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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Anal fistula
suffering from anal fistula..... first it was pi...
1roast250920:09 16 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
taking argent nit 1M and selenium 3x at a time
sir can take argent nit 1M and selenium 3x at ...
1Jakir Hossain17:46 16 Jun 12 by simone717
Hi Kadwa, on thread 33748-ic vestibulitis- can ...
0simone71716:23 16 Jun 12 by
reggd dosage only doctors
hello doctors, i have alfalfa q and avena sati...
0rrgreat12312:50 16 Jun 12 by
really needs very very help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
hello doctors, AGE=20 i am suffering from health...
8kartara 10:36 16 Jun 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
my health problem
Dear Sir, I am sending you my detail, Please consi...
1roohizaman08:50 16 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
Calcarea Carb after Bryonia
Hello, As both above incompatible to each other...
1GuluGulu06:10 16 Jun 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Hi I am 32yr old , I have one child presently I am...
6Shivali322:10 15 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
please advice
hello i am having trouble finding the right remedy...
9sunnyj22:07 15 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
they suspect meningitis?!!!!!
Hi everyone! Just wanted to post this in case i...
10nettle19:18 15 Jun 12 by maheeru
Maheeru-Need hep for breastfeeding!
is there homeopathic remedy to help my baby nurse ... [LAST PAGE]
22rosendinirish19:11 15 Jun 12 by maheeru
poly cystic ovaries
i'm 23 yrs old and i got my first periods whe... [LAST PAGE]
54opal12318:04 15 Jun 12 by simone717
Hair loss
I have started using Arnica 30 C liquid potency ...
0neeth16:26 15 Jun 12 by
Dr. Joe / Dr Nawaz please help
Dear Doctors, I am 58 years old, (height 5... [LAST PAGE]
21faizan7116:16 15 Jun 12 by Joe De Livera
woman (72 yrs) issues w/ low blood pressure
My mom, age 71 yrs, has had issues with low blood ...
12dawno3314:22 15 Jun 12 by AsadGhumman
Fig leaves against Hep C
Hello Doctor, Is there any harm taking the fig lea...
0Veedee14:05 15 Jun 12 by
Labor Induction
I'm 33 weeks right now and till now a normal ...
1pavibaskar11:34 15 Jun 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Kind Attn to Nawaz Khan
Dear Nawaz khan, I read some positngs in abchom...
12Libra101010:29 15 Jun 12 by Libra1010
TSH became low after medication
below are my tsh, free t4, free t3 at different da...
2nklnarayana07:48 15 Jun 12 by kadwa
Post Bronchitis - Rhinitis and Asthma symptoms
Hello, I have a little girl who has severe inflamm...
1Ana Christy06:42 15 Jun 12 by kadwa
dosage of kali bichromium after polyps removal surgery??
I understand that using kali bichromium to prevent...
2LittleDappleGray02:00 15 Jun 12 by simone717
Unique Headache
Sir, I have been experiencing headache for past 5-... [LAST PAGE]
15jogsee00:36 15 Jun 12 by shouse_nsk
Tinnitus and High BP
Hi guys I need help with a friend of mine because... [LAST PAGE]
22santinosharma23:12 14 Jun 12 by santinosharma
Question for Maheeru: Baby confused day and nigh, I think....
My +2 week old baby girl confused day and night, b... [LAST PAGE]
34olesyapoberezhnyy22:55 14 Jun 12 by varun gupta
recurrent styes (4 years)
Hi i need help big time. I started getting styes w...
11Jesse661 22:03 14 Jun 12 by coldfisher
Recurring stye problem
Hi, I have 3 year old daughter who is suffering fr... [LAST PAGE]
15kdm123 21:59 14 Jun 12 by coldfisher
chalazion/Sty help
I have had this sty in the left lower eyelid towar... [LAST PAGE]
18Suzy52821:53 14 Jun 12 by coldfisher
extremely low etection
hi i am male age 34 years married for last 5 yea...
3Raman Awasthi21:11 14 Jun 12 by Reva V
Warthin's tumor on parotid gland
My father is 60 yrs old. He observed a tumor under...
3mrtarashankar20:54 14 Jun 12 by simone717
dr.showrav-medicine advice

[message deleted by simone717 on Wed, 04 Apr 2...
2simone71720:37 14 Jun 12 by simone717
Dr. Showrav - fear of taking remedies (fear of loosing control)
What can I do when I have fear of taking a remedy?...
12starface20:35 14 Jun 12 by simone717
To, Dr.Showrav, Please check it.
Hello, Dr.Showrav Kindly check my post and pleas...
2HOMEOP_GEEK 20:18 14 Jun 12 by Dr. Showrav
Dr.showrav is it right.
Dr.showrav is it right that nosodes causes tissue ...
1Laserjet19:59 14 Jun 12 by Dr. Showrav
Gagging Nervousness Post Nasal Drip Acid Reflux for 8 years
Dear Doctor, For the past 8 years I've had n...
0kingofhearts13:39 14 Jun 12 by
Dear Showrav I am 26 years old now. I used to m...
