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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
incurable diseases....is there any hope?
Hai , iam a 24 year male (unmarried obviously). I ... [LAST PAGE]
16sadiqglb55506:10 11 Dec 11 by vishnu5
incurable diseases... can homeopathy handle these?
Hai i am a 24 year male . I am suffering from weak...
4sadiqglb55506:00 11 Dec 11 by vishnu5
i m 21 but having very less desire for sex premature ejeculation,loose erectile due to exxecive masturbation
i have been masturbating since age of 12 and initi...
4sam kapoor05:50 11 Dec 11 by vishnu5
How to have good semen reserves in body?...
2I am Dev05:48 11 Dec 11 by vishnu5
Grandma's Concoction
We were going through a collection of grandma'...
1dukelemoyne04:16 11 Dec 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Knee Problem, BP and Uric Acid
my mother and father both are suffering from knee ...
1ashish841903:28 11 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
att: dr nawaz
Attention Dr Nawaz please respond to this forum: ...
2swarnabha03:17 11 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Acid Reflux and Grit in Lower Teeth
I have constant gritty material from lower teeth. ...
3Beammie03:05 11 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Itch all over the body
For the past 1 month, I've been having terrib... [LAST PAGE]
35srini22:42 10 Dec 11 by LolaH1
Pelvic pain, Cipro and muscle/tendon issues
Hi, I sometimes use to have urine burning and I... [LAST PAGE]
16ifee_pk21:55 10 Dec 11 by MANDYSSS
Toxic reaction to Levaquin
Hi, I (and many others) have had a toxic reacti...
0MANDYSSS21:42 10 Dec 11 by
High Blood Pressure?
I developed hypertension after a surgery (1998) ... [LAST PAGE]
16ivorybow20:34 10 Dec 11 by Dr Zaair Husain
til on face
sir, my son aged 17 yrs has very new til ...
0jainsanjayjain12:52 10 Dec 11 by
10 month old with wheezy cough
Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me wi...
3shellnelliot08:45 10 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
thanks [message edited by girl2010 on Thu, 15 Dec ...
0girl201007:56 10 Dec 11 by
acute headache
Hello Doctor, My problem is that I am suffering f...
2SHILPY000905:47 10 Dec 11 by SHILPY0009
osteonecrosis of knee
Hi, Does anyone know which homeopathic med will ...
3manureet02:36 10 Dec 11 by kadwa
Severe Acne Vulgaris, please help
Aoa Doctor , i am 24 years old, my hieght is 5'...
2Sidrah01:06 10 Dec 11 by Joe De Livera
IBS & Anosmia
I am a 30 year-old female with severe IBS and ha... [LAST PAGE]
88Chelsea3323:10 09 Dec 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
hi this is imtiaz .my mother is 72 year old.she i...
1hussain enterprise21:56 09 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Treatment for NPH.
Is NPH curable by homeopathy?...
2khick415:16 09 Dec 11 by abs_pc1
Cell Salt for Sticky/ Pasty stools.
Hi, what cell salts are great for a better diges...
1samur42014:25 09 Dec 11 by samur420
Hearing loss
Doctor Saheb, i can not hear from my left ear....
3msinha199911:34 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Need Consultation for Glucoma
Dear In my recent eye test i was detected with p...
1nandidebasish10:54 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
please reply to my post
can you please reply to my post hormonal imbalance...
1swarnabha10:25 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Cervical Spondylitis
Dear Sir, My mother aged 55 yrs is suffering a lo...
1vamsisravani 10:23 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Urgent - pregnant woman and toddler ingesting black mould
Hi, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and both me and ...
1jakesmum10:06 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Dear Sir, Igot typhoid 2 month back.... i took al...
3mikee12310:01 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Lack of labor pain
Dear docter, If patient completed 9 months duri...
2cvvek09:44 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
i am not vergin
hi, iam an unmarried girl but i had physical conta...
2s.sarwat 08:31 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Kind Attention Chronic kidney Disease
Patient Name:Sh. Mahaveer Rawal Age: 56...
1raawal08:28 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Hi, I'm a desperate wife trying to find a so...
3madscats08:14 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
My Penis is so loose and less solid
The problem with my penis is it is so soft and una...
1Abbas_d07:38 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Breathing trouble and Body ache.
My wife has breathing trouble from last one month...
1raviranjan 07:35 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
any doctor please help me.
i am 32 yrs unmarried male.i am facing a problem o...
1chandrama07:16 09 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Greenish descharge from nose
My daughter 3 yrs age has nose discharge form last...
4raviranjan06:45 09 Dec 11 by kadwa
Hair loss problem
i am 21yrs old male. i have hair loss problem of...
3sethursiva06:28 09 Dec 11 by kadwa
Bio-chemic pellets to be chewed, or sucked.
