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medicine bataiye
Jab bhi sex karne jata hoon karne se pehle hi hojata hai maine mastubar bahut kiya hai ko
sikhan 2015-03-26
1   kadwa 2 years ago

fungal infection in lactating mother
I have been suffering from fungal infection for the past 2 years. I couldn't take ora
ammak 2015-03-28
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Can somebody tell me what is Flav used for? I cant seem to find any description.
natasha_ul 2015-03-25
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Hair fall from sides & thining
Hi My hairs started to fall few years ago. but now i see from front its very thin and from
avijit.here 2015-03-15
3   kadwa 2 years ago

After taking tryglycrides medicine - erectyle dysfunction
I am 39, Male had high tryglycrides (270) the doc advised me to have the medicine to treat
Alpha919 2015-03-22
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Hi. I have hypothyroidism annd off late I have started experienceing heavy hair loss (from
mamta04 2015-03-27
1   rishimba 2 years ago

What have you tried for your Ichthyosis Vulgaris?
In January this year, I went to Japan to teach and it started a new bout with my ichthyosi
greenhorn 2015-03-26
2   greenhorn 2 years ago

Back iteching
I am 27 years old handicapped person (muscular dystrophy) suffering from severe back itchi

anicat 2015-03-10
18   telescope 2 years ago

Dr. Kadwa Pls Help
Hello i'm male 29 years 5'5 74kg suffering low erection,premature ejaculation(L
sunrobb 2015-03-27
no replies yet

Att. Dr. Kadwa
Dear Sir, My father age is 81. Do dialysis weekly twice. creatine is 7.9, hemoglobin betwe
busa2007 2015-03-25
1   busa2007 2 years ago

Thank you Simone
I want to thank Simone for referring people to me for homeopathic consultations. I am not
lia bello 2015-03-27
1   simone717 2 years ago

Bilateral uric acid renal stone
A 46 yrs male. He is suffering bilateral renal stone. Size: rt side: 4.4 mm
jilesh tank 2015-03-27
1   drgunjanchhajed 2 years ago

please cure my eczema
I am of 37 years having eczema Around 20 years ago had a bad shot of tetanus to side. Due
Punit jain 2015-03-21
7   0antivirus0 2 years ago

height increase in kids
dear sir my son is 4 years old but his height and weight does not increase as per his his

ranveers 2012-02-12
38   sankethsunny 2 years ago

adhd and odd
My son 8 years old was diagnosed with adhd and now shows signs of odd too. He is not under
rgmdlife 2015-03-23
7   rishimba 2 years ago

Dear David, This is Yogiram, the woman. My case is as follows: I have chest pain, high B

LovePeace 2014-09-18
265   Evocationer 2 years ago

can i take calc flour 10m and hypericum 10m
sir/madam, can i go for calcarea flour 10m dose and and after a month hypericum 10m pleas
sannu16plus4 2015-03-25
7   simone717 2 years ago

IBS since 2 months, Pain in Left Abdomen
In November 2014, my mother (68 years old) was diagnosed with Viral encephalitis. She had

danzanillo 2015-01-14
22   0antivirus0 2 years ago

homeopathy high potencies
I am a newbie to homeopathy.Will some body guide me about the side effects of high potenci
pardas 2015-03-24
8   pardas 2 years ago

Hair falling in handfuls with itching of scalp
Hi, I have been having this problem for sometime. My hair started falling of in handful
angola_cg 2015-01-27
9   angola_cg 2 years ago

heart beat and sexual intercourse
hi doctor since last month i am feeling that during sexual intercourse my heart beat to fa
asimaraeen 2015-03-25
1   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

very poor sexual desire woman
sir she is the (woman of age 38 ,good built , 157 cms height, 51 kgs , pur vegitarian , sl
rahuludupi 2015-03-25
1   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

endomitrosis in overies
My age is 30 years i am suffering in cyst in tubes from last 10 years opreat two time But

iramusman 2014-05-24
203   Zady101 2 years ago

Dr.Kadwa-Need help for Lipoma problems
Sir, I am Moorthy and 35 years old.I have 4 lipomas in my head scalp.Two of them are of a
Moorty2014 2015-03-25
no replies yet

