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Dr mahfooz..Very thirsty after taking remedy/side effects pls help
My daughter was prescribed Nat Mur 200c , one dose and ignatia 200c afternoon dose and eve

Mozard 2013-07-26
16   Zady101 4 years ago

i am 33 years old unmarried male. i am vegetarian, not taking alchol and any type of tamba
amitbisht 2013-07-30
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Sir/Mam, i'm 20 yrs male, suffering badly from masturbation. i started doing this whe
musicmaniac 2013-07-30
1   kadwa 4 years ago

eczema help
pooja_b 2013-07-31
1   kadwa 4 years ago

testicle pain
sir, iam 24 yrs.I Have vry low testicle pain. Is the testicle torsion is natural. pain is
riceal 2013-07-31
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Sebborhea face/scalp
Dear Sir/Madam My father suddenly passed away in august last year and I still feel great
troja 2013-07-14
8   troja 4 years ago

Skin trouble
I am a 47 year old Indian male living in California. For the past many months I have the p
jaymitt 2013-07-30
6   Zady101 4 years ago

Scanty & Scattered Beared
Hi Doctors. I am a male 28 years old and i have very less growth of beard. They are very-
animesh9985 2013-07-30
4   animesh9985 4 years ago

Irritability, depression, mood swings...
Hey there. So for the last 10 years or so, I have experienced varied cases of mood swings
KarlaSTi 2013-07-30
4   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Urgent Help from Homeopath needed!
Hi, Thank you in advance to any homeopath who has time to provide help for my husband. Cur

angele_celeste 2012-03-02
25   angele_celeste 4 years ago

GERD of an 11-year-old
For the past 3 months my son's been suffering from severe GERD - all the typical symp
Hanuszka 2013-07-30
4   Hanuszka 4 years ago

help to gain weight
Hi i am 30 yrs old ,height 5'7' but weight only 113 lb. i eat enough but does not
rulez 2013-07-30
2   rulez 4 years ago

Acidity From last 3-4 years
hello dcts, I am suffering acidity from last 4 years. Every day I take alopathic gastro
animesh9985 2013-07-30
1   simone717 4 years ago

low growth of Beared
Hi Doctors. I am a male 28 years old and i have very less growth of beard. They are very-
animesh9985 2013-07-30
1   animesh9985 4 years ago

Boxer 1.5 yrs, ready to try Homeopathy for first time
I am looking for answers after frequent attempts to solve pets ailments. I have been read
jmpaauwe 2013-07-29
5   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

bladder problem
Hello- I have been suffering from bladder issues without an infection since last August. T
staceyb 2013-07-26
9   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Sweat in armpit resulting in scratching and burning sensation
Hi Dr, i have a problem of severe sweat in armpits, yellowish sweat that stains clothes.
mimibhayan 2013-07-30
3   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

back pain
Hi, I have back pain, when i sleep, when i sit, when i stand i have mild pain, suppose if
meghajigari 2013-07-27
5   deoshlok 4 years ago

any medicine to cure Vesicoureteric refulx
My 3 years old son has got UTI infection three times. The ultrasound is clean but the MCUG
parashark 2013-07-29
10   deoshlok 4 years ago

know about carcinocin
Carcinosinum is prepared from cous breast tissue. It represents the very centre of the c m
deoshlok 2013-07-30
no replies yet

does carcinosin help???? urgent reply
after reading this article http://www.renresearch.com/autism.html Is cacinosin for my son
simkhan06 2013-07-29
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

Homeopathy Medicine in Pakistan
I will be using Homeopathy medicine of Masood Brand in Pakistan. Are they as good as expen
ahmedtahir 2013-07-30
no replies yet

