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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Re: Multiple lipomas in the body
Sir l m sangu stay in bangalore i saffer to lipoma...
3s s biradar07:51 31 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
how to treat deaf and dumb pateint
how to take symptoms...
1DrArvindAditya06:44 31 Jan 14 by rishimba
Please help me improve eye sight
Hello, Name = Subramanian Age = 26 Sex = mal... [LAST PAGE]
37subra_manish 06:33 31 Jan 14 by Amitgautam
Need some help
Hello, I am a new user here, and so far just read...
11tweetummms06:01 31 Jan 14 by rishimba
Hello, are there effective homeopathic remedies fo...
5Mika8002:55 31 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Help Please
I just want to ask that in homeopathic treatment w...
3HamzaMehmood102:35 31 Jan 14 by simone717
Alopecia Areata barbae
Last year in April, I noticed small bald spots at ...
5sam ali02:16 31 Jan 14 by bibhu65
antidote for nat. mur.
one of my friend want to know safe antidote for:- ...
1yogesh.882122:23 30 Jan 14 by simone717
problem to take medicine
Any doctor here please tell me how much water we h...
1HamzaMehmood119:42 30 Jan 14 by fitness
I need Homeo-prophylaxis for the following illness...
2Elen Harthy19:41 30 Jan 14 by simone717
Bells Palsy 6 + yrs suffering
My sister has been suffering from bells palsy si...
2sallykre19:40 30 Jan 14 by fitness
Coccyx pain
my mother is having Coccyx pain for last 11 months...
1dsrao9019:38 30 Jan 14 by fitness
Dear sir, My wife is 47-year-old, has obesity ...
7anilbajpai2015:10 30 Jan 14 by fitness
strictures in cbd, any remedy????
My mother,68,is undergoing allopathic treatment fo...
2jatinderchahal15:03 30 Jan 14 by jatinderchahal
Dr D Sharma, Dr Kadwa,Dr Abhishek,Dr Mahfoozurrehman,Dr Abid Ali,Dr Pankj Verma and all Doctors on this Forum Please Need your Expert Advice for SCIATICA.
I am suffering from sciatica looking for your expe...
6M.Saleem11:34 30 Jan 14 by tuntun
Cataracts both eyes - sudden
My eye doctor told me I have cataracts in both eye...
2JaneA07:54 30 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Cough, fever and runny nose
My 2 1/2 years baby is having mucus cough, low fev...
3haider630407:30 30 Jan 14 by haider6304
eye allergy spring catarrh
Hi My son is 6 years old and he is diagnosed wit...
2imom2806:23 30 Jan 14 by imom28
3.5 yrs kid not going to school
Hi, My 3.5 yrs child not going to school. She u...
5geethap12306:07 30 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
Periapical abscess after root canal
Dear doctor, i am pavan, age 28, i had undergone a...
2pav8504:49 30 Jan 14 by pav85
What treatment for Menstrual Migraines?
I am a 44 yr-old woman nad I have been suffering f... [LAST PAGE]
20SoulBody21:50 29 Jan 14 by SoulBody
Stubborn Child
My daughter is 2years and 8 months old. She has be...
8omarift19:58 29 Jan 14 by Zady101
chronic kidney disease
i m 42 years old having diabetic and high blood ...
1sam malik18:19 29 Jan 14 by Zady101
.Attn Dr Mahfooz infected upper inner lip on infant
Hello, my 8 month old is just learning to pull him...
2agnusdei16:03 29 Jan 14 by agnusdei
Acidity or Ulcer - Lemon juice good?
Hi For acidity or ulcer - Will Lemon juice help...
1agriz15:40 29 Jan 14 by fitness
please help with bladder irritation
hi i am writing to as if some one could help me wi...
3anaaa13:52 29 Jan 14 by fitness
Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics For Mental Disorders - Comments
Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics For Mental Disorders... [LAST PAGE]
47ntuc198011:47 29 Jan 14 by ntuc1980
Dr.Mahfooj Help pLZ ! ! Depression since nine years Plz study the case deeply
age 36 height-5'4' weight-65 sex-male ... [LAST PAGE]
19INHOPE10:05 29 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
to increase breast size
I am 25 yrs lady and I want to increase my Breast ... [LAST PAGE]
15adity_rana09:13 29 Jan 14 by dollbarbie
Uterine and bladder prolapse
I would like some help with this issue. I will giv...
4agnusdei03:33 29 Jan 14 by fitness
premature ejaculation
asalamualekum sir i have been suffering from prema...
1mohammed gayasuddi 03:00 29 Jan 14 by akshaymohl
acid reflux or gastro esophageal reflux problem
respected All Doctors, please help me regarding me...
3wasaf01:42 29 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
I want information about buying folliculinum 200 ...
5neelimak01:39 29 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
grid]28544 28619 28765 28767 28771 28773 28781 290...
3mathewroy23:13 28 Jan 14 by simone717
Drug info confused
Hi Can someone tell me the difference between gran...
5whoami23:01 28 Jan 14 by fitness
Should I increase the potency if amelioration doesn't last long?
