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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Vaginal discomfort for toddler
My almost 4 year old daughter,has been grabbing/ho...
3Forest Elf07:37 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
Please help with ADHD child
I have a 8 year old daughter who has been diagnose...
1Motheroffour07:27 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
my upper chest hurts both sides
I used a multiviatmin drug which makes me sleep an...
1doyin 07:06 13 Jan 12 by kadwa
Macular Distrophy
Hello, First of all, thanks for having this web...
1dnumdanielem06:54 13 Jan 12 by dnumdanielem
Dr. nawaz, Please help me
Dear Doctor, I described my ...
2bunteeman1804:01 13 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Question about a Homeopathic Term
I was going through a Homeopathic Article on ONOS...
3sshussain03:17 13 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Would this describe me? In below description is...
1starface02:18 13 Jan 12 by starface
Heal Thyself Magazine Archives
Archived copies of Heal Thyself (The Homeopathic W...
1similitude02:09 13 Jan 12 by daktersaab
what remedy has issues with unjust? staphysgari...
5starface00:29 13 Jan 12 by starface
Eye floaters: tooth braces as a possible reason
Please, I'm seeking for your help to solve my...
1enrico-f 21:58 12 Jan 12 by John Doe
Dry ,Scaly ,Skin with Winter agravation
I have a friend (educated well placed- now 40 year...
11naman12:19 12 Jan 12 by waqarshakoor
Awful taste in mouth.
From the past three months, my life has taken a tu... [LAST PAGE]
141nalrrr 12:04 12 Jan 12 by karjade
semen volume
I ejaculate only one drop during intercourse. PL T...
1paraman10:37 12 Jan 12 by sabakha
Increased heart beat with pain, Streess..!!
I want to get remedy for a problem that i m facing...
5Streessgetout09:37 12 Jan 12 by Streessgetout
Brisbane Homeopath
can i give u all my information and you look it ov...
9WilliamHolst08:42 12 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
how does one find out what miasm one is when there... [LAST PAGE]
31starface06:48 12 Jan 12 by starface
Addicted to rice eating
Dear doctor, It is for one of my cousin...
5sv373106:42 12 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
hello,i m rahul 28 yrs male..and suffring from le...
1marshal10004:54 12 Jan 12 by marshal100
4 year old suffering with recurrent cold.
Hello, We live in New Jersey, USA. My 4 yr old...
3abhishek7601:25 12 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
What should I do if the first remedy didnt work
My homeopath Prescribed me Natmur muriaticum and i...
2WilliamHolst23:50 11 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
pregnant and superventricular tachycardia
does anyone have any experience with homeopathic t...
1karinamom22:24 11 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Dear sir,pls help for my wife attcking sle presen...
1bssnarasimha22:14 11 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
filiriasys - elephentiasis
Could you pl. help me to come out of the problem f...
1venkateshsrao196522:02 11 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Am having this unusual hard fesis for the past thr...
1doyin 17:49 11 Jan 12 by Zahid)2
Dear Doc, I am 38 years old and 165cm height le...
2balu_ak08:27 11 Jan 12 by balu_ak
Is it called Harnia?
I,Sagnik,26 yrs old.About six months ago suddenly ...
1sagnik07:48 11 Jan 12 by kadwa
semen analysis
i found in my semen analysis that. volume was 2...
1singh_surinder07:44 11 Jan 12 by kadwa
What can I give my 9 month-old to improve his immune system?
Hi, My son has had a cold at least once a month s...
12Snowi_d07:36 11 Jan 12 by kadwa
doctor pls help me my aunt is suffering from fibromyalgia so pls help me doctor
dear doctor pls help my aunt she is suffering from...
1vinodag07:19 11 Jan 12 by kadwa
consultation for palpitation after dinner and fat rich foods
Dear doctor i am 25 years old boy. i had the probl...
1ahmed66606:58 11 Jan 12 by ahmed666
Swelling of epididymis
Hello, I am facing problems with acute pain in ep...
1Krishna Balaram06:52 11 Jan 12 by kadwa
Unable to perform intercourse
Age: 30 yr Male, Married just 2 months ago Not ab...
4cssme06:03 11 Jan 12 by wifefuck
Bruise / Sprain /
Dear Dr, My father is 90 years old and active. ... [LAST PAGE]
79Sudhee03:41 11 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Vaccination is a Crime against Humanity
Vaccination is a crime against humanity, which is ...
5sadeqahmed02:56 11 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Natmur muriaticum
I was prescribed this with no results. Any suggest...
4WilliamHolst22:47 10 Jan 12 by WilliamHolst
Feelings of insecurity about being.
i am a generally very fit male, 43, who knows hims... [LAST PAGE]
49mickonz21:20 10 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
S/L 30 homeopathy medicine
Dear all, Would someone here be able to advise ...
