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To Kadwa for wart
Hello Dr. I gave Silicea 1M to my son as recommended, but nothing happened,then i applies
Shwetanga 2012-09-27
6   Shwetanga 5 years ago

for breast growth
my age is 23yrs,wt - 42kg,height - 5'2'',my breast size is very small,pleas
utparnna 2012-11-13
no replies yet

sabal serrulata how i can use .
please guide me how i can use sabal serrulata q for breast increase .plaese help me.
shamailachristophe 2012-11-13
no replies yet

to increase my height
hello doctor.. i am 20 years old and i am jus 149 cms height.gender is female. i want to i
jancy 2012-11-13
no replies yet

Sleep Apnea and Loud Snoring
Dear Dr. I am a 36 year old female and have a 9year old child. I snore very loud at night.
naadei 2012-10-29
3   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Dear Professionals, I am suffering from left ventricular hypertrophy. Major symptoms
Razzaq 2012-11-12
2   simone717 5 years ago

Dear Dr. Joe, I am taking THUJA 200 for warts aroung my nack. Can I use Nat Phos 6X for we
dhanesh.koshti 2012-11-12
no replies yet

Please help!!! Croup / Pneumonia / Bronchitis 5 months old
Hi, I hope someone can have a look at this. My sister (breastfeeding) and her 5 months o
Renee999 2012-11-12
1   Renee999 5 years ago

ADD in my 6 year old daughter
Hello! I'm the father of a 5 year old girl. She has ADD symptoms. She recently had he
JZBAK 2012-11-12
1   sarojverma 5 years ago

Typhiod fever
Sir, Age 22 yrs.sex-male,weigt-55.I was suffering from typhiod(digonised from vidal
mdosama91 2012-11-10
3   doctorbadar9 5 years ago

att: dr nawaz
Hello respected dr nawaz thank you for your remdies for my post about the hormonal imbalan

swarnabha 2011-11-24
169   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Constant whining/ frequent colds
My son is 4.5 years old. He whines all the time , cries and gets angry easily, becomes ag
koketka 2012-11-12
2   koketka 5 years ago

cruality, selfishness
i have a selfish thinking..,i want to change my way of thinking.so can i change myself by
soundarya kokila 2012-11-01
3   doctorbadar9 5 years ago

Dr.Kadwa urgent advice please STROKE patient
please i need your urgent advice, my mother had a stroke in2009, she had right side comple
IAMn006 2012-11-11
1   kadwa 5 years ago

for kadwa
have taken phosphorus three doses.but last night i had peircing pain in my left knee. it i
lalasita 2012-11-11
2   kadwa 5 years ago

Urgent Help Breast milk solidifying
Dear Friends When the baby did not feed, it became difficult with the milk solidifying in

sun_4ita 2012-10-16
16   sun_4ita 5 years ago

What is the correct way of taking medicine ?
[message deleted by inland on Sat, 17 Nov 2012 05:32:01 GMT]
inland 2012-11-10
3   inland 5 years ago

any one can tell me, whether the folliculinum is a hormonal therapy...
jyothirmayi 2012-11-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

I am 4 weeks pregnant now. I have been taking vibrunum PRQ from 2nd weeks onwards. I had a
skrv86 2012-11-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

sinus+hyper acidity
drs, im a man of 33 my problems are sinusitis which started from my child days itself f
spmather 2012-11-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

I have a case of psoriasis. complaints started since 2 years back. Patient has taken homo

dr nidhi pattni 2012-06-16
32   cvvek 5 years ago

Hi All. I am new to this world. I appreciate your patience-listening to me. It all started

raja2012 2012-10-09
18   raja2012 5 years ago

Skin tags with metabolism syndrome
The skin tags was appeared 8 years ago. There are more than 50 of dark color skin tags on
lkjhg66 2012-09-21
11   lkjhg66 5 years ago

bone bruise, tibial plateau fracture
hi - this is my first visit to this site, but i am no stranger to homeopathics. i bought
mascoma 2012-11-10
2   mascoma 5 years ago

i was wondering i had a brief discussion about arnica with a homeopath, he told that it ca
mississauga333 2012-11-11
1   simone717 5 years ago

