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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Need some help please
Hi there, I need help, I have extremely dry skin...
1shomail ahmad08:06 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
Allergic cough and cold
I am having repeated attacks of Cough, Cold, Sneez... [LAST PAGE]
23pchauhan08:02 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
29 Male from india
Hi, I am suffering form Becker melanosis since la...
1yuv1234507:53 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
To Dr Kadwa
sir it is about my only son. age:9 months wei...
3adnan74107:44 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
Dear Dr.Kadwa Please help
I am 28 years old and unmarried . 5.5 feet, 56 kg ...
4billal07:35 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
dear dr. kadwa for pe ,help please
I am 30 years old male. Weight 57 kg, 5 ft 7 inch,...
7akbarhosen07:30 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
Dear doctor, my father is 74 years old. He had pos...
5azade07:29 26 Nov 14 by azade
dr. kadwa please help
I am 30 years old male. Weight 57 kg, 5 ft 7 inch,...
6humaun07:27 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
dr. kadwa please advice
I am akbor. 29 years old & unmarried. 56 kg we...
4akbor07:25 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
My Mother 55 yrs old completely paralyzed
Hi Rishimba, My Mom is been paralyzed and compl... [LAST PAGE]
15rd12307:16 26 Nov 14 by rishimba
wet dream problem
Sir I m 32 years old male married I got the habbit...
3javed 121307:12 26 Nov 14 by kadwa
Hiatal Herenia
Dear Doctor, i am being diagonized with hital h...
0tiswannachat06:12 26 Nov 14 by
Attention: Dr. Rishimba , please treat coughing
Dr. Rishimba , my brother is 44 years old . he i...
1jesmin666606:09 26 Nov 14 by rishimba
Degeneration of brain cells
Dear forum My aunt is around 70 years but for t...
1dpvsingh05:24 26 Nov 14 by gaintrox
left side paralysis due to right side stroke due to blood vessel rupture , allopathy diagnosed as CNS vasculitis an auto immune disorder
I have problems especially in my left leg ( due to... [LAST PAGE]
13khurana7605:07 26 Nov 14 by khurana76
Correct dosage advice needed
I have purchased Natrum Mur the 1M strength as I...
2Greekbabe 23:04 25 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Wanted:How to find the simillimum with Boger-Boenninghausen's Repertory
I was curious if any of the great homemopaths on t...
0Fernando22:40 25 Nov 14 by
Arsen alb 30c
please forgive me i'm new to all this but hav...
11rcharris20:51 25 Nov 14 by rcharris
6 1/2 years old sinus
Hi. My son suffers from continuous blocked nose wi...
3thereseazar20:12 25 Nov 14 by simone717
anxiety self distorted case
hello forum, I am a 37 yr male with anxiety whi... [LAST PAGE]
21dpvsingh15:36 25 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
Attention : J.K. Mohla , please treating Coughing

[message deleted by jesmin6666 on Wed, 26 Nov ...
1jesmin666615:28 25 Nov 14 by jesmin6666
Excessive nightfall for past 8 years
hello sir/mam i m 26 yr old male suffering from ni...
6prince12345612:40 25 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Evocatione,r can you help please?
Rash with white patches on arms and legs A frie...
0sunflower9911:23 25 Nov 14 by
Lecuderma..vitilago treatment
Hi Doctors i am a 40 years woman.I have vitilago...
6balak 11:03 25 Nov 14 by balak
rheumatology problem
hi, my mother is suffering from RHEUMATOLOGY ha...
2111chandu09:33 25 Nov 14 by 111chandu
Urgency, frequency & dribbling of Urine
I am 70 years old presently living in Saudi Arabia... [LAST PAGE]
17shareefmm907:19 25 Nov 14 by sunfield00
Aadeniod hypertrophy
We have visited ENT surgeon for my son, 11 yrs old...
1geethap12306:50 25 Nov 14 by gaintrox
Nodules under skin on chest and itching scalp
Hi, Can anybody recommend a remedy to get rid o... [LAST PAGE]
16nature_girl06:06 25 Nov 14 by rishimba
Antidote for Nux vomica
I am using Nux vomica to cure hernia. It has cre...
5taimmur03:53 25 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Remedy Relationships
Assalamu Alaikum! I'm a practitioner. While ...
2electronics.14303:11 25 Nov 14 by mike d
Allergic to pepper
Hello Experts, I am allergi...
3SamAlpha01:21 25 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Going for wedding with Extreme PE
Dear Sir, I had habit of masturbating since age o...
4Honestsmile_ca20:43 24 Nov 14 by Honestsmile_ca
7 1/2 years old daughter's cough
These symptoms used to happen every month when she... [LAST PAGE]
20thereseazar18:49 24 Nov 14 by simone717
Dr Kadwa help please
I have extremely dry skin and lips, I use Vaseli...
0shomail ahmad18:05 24 Nov 14 by
My 1 1/2 years old son cold & cough
On October 8, my son started coughing, specially w... [LAST PAGE]
22thereseazar16:07 24 Nov 14 by thereseazar
Dear Sir/Madam, Please provide me some fruitful...
