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i m carsbald aqua pateint perfectly !!!
i m obese pulpy with soft hands sweaty forehead good humored and my liver belly and border
baykamal 2015-04-01
9   baykamal 2 years ago

Endometriosis Treatment
Hi doctors, I am 32 yrs old lady married 2 years back. I have been diagnosed with severe

endopatient 2011-05-20
1561   endopatient 2 years ago

Two day workshop on Pediatrics by Dr. Dinesh Chouhan
ôScientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process in Pediatrics Speaker Dr. Dinesh chouha
deoshlok 2015-05-17
no replies yet

Spermatogenesis problem
Hi Doctor, I got to know after FNAC that my spermatogenesis cell is dead and thus we will
kushlove_kapoor 2015-05-14
8   fitness 2 years ago

Hello, I have been seeing my current homeopath for almost a year now. He specialises in c
mp3909 2015-05-16
2   mp3909 2 years ago

Kind attention Dr.Rishimba
Could you kindly take up my child's case. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/46

baba108 2015-05-11
15   baba108 2 years ago

Symptoms After The Stopping of Medications
Hello I am new to homeopathic treatment, and I am not sure if I am going about things rig
callalillie13 2015-04-09
10   simone717 2 years ago

Dr akshyl mohl need urgent help..
I was having prblm opening older posts.so i have started this new post.what was the doses
rohit majumdar 2015-05-16
1   simone717 2 years ago

girl child clour
please suggest medicine for dark clour of 09 month old girl baby to improve in fair clour
shyamraj 2015-05-16
1   simone717 2 years ago

heptaties b
Dear Sir IHave been deteteced HVb in 2009. HBeAg is negative and the virus load was 21892
aksay 2015-05-02
3   telescope 2 years ago

hemophilia Baby
Hi i hope someone could help i have a baby with mild hemophilia and i am looking for somet
kaguirreoo202 2015-05-14
4   fitness 2 years ago

Need help in doseage
Can someone please suggest how to take Arsenicum Alb. 30. I have been recommended this rem
spacex 2015-05-16
2   spacex 2 years ago

csouba 2015-04-29
5   telescope 2 years ago

Need treatment for ED problems - Dr.Kadwa
Dr.Kadwa, I am Krishnamurthe and 34 years old and unmarried.I live in chennai.I have the p

BMTY1234 2015-05-01
19   BMTY1234 2 years ago

control masturbation
Hello, I am masterbating from the age of 15 and I masterbate 2 times a day daily. I am 26
alok5595 2015-05-15
2   chinni123 2 years ago

to dr zady101
hello Dr I am trying to open my post but it's not opening and it says url invalid I d
jass101 2015-05-15
1   simone717 2 years ago

technical problem...
Sir,when I click on the post it says invalid url from 4days...the technical problem has be
akas0758 2015-05-15
3   simone717 2 years ago

Dear Evocationer!please help
Dear Sir My wife is suffering from hypothyroidism.some of her prominent symptoms are as f
gopal18 2015-05-15
no replies yet

Dr Kumar...hair loss
Dr. Kumar,You stated that you have treated many ppl with hair loss. Could you please tell

rkapal 2005-11-14
90   aengad 2 years ago

a new post reg homoeopathy
Dear friends on forum, Recently I came across a very interesting & pragmatic write-up
daktersaab 2015-05-15
1   simone717 2 years ago

Taraxacum Q and Fragaria Vesca 3x
hie, I am not able to purchase Taraxacum Q and Fragaria Vesca 3x in mumbai.Its not availb
ccp1981 2015-04-15
1   bens2015 2 years ago

12 year old boy with tics
hello! my boy is suffering from tics since he was 9 years old .during a year he has the ti
tpoll 2015-05-15
6   tpoll 2 years ago

