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How can strong my penis. plz help me.
maneek01 2014-07-21
1   bapu4 3 years ago

Creatinine level 3.1 urea 69.0
My father's age is 70 years. he is chronic patient of BP. currently his BP is 150/90.
alimdey1 2014-07-20
1   bapu4 3 years ago

sensitive penis
hello i m under treatment and thread to that topis is as follows: http://abchomeopathy

earth 2013-11-28
37   sonics 3 years ago

2 year old abcess
My 2 year old daughter is having a abcess/uclear with very tiny mouth. Its like very hard
priyabhi 2014-07-20
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

inner child
Do you have inner child kit&#65311;
Takako 2014-07-19
9   simone717 3 years ago

3 mo baby with reflux- please help!
I have a 15 week old boy, who I believe suffering from reflux. He is my first child- my p

Toma24 2014-02-19
119   fitness 3 years ago

Avascular Necrosis
Hello every body This is Akhilesh Tiwari from Jaipur. I am suffering from AVN of 3 stage
akhiileshtiwarii 2011-12-03
2   simone717 3 years ago

Avascular Necrosis
Friends, I have recently been diagonised with AVN Stage 3. I'm looking for a non oper
raghuram srinivas 2009-11-20
2   simone717 3 years ago

bilateral avascular necrosis of femoral head
I am 31 Yr Old Married Man having a Son 3 Years Old. I am a treated Patient of Hodghkin�
harishvrm 2012-05-29
2   saritmohan 3 years ago

Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral head
I have recently been diagnosed with stage II of Avascular necrosis of the femoral head. I
sumeetc 2008-12-23
6   saritmohan 3 years ago

avascular necrosis
I have been diagnosed last week with avascular necrosis in both joints. I have noticed pai
srinivas99 2014-03-05
2   saritmohan 3 years ago

Curing Avascular Necrosis
is posibale homeopathy medicine Avascular Necrosis
vipulshah 2014-04-11
4   saritmohan 3 years ago

Avascular necrosis of the head of famur
Please doctor what are the medications to treat the above mentioned sickness as well as Os
vicwifey2012 2014-05-12
3   saritmohan 3 years ago

cracking voice
Dear brothers, i am worrie about my cracking or popping voice from all my body specially f
Sajidullah 2014-07-17
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Avascular Necrosis stage-II
I am diagonsed with AVN ( its between stage-1 and stage-11)and under went Core decompressi
sachin78 2013-01-01
3   saritmohan 3 years ago

increase sex time
i m 35 years old. and i m suffering from premature ejaculation. after 2 to 4 stroke relea
mdrohman340 2014-07-20
no replies yet

physical stamina & strength booster
I am Sheryl 33 male, 5'8' 79kg, i am doing body building. I eat after every 3 hou
sheryl19 2014-07-18
4   sheryl19 3 years ago

Attn: Zady, carcinocin remedy
Hello zady, In researching carcinocin for my little one I was astounded when I came upon t

melissafox22 2014-05-29
15   melissafox22 3 years ago

Hyper Thyoride (Need Help)
I am having hyper thyroid problem., and using Thacapzol and Levoxin for treatment. But Fac
Sameeha 2014-07-19
1   fitness 3 years ago

Heel irritation
hi.. my mother is having irritation in her left heel continusly. He is of 50 and bit overw
aly.irshad 2014-06-16
12   aly.irshad 3 years ago

Kindly confirm rauwolsan by Pfluger and rauwolscine or rauwolfia are of same composition.

