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PCOS Problem from Last 10 Years
Hello, I have Pcos from Last 10 Years .in start use treatment of diane .My periods start

muneeba 2014-11-09
27   muneeba 2 years ago

Hair loss - Flouric Acid 200 (help)
Dear doctors, I am a victim of over-masturbation. My hair have become very thin due to in
medicalhelp 2013-10-30
7   Hamood 2 years ago

Prematur Ejaculation & Urine Problem
Respected Sir, I am Rizvi Alam from Pune, India. With a great hope for your help, I am
homeoatitsbest 2015-03-22
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

extreme dryness in back of upper mouth
Hello My name is amit.for past six month i am facing itching during sleeping and extreme d
amitku 2015-03-21
3   0antivirus0 2 years ago

watery discharge from penis
Almost all the time when I think of girl watery discharge takes place from my penis .The
rahulsenn 2015-03-15
3   fitness 2 years ago

irritation with genetal herpes female
Im currently having an issue with irritation after I urinate. I take 500mg of valtrex dai
shocked80 2015-03-22
3   rishimba 2 years ago

dryness in throat
3 days back I ate chat at a local shop and drank strawberry shake..within 1 hour I got pai
ritu14s 2015-03-22
3   rishimba 2 years ago

regynecomestia problem
Dearsir there is no change in my problem plz sr suggest me another medicine for my proble
rajkumar94 2015-03-21
3   simone717 2 years ago

testicular swelling and pian with exessive desire to msturbate
I am 27 years old, and for past 8-10 years I am masturbating regularly, my penis size is

rmartial12 2015-01-17
27   rmartial12 2 years ago

Diarrhea since 3 days, no pain, no vomitting
Hello, I'm a 24 years old boy, and I live in France, Paris, I have diarrhea since Thu
rahman_hope 2015-03-21
2   rahman_hope 2 years ago

E.N.T problem
Patient ID: Angeltopia Sex: F Age: 43 Please answer the following questions in a descrip
Angeltopia 2015-03-21
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

lattice degeneration
Hi I m 24 yr old and suffering from lattice degeneration in both eye.In right eye almost 2
priyadarshi123 2015-03-20
11   rishimba 2 years ago

EVOCATIONER! this is all part of my case
These 2 posts are part of the same case in which you have been helping me with so you unde
beth88 2015-03-21
no replies yet

Erectile Dysfunction due to performance anxiety
Can I use Lycopodium and Argentum nitricum simultaneously at the morning and evening alter
mithupcs 2015-03-18
3   mithupcs 2 years ago

Alcohol + Gutkha (Tobacco) addiction
Hi Experts, I have two savior problems I am explain in detail, 1) I have habits of consumi
teruk123 2010-12-26
5   srinukumar 2 years ago

Help needed for my 10 year old
My son who is 10 years old has developed a sudden issue with respect to behaviour, languag
ggayathri 2015-03-20
3   rishimba 2 years ago

Veternarian homeopathic advice needed for dog
Hello my 2 yr old shihtzu poodle mix,Luna has had a pain on and off in the neck area causi
bizzyliz 2015-03-17
1   kadwa 2 years ago

kidney stone
I have kidney stone 5mm 2 in right kidney and 1 in left same kidney 5 mm so please suggest
farooki ataullah 2015-03-17
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Burning mouth syndrome
*Your age, height, weight and appearance please. 47 years 160 cm 94kgs fair curly hai
D Reema 2015-03-15
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Anxiety, Shyness, lack of confidence, stage fright, public speaking fear, palpitation, trembling, Negative thinking, plz help me
I am very shy, timid, cowardice guy. Lack of self-confidence. lack of solid gut feeling, n
Dimal 2015-03-07
5   telescope 2 years ago

9 weeks of pregnant and having gerd.
Hi, I am having gerd and I was having Nat phos 6x, Arnica 30c for gerd and nat sulph 6c fo
ashishrathi1111 2015-03-13
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Sufferinng from blocked nose
Dear Dr.. i m suffering from blocked nose since september 2014...this symptoms ca
vikash29 2015-03-02
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Experts need help......Cineraria Martima
I have done my lasik surgery 3 months ago. I am experiencing glare and holes after lasik s
ansarishoaib 2015-03-20
2   ansarishoaib 2 years ago

