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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
i am 32years old,suffering from hydroceal
Dear sir, i am suffering from hydroceal.mere don...
1nirajchy07:22 02 Nov 12 by drsaumya11142
Update for Dr Kadwa
Dear Dr Kadwa, I am writing 15 days after taking...
0Spenny07:20 02 Nov 12 by
Swine flue
My pt diagnosed swine flu and due to developed ...
4jilesh tank05:58 02 Nov 12 by shouse_nsk
Masturbation and height?
respected doctors does masturbation affect the ...
1creolve 05:16 02 Nov 12 by drsaumya11142
Very Anxious with insomnia
Hi all. I'm new to this and have decided to g...
3wruss197823:49 01 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Daktersaab can you please take my case???
Sir, I can't find you regularly in this ...
7carebd19:02 01 Nov 12 by carebd
Can anybody tell me
hi there i wana know a remedy that can anti dot al...
1verma00718:32 01 Nov 12 by drsaumya11142
Treatment for Sex Addiction NYC
The philosophical basis for cognitive therapy goes...
6hyden6917:24 01 Nov 12 by simone717
Can anyone please suggest some effective remedies?
Dear all doctor. I'm 2 month pregnant &... [LAST PAGE]
14carebd17:03 01 Nov 12 by carebd
First of all I do not practice medicine for money.... [LAST PAGE]
102Man Mohan16:54 01 Nov 12 by mpalam76
masturabtion and small penis!
i m adnaan age 29. have the bad habit of shagging ...
2adnaanz 13:54 01 Nov 12 by drsaumya11142
Need a homeopath who can follow me my case for a long time
Hej I am writing here as I need a trained homeodoc... [LAST PAGE]
38yusef11:14 01 Nov 12 by yusef
Tooth infection
Please advise what would help with slight tooth in... [LAST PAGE]
14Dansdoll51108:43 01 Nov 12 by Dansdoll511
cerebral palsy
this is for my 15month old boy He isunable to hold...
2xpensia08:36 01 Nov 12 by kadwa
Plantar fasciitis
I have a pain under my foot by the heel. Doctors s...
5platinum07:43 01 Nov 12 by kadwa
Dr kadwa plzz help!
i m chandan age 28 has been masturbating from age ...
1chandanme07:34 01 Nov 12 by kadwa
teeth grinding To Reva V
The teeth grinding has reduced around 70%. I thank...
0Shwetanga05:14 01 Nov 12 by
Influence of external evil thoughts/force on health - what Homeopathy can do here?
Influence of external evil thoughts/force on healt...
5Reva V04:52 01 Nov 12 by daktersaab
i am male 47 years suffering apparently from gas a...
8andy_65_in03:13 01 Nov 12 by andy_65_in
Reoccuring Pilonidal Cyst
Hello folks, just joined the forums and love and c...
5mattymckoble00:17 01 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Help Me
Hello Sir, I am 37 years old, Live in Bangladesh... [LAST PAGE]
35ctgkiron19:07 31 Oct 12 by ctgkiron
teeth grinding To Reva V
The teeth grinding has reduced around 70%. I thank...
1Shwetanga18:02 31 Oct 12 by simone717
infant reflux/ wind - please please help
My son 'A' was born 11 weeks premature v...
5aliach17:46 31 Oct 12 by aliach
Need help to increase milk supply
Hi, I have a 10 month old and my milk supply is n...
3roshbhaga17:05 31 Oct 12 by doctorbadar9
Allergy and Other Problem
1. Name - Imon Hossain 2. Age -27 3. Sex -M 4. ...
4imon.bd16:40 31 Oct 12 by doctorbadar9
Interstitial cystitis / dr Nawas khan
Hi I have this chronic ,painful ,inflammatory cond...
8Farzana249916:32 31 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Patient 75 yrs old he had developed on 6-10-12 mil...
1jilesh tank13:59 31 Oct 12 by Reva V
Hello, my mum is at the stage of menopause . S...
2georgia_chios 10:37 31 Oct 12 by georgia_chios
Urgent advise. Son drank my homeopathy prescription
My son drank water with calc phos 6x and calc ...
4pixie wood09:45 31 Oct 12 by pixie wood
Medicines for Diabetes, heart (MI)
The patient is diabetic for more than 10 years. Al...
2danvantri08:39 31 Oct 12 by bapu4
5 month old having problems sleeping alone
My 5 month old daughter is having problems sleepin...
1kekkhowe08:30 31 Oct 12 by kadwa
Dr. Saab, I really need a suggestion! please help!
For my 3 years old daugther dr. prescribe Tubercu...
8Anais08:03 31 Oct 12 by shouse_nsk
symptoms of tuberculinum
can anyone tell me what is the difference between ...
0smurfs07:12 31 Oct 12 by
Sinus with Tingling (flickering) on left eyebrow
Hello Sir, I need help. Iíve been suffering wit...
3sanje 06:51 31 Oct 12 by kadwa
aoa sir am 52y am feeling weakness sexual and when...
