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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Help needed
hi, I am 33 years old and I am using psychiatri...
5mak.yasir05:21 20 Nov 14 by kadwa
sexual desire/power disturbed
Hi dear Doctors, I am Ayan 30 years old and singl...
7ayan.salman 05:18 20 Nov 14 by kadwa
Q. About phlegmatic remedies
Just a general question about phlegmatic types. I...
1Fluff1103:15 20 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Problem of Hypertension, Stress and Childish Behaviour
I would like to ask someone. My mother is 58 year&...
1Akshay20405003:09 20 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
evocationer update: depressed dad! need help, thank you!!
Hi Evocationer. This is an update to an older ...
0beth8802:26 20 Nov 14 by
EVOCATIONER Update: Feeling Fragile and Sensitive
This is a follow up to our previous conversation: ...
0beth8802:08 20 Nov 14 by
Prostate problem
Age 69.hypertensive,diabetic.Suffering from enlar...
1mrbaig 00:35 20 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
Hi simone just wanted to know have I done or said ...
2kindle17:51 19 Nov 14 by simone717
Recurring cold in 10yr old
My son was born premature by 1 month 5 days. Since... [LAST PAGE]
30geethap12309:10 19 Nov 14 by geethap123
kidney issue
Dr. Evocationer please help me i have kidney issue...
0mikki7608:34 19 Nov 14 by
kidney problem
Dear Fittness, I am suffering from kidney problem... [LAST PAGE]
32mikki7608:13 19 Nov 14 by mikki76
Attn to Jor de Livera:3weeks old baby has silent reflux
My little baby has symptoms of silent reflux she i...
0Duygu06:03 19 Nov 14 by
severe menstrual cramps
I'm looking for help with severe debilitating...
11arina8305:47 19 Nov 14 by sashawilliam
Thyroid / GERD / general debility
Pateint Name: Tasa ( Male) Current Symptoms 1)...
1doctorayu04:44 19 Nov 14 by rishimba
Pain in waist
I am 50 years male and have been suffering from pa...
1mkh200004:22 19 Nov 14 by shouse_nsk
Male sperms having abnormal morphology (shapes)
Hi Dr. Hope you are well. Please accept my grat...
2bill2003:53 19 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Constitutional remedy help. Fear of taking remedies.
Help me find constitutional remedy so I can get ov... [LAST PAGE]
15ChristinB23:59 18 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Back pain
Hello 35 years old male. There is an old iss...
2cristtt620:48 18 Nov 14 by cristtt6
Attention: Dr. Evocationer

[message deleted by jesmin6666 on Wed, 26 Nov ...
1jesmin666617:29 18 Nov 14 by simone717
sudden hair loss with flaky scalp
Hi all, Good day, I am a 33yrs old female wit...
1angola_cg08:02 18 Nov 14 by rishimba
Restless Legs - Please Advise
Thank you in advance for your assitance. Im 45+...
3momof3andromeo01:56 18 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
male pattern baldness at early age
name :vineet place:uttar pradesh(india) age:23.7... [LAST PAGE]
71ironmaiden01:55 18 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
Homeopathy for myopia
Hi, I am hoping for Evocationer to take this ca...
4bissi01:37 18 Nov 14 by bissi
Unsettled 6 month oldwont settle or sleep HELP
Hi I have a 6 month old daughter who has never ...
3julie77 01:26 18 Nov 14 by Evocationer
Eyes - Macular Degeration
About four (4) years, I started seeing a small cir...
3Jingle Bells00:53 18 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
- [message deleted by kindle on Tue, 18 Nov 2014 0...
1kindle00:51 18 Nov 14 by simone717
Fingers, Thumb Numbness Morning
When I get up in the morning, my thumb, first two ...
1Jingle Bells19:39 17 Nov 14 by nawazkhan
hi. excessive masterbation
hi, my age is 34 now. i m not married. i m in habi...
5brave 16:58 17 Nov 14 by brave
TELL ME Jamil Ahmed Showrav, Help Required (After Effects of Masturbation)
From brave on 2014-11-15 1. Name ----- brave 2....
0brave 16:40 17 Nov 14 by
To fitnesss about p.e.
Well before 4 months i was doing masterbating alot... [LAST PAGE]
44saluman08:22 17 Nov 14 by saluman
Please Suggest me Combination medicine
Please Shilajit,safed musli ,shatavariter in hemeo...
0jeetdsingh160608:01 17 Nov 14 by
Eye Inflamation after phaco and then vitrectomy surgery
My mother 79 yrs old and had a Phaco Surgery on 23... [LAST PAGE]
24rbose07:41 17 Nov 14 by rbose
Child with worms : Cina 30C
Hi, It would be great if anyone Please let me k...
5rishis05:52 17 Nov 14 by gaintrox
osteomyelitis Infection attacked after knee replacement surgery
My mother is 74 years old. She is suffering with i...
2sandeepreddyus05:38 17 Nov 14 by sandeepreddyus
Need help for Sexual problem
Hello Doctors, i am married & 35 Years old,is...