"overdose" of kali carb 200C
Hello, I was taking Luvox for generalized anxiety disorder for 8 months. I tapered off th
raphaelm 2007-04-07
2   raphaelm 2 years ago

"Overdose" Kali carb 30c
Took Kali carb 30c, 2 to 3 times a day for a few days… no problem. Then took 4 (30C) pell
HarrisonD 2015-03-20
7   simone717 2 years ago

Reflux in 5 week old?
My daughter has been put on Zantac for reflux. She is also on soy formula. The Zantac topp
turnage84 2015-03-20
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Vaginismus (painful intercourse)
I had a yeast infection two years ago that triggered a condition called vaginismus, or the
Hoathie 2015-03-21
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

know about plussing potency- Dr Deoshlok Sharma
plussing potency - glass method - This method extends the use of a pills/powder. It is
deoshlok 2015-03-21
no replies yet

White liquid Veginal discharge
Dear Sir/Mem Myself 27 yrs female. I suffering from white liquid veginal discharge since 2
suni1987 2015-03-06
11   nawazkhan 2 years ago

23 yo daughter
My 23 yo daughter has a long history of medical problems. She had a tbi as an infant ( abu
rynldss 2015-03-20
2   rynldss 2 years ago

Enlarged Prostate - Urine Flow
Hi, My age is 40 years and I have trouble with the flow of urine and it is difficult to u

hkdua 2015-01-19
22   hkdua 2 years ago

Tapering antidepressant
Hi, I have been slowly tapering off Mirtazapine since December. I have about a month left

shannocita 2015-03-14
71   simone717 2 years ago

probelms in periods
Please guide me with my cure
kosar 2015-03-20
1   rishimba 2 years ago

Metal spoon or not?
I've been to two different homeopaths who gave conflicting advice They both said I c
Chrisie111 2015-03-20
4   Chrisie111 2 years ago

Is local homeopathy giving proper treatment to my child?
Hi I am taking homeopathy for my child from a local doctor. He is giving prescriptions wi
agriz 2015-03-18
6   simone717 2 years ago

Trying to conceive -Evocationer pls help?
Hello, I am starting a new thread as the other one got way too out of control. I do have a
bluesky77 2015-03-20
no replies yet

pcos and trying to conceive
dear sir, am suffering from pcos for the past few year's. till my puberty everythng w
basushaan 2015-03-19
6   telescope 2 years ago

Kali Carb
Okay so since the birth of my daughter, i have the most strange backache. It comes while s
karinamom 2010-06-23
5   HarrisonD 2 years ago

Loss of voice
Hi, My all symptoms suddenly started after getting drenched in rain and roaming in cold a
sonu_cemk 2015-03-11
3   sonu_cemk 2 years ago

Alopecia on beard
15 days ago I woke up from sleep a found a bald patch on my beard at the chin, it had grow

Super003 2015-02-28
19   fitness 2 years ago

depression sex related problems
sex: male age: 25 weight : 60 kg height : 5’7 occupation: teacher chief complaint: shak

mananman 2015-02-15
17   mananman 2 years ago

Can't sleep
Hi, People who have trouble while sleeping often develop elaborate routine over time. In s
john8998 2015-03-20
no replies yet

5 week old suffering from silent reflux
My daughter has silent reflux from the day she is born. She has the following symptoms 1.
Ryanfam 2015-03-18
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Hi doc.I'm 39 year old I have problem is nill sperm please tell me wech medicine I ta
thapa 9710 2015-03-20
no replies yet

Involuntary eyes blinking
Hello i have frequent headache, eyes blinking all the time, eye strain, tension and someti

Manojpuri2050 2011-04-25
45   Manojpuri2050 2 years ago

Sufferin from Cerebral Atrophy
Hi all My name is sharu and I am in my early 40s I am suffering from Cerebral Atophy ( C
sharu75 2015-03-18
8   rishimba 2 years ago

gallstones!! need advise
hello, i am suffering from gall stones multiple . some one recommend me to take these medi
rachitdelhi 2015-03-18
2   homeodr 2 years ago

