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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Urinating Problem
ASSALAMOALIKUM I am 25 years old height 6.1 w...
0sher56418:46 02 Sep 12 by
Hypothyroid + high Cholestrol + Pre-diabetic
Hi I have been taking Levuthryroxin for thyroi...
1tchadha18:11 02 Sep 12 by tchadha
Semen low quantity & early ejaculation
I'm kajal , 34 years old & married . I�...
0kajal34 17:38 02 Sep 12 by
palmar warts
hi iam 32 yr male with warts in my thumb,index,m...
1miruthika17:33 02 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
what happens if a hign potency is taken when healthy

[message deleted by kali2012 on Fri, 14 Sep 20...
2kali201216:50 02 Sep 12 by kali2012
birth mark
my daughter was having birth mark on the back side...
0sharad.rt 16:45 02 Sep 12 by
Significance Blue sclera
Does anyone know the significance of having blue i...
12DaisyFrank15:52 02 Sep 12 by simone717
suggeted conventions for forum
Dear All, Of late I am receiving quite a few em...
7daktersaab15:41 02 Sep 12 by simone717
Help doses for my daughter
I ONLY have cantharis 30c pellets in my house, a...
7onlyAngil15:09 02 Sep 12 by onlyAngil
Sirs, I have been marginally diabetic and ... [LAST PAGE]
25swansong14:54 02 Sep 12 by shouse_nsk
Urinary problem
54years-female burning sensation in urinary tra...
3consultbanerjee11:51 02 Sep 12 by nawazkhan
PE, Watery Semen, Weak erection etc.
Age:39, Married, No Drugs, No exercise, 1. My...
6RusselMama11:16 02 Sep 12 by Asif Mahbub Rumman
worts in brown without pian removal
removal of worts which are in brown small grown sk...
1nivas10:44 02 Sep 12 by kadwa
Mouth Ulcers...Need help
Hello, I am a 18 yr old boy living in Pune. I ...
1akki9410:10 02 Sep 12 by kadwa
Homeopathy is fake
From bbc website: 'However, many of the ing...
2HopelessEjaculator08:29 02 Sep 12 by daktersaab
DEar Sir , My father age 69 suffering from white ...
1lucklydreamboy 04:39 02 Sep 12 by Reva V
Help- Burning and Sharp Pain in anus
Dear Doctors, Pl help me as I have been sufferi...
1sandneet01:50 02 Sep 12 by akshaymohl
masturbation and now precum
Hi i am 23 year old male. i have a quite excess ma...
1sakco01:44 02 Sep 12 by akshaymohl
hair loss problem
I am loosing my hair very fastly from last 3 month...
1vedaryaer9001:41 02 Sep 12 by akshaymohl
alternate for cydonia valgeris 30 c
cydoina valgries 30 c is not Available in delhi pl...
4kabbusingh 21:18 01 Sep 12 by albert45
worts removal`
help me to remove worts in brown on the neck and u...
1nivas19:10 01 Sep 12 by simone717
Back pain - Loose motion
I have sour taste on taking sweet items and someti...
0sdharmm1972 10:32 01 Sep 12 by
Yesterday I had to take my husband to the emergenc...
2mustangsaguaro07:53 01 Sep 12 by daktersaab
burning while passing urine
About a year ago I observed Blood while passing ur...
1aakay07:30 01 Sep 12 by kadwa
TN pain in left mandibular region
Let me start by stating that I have a good idea wh...
5crazypain07:15 01 Sep 12 by kadwa
colicky baby-urgent help please
hi, i have an 8 weeks old baby who has been suffer...
9slajusticia06:44 01 Sep 12 by daktersaab
Social phobia

[message deleted by paidresponse on Sat, 01 Se...
3paidresponse02:08 01 Sep 12 by simone717
Cold from icecream
My mom 60yrs has developed a cold after eating ice...
5kali201201:44 01 Sep 12 by simone717
loose motion with black in colour.small pain in right side of lower abdomen
i am feeling pain in right side of abdomen and loo...
1irfaneee00:18 01 Sep 12 by shouse_nsk
Constitutional Remedy
I had read Homeopathic Psychology, and have read a...
11natyou21:08 31 Aug 12 by natyou
Hello, I am a 35 yo female with mild to severe ho...
11yr201220:37 31 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Pituitary Tumor
Hi. My 19 year old daughter has had a 2 cm tumor i...
7shantiluv15:33 31 Aug 12 by simone717
Sinus headache/Fear of speaking
I am a 32 y.o. female; suffer from chronic sinusi...
8koketka14:09 31 Aug 12 by koketka
Eczema Help For Toddler
I would like some much needed help with my just tu...
7md757212:24 31 Aug 12 by md7572
can homeopathy turn vegetarian into meat eater
This sounds silly but i have to ask but can homeop...
5pixie wood08:17 31 Aug 12 by daktersaab
Green Stool
Sir, my 2year old son Suffering from green stoo...
