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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Feeling spacey, weird and ungrounded
Hi, I am a 53 year old female just reaching menop... [LAST PAGE]
31pinkfrost09:04 27 Jan 15 by pinkfrost
Suffering with antral gastritis and also h.pylori positive.
Hello sir, its been more than one year , that i h...
5kamal upadhyay07:57 27 Jan 15 by gaintrox
about piles
hi i m suffering from piles .hard stool. about 4 ...
9swatiii07:46 27 Jan 15 by gaintrox
fish bone in throat, to swallow or remove!
hi, yesterday I swallowed a small fishbone, it is ...
1mscarried07:43 27 Jan 15 by gaintrox
3 month old baby has RSV( respiratory Syncytial Viral)infection
Hello, My 3 month old baby is coughing severely a...
5Misssethi06:02 27 Jan 15 by Misssethi
thread ended
evocationer is too literal blah [message edited by...
2greenmeto 01:34 27 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Need medicines for Impotence,ED problems
Drs., I am Krishnamurthe and 34 years old and unma... [LAST PAGE]
14BMTY123401:13 27 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
Weak erections
Hi I have the following symptoms since long: 1. ...
4drHaq01:04 27 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
Pls help:Decreased breast milk supply
Hi doctors, My baby is 5 months old and have inad...
1homeoashwas22:00 26 Jan 15 by fitness
Catarrh in chest, Hair fall, memory loss, odorful sweatin from feet, under arms
Patient Age: 19, Weight: 71 kg, Height:168 cm Maj...
3arghyaprmnk21:50 26 Jan 15 by fitness
I am 20 years old, my major problems is Hair fall greying hair, others are below!
In Ayurveda, "Amla Juice"(Indian gross b...
2arghyaprmnk 18:37 26 Jan 15 by simone717
dr kadwa need help with hair loss
hello doctor my problem is that I have hair loss...
0kunal_rana12:12 26 Jan 15 by
Dr.Kadwa Pls help: my mothers problem
The first toe of my mothers right leg is paining f...
4shaurya08:31 26 Jan 15 by kadwa
Urethral Stricture, Scar Tissue
Hi Drs, I am new to this forum could any one help ... [LAST PAGE]
39newyou03:50 26 Jan 15 by nawazkhan
Foreskin use to retract earlier, now it is attached to glans near the urethra opening.
Hi, My foreskin used to retract earlier. But rece...
0sandeep198401:48 26 Jan 15 by
Hi, I am male 36 with -3.25 eye glasses and I wan...
0ahmedhu01:07 26 Jan 15 by
Antidote Question
Hi. I'm taking lots of vitamins in addition t...
5Scarlito10:13 25 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Cystic acne, excessive hair growth on trunk, impaired circulation
At 22 y. o. a. I developed an eating disorder for ...
3Dayla 05:52 25 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
I am a 25 year old male, I am the only child of my... [LAST PAGE]
14akshaymutant503:10 25 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Natrum Mur and Ignitia
What is the side effect of Natrum Mur 10M and Ig...
1amitnaidu311222:08 24 Jan 15 by simone717
Catarrh in chest, Memory loss, odorly sweating from feet under arms, Hair fall , Indigenisation
Patient Age: 19, Weight: 71 kg, Height:168 cm Ma...
1arghyaprmnk 20:15 24 Jan 15 by gaintrox
dr nawazkhan please help!!!!
my dog is suffering from anal gland abscess for 2 ... [LAST PAGE]
77ceaser17:42 24 Jan 15 by simone717
Psorinum 200 + Sulphur 30 for itching ?
Hi , I was going through a lot of suffering sin...
6llchintsll17:04 24 Jan 15 by llchintsll
pls. suggest the piles treatment
dear sir, i have a piles from last 6 months. i ...
3MANISH_SAUMYA13:16 24 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Acid reflux in 4 week old
hello, My 4-week old son has been diagnosed wit...
1Tanvil10:15 24 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
homeopathy versus herbal tinctures
hello, I am wondering what the difference is betw...
2jooni08:55 24 Jan 15 by jooni
Evocationer please help
Dear Evocationer, I have read your profile. I thin...
0hardarsh singh07:32 24 Jan 15 by
hyperactive vagus nerve irritation in stomach
Can you help me to get the homoepathic remedy for ...
9mukesh_mca 06:22 24 Jan 15 by gedra
male sexual problem
age 27 male unmarried sir I have been mastubratio...
0ask7404:35 24 Jan 15 by
Sexual Weakness and Nervous Exhaustion
Dear Docs, I am 28 years old male suffering wi... [LAST PAGE]
14mumairb01:51 24 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
Is it proving symptoms by RUMEX ?
After taking two dose RUMEX-30, my 6 years old c...
5riyad20222:03 23 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Please guide
I am taking Kali phosphoricum .I want to take su...
1cheema202021:59 23 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Nesha_Help wanted : Nose lost it's ability to smell
I am not sure how to describe my the symptoms, I w... [LAST PAGE]
15SeattleGuy 21:57 23 Jan 15 by Evocationer
BoooBooo : Arthritis & Gout Treatment
The word ' arthritis ' literally means j...
