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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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help me plz.. !!
Hi, I am 20 year old Boy... By Playing & Roam...
0garyghost 09:48 09 Sep 12 by
My sister initially have a headaches before marria...
0Laserjet08:47 09 Sep 12 by
Heaviness in head and IBS lose motions
I want to give a breif history of myself.I am 27 y...
2samani08:36 09 Sep 12 by samani
Eczema on 7 month old baby's face
My baby daughter has had eczema on her face sinc...
2Sanao07:33 09 Sep 12 by pixie wood
Less precum & Penis Erection problem, Please Help
Hi, I'm 23 years old male and I have a seriou...
0mrpaul06:23 09 Sep 12 by
sex weknees and premature ejaclation problem and sulotion
I am rishikesh sex- male Age- 27 1- Describe yo...
1rishikesh06:06 09 Sep 12 by simone717
sex weknees and premature ejaclation problem and sulotion
please suggest me some good and effective medicine...
1rishikesh06:05 09 Sep 12 by simone717
sex weknees and premature ejaclation problem and sulotion
Semen Examination Report (after 3 days of suxual ...
1rishikesh06:03 09 Sep 12 by simone717
Why 'Joepathy' works in many cases
Dear friends, I had posted these thoughts of mi... [LAST PAGE]
177rajivprasad02:37 09 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Pertussinum 1M instead of vaccine?
Will a single dose of Pertussinum 1M give my unv...
0lajaw22:39 08 Sep 12 by
Daakter Saab,request to email symptoms

[message deleted by wishingwell on Fri, 14 Sep...
1wishingwell20:58 08 Sep 12 by simone717
High Mercury in my blood test
Can the Merc sol solve this problem soon. I was...
0ahlambz17:49 08 Sep 12 by
Loose motion(ibs) ,Low energy and Heaviness at crown of head.Please Help
I want to give a breif history of myself.I am 27 y...
4samani17:39 08 Sep 12 by samani
Bronchial asthama
Hi. I'm 16 yrs old.I used to have bronchial a...
1dbsheta10:20 08 Sep 12 by kadwa
Ectopic pregnancy
Hi, I just found out that I have an ectopic pr...
6Sb12307:40 08 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Homeopathi injections for hypothyroidism
Iam suffering from hypothyroidism from last 15 yrs... [LAST PAGE]
77radhika74107:35 08 Sep 12 by pixie wood
Baby's GERD since birth
Dear all, I have come to a point where I am almos...
2Wisegirl07:24 08 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
ENT problem
I am taking medicine for ENT problem. It's...
4agriz03:38 08 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Digestion and health issues
Apologize to all the members for making a new post... [LAST PAGE]
14paintthetown22:35 07 Sep 12 by paintthetown
sepia dosage
Pls help, I have uterine prolapse and I am cur...
2prolapse20:57 07 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Cat with varying symptoms and diagnosed renal failure
My cat was born March 15, 1995 (17 years old). ...
4izziekitty17:53 07 Sep 12 by simone717
Your experience with Acne and Pulsatilla 200C
Hello All, I am about to take pulsatilla for my...
4yr201217:40 07 Sep 12 by simone717
hair fall at the age of 25
hi... my name is arpita i m female and i m suffri...
2arpitasingh198616:39 07 Sep 12 by arpitasingh1986
Hello - My 8 year old son was recently diagnosed... [LAST PAGE]
15rectian13:14 07 Sep 12 by cvvek
Complex partial Seizure, Prosopagnosia,Hallucinations
My Son aged abt 8 years sufferred head injury ( He...
10vikas12312:37 07 Sep 12 by vikas123
Post closed
hi doctors, [message edited by daniel.1980 on tue...
11daniel.1980 12:37 07 Sep 12 by ashleyajabaut
PCOS and Cyst in th Ovary
Hi, My wife is suffering with PCOS, and we rece... [LAST PAGE]
19cool guy11:57 07 Sep 12 by Joe De Livera
Body Balance
Dear Sir, 3 years ago doctors said to us my fat...
2sandeepnema08:59 07 Sep 12 by sandeepnema
heaviness and swelling of right side leg
I have patient of 60 year old male.His right side ...
1ojaton 07:47 07 Sep 12 by kadwa
Urinary Tract Infections
Having to treat chronic Urinary Tract Infection in...
8rskor1007:43 07 Sep 12 by kadwa
How to Robinia Pseudoacacia
Dear all homeopaths, What is the best remedy to...
6ritukishan07:04 07 Sep 12 by kadwa
PLEASE HELP: painful head and stomach condition!!!
Five years ago two sets of symptoms started, and I...
9carold23:48 06 Sep 12 by simone717
Dialeted fallopian tube
I'm 32,left 1 fallopian tube due to tubal blo...
7projapoti20:52 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Question Regarding Sulphur and Return of Symptoms
I was taking sulphur 30c 3x per day for several ...
1Kallie20:35 06 Sep 12 by simone717
backbone pain
open discussion...
