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Speech delay due to lack if oxygen at CC birth
Hi My son is 5. He has speech delay. For about 1 y has everyday speech therapy with me and
EvaLondon 2015-09-16
3   kadwa 2 years ago

anyone pls take my case
Sir, I have low motility of sperm so can I take Himalaya speman table?to increase the sper
bharathgoms 2015-09-23
2   bharathgoms 2 years ago

hello doctor i am anurag and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms and in my back p
anurag.nigamji 2015-09-23
1   fitness 2 years ago

teeth grinding at night - help needed from 0antivirus0 or other doctor
Hello, My daughter Astha who is 9-years old has been dealing with constant teeth grinding
Simran25 2015-09-02
12   Simran25 2 years ago

hair loss
can anybody help me

shrishty 2015-09-13
18   shrishty 2 years ago

Really confused o_O...
On one hand i searched through the Internet and got the answer that there is no cure for G
Deathboy 2015-09-18
5   Sivaji1 2 years ago

Urgent - Need guidance with dosage for 4.5 years old
Hello Doctors, I need some guidance with the homeopathy medicine. My daughter is 4.5 year

PJ5791 2015-09-13
15   nawazkhan 2 years ago

dr telescope suggest remedy for my mother
My mother age is 55 year.she is suffering from vertigo last 15 year.these vertigo firstly
smali 2015-09-20
6   telescope 2 years ago

Enlarged Adenoid 3yrs- Need Urgent Help
My son is 3.5 yrs old. He is suffering from enlarged adenoids. He has blocked nose and res
Maraisa 2015-09-21
3   telescope 2 years ago

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) & Other types of Hairloss
Dear Doctors, Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is it curable? Please advice, I have tried last

msbaig 2007-06-23
192   ayushjames 2 years ago

Dental Fluorosis
Hello, my 6 year old son has fluorosis in their first molars . Apparently this is due to t
MiriamB 2015-07-18
3   MiriamB 2 years ago

I am facing problem of eaching problem in my back and legs from evening without any erupti
anir844 2015-09-17
4   anir844 2 years ago

burn extra fat
my sister priti age 39,wight 65kg, height 5.4" please suggest homeopathy medicine to reduc
arti kotak 2015-09-19
4   arti kotak 2 years ago

Tinnitus , Homeopathy & Results.
Dear Sir, I am male , 20 , having mild tinnitus from past 6 months. I took homeopathy tre

stuartrancer 2015-08-11
13   stuartrancer 2 years ago

Vomiting on masturbation/Sexual feelings.
Hi All, I am getting so many vomiting's when ever i do masturbation or even if i get
anil822 2015-09-22
1   vk804 2 years ago

Anybody familiar with this homepathic cpmpany?
https://kingbio.com/ was thinking of buying from them ... anybody heard about them?
bluesky77 2015-09-22
no replies yet

Stomatitis (Mouth Infection)
I had faced Stomatitis (Mouth Infection) problem previous 3 month. I take medicine and fee
Razi Shah 2015-09-15
3   Razi Shah 2 years ago

penis problem
Sir answer me
M Hashim 2015-09-22
no replies yet

Mani_jee doctor pls suggest me
Hi,right now I have an erection problem and I can't able to feel my ejaculation wen I
bharathgoms 2015-09-22
no replies yet

my problem was excessive sweating mostly in head, sexual weakness, hair fall, insomnia, d
razib1234 2015-09-21
3   razib1234 2 years ago

Want to be a father soon.
I am a 29yrs old male from kolkata. I want to be a father soon so I want to make the quali
GAYEN 2015-09-16
1   subirkls 2 years ago

I am suffering from chronic asthma for 13 years. I tried homeopathy from different homeop
amiracle 2015-09-22
1   telescope 2 years ago

dyspnea on exertion,epilepsy,obesity
dear i am 30 male 110 kg Having two epilepsy attacks in 2012 and taking valparin chrono500
urpal85 2015-09-20
2   urpal85 2 years ago

are Undas homeopathic?
Are Undas homeopathic remedies?
bluesky77 2015-09-21
no replies yet

akshaymohl,Evocationer,dr kadwa,simone717 i need your help..
sir u prescribed me medicine but at that time i got attack like feeling and managed for al
aamir2312 2015-09-20
2   aamir2312 2 years ago

