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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
is ethanol not suitable for high blood pressure patients
ethanol in ptk 40 is is ok for hypertension pati...
0jassie06:52 02 Oct 13 by
looking for a homeopathic remedy for parkinsons
my elder brother aged 67 of short stature and ve...
11lil sis06:49 02 Oct 13 by kadwa
Is it OK to take Folic Acid while taking homeo medicines?
Hi all, I am homeo medicines for ovarian cyst....
2vinstefan 06:47 02 Oct 13 by vinstefan
Stray cat skin disease
A grown stray cat came in the house a year ago and...
2noshiahmad04:11 02 Oct 13 by simone717
Reaction to a remedy
Dear homeopaths,my son just turned one year old. W...
2lisa198101:10 02 Oct 13 by lisa1981
Low pottassium
Is there any remedy for low pottassium in homeopat...
1Rsiddiqi01:09 02 Oct 13 by simone717
Low pottassium
Iow pottassium remedy...
1Rsiddiqi01:08 02 Oct 13 by simone717
Hyperhidrosis - It's killing me.Pls help!
Hello, I have recently discovered that i have t...
8kandyjet01:05 02 Oct 13 by simone717
i am sorry
few days ago i posted a topic for help regarding ...
8bazidan17:28 01 Oct 13 by bazidan
tightness in chest and very, very tired all the time
Ok, I can definitely tell I'm much better th...
1nature_girl16:13 01 Oct 13 by simone717
viral fever medicene for 2 year old child
my 2 year old daughter has viral fever max recorde...
1andy_65_in15:59 01 Oct 13 by andy_65_in
Old Case ofTelogen Effulivium+ Hair Falling
Hallo Doctor, I am 31 Male Single. I had suffer...
1amitarora20097314:04 01 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Please help me heal my child
Hi everyone, I hope you can help me. I have an alm... [LAST PAGE]
14Ayane09:09 01 Oct 13 by Ayane
prevent blocks
hi all..am 40yrs old. Would like to know if there&...
8zebedee05:07 01 Oct 13 by simone717
Thinning hair -
I have a problem. Please give remedy Sudden weig...
1nishah7404:45 01 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Sinus sufferer for 15 years
I have had two sinus surgeries to remove polyps. I...
3Saurav68603:14 01 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Kadwa's Clinic Diary
Dear Friends, i am posting around 900 cases her...
9kadwa01:29 01 Oct 13 by simone717
Potty problems w/5 yr old
Hello, I have a 5 year old with a history of Senso...
1whit991023:34 30 Sep 13 by simone717
Premature ejaculation
Dear sir, I am suffering from PE. I use to mastrub...
3Brad-k 21:20 30 Sep 13 by Brad-k
Hair loss with itchy, burning scalp driving me crazy, please help!!!!
I've been dealing with hair loss for a numb...
5CChair 19:32 30 Sep 13 by CChair
help regarding selenium and bellis perenis
about me: i am 35 years old male. living in pak...
3bazidan18:57 30 Sep 13 by simone717
Swelling & Pain in Joints
I need help to remove the pain in my legs and hand... [LAST PAGE]
24nishaLA17:01 30 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
dr mehfooz
damikana pentarkan with or without water....
2jassie16:44 30 Sep 13 by jassie
remedy for menopausal flooding
Dear Homeopathy Community: I seem to be hitting...
9EILEENHARR16:29 30 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
do Airport controls damage homeopatic products?
Does anybody know if airport controls ( mostly x-r...
7homeocactus15:29 30 Sep 13 by fitness
Medicine for head injury
Male aged 33 years met accident and have diffuse a...
5Satish Pasrija15:28 30 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Stomach Pain
Hi. I am 32 years Old Male. I suddenly have stomac...
1kolrahul11:18 30 Sep 13 by kadwa
ulcerative colitis of my dad***for dr kadwa******
Dear Dr. Kadwa, My dad, who is around 72 years ...
5venus074311:06 30 Sep 13 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa please reply
My Father is suffering from following problems 1...
1gopal1810:20 30 Sep 13 by kadwa
pilonidal cyst
I am 18 years old and 6 months. I have pilonidal c... [LAST PAGE]
23gaurav123409:47 30 Sep 13 by kadwa
pulsatilla phosphorus Calcarea Carb
are above mentioned remedies in 200 potency could ...
3earth09:44 30 Sep 13 by earth
Repeatedly sprained Ankle
Hi I am suffering from repeatedly sprained right ... [LAST PAGE]
19gul051107:50 30 Sep 13 by Parakletos
My name is saliha I m 27 yr and unmarried girl ive...
6anood07:17 30 Sep 13 by anood
Social anxiety-Nervousness-abdomen gas
Dear Respected Homeopaths, I want to tell this...
7akm1306:29 30 Sep 13 by Dr.vamshikrishna
i am 25 years old. want to detoxify my body first ...
8ramesh UPADHYA06:11 30 Sep 13 by ramesh UPADHYA
erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation incase of long term diabetic
I am longterm diabetic under allopathic medical t...
0jsramd201304:49 30 Sep 13 by
depression and anxiety
I am 38,got two years old twin babies,been sufferi...
3bbagom03:38 30 Sep 13 by simone717
confused about which tissue salts on pregnancy,pls advice
Month2- Calc. Fluor , Mag Phos , Ferr Phos ...
2homeoashwas03:15 30 Sep 13 by homeoashwas
Request guidance on suman's chest pain