I wanted to ask any homeopaths out there a quick q...
2serabella0921:26 28 Jan 14 by serabella09
terrible Tinea Capitas on four year old girl
I have a 4 year old with ringworm of the scalp. Sh... [LAST PAGE]
37junick21:04 28 Jan 14 by agnusdei
Alternative to propranolol for anxiety physical manifestation
I'm 21 , I'm from Portugal , from 19 to ...
2cfrpt18:25 28 Jan 14 by cfrpt
First GOUT attack - Need prevention for the future.
On one of the coldest nights of the year (maybe ye...
2bionature17:38 28 Jan 14 by bionature
Low grade fever, headache, vomiting - child
Please could someone advice a remedy for: - wok...
1LFA12317:23 28 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
dear all Doctoinrs, i am wasim, have uncontroll...
2wasaf16:58 28 Jan 14 by simone717
Extreme Premature Ejacualtion
Hello, Sorry this topic has been posted several...
12toc2708 16:55 28 Jan 14 by Dr Zaair Husain
back potency
Dear friends What do you mean by back potency exa...
1hpathyisgr816:45 28 Jan 14 by simone717
Sexual problem Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems
Hi Drs, i am 24 year old unmaride boy.i have ere...
0abhay25 15:39 28 Jan 14 by
deep vein thrombosis
i am experiencing dvt in my left leg for the last ...
5sk_cbe12:53 28 Jan 14 by sk_cbe
Sexual & Other Problems
Dear Sir, My name is faisal. I am from Bangladesh...
5faisalbd09:03 28 Jan 14 by mohammed gayasuddi
Help me on premature ejaculation
Hi, I am 32 years old and have taken opiate (De...
0rocks1603198207:17 28 Jan 14 by
Dry mouth: thick frothy saliva
Hi let me start by saying I am getting really depr...
8nazark01:09 28 Jan 14 by nazark
backer nenus
sir,my name is jeevan,I am 22yrs old. I am sufferi...
1jeevan kumar 00:11 28 Jan 14 by fitness
"Attn ZADY, anxiety and depression case"
I am ahmer gender male age 39 height 5'... [LAST PAGE]
80ahmer.kazi22:07 27 Jan 14 by ahmer.kazi
sir I m a 18 year old I had been started the must...
1shubh0077 20:54 27 Jan 14 by Zady101
Trichotillomania/Hair pulling
Anyone know the top remedies for obsessively pulli...
9ruth4519:28 27 Jan 14 by mornings
PLEASE HELP! Epilepsy problems
I am 24 year old female, recently married. I have ...
8HFellows18:41 27 Jan 14 by HFellows
. [message deleted by agnusdei on Tue, 28 Jan 2014...
0agnusdei18:30 27 Jan 14 by
problem of Slip disc and Uric acid
Hello doctor, I am 30 yrs old male. I am suffe...
2SHILPY000918:22 27 Jan 14 by rakshita
What is the use of RhusTox
Can anyone plz let me know when I can use RhusTox...
2rakshita17:45 27 Jan 14 by agriz
Advice me friends
Salam to all forum frie...
1Ali_cc16:03 27 Jan 14 by simone717
Slip Disc
Hi, I had a slip disc a year ago for which i to... [LAST PAGE]
15nitish21nd16:01 27 Jan 14 by simone717
Alfalfa tonic pediatric
I have been suggested to give alfalfa tonic to a...
4mapasri14:30 27 Jan 14 by Shamail
Memory and staying focused
Wanted to know what I can take for staying focused... [LAST PAGE]
14KaylaBayla12:24 27 Jan 14 by KaylaBayla
kidney stones
I have kidney stones problem. I went to Hassan...
2engr.gmostafa12:06 27 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
Infant Constipation
Dear Dr, My daughter is now 3years old and she ha...
5Tamzid11:56 27 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
5 years ago I had my gallbladder removed and recen...
1loopeylu10:35 27 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
feeling chilly, running nose & cough
dear sir i m 29years male feeling chill too mu...
3Nitesh Kamal10:33 27 Jan 14 by Mahfoozurrehman
dissociative disorder
Hi, I found out i have a name for my illness that ... [LAST PAGE]
51int1205:49 27 Jan 14 by int12
runny nose,sneezing a lot,watery eyes when sneezing
Hello, I am suffering from snezzes , runny nose ...
5radhakrishnae04:12 27 Jan 14 by rishimba
Nat Phos 6x dosage for 9 month old boy
Hello, We have a 9 month old boy who has had pr...
1pembertc03:32 27 Jan 14 by simone717
Sulphur Lm 1
My cat was just given some Sulphur Lm1 . 10 drop...
2KaylaBayla 03:17 27 Jan 14 by KaylaBayla
attn Joe De Livera - baby reflux
Dear Joe I have a newborn baby (2 weeks old the 2...
3LoriFarrar 19:28 26 Jan 14 by fitness
fresh blood in stool
Hello, Need help, please help. I am having bloa...
3punyash 16:03 26 Jan 14 by anuj srivastava
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