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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Vaginal wetness
Suddenly out of nowhere I developed vaginal wetnes...
1ljnteeth06:59 17 Oct 11 by kadwa
backache and genitals weakness
i am 28 yrs of age.i have been suffering from back...
1kami20106:49 17 Oct 11 by kadwa
breast enlargement
plz doctor i answers all your quary.and ...
0mayaa04:52 17 Oct 11 by
Endocrinology Puzzle...
October 2010 ... Graves disease, 70kg to 54kg ...
11Hypo-No Thyroid03:57 17 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Plantar wart in the sole of foot
My husband has a plantar wart on the heel, sole of... [LAST PAGE]
30Riana01:54 17 Oct 11 by CHomeopathic9
Kenalog Injections & Weight Gain- How to Reverse It?
Last year, I had gained 10 lbs rapidly and had ede...
0CHomeopathic901:51 17 Oct 11 by
sebacious cysts on scalp
Hi there I have several sebacious cysts situate...
0Ravinder0122:35 16 Oct 11 by
Tonsils Enlarged
My Son is 21 yrs old.. Has enlarged tonsils, both...
0bhavnas9017:49 16 Oct 11 by
mouch ulcers
my mother aged 61 years suffering from recurrent m...
9vara_prasadp17:23 16 Oct 11 by Nikkie
weak and dull hair
Dear doctor, I am 35 year old,with all healthy ha...
0redlotus3117:04 16 Oct 11 by
Dear Joe, I am taking yr.remedy arnica 30 ,and i...
10junawani16:41 16 Oct 11 by junawani
Bleeding in early pregnancy.
hi, my wife is 31 years old. She is now pregnant o... [LAST PAGE]
62ravikiran.cv16:33 16 Oct 11 by maheeru
Maheeru and Joe De Livera
Hi Maheeru! Hi Joe! My sister is going through ...
5abcjoana16:29 16 Oct 11 by maheeru
pilonodal sinus
Hello Dr. Varma I am 24rys (civil engineer) male... [LAST PAGE]
61apurv12314:44 16 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
The Hormones and Birth control pills
The main problem is that I want to leave estrogen+...
6hpill14:04 16 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
pain after root canal retreatment
I've just had a re-treatment for my infected ...
6miaki13:21 16 Oct 11 by Joe De Livera
Anal/rectum smells
I have this very embarrasing problem. I have this ...
6Nick198610:00 16 Oct 11 by kadwa
Hi, My age is 37.I'm suffering from oligospe...
0aamir khan10:00 16 Oct 11 by
Trying to understand 7-year olds behavior
HI all, I'm wondering if a remedy may be help...
10davehasl08:10 16 Oct 11 by daktersaab
hello doctors, i m Javed Ubaid 31 yrs. old live...
3triple www 06:11 16 Oct 11 by rizwan130
Impetigo in 5 year old
Hello, my daughter has this and it started with c...
3wafer1601:53 16 Oct 11 by Joe De Livera
dd [message edited by girl2010 on Thu, 26 Jan 2012... [LAST PAGE]
52girl201001:37 16 Oct 11 by hammadmd
excessive perspriation
Excessive perspiration From maxim_nunes on 2011...
1maxim_nunes21:18 15 Oct 11 by sajjad anwar
Is there any homeopathic medicine for my problem?????????????????
I posted my problem but no one is responsing about...
1abdullah khan20:14 15 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Looking for any information I can get on this reme...
0kagun17:33 15 Oct 11 by
urethral stricture
I have urethra infection near Urinary Bladder and ...
5kashiflf15:37 15 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Arnica failed to reduce BSL
Dear Joe I am a diabetic type 2. I first detected...
7libra15:24 15 Oct 11 by Joe De Livera
Dr. help my Mother
Dear Doctor, My mother 73 years old, 4ft....
1kartick11:45 15 Oct 11 by cvvek
severe gas and muscles pain
My daughter tanya is 11 years old. Once in 2 month...
4tanya_coel10:41 15 Oct 11 by tanya_coel
Another Diabetic confirms the reduction of his Blood Sugar level from 180 to 120 using Arnica 6c in the Wet dose.
I am copying below a thread from the Homeopathy an...
3Joe De Livera08:32 15 Oct 11 by tcs1337
treatment for weight loss
Sir, I seek your guidance for the medication of w...
8Dr Gunjan Jain06:51 15 Oct 11 by Nikkie
leg pain and swelling after stroke
My husband suffered a stroke a few years and was l...
2fredkiwi05:47 15 Oct 11 by kadwa
height increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hello experts and friends i am a 19 yr old boy and...
4worldlife04:11 15 Oct 11 by worldlife
Agorophobia prevents Schooling
My daughter is 15 years old and is in 10th grade. ... [LAST PAGE]
72l471530 01:44 15 Oct 11 by l471530
Joe!!! Pl help
Hi Joe, First, thanks for your service. I am Sa...
11sasi10001:29 15 Oct 11 by Joe De Livera
remedy bomhenia
Looking for information on this remedy as I can fi...