6Sagheer78614:46 24 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
Hyper Acidity Problem
Dear Sir, My height is 5.6 and my weight was only...
12roby.pets08:43 24 Nov 14 by rishimba
Daughters have worms
My 5 years old had worms and in the past my 8 year... [LAST PAGE]
15Lemifi07:36 24 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
Mercurius Vivus dosing..?
Hi all, I was mercury poisioned 5 years ago. ... [LAST PAGE]
21ramheight607:23 24 Nov 14 by rishimba
dosage of nux vomica 30
I just want to check how many drops of nux vomica...
4transcend06:43 24 Nov 14 by simone717
Pain in arm after Herpes zoster
My mother 76 y/o suffered from herpes zoster 30 ... [LAST PAGE]
13mksoni02:17 24 Nov 14 by mksoni
Sedative for babies
Hello, I will be travelling by flight with my 8 mo...
1SanyaNeal22:59 23 Nov 14 by simone717
Warts treated with Human Hair
I have read many appeals for help with the treatme...
2Joe De Livera20:40 23 Nov 14 by abhimanyu14
Ovarian tube blockage
My wife is 44 years old now. We got married on 200...
2mkh200017:47 23 Nov 14 by Zady101
Diabetes, BP, Arthritis
Dear Sir, My mother age is around 65 years. She...
1Sagheer78611:05 23 Nov 14 by kadwa
i have following problems. -when i get up from be...
1mathav10:54 23 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Asthama in 5yo child (Advise required from Dr Kadwa)
Dear Dr Kadwa I would like to seek your help for ...
10atulcfcl10:27 23 Nov 14 by kadwa
An elderly women after a series infections and antibiotic treatments
Dear All, my grandmother, 90 years old, suffere...
5Lukasz Liniewicz08:15 23 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
Hashimoto's and OCD
Hello, my name is kiran and i seen your posts on a...
1kiran2207:40 23 Nov 14 by rishimba
Weight Loss
Hi! I'm 32 yo, female.. I'm 5'1'...
1mpc8203:46 23 Nov 14 by gaintrox
mild gastritis after gallbladder removal
I had my gallbladder removed two years ago, recent...
3gailbm 03:36 23 Nov 14 by gaintrox
Effexor withdrawl and symptoms, please help
I have been weaning myself of Effexor with my doct... [LAST PAGE]
3496Cindyd18:38 22 Nov 14 by Lookingforserenity
Drying of pellets
I have a question. I got some homeopathic medicine...
3bieny17:04 22 Nov 14 by bieny
Low pituitary gland hormones??
Hi Today I got my lab results. My FSH, TSH and ...
0ramheight616:34 22 Nov 14 by
Pimples on back and cold
Hi.. I am 29 and i am having red itchy pimples on ...
1aly.irshad15:42 22 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
In 1993, I experienced headache in the left side o...
8kailash.barick14:29 22 Nov 14 by kailash.barick
allergy helppp rishimba maaam
Hi i m 23 yr female .n i m realy very upset...bcz ... [LAST PAGE]
74angelena george 13:23 22 Nov 14 by angelena george
hi i have a chalazion in the lower lid of my lef...
7roro605:42 22 Nov 14 by Niki2424
insomania + chronic constipation
My wife aged 52, was done hysterectomy. She is suf...
4bvakrishna04:18 22 Nov 14 by shouse_nsk
for enlargement
lots of male are dissatisfying with their organ wi...
1DrMChang00:42 22 Nov 14 by simone717
Sexual undesirables of my wife
Dear Dr. My wife is suffering from sexual undesir...
4shashiru16:39 21 Nov 14 by realityphantom
help with cavities
My daughter is only 3 but has a mouth full of cavi...
3Needremedies05:09 21 Nov 14 by simone717
Dr. Kadwa Contact Details
Respected Dr. Kadwa I am suffering from some ailme...
2orionis8304:06 21 Nov 14 by orionis83
Serious Retention Problems
I hope someone here in this forum could advise me ... [LAST PAGE]
18kindle02:38 21 Nov 14 by kindle
absent menses
absent menses from 4 years.high FSH and Lh...
3afeerairfan19:51 20 Nov 14 by nawazkhan
Dr.Mehfuz/ Dr.David/Dr. Kadwa plz help me..Tuberculosis knots in neck during pregnancy
Dear sir, My wife has TB knots on both side of ... [LAST PAGE]
19ankit11116:39 20 Nov 14 by ankit111
Taken from the proving of Firefly (Lamporhiza sple...
8brisbanehomoeopath14:44 20 Nov 14 by beth88
Anyone with experience with Staphisagria

[message deleted by mrahsanahmad on Sat, 30 Ma...
6mrahsanahmad14:25 20 Nov 14 by mrahsanahmad
premature ejaculation
hi This is viki, i am 31 years old ,and having p... [LAST PAGE]
16viki012:31 20 Nov 14 by waqaspuri
My daughter is suffering from montly period problem due to hormon
Hi My daughter Auyony is 23 years old. From 13 ye... [LAST PAGE]
14Parveen Kawsar10:54 20 Nov 14 by Parveen Kawsar
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