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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Tingling in testicles - pls help.
Hi, Tingling of nerves is going on in my testic...
3Rogintel14:42 12 Sep 14 by Rogintel
"Ulcer" OR "Allergy"? "Allergy attack" OR "Panic attack"?
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm 21 years old male Heigh...
4patient.ahmed 14:06 12 Sep 14 by patient.ahmed
Acute Gas problem alongwith Headcahe:GERD
Hi Doctors, I am 32 year male,married and with ...
4aligarian13:23 12 Sep 14 by aligarian
Antidote pls
i took ayurvedic medicines for a while. now i am t...
1Akshay_oct12:50 12 Sep 14 by Evocationer
Remedy for insect bite of my 1 year old
Hi.. My 1 year old baby had an insect/bug bite abo...
1samur42010:41 12 Sep 14 by gaintrox
A severe problem with shaving
Hello I have had this painful and disabling pro...
4Nostromo 10:40 12 Sep 14 by Nostromo
Cold and Cough in 3 years child.
My son 3 years old is having blocked nose with dry...
9Piyabhattacharya09:43 12 Sep 14 by Piyabhattacharya
Cold in 3.7 years son with rattling cough occasionally
Hi, I stay in bangalore. My son is 3.7 years old....
4Piyabhattacharya09:38 12 Sep 14 by Piyabhattacharya
Rattling hard dry spasmodic cough for 3.7 years old
My son all of a sudden has cough after eating one ...
9Piyabhattacharya09:36 12 Sep 14 by Piyabhattacharya
Remedy for insect bite.
Hi, can yhou suggest a remedy for an insect bite/ ...
4samur42009:21 12 Sep 14 by samur420
Do you STILL believe in vaccines
From: Patrick Quanten, MD. Sent: Thursday, June...
12walkin09:09 12 Sep 14 by glendaethornton
kindly reply Rishimba!
i have already read about a baby here who was havi... [LAST PAGE]
17farhatbatool23 06:44 12 Sep 14 by farhatbatool23
House Dust/Cocroach (Ger) Allergy
I have house dust/Cockroach ( Ger ) allergy germ ...
3munirahmadrwp05:36 12 Sep 14 by kadwa
GERD in 3 months old baby
Dear doctors: My 3 months old son was diagnosed...
8Ekaterina8605:31 12 Sep 14 by kadwa
Hair loss medicine
My hair has been falling since last 2 years more s... [LAST PAGE]
104aprakm04:42 12 Sep 14 by worldhomeodir
PE Problem ; Please help Me.
I have premature ejaculation problem from the day ...
0zubaer04:33 12 Sep 14 by
suppressed periods
Dear Sir, My wife's age 25 years and she i...
5shahidkzm03:36 12 Sep 14 by nawazkhan
Warts on pinky finger
I have had warts on my pinky finger since 2004, ...
9kasefase03:33 12 Sep 14 by nawazkhan
Hi. I'm a 26 year old female. I recently went...
3n1cky02:08 12 Sep 14 by simone717
aggressive dog
hi : i would like to know if there anything tha...
2love and peace01:56 12 Sep 14 by gaintrox
PE Problem ; Please Advice Me.
I have premature ejaculation problem from the day ...
0zubaer21:38 11 Sep 14 by
Height Increase
Hey is there any chance of height increase after 2...
1prince243319:42 11 Sep 14 by simone717
Plantar warts cluster on big toe
I originally noticed a single plantar wart (about ... [LAST PAGE]
13elka_2219:35 11 Sep 14 by Rob13
5 week old reflux and gas
My 5 week old son has had gas problem since birth ...
3Bneelam17:18 11 Sep 14 by fitness
Need Best Antidote to Aurum Met
Hi, I hope someone can advise me. I need antidote ... [LAST PAGE]
143justagirl16:02 11 Sep 14 by justagirl
New to homeopathy - help for my son's eating issues.
To select a homeopathic remedy for any health prob... [LAST PAGE]
18sandrapc15:08 11 Sep 14 by sandrapc
wry neck/chronic torticollis
hello i am a 31 yr old male currently in a lot of ...
1albert bernal12:01 11 Sep 14 by telescope
Anacardium 30c
Hello there. Could anyone here advice on the dosag... [LAST PAGE]
54G.Jwei11:54 11 Sep 14 by G.Jwei
Treatment of Hepatitis B
I am patient of Hepatitis B which was diagnosed in...
1iffi197411:44 11 Sep 14 by telescope
Stomach tumor.....Need help to extent his life
Dear Doctors, One of my father's cousin su...
4sai132208:17 11 Sep 14 by sai1322
persistent coughing and slight congestion in small child
my daughter aged 3 years suffers from these proble...
1andy_65_in08:05 11 Sep 14 by rishimba
5 year old learning disabilities
Hello, I need help with my 5 year old daughter ....
1tillixxi07:41 11 Sep 14 by akshaymohl
over weight and lipoma ( soft tissue tumor ) treatment

[message deleted by mminte on Thu, 18 Sep 2014...
