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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
opium withdrawl
I am using opium since last 2 years and now I wa...
1MCKAUSHAL16:45 12 Aug 14 by Joe De Livera
penis foreskin infection
Under my penis's foreskin there are few red s...
5akhileshmehta8515:17 12 Aug 14 by bapu4
opium withdrawl
I have been using opium for the last 2 years. No...
1MCKAUSHAL14:47 12 Aug 14 by simone717
prescribed potency not available.
hi, I need your help. I was adviced to take sal...
1duya0714:35 12 Aug 14 by simone717
Labrador dog with Liver problem (swollen belly)..Please suggest
Labrador dog with Liver problem (swollen belly)..P... [LAST PAGE]
19sobhan09:19 12 Aug 14 by bapu4
Dog with Anal Gland Protrusion
Hello, I wonder if you doctors that I so greatly r...
10Priscilla07:20 12 Aug 14 by Priscilla
Married for 6yrs, want child but suffering from Low sperm count.. plz plz help.. God bless you..
Hi, I am 34yrs old, and trying for baby ... eve...
8Nikunjtend03:36 12 Aug 14 by Nikunjtend
Hormone problems
Hi there. I have had major hormone problems si...
3lorikarnecki 01:28 12 Aug 14 by Evocationer
required a best opinion
Hi,,, i m male 23 years old... i am experiencing s... [LAST PAGE]
13awaisilyas78917:31 11 Aug 14 by Fearfully Floxed
remedy for memory and concentration
Hello I have a six year old son diagnosed with ep...
3guigui17:31 11 Aug 14 by bapu4
Poisoned by Levaquin
Hello - I am writing because I am experiencing tox... [LAST PAGE]
16poisoned17:12 11 Aug 14 by Fearfully Floxed
Dear Doctor Sameer and others, This is quite a ...
11Fearfully Floxed17:00 11 Aug 14 by Fearfully Floxed
Backache and shoulder pain
My mom 72 years old with active hepatitis c, and ...
2Happythoughts16:58 11 Aug 14 by Happythoughts
unable to relax

[message deleted by anouk on Wed, 08 Oct 2014 ...
5anouk14:22 11 Aug 14 by simone717
.. [message edited by drastha on Tue, 02 Sep 2014 ...
0drastha09:55 11 Aug 14 by
Dear Sir my name is Amit.I am from delhi. few year... [LAST PAGE]
16kavyatomar07:49 11 Aug 14 by ubuntu1234
Evocationer - Please help on my case.
Dear Evocationer, I have already going through ...
2dp198405:43 11 Aug 14 by dp1984
I am a 60 year old woman in very good health. I ha...
4jswechsel04:15 11 Aug 14 by shouse_nsk
Chronic neck pain after shingles to right side of head
Hello, I am new to the forum but not new to homeop...
1beccalynn201403:24 11 Aug 14 by deoshlok
Dystonia - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dear sir , My father is suffering from dystonia ...
2silpesh03:20 11 Aug 14 by deoshlok
Pimples on the face - 15 years boy
Pimples started appearing on the face of my son. H...
2tananth2402:51 11 Aug 14 by tananth24
Heart Problem
I got some good results from this forum. So, I wou...
2thyroidprobs00:24 11 Aug 14 by simone717
abdominal pain
Suffering from severe gas problem last 10yrs.anyth...
1Aqeel malek 00:14 11 Aug 14 by nawazkhan
Blood clot in thigh
A friend has a blood clot in her inner thigh, what...
4Miiku7210:12 10 Aug 14 by Miiku72
i hb been suffering from hyperhidrosis since las...
1kalyan2408:22 10 Aug 14 by bapu4
Mental Health
This case is about my brother who is doing a cours...
3thyroidprobs02:30 10 Aug 14 by simone717
Height Grow...
i m 18+ and need to grow height more....
1mazahir hussain00:42 10 Aug 14 by Evocationer
Anxiety and Fear for Public Speaking
Hello I would like to ask you for your advice a...
7SofiaF19:19 09 Aug 14 by PhilShackleford
Sleep problem
Dear Learned Doctors: I am 30 yrs old male. ...
5somukherjee15:57 09 Aug 14 by thenewone99
can i use two or three homeopathic medicines same ...
5T.vinodkumar15:56 09 Aug 14 by thenewone99
severe dandruff and acne for 12yr old pl help
Dear dr kadwa, My daughter 12yr old is suffering ...
4yesdee15:56 09 Aug 14 by thenewone99
Draining Pilonidal Sinus
I hope you can help me. I am an 18 year old male. ... [LAST PAGE]
522cg808015:07 09 Aug 14 by fitness
patient is 36 years old. gave birth to twin daught...
3Daphney14:47 09 Aug 14 by simone717
dengue fever prophylaxis
Hi I'm a medical herbalist travelling to Per...
6non76411:18 09 Aug 14 by Joe De Livera
symptomatic and confused
Hello. I am new to the forum. I started homeopa... [LAST PAGE]
21Angelique11:10 09 Aug 14 by Angelique
forgetful specially names
Plz Suggest me a remedy for following of my sympto...
