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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Convergent Strabismus in 2 year old
My daughter was born with convergent strabismus......
3SoniaB04:27 30 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Re: almost 4 year old fever
My daughter will turn 4 tomorrow. She has 100.7F ...
6jazmine703:43 30 Dec 14 by jazmine7
self Confidence
dear doc, I am a male from Pakistan but living In ... [LAST PAGE]
29waqar_88pk 00:51 30 Dec 14 by simone717
craving sweets
Hi, i am posting for a friend who wants to loose w...
1superbaum22:59 29 Dec 14 by Evocationer
Issue with Male Organ
Hi Doctors I have P***S size around 5.8" l...
2Papai 19:45 29 Dec 14 by fitness
Erection problem while doing intercourse
Hi I am newly married. I used to masturbate in ...
5bkcklm19:40 29 Dec 14 by fitness
I am 25 years old. I live in Dhaka. I am addicted ...
0Shohel 17:55 29 Dec 14 by
Dr. Akshaymohl Please answer my some questions
0Nightfall17:18 29 Dec 14 by
married male 31 yrs old facing PE problem since last six months ejaculation time within minut help me plz
married male 31 yrs old facing PE problem since l...
1ronit4u86 17:15 29 Dec 14 by akshaymohl
my cheek
Hi,I had Radiesse injected in my cheeks 7 years ag...
4azade17:04 29 Dec 14 by azade
Weakness , tirdness and underweight
Hello i need advice about my wife .Detail...
5Mandeep4u 15:43 29 Dec 14 by fitness
Dear Sir, My name is Biijender from Sonipat(harya...
4Bijender Kumar15:42 29 Dec 14 by fitness
burning in vagina please help!
Hi, For the past few weeks I've been experi...
5jan00515:29 29 Dec 14 by fitness
Hello, Good morning everybody. I am a new memb...
1mfh64713:50 29 Dec 14 by telescope
Backbone Problem
Dear Sir, My wife is is having backbone issue and...
3Bijender Kumar10:47 29 Dec 14 by telescope
mesenteric lymphadenopathy
Hi, My daughter aged 4.5 yrs is diagnozed with ...
1geethap12308:45 29 Dec 14 by shouse_nsk
desperate help required ..
iam 33yrs old and have been taking homeopathy for ... [LAST PAGE]
14tonu198107:08 29 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
for hindi understend
ABC Homeopath forum me koi doctor hai jo hindi wri... [LAST PAGE]
16jeetendra prasad06:00 29 Dec 14 by jeetendra prasad
5 month old with reflux
Hi. Firstly, thank you for this forum. My 5 month ...
3sbillings02:05 29 Dec 14 by simone717
Re: GERD and anxiety disorder
I'm 57-year old man having a chronic GERD (2...
8hrlee319619:37 28 Dec 14 by hrlee3196
colitis &bleeding piles
Dear Sir, I am 48 yrs men with height 5ft 6 inch ...
4iqbalshah9416:42 28 Dec 14 by emilybh
Issue with stool - pass
Hi Doctors I have an issue. In the morning time...
2Papai 16:19 28 Dec 14 by emilybh
Suffering From Premature Ejaculation
Hi Doc, My age is 27 years, my height is 5'...
0Aslamali 14:16 28 Dec 14 by
6mm lower ureteric Calculus.
Hello Sir, Sonography report founds 6mm lower ure...
5amolb09:31 28 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Gum Enlarged Between Two Teeths
Hello there, I am 33 years old. I had my teeth ...
6khmedia07:18 28 Dec 14 by gaintrox
remedy for virus
Hi, I wrote before re. a confusion about remedies....
3candra05:15 28 Dec 14 by simone717
Speech Fluency Disorder
Dear All, I am 32 yrs old male. My problem o...
2kumar_prem2517:38 27 Dec 14 by simone717
Please Help Tooth Infection
My sister has a tooth infection in lower right mol...
3declan15:09 27 Dec 14 by fitness
Stomach pulsation
Hello, My mother who is of 60 years old has the...
3dove2113:47 27 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Boring pain in back during fever
Hi, my daughter is ill with most likely a stomach ...
2ruth4508:00 27 Dec 14 by kadwa
bad breath
hi i am juwel. I am 24 years old . My hight 5.10 f... [LAST PAGE]
73jct chy 07:05 27 Dec 14 by MelissaSewell
Sir I want know Complete Supplememnt all in one no need uses medicine. I want one medicine use
Sir I want know Complete Supplememnt all in one no...
3jeetdsingh1606 06:06 27 Dec 14 by simone717
Dr Akshaymohl Please Help
I'm 20 years old thin body unmarried boy I h...
0Nightfall 20:26 26 Dec 14 by
My daughter has sever uterine bleeding for the las...
3smehra2717:48 26 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
anyone pls help my wife with viral fever
Her symptoms are as follows : Fever 100.4 He...
