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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Postnasal drip
My daughter is 5 years old, and suffering from a...
11mg_mom07:22 06 Jan 12 by kadwa
cina 6c
can cina be used for muscle spasms?...
1sissy1007:16 06 Jan 12 by kadwa
Persistent Eye flickering
My left eye has been flickering for the last 2 wee...
6Nkjaya04:39 06 Jan 12 by AB2012
Clinical Research By Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz Chiniot Pakistan (Homeopathic Remedy Fagonia Arabica Cures Albuminaria)
Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz from Homeopathy Dep...
1drmumtaz201204:26 06 Jan 12 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
Remedy profiles in family

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
8starface21:29 05 Jan 12 by starface
Fatigue/low libido/depression/overweight
Fatigue/low libido / depression / overweight Hi... [LAST PAGE]
21morgian20:21 05 Jan 12 by morgian
Height Growth
Hi I am 23 years old, my height is 5'7'. ...
3sakas19:10 05 Jan 12 by drmumtaz2012
ganglioma .....help
I have been getting small red bumps on my fingers....
1smlope17:54 05 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Unable to breath normally
Hello, I am an elderly man (73 years), widower liv... [LAST PAGE]
81Alergico17:09 05 Jan 12 by Alergico
Please Help!
Hi, my 11 month old son has been through so much s...
1Samjas5516:04 05 Jan 12 by Samjas55
Sinus issues in infant
Greetings! I've used the online software her...
4unity_breathes14:46 05 Jan 12 by Samjas55
Pneumonia and my mothers suffering releived by Homeopathy
Here is an interesting story. My mother aged 70...
12ganesh228014:19 05 Jan 12 by Dr.Haran ch malaker
flu with sinusitis
Started with much sneezing, then tightness in ches...
2wussawu14:03 05 Jan 12 by wussawu
A description, what remedy?

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
0starface10:47 05 Jan 12 by

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
1starface10:03 05 Jan 12 by starface
nat phos 6x for acidity
I am using Nat phos 6x for acidity after lunch a... [LAST PAGE]
27skaushik909:42 05 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Not able to sex penetrate
I am a 30 year man but i am unable to do sex . I h...
4rocks18504:38 05 Jan 12 by sadeqahmed
hair loss dr plz help
hi i m 33/m suffering from hair loss .other ...
0verma00703:26 05 Jan 12 by
Polycystic ovary
Hi Whats the cure for polycystic ovarian disease... [LAST PAGE]
284khanum01:44 05 Jan 12 by Joe De Livera
what remedy to have a chubby cheek
hello my weight is pretty good.. but my cheek l...
1getrue00:51 05 Jan 12 by sameervermani
severe hair fall problem
Hi my name is sathish, and i'm from chennai. ...
0satya_84 20:36 04 Jan 12 by
Seeking for remedy high cholesterol
What is the best remedy for high cholesterol plz l...
1Jaze41615:51 04 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
tested homeopathy combinations of particular diseases
i recently had a book by dr A.K.Bhattacharya name ...
1baskarjayaraman09:57 04 Jan 12 by Dr. Showrav
shiny hair
how can i make my cats hair shiny and thick....
0SADIA8108:55 04 Jan 12 by
Dust, Pollen and Cat Allergy Prevention
Dear Doctors Im suffer from extreme dust and Ca... [LAST PAGE]
25sshussain07:41 04 Jan 12 by Dr Zaair Husain
Chalazion help...
I have had a Chalazion on my eye for close to 2 ...
7Marlon71usa06:59 04 Jan 12 by Joe De Livera
Hi, i am 23 year old from bangalore,i am masturbat...
2Bharath259206:54 04 Jan 12 by akhileshmehta85
rauwolfia serpentina
i have been suggetsed this medicene to control my ...
4andy_65_in04:26 04 Jan 12 by andy_65_in
Mouth infections
Dr. Nawaz, mujhay qreeban arsa aik sal say in the ... [LAST PAGE]
28fnawazbutt03:37 04 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Dear homeopathetic doctors, I have visited an h...
1sourtzi03:13 04 Jan 12 by kadwa
Membrenemous Glomerulinephrities Problem
Dear Docter, Here iam breafing about My wife&#...
1gomathiramakrishna 03:00 04 Jan 12 by kadwa