2anir84408:49 09 Aug 14 by anir844
Extreme Mood Swings - please advise
Months ago after researching my symptoms I decided... [LAST PAGE]
17Valkyrie08:44 09 Aug 14 by Evocationer
eating in time of anxiety
Can anyone suggest a remedy having the symptoms of...
1anir84406:37 09 Aug 14 by deoshlok
Disc Herniation medication dosage
I suffered from herniation in L4/L5 and L5/S1 abou...
1Ismaeel01:15 09 Aug 14 by akshaymohl
Use of Rememdy
Hello, I have been prescribed graphites 30c ... [LAST PAGE]
15gammyjam 17:28 08 Aug 14 by gammyjam
Seizures with focal cortical dysplasia
Hi, My 3 year girl child is suffering from seiz... [LAST PAGE]
46vizayadurga17:11 08 Aug 14 by vizayadurga
Regular Nightfalls from last 2 years.
Sir i want to know effective medicines to stop nig...
5Shaibaz 15:30 08 Aug 14 by simone717
thin penis PE please help me
hi sir I am 23 male, i am from andhra pradesh, I... [LAST PAGE]
18T.vinodkumar13:59 08 Aug 14 by bapu4
dose gtt what unit is this ?
any doctor on forum please reply What is the ...
1stud2812:05 08 Aug 14 by mittalrtm
I have been diagnosed with epididymitis on right s... [LAST PAGE]
26Abdul_Hamid09:00 08 Aug 14 by Abdul_Hamid
Hair Pulling Child
Our almost eight year old daughter has within the ...
8Sandfam08:05 08 Aug 14 by Sandfam
Severe pain both knees over 3 weeks
Hello: I am a 44 yr old female otherwise health...
5Mozard05:04 08 Aug 14 by simone717
Reverse Chronological Tautopathy
Anybody has heard or read of this method or is fam...
3janecita03:47 08 Aug 14 by simone717
Baby Acid Reflux
Hi, My son is now 3 months old and was diagnosed ...
8Stefy3802:16 08 Aug 14 by Stefy38
bms or ...?
Opening new post on demand (see former burning mou... [LAST PAGE]
28tantchristel00:00 08 Aug 14 by Evocationer
water retention
I took some iodine as a way to detox and I got t... [LAST PAGE]
41calinepop20:53 07 Aug 14 by Evocationer
The Arnica Miracle continues
Many classical homeopaths who have followed my pro... [LAST PAGE]
84Joe De Livera20:46 07 Aug 14 by Evocationer
ibs diarrhoea
Need help very badly I m suffering from ibs the ...
2Khan777 18:35 07 Aug 14 by Khan777
one kidney failure - Non Functional
Hello All My name is Yunus from New Delhi, M/41... [LAST PAGE]
55yunus16:29 07 Aug 14 by ShekharP
wrist and Knees crackling sound due to masturbation
Hi, I need help I am in very bad condition it i... [LAST PAGE]
31tehmer 15:13 07 Aug 14 by anil822
Hypothyroidism and Low WBC
Hi, I am looking for a good Homeopath in Dammam/K... [LAST PAGE]
20saudia2114:59 07 Aug 14 by saudia21
low libido after chicken pox
Hi, i have been suffering from low libido and m...
11jaalib 07:34 07 Aug 14 by jaalib
deep sukan eyes
What is treatment for deep sukan hallow eyes and h...
1demdeodev06:45 07 Aug 14 by kadwa
Side effects of selenium, lycopodium
I have taken argentum nitricum 30c once a day fo...
1kick12306:29 07 Aug 14 by kadwa
Pre Mature ejaclaution & small pennis
AOA. i am from Rawalpindi Pakistan, my age is 34 y...
1kamran4peace05:56 07 Aug 14 by kadwa
he walks on toe
my girl is 2.5 year old.she is normal but she walk...
1mailak.ajit04:45 07 Aug 14 by bapu4
Need extra help
Previously, i open thread here: http://abchomeop...
5feysal04:30 07 Aug 14 by simone717
ileocecal valve
I was wondering if anyone had any information/expe...
3Kellen23:48 06 Aug 14 by Kellen
Excessive hair loss possibly due to thyroid
hi, I am 22 years old. i have started having exces... [LAST PAGE]
112prachi2118:08 06 Aug 14 by prachi21
Azoospermia & infertility
I have seen few of my friends asking remedy for az...
1aconite17:48 06 Aug 14 by calinepop
allergy from cold, duct, sharp smell
Hi i have allergy from dust, sharp smell like pe...
1raviranjan17:29 06 Aug 14 by simone717
My father is suffering from yellow sweat
Hi Pls help .My father is suffering from high blo...
1rkpersonal17:25 06 Aug 14 by akshaymohl
leakage,erection and timing problem
My age is 30. At the age of 12 or 13 I urged to r...
3aries198417:20 06 Aug 14 by akshaymohl
Hi sir/madam, My 10 year old son has been sufferi...
1Mum-Dad17:04 06 Aug 14 by simone717
Please help.......
My age is 30. At the age of 12 or 13 I urged to ...
1aries198416:52 06 Aug 14 by simone717
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