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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Dog with renal & bladder calculi and enlarging prostate
I am an adopted (formerly abandoned) mixed male, n...
0Bozo1 22:25 11 Apr 13 by
cold urticaria
I am getting hives from the cold. Especially afte...
73konrkids21:52 11 Apr 13 by 3konrkids
Dyshidrotic Eczema on hands & feet
Dear Doctors, My wife (34 Yrs) is suffering from ...
1sanjoy_mitra2004 19:19 11 Apr 13 by rishimba
Thiosinaminum issue
I have been taking thiosinaminum 6c for over 5 m...
4Stephr12318:08 11 Apr 13 by Stephr123
thankyou simone for reply but my actual problem is...
12arpitM15:26 11 Apr 13 by simone717
gynecomastia and vitiligo
I am taking these medicines and i need assistance ...
0suneesh14209:27 11 Apr 13 by
3 week old Pilonidal Sinus/Cyst. Looking for help
I have had a Pilonidal Sinus for about 3 weeks now...
3Henry NS09:16 11 Apr 13 by kadwa
Brown hyperpigmentation as of a child
I am 35 year old women. Brown spots bigmentation s... [LAST PAGE]
23Yasmin99909:12 11 Apr 13 by kadwa
Creatinine increased & Homeopathy Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Creatinine is freely filtered and therefore the se...
6deoshlok07:08 11 Apr 13 by deoshlok
Grey Hair
hi I'm 26 years old. My hair started turning ...
0shakirhabib06:43 11 Apr 13 by
skin allergies
Hello doctor...i facing a skin problem my skin is ...
0sonuatreja 06:22 11 Apr 13 by
Breast enlargement
I'm Nanda,22 years old,my size is 30 now,I wa...
0nanda_eternal04:25 11 Apr 13 by
Heel pain for my daughter
Hi, I have a daughter who is about 11 years old a...
1roshanm02:39 11 Apr 13 by shouse_nsk
toddler falls alot, help with balance, unsteady gait
Hi, My toddler seems to be more prone to tumbl...
0suz363600:22 11 Apr 13 by
3 month old with painful gas
Reposting to try to get some help. I have a ex... [LAST PAGE]
14jamiecx8420:23 10 Apr 13 by jamiecx84
Please Guide me
i have urinary problem since last 3 months and i d...
4humayun khan19:22 10 Apr 13 by simone717
GI (gut) Yeast in Autism
Hello - It is a common factor that kids in the ...
3mywonderbaby18:57 10 Apr 13 by simone717
how much dose
five drops of nat. mur. 1m emty stomach was sugg...
1ITEFAQUE16:28 10 Apr 13 by simone717
severe eye problems
Sir my sister , age 41 years. Suffering currently ...
1kamrul14:24 10 Apr 13 by dr pervaz
Do homeopathy remedy pills expire
I have a kit lying around in my cabinet fro Helios...
3mywonderbaby13:53 10 Apr 13 by mywonderbaby
inconsistent urination
i 34 years old have a urineary problem of inconsis...
1khanrafi3d13:03 10 Apr 13 by shouse_nsk
Possible Tooth Abcess Don't Want more Antibiotics
Back last year I thought I was going to get a toot...
1Kat1311:52 10 Apr 13 by Joe De Livera
Anal Fistula
I have an anal fistula and do NOT want to have sur...
3MOORJG 11:43 10 Apr 13 by Joe De Livera
muscle strain/stiffness/pinched nerve
My brother called me asking if there was anything ...
2Hawaiianmommy 08:47 10 Apr 13 by Hawaiianmommy
gynecomastia and vitiligo
I am 23 . 1. I have some feminine traits like som...
0suneesh14206:55 10 Apr 13 by
Hi, I have 2 ectopic pregnancy,(1 tube ruptured)...
0sonasky06:34 10 Apr 13 by
late in walking
Hi, My boy is 15 month now,he used to move arou...
8sonasky06:04 10 Apr 13 by sonasky
Diabetic Neorapathy or Else
Sir, I am diabetic,BP,ldl.diagosed since last5mo...
1pravidali 06:01 10 Apr 13 by kadwa
I have a dull pain radiating around my right eye. ...
1pravric05:58 10 Apr 13 by shouse_nsk
10 year old feline fluid in lungs possible FIP
I just got back from the vet- my 10 year old male ...
6mlynn3d05:57 10 Apr 13 by kadwa
Help with severe GERD symptoms.....
Hi there I have been diagnosed with severe GERD /... [LAST PAGE]
18lewislewis1000 05:55 10 Apr 13 by Soapianna
Asthma in a 7 year old
Hello, My daughter is 7yrs old and she had her ...
6srbell05:33 10 Apr 13 by simone717
. [message deleted by friends55 on Fri, 19 Apr 201...
0friends5504:59 10 Apr 13 by
6 year old with autism
Hello - I have an adorable 6 year old son with au...
3mywonderbaby04:37 10 Apr 13 by simone717
Vagina Big size
Sir i am 19 year old wife. i am married in 17 year...