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
86starface02:53 04 Jan 12 by starface
Cat's itchy ears
Hello- I've been trying to help my cat with ...
1magicandmiracles102:48 04 Jan 12 by kadwa
broken capillaries on face
Hi :) I am a 23 yo female seeking any remedies t... [LAST PAGE]
22Eleidess02:25 04 Jan 12 by bdgjperry4
FAO: Brisbane Homeopath - please advise on chronic health conditions
Dear David, I'm posting details of my Moth...
6Zogra21:33 03 Jan 12 by Zogra
Recurring ladies yeast infection.
Dear Homeopathic doctors: Pls help. My age:45 y... [LAST PAGE]
54Gettin-beta14:48 03 Jan 12 by me_me
barthoin gland swollen
Hi I have bartholin gland swollen from 2004....... [LAST PAGE]
29renns21413:20 03 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
Lower abdomen pain
I am aged 40years;female.since last 2 years i am h...
2kmbpl109:35 03 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
Female phhysical and sexual weeknes
The age of my wife is 41 having 4 children. Height...
4A_Infotech06:19 03 Jan 12 by jatt420
Female: no sex drive
I am a 28 year old female who has been in a relati... [LAST PAGE]
32rudylk06:13 03 Jan 12 by jatt420
i need sugession or any medicine name which can increase sex power
I am 21 years old, my sex power is very low, i am ...
1jamil04906:06 03 Jan 12 by jatt420
about me
1)sir i m 21.unmarried 2)My pennis is thin 3)...
0pritom223305:58 03 Jan 12 by
Panic Attack/Anxity Attack
Doctors, First of all thanks a lot for helping the...
6kpkumar05:50 03 Jan 12 by kpkumar
Tantrums, crying, clinging
Patient is a 4 yr old girl, placed in foster care ...
6Cordial04:17 03 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
Left sided hydroureteronephrosis due to bladder out let obstruction?
This the ultra sound report of me. I am not intere...
1csrbanala03:49 03 Jan 12 by kadwa
A song on Stramonium
0kadwa 02:49 03 Jan 12 by
klebsiella sps detected.
Hi Had testis pain.Due to which doctor Suggested S...
1shahnawazknit01:03 03 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
spider remedies
is it essential for spider remedies to be similimu...
0starface00:50 03 Jan 12 by
homeopathic vitamin b6
Can someone tell me what is the exact name of home...
3ABOU1404 00:49 03 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
breast enlargement
I am 33 yrs old , height 5.3 ft , weight 62 kg . M...
0scorpio8417:51 02 Jan 12 by
breast enlargement
I am 33yrs old , height 5.3feet , weight 62kg , my...
1scorpio8417:44 02 Jan 12 by scorpio84
Qualified Doctors Pls help. - Weak erections + Unable to maintain erection
Name: Akram Bilal Sex: Male Age: 32 Weight: ...
1akrambilal15:00 02 Jan 12 by qwerty4586
sex problem
I am 42 years man.now i face some sex problem. my ...
1SOUMEN19685514:55 02 Jan 12 by sadeqahmed
Back pain in morning & evening
Hi All, I am having lower back pain in the morn...
3karthik_1214:49 02 Jan 12 by karthik_12
My Dog having chronic kidney failure
My Dog having chronic kidney failure Please sugges...
9ramprasad13113:42 02 Jan 12 by ramprasad131
cat flu
my cats have caught the flu virus and they are n...
6SADIA8113:02 02 Jan 12 by SADIA81
Hi, I am 31 year old having PCOD. I have been t... [LAST PAGE]
14Anupriya11:21 02 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
Eye twitching
My both eyes are twitching. I have visited an eye ...
1stevey2k210:55 02 Jan 12 by kadwa
Hair Problem Please help
Hi, I am 28yr old male. I have itchy and flaky sc...
3jain6761 09:25 02 Jan 12 by sharkbay
Suffering from piles
I am suffering from piles from last two years. B...
8sandeep_1t08:53 02 Jan 12 by sandeep_1t
Parkinson Treatment
Is there any cure or 100% treatment for parkinson ...
1fkhan8408:09 02 Jan 12 by shouse_nsk
For David
I am interested in finding out what animal (animal... [LAST PAGE]
15starface05:40 02 Jan 12 by starface
dreams & remedies
how long after taking a 10M are dreams influenced ...
1starface03:55 02 Jan 12 by allicando
extreme apprehension and suicidal ideation
I just turned 28 am female. the symptoms are ex... [LAST PAGE]
28youmightknowme01:51 02 Jan 12 by nawazkhan
Clammy sweaty itchy scrotum
It has been quite some time that I have had the co...
12helpnotitch00:08 02 Jan 12 by Joe.M
I have had anxiety my whle life. For the past 20 ...
1jazzmynn1234523:22 01 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
2year with stomach poisoning
My little granddaughter, a very tall and thin, sma...
4SHELL99923:10 01 Jan 12 by brisbanehomoeopath
left side paralysis
my mother is 70 yrs old she is suffering from para...
2US TIWARI19:42 01 Jan 12 by pankajagarwal
Dr. Deoshlok , pls revert
Dr. Deoshlok, Pls respond to my queries. 1. ...
0akrambilal15:35 01 Jan 12 by
Overactive Bladder Treatments
Hi Every one, Bladder issues including urinary ...
1Rubygrace14:41 01 Jan 12 by apolr
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