Peyronie's disease
Recently I went to the Urologist and found out that I have Peyronie's disease. My pen
zafarbasith 2011-06-16
3   john8998 2 years ago

Eye Muscle Weakness
Hello Dr, My daughter have Eye Muscle Weakness (ophthalmologist opinion) as she spends ar
rchandra 2015-02-26
10   mani_jee 2 years ago

high cholestrol and triglicerides
hello i am 42 years old married male. my height is 165cms and weight 70 kgs .pure vegiteri
rahuludupi 2015-03-25
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Re: homeopathy doctor treating autism in hyderabad
We have been going to Dr Sridhar Gunda in Hyderabad for a while now for treatment for my s
meenaraj 2015-03-25
no replies yet

growth under the tongue
a patient with small growth under the tongue in the mouth, small projection with pointed w
sivasakthi 2015-03-25
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Att Dr. Kadwa
Dear Sir, I have some mole on my body skin and head. Sometimes bit itching. Pls advice.
manaser2005 2015-03-23
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Muscle Loss and Weight Loss
Hi, I am 50 Years old and have diabetic from the age of 7. I am on Insulin. From past 6
Soniash 2015-03-22
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Nose Block, Chest Congestion, Sweat
Patient Age 20, Male Symptoms: 1) alternate Nose Blocked since 3 months, chest congestion.
arghyaprmnk 2015-03-22
1   kadwa 2 years ago

hair loss
sir i am losing my hair day by day.It fall more after taking bath when i use comb. Please
sourav.manna 2015-03-21
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Very tired
Hi All, I need professional advice for my tiredness and weariness. It lasts for lots of y
Empty 2015-03-12
5   kadwa 2 years ago

Help me for erectile dysfuntion and premature ejaculation.
I am 32 year old male. I am suffering from sexual problem. I had a bad habit of masturbati
somfec1980 2015-01-17
6   kadwa 2 years ago

rheumatoid arthritis
a female of 23 yrs with RA since childhood( juvenile arthritis), pain < morning, night,
sivasakthi 2015-03-25
1   telescope 2 years ago

Fluid on the knee
I had fluid on my left knee for several month. The back of my knee was stiff but I did not
Dijee 2014-11-16
7   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Premature Ejaculation Problem, Please help
Dear Sir/Madam, Please help me in my Situation. I am 29yrs old, 6 feet, 76kgs. i have Pr
scorpio5z 2015-03-24
2   scorpio5z 2 years ago

Would you pls recommend treatment?
I Have made a list of my sympthoms, could you please recommend me treatment? Female 42 yea
Homehomeopat 2015-03-23
2   Homehomeopat 2 years ago

Phosphorus dosage please help
Hello, I just joined this site today. I would like to ask about the dosage for phosphorus
DAS1965 2012-04-02
6   Evocationer 2 years ago

Help with the case of a brain damged 20 year old.
I am a homeopath who is struggling with a case and would appreciate some help with the har
AmericanHomeopath 2015-03-23
5   rishimba 2 years ago

Skin allergy(Palm of hand and fingers)
Hi, need suggestion and medicine for hand finger's Skin allergy. It is cause of deter
Kingsaini 2015-03-24
2   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

Large ovarian cyst
Hi, Could you help me with my problem - very large ovarian cyst on the right ovary, my lef
Nevena 2015-03-24
2   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

quick ejaculation of semen
Im 30 and had the habit of masturbation for some years. Nowadays i semen gets ejaculated v
madhumaddy0605 2015-03-24
1   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

Over possessiveness and attachment
Hi, The patient has the following characteristics: Jealous Extrovert Very talkative and
Dave G 2015-03-23
12   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

Medication for Iridocyclitis
I want to know Medication for Iridicyclotis Following are the Details ; Patient Name : R
R J Kadam 2015-03-24
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Nose Congestion, Nasal Drip and now Sore Throat
Hello I am having some trouble in Nose and throat for past 3-4 weeks. It all started with
gul0511 2015-03-24
1   simone717 2 years ago

Pain in fingers
I underwent mitral valve replacement in 2003 , age 39 and weight 54, doing well but from
sanjydp75 2015-02-27
10   simone717 2 years ago

solution for infertility
We are above 40 couple. looking for a solution for infertility. in 2010 dec. my wife had
huangtzang 2015-03-24
3   telescope 2 years ago