1mminte06:32 11 Sep 14 by simone717
What is the remedy for misjudging height of steps?...
3ruth4504:07 11 Sep 14 by Evocationer
my gums are black
hi my name is gopinath... my gums are black and it...
3gopinath36900:40 11 Sep 14 by akshaymohl
please help me
My child is 7 years old now can walk cant talk als...
1tabrez193 00:36 11 Sep 14 by akshaymohl
No will power
Hello to all the helpers to mankind. Thank you for...
2Ritwik51 18:29 10 Sep 14 by Ritwik51
Narcolepsy and daytime sleepiness
Hello, I've been diagnosed with Narcoleps...
5moon7809:46 10 Sep 14 by Evocationer
Hi, My husband is very fatty having 103 kg weight...
6pragna_patel09:13 10 Sep 14 by pragna_patel
Non-painful bartholin's cyst
Hello, I have been suffering from a Bartholin&...
10MissHill08:30 10 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
Demyelination of deep white matter in infant
My son now aging 2 nd half years. Was born prematu...
1sarmadadv1405:07 10 Sep 14 by rishimba
Are you searching for a good homeopathic software ...
2mamsha04:20 10 Sep 14 by mamsha
leg pain over an year
For more than last one and half years my wife is g... [LAST PAGE]
24bappadas03:24 10 Sep 14 by simone717
Bryonia and calcarea carbonica
Hi there Our local homeopath has recommended my...
1cristtt502:27 10 Sep 14 by Evocationer
Allergy rhintis
I had allergy problems from over years , sneez...
1anky201022:36 09 Sep 14 by fitness
23 weeks pregant diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa
Hello, I am 29 years old mother of 3. I am a non s...
3calimom16:57 09 Sep 14 by fitness
Blurred View
Dear Drs, I am computer Operator Lahore, Pakis...
3mmnbs13:26 09 Sep 14 by gaintrox
Allergic reaction
Sun Aug 24, 2:00am woke with prickly, itchy hands ...
1peacepuppy13:19 09 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
Sir i m suffering frm acne ..pus filled pimples ... [LAST PAGE]
31angelena george13:16 09 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
Breast Tumor
Hi Dr, My mother age is 68. She found two tumor bo...
1manaser200513:15 09 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
5 month old with silent reflux
My 5 month old Irish daughter has silent reflux. s... [LAST PAGE]
54miriams12:16 09 Sep 14 by miriams
Please help my 3 months old boy
Dear doctors: I've already posted here ye...
4Ekaterina8611:07 09 Sep 14 by Ekaterina86
excessive hair fall
hi... i am 28 year female. my hair lenght is mediu...
1arpitasingh1986 09:01 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
Mental weakness!
Hi. Doctors I have following symptoms from last f...
6Ritwik5108:43 09 Sep 14 by bapu4
Hypertrophic scar
Hello is there anyone who has any suggestion to a...
1sanne08:31 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
Urgent --- Hidradenitis Suppurativa
One of my friend got hidradenitis suppurativa , w...
1astroR 07:47 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
weight gain
Dear Sir, I am 29 Years Male and Working under a...
3rdevadiga07:42 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
i feel that i'm pretty much weak mentally, me...
1fmsryp07:29 09 Sep 14 by mamsha
un-understandable problems
This is my brother case 1. Your age & sex ...
4jawid.ahmed07:19 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
burning tongue
I have been having tongue burning sice past 8 mont...
5chinkytiger07:16 09 Sep 14 by kadwa
arsenicum album proving
My twin daughter was given ARSENIC ALBUM 30C (4-...
7Ajay malaotar04:50 09 Sep 14 by daktersaab
increasing height
I am 20year old male,5'5 . My father is also ...
6johnny101003:54 09 Sep 14 by Evocationer
pain in left hand muscle
My father has lipoma type swellling in his left ha...
5sujatha-103:53 09 Sep 14 by CROCDUNDEE
5 year old son wetting the bed
I am looking for some advise on a remedy I can giv...
5miriams02:01 09 Sep 14 by telescope
(torticollis) please help Dr. Showrav Bangladesh
hello i am a 31 yr old male currently in a lot of ...
4albert bernal01:59 09 Sep 14 by shouse_nsk
Avoid Root Canal
I it possible for homeopathy to cure a tooth infec...
3Sue K00:16 09 Sep 14 by Sue K
is drinking "Red Bull" bad for health?
Hi Doctors, Can I drink Red Bull, while taking...
1md.taha22:08 08 Sep 14 by fitness
Hypericum 30c and sertraline
Hi I take sertraline (lustral) for depression b...
1Kevmos2720:33 08 Sep 14 by Evocationer
Sex Problem so need to help
Hello Dr. Mohd Anash here from noida (UP) i am ...
2Anash17:53 08 Sep 14 by bapu4
Dr.Evocationer plz help me, I have lumph in neck from my birth
I want to take help from Dr Mehfooz,Sir i am a 33 ... [LAST PAGE]
23mnahil152016:52 08 Sep 14 by mnahil1520
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