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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Confused if it is wart
Its around a month I noticed a small clear bump o...
2Shwetanga06:12 26 Sep 12 by Shwetanga
steroid injection for my cat
Helló!my cat has Copd illnes,cough,a lot ...
8kasaeva05:55 26 Sep 12 by kasaeva
plzz help 1 am a 20 year old boy Im suffering th...
0klajdi14105:44 26 Sep 12 by
Meaning of reactions to remedies (Patient Guide)
One of the big problems in homoeopathy is evaluati...
11brisbanehomoeopath05:14 26 Sep 12 by inland
i am 17 year old girl my height is 5 ft i wud like...
0herry05:05 26 Sep 12 by
Where to buy remedies online?
Hello everyone. So the homeopath I am working with...
6ddollar02:06 26 Sep 12 by ddollar
Breast Abscess and Unpleasant Side Effects from Homeopathic Remedies
I have had a breast abscess in my right breast cau...
1clairemc23:59 25 Sep 12 by clairemc
Mouth Ulcers...Need help
I am 18 year old living in India,Pune. I am suf...
1akki9417:52 25 Sep 12 by srisri
Have candida - thoughts on this product?
Hi, What are your thoughts on this product? KingBi...
3scottsangeloflove15:14 25 Sep 12 by simone717
want a child, low fertility
i have been trying to conceive. Been taking doctor...
0Luckyrm13:59 25 Sep 12 by
Writing cramp
Dear Sir My Name is Bhupinder and I am 35 years ol... [LAST PAGE]
16bstakkar13:45 25 Sep 12 by steverock
increase height problem
Sir, my name is vinodh kumar aged 20.My height is ...
0vinodh 13:35 25 Sep 12 by
question to better understand homeopathy
please check if below statement is correct homeopa...
1metaboy08:47 25 Sep 12 by srisri
osteoarthritis problem
my wife 32 year old was suffering from knee pain f...
1yash32107:43 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
Physostigma - Dosage Please
I am having myopia since last 7-8 years and I am 3...
1fizspace 07:23 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
Facial Hair and skin issue
Hi, I am 38.5 yrs and have three kids. In childho...
2momwife507:19 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
Poor Memory
I am a 31 year old female... For the past year I h...
3aachu06:57 25 Sep 12 by srisri
Warts on Penis shaft and the rim of the glans
Hi All, I learnt about your expertise from the ...
0Vikramaditya200206:43 25 Sep 12 by
pain in backside near sacrum vetibrac in both left&right sides
R/DR.sahib ji namaskar .i am 51 year old .as i fe...
1shakuntlamengi06:25 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
knee pain problem
r/ dr. sahib, sat shri akal. sir i am sufering fro...
1kuldipmengi06:16 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
Water on elbow
I hit my elbow on a doorway jamb about a week or s...
8Mauicat06:14 25 Sep 12 by Aikidoka
dental bone loss
hi walkin, Are you talking about Calcarea hypoph... [LAST PAGE]
37Willy06:06 25 Sep 12 by kadwa
Treatment for PCOD
I am 30 years old and suffering from PCOD. Tried a...
9indu1 14:38 24 Sep 12 by srisri
Chest Problem
Iam 17years old my chest is increasing so plz sugg...
2subrahmanyam9409:45 24 Sep 12 by inland
infected cheek bite
Hi 5-6 days back I bit my inside of right cheek wh...
2yavnish06:33 24 Sep 12 by yavnish
Treatment for Mild Autism
Boy, age - 5 years 1) detected with Mild Autis... [LAST PAGE]
14tssoni06:26 24 Sep 12 by Parakletos
Kadwa ji , Is there treatment of tuberculosis in...
1nikkikumar05:52 24 Sep 12 by kadwa
Hello ABC Homeopathy community, I am new to this c...
1MichaelCures 05:14 24 Sep 12 by faisalafaq
Difficult to repertorize symptoms
We have a month old baby whose stomach symptoms ar...
8Famirashid05:07 24 Sep 12 by faisalafaq
premature Ejaculation
My name is Ali Siddiqui. I am from Karachi, Pakist... [LAST PAGE]
19ali siddiqui04:33 24 Sep 12 by wk_pk
arnica 6c for diabetis
sir i want to know that,is arnica effectiver in ...
1Jakir Hossain01:36 24 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Help for CFS and joint pain
Hello, I have been diagnosed with CFS and really... [LAST PAGE]
331Tintintin15:41 23 Sep 12 by sameervermani
Height Increase- Request all your kind replies please:
Dear Doctors & Fellow Participants, I am 26...
0jose8615:26 23 Sep 12 by
effects of gutka
Hello doctors, My age is 26. I have been eating r...
12shekhu002109:37 23 Sep 12 by kadwa
20 Year old ready to get rid of acne
Hello All, My name is Zach and I have had acne...
3Zacharyw09:26 23 Sep 12 by kadwa
Sinus Congestion / No taste or Smell, Please Help
Hi, Can somebody please help me in my sinus con...
6Rompy4509:16 23 Sep 12 by kadwa
Aortic stenosis
50 year female. Asymptomatic but 2d echo show sev...