1shashiru 05:21 17 Nov 14 by kadwa
Severe Food Allergy - Please Help
I have severe food allergy . It all started wi...
3Bestech04:39 17 Nov 14 by rishimba
my bp is 180/100.pl suggest remedies to lower my ...
1Bidyut Kumar Saha03:04 17 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Left submaxillary gland swollen
I recently treated myself for allergies with ...
2ruthie b01:34 17 Nov 14 by ruthie b
vit deficiencies
My son is 4 year old and very pickey eater. He onl...
10navedsha01:25 17 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
4 month refused milk at all
Hello My daughter is 4.5 months old. She was born...
5navedsha22:16 16 Nov 14 by navedsha
excessive masterbation since age 14
sir my age is 33 now AND I AM UNMARRIED NOW. i hav...
1brave 21:39 16 Nov 14 by fitness
Hi Dr. i need your advice
My name is ioan and i am from Romania! i need dvic... [LAST PAGE]
69pop ioan20:57 16 Nov 14 by pop ioan
L4-L5 diffuse disc
L4-L5 diffuse disc bulge indenting thecal sac howe... [LAST PAGE]
18vinny8518:19 16 Nov 14 by vinny85
Hypothyroid and Hashimotos
I was diagnosed with both these about two years ag...
4blahblahblah16:02 16 Nov 14 by jlovell
contraindication in having Fragaria Vesca 3x.
dr.am 24yrs old,have lots of acne marks in face...
1dr.saheli soren06:34 16 Nov 14 by rishimba
my father is 67 yrs old ... he has feeling of bre...
3mahesh_raotole04:52 16 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
causticum with latharus sativas
i am on latharus sativas which is helping reduce m...
0khurana7603:05 16 Nov 14 by
gray hair and hair loss
my age is 33. i am habitual in masterbating. since...
1brave 00:41 16 Nov 14 by akshaymohl
10 month old baby
10 month old baby, male does not want to eat co...
1adnan74116:12 15 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
cold, flue, headache and pain in body
my age is 38 have cold, flu , headache and pain i...
1iamready08:49 15 Nov 14 by rishimba
Can we meet in person
I want to meet you in person my father is sufferin...
1pnkjdas07:21 15 Nov 14 by telescope
C.V+Lyco giving me dullness
While I am using C.V + Lyco homeopathy medicine, i...
10elururajesh06:58 15 Nov 14 by elururajesh
height problem
my child has dawrfism problem. he is unable to gai...
0gklale1606:43 15 Nov 14 by
EBOLA seems to be spreading throughout the world
I am copying a few links to news reports from the ... [LAST PAGE]
26Joe De Livera04:13 15 Nov 14 by daktersaab
Simone 717
Simone please how can I get Evocationer to prescri...
1kindle04:11 15 Nov 14 by simone717
Single-dose cure for Ebola, Dengue etc.
Sub: SINGLE DOSE CURE for the present EBOLA, MADR...
1Dr. V. Krishnaamur03:11 15 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Trauma Remedies
1Dr. V. Krishnaamur03:10 15 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
Thuja Occ 30c , Teucrium Marum Verum 30c,
Please suggest daily dose of Thuja Occ 30c.Can I...
1cheema202016:36 14 Nov 14 by simone717
Over masturbation
hello i have done over masturbation now i have a...
3Vijay445416:27 14 Nov 14 by anuj srivastava
Possible adenoids and wheezing 8,5 yo
My 8,5 yo son has been having nasal drainage for m... [LAST PAGE]
32syesin15:05 14 Nov 14 by syesin
Please tell me daily dose of Medorrhinum 1M
I am 31 years old female.I want to use Medorrhinu...
10cheema202009:44 14 Nov 14 by cheema2020
Bronchiatal chest congestion 2 years old
Hi, My son turned two last month. He is a very ...
4transcend09:17 14 Nov 14 by simone717
plz suggest....
I have a problem, I feel much pain in testis after...
1arkooo07:26 14 Nov 14 by mani_jee
Root canal retreatment
Hi, I had a root canal done 4 years back. Recent...
8a_v_rao05:36 14 Nov 14 by kadwa
possible exposure to chickenpox thru shingles
Hi, I am otherwise healthy 40 y/o female with sh...
4mgs4503:42 14 Nov 14 by mgs45
Cochlea dysfunction
Hello Doctor, My daughter has been diagnosed with...
2Sreelakshmi03:20 14 Nov 14 by homeo.mzp
High Blood Pressure (For Dr. Joe De Livera)
Dear Dr. Joe, I was diagnosed with high BP coup... [LAST PAGE]
125Overstock03:09 14 Nov 14 by simone717
general homeopathy question
Ive just found a new pediatrician that uses homeop... [LAST PAGE]
18bwill1320:46 13 Nov 14 by bwill13
Alcohol withdrawal
hi. i'm going through alcohol withdrawal afte...
1fresia1415:39 13 Nov 14 by fitness
How to make a solution from homeopathy tablets?
Hello, I bought Schuessler Tissue salts - ...
1Podruga08:47 13 Nov 14 by realityphantom
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