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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Something for TEETH??
I am looking for something for my teeth! I'v...
6Ignatia Fairy 20:50 11 Sep 13 by Ignatia Fairy
Eczema of scalp
Dear Doctor, I am 46 years male with history of...
6Nachiket17:50 11 Sep 13 by Nachiket
Hair Loss/DheaS
Hello, I have been losing hair since a little a...
0hcheema17:28 11 Sep 13 by
linnaeus borealis
Is anyone familiar with the homepatic drug 'li...
1urtica17:24 11 Sep 13 by urtica
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
Hi, For the last two years, I have a constant s...
3soniasharma15:39 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
6 week old infant reflux, allergies
I have a 6 week old who is suffering from silent r...
9Wyomom15:14 11 Sep 13 by simone717
melamona/ basal cell
Can melanoma or basal cell be treated/cured with h...
1neurofibromatosis315:13 11 Sep 13 by simone717
Very High blood pressure and want to have a baby
Hi, My sister is 38 years old. she had two miscar...
1pp00912:49 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
burnnig while urinating
Hi, My age is 29 and i m having burning sensati...
1obaidcse 12:48 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Constant buzzing in right ear
About 3 weeks ago I developed this hissing/buzzing... [LAST PAGE]
58frequrination12:29 11 Sep 13 by drpnidheesh
loose motion help Kashif
Dear Sir Plz Advise on loose motion due to in...
5Nitesh Kamal11:43 11 Sep 13 by Nitesh Kamal
plz help someone
Dear Sir 1. just After Caesarean birth there i...
0Nitesh Kamal11:39 11 Sep 13 by
Multiple Warts for last 10 Years.
Sir, i am sanjib,38yrs old male. i have multiple ...
6sanjibroutray08:51 11 Sep 13 by Parakletos
pls anyone suggest any remdy for my 3and 1/2 childs allergic cough
can anyone suggest any remedy for allergic cough o...
5kumarviji06:36 11 Sep 13 by kumarviji
Increased ESR
my sister is suffering from body pains, she is 58 ... [LAST PAGE]
22spdhiman 05:43 11 Sep 13 by shaikhdb
Kidney stone
I am 48,last 20 yrs I had kidney stones 5 times,...
1bbagom05:10 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Febrile Seizure and poor appetite in 2 year old
Hello, My 2 year old is underweight (21 lbs) an...
5vanisriram05:10 11 Sep 13 by Parakletos
Question for ZADY about Arsenicum
Hello Dr. Zady, In one of my previous posts, yo... [LAST PAGE]
42thanksall04:43 11 Sep 13 by Zady101
conium phosphorus sulfphur
i know a homeopathic store who can tailor make rem...
1earth04:07 11 Sep 13 by simone717
Sudden increase in gray hair
I have noticed gray hairs sporadically over 13 yea...
1DanielaE04:00 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
please suggest someone
can i use ayurvedic medicine along with homeopathi...
3mentalstress03:29 11 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
RE: Dr. Mohl please take my case
23 yrs old male having problem of body odor. Smell...
2akki2369003:02 11 Sep 13 by akki23690
hello which bach remedy please help
hello, my mother died sort of suddenly a few month... [LAST PAGE]
32DAS196502:44 11 Sep 13 by simone717
Hashimoto's Disease/Hypothyroidism
I need help finding homeopathic remedies for my hy... [LAST PAGE]
15mommasaid20:43 10 Sep 13 by simone717
cough of my 3year old boy
dr im in a great dilema, my son is having coug... [LAST PAGE]
26anushavijish18:15 10 Sep 13 by anushavijish
Hello Joe sir--- relating to hypothyriod
Hello Joe, My mother is having hypo thyroid fro...
4budda17:33 10 Sep 13 by Parakletos
Weight Loss
Hie, I am 28years old. I have been having prob...
3patriciafrens16:15 10 Sep 13 by patriciafrens
chiken gunya starting pains
use ars alb 200 1 dose after one hour rhus ...
1bobby934615:36 10 Sep 13 by Joe De Livera
Diabetic - Foot gangarene
My father is 64 years old and Diabatic patient fro...
8ayeshashah15:35 10 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
homeopathic remedy preparation
How do i make a homeopathic remedy from a mineral ...
0hpathyisgr814:23 10 Sep 13 by
ruined my life with my hands....
my age is 30 now and start mastubartion in the age...
1rjzafar 13:57 10 Sep 13 by akshaymohl
Perianal abscess & Anal Fistula
It all started with a small pain the anal area som...
3ananthojrr 13:36 10 Sep 13 by shouse_nsk
very serious problem
Dear Dr. i m vishal aged abt 26 yrs.wt abt 65 kg...
1Vishal235513:27 10 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Nux Vomica Q
How long can one take Q for?? i had taken Q for...
1rs101113:19 10 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
wrinkles on face.
m 37 yrs old, fair complexioned woman but have to... [LAST PAGE]
47heenal13:15 10 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Hi all, I am new to the forum. I have a son how is...
