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Terrible Emotional Eating Problem
Hi, I have the problem of emotional eating from the age of 11. I am in my 30's and
Gautham 2012-12-24
6   kadwa 5 years ago

Advice Needed Please
Hi I'm looking for some advice on which remedies to take and in what strengths. I&#
flutterby79 2012-12-03
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Please help * TM
hope you peoples are fine,i an new to this site so i ddont have any idea how to contact wi
geoanjum 2013-01-25
3   kadwa 5 years ago

right side hydrocele size increased
i m 25 year old male my right side hydrocele size increased it seems to swell & pain p
Nitesh Kamal 2013-01-26
2   Nitesh Kamal 5 years ago

Premature Ejaculation
I am 36 Years old Male, well build, 5 ft 8 inch, 70 kg, having balanced diet (non veg fi
duttasanjib2003 2013-01-27
no replies yet

Teenager w/ headaches/allergy/insomnia
I have taken my daughter to many doctors. She has several conditions. I am hoping that som

Piranhica 2006-08-26
33   Charles Nelson 5 years ago

Stress and Depression
Dear Doctor, Hey Im Kobir 33 years old man. I will suffer from Stress and Depression als
funenjoy6 2013-01-23
4   simone717 5 years ago

shortness of breath caused on physical activities and talking
Hi.... I have just joined this forum in hope of finding out.solution to my problem.i have

anaaa 2012-12-03
18   anaaa 5 years ago

Mr.Rao Naveed
Kindly advise on top priority please....
raonaveed 2013-01-26
no replies yet

crack lip with yellow pus
i m 27 year male in every winter my lip crack and pus come out plz help thanks
Nitesh Kamal 2013-01-26
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

Mr.Rao Naveed
Respected Doctor, My father and mother both are aged 67 and 62 years respectively. Both a
raonaveed 2013-01-26
no replies yet

Severe pain in legs after driving
I am 45 year old female. I drive my car for about 60 kms a day. As a result I have severe
dhanista123 2013-01-18
5   dhanista123 5 years ago

Cervical tumour
Hi, I've just been diagnosed with cervical tumour. The affected area is about 5 cm i
mirald 2013-01-23
5   mirald 5 years ago

Dr. Kadwa : Feeling lazy, yawning and fear
I am nowadays feeling very lazy disinclined to work, no concentration, a type of fear, ski
sdharmm1972 2013-01-25
1   kadwa 5 years ago

upper right abdominal pain
Hi All I am 40 years old and suffering since almost 4 years from upper right side abdomin

samurainan 2012-12-24
15   samurainan 5 years ago

rash wosened by hot water
i have a rash that is worsened by hot water, it gets red and irritated after a shower i ca
motherofone 2013-01-26
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

For Professional Homeopaths
Hello Everyone, I had a question for any experienced homeopaths about the procedure for &#
Fernando 2013-01-26
no replies yet

Aneurysm in Foot
Hi! I'm relatively new to posting on the forum, but I thought I would give this a sho
funkletrum 2013-01-25
no replies yet

Salmonella since a month
Dear homeopaths, please help me on this . About 1 1/2 months agoy 4 year old started compl
scarlett 2013-01-17
11   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

HELP ME can i take stress & anxiety homeopathy med during pregnency...
hi, i am 38 years old woman. one year back i got pregnent but after 3 month loss my fetus.
mohan481 2013-01-25
no replies yet

Height issue
Sir, I am 18 years old. My height is 4'11 and it isn't increasing despite many e
Macie Khan 2013-01-25
no replies yet

Height gain
Can homoeopathy help in boosting hgh hormone production to increase height.. I'm stil

dbsheta 2013-01-19
24   dragonfly1976 5 years ago

Homeo in Chennai, India (Homeocare International) Good or Bad?
Homeocare International Pvt Ltd Is it good? I have taken medicine from many homeo doctors
agriz 2013-01-25
2   agriz 5 years ago