Calcaneal Spur
Female of 56-57 yrs of age. Height 5 feet 7 inches. Stature medium Severe pain in both the
noshiahmad 2013-07-30
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

question about carcinosin
can anyone tell me anything about this remedy? i have read a lot of articles, but there ar

samikirk 2010-09-14
77   margwood 4 years ago

Joe De Livera - Question about Nat Phos 6x
Hello Joe, I read in another post that Nat phos can help with weight loss. My mom would l
thanksall 2013-07-23
10   thanksall 4 years ago

two medicines
i am already taking one homeopathy medicine. ut i want to take another medicine simultaneo
ANUJKUNDRA 2013-07-20
5   simone717 4 years ago

Remedy for Newborn with Reflux?
My newborn baby is 3 weeks old and 7 lbs. She has very bad acid reflux. We ended up going
bebota 2013-07-22
7   simone717 4 years ago

Recently Diagnosed "Silent Reflux" (LRD) help?
So after years of issues with sinus infections, asthma symptoms, post nasal drip and cough
JelloDS 2013-07-24
9   JelloDS 4 years ago

Need help for newborn baby!
My son is a month old. He has a lot of gas and grunts 24/7. He grunts while he is sleepin

Tiffylove 2013-07-21
38   Zady101 4 years ago

Neck stiffness
Neck muscles stiff and getting tired easily.
sumit856 2013-07-29
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

sir, i am anil yadav i have been suffering from lipoma disease for long time i have lip
anilyadav 2013-07-29
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

hair loss
hello dr, i am 26 yrs old & i have hair falling problem with intching & rough hai
kushagra1987 2013-07-29
1   deoshlok 4 years ago

premature ejaculation
Sir, I'm 29 years old married male , having problem of Erectile Dysfunction early ,
ashish8419 2013-07-28
4   ashish8419 4 years ago

Platina Help
Hello. I've been extremely nervous and anxious this past year, as well as very sick w
SmokingIsBad 2013-07-28
6   mani_jee 4 years ago

Typhoid, yellow fever and Hep A
Hello there, Can anybody recommend a homoeopathic vaccination for typhoid, yellow fever an
ness wood 2013-07-21
10   kadwa 4 years ago

treatment dr recommended becosules syrup,cyclopalm and domstal.we dont want to stop alopat
ranjit singh 2013-07-28
1   kadwa 4 years ago

so many problem
i'm 32 yr male,i'm suffering from amebiosis disease since my birth,after some me
scbnsc 2013-07-09
3   kadwa 4 years ago

i want to inc my height. need ur help...
My height in b/w 5.3 &5.4 and I wanna make it to 5.6, if not then 5.5. I'm 18 yr
superrr 2013-07-29
no replies yet

Dr mahfooz , Dr Joe De livera
Cardiomegaly and high BP Hello dr i am suffering from cardiomegaly and also high BP which

psvohra68 2013-05-14
26   Zady101 4 years ago

Dr Kadwa please can you respond
searchforcure 2013-07-29
no replies yet

3 year old had finger tip laceration
Hi, my 3 year old cut her thumb on the palm side in a circular shape about 1 cm in diamet
baba108 2013-07-24
9   baba108 4 years ago

taking two or more remedies at the same time?
Is it possible to take two remedies at the same time,for instance Ars.Alb. and Silicea?Let
askomacic 2005-03-06
8   Roger Gietzen 4 years ago

4 year old with speech delay and attention issues. Please help !!!
1 Describe your main suffering? My 4 year old is quite distracted. Difficult to focus. H
skaggarwal 2013-07-20
8   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

stubborn chalazion in 12 yr old
My daughter is 12 and has had a very stubborn, large chalazion on her lower left eyelid.
momma617 2013-07-27
11   simone717 4 years ago

How I treat my eczema patients.
I have treated several cases of die hard eczema systematically with following method:If pa

kuldeep 2006-04-14
173   Chanda123 4 years ago

spinal injury n paresis & distenson
I had spinal injury 5yr Since 2months having gaseus distenson USG report marked gas in tr
ndadhich 2013-07-28
1   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

fever with vomiting
my daughter is 6yrs.on 27th july at 9.00pm she started feeling weak , her legs started pai
prachiagarwal 2013-07-28
5   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

i forgotten to tell his age his date of birth is 8th sep 2006
ranjit singh 2013-07-28
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

