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Sudden outburst of cystic acne
Hello Experts, I would appreciate your feedback for my situation. I have had severe acne

gardencove 2012-07-12
21   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Reg disturbed sleep
sir, I am Ashraf kasmani age 42, every alternate day i have to take some tab like restyl 0
ashraf99 2012-06-30
5   ashraf99 5 years ago

Polymyalgia Rheumatica
I was diagnosed with temporal arteritis three years ago, and was treated with 40 mg per da
sobyrne 2005-10-23
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Thyroid problem in 8 years kid
Hello Sir, my name is Ashish Bansal i'm from New Delhi, India. sir my sister's
ashish8419 2012-08-20
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Lacting Mother : How to increase milk supply
Hi Dr Nawaz Khan ji, I delivered a week before my due date and its a boy. From your bless

Guddus 2011-10-26
96   nawazkhan 5 years ago

sir i am always feel nausea and my apettite is almost lost.i have then gone for mine pancr
rahuldashi 2012-08-20
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Could it be Ulcerative Colitis?
Hi all, I am 37 , male.m suffering from gastric, acidity , head ache,pain in joint especi
jainash_in 2012-08-20
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Skin eruption can you help please
My daughter 27 who is prone to allergies has skin eruption spots under the skin between t
donaldson 2012-08-20
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Red veins in eye
Hi I am wondering if there is anything I can take to get rid of red thin veins in the whit
paperstars 2012-08-16
9   kadwa 5 years ago

Uric acid 6.8
I have examined my uric acid level which is 6.8 I would like to know the best medicine fr
sri7484 2012-08-11
5   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

plz help sir after abortion extreme weakness and itching in vagina
plz help sir after abortion extreme weakness and itching in vagina
smartmom 2012-08-20
no replies yet

Irregular Periods
Sir/ Madam THis is Mrs.Mahi, one month back i got married. we are under planning for to st
vaka12345 2012-08-19
2   IrenePeterson 5 years ago

This aborts panic attack in less than 3 minutes.
My friend was having what amounted to a panic attack. Staring at white noise, perfectly ra
stevelord 2012-08-14
3   IrenePeterson 5 years ago

Falky scalp and beard area
I have been suffering from extreme flaking on my scalp and beard area (I am a Sikh). The f
mnirmaljeet 2012-06-03
7   Reva V 5 years ago

Tooth root infection
Hi there! I'm a 33 y.o. female with chronic dental issues. I had my first cavity when
darla25 2012-08-17
7   darla25 5 years ago

Vision (Snow, hallucinations, blurred)
6 years ago...I was doing drugs (LSD, Mushrooms, etc.). I had a bad trip and have not touc

canuck 2003-10-09
85   BW1987NL 5 years ago

Question for Joe re: Nat Phos 6x
Hi Joe, I have read all your postings regarding Nat Phos 6x for weight loss. I can atte

Rhonda780 2010-07-06
26   DevikaDesai 5 years ago

7 month old with ashtma, pls help
I have a baby girl that has been coughing, wheezing since 2 months old. Been on Albuterol/
diverbabe 2012-08-18
3   diverbabe 5 years ago

Lachesis Aggravation
Hello, This is about my mother. She is 47 years old and a housewife. She was suffering fro
loveosho21 2012-08-19
2   loveosho21 5 years ago

Knee Pain
helo i am umair ....... i fell during playing football 12 months back and as a result of M
m.umair 2012-08-15
10   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Recurring Pimple on face
I am facing problem with pimples on my cheek bones.. It is with pus as well. i am currentl
vava707 2012-08-18
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

hoeo medicine side effects
is it possible to have side effects in homeopathy? i just wonder about a patient who u

livex 2007-03-02
19   kadwa 5 years ago

Silica Mar-What potency
I am currently taking silica mar 30c in liquid form for constipation. I am wondering if th
nicoledgraziano 2012-08-18
1   kadwa 5 years ago

upper respiratory acute infection
I have very severe infection turning into bronchitis. each time i try to take deep breath
sunny89 2012-08-18
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Eye covering
Egg White like mass is slowly growing around the curcumfrance of the outer ring of right e
fluteandgolfgrl 2012-08-19
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Excess sweating in whole body inchuding face palm and feet
Hello. I'm from kolkata. i sweat a lot my face , feet, palm and whole body continuous
sleepingbeauty 2012-07-23
4   kadwa 5 years ago

