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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Fast Heart beat and Crategus
If someone is having an episode of tachycardia can...
1brownbird13:28 12 Oct 13 by fitness
Homeopathic Treatment suitability
Dear Doctors, In the past (1998) I had un... [LAST PAGE]
13bavia13:21 12 Oct 13 by fitness
Worried about hair fall
hi m 29 year old male, i have a hair fall problem ...
1Kamarjit singh12:21 12 Oct 13 by Kamarjit singh
cystic lesion in cerebellar vermis
Hello , My father has been diagnosed with a smal...
6gopalgupta308:44 12 Oct 13 by gopalgupta3
I am male 24 years old.Height 5.65 and weight 100 ...
1inayat.madarangi 06:35 12 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Do any one suggest any medicine for retinitis pigm... [LAST PAGE]
44tjtrivedi03:57 12 Oct 13 by akshaymohl
i m depressed because of my face....?
Hi,i m manish....i m 25....i have taken microderma... [LAST PAGE]
25jumboooo19:48 11 Oct 13 by simone717
miserable three week old
My little baby boy is crying most of his waking mo...
11juanee162514:44 11 Oct 13 by fitness
I passed my 10th grade in 2010. that is when i fir...
3patne0813:53 11 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Best homeopathic medicine For Testicular Injuries, Hardness, Sensitive and Pain.
Problem in left Testis. Best homeopathic medicine...
5Fritz13:05 11 Oct 13 by fitness
For doc. Joe or Kadwa. .hair fall prob
my age is 28 Year old. . . m suferning from hair f...
1kanwar brar11:10 11 Oct 13 by kanwar brar
Premature ejaculation
I am 40 Yr old man, married 7 years ago having two...
2HARI_DELHI 09:53 11 Oct 13 by HARI_DELHI
Premature ejaculation
I am 40 Yr old man, married 7 years ago having two...
1HARI_DELHI 09:49 11 Oct 13 by mani_jee
suggest me ,a good homeopethic face wash ,soap and shampoo
Pls suggest me a good homepethic face wash for ac...
0jumboooo09:28 11 Oct 13 by
problem of erectile dysfunction
Dear sir I am 48 years 5.6 62 kg male i had go...
8sonu33506:33 11 Oct 13 by akshaymohl
Aluminum exposure - child - autism
My daughter - 5yrs old, diagnosed with autism al...
2racatho 04:58 11 Oct 13 by racatho
verigo - [means sir chakrana ] ( suddenlty, verigo comes in speed)
Hi This is regarding for my mother, i need ur h...
5ishan01us00:41 11 Oct 13 by akshaymohl
Alopecia Symptoms, Definition, Causes, treatment
Alopecia is a medical term ...
0jasminezoe20:25 10 Oct 13 by
DHT & hairloss, hair fall (( need help ))
Hi Hi, i am 27yr old male suffering from hair...
0ishan01us20:10 10 Oct 13 by
I am having acid phos 30 for diarrhea. Getting w...
2karan199019:46 10 Oct 13 by karan1990
Right shoulder back severe pain
Severe upper back pain coming to right sholder, I ...
9Azafar45 17:13 10 Oct 13 by simone717
Guttate psoriasis
Thanks for the help Fitness! I am 43 old female,h...
1Karagena16:28 10 Oct 13 by Zady101
I have missed my period for 20 days and negative pregnancy test
I am 28 years old. My period usually arrives betwe...
1ayeshashah15:44 10 Oct 13 by fitness
Severe hair loss. Dr.Joe Pl.help
]Hi!I am 38 yrs old.Severe hair loss for the pas...
1Shweta Mukherjee15:23 10 Oct 13 by simone717
blotting of stomach
Sir, I am 53 year old female and i have the follo...
1paraman14:33 10 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
1 year old ongoing cold
Baby is 13 months to the day. We just relocated f...
4ashleye14:25 10 Oct 13 by ashleye
ligament injury
hi m 30 years old.i got ligament injury in right k...
1bhinderbanga12:56 10 Oct 13 by Zady101
help....please cure my hyperpigmentation! :(
I n a 16 yr old student suffering from hyper pigme... [LAST PAGE]
14krutikamohanty11:34 10 Oct 13 by saeed...
Lycopodium 10M & Acid Phos 6c
I am of 32 years unmarried with 80 kg build. I am...
11Annu4u 11:05 10 Oct 13 by mani_jee
test report showed an impression :grade II lymphed...
0guduvan06:58 10 Oct 13 by
unwanted body hair
Hi.. I am a 25 year old female.i am suffering fro...
0coral_blue04:53 10 Oct 13 by
Diabetes - Dawn Phenomenon Pls help
1. ID or Your Name: mohit 2. Age 42 3. Sex Male ... [LAST PAGE]
24mk15104:52 10 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
oily skin n hair fall
im 28 year old boy ........ i am suffering from ha... [LAST PAGE]
26kanwar brar 04:46 10 Oct 13 by kanwar brar
Ongoing issues with warts-please help
Hi, I have had ongoing issues with warts on my ... [LAST PAGE]
44anxious8804:18 10 Oct 13 by nawazkhan
My daughter began having absence seizures at age 8...
