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Severe Cystic Acne
I have a very large cystic zit. The surface is about the size of a pencil eraser but unde
Kallie 2012-08-14
7   varun gupta 4 years ago

pilondial cyst
I am a 30 year old Indian guy and have had pilondial cyst since 6 years. I went to the ER

raj30 2011-10-14
64   nawazkhan 4 years ago

please help
I am facing the below medical symptoms and I a believer in homeopathic medicines. I am in
rimzi 2012-08-11
8   nawazkhan 4 years ago

acne problem
Respected Sir i am 25 year male having acne on the back of the should
chiku123 2012-08-15
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

sam2105 2012-04-03
27   kadwa 4 years ago

Kitty with Chronic Nasal Congestion
Hi, I have a cat and she has had nasal congestion for about 6 months now. She is 15 and pr
suzannebrennan 2012-07-24
5   kadwa 4 years ago

height increasing
my name is pratham .i`m 21 years old . my height is 5'3 .my father height is 5'5
prathamjhamb 2012-08-15
no replies yet

My name is Mehwish Aslam ( Female). My age is 26. My height is 5 ft 4inches and my weight
mehwish kashan 2012-08-14
6   simone717 4 years ago

Kadwa please help with warts
I want to buy Thuja 200c and Causticum 200c to treat warts , and I saw some forums sh

lkjhg66 2012-06-08
68   lkjhg66 4 years ago

hormones and digestive issues
I am a 30 year old woman that has been dealing with hormone issues for the past 12 years.
mountaingirl81 2012-08-14
no replies yet

Need help with Cystic Acne
I am 28 female, With cystic acne on my cheeks and little on my chin. I stopped using ret

magg88 2012-08-06
13   magg88 4 years ago

burn out with a variety of symptoms
Hello everybody, as Simone717 gave me the advice I'll follow it and post my entire c
tiger.spirit 2012-08-13
4   tiger.spirit 4 years ago

problem hydrocils
i am facing problems with hydrocils in rightside .please suggest me ,what should i do?
phooton 2012-08-14
2   simone717 4 years ago

Thuja for dog with possible autoimmune disorder
Our 5 month old French Bulldog (rescue- prior health info unknown) has had two bouts of te
vanessamaestri 2012-07-29
5   vanessamaestri 4 years ago

Bleeding from lungs
Hi, I am here to consult with some homeopathy specialists for my mother. She is in her ea
for_mother 2012-08-12
3   simone717 4 years ago

What is the Recommended dosage of ginko biloba 20ml bottle?
What is the Recommended dosage of ginko biloba 20ml bottle? if using for proper blood c
waqaspuri 2012-08-14
no replies yet

gas problem
Hi iam 38 years old i have gas problem for the past six months if medicine taken it wil cu
royaleanand 2012-08-04
5   royaleanand 4 years ago

Dr.kadwa Please help ! Obesity Problem
Hello sir hope so u'd be fine. i want your help. i am 17 years old my waist is 36 in
wiki7777 2012-08-13
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Patient, constitutional remedy of calcarea carbonica . Developed clot. To take remedy..
natyou 2012-08-14
1   kadwa 4 years ago

thuja vs nat mur
hi does anyone know of key differences between those 2 remedies?
Almost 2012-08-14
no replies yet

Chronic Lymes Symptoms after Syphilinum 10M Miasm
I just tested by 10 year old Autistic son for Lymes and it's coinfections because he
Masonsmom 2012-08-13
4   varun gupta 4 years ago

Mosaic Warts on foot
I've been having problems getting rid of warts on my foot for years now. I was goin

luvlife75 2011-10-31
20   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Deprassion Anxity Phobiya,Can any one help me?
Hello everyone, Can anyone help me ? I will be great full to that person, I am 45 yrs o

Atulg 2012-05-04
140   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Homeopathic silica 6x hpus
There is no indication of a percentage of how much is in each pill. So how much silica i
rf7he5 2012-08-11
2   maheeru 4 years ago

