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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Toddler Terrible Sleeper
I have a 21month old who is a terrible sleeper. We...
3H313n18:00 16 Feb 15 by fitness
Sweating of foot
My foots are Sweating at evening time when wearing...
6anir84417:43 16 Feb 15 by fitness
Help with BPH and sex drive.
I've had prostate problems most of my life. I...
5petelg17:42 16 Feb 15 by fitness
Cholestrol & Triglyceride
Dear Doctor/ Friends My Lipid Profile report is a...
5Krish7474 17:37 16 Feb 15 by fitness
Low grade fever, protein in urine
Hello, My husband did a check-up today. Turned ou...
4koshka17:00 16 Feb 15 by koshka
prostate inflammation pls help
male,36 from uk started the problem back in septe...
3nassim16:51 16 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Itching and Xantholesma
Patient ID: Pinky1957 Sex: Female Age: 58 ...
1pinky195716:41 16 Feb 15 by rishimba
strabismus in left eye
Respected Doctors Of Homeopathy, I am 39 yrs o...
1Vitjana16:31 16 Feb 15 by rishimba
hyper pigmentation problem
Dear Sir from past 2 years i m suffering from hype...
1sayanprad16:26 16 Feb 15 by rishimba
Interstitial Lung Disease
Hello Dr, I'm 64 year old - male. Weight ...
2rchandra13:27 16 Feb 15 by rchandra
Please help with Ear infection:(((
I`ve had a mild earache in my right ear for a week...
4wonderzoozoo 06:12 16 Feb 15 by droydeb
premature ejaculation.
Hi All. I am 25 years old. Height is 5'7'...
1kkrai12m06:07 16 Feb 15 by kadwa
chronic urografin contrast side effects
sir i had c.t scan contrast whole abdomen ...
1mykhanisone05:43 16 Feb 15 by kadwa
Cartilage regenerater, Arthritis, joints pain, lumber pain, spondolysis, rheumatic arthritis,
it is cartilage generator for the joint pain in a ... [LAST PAGE]
39deoshlok05:42 16 Feb 15 by deoshlok
Stomach pain
2 days back i had terrible stomach pain in the reg...
1swapnil patel05:37 16 Feb 15 by kadwa
Heartburn, gas, burning in stomach
Dear Doctors! I have started using acid phos Q ...
4mnaari05:30 16 Feb 15 by kadwa
Pcos and trying to get pragnent
Hi I am a 36 years old PCOS sufferer. I was diagno...
1Iwanka7805:26 16 Feb 15 by Iwanka78
skin problem
Dear dr. Kadwa I want to know homeopathy medicin...
3johna9095 05:15 16 Feb 15 by kadwa
siberian eleuthero vs siberian root (are they the same?)
Recently I found a blog talking about a combinatio...
3TattooHound04:05 16 Feb 15 by simone717
Pl help: Dr. Nawaz
Sir,I am 44 year male and facing these problems/sy...
0cheema202003:31 16 Feb 15 by
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hello there, I have the following problem. My mom...
3Delinquent03:20 16 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
My husband is 49 years old and suffers from bouts ...
2jazmine701:45 16 Feb 15 by jazmine7
brayta carb30 how many tablets in a day,symphytumq...
1bkushal21:22 15 Feb 15 by Evocationer
Runny nose in 9 month old
My 9 mo old has a runny nose...its clear and very ...
3EveleneJ18:42 15 Feb 15 by fitness
sexuall weakness
Am 19 years old from Nigeria but am suffering from...
1ubeh 117:24 15 Feb 15 by simone717
Permanent solution for children allergic cough problem
My son is 6 years old and he always has cough seve...
1ashu7314:45 15 Feb 15 by gaintrox
Excess Heat in body
Hello. I have excess heat in body. My body is hot,...
5Hari00713:07 15 Feb 15 by gaintrox
Looking for a execllent homeopathy Dr for sexual problem
Do you happen to know best Homeopath Dr. with lot ...
4jcakjone 12:47 15 Feb 15 by jcakjone
Burning sensation on top of head
Dear Sir My age 35, male. Kindly help, my to...
3dnm00707:18 15 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Sweating of foot
My foots are sweating at evening when I am wearing...
2anir84406:04 15 Feb 15 by anir844
Tooth root resorption
I have a specific problem with my tooth root, it&#...
4Eoja140702:37 15 Feb 15 by shouse_nsk
Abused cat
I volunteer in cat rescue work. A colleague from ...
10SophieP23:21 14 Feb 15 by SophieP
Dr Nawaz Plz help
Gender: Male Age: 21 Body Type: average Height...
0hariskhan20:20 14 Feb 15 by
Increase your height
sir i m taking baryata carb 30 3 drops thrice in ...
5bharat73719:46 14 Feb 15 by simone717
3yrs old baby suffering from cough & cold, vomiting. Pls HELP!!!
At the time of birth my baby cried after 1 minute ... [LAST PAGE]
28aguy123 19:28 14 Feb 15 by aguy123
Ventricular Rate - 91 BPM - Prescribe Homeopathy Medicine
hello dr, my wife is 54 years old. weight : 5...