Bipolar mood disorder+OCD+DIabetes+BP+Acidity+Left Ear DRum Perforation with puss
I am having bipolar mood disorder since 1996. i am taking encorate 300mg, oplpin 5 and epr
mnbvcxz 2012-08-12
5   mnbvcxz 5 years ago

genital herpes (hsv-2)
hello i got diagnosed genital herpes(hsv-2) a month ago and i only had one outbreakso far
blueline68 2012-08-17
5   kadwa 5 years ago

Urgent - Need Help for Cat
Hi, I am new to this forum, but have been visiting the site regularly, as I am most intere
madamex 2012-08-16
5   kadwa 5 years ago

3 yr old has Whooping Cough HELP
My vaccinated 9 yr old son contracted whooping cough and my unvax'd 3 yr old got it.
Maja621 2012-08-17
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Dialated Cardiomiopathy
sir my father is suffering from the heart disease called dilated cardiomiopathy for the la
m.umair 2012-08-17
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Gangleon or bibilical cyst
In this forum most of the time Gangleon or bibilical cyst was treated with different medic
cvvek 2012-08-19
no replies yet

Ramadan Mubarak
Assalam-u-Alikum, Kullu Am wa Antum Bi Khair (May you be well throughout the year!) I wo

nawazkhan 2012-07-20
13   upen1973 5 years ago

I have several slipped disks also myelomalacia in my spinal cord,at my chest disk so ever
ubutahir 2012-05-09
1   ubutahir 5 years ago

advice sought for wrist ganglion cyst
Please advise treatment for wrist ganglion cyst: 1. ID  2. Age - 42 3. Sex 
noodle9270 2012-07-20
8   Nikkie 5 years ago

Swetting in Palm and Feet in summer
I am suffering from swetting problem since long time (10 yrs) My feet is burning as well.

bpgupta75 2012-02-24
43   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Doctor Reva,Thanks for extending help
Thanks Doctor Reva for extending help to the case.I shall take the remedy and would report
ravindrapatil 2012-08-11
2   simone717 5 years ago

stiff neck and pain in shoulders
My neck gets stiff during night and I have pain in shoulders.this is normally between 12 t
gupta.bp 2012-08-17
2   gupta.bp 5 years ago

Healthy Fitness Tips
Health has an importants role inour daily lifestyle truth health is the health and fitness
truthhealth7 2012-08-18
no replies yet

Whooping cough
3 weeks ago my husband started with whooping cough. I have started with symptoms (8 days
missy123 2012-08-12
3   kadwa 5 years ago

I am travelling to Africa and have to have certain vaccinations and take malaria pills. Wh
sharon harris 2012-08-18
1   kadwa 5 years ago

I am 59 years old I had tinnitus 11 years ago, used gingko biloba for one month and got we
Kohat 2012-08-12
4   simone717 5 years ago

I am looking for advice/remedy for this ever increasing issue that I have. When I drink fl
Njdbmc05 2012-08-18
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

pilonidal sinus please help
hi all, im brand new to homeopathy. i dont wish to undergo surgery for the pilonidal sinus
mannyuk 2012-08-18
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

ocd p.a.n.d.a.s.
My 11 year old son suffers from OCD. Although he showed very mild signs of it when younger
tiredmomof3 2012-08-16
6   varun gupta 5 years ago

okay, so i recently started homeopathy 5 weeks ago for my mild but recurring acne (2-3 eve

varsha01 2011-05-17
17   dragonfly1976 5 years ago

dear dr kadwa, my 12 year old son has a lot of anger inside him. if he wants
richa f 2012-07-22
6   dragonfly1976 5 years ago