Lycopodium Clavatum?
My friend has a dangerous problem. He is 52, face pale, eye lids red, has fluid in the lun
suzzie 2012-08-09
1   maheeru 4 years ago

Please help with a cat - blocked nose
Hi I am trying to help a patient who has a cat with a chronic blocked nose. It has been bl
starclipper 2012-08-08
1   maheeru 4 years ago

horrible taste
Hi, I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for a remedy for my mother. She has had a
ottergirl 2012-08-11
5   ottergirl 4 years ago

Premature greying of hair
Hi docter, I am a19 yrs old guy and having lot grey hairs.I used hair colours to avoid fr
Dalin 2012-08-12
3   nawazkhan 4 years ago

Arthritis in Knees and wrist
Dear Doctors. My mother 45 is suffering from arthritis pain since last year. We hav
Sharma Naveen 2012-07-02
5   Sharma Naveen 4 years ago

penile problem
Dear Doctor(s), my penis is small and also does not have girth. please suggest me the rig
shashank1990 2012-08-13
no replies yet

questions about carcinosin
Hi, I have PCOS and am taking homeopathy medicine since last 6 months. Initially my ho
dreamer12 2012-08-13
no replies yet

detoxification through homeopathy
Hi I had a hair analysis test completed which came positive for toxins and heavy metals,
janecita 2012-08-05
9   Dr. Ahmad 4 years ago

Noise in the ear due to ottits media
Hello sir, I am having an ear infection since 3 weeks , i used wax removal drops and us

slatha807 2011-07-15
20   slatha807 4 years ago

rigid of penis
please doctors help me and tell me any remedy for penis rigid
Abi awan 2012-07-31
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Eye vein problem
Hello, I would be very grateful if you could please recommend a remedy/ies.  About
Iprblm 2012-07-24
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Restlessness in legs.
i am 25 years old man. i am in a problem since the childhood. i feel my feet much restless
tcdserver 2012-08-10
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

bleeding from lungs, please help -
Hi! My name is Payel Banerjee. My dad is 79 years old and is diagnosed with “Goodpasture

Payel 2010-07-23
14   for_mother 4 years ago

gastritis and ulcer
my wife age 37 years has been diagnosed with gastritis and deodonal ulcer in upper GI endo

skmangal 2012-06-29
20   skmangal 4 years ago

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
I have Hashimoto's thyroidits, take 60mg Armour Thyroid daily, 2500mcg B12 and 400mcg
girldog57 2012-08-12
no replies yet

Plz help me from psoriasis
i am 33 year old man suffering psoriasis for more than 4 years. I have psoriasis in m
syed.kamran 2012-08-12
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Need help with good homeopath
Hi , Can anyone suggest me a good homeopath in kolkata who has proven records for curi
RS-2211 2012-08-12
no replies yet

I underwent a laproscopy to remove my endo and cysts in both ovaries in jan this year... a
mishra.neha06 2012-08-11
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Crohn,s Disease
Hi , I have crohn,s diease from one and half year.I am married female with 3 kids living i
Fatimah 2012-08-11
1   shouse_nsk 4 years ago

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
My 1.5 year old has been diagnosed by his dentist with 'baby bottle tooth decay' t
smad01 2012-04-17
5   smad01 4 years ago

To Doctors at this Forum/ chronic throat sores of 4yrs old daughter
Hi, I have some questions here regarding throat sores of my 4yr old daughter, which i

Hannah Hannah 2012-06-01
36   Hannah Hannah 4 years ago

bacterial vaginosis ongoing problem even after taking antibiotics.
curezzz852 2012-08-11
1   nawazkhan 4 years ago

What do the letters HPUS stand for?
I heard these letter spoken at our study group but don't know what they mean, could s
christashome 2004-07-10
2   rf7he5 4 years ago

Unable to control my eyes
Doctor, I am a 42 years old married male with two sons. Since last last 10 years I am
arcaica 2011-12-14
5   alka1 4 years ago