0rchandra18:06 14 Feb 15 by
Lipoma - Need remedy
Hi, I am 34 year male. Form last 3-4 years I...
3niteshgp16:03 14 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Retinal haemorrhage
my mother is 55yrs old. she is highly myopic.she s...
7Dr.Charul Rajput15:41 14 Feb 15 by satishk83
nightfall problem
Sir fitness..it happens in interval of two days......
6rohit majumdar 14:39 14 Feb 15 by fitness
Thanks [message edited by Swarovski on Sun, 20 Nov...
11Swarovski09:27 14 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
My daughter is 20 years old now and in 2nd year Co... [LAST PAGE]
19lajaka06:31 14 Feb 15 by rishimba
Liver - possibly gallbladder stones
Hi There, I am hoping that someone might be able... [LAST PAGE]
30camendt 04:44 14 Feb 15 by camendt
help! i would like to know if there is anything in homeopathy for eye lash growth?
Many thanks!...
0homeoashwas04:10 14 Feb 15 by
Spasticity after Brain Stroke
My Father aged 56years had a brain stroke on 1st M...
1deepakkumar00:23 14 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
5 years labrador suffering from PARVO..URGENT
Sir, My 5 years labrador is suffering from parv...
10sobhan19:35 13 Feb 15 by drsnehanshusaha
increase height at 28
I am 28 now and 5'4" height. Is there a...
1jjuuggll17:24 13 Feb 15 by simone717
night terrors 2 YO
My 2 years old cries and screams in his sleep almo...
7bluesky7717:04 13 Feb 15 by simone717
Brain fog and fear to talk
I am Bappy Ahmed, 24 years old, 5'7" lo...
5Bappy 15:04 13 Feb 15 by gaintrox
Hyperactive Kid
My Child is 4 years old, and is very hyperactive ... [LAST PAGE]
56fakhruddin.mota14:21 13 Feb 15 by Zady101
Mid Uretor Stone
Sir I have 9mm stone in the mid uretor...45 daysag...
3ischana13:00 13 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
I have pilonidal sinus from last 9 years
please help me I am from asia but living in mexico... [LAST PAGE]
13merjaaaan12:48 13 Feb 15 by nawazkhan
Erectile dysfunction and low sperm count
Hello Doctors, I am 34 years old male from Indi... [LAST PAGE]
25ved123411:42 13 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Adenoid hypertrophy
My son is 11 years old and he is diagnosed with Ad...
6geethap12308:47 13 Feb 15 by geethap123
Precum Leakage, Premature Ejaculation
I am 28 Year. I have exessive Precum Problem. When...
6neoxsense06:33 13 Feb 15 by neoxsense
Psychological erectile dysfunction
Hi, I am 42 years old male, healthy, tall (1.7...
8frequrination05:07 13 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Aggitation. Overdose? Wrong potency?
Dear all, I am a 28 yo male from Indiana. After...
7homeod02:52 13 Feb 15 by simone717
dns+nasal congestion+gal stone
Hello Forum I am 35 yr male , having acute DNS an...
1amagan01:33 13 Feb 15 by telescope
Warts Thuja C30
Hi :) I have a white ingrown wart on the sole o...
1janecp01:23 13 Feb 15 by Evocationer
I want to stop drinking alcohol, but have been uns...
4opdeb00:18 13 Feb 15 by simone717
need good doc advice.
am 39 male. married since 7 years no child. iam su...
0desikarachi77720:34 12 Feb 15 by
iam 25 years old and i am male .my height is 5ft2 ...
1bkushal19:08 12 Feb 15 by gaintrox
Female with Guttate and Plaque Psoriasis
Hello. I am seeking advice that will help clear my... [LAST PAGE]
17tchand7615:14 12 Feb 15 by tchand76
Attn Telescope and simon717 Ovarian cyst and Weight Gain
Hello I have a problem of ovarian cyst and wei... [LAST PAGE]
19life.welcome12:25 12 Feb 15 by telescope
Diagnosed with pre-diabetes pls help
Hi Doctors, I have been diagnosed with pre-diabet...
5zahan3411:06 12 Feb 15 by zahan34
Dr. Joe Delivera Urgent help needed......
I am a 28yr old female.I have been grinding my tee...
1chutki10:54 12 Feb 15 by gaintrox
Palpitation in arm and back side of liver
Dear Sir, I am 41 years male electrical engineer....
3mguptapdil09:31 12 Feb 15 by homeo.mzp
Dear sir, I used masturbate daily since 2007. M...
1thapa 08:57 12 Feb 15 by kadwa
chills and sweating
I have had the chills and sweating on and off, wit...
3ademattei8608:51 12 Feb 15 by ademattei86
Erectile dysfunction
Im 21 years old and im suffering from erectile dy...
1Krnhappy 08:48 12 Feb 15 by kadwa
mild hydronephrosis?
I have mild hydronephrosis in both kidneys with no...
5bluesky7707:27 12 Feb 15 by kadwa
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