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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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homeopathic height increasing medicines
hello i am a boy 21 years of age 5.8 ft height . i...
3ganesh r23:52 02 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Pregnancy stop medicine after 1 month
Sir kindly reply me I have a sex with my girl fr...
2Mushtaq.Ahmed 12318:39 02 Oct 14 by fitness
4 week old diagnosed with "colic" but showing signs of silent reflux ?
My lo has been great until she hit 3 weeks old and...
1heathergarcia92 18:30 02 Oct 14 by fitness
Natmur 30 dosage
Hi my daughter is 3 yr old but having v less and t...
4renu raina15:49 02 Oct 14 by renu raina
Need help for Child
Dear Forum my son is 5 years old. till he was 2...
4dpvsingh15:29 02 Oct 14 by dpvsingh
Rishimba pls help - sleeplessness and erctile dysfunction
Please read following assessment form,this is my f... [LAST PAGE]
16dranandpt09:23 02 Oct 14 by dranandpt
depression and morning erection
i am a 23 years old guy. i have been feeling depre...
1morshed07:47 02 Oct 14 by simone717
Att: Dr. Mahfoozurrehman
My wife age is 27. She diagnosed for both fall...
1manaser200507:39 02 Oct 14 by simone717
External hemorrhoids
Hi Dr. I am male, age 40. External hemorrhoids f...
8manaser200507:36 02 Oct 14 by simone717
Dog arthritis 18 yrs old
Greetings, I am treating an 18 year old Dachsun...
7tahoejohn07:29 02 Oct 14 by simone717
Very itchy Skin, Head Advice Needed
About 2 weeks about I started experiencing very it... [LAST PAGE]
16naturenut05:39 02 Oct 14 by gaintrox
confused - fungal infection or athlete foot
confused - fungal infection or athlete foot please...
1megopal04:31 02 Oct 14 by simone717
night time anxiety in 9 year old
My 9 year old son used to feel some sort of separa...
1miaki04:27 02 Oct 14 by simone717
Evocationer :: kind attention: Complementary remedies
May I know what is concept of complementary remedi...
1HoneyKhanna03:49 02 Oct 14 by simone717
Taking Hypercerium 30c for tooth pain
Hi I have been taking the Hypercerium 30c twice d...
1Kevmos2702:07 02 Oct 14 by Evocationer
10 month old baby with reflux, constipation, ezcema and teething badly. Pls help
Hi there My son was diagnosed with reflux at 7 ... [LAST PAGE]
22VenessaM 14:40 01 Oct 14 by fitness
Premature Ejaculation
Hi, I have been suffering from premature ejac...
3gio12345612:32 01 Oct 14 by gio123456
Low libidio Erectile Problem
My name is Imran Age 47, I am Diabitic patient of ...
0alviim 12:27 01 Oct 14 by
ear ache and eustachian tube inflammed
My little girl (3 and 1/2 year) has problem that s...
5arvinderji12:12 01 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Pain in ankle specific to motion
Can someone help me find a remedy for my mother? ...
8ruth4511:59 01 Oct 14 by piyu11

[message deleted by Murthy2014 on Thu, 02 Oct ...
6Murthy201411:45 01 Oct 14 by piyu11
Curious about Electro Homeopathy..
I have recently stumbled across the practice of El...
1realityphantom 08:16 01 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Attn : daktersaab
Dear daktersaab, I want to send private email abo...
2jesmin666607:21 01 Oct 14 by jesmin6666
remedy for man breast
i am an 18 year old and having the problem of man ... [LAST PAGE]
16dt1897 04:28 01 Oct 14 by mahmoodjnu
I am blessed with baby boy....
My doctor helped me a lot for normal delivery of m...
3ayeshashah01:46 01 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
Intercourse Problem
Hi, I'm Kami, Age: 32yrs Height: 5'...
3Kamikhan01:00 01 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
Do aggravations occur pathologically?For eg if cre...
8ishitabhalla00:34 01 Oct 14 by Evocationer
eczema for my 8month old daughter
hi, we stay in Washington usa. the weather here i...
3homeoforfamily21:30 30 Sep 14 by simone717
Chalazion in a two year old
My two year old has been dealing with recurrent ch... [LAST PAGE]
13hollyfred200220:42 30 Sep 14 by simone717
Nausea and fatigue
Hello. I am a 39 year old female. I live a holisti...
2tatesmomma17:23 30 Sep 14 by simone717
Abdomen Tumour, Colon Tumor
Thanks God that i have been heal by Homeopathy. I ...
1greatazeem16:57 30 Sep 14 by simone717
hpv again
I am 40yr old female. I just have developed genita...
8redbird1315:48 30 Sep 14 by fitness
my father and mother addicted of Gul
Dear Sir My father and mother addicted of Gul s...
5Nitesh Kamal09:13 30 Sep 14 by daktersaab
Mercurius vivus
Hi. please ease help. I've filled out the l... [LAST PAGE]
19iloveyou07:06 30 Sep 14 by ramheight6
Cure of Alcoholism
Dear sir I am 34 yrs, I hv addicted to alcohol si... [LAST PAGE]
17dnm00706:05 30 Sep 14 by rishimba
bacterial vaginosis with low immunity
my wife had piles problem, she was fine after sh... [LAST PAGE]
15fizspace05:48 30 Sep 14 by rishimba
Gastric & Hairfall
Dear Team Myself 34 yrs, male. I suffering of h...
