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Suffering from Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis !!
Hi Doctors !! I am 39 years old. I am suffering from severe lower back and Neck pain. MR
rajgrp 2013-11-18
10   rakshita 4 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction and various
Sir, I am 43 yo healthy male. I exercise 45 mins everyday and have healthy food habits. I
joyra123 2014-02-25
4   dr-kamran 4 years ago

Constipated baby
Hi, my 1 yr old has had constipation issues since birth. She was exclusively breastfed fo

tashaboss82 2014-02-15
16   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Persistent chin acne ..please help :(
CURRENT information. Age:21 Sex:Female Weight:52 kg Engaged and I have 2 year old boy.
fjorh 2014-02-26
1   simone717 4 years ago

Kid goat with seizures--interesting case
I raise goats, and another goat breeder just told us about a newborn doe (female) goat. H
rosawoodsii 2013-04-04
5   rosawoodsii 4 years ago

stop masturbation by medicine recover sex power.
Hi, I m masturbate from when i m 17 yr old and now i m 23yr. I want stop these but i cant.

iqbalsufi 2014-02-26
14   Evocationer 4 years ago

possible ADHD remedy
My 6 year old son lives with me and my husband and my 13 year old daughter in Toronto. He

Trinak 2014-02-21
13   Evocationer 4 years ago

chronic kidney failure in 6 yr old dog
My 6 yr old dog was diagnosed on January 22, 2013 with renal failure. The vet didn't

melenz 2014-02-16
16   fitness 4 years ago

adult add?
Hello, I've been struggling with ADD my whole life. I don't want to take Rx meds

CZera 2013-07-29
82   Zady101 4 years ago

allergic rhinitis.....geting worse ..
I am having rhinitis issues from 6-7 years and it is becoming a major problem for me...pls

kanavsingh 2014-02-06
32   kanavsingh 4 years ago

weak palms and legs
My friend's sister of age 17(approx)has weak feet and palm ,she cannot hold anything
sukshma239 2012-04-15
5   sukshma239 4 years ago

oral lichen planus
Dear Mr.Fitness. I am 56 y,male. having oral lichen planus from last 10 years. kindly help
ekhan 2014-02-16
10   fitness 4 years ago

High blood pressure
I have 95/145 bp. I feel lethargic in the morning but evenings and night lot better. Like
Ashimbatra 2014-02-27
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Height Growth
Hello.. I'm 20 yrs old.. My prob is that my height stopped growing when I was in betw
bujji14 2014-02-27
no replies yet

liver, pain, worthless, father issue.
Weird issue... Its all start when I can't do anymore gym for my body. But it all begi
kahunaneo 2014-02-26
5   rishimba 4 years ago

For weight loss
Sir I am 38yeqrs, 165 c.m having 82kg. weight. I have pain in my legs. I want to reduce my
teena2014 2014-02-27
no replies yet

Kashif help
Dear kashif i had taken kali bich 30 due to pharyngitis problem but that problem goes aw
Nitesh Kamal 2014-02-27
no replies yet

Chronic flu , catarrh in children
My six year old daughter is having cold flu (nasal catarrh)for last one year. Most of th
capricorn207 2014-01-05
7   capricorn207 4 years ago

Joe De Livera - Arnica and Wiesbaden re hairloss
Hi Joe - I started using Arnica 30 as instructed by you about 8 or 9 months back. It start

GaryD 2006-04-03
17   Joe De Livera 4 years ago

cure for angina
Iam a 58 years old male. Iam suffering from Angina for the last 3 years or so. I am taking
samata 2014-02-27
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Girl height
My daughter aged about 11.5 years and have a height of 142 cms and normal physic. Where as
nksvns 2014-02-27
no replies yet

I am 57 years, Male, working in a financing company. I reside in New Delhi. I have been su

kps1957 2014-02-25
13   rishimba 4 years ago

Pimples on chin for two years after giving birth
Basically I began getting spots on my chin around 8 months after giving birth to my son wh
fjorh 2014-02-26
6   rishimba 4 years ago

Premature Ejaculation/ Is curable/ My experience
I start with my profuse thanks to Dr. Ram Saini and would like to share my experience of c
iamcure1 2012-02-17
8   sarup 4 years ago

TMJ & 5 Pregnant
I had dental work back on Nov 14th, 2013 and since then my TMJ has been flaring up a lot.