Alfalfa Mother Tinture
Hello, ive decided to try Alfalfa mother tinture for my 5 year old son to improve his ap
clare4bou 2012-08-06
5   clare4bou 4 years ago

dog has kidney failure pt2
after i got my dog from the vet i took her to a womens home in paia (maui) who practiced h
kang44 2012-08-11
no replies yet

5 yrs boy cough, fever and scalp
please advice Dr. kadwa. boy 5 years , weight 16 kg. naughty, during plays very active

vajin 2012-04-26
15   kadwa 4 years ago

16 year old boy with schizophrenia
grid]14 238 302 310 975 977 979 1069 2464 2478 2861 2870 2896 2902 2904 2982 3241 3349 337
MAHAMAYA 2012-08-11
no replies yet

lauki juice for heart health
ive heard lauki juice taken empty stomach is good for heart health and can clear suspected
andy_65_in 2012-08-10
1   kadwa 4 years ago

please i need help. 1- age=21 2- unmarried 3- height= 5,9 4- just 55 kg 5- feel wea

telep 2012-04-29
19   kadwa 4 years ago

Constipation, General Headache, appearing with side-effect
Dear Doctors, Problem: Constipation, General Headache (Left Side) Taking: Nat Phos
waqaspuri 2012-08-11
no replies yet

children cold and throat pain
Dear friends my daughter is 4 yr old. She woke up with throat pain and cold in the morn
bhavamalinijps 2012-08-11
1   kadwa 4 years ago

issue with darkness
Hello what remedy is for this issue... after a 10M dose of the wrong remedy I feel a st
Almost 2012-08-11
2   Almost 4 years ago

Son with persistent nosebleeds
Hi All, My son, age 8, has had nosebleeds every since he was little. They seem to happen
mom23boys 2012-08-10
2   simone717 4 years ago

Black Vomit - Advice Request
Hello, My uncle is in his Mid 70's and has been checked into a local hospital for
Shah123 2012-08-10
1   Joe De Livera 4 years ago

PCOS treatment with carcinosin
Hi, I have PCOS and am taking homeopathy medicine since last 6 months. Initially my hom
dreamer12 2012-08-11
no replies yet

damaged villi.
Dear Dr Rakesh congrats for your social helpfulness. I am 38/male with damaged/atr
manaik 2010-06-27
2   black_cat1010 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase Tuberculinum . I live in the USA, so I may have to
DaisyFrank 2012-08-10
1   simone717 4 years ago

Albumin traces and Calcium oxalate (+) in urine
Hello, I am suffering from some problem as under weight and hair fall. After that I
Rehan1 2010-03-25
10   ashraf99 4 years ago

Emergency potency advise, mentally unstable!
God has lead me on a wild trip. My background is that I had many head injuries 8 years ag
LifeisMagic 2012-07-05
5   LifeisMagic 4 years ago

psychiatric? help
i am a 48 year old male who since the last 20 years has had the habit of sometimes waking
andy_65_in 2012-08-10
3   akshaymohl 4 years ago

Chronic wet cough
A 55-years-old female suffers from cough for about 5 years. The cough is wet, from mucus i
koketka 2012-08-09
2   koketka 4 years ago

Nasal Congestion/Blockd Nostrils/Migraine
This is my 1st time at abc homeopathy. I've been suffering from Nasal Congestion/Bloc
srsaran 2012-08-09
4   simone717 4 years ago

Help with my two boys!
Hello, ive got two very different little characters but i need a bit of help with both of

clare4bou 2012-07-17
15   clare4bou 4 years ago

diet for high uric acid
i have suffered from this problem since last 6 years.currently i am off medication since l
andy_65_in 2012-08-10
1   akshaymohl 4 years ago

A challenging chronic case
Hello - I am new to this forum and there are some loads of useful stuff here !! BACKGRO
Yo Yo 2012-08-10
no replies yet

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