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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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How to stop coughing?
Hey guys name is Patrick and turning 20 in few day...
1patt3k09:19 20 Feb 12 by kadwa
please help
dear doctors i am 31 year old and going to mar...
4jadaji1234509:01 20 Feb 12 by jadaji12345
Please help with Stress Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Issues, Tailbone Pain, Vertigo, Anxiety/Stress, Insomnia
1) Stress incontinence for 15 years leak with c...
11terri5108:53 20 Feb 12 by kadwa
Teenager is overweight
Hello, I need help for my Son. He is overweight...
10Jinai08:49 20 Feb 12 by kadwa
Depression, isolation from the people, headache, memory loss
Hello. Please help me. I am a 37 year old woman.... [LAST PAGE]
29Jinai08:46 20 Feb 12 by kadwa
Re side effect of the Homeopathy.
As Advised by Dri Mahfooz to tke the miasmatic med...
6Simple Naveen08:43 20 Feb 12 by Simple Naveen
Sir joe de livera help for tumor
Sir Can you treat my breast tumor?? I'm 44... [LAST PAGE]
26amarami08:04 20 Feb 12 by Dr Zaair Husain
how to increase height
how to increase height [message edited by 2011btec...
02011btechce00707:27 20 Feb 12 by
how to increase height
sir i am arsalan obaidi.i am 18 years old. i am ve...
02011btechce00707:20 20 Feb 12 by
Pain in upper arm, not able to move
Hi, My uncle (age-58) has been suffering from a u...
1victorsarkar280201:49 20 Feb 12 by Reva V
Reflux acidity
4 years back i had reflux acidity and i was advise... [LAST PAGE]
176rashmi4jan22:43 19 Feb 12 by SandraC
Need Advice after using Sulphur
Hi, I have a kind of autoimmune connective ti...
1zacdesai21:07 19 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Nasal Polyps and congestion
Hi, I have been suffering from sinusitis for the l...
1Mroyblore11:35 19 Feb 12 by Mroyblore
weak digestion and elimination problem
Namaste to all, i m 40 plus male and practice of m...
4bkhs2611:21 19 Feb 12 by bkhs26
Perhaps lead poisoning?
For the past 4 years or so my 26 year-old nephew s...
3MGM deG11:16 19 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
acute cold/flu
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/ flu ...
1serfraz09:49 19 Feb 12 by kadwa
please help me
since last 6 months I have pain in lower abdomin.I...
1shekarraj09:21 19 Feb 12 by kadwa
Please help [message edited by Parimal_N on Sun, 1...
1Parimal_N01:23 19 Feb 12 by Parimal_N
two year old--hyper and picky eater
I am the mother of a very very very active two yea...
7MommyHappy23:47 18 Feb 12 by annmurphy
Pilonidal Cyst
I have a problem that I have never been to the doc...
12Dollymaniac22:00 18 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
Brisbane Homoeopath - wound won't heal
Brisbane Homoeopath, I am hoping you can help with...
4Sarah3NN21:39 18 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Swelling of feet
Dear Sir, I have arthritis for last 20 yrs; ...
1davendrak19:24 18 Feb 12 by davendrak
Dr mahfooz Please help me
Hello Sir, Please find solution for my problem: ...
0msharma18:13 18 Feb 12 by
problem in erection and maintenance
Hi! I'm a 27 year old male and am having some...
0ryann18:10 18 Feb 12 by
taniya: Dr. Nawaz please hepl
dear doctor nawaz as per your instruction kindly ...
5k taniya 17:40 18 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
acute in digession
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/ flu ...
0serfraz13:44 18 Feb 12 by
acute in digession
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/ flu ...
0serfraz13:40 18 Feb 12 by
Hair fall due to water
Hi Doctor, My hair are naturally healthy but afte...
7study_hard11:53 18 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
Effected from anesthsia
My son age is now about 12 years.When he was 2.5 y...
3abid bhatti10:31 18 Feb 12 by kadwa
Dark circles
hi i m 20 years old female..i hav develop severe d... [LAST PAGE]
27dentist2010:15 18 Feb 12 by kadwa
Cyst Acne and acne scars
Hi Doctor, I am 26 yrs old male, suffering from...
1ducktyped10:05 18 Feb 12 by kadwa
uterine polyp
A week before I done ultrasound of abdomen and fo...
1manasi up 09:56 18 Feb 12 by kadwa
Dashy Stones in The Bladder
Hi I went for a second opinion for Dashy'...
0Dashu09:55 18 Feb 12 by
Night Fall
hello sir, i m 24 years old i did a hand pract... [LAST PAGE]
26rinku1102 09:54 18 Feb 12 by namro
Need Diagnosis and help.
1 [message deleted by umr45 on Sun, 19 Feb 2012 14...
0umr4508:02 18 Feb 12 by
my father is 63 yeras old he is suffering from uns...