0priyasingh 03:48 10 Apr 13 by
demyelination of deep white matter in infant child
my son is 14 months old and he cannot see due demy...
3sarmadadv1420:33 09 Apr 13 by Dr. Showrav
Canine Kidney failure
12 year, 11 month mixed, neutered female small bre...
0sspark20:23 09 Apr 13 by
psychological problem
i am suffering from a mental problem for quite som...
3sunilb20:14 09 Apr 13 by simone717
extreme weakness
Dear Dr, From last week i am suffering from flu ...
1arif iqbal 19:41 09 Apr 13 by simone717
gain height
i m 25 years old girl, my height is 4,10 and i wan...
22009simran18:54 09 Apr 13 by simone717
weight problem
plz do reply...my daughter is 23 yrs of age,,,very...
2lubna khan 6518:53 09 Apr 13 by simone717
large breast problem
my age is 23 and waight is 50kg,,my breast is so l...
2asmaf18:00 09 Apr 13 by Dr.Hasnaat
Breast enlargement
Assalam-O-Alikum! I am 20 year old girl.I have sma...
1Gomez90 15:13 09 Apr 13 by imraniam
general question
what it means 'report post to moderator'...
1ITEFAQUE15:13 09 Apr 13 by simone717
Pls help! Wingey baby won't be put down!
My once very happy and content 13month old boy is ...
3Gd197615:09 09 Apr 13 by rishimba
height gain
hey can i increase my height.. pls help me my heig...
0vikasrwt 14:36 09 Apr 13 by
Remedy for dark circles?
I have dark circles under my eyes and around my li...
1BobbyRachel14:15 09 Apr 13 by libra981
ovarian faliure
I am 34 years of age, I have been diagnosed with p...
3salmana13:03 09 Apr 13 by salmana
Pimple Scars on face?
i am 20 year old female. i have bad scars left by ...
0BobbyRachel11:03 09 Apr 13 by
Patient ID: Sex: Female Age: 33 weight 55 ...
0kumar_rakesh410:45 09 Apr 13 by
Dr Mehfooz, I am suffering from Slip disc in L4-L...
3pks196410:02 09 Apr 13 by pks1964
need help for boosting memory power
My son is 17 yrs old studying in std.12(science) ...
1subhashvashisth09:28 09 Apr 13 by AsadGhumman
homeopathy remedy
for schizoaffective disorder...
1meenal sood09:18 09 Apr 13 by AsadGhumman
Very Slow escape of semen
I am forty. The speed of escape of semen has slowe...
0almightyisone09:12 09 Apr 13 by
premature ejaculation pills
Premature ejaculation means that a man ejaculates ...
0franklincorwin07:28 09 Apr 13 by
Sexual Exhusation and Chronic Fatigue
Dear All, I am 27 years old and suffering with t... [LAST PAGE]
16Benzoman05:42 09 Apr 13 by kadwa
Heavy breathing
my son 5yrs old 4days back got red mosquito bites ...
3Puja Malaotar05:38 09 Apr 13 by shouse_nsk
Diagnose required
I am a male and my age is 22.I have been feeling p... [LAST PAGE]
18telep05:33 09 Apr 13 by shouse_nsk
Loss of appetite after Typhoid
Hi, I am 27 years old male and I am sick for the l...
7talk2tahir 05:16 09 Apr 13 by Joe De Livera
One year old baby with eczema, reflux, and poor sleep
I am seeking some guidance on how to address some ...
1Jadeorchid7705:13 09 Apr 13 by Joe De Livera
want to gain weight
no one replied my question.whats the remedy for a ...
4lubna khan 6505:05 09 Apr 13 by lubna khan 65
sexual problems
dr i am 24 year old boy and i have same problems l...
0jashow02:58 09 Apr 13 by
Genral Treatments
First of all i appreciate all doctors who gives us...
1Sajidullah23:22 08 Apr 13 by simone717
for Dr showrav
1. ID or Your Name: M.khan 2. Age 34 3. Sex Male... [LAST PAGE]
92thundercracker20:14 08 Apr 13 by simone717
acid reflux issue and tummy reduction issue
Patient ID: kamalbando Sex: Male Age: 32 1...
10kamalbando19:54 08 Apr 13 by kamalbando
hello.i have dark complexion.i want to improve .do...
0arnoldrocks16:03 08 Apr 13 by
phenol-sulphotransferase issue and migraines
I have chronic migraines (since puberty, I am 40 n...
3tellrobin14:33 08 Apr 13 by tellrobin
Rhuematoid Arthritis & Polymyositis
My brother 30 years old is suffering from RA since...
3jamalsn 14:15 08 Apr 13 by simone717
Repetition compulsion
I have a big problem. I tend to repeat the same m...
3Ogechi13:27 08 Apr 13 by Ogechi
rheumatic heart disease
a 25 yrs female, she is suffering rhumatic heart d...
4jilesh tank12:20 08 Apr 13 by jilesh tank
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