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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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About Lycopodium
6 days ago i went to an homeopath for a psychiatri...
10brain03:31 21 Apr 12 by brain
fear of dentist and pain/drilling
I need to go to the dentist I assume. but I have f... [LAST PAGE]
14johnmill03:10 21 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
lyme disease
Hi, I am a 43 yr old women. I just pulled a deer t...
11969sarah02:34 21 Apr 12 by simone717
sciatica & right leg weakness
i had sciatica pain with right leg weakness for la...
4sheikh irfan18:09 20 Apr 12 by sheikh irfan
Spinal Muscular Atrophy
My condition results in weakness and wasting of th...
11starfighter-n13:49 20 Apr 12 by amitha
Digestive problem: Docs please help
Dear Docs, I had posted on this post a week ago, ...
5raj1413:31 20 Apr 12 by raj14
constipation in child
My cousin's dughter 5 yrs.old -hard stool and...
4swansong11:19 20 Apr 12 by shouse_nsk
disc slip , bulging, cough , shortness of breath (asthama)
hello My father's age is 60 . he had di...
3wasi1410:15 20 Apr 12 by kadwa
Dear Doctors, My brother is suffering from snor...
1riya_1010:03 20 Apr 12 by kadwa
Hives,urgent help please
I am 18 years old, male, have had hives since last...
11969sarah09:58 20 Apr 12 by kadwa
Swelling of white portion of eye
Hello, My friend has serious allergy for dust ...
5nabhi09:35 20 Apr 12 by nabhi
Frequent cold and constant dullness/pressure in forehead
Please suggest medicine with my below symptom 1...
1abhicrm09:31 20 Apr 12 by kadwa
ELISA Panel test
Hi Docs, Recently my wife gone through the ELIS...
1arvindharitus09:09 20 Apr 12 by kadwa
Mr. meheru
Referred by Kadwa i write this. My wife now aged ...
5sdharmm197206:37 20 Apr 12 by sdharmm1972
high creatinine, urea, uric acid
my mother had heart attak in month of january, sug...
5shwetan117904:38 20 Apr 12 by Nikkie
Face warts
I have small clustered warts on my face. Warts a...
1nehapatel02:54 20 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
Molar Pain
Dear Sir, I am suffring from my right side uppe...
2ap196200:47 20 Apr 12 by simone717
Eye Stroke
My brother is suffering from right eye stroke(CARO...
6pranab4om00:18 20 Apr 12 by simone717
child conflict
I am writing to find help for my son. He has had a...
12forestsummer21:03 19 Apr 12 by forestsummer
Strep Belld. & hep sulph. NOT wkg
7th day still have three small ulcers on right ton...
4Nevaeh20:24 19 Apr 12 by maheeru
Sudden stop in menstruation
I'm 17 years old who is a virgin. However my ...
1orangesky17:03 19 Apr 12 by simone717
Pregnant with fatigue
Smad01, age 22, female, married, 140 pounds, 5...
2smad0116:51 19 Apr 12 by smad01
Social Anxiety Ruining my life,Pls help!!..Kind attn:Dr.Pankaj Varma
I am a 35 year old Male from india working in the ...
5sunnybravo 15:22 19 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
hidradenitis suppurativa
Hi, Does anybody have any experience of using hom...
2Lilac14:22 19 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
Kidney stone
I have a kidney stone in the left ureter.....abo...
3nishpatel12:59 19 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
Please i need advise on dosing for Cough for 5 weeks and sinus pain. please can anyone help my husband
My husband has had a cough for 5 weeks now and si...
4pixie wood10:10 19 Apr 12 by pixie wood
sex problem
dear sir i got habit of mustarbation plz tell me t...
1sully09:27 19 Apr 12 by kadwa
buying nyctanthes a
Anyone know where I can but this medication? I can...
4jose0703:38 19 Apr 12 by simone717
kidneys & bladder infection, puss cells in urine
hi, i am married woman of 35 age, having 3 kids...
1Fiza3501:52 19 Apr 12 by shouse_nsk
Severe ADD
Greets to all, I'm curious about the use ... [LAST PAGE]
42ccg711 23:21 18 Apr 12 by johnmill
6 years old and tonsilitis
hi , please i need an advice : my daughter has a t...
12codru19:09 18 Apr 12 by codru
uncontrollable sugar cravings
I just entered my symptoms in the Remedy Finder ,... [LAST PAGE]
57daneo5219:05 18 Apr 12 by Pattata
Attn: Nawaz or Kadwa, for help with Apprehension when opening emails
My fear/apprehension overcomes me when I go to ans...
6kate22219:04 18 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
warts and hpv
My son was battling warts for a couple of years....
2kmiyam118:28 18 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
homeopathy in lice
8rajesh123.u17:53 18 Apr 12 by ariessanaa
Wants to improve my bust size
Hey doc, I m 34 year old, height 5.2', wei...