Miray 2014-06-20
13   simone717 3 years ago

urine inf and kidney stone
Sir. i have a very small stone in kidney ultrasound done, and urine inf. pl. advise some m
Anil khanna 2014-07-04
10   bapu4 3 years ago

scarce and short period
Hello, from last 4-5 months my menstruation is only 2 days and it is very scarce. I have

L_M_K 2014-07-11
14   L_M_K 3 years ago

child ppd/autism ??
We are in USA and I have a 4 year old son who is going to a special school for learning di

parthasas 2009-04-04
19   simone717 3 years ago

Constipation in child
A child age 3 years has chronic constipation. Some time do not pass stool for two days. S
Satish Pasrija 2014-07-18
1   fitness 3 years ago

weight loss
I am 40 yrs old. i hv hypothyroid from last 18 yrs. my weight is 142 kg. i want to loose w
Harsh Khanna 2014-07-17
1   fitness 3 years ago

hair loss
My hair has been falling since last 2 years I was under a lot of stress when my hair start
manoj1987 2014-07-17
1   fitness 3 years ago

Lipoma on arms legs and stomach
Male age 26 has lipoma on arms, legs and stomach. Dandruff, occasionally suffers from thro
Satish Pasrija 2014-07-18
1   fitness 3 years ago

Hello, i am 29 year old female. As a child a had a mild concussion and sicne than i have
lony29 2014-07-14
2   telescope 3 years ago

bone pain
dear doctor, i am rafiq from pakistan age, 41 years, having pain in all my body bones sin
asiantex 2014-07-18
2   simone717 3 years ago

Who is making remedies?
Where and who is making remedies? I would like to know how they making them too.
Takako 2014-07-18
3   bapu4 3 years ago

i am 43 years old. i am facing with stammering since i was 8year old. i stutter when asked
manaskumar 2014-07-16
2   manaskumar 3 years ago

Scar endometrium at LCSC
Hi I have a 1.5 cms scar endometrium at my LCSC left side. Because of that I suffered with
laddumadhav 2014-07-17
9   bapu4 3 years ago

Divergent Squint Eye - Infant
Dear Team, Need help for my 15 months old daughter. She has been advised by the pediatric
prabhatkumar82 2014-07-16
2   prabhatkumar82 3 years ago

Hyperhidrosis- its unbearable !
Hello everyone, I am new to the form and looking for some help for my daughter. She is 20
mdmom 2014-07-17
5   bapu4 3 years ago

post radiation problem
pl help me. Details as below. Age-61,sex-F,colour-wheatish, mental condition-tired, proble

abha ayan 2014-03-28
23   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

gynecomastia problem
I have been suffering from gynecomastia for long time.My chest nipple are puffy and there

sagor sen 2013-07-05
53   kadwa 3 years ago

lax les -hypotensive les
I am having heart burn since last 8 months. It starts after eating and continue for whole
prakat13 2014-06-10
8   kadwa 3 years ago

Any homeopathy to avoid side effects of alopathic medicine?
My doctor prescribed my with antibiotics and steroids for the inflamation in my sinus. But
Fahdb 2014-07-17
5   Evocationer 3 years ago

no deep sleep
I am currently taking neuroleptica olanxipin and abilify, because i was diagnosed with fea
ohnegedanken 2014-07-16
8   simone717 3 years ago

Seeking Treatment for Lichen Planus
28 year old female Condition started 8 months ago Vulvar area. Rash started on perineum.
Glynn772 2014-07-17
3   Evocationer 3 years ago

Dr anuj srivastav, sir i need you on this one
Sir i have my case with a respected doctor of this forum but i require your opinion . I
abhimanyu14 2014-07-16
1   simone717 3 years ago

Acid reflux
my 5 month old baby has acid reflux started at 3 weeks. Doctor put her on zantac and preva
sgsgs 2014-07-16
3   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Fracturing tooth, Please help
Since the age of 25 I've seen my tooth fracturing at the border in tiny pieces. Some
ramesh_krs 2006-05-05
5   bapu4 3 years ago

Graves' disease & homoeopathy - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Graves' disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. It occurs when your immun
deoshlok 2007-01-13
8   princebatra 3 years ago

Erectile dysfunction HELP SOON
Dear Doc, I am suffering from kidney disease for which i'm taking allopathic ,medicin
AHMED1983 2014-07-16
2   AHMED1983 3 years ago

please help doctor erectile dysfunction
Dear Doc, I am suffering from kidney disease for which i'm taking allopathic ,medici
AHMED1983 2014-07-16
1   honey635 3 years ago

which is the remedy
Hi, can you help me? I'm looking for remedy which characteristic is: 1. proud, chesty
lussi 2014-07-15
7   Evocationer 3 years ago