Anxiety disorders
I have anxiety disorders like anxiety, excess fear, tension, depression, over thinking, he

chinni123 2015-03-31
28   chinni123 2 years ago

My absence from the forum
I just wanted to let everyone know that I became extremely ill recently during a flu epide
Evocationer 2015-05-15
12   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Bloated Stomach due to gas, Indigession and Acidity
Hello, For the last 2-3 years I have been facing with the problem of bloated stomach prob
alimonly 2015-05-14
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

can someone please take over my case
Ok, so my case has been worked on by Evocationer, who was great, but he has not been on th
tonybaloni33 2015-05-13
10   gaintrox 2 years ago

tinnitus a life killer
I am suffering from tinnitus for past 4months and had to admitted that it is worst time o
hiikaran 2015-05-15
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Natural Herbs For Polycystic Kidney Disease
What is Polycystic Kidney Disease? Polycystic Kidney Disease is the kind of medical disord
kidneydisease 2013-08-02
1   kushalrocks3 2 years ago

Liver & Sinus issues, looking for holistic remedy
A lot of things are going on with me and I need a holistic approach. I have consulted a fe
dnatls 2015-05-13
6   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Please Help Me!
Every time I eat I am in agony. And after I'm done eating. I am hoping that someone

tonybaloni33 2015-05-14
19   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Problems after eating
Hi, I have a lot of problems after eating. Today I eated sunflower seeds. After it I got
Empty 2015-05-14
6   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Kadwa - very pot belly on cat, please advise
Thank you Kadwa for your help with ear polyp kittens, I am very pleased to see their healt
SophieP 2015-05-13
2   SophieP 2 years ago

Merc Sol vs Merc Viv
My question is if I took a higher dose of Merc Sol...and then try a lower dose of Merc Viv
franion 2015-05-14
no replies yet

0antivirus0 seeking you
For some reason I try to but cannot find our posts. This is hawaiidionne. I want to reesta
hawaiidionne 2015-05-14
1   simone717 2 years ago

flatulence often, craves chocolate
My 15 year old daughter often has flatulence, accompanied with some cramps, and when she t

Marika 2009-04-17
175   Marika 2 years ago

Urgently seeking remedy for galndular swellings all over my body
glandular swellings all over my hands,stomach,buttocks,thighs. (>40)non-painful but gro
sumanonline 2015-05-11
2   sumanonline 2 years ago

Rishimba....Help For HyperActive Boy
Hi Rishimba, I have filled out your form below regarding a 6 year old boy with tics, hype

aprilm 2015-01-19
36   rishimba 2 years ago

Rishimba or Evocationer: Looking for constitutional remedy for 3 year old
Hi, I was hoping to get some help in getting a constitutional remedy prescribed for my 3 y

aprilm 2014-11-22
75   aprilm 2 years ago

Can Agnus Cast cure bent penis and PE
I have been using Agnus Cast 200 according to the guidance of a local homeopath. Can it cu
Pranto 2015-05-14
no replies yet

Dear Sir: I am male of age 40 and weight is moderate according to height. Six months b
sheikhmah 2015-05-14
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

short breathness, that stops suddenly
Usually,while taking deep breath, the breath stops suddenly as if a cork have been immedia
zaidsyed 2015-05-10
6   zaidsyed 2 years ago

Dear Doctors: Kindly help me understand this
Hi everyone: May i ask you a question, of late, i have read over internet about high test
hope1234 2015-05-12
5   telescope 2 years ago

multiple food allergies
I'm 27 years old, and have: -multiple food allergies (most all but some meat, vegetab
thingsmac 2011-04-10
2   Empty 2 years ago

squint eye for 2 year child
Dear Sir/Madam My son is 24 month old, two week back his eye was normal, but just from las
joysompa 2015-05-11
4   joysompa 2 years ago

cutting pain during urniation
After unsafe sex of three days observed cutting pains in tip of penis while urination.next
honey635 2015-05-12
1   kadwa 2 years ago

PE problem
sir i am suffering from PE problm from 10 yrs.....i am 39 now.... plse help me prescribing
karthikeyan123 2015-05-11
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Nightfall from 3months.almost every third day.heated body type.feeling weak...earler mastu
akas0758 2015-04-30
5   kadwa 2 years ago