1rohina begum06:05 18 Feb 12 by rohina begum
DR David Kempson: Help in finding my constitutional remedy?
I'd like to know if I might be able to get so...
0kamikama05:59 18 Feb 12 by
Itching Gets Worse with Sweat, Moisture
I got itching in groins a couple of years ago. The...
2chdpatient05:24 18 Feb 12 by chdpatient
16 year old jammed finger

[message deleted by 1969sarah on Sun, 04 Mar 2...
11969sarah00:38 18 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
is it ok to try multiple remedies?
I am new to homeopathy, is it ok for me to pick th...
11969sarah00:33 18 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Super dry, red, swollen lips
My son, 11 years old has been battleing a viral co...
01969sarah00:23 18 Feb 12 by
to seek a remedy
Sir Assalam-o- Alaikum I am a banker and in ... [LAST PAGE]
15aasim196622:25 17 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
family history of alcoholism-any remedy or nosode?
My question is, wheter there is any remedy for dee...
2natalija12345121:43 17 Feb 12 by natalija123451
10 1/2 month old baby teething
My 10 1/2 month old daughter is teething in the ba...
1audreysmummy 21:03 17 Feb 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
My 9 yrs old boy with pdd, nos is changing
Hi every one. I'm new and glade I found this ...
0blueoccean19:31 17 Feb 12 by
i wanna increase my height..nd cure my knee
my name is sahil/m and i am 20 yrs old my height i...
0coolsahil_0815:05 17 Feb 12 by
shoulder arthritis
Hello sir, My mother is suffering from R.A. since...
0cv.clp13:48 17 Feb 12 by
symptoms are agitation, tension in my nervous syst...
1selawa13:16 17 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
I am suffered from high blood pressure 160/90
Suffered from Hypertension anxiety anticipation...
1telipeli13:03 17 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
Toes red, thickened skin, severe itching around 5 pm
My big toes have thickened skin on top and are red...
1emcdb12:57 17 Feb 12 by nawazkhan
How long before rhinoplasty can be preformed with broken nose?
Hi, I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and broke...
0Magret1212:36 17 Feb 12 by
Dr. Mahfooz /Dr. Maheeru plz help in this
hi i m 33/m suffering from hair loss .other pro...
10verma00712:12 17 Feb 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
internal nerve pain at bladder neck
husband needs to catherize through a stoma into an...
2murphysmom11:04 17 Feb 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Sore throat ,runny nose and headache
My 9 yrs old son has sore throat since yesterday ,...
3nikkikumar10:04 17 Feb 12 by kadwa
looking for homeo help for 9 1/2 yr old son in homeo
Hi- I need help to understand whethere homeopathy ...
6indonesiamom09:40 17 Feb 12 by naturalnurse
Anxiety, insomnia, weight loss - weaning off of paxil
i recently started weaning off of paxil (under dr ...
1hsmommaof409:37 17 Feb 12 by kadwa
Genital Warts
I have warts (HPV) on the genital area. One on ...
0lanka09:15 17 Feb 12 by
please answer me this
.... if a person takes a remedy from animal kingdo... [LAST PAGE]
22starface06:56 17 Feb 12 by simone717
increase height
dear, i am 19 years old.i live in india.my h...
0gniitvaibhav06:18 17 Feb 12 by
increase height
i am 19 years old.my height 5ft 5inch.i live in in...
0gniitvaibhav06:11 17 Feb 12 by
Brushing teeth
Hello everyone Wondering if anyone can help me. I...
9CHELLE03:04 17 Feb 12 by abrera28
staphylococcus aureus
My daughter suffers from staph . aureus which res... [LAST PAGE]
15Sarieta 00:53 17 Feb 12 by Irrate
Allergic to Sodium flouride
Please help! After going to my dentist due to ora...
1halamastiva00:06 17 Feb 12 by dsw9421
[message deleted by simone717 on tue, 28 feb 2012 ... [LAST PAGE]
85simone71723:53 16 Feb 12 by simone717
Bipolar/ dfepression/anxiety.
Dear all. I am a 46 years old male.My sleep is t... [LAST PAGE]
24m s uppal22:41 16 Feb 12 by sad123
Canine mammary tumor help please!
I just came from the Vet. My 7 year old Cocker has...
3rootessa22:25 16 Feb 12 by rootessa2
Herbal remedies for panick and anxiety attacks
Hi 5 months ago I collapsed at work and have suff... [LAST PAGE]
125guest user22:10 16 Feb 12 by simone717
Post surgery Dementia
My father age 74 had surgery 12 days ago ( colon r...
6Firefamily519:14 16 Feb 12 by Firefamily5
about virginity
hello sir, i want to know tht i had physical int...
2oberoi.arushi17:33 16 Feb 12 by oberoi.arushi
I am suffered from high blood pressure 160/90
Suffered from Hypertension anxiety anticipation ...
0telipeli16:35 16 Feb 12 by
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