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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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Pilonidal sinus
1. ID - Markus Ploom 2. Age - 23 3. Sex - Male ... [LAST PAGE]
42vinks03:11 10 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
for David - thanks
Hey David, my brother and his Australian border ...
7simone71721:21 09 Jul 12 by simone717
Homeopathy & Panchkarma
To All respected Doctors, Advisers and readers. ...
6shanskool20:33 09 Jul 12 by maheeru
?!?!?! Arnica 30C fading away brown spots on face?!?!?!
Hi Everyone, I posted this on my other Arnica ...
11marinastar16:51 09 Jul 12 by elly1
Tired, sleepy, sensitive to cold and hot weather
Hello, help with my case, man, 40 years old, tall ...
1Estivill16:46 09 Jul 12 by simone717
Please Help Me Dr. Mahfooz
Sir, I had posted my problem on 5th June 2012. It ...
1saleem5311:10 09 Jul 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Herpes Zoster
Painful eruptions on scalp left side behind left e...
2dr.pooja mishra10:32 09 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
Chronic Heat Exhaustion
I perspire profusely off the top of my head. ...
3sweathead10:29 09 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
Need to gain weight
I am 28 year old,my weight is 48 kg,my hight is 5.... [LAST PAGE]
139subratakapati09:31 09 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Dr.Kadwa my urinary problem has gone...but i'm suffering for irregular periods and too much hair fall...my hair is thining front of my head...plz help
Dear Doc Kadwa plz read my previous post where u s...
4Tanusree09:31 09 Jul 12 by Tanusree
Tired, sleepy, sensitive to cold weather
Help with the following symptoms: Tiredness ...
1Estivill06:11 09 Jul 12 by kadwa
BlastocystisHominos Parasite
I've known about this parasite in me for 6 mo...
3Gillt05:44 09 Jul 12 by kadwa
Dr.kadwa! help! stomach burning, bad breath.
hello, I am suffering from litle stomach burning,...
3wiki777705:36 09 Jul 12 by kadwa
CFS, IBS-D, hyperhydrosis, fevers, insomnia
I have a classic case of CFS . I've tested p... [LAST PAGE]
20michele3d03:35 09 Jul 12 by michele3d
some questions regarding homeopathic treatment
Hello Sir, I have some questions about homeopath...
2udash9102:06 09 Jul 12 by simone717
Uric acid problem from 2008,
I have digestion problem,please suggest medicine f...
1debasishroy02:01 09 Jul 12 by varun gupta
Brown Spot Menstruation
Hello, I am Nazia I am 23 years old. I am married....
1naziaasad8822:05 08 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
toddler .. lack of appetite.
Toddler.. 2 years, 11 months old. Quite tall for h... [LAST PAGE]
34desertrose18:03 08 Jul 12 by Joe De Livera
Rectal bleeding
My mom's 48 years old and has been suffering ...
1Worried_bout_mom16:08 08 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Fatigue, dizziness and brain fog - Long Post - Please help!
Hi, For almost a year, I have experienced severe ... [LAST PAGE]
20LeTigre11:52 08 Jul 12 by kadwa
need some help about time planning
Dear Sir, I'm here listing some biochemic ...
1udash9107:22 08 Jul 12 by daktersaab
excessive drooling and hyperactive baby
my baby is 7 months old. He has been drooling exce...
5arm_dhil05:18 08 Jul 12 by Nikkie
molluscum, warts
My son picked this up on his back from wrestling a... [LAST PAGE]
14annw04:13 08 Jul 12 by based
hair fall and bald ness on the forehead
dear sir i have sever hair fall and i have gone ba...
1vinodag00:12 08 Jul 12 by Reva V
i m 26 and having a problem of irregular menstural...
12tehzeebtanu23:53 07 Jul 12 by Reva V
fastula type pimples near anus
i am a patient of piles and i thin its genetic. ...
1nomi256521:56 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
11yr old girl ADHD Im tired, worried for daughter
My daughter is 11 yr old and diagnosed with ADHD ...
3dahsha17:32 07 Jul 12 by Reva V
Pls help with antidoting Thuja
I was prescribed Thuja 1000 as a constitutional ...
5swati_1234517:20 07 Jul 12 by carebd
abc - laughter.
Dear Members, I am not a qualified Homeopath, b... [LAST PAGE]
83Nikkie16:08 07 Jul 12 by Nikkie
severe fatty liver help please!
Can someone please help me I am suffering from sev...
1swarnabha15:10 07 Jul 12 by simone717
Cat with diarrhea - advice please
I have a cat with diarrhea thats been going on for...
5starclipper06:56 07 Jul 12 by starclipper
I gave safi to my 5 year old girl suffering from m... [LAST PAGE]
21safiuser201205:39 07 Jul 12 by kadwa
Hyperactive and Impulsive
Hello, I have a 5 year old son who must always be ...
1bennett0705:29 07 Jul 12 by kadwa
Allergic rhinitis
Hello Sir, My case history is as follows. I am...