0mehmoodgakhar05:27 31 Oct 12 by
Father had 2nd stroke, undergoing radiation for ear
Hi, My father had a stroke, affecting his left sid...
1congested04:23 31 Oct 12 by Reva V
Stomach problems
I was facing stomach problem since last 3 or 4 yea...
1manu001 04:07 31 Oct 12 by simone717
Painful Skin Problems
female, aged 56 fragile, 'tissue-paper'...
1bumblebean03:57 31 Oct 12 by simone717
Warts on neck and under arms
Hi, I wanted the help / treatment advise from th...
9ibm12319:09 30 Oct 12 by doctorbadar9
hair loss & over weight !!! need help
Hi, I'm 38 yrs old , female from Bangladesh. ...
1wahida17:56 30 Oct 12 by wahida
Please help18 year old with extreme motion sickness
Hello I am looking for some help for my daughter ...
7heidi46715:18 30 Oct 12 by heidi467
Dr.Rajendra S Gupta
I.N.Srinivassulu, Date of birth : 22-06-1971 tim...
0insv197113:33 30 Oct 12 by
Problem of having white heads(small white dots) under the eye area
Dear All, I have a problem of whiteheads on my ...
0sonai12:01 30 Oct 12 by
h pylori treatment
I am infected with H. Pylori last year now my gast...
1ajay6809:32 30 Oct 12 by kadwa
lumbar spondylosis
Dear Sir, I am 73. I have the following probl...
1arumugham08:37 30 Oct 12 by kadwa
D.r Kadwa Plz Reply !!!!! Lungs Allergy & Mild Asthma
Lungs allergy and mild asthma From M.Sharif A...
5Adeel Anjum 6508:25 30 Oct 12 by kadwa
Multiple sclerosis -UK based homeopath or smo treating MS
Hello, I am searching for trusted homeopath who is...
4Mishelina07:25 30 Oct 12 by Mishelina
Making your own graphite cream? Is it possible?
Hi all, I was just wondering since you can lick th...
4windwaker 06:23 30 Oct 12 by johndaddy
acute constipation from20-25 days
I am suffering from acute constipation from last 2...
2nomey04:35 30 Oct 12 by inland
36 yo. female who stutters
Good Afternoon, I am a 36 yo. female and have s...
1solchile7622:15 29 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
seeking help from Nawaz for pilonidal cyst/sinues
Dear Nawaz, I originally requested this for Pan...
7r3dw00d16:53 29 Oct 12 by r3dw00d
need help to increase breast size
Hello doctor, can anyone please advise me some ...
1sonai16:29 29 Oct 12 by atifhussain786
4 yr. old girl with urinary tract infection
Hello my daughter is 4 yr. old DOB: 5-7-2008. With...
5Mommy of 415:28 29 Oct 12 by Mommy of 4
Hello Doctors I need help
Hi everyone. Can anyone please suggest me some ...
0sonai14:44 29 Oct 12 by
prostate problem i suppose
dearall, i am new to the forum and i come with a ...
11wilson60909:39 29 Oct 12 by kaulhulk
I am looking for advice for one of my friend. ...
0madnan09:05 29 Oct 12 by
Doctors, How do you Improve Egg Quality?
Dear Doctors, I have just turned 40 and have be...
1yogateacher06:30 29 Oct 12 by kadwa
Low Immunity.
I a 32 years male. I am very much prone to Viral F...
1tuhin.mitra 06:28 29 Oct 12 by kadwa
conium for ms
I took conium maculatum 200 ck for ms symtoms wit...
12cjl21502:15 29 Oct 12 by cjl215
Salmon remedy
Please help, need advice... Does anyone know w... [LAST PAGE]
13mommy201201:53 29 Oct 12 by yogateacher
suffering from seizures, need homeopath advice
My sister is suffering from Epilepsy . It is we...
1nemjain21:54 28 Oct 12 by nawazkhan
Fertility problems with range of causes
Hi I'm wondering if someone could give me som...
4novak 21:52 28 Oct 12 by novak
acne attack! ? please help...
I have had skin problems for a long time now - abo...
1ivyy-sz14:13 28 Oct 12 by shouse_nsk
Please help my son with Mononucleosis
Hello, I am wondering if someone might give me an ... [LAST PAGE]
25Priscilla10:48 28 Oct 12 by Riinaall
extreme fatigue
Copied the questions and tried to be thorough, tha...
4clairedelune09:12 28 Oct 12 by kadwa
Dr Reva. can you help me out
i am so perplexed which doc to go for on abchomeop...
0thundercracker06:47 28 Oct 12 by
allergic cold
i m suffering frm chronic allergic cold leading to...
1sri n mode01:47 28 Oct 12 by shouse_nsk
Deviated Nasal Septum towards (L) side (Severe)
My wife is having some breathing problem and some ...
3csankarbabu23:03 27 Oct 12 by kaulhulk
Please help: Doctor has given up on me
I am 44 years old I have a medical history of a...
7Flower Song 22:05 27 Oct 12 by Flower Song
penis enlargement
plz tell me a medicine of penis enlargement i wait...
0waseemepcot 19:12 27 Oct 12 by
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