Sleep disorder & unrefreshing sleep : 14 years history
Hi, I have sleep disorders. I feel little sleepy around 9-11 PM, but can not sleep due to
taztaz 2015-02-22
10   telescope 2 years ago

2.2 year old boy with speech delay
My 2.2 year old boy speaks on papa, mamma and few other words. Rest are broken unknown wor
kde2012 2015-03-23
2   kde2012 2 years ago

Nail biting in child
hi there my 8 years old girl bites her nails often. She used to be a thumb sucker and has
Lemifi 2015-03-22
9   rishimba 2 years ago

My 1 year old hasEczema and food allergies
My 1 year old son has had eczema since he was three months. I was very severe until he was
Saintmarley 2015-03-23
6   Saintmarley 2 years ago

acl tear (grade-2)
3 month ago I have torn my ACL. It is a partial tear (Grade-2) as per MRI reports. Doctor
Gaganverma 2015-03-15
4   shouse_nsk 2 years ago

sudden weakness
lower back pain associated with sudden weakness,heaviness around eyes and back of head,tig
fmsryp 2015-03-23
2   DR. R. S. SABADRA 2 years ago

Att Dr. Kadwa
Dear Dr., My wife age is 27. She diagnosed her both fallopian tube block by HSG. And u
manaser2005 2014-11-28
11   manaser2005 2 years ago

4 year old having chronic constipation from last 1 day. Please help
Hi, Can someone help me. I tried everything. She has gastric issue. Age : 4 Constipatio
PJ5791 2015-03-23
2   0antivirus0 2 years ago

toddler help , evocationer please read
hi dr : i have an issue with my 3 year old . this are the symptoms : tendecy to get cons

love and peace 2015-01-14
29   love and peace 2 years ago

Pollen Allergies - Itchy, watery Eyes and Dry and Itchy Nose
Hello brisbanehomoeopath, As mentioned by simone717, I have started a new post for my Po
srkeerthi 2012-05-04
9   dryitchy 2 years ago

Dry and itchy palms
hello, my name is abhinav pandey. i am of 16 now. my problem is that i'hv got dry a
pramodpandey1965 2014-05-19
2   dryitchy 2 years ago

PCOS Problem from Last 10 Years
Hello, I have Pcos from Last 10 Years .in start use treatment of diane .My periods start

muneeba 2014-11-09
27   muneeba 2 years ago

Hair loss - Flouric Acid 200 (help)
Dear doctors, I am a victim of over-masturbation. My hair have become very thin due to in
medicalhelp 2013-10-30
7   Hamood 2 years ago

Prematur Ejaculation & Urine Problem
Respected Sir, I am Rizvi Alam from Pune, India. With a great hope for your help, I am
homeoatitsbest 2015-03-22
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

extreme dryness in back of upper mouth
Hello My name is amit.for past six month i am facing itching during sleeping and extreme d
amitku 2015-03-21
3   0antivirus0 2 years ago

watery discharge from penis
Almost all the time when I think of girl watery discharge takes place from my penis .The
rahulsenn 2015-03-15
3   fitness 2 years ago

irritation with genetal herpes female
Im currently having an issue with irritation after I urinate. I take 500mg of valtrex dai
shocked80 2015-03-22
3   rishimba 2 years ago

dryness in throat
3 days back I ate chat at a local shop and drank strawberry shake..within 1 hour I got pai
ritu14s 2015-03-22
3   rishimba 2 years ago

regynecomestia problem
Dearsir there is no change in my problem plz sr suggest me another medicine for my proble
rajkumar94 2015-03-21
3   simone717 2 years ago

testicular swelling and pian with exessive desire to msturbate
I am 27 years old, and for past 8-10 years I am masturbating regularly, my penis size is

rmartial12 2015-01-17
27   rmartial12 2 years ago

Diarrhea since 3 days, no pain, no vomitting
Hello, I'm a 24 years old boy, and I live in France, Paris, I have diarrhea since Thu
rahman_hope 2015-03-21
2   rahman_hope 2 years ago

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