Masturbation while watching porn
Hello! I am here to seek some help actually for a couple of year I am addicted to porn an
ramirocruz 2015-09-03
7   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Severe skin problem urgent help required...
Dear all, i m suffering from this skin problem from past 3 yrs and have tried all allopat

taniya 2015-09-02
19   mani_jee 2 years ago

allium and apis for coryza dry my eyes out
I am 60 years old, suffer from respiratoy allergies, with coriza and sinus pressure, sensi
anetteabc 2015-09-20
3   gaintrox 2 years ago

Please help me ..Wart on Upper Lip
Hi I am Krish, In my upper lip having one wart(Flat one and looks like white). Please fin
krthe 2015-09-16
3   krthe 2 years ago

Homeopath in Kolkata
Please provide me recommendation of good homeopath in Kolkata
manishcfa 2015-09-20
3   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Stored medicine in scented container
I stored my homeo med in a container prev containing clove and its scent in very strong. S
manishcfa 2015-09-20
3   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

Stored medicine in scented container
I stored my homeopathy medicine in a container which previously had clove into it and as I
manishcfa 2015-09-20
1   gaintrox 2 years ago

Wegener Disease
I have come to know that if we deplete B cells from the blood, we can treat the Wegener di
rajiv_mehrotra 2015-09-19
7   telescope 2 years ago

Severe Hyperhidrosis all over the body
Hello, everyone! I have a very extreme case of hyperhidrosis all over my body, which incl
thor00700 2015-09-09
5   thor00700 2 years ago

suffering from fissure plz help
Sir I am 32 yr female suffering from fissure since from last 2 yrs. I was on diet for 3
kar123 2015-09-16
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Re: urinary tract infection?
Dr.Deoshlok Sharma,Dr.Abhishrk Dr.Kwada Pl.help me - My wife aged about 59 years sufferin

prasantadalal 2015-08-28
27   Reva V 2 years ago

Hair Fall, Dandruff, Dry and Curly Hair
Hi I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff. I have lost significant amount of hair from
manishcfa 2013-01-08
4   manishcfa 2 years ago

pruritis ani (itcy butt) problem, help please.
Pruritus ani usually occurs in men. The reason is unknown. I have a very itchy outer rect
ahmedali25 2010-03-24
10   manishcfa 2 years ago

Severe Hair Loss - Woman
I am 40 year old and live in Dublin, California. My hair loss started when I was about 20
angela123 2015-09-18
2   angela123 2 years ago

Chronic sinusitis with headache
I am having chronic sinusitis from last October. I get very bad taste mucous as post nasal
transcriber 2015-09-20
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Gynecomastia - small size
[message deleted by Bintu on Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:38:09 UTC]
Bintu 2015-09-16
1   Bintu 2 years ago

platelets decrement
sir its all about my dad who is suffering from long 1.5year platelets ,haemoglobins are go
sk ibrahim khadim 2015-09-20
3   telescope 2 years ago

Are there any homeopathic remedies for cholecystitis? Especially to avoid painful attacks.
bluesky77 2015-09-18
3   rishimba 2 years ago

Brain surgery
Hi everyone, Can anyone advise me, I want to help my friend with some homeopathy, to go al
Phoenixflower 2015-09-18
2   Phoenixflower 2 years ago

Anal Fissure
Sir, I am 56 years old man. Now I am facing some problem about anal fissure. But there is
dmitra1961 2015-09-19
5   vk804 2 years ago

hi.... simone717 ! no one
[message edited by ak2000 on tue, 22 sep 2015 07:54:02 utc][message edited by Ak2000 on Tu
Ak2000 2015-09-20
no replies yet

