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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Please help, in difficult pain situation, need advise also
Hello, I hope somebody here can help me towards so...
1helpme78602:41 31 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Anxiety and Panic (Gelsemium C 200)
Hey everyone! I was just going through the posts o... [LAST PAGE]
66Umair198602:19 31 Oct 14 by Evocationer
alopecia due to interferon
Dear sir, I was suffering from hep c and I am und...
1javeria01:38 31 Oct 14 by Evocationer
anal fissure
Suffering from anal fissure from last few months ....
7skjagga12300:37 31 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
Tooth decay
Anyone please help. I am 22 years old female. My 2...
1shikha verma18:31 30 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Spleenectomy causing infection
Hello Dr. My Name is Farhan . i am 23 years old. i...
1farhanawan 15:28 30 Oct 14 by farhanawan
hyperthyroid diagnosis - 31 year old
Hi, I got a TSH of 0.008 which is hyperthyroid. ...
3tanushree13:29 30 Oct 14 by tanushree
Fitness..Please help in curing acne
Hi fitness, I am a 22 year old female suffering f...
8nehaaa12:58 30 Oct 14 by fitness
3 and a half year old with red spot on tongue
I noticed a small fingernail tip sized red spot on...
5jazmine712:37 30 Oct 14 by jazmine7
Umbilical hernia due to surgery
My sister aged 43 years. Has been done laproscopi...
0kamrul12:34 30 Oct 14 by
bladder issues - ic? please help!
I am a 26 year old female - no prior health issues...
6Annabellla 12:18 30 Oct 14 by rishimba
My granddaughter had dyslexia , bad breath and ye...
3Honora12:10 30 Oct 14 by rishimba
want to incress my hight
i am 21 year old boy.i am 5 foot 6 inch.i want to ...
0subho00711:15 30 Oct 14 by
nose blockage no allergy symptoms
Hi i have nose blockage since last 2 years. Nose b...
7ppp170207:46 30 Oct 14 by ppp1702
Canine Lymphoma
My lab has lymphoma, he has been through chemother...
1Mpaquin 07:01 30 Oct 14 by kadwa
Simone( moderator ) ...Please help
Hi Simon, since I was not successfully helped , ca...
6dempress04:54 30 Oct 14 by dempress
Iron and calcium supplement
Hi all! I hope you can help me. Yesterday I went t...
2Kaisa03:57 30 Oct 14 by simone717
Motions with pain in stomach
Dear Sirs, I m 35 years old and since last mont...
1shahidkzm02:07 30 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
21 days on saw palmetto has made me impotent! Please Help
hello everybody, i am also having difficulties aft... [LAST PAGE]
39pageidol8602:05 30 Oct 14 by sawpalmetto
No period after discon't birth control pill
Hello, My son's girlfriend, age 25, discontin...
5ruth4501:27 30 Oct 14 by Evocationer
How long?
If i take a remmedie. How long does it normally ta...
4Nebusaradan00:55 30 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Sprained ankle
I sprained my ankle while walking today about 5 ho...
8cosmochess22:59 29 Oct 14 by fitness
Hi , I would like to know what I can take to make ... [LAST PAGE]
93dempress19:34 29 Oct 14 by dempress
nasal blockage rhinits
i once had a flu 5-6 yrs ago..after which i star... [LAST PAGE]
19nomanpk19:18 29 Oct 14 by simone717
Need help for my husband Sexual problem
Hello Doctors, i am married & my husband is s... [LAST PAGE]
39stutid16:17 29 Oct 14 by javed 1213
Wet Dreams and Weak Body
Hi Im 25 year old Male Short Discription of my ...
5thunder198615:58 29 Oct 14 by javed 1213
receding gums miracle massage
As instructed by kuldeep/giralal, I started massag...
8Pat200615:00 29 Oct 14 by Samm6
small, loose, unequal breast
Dear doctor kindly help me I am using my brother I...
1yaqeen14:27 29 Oct 14 by simone717
3 year old with chalazia
Hi, my 3 year old daughter have a chalazia in uppe...
5Realmom 13:18 29 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
un equal small & un shaped breast
hello doctor I am 24yrs old girl my problem is tha...
3yaqeen11:29 29 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
need homeopath advice
Dear sir/madam, i have yellow/white coating on to...
12ahmed_198410:45 29 Oct 14 by ahmed_1984
Adult teeth behind childhood teeth
My daughter aged 6 years is developing Shark teeth...
1HARI_DELHI08:44 29 Oct 14 by gaintrox
seborrheic dermetitis
Dear sir. I m suffering from seborrheic dermetiti...
1jha0532ashu07:35 29 Oct 14 by rishimba
Breast problem
I have small breast . I want a medicine to increas...
1humairasaeed 07:32 29 Oct 14 by rishimba
Platinum Metallicum - Males?? HELP PLS
Hello, Is Platinum Metallicum okay to use for...