3anwarkhanfalcon 17:25 06 Sep 12 by simone717
Weakness,lack of self confidence,skinny!!!!!!!
Assalam-o-Alaikum I m 22,male height 5'10�...
5Muhammad Rafay17:24 06 Sep 12 by Muhammad Rafay
Nux Vomica 30...An all rounder??
Just came across a school friend.Met him after yea... [LAST PAGE]
17akki9416:48 06 Sep 12 by simone717
baby allergy
my 3 yr daughter who is very active is suffering f...
3andy_65_in15:32 06 Sep 12 by shouse_nsk
recurrent genital herpes
I am a 31 yr old female experiencing monthly outbr...
1babyf15:30 06 Sep 12 by shouse_nsk
Attn Nawaz sir.fever,cold ,cough
My daughter is having fever 101.5.she got cold(blo...
6homeopatient00115:14 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Acne, dark circles, dandruff, pigmentation, tanning, leuchorrea
hello I m 21, weight 50, height 5.1 feet, i hav m...
9dentist2015:12 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
lack of self confidence &
Hi My self a practicing professional, i have a p...
7manprit15:03 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Dr.Nawaz...plz help!!!
hello...i am 27 years old...in this december its b...
3dollyrana13:06 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
To Dr. Nawaz Khan or Dr. Kadwa as you seem to be very dedicated
I have been following a treatment privately via e-...
6ipslon12:49 06 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
Migrain pain
What is the remedy for frequent migrain pain in 45...
1ridhimaawasthi10:50 06 Sep 12 by AsadGhumman
Treating multiple sclerosis simultaneously with allopathy & homeo
My husband is attacked with MS since May2002 ( 1st... [LAST PAGE]
20tumrio10:25 06 Sep 12 by balaji4win
my penis frenulum is very sensitive
I am 30y old. I m married. I m not able to enjoy m...
4redlove 07:38 06 Sep 12 by kadwa
Tantrums, night sweats, screaming in almost 3 yr old
Hi there, Looking for some input re: my almost ...
1Shannahleighbee07:13 06 Sep 12 by kadwa
im 40 yer. i sufferin from high bloode pressur. he...
1saneea07:09 06 Sep 12 by kadwa
Sore throat and nasal congestion
I am a 18 yr old boy living in India,pune.Weather ...
7akki9406:47 06 Sep 12 by daktersaab
Infant toddler feeling intencse grief
My 2 year old son has just started going to presch... [LAST PAGE]
34vai_dal02:04 06 Sep 12 by simone717
Premature ejucation
HELLO SIR HOW ARE YOU? I am 30y old. I am married...
0redlove 01:08 06 Sep 12 by
hair fall problem since 2007
Sir, I am 25yrso male, suffering from the problem ...
3ehsanul0520:40 05 Sep 12 by ehsanul05
Pancreatinum 30x for diabetes
hello, i have type 2 adult onset diabetes and my b...
0MoeJoeK19:27 05 Sep 12 by
Brisbane Homeopath - David Kempson should be invited to Join Forum again.
I request the moderator of this forum to invite Da...
1abd11118:36 05 Sep 12 by simone717
kidney failure, ulcerative colitis
my poor friend has had ulcerative colitis since ...
0barb.chadha15:25 05 Sep 12 by
muscular dystrophy
my son is 3.8 yrs old.he can not run fast,has diff... [LAST PAGE]
14omjayjagdeesh15:22 05 Sep 12 by msalmanrashed
food allergy
Hi Friends, I have a very bad food allergy whic...
2dpnctl13:52 05 Sep 12 by dpnctl
small child allergy
my 3 year daughter has developed extensive allerg...
0andy_65_in13:39 05 Sep 12 by
Kidney stones and extreme hair fall....Plz Help!
Hi, I am 32 years old lady,not married. I am un...
2neha313:34 05 Sep 12 by neha3
dry skin
dear dr kadwa, my daughter aged 9yrs ... [LAST PAGE]
21richa f13:04 05 Sep 12 by richa f
in the last few days I have been having symptoms o...
2barb.chadha12:50 05 Sep 12 by barb.chadha
Corn on right hand smallest finger
My daughter is 6 years old and she has corn on her...
0amitj07:44 05 Sep 12 by
04th Sep 2012 Dear, My nephew Nitin, 9 is u...
1prk55507:36 05 Sep 12 by kadwa
Hormonal Help
Hi, I am 25 years old and I have just changed my c...
1tammyp07:24 05 Sep 12 by kadwa
Calcium problems?
Hi, looking for some insight. My son took a low d...
1Jinko772706:50 05 Sep 12 by kadwa
parasites in nose,cheeks,eyes
Its hard to tell where they start,but seems to be ...
1uknowmore06:39 05 Sep 12 by kadwa
Skin issue
Hi, I am 38, 5.5', 160lbs and have skin prob...
3momwife506:29 05 Sep 12 by kadwa
head eczema 4year old
plz help me...
0rokyroy06:06 05 Sep 12 by
acne pores on skin
hi my name is farh...
0farhan ali05:38 05 Sep 12 by
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