Hi, I would like to know how biochemic pellets s...
2samur42006:00 09 Dec 11 by samur420
Stool, immediately after breakfast
I pass the stool 10 min after I finish my breakfas...
1kaushikpadhye 01:56 09 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
jet lag help in 6 month old infant
Hello, I will travelling from the UK to Canada ...
3Dee_hnh01:51 09 Dec 11 by shouse_nsk
night fall
Dear Sir My slef sanjeev.Every week i suffering...
1sanju.kochar22:36 08 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
brionia and spongia
I am taking brionia30 and spongia 30 from last ...
1raviranjan22:03 08 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
white hair problem
i have some white hair since i was in my 8th grade...
1sh_shan121:45 08 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Tryglycerides, Cholestrol reduce
I am male 35 years old & 85KG weight. Levels ...
1bukky 21:17 08 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
dr showrabh i send my profile please response me.i send my profile on 6 december but no reply,please repy me.
i given my profile but not answer.i am 32 yrs male...
1chandrama21:11 08 Dec 11 by Dr. Showrav
Alopcia and dermatitis
Dear Dr Joe, Please help me with my alopecia ...
0luna6917:17 08 Dec 11 by
Completed thread address
Hello All, Is there any way, I can look for all...
1Ashok_M 16:06 08 Dec 11 by Ashok_M
Cough in cold weather
Dear dr.s, I am facing COUGh problem, whenever ...
12nadeem4u 15:39 08 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
how to treat progressive cerebral atrophy???
Doctor, my uncle has progressive cerebral atrophy...
1nishant.bonde09:33 08 Dec 11 by shouse_nsk
Treatment for AVN of Femur Head
1.Describe your main suffering? Early Stage Avas...
1laghu07:39 08 Dec 11 by kadwa
Typhoid fever (The Enteric Fever) - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Typhoid fever (The Enteric Fever) Def: It is an... [LAST PAGE]
13deoshlok06:47 08 Dec 11 by Rani9
erection, low sex drive
i m 44 married, having 2 kids, very low sex drive ...
2hsnmh06:07 08 Dec 11 by hsnmh
lymphadema of the leg
About 4 years ago I was operated I was given a tot...
5smlope05:58 08 Dec 11 by shouse_nsk
URGENT: 6 year old child echinococcus cyst of spleen
Since February 2011, my six year old daughter was ... [LAST PAGE]
13gajraaj 20:54 07 Dec 11 by gajraaj
Chronic insomnia with dreams of death, violence - please help
Hello, I am seeking help for my boyfriend, who ...
11tiger218019:07 07 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Seborrheic Dermatitis & Rosacea
I am 30 yr old male and suffer from sebborheic de... [LAST PAGE]
19casinoboy 13:50 07 Dec 11 by berk54
Light sensitivity/eye strain/migrain triggered by light
Helo Doctors, I'm having eye st...
4numbsyd12:42 07 Dec 11 by numbsyd
Pls help me reduce Tryglycerides, Cholestrol
I am male 35 years old & 85KG weight. Levels ...
2bukky10:24 07 Dec 11 by Joe De Livera
White Blood Cells
hi all i request to all doctors of this forum, p...
6shyguy 10:20 07 Dec 11 by Rani9
Patient,male,39,married.Very cowered.Becomes nervo...
2mrbaig07:51 07 Dec 11 by mrbaig
wanting appreciation

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
6starface07:18 07 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Dry scalp, hair loss, acute dandruff
I am 36 years old woman living in US. I had absolu...
5collectore05:57 07 Dec 11 by soniasyril
dry scalp/scalp stinging and hair loss problem
am a 20 yr old male living in canada....only came ...
6Deadly05:51 07 Dec 11 by soniasyril
Erectile Dysfunction Problem
sir , im 27 years old, my weight is 70 kg, heigh...
1ashish841904:12 07 Dec 11 by ashish8419
Height problem
I m 23yr 7mnthz old..my height is 4'_11'....
1Megha6600:57 07 Dec 11 by missmitch
Vaccine causing delusion?? (David)

[message deleted by starface on Fri, 06 Jan 20...
2starface00:53 07 Dec 11 by starface
plz save my life................
hii,i m 24yrs old housewife.i have fair complextio...
2shweaman 00:26 07 Dec 11 by missmitch
Please help
My husband and I have both had health issues for q... [LAST PAGE]
62smad0100:08 07 Dec 11 by missmitch
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - Need BIG help
Hi I have been suffering from PCOS probalby since...
7SWhair00:03 07 Dec 11 by nawazkhan
Seeking Help for these Problems
Salaam, I hope you are in best of health. My...
4expolegend 00:02 07 Dec 11 by missmitch
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