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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Problem with Male Organ
Hi Doctors, Age : 27+ years My height : 5'...
5Papai 18:50 08 Oct 14 by bapu4
To Respected Dr.Mehfooz
Dear sir I'm 20 years slim and thin body musl...
0namaloom.afraad18:49 08 Oct 14 by
Dr.Mehfooz please reply
1Mushtaq.Ahmed 12317:48 08 Oct 14 by ideal
att : dr. simone717
Dear Dr. My wife age is 27. She diagnosed he...
9manaser200517:30 08 Oct 14 by manaser2005
I want to increse my height
Hi i'm male 18 year old my height is 5 foot a...
1Akshay sawant17:07 08 Oct 14 by simone717
need help suffering from severe hair loss
I am 26 years old. I have been suffering from hai... [LAST PAGE]
75arnab102815:42 08 Oct 14 by arnab1028
Homeopathy - Myth vs Reality
Please click on my username to know about me. It w...
4fitness15:15 08 Oct 14 by pitamita
9 week old reflux issue
Hello, My 9 week old was diagnosed with possib...
8naomisapsford12:29 08 Oct 14 by fitness
Asthma, tonsil and throat cough
Hi doctors, I am 36 years old basically I am a a...
4mahmoodjnu09:59 08 Oct 14 by mahmoodjnu
Waiting for FITNESS to reply me on this thread please
0Majid12 09:30 08 Oct 14 by
cyst in my left testic
Dear sir Namaskar i send a ultrasound rep...
3Amit marcopolo07:55 08 Oct 14 by Amit marcopolo
Dear Dr.Nawaz: Erection of my Penis Is not Hard.
Dear Doctor. My age is 30 year and going to marr...
5abdpce07:28 08 Oct 14 by tanveer112
11 month Baby having seizer at first day
i am writing this for my baby boy of 11 month old....
1sunilnarayananpp 06:07 08 Oct 14 by rishimba
masturbation side effect
hello doc, I am 27 years old male. I have start...
3babai1988 03:46 08 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
Diseases treated
Hello Homeopaths, Can you guys tell me acute and ...
11sarah12303:42 08 Oct 14 by sarah123
Tooth/Gum Pain
Hello. My husband recently went to the dentist for...
2tatesmomma02:15 08 Oct 14 by tatesmomma
Irregular heavy clotted bleeding
hello Gender: Female Age: 39 10 month Qualifi... [LAST PAGE]
19aaira02:08 08 Oct 14 by aaira
Nat Phos 6x for 8 week old's reflux?
I have an 8 week old with silent reflux. Should I... [LAST PAGE]
15Cw21201:07 08 Oct 14 by Cw212
Hair loss
Hair loss
[message edite...
3Ali.Ali20:00 07 Oct 14 by simone717
Over Masterbation
Any good doctor here that will start my treatment ...
0Majid1218:10 07 Oct 14 by
pain in the right side of the chest while moving arm....
hii am 27 yr male residing in new delhi. my proble...
1kunal_rana16:04 07 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Diabetic Type II
Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed with Type I...
3v-2yaro15:03 07 Oct 14 by simone717
silent reflux 8 weeks old
Hi please help. my 8 week old little girl has been... [LAST PAGE]
20twinnyk13:25 07 Oct 14 by fitness
Help in quitting smoking
Hi, I am habitual for smoking since last 13 yrs an...
5need_advice11:28 07 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
penis problem
Sir when i am of 10 years and have no wisdom th...
3smart1206:43 07 Oct 14 by daktersaab
Headache, Nasal Congestion, Cough
Doctor, I was suffering from cough with expecto...
1raja00706:33 07 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
breast enhancement
Hello salaam!, main 25yr ki married women ...
1hurrat saify06:28 07 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
masturbation problem & penis size
sir, i am meraz from bangladesh. age 30, weight 7...
1meraz 06:13 07 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
mosturbation effects
sir mai 16 of age se mpsturbation karta tha ,but a...
194anand06:07 07 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
One year old infant (boy) vomit just while eating
My one year old boy , vomit just after eating.This...
2kuntal05:55 07 Oct 14 by Joe De Livera
Please reply here urgent
1Ali.Ali05:06 07 Oct 14 by simone717
sufferring from Lichen Nitidus
i am karthik, living in Charlotte, North Carolina,...
4rkarthik2304:56 07 Oct 14 by simone717
psychotic problem
The problem which I would like to share with you i... [LAST PAGE]
37LU01:44 07 Oct 14 by Evocationer
Homeopathy treatment for Candida / Yeast / Parasite and Biofilm
Hi All, I am a new member here. I wanted to kno... [LAST PAGE]
15PJ579101:32 07 Oct 14 by Tanaya
candida problems
I am a 28 yrs female, I have been suffering from r...
10JoeG201:01 07 Oct 14 by simone717
Tinea Cruris
I am(age 27) having skin problem for over last 10 ...