Hi! I have seen that there is exciting an alloplactic supressing substance potentisised at
erklars 2012-08-17
no replies yet

Pain on the left side of neck
Hi,My name is Mayank and I am 31 yr old.I was having some ear blockage 4-5 months back wit
mayank.symbi 2012-03-17
3   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Hepatitis B Positive
Sir 3 month ago I was diagnosed as HbsAg Positive. I went to AIIMS and accroding to Doctor
anurodh786 2012-08-17
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

any help for a proving that did not go away??
it is about paranoia, suspicion, seeing faces when closing eyes or on the outside when bur
Almost 2012-08-17
no replies yet

Panick Attacks
Hi, I'm French, from Strasbourg, so please excuse my poor english ! I'm a guy
je2907 2012-08-14
9   Parakletos 5 years ago

drealization, as if in a dream,lack of awareness to environment
actually i hav some problems with my consciousness...it feels that my consciousness is not

rahul0205 2012-07-23
28   simone717 5 years ago

mild chronic hepatitis
respected sir mild chronic hepatitis dicted on 28.05.2012 doctor is given me tab baraclu
R C SHARMA 2012-08-16
1   kadwa 5 years ago

I sm experiencing fatigue every day between 3-6 pm , I took nux vow for three days ,follow
sinfinity 2012-08-16
1   kadwa 5 years ago

help needed with Menopause
Hi, my mom is 54 years old and it has been 7 months since she got her periods . I underst
sophy 2012-08-16
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Hep Sulph Dosage - boils
Hello, I am new here and would like to ask some quick advice. I've suffered from lar
Kazama 2012-08-11
6   kadwa 5 years ago

Bipolar+OCD+Diabetes+BP+Acidity+Left Ear Drum Perforation
I am having bipolar mood disorder since 1996. i am taking encorate 300mg, oplpin 5 and epr

mnbvcxz 2012-08-12
17   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Type-2 Diabetes since last 18 years
I am male, 50 years. I am suffering from Type-2 Diabetes (NIDDM) since 18 years. I am ta

sivajivizag 2012-06-24
13   sivajivizag 5 years ago

LAck of hygiene and cold chills
Hi, My dad is 55 years old. He gets sudden chills atleast once in a year especially whe
sophy 2012-08-16
2   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Itch in between legs
Hello dr i have some problem in between my legs i have itch for about a month i dont know

imran655 2012-07-13
21   nawazkhan 5 years ago

breast feeding
Hello Doc's lately i was helped by you peoples and i am very thankful for that. my
qadirahmed 2012-08-07
7   Dr. Ahmad 5 years ago

Brain Tumor
1. ID or Your Name: Rubina Zafar 2. Age: 54 years 3. Sex: Female 4. Single/Married: Marr
rubina101 2012-08-15
3   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Recurring Pilonidal cyst after two surguries
Hello I have read through previous posts about this topic and wonder if I can follow the s
Gol225 2012-08-16
no replies yet

hair loss help needed!!!
I am 23 years old male suffering from hair loss since past 6-7 years. I am 6ft 2in with no
sanketbanodkar 2012-08-16
1   varun gupta 5 years ago

Homeopathy for plants
Is there any homeopathic medicines for plants? I read that agrohomeopathy for plants and f
nikkikumar 2012-08-16
3   nikkikumar 5 years ago

Is taking homeopathy for long period of time ok?
A homeopathic doctor prescribed me ledum pal 200for my knee problem. I took it for almost
asdf101 2012-08-16
1   simone717 5 years ago

for Run fast
res. sir i am interested in join army,police so in that they take phisical test in that h
deepakkumar12 2012-07-14
2   deepakkumar12 5 years ago

tick bite
I had soreness under my right arm, near my armpit and discovered a tick. My neighbor pulle
biscottilu 2010-06-30
10   maheeru 5 years ago

Smoking & Drinking......
List the places and situations that make you want to smoke and drink. Whether it's a
Realfly 2012-08-16
no replies yet

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