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I am 27 year old male. I am very shy and talk little. I am extremely afraid of heights . w
rmartial12 2015-02-10
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Chronic Nose Polyps
Deat rishimba , here is the link in which I posted my words for you. In this post, I expla
BMALLICK 2015-02-10
no replies yet

Celiac disease
Hi, Recently i have been dignosed with celiace disease by doing blood teste and endoscop
farhanbio 2015-02-10
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

What are these - Pyrites and c.fish
I am following a prescription from homeopathic doctor. He has given me a course which inc
ys2278 2015-02-09
5   Evocationer 3 years ago

Help new mom feel "normal" please!!!
First time mom breastfeeding a 4 month old baby. Bouts of anxiety and depression daily.

mc_palooza 2014-12-23
38   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

yellow mucus, Asthma
Dear Doctor Asad, Evocationer or Rishimba, Two weeks ago, I felt my throat getting sore (
vtechy1 2015-02-04
5   Evocationer 3 years ago

Thyroid problem
Hi, I am facing Thyroid problem, my T3, T4 are normal, but my TSH is 7.5. I am currently t
rajeshsingh 2015-02-08
2   rajeshsingh 3 years ago

Urgent :Swine Flu Prevention. Dr Nawaz or any Dr who sees this msg.
My 16 year son is having 101.6 F temperature, gave him paracetamol 500 mg but fever did no
sanjay1401 2015-02-09
3   drsnehanshusaha 3 years ago

Advice for racing heart beats, body weakness, please
Hi, Could someone advise on my recent health issue. Two weeks ago I started to have burni
bliss49 2015-02-08
4   bliss49 3 years ago

Reducing high LDL with homeopathy
I am a 36 year old housewife. Recently my doctor noticed that my bp was as high as 150/100
Trellis 2015-02-08
3   simone717 3 years ago

Sir I need your help. I am suffering from hair loss disease since last 14 years. I took l
parthadascal1 2015-02-08
3   parthadascal1 3 years ago

merc.sol for swine flu
Hi Dr. V.Krishnamurthy has suggested merc.sol. 10000x for swine flu. (interhomeopathy (do
svarbanu 2015-02-09
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

needed urgent cure and total treatment
DINO ROMEO 2015-02-08
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Insect bite (most likely) severe bruise on knee - 72 years old
Hello Experts, My father has a bruised knee. He saw a tiny grain sized skin eruption on
homeo_consult 2015-02-08
2   kadwa 3 years ago

[message deleted by timechange123 on Sun, 19 Jul 2015 12:03:08 UTC]
timechange123 2015-02-07
1   kadwa 3 years ago

hair problem report to Dr.khadwa
sir. my age is 27 old male suffering from male pattern bald with oily scalp,itchness,pimpl
younis 2015-02-05
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Pain in right lower abdomen from last 2 year
I am 31 year old female, married since 2.5 yrs. Since 2 years, I am having pain in right l
ajit.baheti 2015-02-09
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

SNORE problem
Last one year I am facing a problem of SNORE. when I slept at night my wife told me .so p
mohit24885 2015-02-09
no replies yet

semel problem
Dear Sir, I am 22 year old.In my age of 13-16 ,I did a lot of masterbation..Then It starte
sharifulbd65 2015-02-04
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Premature ejaculation problem, Please help!!!
Dear all I'm 30 years old male, married last two months ago. I'm facing prematu
ruddo 2015-01-29
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

stool not cleared the first time
sir, i am 61years old , and have the habit of my stool gets cleared after third time in
Anil khanna 2015-02-02
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

What to avoid when using homeopaths, and antidotes.
I've seen scattered discussions of substances which should be avoided when using home
Will88 2005-10-30
10   Pablita 3 years ago

CAN remedies cause harm?
Hello Friends, Please hear me out on this very important question. I've used homeopat
Blueheron98 2015-02-06
5   Evocationer 3 years ago

urination after every 20 minutes,stomach problem from 5 days
I am male, 23 years old .I am suffering from frequent urination .After passing urine i fee
rrgreat123 2015-02-08
1   telescope 3 years ago