Please help me to recover
Hi I have already post an add about my over mastrubation problems. I am 20 years old and I
thedynamo 2015-09-18
5   vk804 2 years ago

akale 2015-09-19
no replies yet

Re: Anal Fissure
Hello Debasis, Thanks for the details, Please let me know what all homeopathic medicine
vk804 2015-09-19
1   vk804 2 years ago

silent reflux and sleep issue
My daughter is 5 weeks 3 days and was diagnosed with silent reflux at 3 weeks and has been
Jayee1213 2015-09-17
6   Jayee1213 2 years ago

Medicine for skin whitening
Can anyone please please suggest me any effective medicine for skin whitening. I need it b
Beenishaltaf 2015-09-19
no replies yet

skin whitening
Hi iam 21 years old from India with brown skin my problem is dark spots on my face and I
fathima sherin 2015-03-31
3   Beenishaltaf 2 years ago

allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchitis
Dear Sir, Left nostril block, Left eyelid drooping, pain and pressure over left eye,pain,
prowlnpry 2015-09-18
3   prowlnpry 2 years ago

22 month not repeating words
My son whose 22 months old doesn't repeat words. He babbles in his own baby language
Am123 2015-09-19
2   Am123 2 years ago

serious endometriosis treatment
Dear dr. I am looking for endometriosis treatment .As there is no list of dr with their s

jass101 2015-06-22
91   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Effects of Immunizations
I remember being told, or maybe I read it, that there is a homeopathic remedy for the ill
mrsmac88 2015-09-19
1   telescope 2 years ago

To increase the sperm motility
Hi doctor's I have the prblm of low sperm motility can someone help me to increase th
bharathgoms 2015-09-19
no replies yet

Suggestion chai..
Nipple fule jawa problem.body thanda thakle/toka dile/aghat/gym korle savabik hoi.koyek se
Meskat 2015-09-17
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

increase my height
my daughter is 11 yrs old and having 47kg weight and height is 4feet 8 inc pls suggest me
sanjee 2015-09-19
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Sepia Depression?
45 years old. Want to be left alone. No libido. Completely exhausted. No desire to do anyt
vayavaca 2015-09-14
8   vayavaca 2 years ago

Mani_jee doctor pls reply me
Hi doctor, I have send my lab report pls give ur advice for result is normal or not.. If a
bharathgoms 2015-09-17
12   bharathgoms 2 years ago

Heart rate increse and shivering after masturebation
Hello. I have posted my issue earlier. But no one help me plz reply to my prob and sugge
Salmanz3 2015-09-18
5   Salmanz3 2 years ago

kindly guide
My daughter was born on 17th july 2015 at 3.07 Am.From birth white fluid filled blister st

varunsodhi2008 2015-09-08
31   varunsodhi2008 2 years ago

Urgent Help needed.Shingles/Herpes Zoster for my Mother.
dear all, My mother is suffering from herpes Zoster or Shingles from 15 days.Please sugge
homeopatient001 2015-09-18
1   rishimba 2 years ago

CFS / Dr. Mohla or Rishimba or Reva
Male 49 long term CFS. CFS, heavy metals, mercury and lead retention toxicity, thyroid, a
William.W 2015-08-30
8   William.W 2 years ago

To simone717 kindly guide
My daughter was born on 17th july 2015 at 3.07 Am.From birth white fluid filled blister st
varunsodhi2008 2015-09-18
no replies yet

Disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5 with central herniation. Severe pain in legs
Hi, I am 29 year old male.Recently I am diagnosed with slip disc in L3-4 and L4-5. I am ha
riteshksingh 2015-09-18
5   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Brain damage due to lack of breathing/heart failure
Dear friends, My daughter 8 years (SMA - spinal muscular atrophy) patient has breathing di
mjafzal 2015-09-16
4   telescope 2 years ago

increase height..
I am taking Baryta carb 30 and silicea12x for 3 month. Now plz suggest me other medicine.
anshgupta 2015-09-18
no replies yet

Please Bangladeshi Dr sahajjo korben
Picture dilam..etai Amar somossa.Body thanda thakle/ gym korle (nipple)savabik hoi...kichu
Meskat 2015-09-17
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