Dr. Saumya I am your Patient talk to me
dr i am online to answer your questions
thoba 2012-11-07
2   simone717 5 years ago

to reduce weight
i am 36 years old.my weight is 95kg as my height is 5.8.i have fat around my abdomen and h
shahidfarooq310 2012-11-09
9   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Hair loss
Hi all i am 51yrs old and going through menapause and losing my hair i have now bald patch
annieoakley 2012-11-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Delecreton for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment
Delayed ejaculation is the medicinal disorder common in men. It is a condition in which me
johnbreatly 2012-11-11
no replies yet

toddler constipation
My daughter is 2.5 years old and is having the urge to poop but is holding it in. We trie
naponlap 2012-09-09
12   nawazkhan 5 years ago

severe cystic acne.
hello freinds,i m suffereing from bad cystic acne which leaves lots of balck makrs.i am ha
arnoldrocks 2012-10-11
11   arnoldrocks 5 years ago

Mother's Cardiovascular Issue
My Mother is an (overall) happy and healthy 77 year old. She is currently dealing with the

narwal46 2012-04-14
30   kadwa 5 years ago

Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy
Please do let me know whether there is any treatment for Corneal Endothelial dystrophy.
shwet 2012-11-10
2   kadwa 5 years ago

gas problem
69 years male. any food or drink bloates the abdomen. passing of wind does not relieve.sti
closepet 2012-11-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Is there a remedy that could address mental confusion relating to opposites?
I have a problem in many different sorts of situations with problems relating to opposites
Crimsoncloak 2012-11-09
3   kadwa 5 years ago

PCOS and eczema...really need help pleeez!
Hi, I know there are a number of PCOS sufferers who have posted here and got replies, but

samah75 2008-07-21
23   chrisned123 5 years ago

hona lallu q=water based used for oligospermia/azoospermia?
Hona Lallu Q=Water Based has been successfully used for the client suffering from oligospe
honalallu 2012-11-10
no replies yet

Dr, Mehfooz Pre-ejaculation
Sir i am 27 Weight 66 Height 5.10 Sir i never did masterbution regularly. I did once i
bangash82 2009-11-02
3   waseem_rja 5 years ago

hello i want to know a homoeopathic medicine for hypertension with normal systolic and inc
sandeep678 2012-11-09
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Stomach problem
For the past 2 weeks I have had terrible stomach pains with frequent trips to the toilet,
abba123 2012-11-09
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

alopecia areta
thanks for ur for 1st mailr. i replied ur mail, but i think bcoz of some problem it haven&
palu1-randhawa 2006-04-13
2   andrewcruise869 5 years ago

BICO equivalents
Hi, I have BICO medicines with me which I usually use on my kids for cough and cold. I no
lata14 2012-11-08
2   kadwa 5 years ago

Aur Mur Natr
Does anyone know the mentals of the Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum, besides what a google sea
Albert 2012-11-07
7   bapu4 5 years ago

attention issues
I am 31 yrs female with 2 kids.Am having attention issues not able to pay attention at wor

ADD4adult 2012-09-13
18   kadwa 5 years ago

No ovulation/cycle
Almost 36. Have had maybe 60 periods in my life, last one was year, year and a half..?? Ma
mamu7747 2012-11-01
4   NKCheema 5 years ago

No erection, Penis is small, Limp and shivered
I am 28 years old male. My name is Aman Khan. I used to masturbate early but now I have le
amankhan303 2007-12-19
8   Shahaan 5 years ago

Pebneton for Bell's Palsy Treatment
Bell's Palsy is a facial disorder in which partial or full paralysis of face takes pl
johnmecllon 2012-11-08
no replies yet