12rahulsharma05:23 07 Jul 12 by rahulsharma
retraction of penis
my penis starts retracting into my body when i am ...
5Neel161904:49 07 Jul 12 by kadwa
Delayed healing of broken fibula
I broke my fibula in 3 places 5 weeks ago. At my l...
9BM198404:36 07 Jul 12 by kadwa
Cystic Glandular endometrial Hyperplsia
I am 45 yr old female. Was diagnosed with Cystic G...
1pari100504:06 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Severe hair loss, thinning on sides, back of the head, crown
Hi all, I need help with my hair loss . I am 32 ...
6gary_d03:42 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Dr. Nawaz plz help.. white hairs
i am male 21. having white hairs since i was 12 ye...
8Solitary03:38 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Urgent help
My son who is now 4 years has been suffering from...
11Deesach03:23 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Down Syndrome and Heart Treatment
My one month old baby boy diagnosed Down Syndrome ...
4malik78601:40 07 Jul 12 by simone717
palpitation after food
i was advised me nux 30 and pulsitilla 30 for my... [LAST PAGE]
21ahmed66601:35 07 Jul 12 by simone717
Very Less Interest In studies
Dear Dr Nawaz , My 15 years old da... [LAST PAGE]
39karry00:50 07 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Which one is broad spectorum in homeopathy
Dear forum member please help me as which one is n...
4Dr.Haran ch malaker 16:03 06 Jul 12 by maheeru
Depression, Psychological and mental state
Hi all, Need Help, One of my cousin is sufferin...
2ranjan100_200011:24 06 Jul 12 by ranjan100_2000
low erection early ejkulation
dr sahib i am masterbution from 13 yaer in age of ...
0raju77107:53 06 Jul 12 by
Down Syndrome and Heart Treatment
My one month old baby boy diagnosed Down Syndrome ...
10malik78606:43 06 Jul 12 by kadwa
Burst blood vessel in eye
I've got up with a really bad left eye - bloo... [LAST PAGE]
14kohler06:18 06 Jul 12 by kohler
Pollen Allergy
hi Experts, After trying all English medicines I a...
1sunnymaverick 05:42 06 Jul 12 by kadwa
Isopathic Use of Leptin
Hi, I would like to know if anyone has used or pr...
0Albert01:11 06 Jul 12 by
Need remedy for HPV outbreak
Im a 25 year old female and I'm having a HPV ...
4dezzy817:40 05 Jul 12 by simone717
A query
Have i to avoid eating onions & muttons & ...
1n4nilanjan17:04 05 Jul 12 by Dr. Showrav
adhd mumbai
Hello, I am from Mumbai and 42yrs of age. I do su...
0dj12311:47 05 Jul 12 by
Regarding Brain Damage !!!
Hello sir, my child was born on 06-10-2007, ...
8juned11:21 05 Jul 12 by juned
Alopecia areata
I have been diagnosed to be having alopecia area...
2n4nilanjan10:32 05 Jul 12 by AsadGhumman
exams stress
last 1 months for my exams and my sleeping pattern...
9manish2009:46 05 Jul 12 by manish20
Calf muscle pain, sleep problems
I am a 49 yr old female, having difficulty sleepin... [LAST PAGE]
17suna71106:49 05 Jul 12 by kadwa
Supressed Anger triggered by infidelity
Hi folks, so my partner and i are 49 and in the mi...
1reneauone 06:11 05 Jul 12 by kadwa
Am 75 male. Recently operated for benign enlarged...
6svsabnis05:49 05 Jul 12 by kadwa
eye mucus and stomach problem
for last 2-3 days when i wake up i found a lot of ...
8skmangal05:42 05 Jul 12 by kadwa
itching penis
for a few months now I've been suffering from...
6r1.taylor05:31 05 Jul 12 by kadwa
Excessive dry skin & excessive tiredness
My husband has suffered from severely dry skin m...
1congested04:48 05 Jul 12 by Dr. Showrav
headach and cervical pain
dear sir i am 34 yrs old female, i hv migrain whic... [LAST PAGE]
21ranveers04:18 05 Jul 12 by ranveers
Corn/ callus growth
Hello Doctors, I have had a callus growth betwe...
1bharati_srini01:57 05 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
Dr.Kadwa only please....
dr.kadwa please reply to my post as asifm94.i need...
5Asifm9401:50 05 Jul 12 by Asifm94
brisbane homeopath
Heloo sir, I hsve earlier posted about my case ...
1kartara01:06 05 Jul 12 by simone717
Why does the universe exist?
For about 20 years I have been troubled by very di... [LAST PAGE]
16lovekaynine23:10 04 Jul 12 by lovekaynine
Twitching left bottom eye lid...pls help
Hi Just wanted to find out if someone can sugge... [LAST PAGE]
26VenessaM 22:42 04 Jul 12 by lycopodium
recovery if u loose ur weight
is recovery possible if u loose ur weight at the a...
1manish2020:56 04 Jul 12 by simone717
Remedy for weight Gain
is there any remedy for weight gain at the age o...
1manish2020:54 04 Jul 12 by simone717
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