CraftyMomma09 2014-01-27
38   fitness 4 years ago

Dear Dr REVA Please help!
Dear Dr. Reva, I have read your posts extensively about masturbation and it's after
Raana84 2014-02-24
3   simone717 4 years ago

hair loss remedy help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey Guys, I wish to start Joe De Livera popular hair loss remedy that I found from this
nivisi6 2014-02-25
3   fitness 4 years ago

hi..sir i am 26 year old person ...i am felling intense itching after a short workout lik
ashutosh srivastav 2014-02-25
1   kadwa 4 years ago

memory loss
sir i have been using anacardium 1m for last two years but now its not working.i tried
sunny rocky 2014-02-25
1   kadwa 4 years ago

treatment of meloma
Dear sir I am kunal kumar ,22year old .I prefer non feg more time and I have 8to 10 melom
kunalsingh singh 2014-02-24
1   kadwa 4 years ago

In 1 nostril, air/breathe not passing through, instead, going to ear
Hi, since last 2 months,in my right nostril, air/breathe is not passing by.Instead, th
Martworld 2014-01-01
9   Martworld 4 years ago

Moving Pain/burning feeling in upper body
Dear Forum Doctors Kindly suggest me some medicine.It started with slight pain in left and
thawan73 2014-02-25
5   simone717 4 years ago

burn-out and exhaustion
I have had a period of exhaustion/illness after experiencing a very stressful period of ti

Jen07 2013-09-27
62   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Mother had subclinical retinal detachment in one eye
My mother had a subclinical retinal detachment in her left eye 6 months after cataract sur
shayonbh 2014-02-25
2   shayonbh 4 years ago

Ashwagandha & Avena Sativa- Q
Hello Doctors.I'm taking those two medicine 10 drops in 1/2 a cup of water twice dail
om_prakash 2013-06-28
7   Aslamt 4 years ago

price for penis increase method
Please tell me price for penis increase method Aprrox.
sang2631 2014-02-24
3   Evocationer 4 years ago

Sore throat
hi could you please help me with the choice of remedy, I have sore throat, it began with p
milentie 2014-02-25
6   Evocationer 4 years ago

Nasal block and green phlem
Respected homeopathic doctors, My son is 6 1/2 years old . He was suffering for almost 2
Harshini 2014-02-24
5   fitness 4 years ago

all doctors plz read this link
I am worried to read this article so I request all doctors please comments . http://www.
altaf.shaikh 2014-02-20
6   simone717 4 years ago

tinea cruris serious problem
Dear doctors, kindly advice a remedy for tinea Cruris& pedis. i am 25 yrs,male and have be
miftas 2014-02-25
1   simone717 4 years ago

Hair loss Remedy HELP!
hey Guys, I wish to start Joe De Livera popular hair loss remedy that I found from this s
nivisi6 2014-02-25
1   nivisi6 4 years ago

Sexual Problem
Hi I suffered from premature ejaculation for the past 4 years. I am a heavy smoker and o
abt_509 2014-02-25
no replies yet

increase height
pl. give suggestion to increase my sons height from 4 ft 8 inch in his 14 years of age
SOMNATHEKKA 2014-02-25
no replies yet

Frequent cold, cough & wheezing
Hi all Help and advice required. My son is 2.6 years old. we are residing in bangalore.

aarush 2008-11-11
13   arunbaag 4 years ago

Hip Joint pain
I suffer from right hip joint pain for the last 20 days. It is more when I am walking. Fee

bhattacharyya 2012-02-15
17   schaturvedi 4 years ago

Chronic Lower Back Pain - Sciatica
I (45 years male) am suffering with Back pain in lower back region (lumbar spine) since mo
SunChennai 2013-08-28
4   schaturvedi 4 years ago

non bleeding piles
Dear Dr. I am 36 years male and suffering from pilesfor the last 16 years. I am regularly
sisirrai 2014-02-25
1   libra981 4 years ago