2booobooo 19:09 23 Jan 15 by simone717
Urine problem Scar tissue
Hi, Please help..I am a man at 61 Asian,5ft 7inch,... [LAST PAGE]
3485tony12:16 23 Jan 15 by 85tony
Please doctor help me, Please suggest a right remedy for me
In Ayurveda, "Amla Juice"(Indian gross b...
0arghyaprmnk 09:20 23 Jan 15 by
Dog just peed blood has been vomiting and has diahrrea EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP
My dog has puked a few times in the last couple ho...
1sydney15406:10 23 Jan 15 by kadwa
Male Hormone inbalance
Recently I have lost facial hair and eye brow hair...
1jkull3106:04 23 Jan 15 by kadwa
Chronic Nocturnal emission
i had first of my nocturnal emission (NE) at the a...
1amitsingh1989 05:35 23 Jan 15 by kadwa
low bp amd temperature
My wife is unwell Suffered severe cough recentlyr...
3dpnctl05:30 23 Jan 15 by kadwa
What is problem with my sperm
Hi sir 25 years years first time in my life. jab ...
0jeetdsingh1606 05:28 23 Jan 15 by
Wart in the sole
I have a wart in my left sole. It is like a double...
3abha ayan05:26 23 Jan 15 by kadwa
Solution for ED possible.
'Hi , I am 29 recently married and is being fa...
9heman12305:20 23 Jan 15 by heman123
gelsemium 200 ck and turmeric
I have been having flue like symptoms for a long t...
11scotty j 00:28 23 Jan 15 by Evocationer
How to Make A Solution
Hi All, Can someone explain the easiest way to ...
4mishelle7622:59 22 Jan 15 by mishelle76
facial complexion not matching body complexion
hello all homeopaths... i really want help pllllz...
0celeron 18:02 22 Jan 15 by
Problem with prostrate / prostatitis - Help will be much appreciated
Hello all, Let me tell you a bit about myself. ...
2hproblem16:30 22 Jan 15 by hproblem
Is this safe for humams?
It's for dogs but if it's safe for human...
1JordyGuy14:13 22 Jan 15 by JordyGuy
Dear Sir, M 28 years old. M suffering from Hyper...
6naveendelhi13:08 22 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
help me doctors
Dear doctor I am a 26 years old male and i hav...
05hashi13:05 22 Jan 15 by
premature ejaculation
Dear doctor I am a 26 years old male and i hav...
15hashi13:04 22 Jan 15 by 5hashi
Remedy for bleeding due to radiation proctitis
I received radiation on my lower abdomen area duri...
5abha ayan12:07 22 Jan 15 by shouse_nsk
Fear of making mistakes
I have severe problem. Whenever i speak anything o...
6bill goldberg11:57 22 Jan 15 by akshaymohl
hearing problem in right ear
My son is 14 year old. From childhood he is not ab...
2vinay40510:19 22 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
No period since August
Sir, My niece, aged 18 years was having regular p...
2nnagamahesh 10:18 22 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
Hi Dr. Hope you are well. I have been having se...
1bill2009:52 22 Jan 15 by gaintrox
use of calcarea flour 200+ Dr. recheweg Germany R36 + Dr. Reckeweg Germany Five Phosph 6X
sir, I am currently 27yr Male, body weight 75-8...
1robil1509:26 22 Jan 15 by gaintrox
Anstral erossive gastrisis
sir., i have suffering for lower left side Stomach...
1amit66 08:39 22 Jan 15 by rishimba
Compulsive hair twirling
Does anyone know the remedies indicated for compul...
3ruth4504:16 22 Jan 15 by Evocationer
saw palmetto for acne teenage boy
My son is 15 and has been battling cystic acne f...
7rlwebb23:43 21 Jan 15 by Evocationer
Dog with Pyometra
Hi, My dog was rushed to the vet on New Years Eve...
8skylark21:23 21 Jan 15 by fitness
ipf idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis ATTN: Dr. Mohla
Dear Dr., A friend, male 66 years old, had sho...
2vtechy118:58 21 Jan 15 by vtechy1
i have prostatorrhea any medicine for me...
Please help me, mera age 20 saal hai aur mujhe p...
2IndianSubrata 16:11 21 Jan 15 by nick999
Sever Anal Eaching in 2 Year Old Kid
My Daughter 2 years old is suffering from Sever An... [LAST PAGE]
13HARI_DELHI14:19 21 Jan 15 by bapu4
Help : severe dryness in right eye
Please help me. I have severe dryness in my right ...
1deboj13:26 21 Jan 15 by telescope
Chronic Fatigue Sindrom !!!
Hello, my name is Iulian, I am 29 years old. I ha... [LAST PAGE]
15Iulian_stb13:16 21 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
medicine for social anxiety
dear doctors, I'm 26 years old white female....
7casablanca8812:59 21 Jan 15 by nawazkhan
I have uterine fibroids and i m trying to conceive...
10Nida190512:51 21 Jan 15 by nawazkhan
Premature Ejaculation & preganancy issue
Dear Dr. I am facing serious problem of premature... [LAST PAGE]
28amit143mishra11:28 21 Jan 15 by amit143mishra
Fever with vomiting
My 7 yrs old son has mild fever and vomiting after...
1nikkikumar06:04 21 Jan 15 by homeo.mzp
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