Jaundice and Gases for New born 1 month old
Dear Doctors, My Son New Born (1 month old) jaundice - in eyes only since born now he is
nitincm 2009-05-26
6   libra981 4 years ago

sleep disturbed
My brother's sleep is highly disturbed by dreams.the dreams are generally absurd type
gopal18 2013-07-28
4   libra981 4 years ago

dear sir plz do send the diet chart what to take and what to not we are giving friuits,dah
ranjit singh 2013-07-28
no replies yet

yesterday i came to know tht my son is suffering frm jaundice.haemoglobin is 13.4,rbc coun
ranjit singh 2013-07-28
no replies yet

how to reduce dailysis
Hello doctor my mom is suffering from kidney disease and her creatnine is 12.90 and suf
guman235 2013-07-27
1   kadwa 4 years ago

dr. kadwa plz help.
my 13 yr old son still wets his bed. kindly help. it seems my husbands brother too used t
doral 2013-07-23
11   kadwa 4 years ago

Depression curvature and dark circles below the eyes
My wife is 31yrs and is a software professional. she has very deep depression curvature an
BALUJI 2013-07-22
4   kadwa 4 years ago

Poor Appetite and sleeplessness - 4.5 yrs old
Hi Dear Kadwa, Need your help. My Son who is 4.5yrs has very poor appetite and is very ski
BALUJI 2013-07-22
3   kadwa 4 years ago

Asthma since childhood.
Hi, I am 25 years old boy, having asthma since childhood. I went to many doctrors and tri
devnet 2013-07-27
3   mani_jee 4 years ago

Kuldeep pls help - Eczema - 17 month old baby boy
Hello Kuldeep My son has had severe eczema from his second month. I read through many of

sabarish 2008-01-19
17   simone717 4 years ago

Fish oil with Causticum
How can one use Causticum 1M (on weekly basis) with Omega 3 fish oil capsule (on daily bas
electronics.143 2013-07-27
4   electronics.143 4 years ago

Tonsillitis and sleep apnea /adenoids in children
Dear All, I was searching a lot on the Internet for a homeopathic remedy for my daughter

auricica1 2013-03-08
18   simone717 4 years ago

Acne Not Going
Hello My girlfriend is 25 and she is suffering with acute acne. We tried Ayurvedic medici
metallica 2013-06-28
3   metallica 4 years ago

Hello Doctors: I am suffering from constipation last 1 years. I do have bowel movement ev
SMukherjee 2013-07-27
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

over masturbation
hello sir i do masturbate for a long time due to this i lived like a dead person.i loose m
sameer.solanki231 2013-07-27
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

Hi, first I'd like to thank anyone reading this for their time. I've tried aski

portulaca 2013-07-15
30   Zady101 4 years ago

Nux Vomica side effects
Hi There, I have Pollen allergy and it been there for almost 4 years. After going through

rajesh.shah 2010-11-30
57   Preetam 4 years ago

dear sir, past ten days i am having a noise in my rt shoulder ( tak tak). even now i am ge
arumugham 2013-07-12
7   anuj srivastava 4 years ago

fair skin
could you please tell me the price of Fragaria Vesca 3x 5 drops
munnaravi121291 2013-07-27
no replies yet

How remedies can work?
I have a small confusion:- Since homeopathic remedies should be able to work on Hormesis
Logical 2013-07-21
6   Logical 4 years ago

Frequent urination problem - My son is 4.5 yrs
Hi Dr.kadwa Need ur help. my son is 4.5yrs and has problems of urinating very frequently(
BALUJI 2013-07-18
6   kadwa 4 years ago

Natrum Phos
Is there any difference in Biochemic medicine and homeopathic medicine Natrum Phos.??
Akshay_oct 2013-07-26
1   simone717 4 years ago

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