Applied Kinesiology Testing Remedies
Hi :) I wonder if the potency of a homeopathic remedy that is tested with kinesiology for
rk17- 2015-02-09
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

6month old baby & nummular eczema
Hi, I have a 6 month old who has nummular eczema on her left cheek. I ran a Remedy Finde
Seren 2015-02-08
1   Zady101 3 years ago

fish breeding problem
I heard in homeopathy that all kind of problems has solution through homeopathy medicine..
deep09 2015-02-08
no replies yet

I have had hemorroids for the past 5 years (appeared during my 3rd pregnancy. They didn�
rania1403 2015-02-03
7   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Frequent urinary track infection
I am woman age 52, having frequent UTI., BAck pain, gaining weight on thighs ,legs.. Hav

bhavnas90 2015-01-21
14   bhavnas90 3 years ago

Need help on hair regrowth...
Hello doctors... I am 33 year old male from India (New Delhi), From past 6-7 months, I ha

hiitsjam 2012-01-07
17   khushi ahmed 3 years ago

hair thinning and going towards baldness
Dr joe i m suffering from hair thinning,dandruff and oily hair i do shampoo and next day i
khushi ahmed 2015-02-08
no replies yet

Anyone else have suggestions?
Here is my thread...just wondering if anyone else has any ideas for getting rid of this na
alaskamom 2015-02-06
3   rishimba 3 years ago

Hypothyroid Problem
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid post child delivery. Its been 8 months on medicatio
thegr8gal 2014-12-01
9   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

pilonidal cyst
hello , i am female 22 pilonidal cyst/abcess inner middle on left buttcheek you can feel
sadgirl54 2015-02-08
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

having pain in legs
I had been on steroid during my ratinal hemmorhage treatment. During ongoing treatment fo
dipu1412 2015-01-08
5   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Dear sir, I am suffering from fileria in my right leg below knee from last 7 years.I had t
hitesh dhiman 2015-02-07
4   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

sexual problem
No longer strength in my penis. No hardness.my penis is very soft .after 1 time sex no act
sahilparwez 2015-02-08
no replies yet

timechange123 2015-02-07
3   Evocationer 3 years ago

urgent help need old case of forum
female height 5.1 wheatish complexion and getting darker towards black dark circles aroun
mahsan 2015-01-27
8   mahsan 3 years ago

mr.chandra - ild
Hello Dr, I'm 64 year old - male. Weight : 72 kg. I've been diagnosed with Pu
rchandra 2015-02-07
3   fitness 3 years ago

Early puberty
My 8 year old daughter has developed breasts, she is about 10 Pounds overweight, but eats
angelicam 2015-02-06
1   fitness 3 years ago

hand fracture
Hi On 6th of dec i m fall from bike and factured my hand My broken hand is normal after 15
cakkaushik 2015-02-07
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

urgent ..?? sabina remedy in kuwait
Please can anyone advise where can I get sabina remedy in kuwait thanks for help
hafia 2015-02-07
1   simone717 3 years ago

left sided hydrocele since long
Im having left sided hydrocele(epidymis orchitis) since last 22 yrs. The size is approx do
vsmuni 2014-12-27
11   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

hi my son has diabetes type 1 and he has been diagnosed with epididymitis last week so its
sebinathen 2015-02-06
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

dr help me
Dr my wife is diagonesed with polycystic ovaries pls help me
raj24 2015-02-06
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

plz urgently reply for hoarseness and throat diseases
Hi I m suffering from cough for last 10 year. But this season i m suffering from hoarsenes
cakkaushik 2015-02-06
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Gallstone Problem
I am a 33 yr old female with obesity and Thyroid problem since the last 10yrs. I have been
gallbladderstone 2015-02-06
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

only for Rishimba sir(multiple problem, depression pls help)rishimba sir pls help
8 months back my acid reflux started suddenly and 5 months back I had fibromyalgia with st

souravi 2014-11-17
31   rishimba 3 years ago

Anyone not too busy to take on a new case?
Anyone willing to take on new cases? I'd like to get a fresh perspective on my younge

alaskamom 2015-01-19
34   alaskamom 3 years ago

gum problem
Sir Last month I got mumps due to which I got infection in mouth and after that my front g
babu123abhi 2015-02-05
1   gaintrox 3 years ago

