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Premature ejaculation
Hi, I have problem with premature ejaculation. I am 48 have 3 children. I want to know wh
khn2010 2013-05-04
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What is the difference between homeopathic ashwagandha-q and ayurvedic ashwagandha ?
ITEFAQUE 2013-05-04
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Tuberous sclerosis
Dear doctor. My son aged 2.5 yrs is suffering from TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS.He is having partial
manav81 2013-05-04
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

General Question
What are Biochemic Combinations Salts ? Are the effective ? Thanks !
ITEFAQUE 2013-05-03
1   libra981 5 years ago

queik ejaculation[pe]
im sufering longtime pe,i use all technik of start stop & other. but cant effect on me, My
saneea 2013-05-04
1   libra981 5 years ago

Bleeding gums in my dog
HiI have a 10 year old doberman and his mouth is bleeding. Its not everyday- but his gums

kevmin 2005-11-28
23   kadwa 5 years ago

Chalezion disease
I take silicea 200 and stephysagaria 30 about 15 days and my chalezian is 1years old and i
Shafaque nazreen 2013-05-03
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

ca. of right lung and secondary spread to brain
a 50 yrs male, he is suffering for ca. right lung and secondary spread to brain. he had to
jilesh tank 2013-05-04
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Please help for an itchy cat!
Hi-My poor cat is biting himself raw and pulling all his hair out. He's been tested
dahoffy 2013-05-02
3   simone717 5 years ago

PLEASE HELP? I have been suffering for years with musty smelling sweat from the armpits, Can anyone help?
I am girl in my early 30s and for the past 15 years suffered with excessive sweating broug
sososad 2010-06-11
6   orangedreams 5 years ago

myoclonic jeks
I am sajjad, age 38, male, weight 82kg, height 5'7''. from last 2 years i m
Sajidullah 2013-04-16
4   simone717 5 years ago

Underlying Fears
Hello, I have worked with a homeopath who has now retired. Most recently I took Calc Carb

SilverLight 2013-04-13
19   SilverLight 5 years ago

How long should an Aggravation last?
This is a question that not only do patients in clinic frequently ask, but I see posted re
brisbanehomoeopath 2009-08-27
5   NewAtThis 5 years ago

Yellow spot in the whites of eye
I have had a small yellow spot in the white part of my right eye for the past 4 years. It
swollguy 2013-05-03
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Varicose veins and haemorroids
Hello everyone! I have two health problems: varicose veins and haemorroids, obviously they
alexander.b 2013-05-03
2   alexander.b 5 years ago

asthma/hayfever ( Dr Mahfoozur rehman)
Sir please help me out, i had depression as well, but Thanx God its over(homeopathy cured
thundercracker 2013-04-24
4   thundercracker 5 years ago

facial hair growth
sir i am a 21 yr m fit enough and no facial hair(beard)but a little amount of moustach ..
jayanta177 2013-05-03
no replies yet

Cold sore during parasite cleanse
Hello. I am doing a parasite cleanse and had a cold sore breakout on the bottom of my low
CCMom 2013-04-27
5   CCMom 5 years ago

UTI remedy
Hi all, I've been reading about UTI remedies on this forum and elsewhere and am uncl
s1lverf1re 2013-05-02
1   simone717 5 years ago

low sperm count and motility + pre mature aging
kindly help me i am 40 year old and very low count and motility . all of my hair have beco
rubyali 2013-04-30
5   nishaali 5 years ago

please help anybody.
I am having aggravation from natrum muriaticum.I have antidoted the over dosing of natrum
robine 2013-04-30
4   robine 5 years ago

Seasonal Allergy to my son - Please suggest remedy
my song has allergy issue. he keeps coughing and then gets fever. docs suggested allergy.
Syedjaved 2013-04-21
8   Zady101 5 years ago

Dr Sajjad Please help....Saggy Swooping Breast Treatment...
Dear Doctor Sajjad, I found my wife's breast is shapeless, saggy, shriveled. Can i
bhutusymbol 2013-05-02
no replies yet