7thompink05:44 29 Oct 14 by genuine
coughing at midnight
my son is 3 years old.about 3 month he has coughi...
1Jakir Hossain 04:58 29 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Upper lip swollen
Hi All, I hope someone out there can help. My lips...
1Viswavitha 01:32 29 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
seeking help in education
Hi, my problem is very strange. i am an eng. but p...
3mbrpk010220:40 28 Oct 14 by simone717
My husband (his brother, which makes me wonder if ...
10cciskani19:11 28 Oct 14 by simone717
Please help ..Suffering with face, back n chest acne for 5 years..
I am 23 years old and been suffering from acne o...
12kim190619:10 28 Oct 14 by uma1012
What is Cydgra Q ?
Please tell me about Cydgra Q drops. What is Cydg...
2babbupudia18:27 28 Oct 14 by josephjoseph2014
Hi there, This is a great site and has answers to... [LAST PAGE]
56utahjazz16:16 28 Oct 14 by ayesha1968
male sexual problem
Hello, Sir I am 25 years old upto age of 20 I w...
0gary9012:54 28 Oct 14 by
Alopecia Areata
Hello anyone who can help me I would gladly apprec...
6jennifer042709:29 28 Oct 14 by jennifer0427
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 06 Nov 201...
6girl201009:26 28 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Dr.Rishimba Please help..
I am a 24 year old female suffering from acne on...
8uma101208:21 28 Oct 14 by uma1012
Autosim and cerebral palsy
About disease My grand-son seems to be suffering ...
4ashochha06:12 28 Oct 14 by rishimba
Treatment of Rolling Acne Scars
I am suffering from Rolling Acne Scars on all my...
2sachin9sharma05:36 28 Oct 14 by sachin9sharma
medicine for killing sex power
I m28 year old husband dead I hve 4 child.I don&#...
8tara mitra02:57 28 Oct 14 by simone717
4 month refused milk at all
Hello my daughter 4.5 months old now. She was bor...
1navedsha00:48 28 Oct 14 by simone717
Very bad reaction to sulphur need an effective antidote asap!
Took an overdose of sulphur 30c and now having v...
11rinny12118200:14 28 Oct 14 by simone717
Hi: how to know if a homeo rem is causing harm rat...
4Beebs1223:19 27 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Please help
Hi, I am writing this letter hoping that ...
8elizabeth5119:43 27 Oct 14 by simone717
Is homeopathy effective?
I'm curious about homeopathy and I have just ...
1Tumisu10:48 27 Oct 14 by gaintrox
im from south africa and are struggeling with hive...
1faithnc09:45 27 Oct 14 by rishimba
Hi, I am 15 -year old boy and suffering from h... [LAST PAGE]
13Vijai 09:04 27 Oct 14 by faithnc
Cryptorchidism (Undescended testicle of babies)
Hi, Please let me know if Bryonia and Calcarea...
1farooqui.javaid06:40 27 Oct 14 by kadwa
Suffering small bone outgrowth in Back of Head
Hi- I'm 24 year old. A very small bone is ...
3srikant58008 05:51 27 Oct 14 by kadwa
Problems in Conceiving
Hi Doctor I have a patient (someone close to us...
3Jitendra196003:27 27 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
Help !!! Suffering with acne on body and face
I am 24 year old female suffering from chronic mod...
3uma1012 03:25 27 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
request to homeopaths working with programs ReferenceWorks and Vital quest
Hello, very please if someone uses these program...
3azzia_a02:31 27 Oct 14 by Evocationer
ininvoluntary emission and sexual thoughts
i m 25 year old male,suffering from involuntary em...
1sagarvrindavan00:36 27 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
12 years of IBS, trapped gas and bowel noises
Hi Dr, I have had bowel issues for the last 12 ...
11tania0121:38 26 Oct 14 by simone717
dddddddd [message edited by girl2010 on Mon, 03 Au...
12girl201020:18 26 Oct 14 by girl2010
Fever of Unknown Origin - Concerned Hubby
Hi, Need your help for the subject condition/fe... [LAST PAGE]
100RajanTX19:14 26 Oct 14 by simone717
cell salt information
I am 24 year male. I am suffering from chronic hea...
8snehal16:57 26 Oct 14 by simone717
Painless blister on penis glans.
Sir/Madam, I'm 33yr old male & married s...
2abcavi16:54 26 Oct 14 by abcavi
toddler sleeping issues
Dear Dr. Gosh, still so grateful how u helped my...
3Malvika12316:43 26 Oct 14 by simone717
Sciatica Pain.
Hello, My Mom (age 63 yrs, with no health problem...
10Nikkie13:07 26 Oct 14 by arvindprasad
Beginning of a cold
Both my son & I are starting a cold. It s s...
1thereseazar11:46 26 Oct 14 by gaintrox
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