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Please guide
I am 25 years old unmarried guy. My weight is 59KG. I am feeling serious sexual problems b
jainnitin1408 2014-11-07
2   jainnitin1408 3 years ago

Thyroid problem
Hello My husband is 34 yrs of age and has had low thyroid problem for about 5 years now.
Am123 2014-12-08
5   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Depressed Dad! Need Help, Thank you!!
Over all I think that my dad is a very sweet person. He wants to make people smile. He lov

beth88 2014-04-29
14   beth88 3 years ago

Attn : Dr. Akshaymohl ( J.K. Mohla) about treating body fat
Dear J.K. Mohla, my age is 42 years ( female) . I am 5 feet tall . my weight is 65 KG . I
jesmin6666 2014-12-11
5   akshaymohl 3 years ago

coronary artery disease & homeopathy
Mr X, 49 years old, veterinary tecnician by profession, caught with 1st attack of cardiac
prafulla 2006-02-12
2   Beebs12 3 years ago

Kindly Help me.
Dear Sir, I am a great fan of Homeopathy and used it as a treatment of common ailments. T

jaffer123 2014-06-07
48   javed123 3 years ago

gun powderpyro/hecla lava formula
I was advised over the phone to take this formula for gum abscess. I took silica yesterda
Beebs12 2014-12-12
no replies yet

Adrenals and hypthyroid
Suffer from adrenal exhaustion, mostly bedbound/homebound and hypothyroidism I am unable
Beebs12 2014-12-11
2   Beebs12 3 years ago

Eye sight: Fuzzy/Bacteria type looking thing moving around where ever I look
Im 21 years old and experiencing some weird eye problems. With the eye fuzz/snow like stat
msilva90 2011-10-10
11   simone717 3 years ago

stomach tightness problem
Dear Dr kadwa My mother age 55 year old, have serious problem in left side of stomach, her
johna9095 2014-12-12
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Hairloss and anxiety
1. Mental State of the patient Low mood, stressed, 2. Physical Ailments Body aches 3.
Saiema 2014-12-04
5   kadwa 3 years ago

sexual problem
I am 43 & got married at d age of 28 & used to masturbate from the age 15.Now i have ejacu
imrpsp.1983 2014-12-10
1   kadwa 3 years ago

dear kadwa due to, too much masturbation i have lost my penis hardnes .i didn't get

johna9095 2014-06-09
30   johna9095 3 years ago

Low Semen Volume
Hello Respected Doctors. I am suffering from Low Semen Volume and urine drops after urine
ahsan_kazmi 2014-12-12
no replies yet

veterinary homeopathy
Cat with inverted eyelids. Discharge around the eyes - a brown or yellow, sticky. The Cat
lussi 2014-11-30
2   lussi 3 years ago

Iam suffering from Filaries
Iam suffering from Filaries from last 10years taking homopethic mediscences drox 10 and
Nandini Dhuri 2014-12-11
2   Nandini Dhuri 3 years ago

Infection in jaw bone after root canal
I have undergone root canal treatment on 6 of my teeth, mostly premolars and molars, over
magicwand 2010-04-08
11   simone717 3 years ago

Dr. Nawaz Khan, plz help : hair fall in patches and frontal forehead hairline is receding
Hello Dr. I am 29 yr male from Maryland and facing this hair loss problem. My hairs are
MrAmin 2014-12-11
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Peeling of palm skin in winter !!
I'm 28-years old male and I've this problem from at least 12-13 years back. The
popobest 2014-12-10
3   popobest 3 years ago

need treatment for reducing belly fat . attn : nawazkhan /kadwa / Joe De Livera
Dear Dr. nawazkhan /kadwa / Joe De Livera , my age is 42 years ( female) . I am 5 feet ta
jesmin6666 2014-12-08
7   simone717 3 years ago

Can somebody please tell me how to take the following remedies ..
I am unable to go see a homeopathic practitioner in person, and wouln't be able to fo
HmP14 2014-12-10
4   simone717 3 years ago

good evening
hi friends.
prasanth523001 2014-12-11
no replies yet

Premature Ejactulation
Respected Doctor, this is omer, may particulars are as below: Age: 34 year Status: Marrie
omerkhyeam 2014-12-11
no replies yet