Reg: weight loss
My age is 36 and i am from Mumbai.My problem is that i am suffereing from weight loss for
kapoorkumar 2014-02-24
3   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Help for Eczema
Respected Forum members,I am writing this post for my uncle who is suffering from itching

dranandpt 2014-01-21
16   dranandpt 4 years ago

IgG4 Syndrome Treatment
Hi, I found my nose sweling 3yrs back and when ENT specialist did the biopsy they found it
Bunty1_kk 2014-02-21
2   Bunty1_kk 4 years ago

How to Avoid Constipation
Hi everyone how can i avoid contipation
Isingh7867 2014-02-25
2   Isingh7867 4 years ago

Milk Production
I have Alfalfa and Lactuca Virosa both 6C in pellets but am not sure what dosage to use to
amfarmer 2014-02-25
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Horrendous eczema 9 1/2 month baby
Very long story. breast fed baby till 4 months. She is my 3rd child. I breast fed my other
Super nut tastic 2014-02-24
1   fitness 4 years ago

Foetal Bnormality
Dear Drs. My wife had a pregnancy but after 13 weeks ultrasound showed that the foetus ha
leo786 2014-02-21
9   fitness 4 years ago

Dear Dr. Kadwa, For the past one month, I feel mild giddiness. On checking BP it was 150/
crajeswari 2014-02-20
2   crajeswari 4 years ago

bed wetting
my daughter age 6yrs,suffering from bed wetting,symptoms-bed order from mouth, weight 16KG
arshu06106 2014-02-02
4   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

Question about agnus castus and sexual urge surpression
I was checking agnus castus and saw that it might help surpress sexual urges? I was wonder
jhsif12 2014-02-24
4   jhsif12 4 years ago

Need advice regarding my 5yr old Son
Hi, My 5 yr old DS is getting lot of complaints front eh teacher in summer camp! She sa

angola_cg 2013-07-09
72   angola_cg 4 years ago

sperm improvement after sexual problems
[message deleted by gudday on Fri, 14 Mar 2014 09:49:15 GMT]
gudday 2014-02-24
no replies yet

vomiting, loose motion, fever
My husband 30 years old vomited thrice last night after having food in a restaurant. He i
Piyabhattacharya 2014-02-24
3   Piyabhattacharya 4 years ago

C4-C5 herniated disc
Hi! I been having pain in the neck and I went to do MRI. MRI revealed there is a disc oste
Gelena 2014-02-23
4   Gelena 4 years ago

Early Discharge during intercourse within 1 min and weal erection
Dear Sir, I have problem, after foreplay, when i start to intercourse with my wife i disc
seekashi 2014-02-21
6   seekashi 4 years ago

Neck,Lowerback and muscle pain in left and right of chest
Hi, I am getting neck pain, and lower back pain. also sometimes observe mascle pain in c
sureshnaidup 2013-03-24
4   rsatish 4 years ago

Gastritis (acute) + Shoulder pain (acute) + + Dysentery
Dear Doctor, I am 37. Now I am suffering: Gastritis (acute) + Shoulder pain (acute) + +

mati 2013-02-22
41   Physiotherapy 4 years ago

in leucoderma we can use ACID Nitric 200 and 1m potency or sepia 3x to 10m according to sy
saraakash74 2013-08-10
2   mandysimpkins 4 years ago

azoospermia tretment
Sir i have azoospermia.my semen sperm count is nill. I am 32 years old and maread persan.m
jeetendra prasad 2014-02-21
7   jeetendra prasad 4 years ago

Enlarged prostate
I have enlarged prostate mesuring about 24 gms, PSA little over 4, Please suggest who is t
Gangtok 2014-02-23
6   rishimba 4 years ago

hiatus hernia for 2yr old baby
my baby is 2 years old now and he is facing vomitings issue since 8 months, we used to giv
Padmini_Neti 2014-02-22
9   Padmini_Neti 4 years ago

Height increase
Is it possible to increase height even after 21 years of age? If yes please reply how it i
Protagnist 2014-02-22
5   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Marital health issue
Hello doctor, I am a 43 year old male with a normal health. Until recently I had a normal

Rocky rocky 2014-01-11
32   Rocky rocky 4 years ago

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