6month old always ill... Dr Kadwa please help!!!!
My 6 month old has been having colds all the time for the last months cause of my older ch
Chrisie111 2015-04-07
8   kadwa 2 years ago

Knee Joint Deflecting while opening from bending
Hello Doctor, I had an accident on 23rd Jan 2014 and My left knee proximal tibia bone was
ranatex 2014-07-03
2   ranatex 2 years ago

Nose septum deviation for me 4yr old boy
My 4 yr old boy has Nasal Spectum Deviation. His right nostil is totally blocked due to se
Northryde 2015-05-14
1   rishimba 2 years ago

iam suffering from depression 1) when i sleep at night my mind runs thinks and depression
prakash8888 2014-04-17
4   prakash8888 2 years ago

depression and nightfall
iam suffering from depression....getting no interest in life nowadays always suicidal thou
prakash8888 2013-12-08
5   prakash8888 2 years ago

Tuberculinum questions
After doing much research, I am thinking that Tuberculinum may be my constitutional remedy
jackiepaper 2015-05-13
5   simone717 2 years ago

2 year old waking at night
My 2 year old girl has been a very easy girl, great sleeper through the night since 5 week
KSmom101 2015-05-12
2   simone717 2 years ago

10 year old skin problem. Please help.
Dear Homeopaths, I am Male, 31 years old and I want to discuss here my 10 year old skin pr
benjo 2015-05-11
6   benjo 2 years ago

Need help for my teenage boy suffering from gynoecomastia.
vaishalia 2015-05-12
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Nephrotic Syndrome
i have been motiveted by the side effect of allopathic topic to ask this.my son is 7 yrs,

sepia 2006-05-04
22   simone717 2 years ago

patolous eustachian tube dysfunction
dear sir i am mujtaba from nowshera cantt kpk pakistan. my age is 44 year old. i have eust
g mujtaba 2015-05-10
7   g mujtaba 2 years ago

severe trauma case
I would like advice on the following case, please: 58 year old female is attacked by two
ag_forum 2015-05-10
7   ag_forum 2 years ago

Silicia-12X showing improvement over peyronie's (bent penis)
Dear Learned Doctors, I have been suffering from peyronie's since long. The penis is

raviji34 2015-01-21
19   raviji34 2 years ago

backpain problem
hello doctor ! my self munazza i am 44 and i am suffering in this problem since 6 months i
wicky333 2015-05-10
3   0antivirus0 2 years ago

dear doctor i am 24 i am suffering with this problem since 8 years the problem starts when
wicky333 2015-02-06
4   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Ganglion,Acidity and Panick disorder problem
I am 30 years old male,married,I have one son. Hight-5 ft 3 inch,weight 52 kg,Location Wes
abckapa140 2015-02-26
10   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Breast Tumor
I have been detected with breast tumor, which is suspicious and has been growing in size.
MMona 2015-05-13
1   telescope 2 years ago

Nasal Spray Addiction
Hi, My name is Sarah and I am writing with regard to a forthcoming programme on unusual ad

sarah2005 2005-06-10
264   William oscar 2 years ago

What i can take during pregnancy
Iam 14 weeks pregnant and I was wondering what would you recommend for flu during pregnanc
dity83 2015-05-12
3   Nikkie 2 years ago

Kadwa - kitten with polyp, please advise
One of my rescue kittens has presented with polyp behind soft palate, causing infection in
SophieP 2015-05-05
5   SophieP 2 years ago

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction
Hello Veterans, Need your advise on couple of aspects. I am 30 year old and I have recentl
hsotnas 2015-05-05
12   fitness 2 years ago

Dr. Rishimba help with mild Autism for boy 7
My seven years old son was born 27-1/2 weeks premature resulted in hospitalization for ab

Danial98 2014-07-08
15   Danial98 2 years ago

For telescope sir
Sir, I am the 15 years old male who suffers from Soipsm OCD and Solipsism Phobia (i.e, the

nobita 2015-05-08
16   nobita 2 years ago

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