1dnm00705:44 30 Sep 14 by gaintrox
My 8 years old autistic son has been so aggressive...
1Trang05:34 30 Sep 14 by gaintrox
adenoids, tonsillitus, very poor growth 7yr kid pls help
my kid age 7yr have tonsils and adenoids and has v... [LAST PAGE]
23win5102:52 30 Sep 14 by win51
20 years old boy Just little info from any doctor its urgent please reply
I am suffering from sleep disorder I posted it her...
1Mushtaq.Ahmed 12323:55 29 Sep 14 by simone717
stomach pains and heaviness
I am 34 yrs old female.I am suffering from acid r... [LAST PAGE]
106souravi19:19 29 Sep 14 by bapu4
att:dr. j k mohla
Dear Sir, I m male 40. I m ur patient at the mome...
0manaser200518:44 29 Sep 14 by
29 days old baby girl suffering from constipation
Hi, I am Zuber Ahmed My 29 days daughter is su...
1zahmed002c16:23 29 Sep 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
Endometriosis and chocolate cyst
Hi, I am 36yrs old married woman. I had been di... [LAST PAGE]
14athina1112:11 29 Sep 14 by pratibha1988
29 days Baby Girl having constipation
Hi, My 29 days old baby girl having constipation....
1zahmed002c09:54 29 Sep 14 by kadwa
Ejaculation problem
Hi, I'm Rahul about 28yrs old I recently ...
1Rahulinfo09:51 29 Sep 14 by kadwa
many deseases need proper help help help
i i am from mexico i am suffering from so many pro...
1merjaaaan09:32 29 Sep 14 by kadwa
please suggest a medicine dr kadwa
age 26 unmarried appreance lean waek with stoop...
1rimfy gill09:19 29 Sep 14 by kadwa
azooespermia cureable or not
My uncle is suffering from azooespermia (no sperm ...
6saluman 08:01 29 Sep 14 by mahmoodjnu
LMK potency equivalence
My homeopath gave me CROTALUS HORRIDUS LMK 5... [LAST PAGE]
15acnevictim07:12 29 Sep 14 by renu101
hepatitis c treatment
Hi, I m 26 year old female suffering from hepatit...
1javeria01:09 29 Sep 14 by Evocationer
RAHIQ- please help. Root canal, extraction, or heal dying nerve/tooth with homepathy
HISTORY: two weeks ago I went into dentist for tw...
3Junebugg7700:38 29 Sep 14 by tannsolo
Bad beath and bad smell
Hi I am a girl of 23 who lives in Brazil. I apolog...
12fegirl 23:25 28 Sep 14 by simone717
Sleep Disorder
Dear Doctors I' m 20 years old boy.I have sle...
7Mushtaq.Ahmed 12320:29 28 Sep 14 by Mushtaq.Ahmed 123
New on ABC Forum
Dear all, For past three years I'm sufferi...
12Marra16:39 28 Sep 14 by Marra
please help
age 26 unmarried appreance lean waek with st...
2rimfy gill11:30 28 Sep 14 by rimfy gill
Dry Cough from last 10 days
sir, please suggest as i am suffering heavily d...
1smitaranjan09:04 28 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
Rt renal stone
i m 46 yrs female, and i m suffering right upper c...
1jilesh tank07:11 28 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
dr. j k mohla
Dear Dr., My sister age is 48. In her colonoscopy...
2manaser200500:42 28 Sep 14 by manaser2005
Attn : Moderator
Dear Moderator, I want to log out from forum . bu...
3shknitfashion19:47 27 Sep 14 by simone717
sir, i feel somtimes my heart is hot and firing. ...
1maneek0115:56 27 Sep 14 by simone717
Colic in 3 weeks old baby
Dear Experts, I would like to know if it is ok ...
5gardencove15:51 27 Sep 14 by simone717
Need advice for 18 month old
HI, I recently visited homeopath for my 18 mont...
1milentie13:44 27 Sep 14 by simone717
left side paralysis with various complications
Dear friends, my mother who is 70 years old has le...
1patelcl09:08 27 Sep 14 by rishimba
Energy Loss
Sir From last one week i am feeling energy loss...
1babu123abhi08:13 27 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
douleur et la haine
Vous le savez, madame, a ete mon arrestation ; mai...
0jiangtya03:30 27 Sep 14 by
anal abscess
please tell me what remedy I can use to bring anal...
1dempress00:14 27 Sep 14 by simone717
Anal Abscess
Hi , I would like to know what I can take to make ...
1dempress00:13 27 Sep 14 by simone717
hairfall bladness problem
hi all, i need help for this hairfall bladness ...
5ishan01us 20:48 26 Sep 14 by ishan01us
Physostigma for myopia.
Hello eveyone I am ansarishoaib age 22 years ol...
4ansarishoaib20:13 26 Sep 14 by ansarishoaib
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