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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Cure for baldness and thin hairs
Dr. Rajendra, My age is 22 years and i m having...
6pras_rgnul8817:56 08 Dec 13 by neil99
Left sided paralysis and High Blood pressure
Dr Kadwa I am very thankful to you since you took ...
2shabnamansari4015:28 08 Dec 13 by akrmnn
I have to have the medicine digitaline. Digitalin...
0karan199015:05 08 Dec 13 by
The medicine 'digitaline' is other name ...
0karan199014:43 08 Dec 13 by
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Hi I am Sara from Rawalpindi Pakistan.I am 27 y...
1immisara12:52 08 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
Treatment for Weak eye sight
Hello, Name = maria Age = 24 Sex = female M...
5tejay512:17 08 Dec 13 by Faridah
med for vomitting in small children
please suggest some med for vomitting in small chi...
1andy_65_in03:34 08 Dec 13 by daktersaab
Help for venereal wart remedy
I'm in a new relationship and my boyfriend ha...
5lotusyogini21:45 07 Dec 13 by fitness
Aggravation of Phoshorus 30c
A mother 2. Age -50 3. Sex -F 4. Single/Marr...
1zafar1111121:26 07 Dec 13 by fitness
Killing C like the common cold
Great article on CNN-University of Pennsylvania do...
0simone71718:23 07 Dec 13 by
Tooth Decay in Breast Feeding Baby
My 18 months old seem to be having some tooth deca...
1jacobsmom16:22 07 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
Itchy Bumps/Hives on Kid's Skin
My son is 3.5 yr old. He is having problem with th...
5rustepce13:19 07 Dec 13 by fitness
Molluscum contagiosum
Dear Doctor, I am suffering from Molluscum contag...
1manavkuma10:35 07 Dec 13 by manavkuma
classical Homeopathy
Can you help me to find good books on Classical Ho...
4mishal_sk10:21 07 Dec 13 by mishal_sk
Suffering from Genital Herpes from last 4 years
Dear Doctors, I need an urgent help. I have been ...
11unknownventure08:43 07 Dec 13 by unknownventure
HIV and Herpes
is there any cure of HIV and genital herpes ....
11souvik198607:46 07 Dec 13 by praveen umesh
Is Sepia 200c effective for men or only for women symptoms?
I am a male. I want to ask if Sepia 200c is effe...
2shayonbh04:41 07 Dec 13 by shayonbh
Please help me, I have been suffering for 10 years.
Physical and mental symptoms Name: Partha Roy Ag...
7partharoy1123:46 06 Dec 13 by Zady101
Aversion to work
Hi. Can you please suggest remedy for the followin...
4finex2521:45 06 Dec 13 by Zady101
Respected Dr.Nawaz please help a chronic patient
Respected Dr.Nawaz Sb Asak I am a 32 year old w... [LAST PAGE]
220spark230621:00 06 Dec 13 by nawazkhan
arachnoid cysts - c 3-4 adult
My 42 y/o son recently had a contrast MRI that DX ...
2annie52720:25 06 Dec 13 by helper4
loose front tooth
HI my front tooth is very loose and the gum has co...
4rebecca7220:09 06 Dec 13 by fitness
Pain in left side ribs front and back both
Hi Dr., Am facing pain in ribs from last 2 yrs....
4amrita.macd19:22 06 Dec 13 by amrita.macd
Allergy??? Help
For around 3 months now I have been suffering from...
1uktransplant18:42 06 Dec 13 by simone717
Belly Fat
How to cure for belly fat. Please suggest me. What...
0g_harichandan16:09 06 Dec 13 by
Multiple Neuro Fibroma+Hypertension+Gynaecomastia
I am a 36 years old married male. I am having mult...
1RahulSingh201313:22 06 Dec 13 by RahulSingh2013
hyperacidity, spasms and asthma
Hi, i am a 30 year old man who suffered from di...
1tara100013:19 06 Dec 13 by tara1000
Ulcerative Collitis
Dear Dr, I am a patient of Ulecerative Collitis f...
4HEMU196912:52 06 Dec 13 by ratnaakasturi
hi dr. my name is asif, 38 year old, smoker. i hav...
3asif67812:47 06 Dec 13 by fitness
Urgent Help needed
I am in the habit of masturbation since 14 years o...
10sk790412:09 06 Dec 13 by esoteric
Anger and Depression
Hello Doctors, I Need you help for my personali...
6vidugu09:04 06 Dec 13 by vidugu
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Pur...
0Haribol233208:52 06 Dec 13 by
I suffer from mania which is the high part of bip...
4jody_phillips406:49 06 Dec 13 by daktersaab
height problem
sir I am 21. I have one more problem that i...
0gudday05:31 06 Dec 13 by
less urination
Dear Sir, Im suffering from kidney failure since ...
1taruntgy02:10 06 Dec 13 by shouse_nsk
ongoing cystic acne-HELP!
