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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
sulphur calcarea lycopodium
hi guys - can anyone tell me what happens if you d...
3santinosharma16:40 02 Aug 12 by simone717
thyroid problems
I am SUMAN , age 20, height 5.3inches ,weight is 7...
4tulib15:50 02 Aug 12 by tulib
Homeopathic prophylaxis
I am trying to find the right remedies and potency...
7Alexandra12315:13 02 Aug 12 by maheeru
Is it possible to dose with a 1m frequency but car...
2SorabhSharma14:42 02 Aug 12 by SorabhSharma
effects/side effects of terminali arjuna
is terminalia arjuna poweder taken as kadaa after ...
0andy_65_in14:24 02 Aug 12 by
Dear Sir My wife has sinusits problems. She has...
5pvanantha10:50 02 Aug 12 by pvanantha
Parakletos-increasing myopia
I was suffering from itch mite from 10 years which...
1Laserjet09:32 02 Aug 12 by Laserjet
Dr.Kadwa..Plzz Help
Hello Sir, I am habitual of masturbation from whe...
1waqarshakoor 07:48 02 Aug 12 by kadwa
emergency please help
Hi, I am in Colorado and I'm 29 years old....
3colorado2907:24 02 Aug 12 by kadwa
can mix homeopathic medicine and allopathy medicines
Dear Doctors, Could you please let me know, is t...
1drgeigy07:13 02 Aug 12 by kadwa
PostHerptic Neualgia
Hi, I had shingles one month back. The bliste...
2naveencar06:57 02 Aug 12 by naveencar
aggravation after similimum
If similimum or antimiasmatic remedy is given to p...
1hisam05:09 02 Aug 12 by daktersaab
About to be knowingly poisoned...how to counteract
Hi, will try and sum this up , I live 500 metres f...
3louisebenson196901:05 02 Aug 12 by simone717
My father (age 62) was diagnozed with Adenocarcino...
7vimala_2521:06 01 Aug 12 by Parakletos
Constipation/Stool buildup on right iliac fossa(caecum)
Hi.. I have a condition where the stool build up ...
3kahunaneo18:24 01 Aug 12 by daktersaab
Nat Mur for my angry 2-year old
My two year old son has been experiencing a lot of...
7vai_dal18:05 01 Aug 12 by simone717
suffering from renal faliure
i started Dr.Reckwigs Combination No R64 but my mo...
3rosi ansari18:00 01 Aug 12 by daktersaab
Re: Dr. NawazKhan plz help - External Piles - 4 years old son :(
My four years old son who has a history of G6PD ... [LAST PAGE]
13roushw17:54 01 Aug 12 by simone717
Plucked Fur.
My cat has plucked a lot of fur out of her back!!!...
0Miss Velvetena14:55 01 Aug 12 by
To reduce Cholesterol
Dear All Recently I have done lipid profile tes... [LAST PAGE]
31pvanantha 12:53 01 Aug 12 by pvanantha
Dr Nawaz Khan- Please help!
I have a 13-year old dog who suddenly started blee...
1tricky12312:30 01 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
smelly blood and pus discharge from belly
dear sir i am 25 year male having pain i...
5chiku12311:43 01 Aug 12 by chiku123
Possible acid reflux possible gas also in 3 year old
Hi, My son is 3 years old and he throws up every d... [LAST PAGE]
14paperstars10:34 01 Aug 12 by paperstars
Are these warts?
Hello, For the last two weeks I've been gett... [LAST PAGE]
25wattford10:01 01 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
bp - advise
Hi, I have been suffering from High BP for the ...
0pimathew08:50 01 Aug 12 by
Allergy from cold weather, heavy sneezes and irritation in the nose
Dear Sir My son aged 22 yrs is prone to allergi...
4pvanantha 07:27 01 Aug 12 by pvanantha
Extreme hunger for 6 months every year
My mom is 53 yrs old living in India. She has un b...
11siriashu06:17 01 Aug 12 by kadwa
kidney lesion/cyst-what can I take to get rid of it?
~What can I take to get rid of a kidney lesion/cys...
1marie.kalinoski 05:30 01 Aug 12 by Nikkie
Eustachian tube dysfunction
I am suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction fr...
2hemantkapila04:55 01 Aug 12 by hemantkapila
Anxiety in 9 year old boy
Ok school has been on at us about Ethan having AD... [LAST PAGE]
18Englishmumof221:39 31 Jul 12 by simone717
Athritis in Back
Hello Dr Joe, I have read so many of your forum...
0GeetaVerma20:28 31 Jul 12 by
Nawazkhan can you help CFS/ME
Hi I first approached Simone about this problem an... [LAST PAGE]
18westwitch18:34 31 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
increasing sex timing
hi docotors.i am havin problem with my penis and t...
0Abi awan17:26 31 Jul 12 by
Hanging Testicles
I am 20 years old. Is there any need to worry, i...
2Gabhi2116:43 31 Jul 12 by Gabhi21
Dr Nawaz Khan- Please help with Dog's severe nose bleed
I have a 13-year old dog who suddenly started blee...