Just diagnosed with brain tumor
Over twenty years ago when I sat down in front of my first homeopath and began to learn ab
ruth45 2007-01-19
9   Ankush Kaura 5 years ago

Penis size and Premature ejaculation
Can you guide me if person is suffering from premature ejaculation due to excessive mastur
plsplehme 2013-01-25
no replies yet

pilodinal cyst
my son is sufferring from pilodinal sinus from last two months i need help of pankaj verma
meena7 2013-01-22
7   kadwa 5 years ago

hair loss, painful scalp.
Patient ID: going_bald (Sam) Sex:F Age:51 Please answer the following questions in a de
going_bald 2013-01-25
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Excessive mucus with my 3 month old baby
Hello,I have a 3 month old boy.He's been having some small bloody spots in his stool
ayagalal 2013-01-24
3   kadwa 5 years ago

severe chronic nocturnal emissions
salam my name is khuram.i am from pakistan . i have nocturnal emissions two or three time
rooza 2013-01-24
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

Rubrics for faintness
My client lose consciosness for a few seconds when walking in apartment or when bend forwa
dramar 2013-01-24
2   bapu4 5 years ago

Stress & Tension
Dear Doctor, Hey Im Kobir 33 years old man. I will suffer from Stress and Depression als
funenjoy6 2013-01-24
1   simone717 5 years ago

Stiff Heart
Hello, My Father 73 years old, diabetic(in complete control with Yoga and ayurvedic medici
Hari007 2012-12-25
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

spitting problem
My age is 42 yr and i am facing below problem from last 8 yrs. I have the sore throat and
harkush 2013-01-24
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

I took Sepia 3 days after menstral cycle ended ..30 ch 4 pills and I started spotting , n
janet1design 2013-01-22
2   janet1design 5 years ago

sexual prob
hi doc i have prob of pus in my urine before 6 year ago i dnt care but before two years w
islahcool 2013-01-04
2   dhundhun 5 years ago

Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst Surgery faliure
Doctor Please help me with this situation. My wife is diagonsed with Hemorrhagic Ovarian C
sumitc 2013-01-14
7   sumitc 5 years ago

premature ejaculation and small penis
dear sir i hv been seriously upset about my habit of premature ejaculation.my age is 25. g
kaushik_kol 2013-01-24
1   dhundhun 5 years ago

sexual problems
i want to solve a problem that i have.sote main kpre aksr khraab ho jate hain.meri age 22
johny47 2013-01-24
no replies yet

Attn Kadwa - Bullied/Harassed
Hi Dr Kadwa, I was recently bullied and harassed by a man at office; this has shocked my
shinestars 2013-01-21
7   simone717 5 years ago

sexual problem- urgent help needed
Age: Im 42 years old. Started masturbating since 13 years old. As a result the time for r
kathir 2013-01-24
no replies yet

Priyanka motwani 2013-01-19
28   Priyanka motwani 5 years ago

Problem with premature ejaculation and weakness
I am 43 years old. 5ft 6 inches.Weight 68 kg.slim. Habit of chewing tobacco,pan pragh. M
khn2010 2010-08-15
4   khn2010 5 years ago

please help, sexual problem, please help
I am 42 years old. when i was just 13 years old one of my cousins told that one would reac
kathir 2013-01-24
no replies yet

im a guy 19 good built, but have never had a girl friend, and girls r never attracted to m
davinci_2007 2006-05-21
9   bapu4 5 years ago

Low Testosterone
A member of our family has been diagnosed with low testosterone levels affecting his sex l
Chuck D. 2006-09-26
9   deemee 5 years ago

