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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Breast Enlargement
A.a i m 25 years old slim and smart girl, look lik...
3shani123 09:41 12 Jun 13 by libra981
left gangliocapsular mass
Dear Sir, my name is vinod from pune, my mom she...
3vinod100408:53 12 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Cryptogenic Fibrosing Aureolitis
My husband has been diagnosed with CFA. As this ha...
1Alicat2307:26 12 Jun 13 by kadwa
Del [message edited by girl2010 on Sat, 11 Jun 201...
4girl201005:11 12 Jun 13 by girl2010
father ill
Dear sir, My father is ill from tomorrow evenin...
5Nitesh Kamal04:26 12 Jun 13 by Nitesh Kamal
breast enlargement
hello sir i m very depressed bcoz of my smaal brea...
5safa shah23:57 11 Jun 13 by simone717
Baby reflux
Hi my baby boy is 4 month old.he has being diagnos... [LAST PAGE]
58Baby419:11 11 Jun 13 by Baby4
Post Viral Fatigue
I had a viral infection a month back during which ...
10crabcanc17:03 11 Jun 13 by crabcanc
Endometriosis Cyst cure without surgery?
Dear Doctors, I and my wife are married now for...
1vijay_david15:49 11 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
sudden hearing loss
I had sudden hearing loss on 5 May. Later in the ...
1ms teddi15:04 11 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
pls help me
Sir, I am 33 years old. I feel pain on both sides ...
1nirajchy12:37 11 Jun 13 by libra981
Help Bruises in toe
I m 28 year male. there is a pain in right leg ...
2Nitesh Kamal11:54 11 Jun 13 by Nitesh Kamal
Hello, My father is 78 years old. now a days he...
1shehbaz_n11:13 11 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
obesity in child of 10 yrs
my son is 10 yrs and his weight is 64 kg his heig...
3fateh08:14 11 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
over mastrubation
sir, i am a 25 year male. I am mastrubating since...
5apssingh 07:21 11 Jun 13 by kadwa
Can any one advise the right dose of Arjuna Tinctu...
1borte23:33 10 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
Two different medicine
Hi Dear, I have already asked twice in th... [LAST PAGE]
25ekalabya200518:33 10 Jun 13 by simone717
pain in legs can not walk.
My office friend age 48 who is auditor work from 8...
1libra98115:44 10 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
Long term Diarrhea and Acid reflux - 5 year old boy
My Son has been having diarrhea for 1 year after r...
1abcfan14:48 10 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
For Bartholin Cyst Sufferers, TRY THIS!
I have read some real horror stories about these c... [LAST PAGE]
42tlazneira11:55 10 Jun 13 by EENAL
Neem poisoning
Hello, I may be in need of help. I absorbed a few ...
2Lluis11:23 10 Jun 13 by Lluis
dr zady101 plz help
17SUN!L09:39 10 Jun 13 by Zady101
Need remedy for hashimoto thyroditis
I am 32 year old female, suffering from Hashimoto....
12HSjani04:30 10 Jun 13 by rishimba
my two and half yrs daughter has become extremely irritable .
i have two and half yrs daughter.she has always be... [LAST PAGE]
35smartmom04:01 10 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
Fibroadenoma seen in Right Breast
Hello Dr. 1. ID: Kashmira, 2. Age: 24 years, ...
7Kashmira 03:57 10 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
5.5 years old is suffering with blocked nose. No running nose but it always feel like blocked when he speak
My 5.5 years old son is suffering with blocked nos...
7sudhu_2602:36 10 Jun 13 by sudhu_26
For Kadwa....Sleepless, awaking at intervals
A month ago I had some problem that caused me to g...
1abd11102:03 10 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
Problems after Sepia
Hi, I am looking for some assistance with possible...
3mumtoone21:54 09 Jun 13 by mumtoone
dr. nawaz, plz help me(chronic patient)
aoa dr. nawaz sb. plz take up my case. study thro...
2musman 18:45 09 Jun 13 by musman
Benign Brain Tumor
Hi doctor, 6 months back in Dec-12 my wife (age 4...
2madhavendr15:50 09 Jun 13 by simone717
pls help to ease my sufferings
Please reply to my post to help me and ease my pr...
1khatija14:31 09 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
To grow taller
My height is 5.6' aged 20years I want to gro...
3Mrudul13:27 09 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
my husband has leukoderma is there any medicine which can eradicate it completely
my husband has leukoderma is there any medicine wh...
1smartmom 13:22 09 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
4 yo with recurring symptoms
I am at wit's end. My 4 yo DS has had cold, f...
8bd23409:00 09 Jun 13 by kadwa
treatment at lichen planus
I am suffering from a disease diagnosed as lich...
6Natasha F07:40 09 Jun 13 by mukeshp
Is there any cure for oral lichen planus
age 47,male....last 10 month suffering from oral ...
2ekhan07:34 09 Jun 13 by mukeshp
Chronic Tonsils and Constipation and some time uti blood and protein discharge
How are you Doctor Please give me remedy for th...