6goodwin730712:35 10 Sep 13 by TarunAarav
4 yr. old daughter not gaining weight n height
My 4 yr old daughter doesnt gaining weight she is ...
2itsme201009:37 10 Sep 13 by itsme2010
Can a pterygium be healed without surgury?
I have a pterygium in my eye which I first noticed... [LAST PAGE]
20jford08:47 10 Sep 13 by jayaprakashtpsg
Potency. Doubt.
In homeopathy I see there is the mother tincture o...
0Akshay_oct 08:31 10 Sep 13 by
abdominal adhesions
I have had 3 adhesion surgeries in 2010, and 2 ope...
1bri25604:15 10 Sep 13 by simone717
post nasal drip
Hello, I have had phlegm in the back of my thro...
3ignite04:00 10 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
two and a half year old with a dry cough
Hi My two and a half year old daughter has a very...
6shiny18:46 09 Sep 13 by anushavijish
Dr. Nawaz Khan/Dr. Niel's patient need Attention
Hi, This is another patient of Dr Niel, Sir,... [LAST PAGE]
65Hannah Hannah17:29 09 Sep 13 by nawazkhan
C vs LM potencies
My question is about the differences between C and...
3pabloestivill16:01 09 Sep 13 by simone717
heel pain
Sir, i had lot of problem in heel n it will double...
8surendtanath15:55 09 Sep 13 by simone717
weak eye sight of my grandson
anybody can advise any medicine for improvement of...
6alfar14:18 09 Sep 13 by alfar
Slow learning child or Down Syndrome
General characteristics Most children with Down... [LAST PAGE]
31girilal08:50 09 Sep 13 by McCoy
chronic pancreatitis and whipple procedure
i am a 47 yr old man that has had chronic severe p...
10jolarone07:51 09 Sep 13 by simone717
atten. dr. kadwa (new post)
Dr kadwa please help me. I am here inform you abou... [LAST PAGE]
24pocari07:18 09 Sep 13 by kadwa
acid reflux
I am 38,mother of 3 children been having acidity ...
3bbagom07:16 09 Sep 13 by Parakletos
Chronic Pancreatitis
Dear Sir, I am a 23 year old suffering ...
4amitEnu 06:51 09 Sep 13 by Parakletos
errectile problem
likes to know information about the effective home...
2murthyagri03:26 09 Sep 13 by akshaymohl
Anxious, irritable, sleep deprived
Only my husband knows I'm scared about my neg...
1Tsoygal01:28 09 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
Failing again and again
I am a 28 year male weighing 110 Kg and 6 feet tal... [LAST PAGE]
29Jagdeep198401:23 09 Sep 13 by anuj srivastava
i am 30 years old and masterbate about 6 years ab...
1Qurashi63500:01 09 Sep 13 by akshaymohl
Request to all Doctors
I visited abchomeopathy forum and read the suggest...
0pocari23:24 08 Sep 13 by
huge stomach like 6 months pregnant
hello: I had a huge stomach for the last several y...
0Huwoman21:42 08 Sep 13 by
facial hair growth problem.
I am 17 years old n this sept 21 i will be of 18. ...
1alex.extreme19:41 08 Sep 13 by alex.extreme
Acid reflux possiable GERD
My son is 3 months old. He has always spit up afte...
8YvonneGut 16:37 08 Sep 13 by Parakletos
enlargement and endowment
I have to ask a quetion and also treatment about e...
1Hasnain110 15:45 08 Sep 13 by simone717
I am on all the right supplements, following an or...
3pardemd14:11 08 Sep 13 by Parakletos
wheat alergy
I am sehar from pakistan.i am a student. my age is...
1seharkhan 09:33 08 Sep 13 by kadwa
A hole on teeth to my child...
Dear Doctor, A hole is visible on teeth on uppe...
4mati09:30 08 Sep 13 by kadwa
Malignent Infection of a 13 year old female cat
My pet cat had piometra in 2005 and her uterus had...
1jaybee5009:18 08 Sep 13 by kadwa
plz help me gynecomastia problem.. Pleeeez
salam, im noor ahmed fr...
4noor.ahmed9108:28 08 Sep 13 by kadwa
Adenoids and cough in 3years old
Hi, I need help for my daughte please, she started...
10SarDah06:41 08 Sep 13 by maharaja
is mastuburation harmful for boys health.is there ...
2seharkhan16:41 07 Sep 13 by akshaymohl
Muscular Distrophy
HI there, I have my cousin brother suffering fr...
6Amritsaini15:53 07 Sep 13 by simone717
Sudden increase in gray hair
I have had success finding remedies for other cond...
0DanielaE15:02 07 Sep 13 by
Seek homeopathic advice in Urdu (writing)
Dear Sir, I am writing this on behalf of my fat...
0arifm14:58 07 Sep 13 by
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