0jilesh tank05:26 23 Sep 12 by
Androgenetic alopecia
Hi Joe, I am a 45 yr old woman with androgenic ...
0Remedyplz04:26 23 Sep 12 by
Kidney function declining
P-kreatin is now 544. Is there any homeopathic cur...
2thezahoor02:17 23 Sep 12 by shouse_nsk
Need someone to take case - hyperhidrosis, concentration problems, depression, hormonal problems etc
1. ID- badshah19 18, male, single 5'8... [LAST PAGE]
540badshah1920:46 22 Sep 12 by badshah19
Aortic stenosis
Hello myself dr. Jilesh. First thanks for help me...
1jilesh tank20:22 22 Sep 12 by simone717
For Doctor Parakletos
Is it possible for you to take my case as Mr. Davi...
1abd11120:16 22 Sep 12 by simone717
48 sex related remedies
I am a homeopathy student.it will be very helpfull...
5Jakir Hossain16:59 22 Sep 12 by Jakir Hossain
Pain and numbness. HDr.Shaikh Waseem
A friend of mine complains of left index finger ti...
1shenbeth16:09 22 Sep 12 by AsadGhumman
weight reduction continoulsluy
my brother wife was operated 4 years back thyriod ...
1shahzad3683813:09 22 Sep 12 by HDr.Shaikh Waseem
Herbal Remedies For Alopecia
Alopecia is a disease of ha...
1matean13:04 22 Sep 12 by HDr.Shaikh Waseem
rectum prolapsus
r/ iam suffering fromrectum prolapsus problems fro...
1saritamengi12:59 22 Sep 12 by HDr.Shaikh Waseem
daughter very irritable and always cry plz help urgently
my 2 yrold daughter had viral fever.now she is ok ...
1needyou 12:53 22 Sep 12 by HDr.Shaikh Waseem
I am a 44 year old female with a new diagnosis of ...
2Katy4509:54 22 Sep 12 by Katy45
Herbal Remedies For Benign Essential Tremor
Benign Essential Tremor is basically a disorder ...
0matean08:04 22 Sep 12 by
hiccough after dioscoria cm
sir, i was suffering from Gerd , distention of st...
1faisalafaq07:24 22 Sep 12 by kadwa
*Is Sulphur 6C right for toddler excema/rough skin???**
In my attempt to go the holistic route I have purc...
10karenhny06:44 22 Sep 12 by kadwa
Fullness of the kidney
Dear Doctor, I have been feeling slight pain in m... [LAST PAGE]
15Rapunzel 06:00 22 Sep 12 by kadwa

[message deleted by allicando2 on Wed, 11 Jul ...
11allicando200:52 22 Sep 12 by Jakir Hossain
Urgent help need
I have taken a sulphur 30 3 days daily 3 doses a...
0bhat1234523:09 21 Sep 12 by
I have been suffering with chronic pancreatitis si...
4Michael Sedano 22:33 21 Sep 12 by simone717
Is it OK to take homeopathic remedy drops in tap water? Or is filtered/spring water necessary?
When you take a homeopathy remedy, does the water ...
1jroc66 21:06 21 Sep 12 by simone717
Acid reflux
Hi, ive been told by my doctor i have acid reflux...
3Sammythelad 20:08 21 Sep 12 by HDr.Shaikh Waseem
Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, Sleep Apnea....
Hello, please be patient with me. I have been rea... [LAST PAGE]
21SuzeeQ30518:57 21 Sep 12 by Cloud strife
Doaseage advice for Belladonna for Bi-polar
My post didn't show on the forum lists, so am...
5Cheshire_Catt17:58 21 Sep 12 by the_quack
choosing wrong remedy
Ive got tiredness and hot flushes, and took sepia...
1winningdee16:51 21 Sep 12 by simone717
Wart on finger and knee- Photo attached
Dear Doctors, I have WARTS on my left & ...
2cool00977 15:45 21 Sep 12 by cool00977
turbinate in right nostril
nasal blockade , dns from child hood, right nostri...
3srinivas puppala11:24 21 Sep 12 by Reva V
Nail fungus
I had nail fungus for 2 years. I tried Graphite...
5dnbarola11:21 21 Sep 12 by Reva V
Water on the elbow
Three days ago I started getting water on the elbo...
10greyback3410:08 21 Sep 12 by Aikidoka
Rosacea, Adult Acne
I have been diagnosed with Rosacea . I have been ... [LAST PAGE]
22lamhe7308:01 21 Sep 12 by Saad99
Due to self medication seeing internet for my war...
1insv197106:37 21 Sep 12 by kadwa
I'm 39 - Need help w/ possible hormone imbalance
Hello, Looking for a little feedback. I don�...
1dawnb122200 06:34 21 Sep 12 by kadwa
Alopecia Areataon Beard Aread
Dear Sir/Madam There is Aloepecia Areata on my ...
1kaushik_sahu 06:23 21 Sep 12 by kadwa
pain in spinal-cord in 8th vertibrace to 20th vertibace
i have come a patient who sufering from spinal cor...
2kuldipmengi05:23 21 Sep 12 by saritamengi
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