Dear Sir, I used to play football on regular basis some 2,3 years ago. But now i just pla
kazy123 2014-12-08
3   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Skin deisis
My son-in-law is now 4 years old & he has a skin disease like eczema on the under arm & h
Parveen Kawsar 2014-12-10
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

hair loss in patches and from forehead
Hello Dr. I am 29 yr male from Maryland and facing this hair loss problem. My hairs are c
MrAmin 2014-12-10
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Persistent verrucas/warts
Hello. I am currently trying to get to the bottom of the persistent warts and verrucas I h

zoezest 2014-04-11
65   zoezest 3 years ago

Any student from new jersey
I am also learning homeopathy. Just like to know any body out here in this part of country
bkushwaha 2014-12-10
no replies yet

7 week old baby digestive problem
My baby's pediatrician says its reflux and told her to be on Zantac.however I took my
Misssethi 2014-12-10
1   rishimba 3 years ago

A weird type of PTSD - constant need to solve other people's problems
Can anyone recommend a remedy for someone who has been traumatized so badly by unsolvable
nature_girl 2014-12-10
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Frozen Shoulder Medicine
I am 43 and have pain in my left shoulder and left upper arm for the last 6 months. The pa
indradip 2014-12-08
3   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

urgently help please skin problem
sir I am male and my age 22 yrs. I have skin problem from last 5-6 months. on my hips the
Busymonu 2014-12-08
2   Busymonu 3 years ago

related to deseas
Hi, Good Morning Sir, How are you? I hope you are fine! (1-) I have been Masturbating sinc

habeeb 2014-10-28
33   habeeb 3 years ago

Making your own globules at home
Does anyone know how to do this?
Eva Fernandez 2014-12-09
2   Eva Fernandez 3 years ago

Help needed for Black Mold Allergy
My sister has been diagnosed with chronic inflammation, bases of both lungs due to black m
declan 2014-12-09
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

small hard bolls on many places on body
I am 34 year old and i have small hard muscle bolls in many places on upper body(on the ha
yogi0106 2014-12-08
2   yogi0106 3 years ago

urgently help please skin problem
sir I am male and my age 22 yrs. I have skin problem from last 5-6 months. on my hips the
Busymonu 2014-12-08
1   simone717 3 years ago

Breast enhancement
I'm 26, height 5'3, weight -47kg Breast 32B - but I think they've gone lit
Penny blossom 2014-12-08
1   simone717 3 years ago

Remedy For BDD
Is there a homeopathic remedy that can help with the symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Celestia 2014-12-09
1   simone717 3 years ago

shrinkage of penis and scrotum..plz help plz plz plz
Hello, Sir I am 25 years old upto age of 20 I was very thin then some one suggested me t

gary90 2014-11-11
13   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Evocationer/ dr shaurav please help (Depression)
sir ive made this id for my friend who is heavily depressed and cannot muster up energy to

depressed_soul 2014-05-30
97   depressed_soul 3 years ago

Acute Help - Under the weather
Hi, Can I get some help on my current acutes, I am male, 50yrs old? I probably picked up
RajanTX 2014-12-09
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Eye flashing
Sir, My both eyes are flashing.I am able to see flashing during night time very clearly..W
pbabu 2014-11-09
8   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

hungry is very less,stomach is sensation of full, indigestion
Hi Doctor, I am feeling very less hungry, when I start eating vegetarian food sensing ful

elururajesh 2014-09-06
22   elururajesh 3 years ago

pain in rectal region/lower back
My wife had radiation proctitis developed after two years of radiation in area of lower a

abha ayan 2014-11-30
16   abha ayan 3 years ago

Lycopodium dosage, thank you very much for the advice
Hello and thank you in advance. I am new to homeopathy so I will try to give as many sympt

nikoletayu 2014-03-21
26   simone717 3 years ago

Severe diffuse hair loss itchy scalp
My daughter and I have been experiencing extreme hair loss with an itchy scalp for two yea
mishall 2014-07-05
5   simone717 3 years ago

wrinkles on forehead
Hello, My mother is 42 yrs old. She has wrinkles on forehead. And she wants the glowness o
deep09 2014-12-08
1   drneeru 3 years ago

memory power and tones of problems
I dont know where to start ! I am a 18 years old Bsc student.i have tones of problems firs
cute angel123 2014-12-04
4   Zady101 3 years ago