3frequrination21:17 10 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Raising kids Naturopathically- Vaccines and Homeopathy
I have 3 children, my youngest is 5 months. After...
1lhlermitte21:11 10 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Pls help with advise on frequent urination problem
Dullo docs, I am 39 years of age and have been ...
7frequrination20:15 10 Jan 12 by maheeru
ACUTE, ill after vaccination
Wednesday two weeks ago (the 7th) my horse got a (... [LAST PAGE]
25mirald19:56 10 Jan 12 by maheeru
Reduced breast Size
Sir, 1) My age is 30yrs, 56 kg, 5 ft 2 inches. mar... [LAST PAGE]
15Nazia17:21 10 Jan 12 by cool jhanvi
Please doctors help me urgently
Hello doctors, I have chronic depression , Anx...
2Trishna16:39 10 Jan 12 by Trishna
Dr.Mahfoorzurahman - Azoospermia - 3 brothers
Assalamu Alaikum I am living in Sri Lanka and ...
4imthiyaspmm16:29 10 Jan 12 by sallyd
Dr. Joe - Question baby with reflux
Dear Joe, I read your forum with a mom of a bab...
0acich16:16 10 Jan 12 by
Address of Dr Rudresh.B.T
Hi, If anyone of u have address or contact no. ...
4manjubl15:13 10 Jan 12 by kumarkumar
Mastrubation Problem
Hello Dear Sir My name is Usman.I am a student o...
4jaagarize 14:36 10 Jan 12 by jaagarize
Sinus Help
I am suffering from Sinus issues and have been get...
2draftman14:04 10 Jan 12 by draftman
Medicine Intake
There are different food of thoughts on how to eat...
5Mahakim11:34 10 Jan 12 by Mahakim
young woman with hair loss... help
Hello, I am a young woman (age 24) and have been e... [LAST PAGE]
61Dimps 11:16 10 Jan 12 by ksurekha293
Please help my problem
Im needing help with remedy i seen a homeopath cau...
4WilliamHolst09:09 10 Jan 12 by WilliamHolst
Acne scars
Hii .. Please help me get rid of acne scars. I m...
1Faria2k09:08 10 Jan 12 by kadwa
ankle pain cause of uric acid
Dear sir, I have pain in my elbows,ankles etc. La...
9salihvk08:44 10 Jan 12 by kadwa
Dr mahfoozurrehman can you help my situation
ive been looking for someone to help me for a whil...
0WilliamHolst07:31 10 Jan 12 by
Why I am not getting any replies
Please help. I need help urgently. I can't to...
1Trishna07:25 10 Jan 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Incessant cough
I have been coughing for about a week. I get into...
1jazmine707:21 10 Jan 12 by Mahfoozurrehman
Brisbane Homeopath can you please manage my case
It would be greatly appreciated....
0WilliamHolst05:59 10 Jan 12 by
uterus tumor
my mother is suffering from uterus tumor for last ...
1tanmay04:07 10 Jan 12 by Reva V
dr kadwa, dr sameer, dr joe, plz help
Hi My name is sophia and i am houswife. I have o...
3sophiaahmed03:57 10 Jan 12 by pawan_gzb
Various Possible Medical Causes of Unusual Eyelid Twitching / Eye Blinking - Brief Explanations
Various Possible Medical Causes of Unusual Eyelid ...
11ntuc198001:14 10 Jan 12 by ntuc1980
Hair loss and Sore Scalp after leaving contraceptive pill after 6months and continuing
Hi I suffer from Hairloss on front of Scalp, ...
5Nats12301:03 10 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
No hope here, thanks
Hello, i think theres no hope for everybody on thi...
2leons00:09 10 Jan 12 by leons
My sex life is getting worse
Dear all, This is first time i am posting on this ...
4spura7818:57 09 Jan 12 by r_shekhar
hair loss please help.....
I am 27 yr old male . I had thick hair in my child...
3krishnendu12das18:49 09 Jan 12 by krishnendu12das
consultation for cold palms
I am a boy age 25. my problem is that i have very ...
3ahmed66618:06 09 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
Visual problems
Hi, I have been having a few vision problems si...
5aussieca17:42 09 Jan 12 by JOQ001
Dr David please help, Please reply
Hello Dr David, I wrote you a long email in this ...
0renurenu16:53 09 Jan 12 by
frequent urination and slight weak joints
Hi am alex. Ive been having this frequent urinatio...
1doyin 16:43 09 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
hydrocil problem
hi plzzzzzzzz some help me,soon i am getting marr...
2sumanthsrinivas09:58 09 Jan 12 by sumanthsrinivas
Hi, my husband is suffering from vertigo/imbalance... [LAST PAGE]
122explorer1905:45 09 Jan 12 by explorer19
shoulder, neck pain
HI I am 24 male. I have problem going on in my u...
5reetaulakh25305:18 09 Jan 12 by kadwa
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