Hello. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and I have nf1. Before pregnancy, my nf did not ca
Fadduma 2013-05-01
2   Fadduma 5 years ago

Excessive menstrual bleeding with pain
Hello, I am 26 yrs old girl. My problem is that i will suffer from excessive menstrual ble
SHILPY0009 2013-04-29
3   SHILPY0009 5 years ago

I m 24 years old my weight is about 75 kg. height is 5 feet 2 inches. I m unmarried. I wa
warda 2013-05-01
3   libra981 5 years ago

Hi everyone!
Hello everyone, I just joined this forum and found it useful place for discussion about he
Fedrin 2013-05-02
no replies yet

Anal Warts
I have hemerrhoid which protudes after passing and then when i insert it goes back. Of lat
azkhan 2013-05-02
no replies yet

very very urgent
Hello to all the forum Please i need your help i have a father 75 old who did a vascular c
lionel 7 2013-04-30
3   kadwa 5 years ago

To increase height - for a teenage girl
My daughter is 13.5 year old and 152 cm (4 feet 11 inch). I would like to give her a remed
Happy_J 2012-02-20
6   kadwa 5 years ago

Direct Inguinal Hernia
I am 70 years old. About 5 years ago, I developed slight swelling on right groin area. Ing

dee37 2008-08-21
31   kadwa 5 years ago

i am sufering from typhoid from three months. the temprature remains always. in the enenin
drkuldipmengi 2013-05-02
1   kadwa 5 years ago

girl2010 2013-05-01
4   kadwa 5 years ago

respiration problem
I bought a petal- a green leaf (local name: PAAN/ SHAHEE PAAN) with different spices. It w

mati 2008-06-18
25   kadwa 5 years ago

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction
i have low testosterone level,though it is in normal range but on the lower side. i also h

aqib92 2013-02-05
20   aqib92 5 years ago

plz reply me soon
aoa, yahan per jo drs available hain mujhy un se apny husband ki reports discus krna hai..
a.sweet 2013-04-04
2   sabakha 5 years ago

Maheeru - I really need your precious help
Hi Maheeru! you are, by far, the best homeopath I've ever had. But for some reasons I
abcjoana 2013-05-02
no replies yet

how can i antidote 1000ch?
Hi everyone. I took a medicine that I would like to antidote. It was palladium 1000ch. How
abcjoana 2013-04-30
10   abcjoana 5 years ago

Hands and feet do not work properly
I want to discuss my baby boy case with you .He is 2 year old but he is unable to sit , st
krisshpal 2013-04-26
5   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Slow at work, memory loss
Hi, Since young I have been kind of slow physically and mentally, bad memory and I am a st
Petros 2013-04-13
11   simone717 5 years ago

From last few months I am suffering from constipation, however from few weeks it is affect
kk_tanti 2013-04-02
6   mississauga333 5 years ago

Cold and irritability - 2.4 year old daughter
Hello doctor - My daughter 2.4 years old has a cold and yellow discharge from the nose a
harip 2013-05-01
1   simone717 5 years ago

Where to get Bacillinum 1M?
Hi, I am looking for Bacillinum 1M but it is not available for purchase on this site. I ha
roshbhaga 2013-05-01
1   simone717 5 years ago

Looking for help in Chicago
Hello, My name is Shiair Xavier. I am desperately looking for help with my health situatio
shiairx 2013-05-01
1   simone717 5 years ago

help docter
Im. 29 year old. Im masturbstion since last 15. Years present my penise was not so tight d
ksnaidu 2013-04-30
2   simone717 5 years ago

cockroach allergy
1. sajjad 2. 38 3. male 4. Married 5. 82 kg 6. 5'7'' 7. UAE 8. HOT 9
Sajidullah 2013-04-28
3   Sajidullah 5 years ago