0kagun14:20 14 Oct 11 by
breast enlargement
age :22 years sex :female single weight: 40 kgs...
0mayaa14:07 14 Oct 11 by
Under the skin itching in the scrotum anal area
read all previous post. listed all meds, creams,id...
0Lanoo13:27 14 Oct 11 by
breast enlarge ment
dr plz proper guide me that whether i take sabal...
3mayaa12:43 14 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Depression, panic attacks
Greetings Following is the questionaire i found...
7nit121011:05 14 Oct 11 by zaffar_consfela
Colic and/or heartburn in 5wk old help needed
My Breastfeed daugther is 5 wks old and has been g...
2swlubinus10:07 14 Oct 11 by swlubinus
Breast Enlargement
hi, my wife had normal breast till six months ag...
3niceguy8109:53 14 Oct 11 by niceguy81
Urine burning , Extreme back and kidney pain.
Medical History. Since 2007 i have this proble...
3sixthsen09:44 14 Oct 11 by Zahid)2
iam doomed
i have been masturbating for the past 10 yrs .i wa...
1AURILIUS08:30 14 Oct 11 by anw2011
gas production in stomache at night
i have a chronic problem of gas during night while...
1agwilson03:06 14 Oct 11 by shouse_nsk
skin Elergy
My son is 5 years old,he got lot of problems,it st...
2puneet200901:56 14 Oct 11 by puneet2009
Could my child need a spider remedy?
Hi all, I am at my whit's end with my 2nd ch...
5smac7921:19 13 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
need consult on acute stomach issues
Hello, I am hoping for some consultation on a chro...
1basata42619:01 13 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
cervical lymphodenopathy
sir my daughter 04 yrs old is suddenly detected wi...
2vpandey2508:31 13 Oct 11 by vpandey25
generalized anxiety disorder

[message deleted by vpandey25 on Sat, 24 Dec 2...
12vpandey2506:28 13 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
dr nawaz,David sir help needed
my wife has light cold which she says in her throa... [LAST PAGE]
17homeopatient00106:06 13 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
extreme warts/scars on face(with pictures) please help,all senior doctors
AGE:20 GENDER:female WEIGHT:54 kg BODY TYPE:ave... [LAST PAGE]
22sadaf199106:04 13 Oct 11 by drgeetika
Pain in left testicle
Since 1 week i am feeling slight pain in my left t...
8Nagul06:01 13 Oct 11 by mohammad_ibrar
breast enlargement
dear dr. can i use sabal ser q ? or sabal ser 3...
0mayaa05:44 13 Oct 11 by
I think I need Sepia... ??
I'm new to the forums, so please be gentle! ... [LAST PAGE]
24MrsKW05:11 13 Oct 11 by kadwa
constant period from two months
Hi I m 21 and I m in a live in relationship since ...
3angelblue 05:07 13 Oct 11 by kadwa
11 year old with phimosisi
It has recently become apparent that my 11 year ol...
1aimeeloo02:05 13 Oct 11 by shouse_nsk
Multiple Sclerosis
- diagnosed in 2005 - foot drop (right foot drags... [LAST PAGE]
18Isaiah5301:40 13 Oct 11 by nawazkhan
Dr.Deoshlok (Hairfall)
I am 26 year old unmarried man living in India. Si...
1Parimal_N01:39 13 Oct 11 by Parimal_N
Suggestions for 7 year-old boy with possible add
My son is 7. He had a very poor start in kindergar...
9H&Hmom00:26 13 Oct 11 by H&Hmom
Tendonitis in 12 year old
my 12(almost 13) year old daughter is a gymnast an...
4gsjct23:07 12 Oct 11 by gsjct
Face Pain
Suffering from very bad neural pain on the left si... [LAST PAGE]
25Gurvendra 21:40 12 Oct 11 by Gurvendra
homeopathy for cavities in the teeth?
dear friends, is there any homeopathic remedy that...
3pcthahir20:04 12 Oct 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
deleted [message edited by girl2010 on Tue, 20 Dec...
4girl201018:26 12 Oct 11 by girl2010
A free and very effective remedy for common colds
Garlic also called Allium Sativum in Latin. Alli...
3girilal12:34 12 Oct 11 by srissy1980
Psoriasis From three Years
One chronic case 2. Age :35 3. Sex :Male 4. Mar... [LAST PAGE]
14yogita2003 11:41 12 Oct 11 by srissy1980
Diabetic and sex problesm
1. Age 36 years 2. Sex Male 3. Sin...
0mohammad_ibrar09:37 12 Oct 11 by
doctor for last 5 month i m suffering from acid r...
2Purbita Roy07:12 12 Oct 11 by Joe De Livera
hight problem
sir i m shahbaz from pakistan i have visited all p...
0SHAHBAZ 07:03 12 Oct 11 by
Blood Pressure
I have BP of 140/110 how to control? Can I use Mu...
2Dr Ram06:20 12 Oct 11 by Dr Ram
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