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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
chronic stiff neck
hi,i thank all who responded to my post.as has bee...
0joybadlan04:59 06 Mar 14 by
Dr. Joe De Livera - Natural Heartburn,GERD, Acidity Remedy Help Please
Hello Dr. Joe Livera, I am a 35 yr old male li... [LAST PAGE]
46FLGuy04:18 06 Mar 14 by ssanjayjain
Back pain,Fitness please advise
34 year old female, suffering from upper back pain... [LAST PAGE]
40Saj2220:48 05 Mar 14 by Saj22
Poor digestion and acne
Hi- I am a 26 year old male who has been battling ...
10Dieselfitter20:44 05 Mar 14 by simone717
Silent reflux - 3 month old baby
Hello, My son suffers from silent reflux at the ... [LAST PAGE]
13Sandrolinna18:52 05 Mar 14 by Sandrolinna
how to increase my breast size
my age is 23 and my weight is 40kg only,my figure ...
8kuchhu 16:56 05 Mar 14 by susmita2012
Vocal Polyps
Hello, I have developed Vocal Polyps by abusing my...
3punamtyagi16:48 05 Mar 14 by Joe De Livera
Umka and Advil?
Hello, Does anyone know if it's ok to take...
1logan53716:29 05 Mar 14 by simone717
my two and half year old - cough
my son is now two and half year old. He has been h... [LAST PAGE]
33mrs.js14:45 05 Mar 14 by mrs.js
Passing semen with urine & stool PLEASE HELP PLEASE
I am 27 years single boy, i have very weak erectio...
9farhan12314:40 05 Mar 14 by farhan123
Plz help..skin allergy to my son of age1 year 6 months old.
Respected all, my son age 1year 6 months old has s...
3Mitagarwal 12:45 05 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
Dr. Nisha Singh
Hi, I am Dr Nisha Singh from Allahabad(India). B...
0drnisha1114212:36 05 Mar 14 by
password recovery
Dear moderator i forgot password of user name. Lib...
0kalib11:21 05 Mar 14 by
low sex power + erection problem
my name is Fahad from Karachi Pakistan. I got marr... [LAST PAGE]
47fkhan8407:39 05 Mar 14 by sjamil
Seeking Help to cure AVN (Right Heap)
Dear All, I am Mehul from Ahmedabad. I was diag...
6mehul_avn06:01 05 Mar 14 by srinivas99
16 month silent relux
Hi, I have a 16 month old that has been suffer...
6atlvolfan04:34 05 Mar 14 by Joe De Livera
Some help with Nat. Mur? Thanks in advance!
On Sunday 2/16 I started taking Natrum Muriaticum... [LAST PAGE]
23flowermama23:41 04 Mar 14 by flowermama
Food Intolerances

[message deleted by MelanieO on Tue, 04 Mar 20...
2MelanieO22:06 04 Mar 14 by simone717
Male with HPV
I'm a 31 year old male with HPV. I currently ...
3tatesmomma21:57 04 Mar 14 by simone717
remedy for untidyness
I have a major problem in my life that I am hoping...
4WTrotter20:24 04 Mar 14 by simone717
cat anal gland problem
My cat grey in color, chubby is having problem wit...
1noshiahmad20:20 04 Mar 14 by fitness
ED & premature ejaculation
I am 34 years. I started masterbation when I was 1...
1anisapu20:19 04 Mar 14 by Zady101
Silicea & Pulsatilla
I've been seeing a homeopath for a couple of ...
2MelanieO18:09 04 Mar 14 by MelanieO
Hi, I need a remedy for my nightfall disease a...
3shivam00717:08 04 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
Iam currently 24 years old and had been a stuttere...
7Vijay shankar 17:03 04 Mar 14 by fitness
Right Maxilliary Sinusitis Infection
Dear Sir, I will try to Explain my Conditions f...
6sainiamith13:01 04 Mar 14 by shouse_nsk
fed up of facial hairs
i m 22 years old.i have thick n a little long hair...
6shivani99110:22 04 Mar 14 by soniachand
Suffering from PCOS from 10 years.Please Help!!!
i am 25 yrs old married woman & i have pcos pr... [LAST PAGE]
34gloemm09:52 04 Mar 14 by gloemm
Please help 5 year old grandson
Sx: Fever As soon as he sits down he gets a sen...
1DaisyFrank05:55 04 Mar 14 by kadwa
belly distention after volvulus surgery
Hi, I'm Richmond from Ghana.I had a vovulus s...
1puremahn05:40 04 Mar 14 by kadwa
Dr Kadwa....sepia did not help
my mother is 53 yr old. her uric is high. its 9...
3monny8205:20 04 Mar 14 by kadwa
Help with determining correct dosage
I have an 8 year old daughter that was diagnosed w...
2cchamberland01:43 04 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Increased yawning before migraine
My 10 year old daughter suffers from frequent migr...
1Baba12300:21 04 Mar 14 by Evocationer
polybowel co 30c
My daughter has autism . She has digestion iss...