Need remedy for my problem.
I am here on this forum in the hope I will find a remedy for a number of symptoms i have b
hemeoseek 2014-07-07
4   bapu4 3 years ago

Dandruff cure
i have dandruff on scalp for 16 years .it is not like normal dandruff .It comes out only w
kurup 2014-07-14
2   kurup 3 years ago

Dear Sir, My daughter is suffering from hypothyroidism from last three years.Currently she
paridhi 2014-07-16
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Leukorrhea and breast enlargement
Hi, I am 23 now and married female. I am suffering from white discharge since I was 12. It
ONNYS 2014-07-02
4   bapu4 3 years ago

song stuck in head
My son is almost 7 years old. He is highly philosophical and sensitive. The last few nigh
jazmine7 2014-07-15
3   Evocationer 3 years ago

types of pains and their exact interpretation
Hello Evocationer,simone,fitness,kadwa,nawazsahab,rishimba,akshay mohla !! When a patient
bapu4 2014-07-12
7   Evocationer 3 years ago

staphysagria side effects
Hello, My son fell down and hurt his mouth, there was a lot of swelling and blood but eve
milentie 2014-07-14
3   Evocationer 3 years ago

nat mur 1 lm dose
Pls any one suggest, how to take dose of Nat mur 1LM.
HoneyKhanna 2014-07-15
3   Evocationer 3 years ago

4 month old with persistent loose stools with mucus and blood
My 4 month old son has had persistently loose stools since birth, and has had mucus in sto
kitkat123 2014-05-12
12   fitness 3 years ago

20 week old has reflux, not gaining weight, hungry but can t eat, please help us
Hi, I am new to the forum. My 20 week old girl has had problems with reflux since a long t

nathaliem 2014-03-12
26   fitness 3 years ago

seman discharge
hi mera naam Tehseem hai meri problem yeh Thai ki har waqt safaid chipchipa pani aata reht
Tehseemkhan 2014-07-15
1   bapu4 3 years ago

Reflux or possible GERD
Hi. My daughter is 3 mo old. She was on Prilosec for about a month now for her reflux whic
Firsttimemomma 2014-06-17
10   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Premature Ejacuation
Sir i am 28 years Married person. i got married 3 months ago. My Intercourse time is less
asad200 2014-07-15
2   asad200 3 years ago

My mother age 55. His both eye effected cataract. Homeopath treatment have any.
maneek01 2014-07-15
2   bapu4 3 years ago

Low libido.. what's happening?
Been suffering from low libido..a result of work-related stress, routine and boredom and l
Ian Heath 2014-07-15
1   deoshlok 3 years ago

5 year chronic cough,
Now have breathing issues easily irritated throat,relieved by water, nasal polyps for 3 ye
aloysia 2014-07-15
1   deoshlok 3 years ago

Acidity issues / Pain in legs / High TSH
Dear Doctors, I am writing about this problem 2nd time. I wrote on this may be around a y
feuhrer 2014-07-14
2   feuhrer 3 years ago

ureter calculus problem
Hi! 2 calculi found in my right kidney one year back.Now the big one 8 mm x 5 mm have come
kgmmostafa 2014-07-15
1   shouse_nsk 3 years ago

Gastric troubles..
I am taking calcarea carb for some problems. Feeling energy levels high after taking it (c
Akshay_oct 2014-07-15
1   Evocationer 3 years ago

dog with seizures
My dog will be 3yrs old in July. He began having grand mal seizures on 4/15/2013, 3 weeks

melenz 2014-06-08
13   fitness 3 years ago

china rubra panick attacks
Hi I need some help. I took one dose of china rubra 30c for ringing in ears 3 hours ago.

cristtt5 2014-07-08
30   simone717 3 years ago

Dandruff cure
anybody help
kurup 2014-07-14
1   fitness 3 years ago

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