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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Healing By David Glory
Dosage: Arnica (200) , Chamomilla (200) , Belli...
0intimateglory2012 01:35 22 Jul 12 by
menstruation By David Glory
Dosage: Belladonna , Calc carb , China , Cramp ...
0intimateglory2012 01:31 22 Jul 12 by
Throat & Tonsil By David Glory
The Effective Treatment For Throat & Tonsil ...
0intimateglory2012 01:23 22 Jul 12 by
swollen adenoids/tonsils
please help, ive had swollend adenoids/ tonsils ...
1forever201201:18 22 Jul 12 by intimateglory2012
Vertigo Treatment By David Glory
Dosage: Cocculus (200) , Lobelia inflata (200) ,...
0intimateglory2012 23:19 21 Jul 12 by
Bladder Disorder By David Glory
Dosage: Equisetum arv (200), Ferrum phos (200) ...
0intimateglory2012 23:11 21 Jul 12 by
help Warts treatment
Hi, When i was small i accidentally stepped on...
4nitinverma7122:51 21 Jul 12 by intimateglory2012
Hi! Please help me in choosing medicine...We are f...
4zainabhanif22:23 21 Jul 12 by intimateglory2012
remedy availability
Which pharmacy in india can supply argentum sulphu...
1hpathyisgr822:17 21 Jul 12 by intimateglory2012
I am suffering from CPPS, Chornic pelvic pain sund...
1Sunil G22:15 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Gut dysfunction or INtestinal disorder.. I am in Hell.. Plz Help
I am in very much pain. My problem is hurting my s... [LAST PAGE]
165signature21:56 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Tiredness,Hair Loss, Obesity, Sensitivity to Coldness, Cold feet
I have been experiencing cold feet, mind foggines,... [LAST PAGE]
53evefriday21:45 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
twiching in legs
Can anybody suggest me the remedy for twiching in ... [LAST PAGE]
14manish2020:59 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Fibroids and Polyps By David Glory
Treatment for Fibroids and Polyps Gokshur (Trib...
0intimateglory2012 20:36 21 Jul 12 by
Environment Treatment By David Glory
25 drops, twice a day. Potency 200 For sensitive ...
0intimateglory201220:25 21 Jul 12 by
Dysbiosis By David Glory
10 drops, 4 times a day. Potency 200 For weak and...
0intimateglory2012 20:21 21 Jul 12 by
Allergy Therapy By David Glory
Take Dose of 200, 10 Drops 4 Times Acidum formi...
0intimateglory2012 20:18 21 Jul 12 by
Homeopathic dosage,
General Rules for Determining Dosage People who ...
4fahadkhaan18:39 21 Jul 12 by dipankarjpg
tissue salts to take in pregnancy
Hello, I am 6 weeks pregnant with my first child....
0seWanti17:41 21 Jul 12 by
Synethesia sound visual
Hi, has anyone come across the symptom: loud noise...
3janej15:46 21 Jul 12 by janej
NAWAZ KHAN Please help me kind sir
1. ID - anthony123 2. Age - 23 3. Sex - M 4....
1anthony12312:22 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Pilonidal cyst
1. ID: sajch93 2. Age: 35 3. Sex: M 4. Single/M...
8sajch9310:53 21 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
infant feet/hand shivering
hi my baby is 2 months old I noticed that his fee...
0ikrmakhan08:57 21 Jul 12 by
Need suggestion for piles treatment
hello everyone, this question is for my uncle....
0manrock111 08:50 21 Jul 12 by
ear tinnitus + depression
Dear Friends I am Raj 31. fropm bangalore INdia. I...
9raj 12306:45 21 Jul 12 by Nipin Raj
18 month old with virus
My 18 month old has a virus with fever (101)for th...
4jazmine706:01 21 Jul 12 by kadwa
Kadwa's old prescription
Kadwa, some three years ago you made a prescriptio...
3July0905:57 21 Jul 12 by kadwa
13 year old dog - advice
HI there, This is for another assignment case. ...
4starclipper05:55 21 Jul 12 by kadwa
re; plz help!!
HI im 17 male , 3 weeks ago i had protected sex &a... [LAST PAGE]
22Djinkd05:50 21 Jul 12 by Djinkd
Chronic Cough, Asthma, Sinuses - Please Help
I am really desperate for some relief. Info as fol...
7costalisa05:34 21 Jul 12 by yogeshrajurkar
Help for fainting while driving
I have mild symptoms of feeling faint while not dr...
1Health201223:51 20 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
pcod for 10 years
soon after menarche(11 years) my menstrual cycle w...
1vedha21:29 20 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Merc Fillings
Hello I recently had 1 almalgam taken out and a...
2jacky19:43 20 Jul 12 by jacky
help me to increase my height
hello this is ram and i'm 20 yrs old n my hei...
1ram140518:58 20 Jul 12 by ram1405
Psorinum and sweating
hi need the opinion on a case of arthritis ...