1. Describe your main suffering? deep acne - mo... [LAST PAGE]
17jess50422:59 05 Dec 13 by Zady101
Pimple on my chest
sir i am a 55 y male. diabetic since last 20yrs. ...
0fnawazbutt21:55 05 Dec 13 by
1. Your age & sex: 47, Male 2. Describe you... [LAST PAGE]
20kvrao20:39 05 Dec 13 by nawazkhan
Dear All Doctors, last time I posted my friend ca...
4jawid.ahmed20:12 05 Dec 13 by jawid.ahmed
PCOS and trying to concieve
I am 21 years old and trying to concieve. i was di...
10everythingelse9319:55 05 Dec 13 by rishimba
My Wife's Mouth Open Stucked !
Hello there, My Wife today got a very weird pro...
3khmedia16:23 05 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
I am a 66 year old male have been wearing bifocale...
3bzmeltzer16:13 05 Dec 13 by bzmeltzer
A 33 yrs male. He has drinking alcohol last 2 yrs....
6jilesh tank13:29 05 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
Patches of Hair Loss on Beard
I recently discovered that there are 3 tiny patche... [LAST PAGE]
15irfan26 07:44 05 Dec 13 by kadwa
dr. kadwa pls pls help
Dr. I have hair growth on my face n on whole body....
2avanti07:31 05 Dec 13 by kadwa
To: Dr. Kadwa (Frozen Shoulder)
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My Mother is suffering from pai... [LAST PAGE]
16rmasood06:59 05 Dec 13 by kadwa
My Sonography Report Says: Mild Prostatomegaly
I am 32 years old Man from India. From last 6-7... [LAST PAGE]
21khmedia05:48 05 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
red swollen hot flushed face
Hi I am wondering what remedy to use to combat sym...
2whitenelson12300:17 05 Dec 13 by simone717
Help for my son's emotional issues
I have a wonderful and smart 6 year old boy who is...
1jazmine722:17 04 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
Pilonidal cyst
My name is john i am suffering from a stubbond pil...
5rasta20:14 04 Dec 13 by rasta
Shoulder/Upper Arm Pain
Dear Simone, On Tuesday, while doing Chi exerc...
9declan18:54 04 Dec 13 by simone717
8 week old with GERD and breathing issues
Hello, my son is 8 weeks old and has had reflux sy...
1Mkrenzin15:52 04 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
PCOS and prolonged periods.
hellow, my periods were started on 13th Nov 2013....
1m3rriam15:23 04 Dec 13 by Dr. Rahat
28 year old girl suffering with acne
Hello doctor, I am 28 year old girl , and i am ...
3divi271114:35 04 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
Adrenals drained
My adrenal glands are drained or exhausted. What c... [LAST PAGE]
547merisel14:06 04 Dec 13 by Texon
What is Homeopathy
On a mountain one tree was sick, because a rat was... [LAST PAGE]
235kuldeep12:17 04 Dec 13 by starhealthsciences
Weight Gain
Rayhan From Gazipur. My Age 23 years. Weight 50 kg...
1rayhan 07:22 04 Dec 13 by Jahidz
Hair loss
I've been experiencing hair loss on and off...
1Nithsanj06:49 04 Dec 13 by rishimba

[message deleted by friends55 on Fri, 19 Dec 2...
1friends5506:45 04 Dec 13 by rishimba
is Dr Batra's homeopathy is safe??
Dear all, iam kumar (age22) frm india iam sufferin... [LAST PAGE]
21bskumarb4u06:36 04 Dec 13 by Sanman
Chronic anxiety
Hello I am a 33 years old male. I've be... [LAST PAGE]
21infoht05:52 04 Dec 13 by anuj srivastava
7 years old with ADHD and Social Anxiety
Hello, my son was diagnosed with ADHD (inatantiv...
11NoWar05:08 04 Dec 13 by simone717
low testosterone, impotent due to excess masterbation
1. Your age & sex 30.5 male 2. Describe...
9eagleeye021021 23:55 03 Dec 13 by akshaymohl
Silica Question
I am a 24 year old female, not taking oral contrac...
5lilm90361423:23 03 Dec 13 by simone717
EXPERIENCED homeopath please for 11 week old, various issues...
Hi, could someone please take the case for my daug... [LAST PAGE]
41caligirl21:55 03 Dec 13 by fitness
Enlarge and increase height as well as breast.
Respected Sir/Madam, I want to Enlarge and incr... [LAST PAGE]
17mohsin2024 21:32 03 Dec 13 by fitness
Hepatitis B
I am male 39 years old.My Hepatitis B is positive ...
3khalidch20:05 03 Dec 13 by fitness
rheumatic heart disease
Dear sir I want to know if rheumatism drops from ...
0DELPHI17:55 03 Dec 13 by
Three year old girl suffering frim Atopic dermatais
History:- My daughter was born surgeon, having 8mm...
0channijain16:55 03 Dec 13 by
Baby Sleep Issues
I have a 10 month old baby boy that will not sleep... [LAST PAGE]
18Mrsmac16:36 03 Dec 13 by fitness
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