9pheni00:43 07 Oct 14 by mtss1
Nasal inferior turbinate hyertrophy
I am suffering from nasal block and unable to brea...
11khome 19:37 06 Oct 14 by rishimba
Hair Fall, Excessive Head Sweating and Dandruff
Dear Sir/Madam, I am Subir Dey. ...
8subirdey19:28 06 Oct 14 by subirdey
Bad Bruise on Toes/Foot
Hello, I was running towards my baby when he wo... [LAST PAGE]
13JMalik16:35 06 Oct 14 by JMalik
please help clear the doubt
Hi. I suffered tuberculosis in 2008 and later too... [LAST PAGE]
18gsn201415:29 06 Oct 14 by simone717
my cousin is 35, she is been married for 15 years....
3azade 08:37 06 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
anal gland abscess in dog
i gave my dog hepar sulph 30c for 3 days, it sl...
1ceaser08:30 06 Oct 14 by ceaser
Enlarged heart of pet
Hi, My pet (young beagle 6 yrs) was diagnosed wit...
6healthier05:13 06 Oct 14 by healthier
Isonomia-Please reply fast
I am 20 years old boy.I have sleep disorder I can&...
2Mushtaq.Ahmed 12301:50 06 Oct 14 by Mushtaq.Ahmed 123
acne at the age of 29
Hello, I am an 29 yrs female suffering from acne ...
7namastasye01:42 06 Oct 14 by fitness
Homeopathic or tissue salt
Hi I'm new here. Would like to know if the s...
7Jane7716:21 05 Oct 14 by simone717
Chronic IgA Nephropathy
Suffering from IgA Nephropathy for last more than ...
3manojpandey10011:34 05 Oct 14 by telescope
A 17 years old boy with polycythemia vera
My son is a 16 years old boy, with Hemoglobin 17 ,...
3sima.se07:17 05 Oct 14 by sima.se
Kidney Stones in both kidneys
Hi, Details :- Age - 29yrs Height - 5ft 7inches...
5zahmed002c03:50 05 Oct 14 by shouse_nsk
Acute and Chronic
If there is an acute condition such as flu or b...
1homeo101:51 05 Oct 14 by telescope
some type of parasite in my scalp, {not lice or sc...
1jdparadox22:07 04 Oct 14 by simone717
Daytime nausea
Hello. I am a 39 year old female. I live a holisti...
8tatesmomma21:51 04 Oct 14 by simone717
Is It Safe To Take This Dosage Of Aconitum Napellus?
Is it safe to take Aconitum Napellus 1M - 2 pill... [LAST PAGE]
13Flora11120:54 04 Oct 14 by Evocationer
High blood sugar
My Aunt sent me these symtoms in an email minutes ...
5tahoejohn19:41 04 Oct 14 by tahoejohn
sir i have got bryonia 30c now sir how should i ...
3rajkumar9415:33 04 Oct 14 by gaintrox
How to use this forum
By posting this I am hoping to both invite discuss...
4homesteader15:06 04 Oct 14 by homesteader
Teeth Whitening
What homeopathy remedies should be used for teeth ...
2Myclinique12:02 04 Oct 14 by gaintrox
Help with Diabetes
Hi all, I am male, married, 35. I am 6 feet in...
2hmnaveedsattar11:52 04 Oct 14 by piyu11
vestibular migraines. anxiety depression tired
Would anyone else like to take this case http:...
5tomthumb12306:58 04 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
Stretch mark
Hello. I would appreciate a bit of help. I'...
1joster05:55 04 Oct 14 by gaintrox
thyroid gland
sir I want to know about thyroid gland treatment w...
1Jakir Hossain04:55 04 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
hair loss
Hi I am 24 years in age.....i am facing excessive ...
2vdm_159004:54 04 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
sinus and throat allergy severe cough problem
Hai I am 30 years old facing irritation in throat...
1anileee200504:51 04 Oct 14 by homeo.mzp
scalp itching and severe skin rash/boils
I am suffering from severe itching in my scalp sin... [LAST PAGE]
59Iamhealthy04:44 04 Oct 14 by simone717
snaps of my scalp...
0piu8004:23 04 Oct 14 by
Hi I have been suffering from painful periods for ...
6mj786 02:26 04 Oct 14 by nawazkhan
Please help very bad vaginal dryness
I am 32 years old std free my right ovary was remo...
12sad32yrold00:11 04 Oct 14 by akshaymohl
acute stress
Sir, I am suffering from stress . I have str...
2sam150316:35 03 Oct 14 by fitness
Malaria Urgent
Hi! I would like to have urgent help from anyon... [LAST PAGE]
44Visakha15:32 03 Oct 14 by gaintrox
brain injury called Periventicular Leukomalacia(PVL) Treatment
My Son is 9 months old ,He has brain injury called...
8gundba 08:02 03 Oct 14 by gundba
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