[message deleted by Sand37 on Thu, 12 May 2016 00:22:20 UTC]
Sand37 2007-04-27
12   kadwa 5 years ago

i am 49 and my lower bp is on higher side and sometimes crosses 90, i am taking easyday 50
skam989 2013-01-24
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Dr. Kadwa...Please advice treatment for lichen Planus of Skin Problem
Hi Doctor I have gone through your some threads. My 3.5 yrs child has lichen planus of sk
harshil 2013-01-22
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Sex weakness
Hello Doctor Sahib I live in germany for 2 years I am 26 years and I had a sex a lot but
Farhan khan 2013-01-24
no replies yet

Thank you for your responses. Was that considered an ' aggrivation'. Or did I do
janet1design 2013-01-23
1   simone717 5 years ago

OCDs and perspiration
I live in the USA, I am a 16 year old girl, fine boned, thick medium course hair, light co

mhmaddykaye 2009-04-24
174   sameervermani 5 years ago

most urgent
I am 24 yrs old, my problem is that I'm going thru a Lott of depression n fatigue, I
ironman9 2013-01-23
no replies yet

copd,pulmonary hypertension,hypothyrodism,edema,cornary artery disease ,severe heart palpitations
Hi , I am new to this forum and hoping to get permanent cure for my mother's life th
adi-amit 2013-01-22
2   pcarew 5 years ago

Medicine to Avoid formation of kidney and uretric stone
Dear Sir, I got my stone from right ureter removed by laser surgery and its size was 1.3 c
sandeep.mishra1977 2013-01-23
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Is there any remedy for alcoholism?
brownbird 2013-01-23
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Can I take Bach as well?
Hi there, I.m takin lac caninum 3x a week and silicea 3x as well. Could I take the emotio
Proserpin 2013-01-23
no replies yet

Weak and thin Penis
I am 5ft 6inch tall and suffering from thin, weak penis with almost diminished length and
needmedicines 2013-01-23
no replies yet

height grow after 21
hi everyone , my age is now 21 and i want to grow few inches taller , my parents height is
pintoo01dec 2013-01-19
2   pintoo01dec 5 years ago

abdomen muscles numbness
abdomen muscles numb,shortness of breath,cough,depressing behaviour
sumit856 2013-01-23
1   sumit856 5 years ago

My three year old not eating ,pease help
Hi Dr kadwa,my three year old who is allergic to nuts ,tree nuts peanuts and sesame seeds
harleenkaur 2013-01-22
4   kadwa 5 years ago

pain in both testis nerve
Sir, i am vikash 26 years old unmarried sir, above 3.5 years ago my testis kecked by a ba
vikash.alamba 2013-01-17
2   vikash.alamba 5 years ago

Infant w/ Reflux & Corn/Dairy Sensitivities
Hi! Wondering if Nat Phos 6x could help us. Possibly Arnica? Here is the situation: 16 we

jinjin 2013-01-06
14   kadwa 5 years ago

help please. 3yo. fluid in ears, congestion, runny nose
Hello, my little girl has had: 7 ear infections in past year last was bad in end of Nov
4isabella 2013-01-20
9   kadwa 5 years ago

Loss of Appetite, loose motion with offensive smell
Dear Sir, I am 44 years old , 5'7' hight,thin, suffering indigestion and acid pro
papude 2013-01-23
no replies yet

Right uretric stone(in ureter)Sharp Pain
sandeep.mishra1977 2012-09-18
7   sandeep.mishra1977 5 years ago

Nat Phos 6x for infant reflux--dosage??
My son is 4 months old and 14 lbs. He has had reflux since approx 1 month old and has bee
Ajb2575 2013-01-23
no replies yet

christinehoward 2013-01-22
2   christinehoward 5 years ago

I need help losing weight
i've been trying to find a safe and natural way to lose weight. Its always been diffi
freeeespirit 2013-01-22
no replies yet

sun burns
i m 40 yrs male, my face skin blackish color occur i diagnosed sun burns so advise any hom
jilesh tank 2013-01-21
1   simone717 5 years ago

I have posted before (including the questionnaire)-- I was advised to take Sepia for the
professor_marie 2013-01-22
1   simone717 5 years ago

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