Natrium Mur 1M was given on 24-Jan. Symptoms aggravated. Can I antodote now with Phosphoru
amitnaidu3112 2015-02-06
no replies yet

Feel Sleepy and Lethargic at daytime difficult to live normal life
Dear Dr, My age is 30 years. I always feel lethargic and sleepy at day time (mostly 11am

Rahul_mehta 2014-11-14
30   Rahul_mehta 3 years ago

4.5 year old prolonged cold cough and then leading to wheezing
my four and a half year old probably got the flu in mid of december andit tool upto first
baba108 2015-01-30
11   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Erection problem, Premature ejaculation, Sperm count problem
Dear Sir, Please advise me. May I use Agnus castus 30 Damiana Ø=1x Acidum phospho
majidstyllers 2015-02-03
1   majidstyllers 3 years ago

silicea 30 and thuja 200 dosage information
Dear Dr. i want to use silicea 30(for blocked nose) and thuja 200(for dandruff wit
vikash29 2015-02-05
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

Third traumatic brain injury.... Natrum Sulph no longer working.
Hello kind healers! I have been taking natrum sulph 30 and Arnica 30 for a brain injury. I
Samalee 2015-02-05
2   Evocationer 3 years ago

Severe Anxiety and spikes in blood pressure
Hello, I need help with my husband's condition. He is 52 years old, had post traumati

maryasha 2015-01-12
20   Evocationer 3 years ago

Need further advice on wheezing issue of my 4.5 year old
Honorable members/doctors request you to go through my previous post and kindly advise fur
baba108 2015-02-05
1   simone717 3 years ago

someone please advise further 4.5 year old with cough and wheezing
.5 year old prolonged cold cough and then leading to wheezing From baba108 on 2015-01-30
baba108 2015-02-05
1   simone717 3 years ago

Ignore Post --- See below
I have these bumps at the base of my eyelids (near eyelashes.) The best way that I can de
camendt 2015-02-05
2   camendt 3 years ago

Intramural fibroid
I am 26 yrs old, unmarried. I have a 6cm*3cm intramural fibroid. Since long, I have sympt
Harshi 2015-02-05
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Schizophrenia - Attn: Dr. Asad Ghumman, Rishimba or Evocationer
Dear Doctor Asad,Rishimba or Evocationer I need your help. My brother, aged 63, has bee
vtechy1 2015-01-18
11   vtechy1 3 years ago

someone please advise further 4.5 year old with cough and wheezing
4.5 year old prolonged cold cough and then leading to wheezing From baba108 on 2015-01-30
baba108 2015-02-05
1   baba108 3 years ago

Maheeru - Can you help me?
Hi Maheeru! Itís been a long time since we last spoken! And I want to apologize because I

abcjoana 2013-04-30
155   maheeru 3 years ago

bxo - bxp
I have what I think is either BXO or BXP (penile lichen sclerosus) I was trying to find tr
NaturalCure! 2015-02-05
2   NaturalCure! 3 years ago

Married for the last 10 years with no child
I am 37 years old male, weigh 80 kg and I am married for the last 10 years with no child.

autoloader 2015-01-29
13   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

sex problem
i want a long sex,,it ejeculate early Age-22 Hight-6
SAGARSINGH860 2015-02-01
2   SAGARSINGH860 3 years ago

stool problem
sir' i have to pass my stool three times in the morning to get my colon fully cleared
Anil khanna 2015-02-04
1   kadwa 3 years ago

suggest remedy
female patient age 57 years,paon son rehnakandhon aur tangon k pathon mein shadid kichao,s
khamosh 2015-02-03
2   khamosh 3 years ago

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