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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Dr mahfooz , Dr Joe De livera
Cardiomegaly and high BP Hello dr i am sufferin... [LAST PAGE]
26psvohra6806:59 29 Jul 13 by Zady101
Dr Kadwa please can you respond
0searchforcure06:26 29 Jul 13 by
3 year old had finger tip laceration
Hi, my 3 year old cut her thumb on the palm sid...
9baba10804:51 29 Jul 13 by baba108
taking two or more remedies at the same time?
Is it possible to take two remedies at the same ti...
8askomacic02:55 29 Jul 13 by Roger Gietzen
4 year old with speech delay and attention issues. Please help !!!
1 Describe your main suffering? My 4 year old is...
8skaggarwal01:13 29 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
stubborn chalazion in 12 yr old
My daughter is 12 and has had a very stubborn, lar...
11momma61701:13 29 Jul 13 by simone717
How I treat my eczema patients.
I have treated several cases of die hard eczema ... [LAST PAGE]
173kuldeep17:14 28 Jul 13 by Chanda123
spinal injury n paresis & distenson
I had spinal injury 5yr Since 2months having gase...
1ndadhich16:20 28 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
fever with vomiting
my daughter is 6yrs.on 27th july at 9.00pm she sta...
5prachiagarwal15:12 28 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
i forgotten to tell his age his date of birth is 8...
1ranjit singh12:31 28 Jul 13 by mani_jee
Jaundice and Gases for New born 1 month old
Dear Doctors, My Son New Born (1 month old) ja...
6nitincm11:35 28 Jul 13 by libra981
sleep disturbed
My brother's sleep is highly disturbed by dre...
4gopal1811:15 28 Jul 13 by libra981
dear sir plz do send the diet chart what to take a...
0ranjit singh11:00 28 Jul 13 by
yesterday i came to know tht my son is suffering f...
0ranjit singh10:45 28 Jul 13 by
how to reduce dailysis
Hello doctor my mom is suffering from kidney di...
1guman23510:26 28 Jul 13 by kadwa
dr. kadwa plz help.
my 13 yr old son still wets his bed. kindly help. ...
11doral10:19 28 Jul 13 by kadwa
Depression curvature and dark circles below the eyes
My wife is 31yrs and is a software professional. s...
4BALUJI10:11 28 Jul 13 by kadwa
Poor Appetite and sleeplessness - 4.5 yrs old
Hi Dear Kadwa, Need your help. My Son who is 4.5y...
3BALUJI09:15 28 Jul 13 by kadwa
Asthma since childhood.
Hi, I am 25 years old boy, having asthma since ...
3devnet08:13 28 Jul 13 by mani_jee
Kuldeep pls help - Eczema - 17 month old baby boy
Hello Kuldeep My son has had severe eczema fr... [LAST PAGE]
17sabarish05:53 28 Jul 13 by simone717
Fish oil with Causticum
How can one use Causticum 1M (on weekly basis) w...
4electronics.143 04:28 28 Jul 13 by electronics.143
Tonsillitis and sleep apnea /adenoids in children
Dear All, I was searching a lot on the Internet ... [LAST PAGE]
18auricica121:25 27 Jul 13 by simone717
Acne Not Going
Hello My girlfriend is 25 and she is suffering ...
3metallica20:16 27 Jul 13 by metallica
Hello Doctors: I am suffering from constipation...
1SMukherjee17:59 27 Jul 13 by mani_jee
over masturbation
hello sir i do masturbate for a long time due to ...
1sameer.solanki23117:54 27 Jul 13 by mani_jee
Hi, first I'd like to thank anyone reading th... [LAST PAGE]
30portulaca16:18 27 Jul 13 by Zady101
Nux Vomica side effects
Hi There, I have Pollen allergy and it been t... [LAST PAGE]
57rajesh.shah14:57 27 Jul 13 by Preetam
dear sir, past ten days i am having a noise in my ...
7arumugham12:00 27 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
fair skin
could you please tell me the price of Fragaria V...
0munnaravi12129108:13 27 Jul 13 by
How remedies can work?
I have a small confusion:- Since homeopathic re...
6Logical08:10 27 Jul 13 by Logical
Frequent urination problem - My son is 4.5 yrs
Hi Dr.kadwa Need ur help. my son is 4.5yrs and ...
6BALUJI07:09 27 Jul 13 by kadwa
Natrum Phos
Is there any difference in Biochemic medicine an...
1Akshay_oct02:38 27 Jul 13 by simone717
Ruta in pregnancy?
Could anyone tell me for sure whether it' s s... [LAST PAGE]
21Bondre01:58 27 Jul 13 by simone717
Fragaria Vesca 3x
could you please tell me the price of Fragaria Ve...
0munnaravi12129101:31 27 Jul 13 by
Delayed speech and possible ADHD
Hi My three year old son is having the following...
3worried father18:07 26 Jul 13 by simone717
Itchy legs
Itching started in February. Worse on both ankles....