I have a pilonidal cyst :(:(:(
My life for the past few months have took a really pause as I am not able to do anything w
sh786 2014-12-07
4   sh786 3 years ago

Sexual Problem
I am 33 years old with good physical health. I have some sexual problems. I was 12 years o

Chadhury 2014-04-04
14   shaby 3 years ago

vertigo problem ... pls look urgently
Hi I need help. I trusted in homeopathic medicines and, I believe, this forum is having a
ishan01us 2014-12-07
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Irregular heart beat
Doctor, Today I went for ECG check up, report came that I have irregular heart beat. But
19jeet 2014-11-23
9   19jeet 3 years ago

Evocationer ...
Need advice on remedy to help drain an abscess
kindle 2014-11-11
12   Evocationer 3 years ago

Breast enhancement
I'm 26, height 5'3, weight -47kg Breast 32B - but I think they've gone lit
Penny blossom 2014-12-08
no replies yet

avena sativa 30 or q ??
My doctor(through online discussion forum) has asked me to take Avena Sativa 30 , five dro
the achiever 2014-11-18
7   Evocationer 3 years ago

Seasonal allergies, back pain, etc.
(I'm posting this for my husband, for anyone who would like to take on his case.) M

alaskamom 2014-04-04
70   Evocationer 3 years ago

Fissure problem ..pls urgent to look into it
Hi I need some help, Actually, my father is having pain due to a fissure. It has from 1y
ishan01us 2014-09-26
8   akshaymohl 3 years ago

Pre Mature Ejeculation
[message deleted by shaby on Tue, 28 Apr 2015 18:50:36 BST]
shaby 2014-05-15
2   shaby 3 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction and PE
Hi; I am 34 years old. I did alot masturbation in young age. I am feeling low erection and
shaby 2014-12-07
no replies yet

need a doctor
any good homeopathic doctor in karachi for male sexual problems. need address
desikarachi777 2014-12-07
no replies yet

follow up question for quebracho
I found out in a long diligent online search that Quebracho/Aspidosperma can treat somethi
jhsif12 2014-12-07
no replies yet

getting rid off tonsil stones
iwant to ask help here of how i can get rid my tonsil stones... please it ruins my life th
swit04 2013-02-13
3   yourtonsils 3 years ago

Chalazion and Silica
I have a problem of recurring chalazions in my eyes. It used to be at the beginning only i

Wafaa.N 2014-08-26
70   Wafaa.N 3 years ago

Help needed regarding Premature Ejaculation!
I am currently 18, and facing serious premature ejaculation. I started masturbating at the
fab achiever 2014-11-30
2   fab achiever 3 years ago

where is Dr. rishimba ? when he will come back in forum ?
where is Dr. Rishimba ? when he will come back in forum ?
mminte 2014-12-07
1   simone717 3 years ago

clevical spondilytics on left shoulder,heart problem,both knee problem.
dear sir, I am having health problem for last 4 months, i had consulted with my local doct
madly1973 2014-12-07
1   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Psychiatric problem
Following symptoms are for my wife. She is 45 years. We are married for 16 years. Suspec
amitnaidu3112 2014-11-17
4   homeo.mzp 3 years ago

Weight loss, autoimmune thyroiditis, scleroderma, insomnia
Hello doctor, I am afraid that I need some help with treating my health problems. I have
ginger5 2014-11-23
9   ginger5 3 years ago

Nervous Tick - Smiling uncontrollably in public situations. History of Social Anxiety...Help!
Whenever I am in social situations, I pass people by on the streets, or look at someone wh

GoalCureSAD 2008-10-15
30   nightshade 3 years ago

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