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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
The Spinal disc herniation is a case which has bee...
4gaintrox14:03 02 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
pain in my right testis and leg
Dear Dr. I am D dey agr of 29 yrs My right test...
1debdasdey11:37 02 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Hair loss
Hi, My hair has been falling more than usual si...
2decipexi 08:25 02 Dec 14 by ayurvedaforall
Regarding suggestion
Good Evening sir/mam I am 24 years old and righ...
1sahil panjwani07:03 02 Dec 14 by kadwa
Sexual Problems premature ejaculation
Good evening Dr I am 25 year old and masturbating...
1Chandan Sharma06:24 02 Dec 14 by kadwa
Dr Joe de Livera plz help
Name Abhimanyu virmani Age 23 weight 85 kg heigh...
6abhimanyu1403:35 02 Dec 14 by Evocationer
Recommendation for 8 yr old skinny boy
My son is 8 yrs old and in 3rd Grade. His height i...
3gaurav691702:24 02 Dec 14 by Evocationer
personality vs. symptoms
Hi. I'm learning about homeopathy and enjoyin...
1Scarlito01:46 02 Dec 14 by Evocationer
Doctor Joe please help !!!!!
I am 30 yrs male and have been diagnosed through e...
1tiswannachat23:29 01 Dec 14 by simone717
swelling on hands
my sister delivered a baby 1 year ago in october 2...
1991169110715:39 01 Dec 14 by gaintrox
First Pvt. Homoeopathic Hospital in Jharsuguda inaugurated
My dream comes true dr. deoshlok sharma First...
1deoshlok14:11 01 Dec 14 by deoshlok
regarding suggestion
Good evening sir, I am sahil and i am 24 year o...
0sahil panjwani13:15 01 Dec 14 by
uric acid
uric acid treatment...
9proftoor11:41 01 Dec 14 by proftoor
Any Modern Homeopath plz help
Name Abhimanyu virmani Age 23 weight 85 kg heigh...
1abhimanyu1409:11 01 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Frequent urination,feel urine when I drink
Aslam o alikum dr I am in great trouble my age ...
3hiddenpersonality06:51 01 Dec 14 by homeo.mzp
Bleeding during pregnancy
Hello doctors, I am 10 weeks pregnant and I have l...
3ketrinska03:55 01 Dec 14 by deoshlok
typhoid 1.5yr baby
my son diagnosed typhoid then prescribed antibioti...
2biswajitlpt02:27 01 Dec 14 by biswajitlpt
Skin rash
My father recently had surgery to place an artific...
5SophieP22:31 30 Nov 14 by SophieP
Problems with Eyes
My eye doctor, after checking my eyes for glasses ... [LAST PAGE]
18Samel20:22 30 Nov 14 by Samel
husband suffering with azoospermia
hi..my husband is 29 yrs and we are married from 2...
0izan6719:06 30 Nov 14 by
Dr. Jamil Ahmed Showrav, Help Required (After Effects of Masturbation)
I have been masturbating for the last 7-8 years an... [LAST PAGE]
90ahsan8218:48 30 Nov 14 by Dr. Showrav
controlling blood sugar with Arnica 3C
Dear jeo I am having blood sugar for the last...
1vaidgk 16:45 30 Nov 14 by simone717
Over masturbation and from childhood
I am 18 years old guy weighting 53kgs and my heigh...
4guddusanyal 16:24 30 Nov 14 by guddusanyal
varicose vain in leg and coldness in hands
Dear Sir, My wife (44 years) is suffering from v...
3mguptapdil15:41 30 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
serum globuline increase upto 4.8 ;suggest remedy to decrease it??
R/s i have problem to fatigueness ;urine yellowis...
3spk0214:03 30 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
8 Yrs old weak student
My son 8 years old now is very weak at school. He ...
1inneed13:09 30 Nov 14 by deoshlok
Flu and Cold.
Dear Sir, I am suffering from flu (and tiredn... [LAST PAGE]
14kazy12312:55 30 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
event "Case Solving in and Acute And Pathological"
one day workshop Dated 28.12.2014 (9Am-5 pm) Reg...
0deoshlok12:51 30 Nov 14 by
Extreme Libido Goals
Hello Eveyone, I am new to homeopathy and new t...
1mrhappy11:32 30 Nov 14 by mrhappy
diarrhea in my 10 year old
My 10 year boy is suffering from diarrhea since la...
5stfi110:20 30 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
joint pain
Dear all my father aged about 58 , from few mon...
3smitaranjan06:19 30 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Dental problem
I am 50 years male having dental problem. I have a...
1mkh200004:08 30 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
penis weakness
please help me i'm also losing flesh of my bo...
3ravi raj 23:26 29 Nov 14 by ravi raj
Disappointed in treating Hashimoto disease with homeopathy or any other methods
I have a Hashimoto thyroiditis for 14 years, now I... [LAST PAGE]
17feijoa21:49 29 Nov 14 by feijoa
enlarged adenoids in my 3.5 years kid
hello plz help me. My child (Boy) is 3.5 yrs ol...