2pitterpatter22:36 09 Oct 13 by simone717
Guttate psoriasis
Hi, i am Mather of 4 and recently diagnosed with m...
1Karagena22:35 09 Oct 13 by fitness
Canine Papilloma Virus
I have a 1 yr old Brittany Spaniel that got a litt... [LAST PAGE]
34mgmacha7120:42 09 Oct 13 by Zady101
8 week old son with colic and acid reflux
my son has acid reflux and colic . the first fo... [LAST PAGE]
16erinkev4419:05 09 Oct 13 by moderator
Dr Kadwa pls help(5 yr child on PDD)
Child 5 yrs on PDD. Would like to consult you over...
4TarunAarav18:59 09 Oct 13 by TarunAarav
Stone in gall bladder
Dear Dr.Nawaz How are you? Thank you for the he...
7soniamirg18:09 09 Oct 13 by nawazkhan
having severe pain at lower back radiating to thig...
0arumugham17:31 09 Oct 13 by
Masturbation - common misconceptions
Its interesting to see so many posts on trying to ...
0fitness17:08 09 Oct 13 by
different health issues, please help.
Hi, I seek medical advice from the homeopathy expe... [LAST PAGE]
45sud.don 17:07 09 Oct 13 by Zady101
Infant Gas, and reflux, and sleep problems
Hello, My son is 3 months old and has been having... [LAST PAGE]
14jennn17:00 09 Oct 13 by Zady101
Fordyce Spots
Hi, Is there anything you can recommend for try...
2Juis116:47 09 Oct 13 by fitness
3 apples a day can drop pounds away!
If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, three ...
0jean201315:38 09 Oct 13 by
i have head ache concentrated near the eyebrows , ...
1reena gud15:36 09 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
weight loss n breast reduction
i am 27 years old married,having 2 years baby..my ... [LAST PAGE]
32amishu 15:34 09 Oct 13 by anuj srivastava
Please help me about my piles problem
My age: 28 Weight: 54. I had piles operation...
3brami15:10 09 Oct 13 by shouse_nsk
my son is 4 yrs old... he has gerd...
Hello, First of all sorry for my english.. Thi... [LAST PAGE]
16klodi14:51 09 Oct 13 by simone717
Antidote for Bryonia
Please what is the antidote for Bryonia 200? ... [LAST PAGE]
17brownbird14:37 09 Oct 13 by simone717
hair loss n less desire for sex
i am 28 year old man. . I am suffering from hair f...
5kanwar brar14:07 09 Oct 13 by fitness
Antidote for Lachesis
Hi, is there any antidote to Lachesis 30. Just wo... [LAST PAGE]
13sujisuji13:20 09 Oct 13 by AsadGhumman
iodium cm
In one of the post a doctor has suggested above bu...
1JustinBond12:16 09 Oct 13 by mani_jee
Costochondritis Disease Treatment
Chondreton is a herbal medication designed after c...
0saleenaclerk09:54 09 Oct 13 by
What medications are useful for scars and stretch ... [LAST PAGE]
24hownow08:41 09 Oct 13 by Nicwill7
Hi. Pls help me !! I started stammering since i wa... [LAST PAGE]
22Saqlain Hassan 06:37 09 Oct 13 by Saqlain Hassan
long time constipation
Hi all, I'm a turning-18 year old male, wei...
12bonton05:43 09 Oct 13 by bonton
Tinea Versicolor Symptoms, Definition, Causes, treatment
Tinea versicolor is an inoffensive skin disorder p...
0bryonyalice05:30 09 Oct 13 by
cat skin condition
I had sent the skin ailment of a stray cat who is ...
8noshiahmad 03:14 09 Oct 13 by noshiahmad
i am 23 years old male and i have bad habit of mus...
1awais616702:37 09 Oct 13 by simone717
i am 23 years old male and i have bad habit of mus...
1awais616702:37 09 Oct 13 by simone717
Is it safe to drink arnica tea?...
1hbetty501:46 09 Oct 13 by simone717
Pain in ligament behind left knee
I have a 16 year old son. When he stretches his le... [LAST PAGE]
29suna71101:40 09 Oct 13 by suna711
31 years old female with hair loss and thinning
Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been suffering ...
9mnchkin 20:54 08 Oct 13 by paymanz
Brain Stroke
Hi, My Mom is been hospitalised from last 2 ...
1rd12319:48 08 Oct 13 by Zady101
Type 2 Herpes
Someone help me. I am a 17yrs old male,i went for...
2chaaya19:23 08 Oct 13 by fitness
Need Homeopathy for 13yo Dog with Bronchitis
Hi All! My 13yo ACD/BC mix male dog Lakota weighs ...
2LoveAllAnimals19:17 08 Oct 13 by Memoryofwater
with Hepar Sulpuris 1M and Colchicum 30 CH is i...
0fotini17:57 08 Oct 13 by
Help Needed With Sensitive Child - Please!
I have an highly intellegiant, 8-year-old boy who ...
9oneluckymom16:06 08 Oct 13 by simone717
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