11Nomi Nomi 06:44 09 Jun 13 by Nomi Nomi
Abdomen bloated all time (Abdomen Fats)
Hi, Im 30 years old male. Im single. My detail... [LAST PAGE]
189musman 04:46 09 Jun 13 by musman
Hashimatos Thyroiditis
My TSH Level- 12 & T4, T3 is normal. Also I h...
1Mithun Haldar04:04 09 Jun 13 by shouse_nsk
Hi. I live in the UK and i have had a pilonida...
3fs78602:37 09 Jun 13 by Zady101
weak erection
i am 28 year old student of Mphill hight 6 feet ...
1Shair01:13 09 Jun 13 by akshaymohl
frequent urination +
Hello. I write about my 29 yr old son who complain... [LAST PAGE]
13robertarl23:12 08 Jun 13 by simone717
diffused unpattern alopecia!!! pls help doctors!
Hello doc! I have had the worst night mare of my l...
11mr. mo21:57 08 Jun 13 by Jassy1985
Please pleaseDr. Mahfoozurrehman help me.
Sir, My age is 27 years.I am suffering from poly c...
0wisalkhan18:01 08 Jun 13 by
low back pain only in May & Auqust annually
every year I experience low back pain in May and A...
5Alex86817:56 08 Jun 13 by Alex868
pregnency vomiting
Dear doctor, My spouse is a 3 month pregnant. D...
4mati15:00 08 Jun 13 by anuj srivastava
to dr joe
My father is 72 years old.he is patient of effort ...
3mukul mehta13:13 08 Jun 13 by mukul mehta
Urine problem.
Male,67.diabetic Hypertensive,General health good.... [LAST PAGE]
20mrbaig11:36 08 Jun 13 by mrbaig
Exact and Accurate Practice of Homoeopathy
Among medical systems homoeopathy is the best shor...
1Dr. V. Krishnaamur09:18 08 Jun 13 by libra981
An Extremely Thorough Guide to Homoeo Practice
2Dr. V. Krishnaamur08:15 08 Jun 13 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
Regular Drug abuse and Elevated SGP and Alk Phos
Hi there, I have a history of drug abuse and now I...
1amersown07:22 08 Jun 13 by kadwa
Indifference to Family
Hello, I am needing some assistance on a case - i...
1CHELLE07:00 08 Jun 13 by kadwa
Hi there, I am vinod kumar suffering from lipoma. ...
2chauahn071107:00 08 Jun 13 by chauahn0711
Small size of penis with easily excitedness and premature ejaculation
Hi I am male 21 year old and I am having small pen...
0rishabh939303:50 08 Jun 13 by
salix nigra
Dear sir [message edited by ppsingh on Sat, 06 Jul...
0ppsingh02:26 08 Jun 13 by
Dr joe
My baby is 4 month old.he has been diagnosed with ...
3Baby4 01:16 08 Jun 13 by Joe De Livera
Small size of penis due to over masturbate
Pls sajest me how i improve my penis size [message...
2Balaram00:17 08 Jun 13 by simone717
acidity, abdominal bloating, shortness of breathe
from the last almost two i am suffering from acidi... [LAST PAGE]
21ramesh UPADHYA 22:40 07 Jun 13 by Zady101
My 15 year old cat has tear duct blockage
Hello, dear members. I would appreciate if someone...
5shanimaz18:52 07 Jun 13 by shanimaz
Safe treatment for brain tumor
Hello doctors, can anyone help me?My Father is 57 ... [LAST PAGE]
15satyan18:00 07 Jun 13 by Dr_jamshed
Where is Sajjad Akram : sajjadakram635 ?
I have seen his many post on this forum and he has...
2bkushwaha 15:50 07 Jun 13 by bkushwaha
Left Leg Knee Pain
My wife age53 is having severe Knee pain in left l...
3paraman14:22 07 Jun 13 by libra981
Reflux and gas in a 3 month old
I have a 3 month old daughter who is exclusively b...
11JenClay14:07 07 Jun 13 by yogeshrajurkar
Best cell salts?
I am a little bit confused of what brand of cell ...
8MSwede 12:02 07 Jun 13 by MSwede
parkinson disease
my mother is suffering from parkinson disease for ...
1vipin2911:12 07 Jun 13 by Zady101
pls reply
pls doc rply me...
3neil9909:43 07 Jun 13 by neil99
Brain Stroke
i have many problems. plz treatemnt me from Homeop...
2jasimkhawaja09:05 07 Jun 13 by jasimkhawaja
Left upper abdomen gastric trouble
Hello Doctor, Since long time I am seeing this pr...
4rajgrp05:38 07 Jun 13 by rajgrp
Neck pain due to disc bulge at c4
Is there a homeopathy remedy for neck pain caused ...
7Ajitsareen01:27 07 Jun 13 by simone717
Seasonal Allergies
Hello, I am 37 year old male. I reside in NJ, Unit... [LAST PAGE]
15backagainom16:39 06 Jun 13 by backagainom
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