4kjgubbi16:26 29 Nov 14 by fitness
High Blood Pressure
My mother is suffering from high blood pressure ...
1lorezapam16:13 29 Nov 14 by vtechy1
Attn: Evocationer
Here is the answer to your questions about my olde... [LAST PAGE]
37homeopathy2315:40 29 Nov 14 by homeopathy23
Help! Help! Help!
Sex: Male Age:24 Occupation: college student I ...
12lorezapam15:32 29 Nov 14 by lorezapam
doctor help !!!!!
I have hiatal herenia (3 cms) with Reflux (Grade A...
1tiswannachat14:21 29 Nov 14 by deoshlok
cuts in skin
Goog evening sir Thanks for great job I am vijay...
1vijaymagaji2314:19 29 Nov 14 by deoshlok
My wife aged 28 years is having Pcos. She has pain...
1991169110705:39 29 Nov 14 by kadwa
cuts in tip of penis..
Good morning.. First of all thanks My name is ...
2vijaymagaji2305:33 29 Nov 14 by kadwa
My wife aged 28 years is having Pcos. Her periods ...
1991169110705:14 29 Nov 14 by simone717
Frequent Nightfall
I'm 20 years old boy I masterbated a lot i.e ...
1Zain.Khan05:09 29 Nov 14 by kadwa
Cannabis indica- Cant find anywhere. Does anyone know where i can purchase this.
where can i purchase cannabis indica ? cannot fin...
3litework1320:41 28 Nov 14 by Lakehouse
penis weakness
Hi! i'm 19 years old.i'm masturbating fr...
0ravi raj 20:30 28 Nov 14 by
skin cuts...
hi sir my name is vijaymagaji.i am from patna (in...
1vijaymagaji2317:53 28 Nov 14 by vijaymagaji23
Systemic worms
Hi. I have systemic worms, not just in my gut but... [LAST PAGE]
60Alijaybee16:28 28 Nov 14 by Alijaybee
Possible teething
Hello. My 18 month old is becoming a restless slee...
1tatesmomma16:15 28 Nov 14 by gaintrox
lightheadedness ,MRI impression:suggestive of diffuse cerebral athrophy
i m 34 yrs old near bout 2 months back i noticed s...
1miky9915:46 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
lightheadedness cn anyone pls help me homeo.mzp can u take my case pls
i feel lightheadedness wholeday for a month n i dn...
1miky9915:40 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
migrain help last 10 years
i am 40 male suffering from migrain headaches whic...
7lore2315:03 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
can someone please take my case.
Hello, I was working with fitness but stopped g...
1garic13:34 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
hello sir.. first of all thanks for giving valuab...
1prakash12:52 28 Nov 14 by drkashif
facial hair problem
Can anyone please help me with my unwanted facial... [LAST PAGE]
23M75si12:37 28 Nov 14 by piyu11
(homeo.mzp) regarding eczema on right hand palm
my friend suggested to make a post for you on this...
6spire2211:53 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Hi, i have been diagnosed as pre diabetic & re...
1VVS08:39 28 Nov 14 by VVS
Chronic and Severe Insomnia
Hello Everyone, Following a trip to Switzerland...
11mokey05:05 28 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Attn. Evocationer #3 (I think)
This is long overdue, but it is with respect to my...
5homeopathy2303:08 28 Nov 14 by homeopathy23
my daughter has been using it for many years and h...
1Lakehouse02:30 28 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
high tg & cholesterol
please give me a solution....
1AYAN ROY 23:47 27 Nov 14 by Evocationer
migrain chronic
My brother is suffering from severe migrain for se...
1krishna175717:14 27 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Blepharitis with astigmatism in eyes
I am 40 years old. I have had blepharitis since my...
6taimmur16:43 27 Nov 14 by taimmur
Baby digestive problems
My 8 months baby boy is too uncomfortable during d...
1SanyaNeal15:19 27 Nov 14 by shouse_nsk
Bad smell from the Mouth
My Mother is 67 years old and having Pyria. I susp...
1gaurav691715:15 27 Nov 14 by shouse_nsk
Hello, My daughter 7 yr old is having very bad cou...
1SanyaNeal11:36 27 Nov 14 by Dr. Umar Farooq
cannabis indica & marijuana use
hi, any help would be help full i have been usin...
3bronte10:32 27 Nov 14 by Lakehouse
Regarding Parkinsons
Hi Sir Please see below the details of my fathe...
3Kirandeep Kaur09:36 27 Nov 14 by Zady101
sever hair fall
Hi, I am a 38 year old female who is suffering fr...
4nitakurian07:53 27 Nov 14 by Dr. Umar Farooq
Treatment for masturbation + smooking + Drinking
i have been masturbating from age 16... and starte...
7karthi_zz07:44 27 Nov 14 by Dr. Umar Farooq
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