Why you should stand up every half hour
Read 2 things today that I think are important to put into most peoples routines. EXERCIS
simone717 2015-01-21
4   simone717 2 years ago

Chronic Epididymitis, Pulsatilla dosage?
Hello my name is Zach, I am a 22 year old male who has suffered from chronic epididymitis
Stattman 2015-03-18
3   simone717 2 years ago

Attention:Simone Sister has palpitations
Dear Simone, In late January or February my sister was prescribed Quebracho 4x and Vana
declan 2015-03-19
1   simone717 2 years ago

Premarture eject.
i m 26 yrs . i am sufuring from PE and low power for 6 years. when my penis touch the vagi
vickyji 2015-03-19
1   Dr. Rahat 2 years ago

mobile friendly forum
Hello all, I am working on making the forum work better with mobile phones. If anyone enco
moderator 2015-03-19
no replies yet

need help
Hello doctor. my name is simi and i m unmarried . i have sexual relation with my BF. Now
siminice 2015-03-19
no replies yet

Bach Flower Remedies
Dear All, Whenever I take Bach Flower remedies, I get heaviness at back of head. The feeli
rahukul2015 2015-03-19
7   simone717 2 years ago

hair loss(alopecia ) due to dht
hi i am 18 years old boy from india. i am expericing hair loss at very high rate nearly 30
hellosingh 2015-03-18
2   hellosingh 2 years ago

Horrible flatuence
Ive been suffering from flatuence for a little about 2 years now.It goes on all day along
Dward 2015-03-19
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

premature ejaculation
i am 23 year old and i am suffering from premature ejaculation.i recently bought lycopodiu
sonu049 2015-02-20
6   woodyallen 2 years ago

Excessive masturbation, nervousness, anxiety etc.
Hello experts.. i am a 23 years old guy.i masturbated daily for at least 8 years.i have fo
vishal1011 2012-06-25
5   dehnaloud 2 years ago

Sir / Madam My mother have filariasis plz give me suggested medicine I'm surching f
sarwanasuresh 2015-03-18
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

fear of intercourse please help
form Dr.Deoshlok sharma's questionairre 1. Name -neha momin 2. Age - 25 3. Sex -
samsung1 2015-03-18
2   samsung1 2 years ago

priestofthenecro 2015-03-19
no replies yet

DNS and nasal polyps + gall stone
Hello Forum I am 35 yr male , having acute DNS and nasal polyps left nostrils from the la
amagan 2015-03-09
5   fitness 2 years ago

Vaginismus - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Vaginismus is an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina that closes the v
deoshlok 2006-07-10
1   samsung1 2 years ago

for evactioner
New threaf just saw you told me to make a nee thread 1. What are the issues in your life
tj7472001 2015-03-14
9   Evocationer 2 years ago

decreased penis lenght and girth despite of handsome sexual urge
1.im a male 30 yr old suffering from regular decrease in my penis size both length and thi
mukaram 2015-02-27
2   mukaram 2 years ago

Weight Loss
Hi, My name is Bijender from Sonipat, Haryana. My wife is 25 years old and we have two kid
Bijender Kumar 2015-03-18
no replies yet

Suffering from Cerebral Atrophy
Hi All I am sharu and I am suffering from Cerebral atrophy since last 14 years. Doctors d
sharu75 2015-03-18
1   simone717 2 years ago

To: Evocationer (Psoriasis)
Dear Dr. Evocationer, Patient ID: Sex: Male Age:36 I have seen your thread and would l
rmasood 2015-02-02
10   rmasood 2 years ago

breathing problem
Sir I am student my age is 20 from last 4-5 year's I am having problem of breathing m
sarwardelhi 2015-03-16
3   rishimba 2 years ago

does anyone treat layers of symptoms
Like sequential...and by silinimum...for example toxic state caused by antibiotics...suppr
tj7472001 2015-03-17
8   simone717 2 years ago

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