7homeopatient00117:06 26 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Unclear Speech in children...
My 2.5yr old daughter is talking very much but she...
1momofx15:28 26 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
chronic stomach ache with hiccoughs
It all started after i have got swelling in liver,...
8meoq912:44 26 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Is there any remedy to save yourself from Viral infections
Specially when flu season around I always wish i... [LAST PAGE]
25karishma07:21 26 Dec 14 by dpnctl
Fever, vomiting, diarrhea
Hello, Im hoping to get remedy for my daughter who...
1ruth4505:04 26 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
choclate cyst
dear doctor my name is huma ali i am facing endoma...
1huma ali22:39 25 Dec 14 by fitness
EVOCATIONER need ur help with my daughter
Hi my 10 year old had episodes of vomitting about ...
1Maleeha22:09 25 Dec 14 by Maleeha
anxiety , depression and PE
I suffer from Anxiety, Depression and also Prema...
9garic 17:45 25 Dec 14 by garic
tonsilitis and adenoids
Hi my 10 year old had episodes of vomitting about ...
6Maleeha14:30 25 Dec 14 by Maleeha
Please help: Looks like I have Pilonida Sinus
Hello everyone, It appears like I'm having...
3Prithviraj198513:53 25 Dec 14 by telescope
almost 4 year old fever
My almost 4 year old daughter woke up with a hoars...
3jazmine705:55 25 Dec 14 by jazmine7
Attn : akshaymohl , about treating coughing for 5 years old boy
Dr. Mohla, my 5 years son has been suffering from...
1jesmin666600:03 25 Dec 14 by akshaymohl
kids suffering cold n cough
Every morning my 5 yr old daughter get up with stu...
4priyabhi20:16 24 Dec 14 by priyabhi
Urgent help needed for tooth pain and inflammation
Dear Simone, My sister was diagnosed with perio...
1declan19:48 24 Dec 14 by declan
Vote for World Homeopathy Day!
Please vote for homeopathy day by going following ...
0bkushwaha17:10 24 Dec 14 by
Piles _Bleeding
Sir, Dear Sir I have heart surgery in 2003 and t...
4sanjydp7510:46 24 Dec 14 by sanjydp75
cerebral palsy
My baby age 28months old had suffering from mild c...
2saurabhphysio600107:39 24 Dec 14 by saurabhphysio6001
virus and bacterial infection
how do we know if some health issue is because of ...
1dpnctl06:49 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
throat infection
I have throat infection due to which my left mums ...
1babu123abhi06:46 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
Need help for elevated liver enzymes
I am 51 year old female. Last week, I had my blood...
1suna71106:09 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
Attention : Dr. Kadwa
Dr. kadwa, my brother is 44 years old . he is co...
8jesmin666605:40 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
cruciate ligament injury
Hi My dog is about 8 years old. She has been limp...
5GRACEK 05:37 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
black spot on the face
Hello, I am 25 yrs old male. I have obscure black...
5deep0905:25 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
Severe cough and fever my 4 yr daughter
Suffering since last 3 days.she gets this problem ...
4andy_65_in05:22 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
puj obstruction
Sir I have a two year old son .He is suffering fr...
7ashu_shivi05:18 24 Dec 14 by kadwa
1 year old constant snores all the time
Hi There, My 1 year old son has always had a con...
1gicatrini04:57 24 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
aldosterone and cortisol high
Hello again, re the recent post on balancing adren...
2Lynprac04:29 24 Dec 14 by Lynprac
fever/cold remedy
I'm trying to decide on an acute remedy for m... [LAST PAGE]
28bwill1301:57 24 Dec 14 by bwill13
Procrastination and low self-confidence
Hi, I wonder (and hope) if anyone can advise me on... [LAST PAGE]
186Tara201321:52 23 Dec 14 by Tara2013
remedies for adrenals
what will balance aldostereone and cortisol please...
1Lynprac21:29 23 Dec 14 by Evocationer
diabetes and constipation
my father age 63yrs is a diabetic is suffering fro...
2priyabhi20:39 23 Dec 14 by priyabhi
Tonsils causing Sleep Apnea
Hi All: My both tonsils are so big that now the...
2M Malik 17:41 23 Dec 14 by M Malik
lipoma related
sir help me plz....
1souviksarkar3917:29 23 Dec 14 by gaintrox
pls anyone help my daughter has fever 100 with light cough vomitting
Dear all My 7 year old daughter is having fever...
7homeopatient00116:42 23 Dec 14 by gaintrox
Warts on Hand - Weak immune system.
I am suffering from common warts over my hands. ...
5jkshri2010 16:17 23 Dec 14 by Dr. Umar Farooq
Hello doctor, I am a 25 year male, Have been suf... [LAST PAGE]
22Kumar_Ashish15:17 23 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
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