life,..neck pain ,stiffness..head heaviness
Respected sir, my age is 33 im suffering frm neck mild pain but more stiffness.since 2011
ravindra kumar 2016-05-01
4   ravindra kumar last year

Dear Sir, My mother who is 84 years old.The USG reveals that she got 13.1mm 2calculi in CH
udit34 2016-05-14
1   nawazkhan last year

Since last2 month feeling frozen shoulder feeling ,upon checking now found Ra fator 31.3 I
nnnodi 2016-05-12
3   nnnodi last year

premature ejac
I discovered my sex life at the earliest age (13 or 14 may be) and since then masturbated
umar 2016-05-14
no replies yet

Weak penis viens
I am 26 yr old masturbating since 15 years,due to which i have damaged my penis viens, now
hp1990 2016-05-14
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Baby Cough and Cold
Please suggest some medicine for my 2 year old baby boy. It happens almost every month. An
Bgneha 2016-05-13
1   nawazkhan last year

anacardium 200c
hello, my user name is Comet3 and I would like to ask few info. I have a tendency of ruini
comet3 2016-05-13
1   nawazkhan last year

Watery discharge after ear-piercing
My niece, eight and half, had ear-piercing some months ago. You know, in Indian subcontin
JollyBoy 2016-05-10
2   JollyBoy last year

Mild Autism 3 years and 9 month
PLEASE HELP my son have mild autism I need remedy for him with Doctor and I will give all
Virgo 123 2016-04-22
7   Virgo 123 last year

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
I am 25 years old male from India. I have obsessive compulsive disorder since many years.
Ungo 2016-05-09
3   homeo_helper last year

Safe to take nat phos during pregnancy
Hello Doc Joe, Ive been taking the Nat Phos for my GERD some time in 2011 or 2012. I wonde
jully 2016-05-12
no replies yet

Please help husband's severe eczema
After 15 or so years of seeing dermatologists and using steroid creams for his eczema, my
abcgirl 2006-02-25
8   davidgeffen last year

Lightheadedness/Vertigo issues
Hello, I have been experiencing varying vertigo issues since mid-March 2016. My symptoms
PlantNerd 2016-05-12
2   PlantNerd last year

Remedy for farsightedness/presbyopia
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. I have I have farsightedness/presbyopia as follows
kotaak 2016-05-12
no replies yet

blood clot in penis tissue
Dear doctor, before one year doctor gave me papaverine injection for penile examination,er
tutul 2008-01-29
7   fergus91 last year

Fatigue , Poor Sleep and Muscle weakness
Hi Folks, for some time I have been suffering with Poor Quality Sleep. I wake up every day
KcG955 2016-05-11
1   nawazkhan last year

Milia on Face Urgent Help
I am an 18 year old girl with oily skin. I am learning to be a makeup artist so I wore hea
amazingsoul 2016-05-10
1   kadwa last year

9 yr old Upper Left Ab Pain
Hello. My daughter developed this sharp pain about 6 weeks ago. Patient ID: NR Sex:F Age:
concernedmom1 2016-05-11
1   kadwa last year

Can a remedy make symptoms worse?
Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm also quite new to homeopathy. I've attende
Earthling 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Dr. Kadwa please help pain on scortum
Hellow sir, I am 24 years old. 60 days ago i have affected orchitis right side scortum. On
rodro 2016-05-08
2   kadwa last year

Anxious,Shy,Scared Dog
Hello, We have a 5 month old Lab/Golden Rescue dog.. She is scared of everyone.. She warme
Bella4 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Canine Pemphigus
I am caring for a 12 year old Min Pin who is diabetic and has pemphigus. The pemphigus ap
Furbabymom64 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Small Penis and lack of erection
Doctor, Since my childhood, my penis has been very small. It never grew till now. I am

Bash 2016-02-24
15   kadwa last year

Remedy after inmicals
Hi how do u give a remedy which is indicated if a previous remedy is administered which is
hema79 2016-05-09
1   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy (Weak erections)
Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy Hello doc., Inm 26 years old male,I have been
hp1990 2016-05-07
3   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa plzz help..im in worse situation
sir i started masturbating since i was 16 yrs everthing was good but from past 3 yrs the s
rohan094 2016-05-12
no replies yet

Bipolar Diorder Manic Phase.
Hi , My Mom is suffering in very abnormal behavior from past 1 month. below is her sympto
seekremedy 2016-05-11
1   akshaymohl last year

Help! Recurring staph infection in kids
I need help getting rid of staphylococcus which is lingering in our household! In the past
rania1403 2016-03-10
11   tatia.chachava last year

Please help: recurring staph infection in kids
I need help getting rid of staphylococcus which is lingering in our household! In the past

rania1403 2016-04-03
24   tatia.chachava last year

Friend's Mother with chronic illness
Hi my Mum's friend has a chronic illness but her Mindset is the problem at the moment
KcG955 2016-04-14
7   KcG955 last year

Please Advise Medicine for stricture urethra and cystitis
Dear Dr,I am 35 years old unmarried Guy. I am facing urinary low flow and some time drop p
Qadri1 2016-05-11
1   fitness last year

Please Help! Lipomas all over my body
Hi, I have been suffering from lipomas on my arms, abdomen, ribs, back and thighs from mor
qavi007 2016-05-08
2   fitness last year