5nutanparkhe00:01 04 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Night time potty
Hi there, I have an 8 year old boy who is waking ...
1mom2boys23:38 03 Mar 14 by Evocationer
In regard to probiotics, I understand the the lact...
3renegade23:25 03 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Urine infection and LFT
I am 35 years old male single thin body yesterday ...
1siask18:11 03 Mar 14 by fitness
Need help for anxiety
Hello, I am a 44 yo female. Last week I found a...
1ouix316:04 03 Mar 14 by fitness
Suffering from Anal Fistula.
Dear Doctors, This is Sai from Hyderabad. Work...
1sai132212:33 03 Mar 14 by sai1322
Wrong medicine given
I took my 1 yr old son to the homeopath today as h...
1ezra123 10:07 03 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
Writing difficulty
Sir,i m 20yrs old,i am actually suffering frm writ... [LAST PAGE]
152Shantu08:05 03 Mar 14 by AsadGhumman
Nose & Ear problem
Hi, Since last 3 months,in my right nostril, air/...
4Martworld07:09 03 Mar 14 by Martworld
Urine problem
please any doctor reply me now a days I have in so...
4siask06:08 03 Mar 14 by rishimba
Dementia - 90 year old
My father aged 90 years has started suffering from...
2PGulati06:01 03 Mar 14 by PGulati
allergic cold and chest congestion
My son is eight years old.He suffers from allergic... [LAST PAGE]
15hina12304:12 03 Mar 14 by hina123
Hi, My son is 4 yrs old and is suffering from ...
6tprat03:48 03 Mar 14 by mandysimpkins
Too much?? Sepia & mor
Hi I am 9 weeks postpartum. Diagnosed with stage... [LAST PAGE]
15Helpplease000003:25 03 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Using Calc phos for teething
I am using 30c from boran of calc phos for my 9 ...
9daniellec02:58 03 Mar 14 by simone717
medicine side effect
Hello I am 24 years Female I have been suffering f... [LAST PAGE]
16SIMRAN2102:00 03 Mar 14 by Rickeesh
Hi there I got 2 small corns on my feet. one is...
2nutanparkhe01:55 03 Mar 14 by nutanparkhe
do we combine anacardium orientale with kali phos?????
my age 27 years i have symptoms poor memory,short ...
1lj12345601:32 03 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Sexual Problem
dear Sir, mari age 29 h or merko sexual erection ... [LAST PAGE]
32amitsharma8523:14 02 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
i m suffering from depression and anxiety .
helo sir.i m male 32 years old.married have 5 kids...
6bhoot42017:57 02 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
missed period
i was to start my period about 9 days ago and have...
10thistlewish15:40 02 Mar 14 by sr1202
Sir, Mari Age 24 year's hai aur mera weight...
1M A QURESHI15:06 02 Mar 14 by drjitesh
cat suffering from idiopathic cystitis
Hello... If anyone can help I'll really appr...
1nansonaki 13:28 02 Mar 14 by fitness
erection problem and sustainability problem
I am 28 .male. I masturbate more than 10 years. re...
12dshomo11:07 02 Mar 14 by dshomo
Please help me for Memory Booster
Sir I am 23 Years old man. I study IT Indusries so...
3jeetendradsingh 05:21 02 Mar 14 by simone717
Oral thrush/candidiasis
HI, After taking strong antibiotics for three ...
2milentie00:44 02 Mar 14 by simone717
Daughter's extremely sensitive skin
My daughter is 8 years old. She has very dry skin...
5papikondalu00:12 02 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Impotansy from last month
Sir,I am 44years old man have happy marriage and s...
12pra-da 23:52 01 Mar 14 by akshaymohl
high blood presur
flacuate high bp what can i do ?...
1kadamba1423:36 01 Mar 14 by Evocationer
cold/flu won't budge! please help!
Hi all, my dad is a homeopath so we have all remed...
2DDaydream23:18 01 Mar 14 by Evocationer
Fistula in ano
I am suffering from fistuls. There is a continue p...
1Parveen Singh18:32 01 Mar 14 by anuj srivastava
Finger Nails Infection
Dear Doctors I am 41 year old female and housew...
1manishagupta 17:34 01 Mar 14 by rishimba
suffering from running nose
i was advised one dose of tuberculinum 1m follow...
10raramalingam17:21 01 Mar 14 by simone717
Thuja Occidentalis
I've had flat warts on my hands for several...
5copper715:06 01 Mar 14 by Irunea
What is SL in Homeopathy
What does the remedy SL stand for and what is its ...
12vjali10:11 01 Mar 14 by maheeru
Blackheads on nose / Rash (neck area) : remedy ???
I have some blackheads on the nose, and rash (now ...
12amitavam10:05 01 Mar 14 by aw1981
swollen lymph node left side throat
sir, my daughter suffering from swollen lymph node...
1bhavanarayana08:57 01 Mar 14 by kadwa
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