11Sdewani17:01 26 Jul 13 by simone717
Subchroinic Hematoma in Pregnancy- please help!
Hello, I am a 29 year old currently 15 1/2 weeks ...
7lauren898916:48 26 Jul 13 by simone717
Delayed language and speech
Hi My son is 2.9 years old and is not yet talkin...
10Swankavi16:43 26 Jul 13 by simone717
female pattern alopecia
Hi, I(33 Yrs) suffering from alopecia since t...
1rocks4915:05 26 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
Need help with weight loss!! getting desperate
Hi all, I am a 32yrs old female struggling wit...
11angola_cg14:55 26 Jul 13 by angola_cg
Acid Reflux.
Iam 29 years old male..desk job. If had any heavy...
2sagar45714:47 26 Jul 13 by Joe De Livera
Mr Joe I am a 51 yr old female,my weight is 79kg....
4sangsing 14:01 26 Jul 13 by sangsing
Attn Dr Kuldeep - Facial Paralysis
Dear Dr Kuldeep I would like to request your ur...
1gajraaj 13:07 26 Jul 13 by shouse_nsk
want to gain weight and height
Hi. I am 31, male height 5'7.5'' an...
3vikash.prakash 11:59 26 Jul 13 by libra981
Disturbed Sleep
Hi My son has turned one in May 2013 and we as...
1riteshsharma197710:46 26 Jul 13 by AsadGhumman
I have recently been infected by oral and genital ...
6worriedman1 10:30 26 Jul 13 by SharonB
left sided hemiplegia
Sir. my father aged 76years has under gone SDH las...
2saijayaraman.c10:23 26 Jul 13 by saijayaraman.c
Sir, I had pain in the throat last night, now...
1kailash.barick07:31 26 Jul 13 by kadwa
Multiple Myeloma
I'm looking for information on curing Multipl...
11psychoma02:37 26 Jul 13 by simone717
Bartholin Cyst
Hello, I totally love this website and hope to...
9sedara23:41 25 Jul 13 by nawazkhan
Migraine, please help
Hi, My mum has been suffering from severe migra...
1Migrainesos23:25 25 Jul 13 by Zady101
To gain height
Hii... I am 19 yr old girl and my height is 5'...
6madhurana22:43 25 Jul 13 by libra981
Prairie's 2011 post re: reboot
I just ran across your post re:itchy, burning scal...
0ndl81021:09 25 Jul 13 by
pcos and depression
sir, i am posting this on behalf of my wife,as sh... [LAST PAGE]
39jai2717:13 25 Jul 13 by Zady101
No Erection,No Sex Desire,Pre Mature ejaculation
Hi Doctors, I am 32 years old and got married 3...
4softlyricsofheart15:42 25 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
Wieght Loss (Belly fat) Remedy
Dear Forum Members I would like to have remedy ...
4khanu7815:35 25 Jul 13 by Joe De Livera
1 week old newborn-GERD
Hi, I hope someone could please help me. I have a ... [LAST PAGE]
15spunky22610:56 25 Jul 13 by spunky226
Please Help Me I 've been suffering from past 7 months
1. ID 2. Age - 25 3. Sex - Male 4. Single 5. w...
1ozone00707:20 25 Jul 13 by kadwa
easrly stage arthritis
Hi, am a 46 yr old lady & my xray says early... [LAST PAGE]
78VVS06:43 25 Jul 13 by VVS
Dr Simeone, Please Help
I have dandruff/dryness/white outbreak on my skin ...
1ahmedtahir02:18 25 Jul 13 by simone717
I'm desperate..
Pleas help..I can't go on living like this, I...
1TerriLee01:31 25 Jul 13 by simone717
Hi my name is varun i am 20 yrs old .my height is ...
1Varun_201200:13 25 Jul 13 by akshaymohl
I wish to know which is the best medicine for weak...
1Akshay_oct 21:22 24 Jul 13 by simone717
Thyroid ( Hyppthyroid)
Hi, My wife age -23, suffering from hypothyroidi...
1nirajrai18:58 24 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
GERD on my baby
Hello, My name is Dana and i am from Romania.... [LAST PAGE]
39melek1616:47 24 Jul 13 by simone717
Dog: mixed breed, rescued, over vaccinated and 4 years old...
My dog, spayed female, mixed breed, rescued in 10/... [LAST PAGE]
31victoria2dc16:38 24 Jul 13 by victoria2dc
hepatitis b positive
i am 30 yr male having hepatitus b my reports sho...
0ali_1115:37 24 Jul 13 by
IBS(mucus in stool)
dear sir i am suffering from IBS .whenever i ea...
9gaurav_908814:46 24 Jul 13 by simone717
about immune system
Sir ' i have some problem with me as daily i... [LAST PAGE]
33avisingh198714:36 24 Jul 13 by avisingh1987
facial pain - trigeminus
starting after surgery implant front upper teeth 3...
4natuur14:35 24 Jul 13 by anuj srivastava
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