Joepathy can treat Hemophilia successfully.
I would like to share my experience in the treatment of 2 patients (Boys one 9 years old a
Joe De Livera 2010-03-15
3   Joe De Livera last year

Knee Swelling
Dear Dr. Mohla Amazing!, your suggested medicine worked wonders. She started showing lot o
Ranjita1 2016-05-11
1   akshaymohl last year

Sun rash
Whenever I go out in the sun my skin which is exposed starts itching and becomes red. The
Bbsr1 2016-05-10
3   akshaymohl last year

Dear sir I am a 21 year old guy. Masturbating from last 10 years and watching porn but now
rajat5510 2016-05-08
4   agriz last year

Shrunk and shortened penis, High desire of sex
Age is 25 Unmarried I have following problems, I use to do masturbate since a long time
teddstone 2016-05-11
no replies yet

Dr. Kadwa plz help.
I want to know,can over masturbation damage penis nerves. Actualy due to o.m my penis hard
hp1990 2016-05-11
no replies yet

hemophilia factor xiii defeciency
hi could any one please help me regarding my grand son having hemophilia factor xiii defe

drmohib 2006-05-11
19   Sturzow last year

Retina detatchment
After retina detatchment,operation done.Now ,there is thread which gives irritation and in
cholingam 2016-05-11
no replies yet

Sequential Therapy
Dear All, I have read about the sequential use of nosodes psor,med,tub and lueticu
Albert 2011-08-28
5   Albert last year

Frequent urination after problems at work
Here's my story: I'm a 24 yo guy. Back in July 2015 I started having frequent u
VentusHeart 2016-05-09
1   VentusHeart last year

How do I use Lycopodium safely and effectively for chronic conditions?
Hi, all of my symptoms match perfectly with Lycopodium. However, I have read that Lycopodi

gnomebuddy 2016-04-23
20   homeodr last year

Penis shrunk (retrenched) tight scrotum, ejaculation without orgasm
Dear Team I am 34, ht. 5.9", wt 74 kg. My penis size was 5" flaccid. Used to
Samirtreat 2016-05-01
3   Samirtreat last year

Knee Swelling
My wife had been suffering from severe arthritic pain. She is almost 5ft weighing 82kg.
Ranjita1 2016-05-08
5   Ranjita1 last year

miscarriage after 7 weeks
i married 3.5 years ago. During this tenure my wife got pregnant 4 times. each time she go
laeeq.ahmed 2016-05-09
4   fitness last year

Male infertility
Dear Drs., Please tell me some remedy for my erectile dysfunction and to treat male hormo

Sivaji1 2016-03-16
30   harry250513 last year

Dr Nawaz, please help. Weak built, Low on confidence, great Anxiety
Dear Dr., I have listed all my problem below, please suggest remedy for me. 1. Age :34 2

aftabuddin 2016-03-01
64   nawazkhan last year

I have been suffering with rosacea and migraines since I was a child. I was curious as to
celirain 2016-05-07
2   celirain last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy
Hello my name narvel age 23 male, doc i am having stammering since childhood, its sudenly
Nndr 2016-04-20
10   Nndr last year

Dr Kadwa...plz help
I am 36 year old guy suffering from followinsyndrome:-1.nervousness duringinterview/meetin
Rahul_prakash 2016-05-08
2   Rahul_prakash last year

A friend of mine is suffering from insomnia Dhe falls asleep easily but wakes up after 3-
hema79 2016-05-09
no replies yet

left back and leg pain
my pain had started 1.5 yr ago while i was washing clothes bending down and went away in 2
ishu1 2016-04-23
2   Krishnakumar1 last year

dr Nawaz, help on jaw pain and heaviness etc
Hi Dr Khan, I am isha77 . I had taken your advise for my Bartholins cyst on the forum qui
isha77 2016-05-06
6   nawazkhan last year

Enlarged adenoids-2,5 year old boy
Greeting! We have a son and a daughter age 2.5 years, twins. My daughter has no problem, t
rklecka 2016-05-06
3   mnaari last year

Please Dr. kadwa help
[message deleted by ismail1 on Thu, 12 May 2016 04:59:58 UTC]
ismail1 2016-05-05
3   ismail1 last year

Enlarged adonoids-Dr Kadwa
Greeting! We have a son and a daughter age 2.5 years, twins. My daughter has no problem, t
rklecka 2016-05-06
3   kadwa last year

Dry, hot , rough mouth
I am 76 year old male and had a bout of typhoid some moths ago. I have by and large recove
hpadda 2016-05-07
2   kadwa last year

wrist joint disorder
My wrist joint contain a fluid layer frome ten year how can I treat it
viraj1 2016-05-07
1   kadwa last year

Dr kadwa please help need a proper remedy
Hello doc., Inm 26 years old male,I have been masturbating since age of 12 ,now I m facin
hp1990 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

Liver cirrhosis
Due to Liver cirrhosis tummy remains tight often. Please suggest medicine. We are giving
amirmunirmughal 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

4 year old attention problem
Hi I have a son who is 4 almost 5 years old who gets distracted very easily - especially
Am123 2016-05-06
1   kadwa last year

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