Vaginal Herpes.....final hope
Hello I am a 33 year old female. I was diagnosed with vaginal herpes early last year.
Mel B 2012-11-03
5   doctorbadar9 5 years ago

Quick dosage question
Hi Guys, I received advice last week and am grateful for it. I was advised to try Nux Vomi
M_ire 2012-11-08
2   M_ire 5 years ago

teeth grinding
I have a 3 and a half year old boy who grinds his teeth a lot during sleep, since last 15
Shwetanga 2012-10-24
6   Reva V 5 years ago

Varicose Veins in legs
I am a 33 year female having varicose veins problem since 5th month of pregnancy, now it h
parul1234 2012-11-08
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Schi-affective disorder
My son has been taking 4 pellets of Baryta Carbonica at first 200cc(which wasn't very

angelfatima 2012-01-24
43   toshniwal1 5 years ago

fluid/water retention on face during menopause
Hi, My face seems to be bloated while feet sometimes look swollen. Am a 46 yr old lady an
VVS 2012-11-05
5   kadwa 5 years ago

for kadwa
atient ID: Sex: Age: 44 female Please answer the following questions in a descriptive man
lalasita 2012-11-07
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Lumber Spondilises
In my MRI 2 report last two years doctors MD and MBBS told me above above problem given me
Terawala 2012-11-07
1   kadwa 5 years ago

chronic constipation
I request any doctor to please advise on my problem: I am a 40 yrs old married male in a
gmarshed 2012-11-08
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Supporting my body after weight loss and hormonal issues
Hello there! I'm a 21 year old female college student located in America. I've
annabluebell 2012-11-06
5   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Child with stomach problems
Hello, My daughter is 8 and was recently taking some prescription Chinese herbal medicine
allison37 2012-11-06
7   allison37 5 years ago

this is a report of a male patient plz suggest medicine.
this is a report of a male patient plz suggest medicine. Volume : 3ml Color : dirty white
drSABEENNASIR 2012-11-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

Hi, I'm 41 years old, female. A year ago I had urine tract infection and I got antibi
ronit200 2012-11-06
3   kadwa 5 years ago

My problem is bit serious
Dear Dr. I am 33 old man living in Punjab India. I got married in 2008 and my ma
vision13 2012-11-03
9   bapu4 5 years ago

severe abdominal problems after accident(tummy got pressed badly)
i am 25 yr old.i had an accident 7 years ago.lots of weight fell on my abdomen. it hurted

sleek 2012-09-21
20   sleek 5 years ago

My name is bharat from india age 22 food habits are ok ok... once a day one meal i eat
bharat tharwani 2012-10-10
1   Maqboolmasi 5 years ago

hepatitis c
from last 2,3 years i m infected with hepatitis C my antihcv value is around 15 ALT/LFT a
arzpk 2012-11-07
1   Maqboolmasi 5 years ago

Preleton for Prickly Heat Treatment
Prickly heat a name given to the heat rash which commonly occurs in the hot summers due to
johnmacllon 2012-11-07
no replies yet

Kindly stop my hair fall sir
Dear sir I am 02/11/1979 born female height 5feet 2in weight 55 kgs mother of a female
thoba 2012-11-01
4   thoba 5 years ago

silicea for pcos
can any one tell me the dosage of silicea to cure pcos,iam suffering with pcos since 2yrs
jyothirmayi 2012-11-01
6   jyothirmayi 5 years ago

hypertension help
main suffering-high bp 150/90 2. other sufferings-nil 3. mental sufferings-worrisome pers
andy_65_in 2012-11-07
1   andy_65_in 5 years ago

questionaire for dr. kadwa
dr. kadwa.m 44 female suffering from degeneration of cartilage ie have practically no car
lalasita 2012-11-07
no replies yet

skin problem - need sos help !!!!
Dear Sir, My Mother age 65 is a patient of diabetes/hypothyroid/bp/anaemia/mild cholestro
S K Basu 2012-11-07
no replies yet

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