4bhashan07:21 31 Aug 12 by pixie wood
Seborrheic Dermatitis on Face
Please help me. I've been suffering from this...
8Sunny201306:01 31 Aug 12 by kadwa
I feel like I've run out of options...
I've posted here several times before, and ha...
10ddollar04:15 31 Aug 12 by pixie wood
Low Blood Pressure with severe body ache all the time
I am suffering with severe body pain like in fever...
3vkhatri03:51 31 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
PSORIASIS | Anxiety | Unfocused | Lazy
Dear All, and Warm Regards to all respectable Dr, ... [LAST PAGE]
372stye214 02:50 31 Aug 12 by sameervermani
Pregnant and stressed!
Hi I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have been looki...
1shell7121:19 30 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Gallbladder malfunction - no stones
I am 33 years old Male who suffers from Abdominal ...
3gskang20:22 30 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
attention: doctors | patients
Hello everybody, I am a regular user of this fo...
6medicalhelp18:11 30 Aug 12 by simone717
How much is one dose of Tuberculinum 200C
i am getting treated by a doctor in Canada and hav...
3hopeful12317:46 30 Aug 12 by simone717
Best medicines advice required
i am 42, married, i cant perform realtions with my...
10asif4216:36 30 Aug 12 by simone717
Sebaceous cyst
Hi, everyone. I just started taking Myristica Seb...
4Jorace16:28 30 Aug 12 by Jorace
Problem in speech
hi, My name is Nafisa, 24 yrs Old girl. Usually...
3qazinafisa 15:19 30 Aug 12 by cvvek
3.5 year old girl with symptoms of mild urticaria.
My 3.5 year old daughter suffered from mild urtica...
1developer15:16 30 Aug 12 by cvvek
Sexual Incompetability in married young couples.
Of late I am finding lot many cases in which there... [LAST PAGE]
13daktersaab13:59 30 Aug 12 by Michelle Maria
Back pain & Gastric trouble
Sir, I am 26 years old married. living in Kanpur a...
1kanpur 07:29 30 Aug 12 by kadwa
Dr.Kadwa pl, help
female,21yr,58kg,1.52mtr,darkcomplexion,irritable,... [LAST PAGE]
41sbmaiti07:12 30 Aug 12 by kadwa
how can you tell if you are a puls ? [message ed...
1hackboy197606:35 30 Aug 12 by kadwa
emergency Pl. help
Jul.2011, I had mixed maida with Urad flour and I ...
5peace199806:09 30 Aug 12 by kadwa
Dangers of Radiation by Cell Towers
An excellent work by the IIT professor - a must to...
0Reva V05:06 30 Aug 12 by
Tiredness and sleep problem
Dear Dr. Kadwa / other Drs Whole day I feel tir...
1al197905:03 30 Aug 12 by Reva V
please help-chronic acne at 29
Hi all I really am at my wits end. I have had ...
7DanniDan02:28 30 Aug 12 by shouse_nsk
Sore Glans
Hi! I was hoping someone here might be able to ...
1cbijk22:32 29 Aug 12 by varun gupta
I am suffering from flatulence for over 8 years. I...
1Sarayusai21:37 29 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
uterus fibroids, heavy menstrual bleeding, Enlarged Spleen, Beta-thalassemia, Low Platelets, Low HB
Dear All Doctors, In order to get rid of all p...
1qaisarqureshi7321:32 29 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
numbness after surgery
Hi, I'm wondering if any homeopaths out t...
1ottergirl21:28 29 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Child with high cholesterol
I just found my 9 year old has a total cholesterol...
1mathildahmk_13 21:19 29 Aug 12 by nawazkhan
Unable to Sex
i am 31 years old. I have been greatly involved in...
0MrAnjaan 21:09 29 Aug 12 by
Sinus problems
Hi I have a problem with smelly squishy white,crea...
7mel7617:10 29 Aug 12 by Nikkie
sex health
Hello! is there any remedy in homeopathy for penis...
1rokyroy11:17 29 Aug 12 by rokyroy
Discharge problem
Hi, please help me I have a big problem of earl...
5Masroor10:28 29 Aug 12 by Dr Zaair Husain
Discharge very quickly and hardness problem
Dear Sir/Madam, First of all I Thankfull to YoU...
4neet201210:26 29 Aug 12 by Dr Zaair Husain
quick discharge
I fail to hold on for long during intercourse and ...
2Supriyo10:24 29 Aug 12 by Dr Zaair Husain
ED and PE problem
AOA I need guidance from any doctor. I am marri...
0Shahrukh66609:08 29 Aug 12 by
Are Jacob Scott or Dr Organon still present in these forums?
Or anyone associated with them? I have read throug...
1Taylor0005:46 29 Aug 12 by Kurty1850
Urine Leak
Peace be upon you I am 42 years old. Sri Lank... [LAST PAGE]
28imthiyaspmm05:13 29 Aug 12 by imthiyaspmm
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