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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
hi doctor i am a dental student and i am having p...
4drbhargavi13:12 13 Jul 12 by drbhargavi
I am 20 year old. I use alfalfa since 1 week is ...
0manish2012:47 13 Jul 12 by
My Father whos 75 yrs complains of sleeplessness,constipation,bloating of stomach,burning urination have fissures and has gas.His Bp is usually around 131/62.Can I expect some help on this ??
Remedy finder has suggested Aloe Socotrina follo...
7anannya12:33 13 Jul 12 by anannya
Stammering and Dyslalia problem
hi how r u dr. sb.mujay kafi years se stammering a...
3SUJAL_GREWALL07:02 13 Jul 12 by AsadGhumman
Stressed cat
Hi everyone This is for my homeopathic student...
2starclipper07:00 13 Jul 12 by starclipper
dr. thnx [message edited by sunilksrny on Sat, 14...
1sunilksrny06:40 13 Jul 12 by kadwa
headache, weakness high uric acid
I am have been suffering from headache over a year...
1user9989 06:15 13 Jul 12 by yogeshrajurkar
hair loss
male 24 yr live in up wt.60kg. I m single. Having ...
0zameer05:31 13 Jul 12 by
Looking for the treatment of Osteo-Arthritis
Sir, I have pain in left knee,hands finger, sho...
1rajudas0905:28 13 Jul 12 by Reva V
Back pain
Hi, My dad has pain in waist, legs and Knee.He i...
3qazinafisa05:21 13 Jul 12 by Reva V
bells palsey
Hi im 19 ive had bells pallsey on the right side o...
7whitney19 04:26 13 Jul 12 by whitney19
Missing Periods (MC)
Hello there, this is aaditya. this is about my ...
1aadityashrm00:37 13 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk

[message deleted by allicando2 on Wed, 11 Jul ...
5allicando222:27 12 Jul 12 by allicando2
Hepititus and cirrhoris
Please can you assist me, I have stopped drinking ...
12precious12316:28 12 Jul 12 by simone717
at my wits end - asad
Dear Asad - Something is happening to my dear dau...
1Pickleplan616:12 12 Jul 12 by simone717
Social Anxiety Disorder
Dear Doctors please refer BEST medicine for Social...
1monukumar27616:02 12 Jul 12 by simone717
2&1/2 and 1&1/2 Year olds getting sick very often
Dear Docs, I had posted earlier about my own prob... [LAST PAGE]
61raj14 14:49 12 Jul 12 by raj14
Severe Chronic Migraine headaches
Male, 29 years. Suffering from migraine sinc... [LAST PAGE]
54coolvap10:30 12 Jul 12 by mikejones126
Nervousness in society and group
Age 23 Male I am having extreme nervousness an...
10monukumar27607:28 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
My 2yrs daughter not interested to take food
Sir, My daughter is 1yr 11 months old and she nev...
1rajudas09 07:24 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
Lechasis CM and Lycopodium 200
My symptoms were lycopodium . But i read that lec...
1tcdserver07:19 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
pornography and masturbation..
hello Dr.Mahfooz.. Has any body sucessfully quitt...
1monukumar27607:15 12 Jul 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
anxiety and mental issues
hiii i am 21 yr old male..i have been doing mast...
6Ronit.gandhi2406:53 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
Help for post herpes neuralgia
Dear friends, I am looking for help for my 77 y...
9lgeorgieva06:31 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
Dry eczema at folds region.
My 9 yrs old son has Dry eczema at neck, hands, ...
3dkbansal06:10 12 Jul 12 by kadwa
Painful Right Ovarian Cyst
Hi Mr. Joe, I am 38 years old and have always ...
1Korie 04:59 12 Jul 12 by Reva V
Childhood worries about health
hi since childhood i m worried about catching ill...
0Sweet_Lemon02:09 12 Jul 12 by
Could you help me, Tabish ????
Hello Doctor Tabish, Before, my case was handli... [LAST PAGE]
46Tabish please help20:36 11 Jul 12 by simone717
I am 28years old my weight is 58kg I look like fat...
2imreks16:28 11 Jul 12 by simone717
tick bite
i had a tick bite a while back. i am on ledum p...
3Baglady784914:56 11 Jul 12 by Baglady7849
plzzzzzz help us drs. i beg u
Salam im kiran age 30 n...
0nauman00514:41 11 Jul 12 by
plz help..creatnine 2.9 and blood urea 31
my father ,age 62,is suffering from diabetes and b...
6asrar12314:39 11 Jul 12 by ashraf99
Low sperm motility
My husband and I are having IVF in October, but I ...
1starclipper12:08 11 Jul 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
anal fissure
i am suffering from anal fissure for last 3 weeks....
3appassh10:14 11 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
to enlarge penis
Dear Dr. Im 29yr old. I do have small penis as 3...
3bullsmba 09:36 11 Jul 12 by bullsmba
please help me..
4 year old girl is having lots of pimples on neck ...
5Solitary09:03 11 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
pls help me.....
Dear Sir, My wife is 34 yrs old, She had s...
1amit71708:40 11 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
please help me, please.......
I am having repeated attacks of Spit cough every t... [LAST PAGE]
15deepakkumar9807:17 11 Jul 12 by kadwa
Gagging from nervousness, nasal drip
Dear Doctor, For the past 8 years I've had n... [LAST PAGE]
22kingofhearts07:04 11 Jul 12 by kadwa
How dangerous is my splenomegaly?
Hi, I am Indranil Chatterjee, Indian, Male, 39 ...
1chatt.indranil06:20 11 Jul 12 by kadwa
Zincum Metallicum
Is Zincum Metallicum availible in India in 200c ...
2monukumar27606:07 11 Jul 12 by kadwa
Gelsemium or Argentum in top of Nat Mur??
Hi all, I was given Nat Mur by my homeopath a... [LAST PAGE]
16Loobyloo3506:01 11 Jul 12 by Loobyloo35

