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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Dear Drs, I am a 44 yrs old house wife. I have 2 ... [LAST PAGE]
17Libra27 04:58 18 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Chemotherapy induced hot flushes
Hi, my sister is undergoing chemotherapy for Stage...
3pinkorchid02:28 18 Nov 12 by pinkorchid
Medicine To Increase Strength(not sexual strength)
Hello i want to ask that is there a homeopathi...
3daniali16:20 17 Nov 12 by simone717
Arnica proved to control Diabetes
My attention was drawn to a post made on the Homeo... [LAST PAGE]
22Joe De Livera13:45 17 Nov 12 by prashantraut.1
sir i suffered nightfall. this problem done at mo...
0niraj280913:36 17 Nov 12 by
where i stay we get 30ml bottles only and could no...
6lalasita12:13 17 Nov 12 by lalasita
Problem Related to Ameobisis or may be something else !!
Dear sir I am Yashaswi 24yr Male, 5'7inch,...
4Yashaswi11:38 17 Nov 12 by Yashaswi
Inflamation of the index finger....need help
I am an engineering student.Age 18.I live in Pune,...
1akki9410:53 17 Nov 12 by kadwa
Severe cough and cold with tremendous headache
Doctor, My wife is suffering from severe cough ...
1raja00710:32 17 Nov 12 by kadwa
What are the drugs in homeopathy for emergencies in general.
According to my personal experience there are very...
0deocharan10:27 17 Nov 12 by
caugh and cold
dear sir, my son is 4 year old and he is sufferin...
2juhisinha10:13 17 Nov 12 by juhisinha
Candida? or sugar/alcohol/bread allergy?
I get itchy after sugar, bread or alchohol mainly....
1melmac09:47 17 Nov 12 by kadwa
sex promble
my age is 25 years.my height 5'2' and my ...
0MONA69203:57 17 Nov 12 by
Penis Enlargement+ejaculatione time
Im 18 years old and my penis size is 4' i want...
1daniali22:33 16 Nov 12 by simone717
haemmorroids agravated by non veg
Hello Dr, i have a stomach Ulcer and non-bleedi...
8srikanth_7721:26 16 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Diabetic Type 1 Urgent Help
Hi My daughter (10 yrs. Old) was diagnosed with...
2Dimple Arora20:03 16 Nov 12 by doctorbadar9
gynecomastia problem
im 18 years old suffering from gynecomastia my che...
0daniali14:07 16 Nov 12 by
Runny nose, burning eyes, headache
We currently are decorating and the smell of paint...
0kohler13:04 16 Nov 12 by
Acid Phosphoricum
i have been taking acid phos 30c since few days ...
2Amarjeet198212:03 16 Nov 12 by Amarjeet1982
I have muscular pain in my thighs and lower back s...
1hamesh11:35 16 Nov 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
dear doctor. i developed azoospermia following mum...
1shameem0111:32 16 Nov 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Pain In back side
Dear Sir, I am 38 Years old and oftenly take li...
10ramshanker09:11 16 Nov 12 by ramshanker
Suffering from constipation and Headache
I am 28 yrs old, and I have constipation since chi... [LAST PAGE]
49sagrawal09:08 16 Nov 12 by kadwa
Child: Fever Intermittent.Rash.Cough
I posted on Tuesday...things have changed in my 4 ...
1mjoali09:00 16 Nov 12 by kadwa
Chronic/Adrenal Fatigue?
I'm a 23 yr old male after experiencing my...
3TruJerz 07:39 16 Nov 12 by kadwa
Colic/gas in 5 week old baby; proving remedies?
I am a first time mother to a lovely 5 week old gi...
3seana07:37 16 Nov 12 by kadwa
adenomyosis, endometriosis
I am 29years old and 5.4inch tall. I got married f...
12aiashasyed03:47 16 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
urticaria on face
I am female age 20 suffering from urticaria from 4...
2abdullah8319:04 15 Nov 12 by doctorbadar9
possible tooth abscess?
I have been grinding my teeth (in sleep) and possi...
1afc3318:39 15 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
Urgent Remedy for a Baby !!! Help Please!! Dr. Sameer Vermani
Hello Its my nephew. Age: 1.5 Years Weigh...
0tanzib18:16 15 Nov 12 by
Completely Lost Libido - Marijuana Use
28 year old Male, that COMPLETELY and I mean 100%,... [LAST PAGE]
17Adam77715:20 15 Nov 12 by Danisaurusrex
Breast increase
i want to make a bigger size of my breast plz help...
3vardah15:11 15 Nov 12 by absalamabid
Medial meniscus degeneration
Hi , I had an MRI done last week where the repo...
1bill2012:40 15 Nov 12 by kadwa
Hair fall
i am having hair fall in some parts of my head m...
1juhisinha12:38 15 Nov 12 by kadwa
sexual problem plz help me
i am 23yrs male married.height 5ft 7inch,64kg.my p...
8Jakir Hossain11:43 15 Nov 12 by kingkhan
Need help to chose Blood Pressure medicine
I am 52 years old male. 5'4' tall. My wei...