2Fbm711917:07 18 Apr 12 by simone717
plzz..sggst rmdy fr my prblms..i m a hosewife.
my age is 57/f..i m having following problems: - ...
10coolsahil_08 15:25 18 Apr 12 by coolsahil_08
boils on body, imence pain and slight fever
Hello freinds , I m having boils since last May. A...
1akhi811114:45 18 Apr 12 by dr.alex
Re-occuring ear infection in 20 month old
I've posted in the past about a raptured eard... [LAST PAGE]
26rania140312:36 18 Apr 12 by pixie wood
Negative thinking, fear and tension
I am a 32 year old software professional. I am ver... [LAST PAGE]
24testloa9910:46 18 Apr 12 by testloa99
Bleeding gums, Many Lipomas, Painful periods etc. etc.
This post is regarding my wife. Plz. take this pos...
5sadking10:41 18 Apr 12 by sadking
For my wife ailments
Dr Kadwa Thanks for your remedies prescribed to m...
1sdharmm197210:27 18 Apr 12 by kadwa
GERD with irritation in throat
I have been diagnosed with GERD . After endoscopy...
2vishaldung09:49 18 Apr 12 by vishaldung
burning soles at night
Hello Doctor, 1. ID - highlender (Sachin Kumar... [LAST PAGE]
13highlender 01:54 18 Apr 12 by highlender
brisbane homeopath
Hi David, referred multiple id problem on the n...
0simone71722:08 17 Apr 12 by
Homeopathy and Down Syndrome
I have a son with Down syndrome who will be turnin...
11janecita20:52 17 Apr 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Psoriasis and Homeopathy
16hasn4516:55 17 Apr 12 by Kearl
constipation prb with mother
my mother aged 65 had surgery due to piles abt 3...
1arslankhan12312:12 17 Apr 12 by 100%height
Need remedies for Diabetes 2
Need some remedy information. I am a middle age ye... [LAST PAGE]
20veggiemama10:25 17 Apr 12 by Nikkie
remdies for adenomyosis
Suffering from adenomyosis for morevthan 10 years....
1anagim08:46 17 Apr 12 by kadwa
Pilonidal Cyst/Sinus New to Homeopathy
Hi there! My name is Shane I'm 18 yrs old and...
1Shane1708:43 17 Apr 12 by kadwa
Blood in my semen (sperm)
Salam to all,

10wallace8408:24 17 Apr 12 by raheel777
Excessive sweating and hairfall
Hi I'm a 22 year old female.I have been havin...
6srikala07:36 17 Apr 12 by Nikkie
bleeding piles
i am having bleeding with stool and also leakage o...
5babusona01:44 17 Apr 12 by akshaymohl
cat-nasal discharge eye discharge wheezing
hello there kind people-my kitten has nasal discha...
2awenyon23:00 16 Apr 12 by awenyon
sex advice
dear sir I am 28 year old man .i like to think abo...
3lalik1122:39 16 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
plz help for stomach upset
hello. I hv a daughter who is 2 yrs and 4 mnths ol...
9ariessanaa22:35 16 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
Homeopathic cure for synovitis
Hello, Im 24 male suffering from synovitis. Curr... [LAST PAGE]
30fwa198116:00 16 Apr 12 by simone717
10 year of depression
please can anyone help with homeopathic medicine f...
4mach415:53 16 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
i am suffering from backpain from last 1.5 months ...
8kake12315:50 16 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
5 month old coughing, teething..
My baby Andrea is teething, she is fussing at nigh...
1janecita14:32 16 Apr 12 by 100%height
hair loss, baldness
hi , i am from India and my age is 26 male. I am ...
1saipavan 13:54 16 Apr 12 by 100%height
ibs with sticky stool and left with gassy feeling at the end
Age 30 yrs, female, i have been suffering from IB...
4ayibah13:43 16 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
different types of Lachesis
I whas wondering if someone knows the reason of th...
6angeredare 12:19 16 Apr 12 by angeredare
Pain in back, both knee, buttocks
I having pain in my lowerback , buttocks and both ...
6deven0809:39 16 Apr 12 by kadwa
fungal toe nail infection on all toe nails
Can anyone help me with this condit, ion. I have r...
5bigeyes03:45 16 Apr 12 by nawazkhan
bump hi my name is aadila, i am facing multiple p...
4adella01:17 16 Apr 12 by simone717
Gums Problems
Hello friends this is Aviinfo and had been under c... [LAST PAGE]
31Aviinfo 23:51 15 Apr 12 by Dr. Showrav
Vertigo and nausea
I am looking for help in this forum now since I�... [LAST PAGE]
13tiger.spirit19:21 15 Apr 12 by Albert
Urine drops
AOA .. i am 21 year old and i got a urine drops pr... [LAST PAGE]
14faheemali19:11 15 Apr 12 by zemy2007
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