[message deleted by allicando2 on Wed, 11 Jul ...
42allicando204:05 11 Jul 12 by simone717
Increase LM dosage
The remedy seems to be working. What things sugge...
3dievaperez01:26 11 Jul 12 by simone717
Dr. Nawazkhan
I cant anawer you. The computer ...
3Baglady784900:52 11 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Any good homeopaths in Kakinada, AP?
I'am looking for a good homeopathy doctor in ...
7gunglebook23:24 10 Jul 12 by simone717
Severe vaginal burning almost every day!!!
Hi, I'm a 32 year old female who got married ... [LAST PAGE]
85Queens22:07 10 Jul 12 by varun gupta
hiatal hernias
Can a hiatal hernia be treated with homeopathy? I ... [LAST PAGE]
18nan102320:22 10 Jul 12 by simone717
Golden retriever with epilepsy
I saw some topics like these, hope someone can hel... [LAST PAGE]
13natasha_ul19:42 10 Jul 12 by maheeru
Knees and finger pain
this is my first posting and i've probably do...
2bethel16:24 10 Jul 12 by simone717
Baryta Carbonica for four year old
I have been doing research all morning, and feel s...
1Steph-annie16:20 10 Jul 12 by simone717
plz help me Drs. IM Waiting
Salam im kiran age 30 n...
0nauman00513:51 10 Jul 12 by
Hair Loss
Hi Sir, I am 33 Yr old Male. I am suffering from ...
0rkdhiman0613:15 10 Jul 12 by
Male 38, Married, two kids, but underweight
What should I do?...
2cognition 11:59 10 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Which homeopathic medicine is derived from chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
which homeopathic medicine is derived from chickpe...
1zaplin06:46 10 Jul 12 by kadwa
pulsatallia - constitutional treatment
My 2.8 years old son has frequent cold bouts. goes...
7kawaikx1505:48 10 Jul 12 by kadwa
urination problem, PE,ED....help needed
I have been having this urination problem for the ...
9unhappymale05:47 10 Jul 12 by simone717
Homeopathic tumor medicine
My mom getting homeopathic medicine being 1 month....
2ronctg 05:27 10 Jul 12 by ronctg
dr. Kadwa need ur advice

[message deleted by avenger0000 on Tue, 10 Jul...
0avenger000004:40 10 Jul 12 by
Varicose Veins on lower extremities
First of all we should need to take a better case ...
4Dr. Ahmad04:33 10 Jul 12 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
Allergy to dental crowns

[message deleted by darla25 on Thu, 19 Jul 201...
7darla2504:17 10 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
warts treatment
My daughter is 11 years old and she had developed ... [LAST PAGE]
20Soumyaa03:18 10 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Pilonidal sinus
1. ID - Markus Ploom 2. Age - 23 3. Sex - Male ... [LAST PAGE]
42vinks03:11 10 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
for David - thanks
Hey David, my brother and his Australian border ...
7simone71721:21 09 Jul 12 by simone717
Homeopathy & Panchkarma
To All respected Doctors, Advisers and readers. ...
6shanskool20:33 09 Jul 12 by maheeru
?!?!?! Arnica 30C fading away brown spots on face?!?!?!
Hi Everyone, I posted this on my other Arnica ...
11marinastar16:51 09 Jul 12 by elly1
Tired, sleepy, sensitive to cold and hot weather
Hello, help with my case, man, 40 years old, tall ...
1Estivill16:46 09 Jul 12 by simone717
Please Help Me Dr. Mahfooz
Sir, I had posted my problem on 5th June 2012. It ...
1saleem5311:10 09 Jul 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Herpes Zoster
Painful eruptions on scalp left side behind left e...
2dr.pooja mishra10:32 09 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
Chronic Heat Exhaustion
I perspire profusely off the top of my head. ...
3sweathead10:29 09 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
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