1faststop 11:43 15 Nov 12 by kadwa
Acid reflux in infant
My baby has thrown up, grunted, twisted & turn...
1Wesleysmom11:38 15 Nov 12 by kadwa
Adult ADD symptoms, please Advise
Racing Thoughts Anxiety/worry unable to finish t...
4Vsher11:05 15 Nov 12 by Vsher
Sleeping too much
Hi Doctors, I am male 29 from India. My problem...
3daniel.198010:21 15 Nov 12 by daniel.1980
Eyesight Emergency..!! Do help someone..
I am 24 years old and I hav perfect eyesight but f...
10kash-mala01:48 15 Nov 12 by kash-mala
sex problem
dear dr. My age is 25 years.i live in india.my he...
0MONA69201:20 15 Nov 12 by
Help with emotional issues, please
I have been really struggling with emotional issue...
1MearaQuicksilver20:00 14 Nov 12 by MearaQuicksilver
common cold with lots of sneezing n sweating
Dear doctors, my daughter 4 yr old caught cold ...
1bhavamalinijps17:29 14 Nov 12 by akshaymohl
For DR Kadwa
hi doctor have been accessing ur blog and treatmen... [LAST PAGE]
18fajaz17:21 14 Nov 12 by fajaz
Male Breast
i am 27 yrs old male suffering from gynecomastia(m...
7verma16:25 14 Nov 12 by vallley
Hi, I'm rizwan. I have some brownish freckles...
0Riz_khan13:45 14 Nov 12 by
Hypo thyroid+cervical spondylosis+arthritic lower back.
Dear doctors, I have hypo thyroid for the past ...
0bhavamalinijps11:08 14 Nov 12 by
Ovarian Cyst
Age: 25 years old Tropical climate in which I a... [LAST PAGE]
34nazasyed10:17 14 Nov 12 by nazasyed
Hypothyroidism and depression
i am female age 32. I got married at 15 and delive...
3manoharanas10:14 14 Nov 12 by manoharanas
baby reflux
hi, my baby girl is 3 months old. she was diagnose...
2silviachl10:09 14 Nov 12 by kadwa
HEP C with enlarged Spleen
MY relative has this condition diagnosed in pakist...
1daudtodo09:56 14 Nov 12 by kadwa
D-r Kadwa - Hypothyroidism
Hello, I have symptoms of Hypothyroidism, but ... [LAST PAGE]
16scarlet_o_harra09:26 14 Nov 12 by kadwa
Cat with struvite crystals
My 3 year old male cat had just been diagnosed wit...
1smoke_eye09:25 14 Nov 12 by smoke_eye
Hi, My doctor has prescribed hypothyroid medic...
5sumag08:36 14 Nov 12 by kadwa
Pratapshreyas, please help me
Dr.pratapshreyas, Here is the link of my last fo...
3lkjhg6602:34 14 Nov 12 by simone717
for dr showrav
age 25 unmarid hight 5.9 weight 73 problem PE ...
1cakaushik22:03 13 Nov 12 by Dr. Showrav
Sinus and Acid Reflux

[message deleted by vimlakilli on Wed, 05 Mar ...
2vimlakilli19:43 13 Nov 12 by vimlakilli
Loss of eyesight after trauma
In August of this year my nephew was attacked by t...
7cara196719:37 13 Nov 12 by maheeru
Dr Reva v. Dr maheeru anyone help
19:06 13 Nov 12 by
4yr old - High fever, sore throat
Hi all, Need some advice as my homeopath is unava...
2mjoali18:36 13 Nov 12 by mjoali
m confused
yesterday i rcvd 2 mails stating that i should tak...
1lalasita17:33 13 Nov 12 by simone717
Remedy for recurrent UTI with smell as only symptom
Hi, Can anyone suggest a remedy for a recurrin...
1josephina14:41 13 Nov 12 by nawazkhan
check [message deleted by inland on sat, 17 nov 2...
0inland12:59 13 Nov 12 by
Hi I am 24 years old and married for one and a h... [LAST PAGE]
21bhartikataria_12111:19 13 Nov 12 by bhartikataria_121
what is the best book to follow for learning homeopathy better?
Dear Doctors, I practice homeopathy for my fami...
1bhavamalinijps11:14 13 Nov 12 by maheeru
help me to increase my height
hi, Next month im going to be 18 years old. but ... [LAST PAGE]
30Wazeema82611:05 13 Nov 12 by maheeru
Dengue Fever - India
One person died at All India Institute of Medical ... [LAST PAGE]
94PANKAJ VARMA11:03 13 Nov 12 by maheeru
for kadwa
shoukd i take all the four medicines at one go or ...
1lalasita10:54 13 Nov 12 by kadwa
Res Sir Dr .Kadwa please help .......
Res sir, Dr. Kadwa, I am giving details about ... [LAST PAGE]
43raj1109:42 13 Nov 12 by raj11
To Kadwa for wart
Hello Dr. I gave Silicea 1M to my son as recomme...
6Shwetanga06:41 13 Nov 12 by Shwetanga
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