Symptoms of UTI
I am having symptoms of sort of UTI, but urine report is all normal only occasional White
Simpleguy005 2013-04-29
4   Simpleguy005 5 years ago

phlegm in chest
i have phlegm in my chest it is white color how can it will be resolve from my chest plz
siask 2013-04-28
2   siask 5 years ago

Please healp any body.......
I am 29 years old. i am doing masturbation since i was 16-17 year old.Now my patner compla
manshu 2013-04-30
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

thuja for warts?
Hello - I think I am experiencing a wart outbreak. I have 3 on thumb in my left hand and a

Zylbs11 2013-04-25
15   simone717 5 years ago

Attn Dr Nwaz Khan: My Mother having Pinch Pain on inner side of right thigh.
AOA My Mother has been having this pain on the right thigh towards the inside and in the
Homoeopathic lover 2013-04-30
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Hello, My husband passed 4 weeks go. Since then, my body feels like a rock, tense shoulder
ignite 2013-04-30
4   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Antidote of Nux Vomica???
Respected experts! I have mistakenly use Nux Vomica 200 after Zincum Met 30 and my symptom
mrtayyab 2013-04-30
3   simone717 5 years ago

low sperm count and motility + pre mature aging
kindly help me i am 40 year old and very low count and motility . all of my hair have beco
rubyali 2013-04-30
1   simone717 5 years ago

kadwa plz reply.
mucus in stool and pain in intestine on tuching
malik_grw 2013-04-30
no replies yet

sex problem
hi dears. i m R from pakistan . i have a list of problems. but let me tell u about myself.

got2go 2007-04-04
49   khanu78 5 years ago

infertility and absence of period with history pcod and endometriosis
sir/madam please help me I am a married wemon ,36 years old is trying to conceive from
nishaali 2013-04-29
4   nishaali 5 years ago

lose penis
i am 42year old when i go near my waife penis not tight full way after 3 mintue it down my
tariq bhatti 2013-04-30
1   kadwa 5 years ago

is there any cure for psoriasis?
I have psoriasis for 16 years..my cndition is getting worse day by day..I just want to kno
Shaoly 2013-04-29
11   Zady101 5 years ago

left axillary arterial occlusion with anti phospholipid antibody syndrome with vitamin b 12 deficiency
a 22 yrs female and she had presented with on right side about 3.3 cm segment of axillary
jilesh tank 2013-04-29
2   jilesh tank 5 years ago

he is around 27 yrs old.he occurs multipale lipoma all over body last 7 yrs. first develo
jilesh tank 2013-04-01
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

Vaccination for Pregnant lady with homeopathic medicine.
Hello Good peopel, Hope all of you are doing great. i am big believer in homeopathic, bu
gods1 2013-04-29
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

Acne- age 30
I went off the births control pill a year ago after having been on it for about 14 years.
aleahcarlson 2013-04-29
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

Arthritis in Dog
Hello, I am writing about a 12.5 year old dog who has developed arthritis symptoms in back
soyeso 2013-04-29
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

fair look
Hello!My daughter is not so fair .I want that she looks more fair that she looks more pree
manishakarn 2013-04-30
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

is ther any medicine for growing teeth
my daughter is of 7 yrs old ,her milk teeth is broken three months ago but still her new t
manishakarn 2013-04-30
1   deoshlok 5 years ago

suffering from erectile dysfunction
Sir im 29 years old. I have musterbuting last 15 years.im not married. Suddenly two weeks
ksnaidu 2013-04-30
no replies yet

Proving remedies, how many doses, how high?
Hi, I'm rather concerned about my father. Last year, he was prescribed nitricum acidu
cbahri 2013-04-27
4   cbahri 5 years ago

absence of period
i am married from the last 17 years and treating for infertility from the last few years.
rubyali 2013-04-29
1   simone717 5 years ago

Pregnancy - extreme nausea
Hi, I was hoping to get some help. I just started my fifth week of pregnancy and basically
Nechomy 2013-04-29
2   simone717 5 years ago

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