3hporwal18:46 20 Jul 12 by hporwal
plz help
my baby is 2 months old...for four days he is suff...
7ikrmakhan15:42 20 Jul 12 by varun gupta
rhumatoid arthritis with dry eye
iam suffering from dry eyes caused by rhumatoid ...
4pandiarajan 13:41 20 Jul 12 by pandiarajan
18 months boy - Infantile anorexia and chronic cough with phlem
My 18 months old son is suffering from anorexia si...
3anouska2512:32 20 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
simone 717 can you help?
Hi Simone -I am asking you for help because you ha...
4westwitch11:54 20 Jul 12 by westwitch
Reva is travelling for the next 3 weeks.
I will be travelling for the next 2 to 3 weeks and...
2Reva V09:21 20 Jul 12 by Nikkie
Looking for Epilepsy Cure
Girl Child of 10 yrs Each of the episode’s were a...
6ponoth09:06 20 Jul 12 by officeaksingh
headache and delerium

[message deleted by loveosho21 on Sun, 19 Aug ...
1loveosho2108:41 20 Jul 12 by varun gupta
For breast reduction
We are twins.for my twin sister also has the same ...
5imreks08:31 20 Jul 12 by simone717
Safi causes constipation on me.
I am a patient of constipation from one year. i t...
1Umar Mahmood 07:17 20 Jul 12 by kadwa
toddlers behaviour and eating problem
My son is 3.5 yrs old. He doesnt eat properly. The... [LAST PAGE]
14KAnusha 07:11 20 Jul 12 by kadwa
please help
Hello, we have a prbl : my daughter started vomiti...
1codru06:35 20 Jul 12 by kadwa
pleomorphic adenoma
i have been diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma, by...
1jannet06:13 20 Jul 12 by kadwa
Teacher problem
A 40 years old lady school teacher has following ...
3sno1205:59 20 Jul 12 by sno12
I need to grow taller!
Hello, I read about medications, such as bartya ca...
0yamin1602:28 20 Jul 12 by
Stuck weight and depressed!
Please can you recommend a remedy to help with my ...
2theresap23:54 19 Jul 12 by simone717
Mercury Fillings
I had a filling removed yesterday and had a compos...
2jacky20:50 19 Jul 12 by jacky
Hi sir, I am writing this from Canada,i am a grea... [LAST PAGE]
15voneeza20:39 19 Jul 12 by voneeza
Severe nail biting, bed wetting in 6 yr old
Hi is anyone willing to take on a case. my 6 yr ol...
4pixie wood20:38 19 Jul 12 by pixie wood
Hi everybody! I need an advise!! I have a GI prob...
4New_to_homeo20:13 19 Jul 12 by smasif
Pain management oil with homeopathy
Can any one tell about Pain management oil? In ...
1carebd19:20 19 Jul 12 by carebd
six year old and tooth infected
hello, can you please give an advice for a remedy ... [LAST PAGE]
27codru19:19 19 Jul 12 by codru
8 month old with catarrh
My old month old daughter has had catarrh in her n...
7ceava15:36 19 Jul 12 by Reva V
Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Sir, My Age: 32+ Height: 5'5' S...
4bhutusymbol14:21 19 Jul 12 by bhutusymbol
I am 47 year old female, diagnosed with hyperthyro...
11fishman93109:51 19 Jul 12 by shouse_nsk
Can Ledum palustre cause Gout as side effect
I have read at the blog of a Dr that Ledum palust...
3zaplin09:09 19 Jul 12 by kadwa
ivf support
HI THERe I have 31 years old and have PCOS, my ...
3starclipper09:05 19 Jul 12 by kadwa
Auto immune problem in dog
Hi, I have a 3 year old Pomeranian. Unfortunately ...
1jatan08:48 19 Jul 12 by kadwa
Nux Vomica Side effects - please help
Hi there, I recently took nux vomica for 4 days ...
4naturalman08:41 19 Jul 12 by kadwa
Excess of Acidity and stomach infection
Hello Doctor, I am facing problem in my digesti...
1rohit030208:36 19 Jul 12 by kadwa
Cold and congestion in a 2 month old infant
Hi, my son who is 2 months old has been having col...
2Kamisetty radhika07:17 19 Jul 12 by Kamisetty radhika
weak erections-please help
I am a 24 year male virgin. I have been masturbati...
0madhan0107:02 19 Jul 12 by
staphylocoocus /mrsa cure
staphylocoocus /mrsa cure , contact phone = +23...
2staphcure6621:47 18 Jul 12 by weezaanna
Pityriasis Versicolor
Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help in sugges...
11rizriz21:20 18 Jul 12 by nawazkhan
Speech delay for 3-old year
Hello to all the homeopaths in the forum. I am wri... [LAST PAGE]
20bhow12317:42 18 Jul 12 by simone717
Attn: Dr KADWA - Gastritis Acute, Gerd
I was diagnosed with gastritis in the antrum and i...
2tiara1615:44 18 Jul 12 by tiara16
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