0tricky12316:00 31 Jul 12 by
Aggravation at 9PM
Hi all Could someone please give me a list of ...
6SorabhSharma15:22 31 Jul 12 by SorabhSharma
Severe Diarrhea for past 7 days
Sex - Female Age - 23 Body built - Thin I ...
8sonu_cemk12:09 31 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
breast enlargment in pregnancy
aoa dr im30 yrs girl married and have 3 child my b...
0uzma ali09:47 31 Jul 12 by
low sperm count and motility
Hi I am 29 years old. I have a history of chroni...
0romel_12106:58 31 Jul 12 by
Lingering cold
My 2 youngest daughters 10 months and 3yrs had a f...
1MummaLT06:53 31 Jul 12 by kadwa
Superficial phlebitis
One day I felt a pain in my left lower leg. There...
1GSHPR06:40 31 Jul 12 by kadwa
sulphur reaction in cat
I have a cat who has been very itchy with sores fo...
3salsommers06:23 31 Jul 12 by kadwa
decreased sperm motility and dead sperms
Hi I am 29 years old. I have a history of chroni...
3romel_12104:50 31 Jul 12 by romel_121
Irritated Tongue
I've had a problem with my tongue for the pas... [LAST PAGE]
41Yorkie03:40 31 Jul 12 by cigarcitygirl
eyes issues
its been 3years bearing this my eyes are burning ,...
1Ronit.gandhi2403:40 31 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
chronic body odor plz help
HI,PLZ PLZ help my body smell badly all time arou... [LAST PAGE]
166rajat309023:21 30 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
How to use complementary remedies?
I have a case that uses Lycopodium for digestive...
7erklars20:28 30 Jul 12 by Dr. Showrav
Doc Rahiq /Doc Nawazkhan..pls Help ::::::Brisbanehomeopath , pls help-anxiety, weakness after angioplasty
Hello Doctor David, This post is related to my ... [LAST PAGE]
44sumedh18:01 30 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
merc sol and trembling of hands
i know a case for the treatment of large joint wit...
0hporwal14:47 30 Jul 12 by
Remedy Strength
Can you actually get a remedy that is 1000C? It...
2kohler13:23 30 Jul 12 by kohler
treatment for hydrocele
sir i am suffering from hydrocele during 3 months.... [LAST PAGE]
13subhadeep.deb12:14 30 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
My Dad is 62 yr old suffering with irritable bowl ...
1siriashu10:00 30 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
12mm stone in Gallbladder
My wife age is 30 and she is type 2 diabetic patie...
1seqbal09:53 30 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
how long for pain relief
Thank yo for this forum site. I am seeing a homeo...
1oceanman5807:53 30 Jul 12 by varun gupta
Hallucinations, involuntary movements
After smoking marijuana for years i began to have ...
1Barzan06:59 30 Jul 12 by kadwa
DR.Kadwa..Plz Help..Skin Problem
Hello, Dr.Kadwa My uncle is having skin problem. ...
2wiki777706:49 30 Jul 12 by kadwa
MASTURBATION a scientific paper
Hither to , I am finding quite a few posts on ill ...
7sbahl01:14 30 Jul 12 by sadeqahmed
Sex/ED problem
Hi I am 35 and married. I am facing problems doing...
1wahmed00:55 30 Jul 12 by sadeqahmed
Eretile dysfunction, low libido
My name is shahrukh. Age 27 height 5'5' w...
2Shahrukh66600:50 30 Jul 12 by sadeqahmed
herpes zoster
Hello, does anybody know a remedy for herpes zo...
6tiger.spirit19:24 29 Jul 12 by tiger.spirit
Hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue help please!
Hi, I am a 33 year old male. I have a history of ...
0jszuniga 16:53 29 Jul 12 by
Lifelong allergies and cough
I have chronic nasal allergies and recently am...
4itoldyouiwassick 11:03 29 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
feeling as if blood is rushing in right leg
my son is 45yrs old. he is healthy and does not ta...
4rose2809:15 29 Jul 12 by daktersaab
Hello, I'm 48, female and with a history of ... [LAST PAGE]
52appleblossom08:10 29 Jul 12 by Parakletos
Dr. Kadwa I have Ibs and eczema
Hello As I come into the age of 18 and 19 years...
9kuzya3k03:53 29 Jul 12 by kadwa
Boil in my right breast
Sir, I am Kalpana Ravi. My age is 45. I am 5fe... [LAST PAGE]
27kalpanar02:17 29 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
PCOS,delayed period, hirsutism, oily skin, bruise easliy
Hello docter I was diagnosed with pcos at 21. M...
6Meimm123:56 28 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Hypersensitive Reactions and Allergic skin rashes Treatments
Hypersensitive Reactions and Allergic skin...
1faiz4422:51 28 Jul 12 by simone717
Physical Stamina booster & Body Growth
Dear Concern, I am Sheryl,30 Male, 5'8' ...
1Sheryl Chauhan22:44 28 Jul 12 by simone717
Recurrent bad digestion and blocked nose
Last Year July I took Nux Vom 200 and I had to g... [LAST PAGE]
127Lulu6121:06 28 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
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