2Nayabkhan13:36 14 Jun 12 by Nayabkhan
Sulpher 6c
Hi, I was recommended to take Sulpher 6c to boos...
3ktparry13:35 14 Jun 12 by ktparry
Acid Reflux now facing Erectile Dysfunction
Hello Friends, I am suffering from Acid Reflux...
11bajaj.mayank12:20 14 Jun 12 by bajaj.mayank
can not eat bread in morning
sir i can not eat bread at morning 8am though i ha...
2Jakir Hossain11:39 14 Jun 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
anal problems
i am having bleeding with stools every 15 days. i ...
1boy12311:30 14 Jun 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Unsure of dosage/strength
My practioner and I have recently felt that we...
8Moonstone868609:02 14 Jun 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Secondry Infertility/ Low testosterone/ibs
31 year old female. I have been trying to conc... [LAST PAGE]
22kay79808:56 14 Jun 12 by NADYALI
HI sir i am 20 and my hieght is 5.3. i hav tried o...
5amitsharma 08:16 14 Jun 12 by amitsharma
what is the differance between kali phos 6x and kali phos 6c?
sir i want to know what is the differance or what ...
4Jakir Hossain05:12 14 Jun 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
chronic genital herpes
hello, I have had chronic genital herpes outbrea...
12msbartleby5500:57 14 Jun 12 by msbartleby55
Unsure of dosage
My practioner and I have recently found my consitu...
1Moonstone868600:49 14 Jun 12 by simone717
dear sir. i am a member as p_parasuram case deta...
1p_parasuram23:27 13 Jun 12 by simone717
Homeopathy and diet
I have seen many posts where patients expect to be... [LAST PAGE]
15santinosharma22:05 13 Jun 12 by simone717
3 year old not gaining weight or height
My nearly 3 year old son is hardly gaining height ...
0tamanna_r21:55 13 Jun 12 by
Trying to concieve
Hello Dr I havebeen married for 6years.I conciev... [LAST PAGE]
16NADYALI18:54 13 Jun 12 by maheeru
My son is 4 and has been suffering from Enlarged A...
1plshelp12318:41 13 Jun 12 by maheeru
Frequent Urination and Pressure on Bladder
Male 31 years Married Height: 5'9' We... [LAST PAGE]
17razah 17:51 13 Jun 12 by dbrico
reducing body heat
hi, my body generates too much heat. i tried takin...
12sanjeevtrip17:31 13 Jun 12 by Rooster
Please can Tabish respond?
Hello i am new here and was happy to find this for... [LAST PAGE]
13safronzlife15:25 13 Jun 12 by tabish007
Kali phos 6x
Dear doctor, my homeopath prescribed m...
1sv373115:00 13 Jun 12 by akshaymohl
How can i gain my body weight.?
Dr s. Am new in this forum my problem is that my ...
7Jawwad_malik 14:26 13 Jun 12 by Jawwad_malik
Having problem of Alopecia
Hi I have been facing problem of alopecioa since 2...
2BHAWANA039 12:11 13 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
son fever
My 2.5 years son has repeatedly fever from last th...
3raviranjan12:04 13 Jun 12 by raviranjan
son with poor appetite
Dear sir My Son is having poor appetite.he is 2.5...
1gopal1811:38 13 Jun 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
alpha q
Good day, Doctor from India has suggested to gi...
1Navin_Niha10:18 13 Jun 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Kind Attn to Dr. Nawaz Khan - Case 3
Dr. Nawaz Khan, I am not able to open the earli...
10Libra101010:09 13 Jun 12 by Libra1010
SINUS problems
Hi guys a little help please. Have a nephew wit...
4santinosharma10:07 13 Jun 12 by santinosharma
mirror of potency
Dear sir I think that In homeopathy some rem...
1pramodpandey196505:48 13 Jun 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Tree nut allergy
Hi, My 3 year old son has tree nut allergies ...
7disariom01:24 13 Jun 12 by disariom
osteoporosis and homeopathy
Is there an effective bone building homeopathic re...
1luckyme00:33 13 Jun 12 by nawazkhan
Please can someone help with persistent fever in 6 yr old. 7 days now
Hi please could someone kindly advise me on a reme... [LAST PAGE]
94pixie wood22:07 12 Jun 12 by pixie wood
14mm kidney stone
Hi, A 22 years old girl working at my home...
4Homeotreat19:23 12 Jun 12 by Parakletos
Travel while pregnant help
I am 2 month into my first pregnancy and going to ...
7nettle19:15 12 Jun 12 by maheeru
Thyroid Problem
I'm a 31 year old male not married yet. I...
2jatinsharma16:16 12 Jun 12 by manicmpf
Good remedies for Umblical Hernia
1. Cocculus 200 - once in a week 2.If it doesn...
0manicmpf16:11 12 Jun 12 by
suggest lipoma's treatment.
My name is Rahul Takkar from Ludhiana (Punjab). i ...
0rahultakkar13:51 12 Jun 12 by
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