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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Sir Joe, Help me for chronic Nasal polyps (sinusitis), Catarrh and Skin problem
Sir, No one want to take my case..Why?? Are my pro...
11rehanbd 23:42 12 Sep 11 by dragonfly1976
28 female single 57kg 5 feet india 1. bl...
9pqrst22:09 12 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
pennis message ?
dear doctor i read a bool in which if due to mas...
0holy_pearls_200418:12 12 Sep 11 by
urinary incontinence
Hi, does anyone have a remedy for stress inconti...
4dawn041118:06 12 Sep 11 by maheeru
Doc. David, pls suggest...about calcium intake
Respected Doc. Every body says that drinking milk...
1HoneyKhanna13:15 12 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Lower Back Pain - To Dr Tamhankar
To Dr. Tamhankar, My husband is suffering from ...
0renns21412:45 12 Sep 11 by
No remedy for stone in salivary gland
Am I right in assuming that there are no remedies ...
0Carmel11:57 12 Sep 11 by
can anyone help?
I would like advice about a problem that my brothe...
9plaguedmum10:56 12 Sep 11 by Nikkie
suuges some remedies about sinus of my wife age-34...
0abari 07:17 12 Sep 11 by
Dog and Porcupine Quills
Dog got involved with a porcupine. I gave her wha...
11Bodhitshe05:55 12 Sep 11 by kadwa
I am a male aged 57 .I am suffering from Piles /h...
9vrsm999905:48 12 Sep 11 by kadwa
Dear Sir/Madam, My 8 years old son has been decl...
4Tushar Rattan 04:48 12 Sep 11 by daktersaab
i am 46 and was diaganosed with some prostatitis w...
0andy_65_in04:26 12 Sep 11 by
Fever and vomiting
My 5 year old has a fever and can not eat or drink...
4cmd111802:09 12 Sep 11 by shouse_nsk
Dr Mahfooz your help on frozen shoulder
Dr Mahfooz , I read one of your treatment going o... [LAST PAGE]
28imtiyaz.ansari23:32 11 Sep 11 by M Ali
Daktersaab and other experts- Plz clarify about homeopathy
Hi, I have read that homeopathy is a treatmen...
1vivek7722:08 11 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Hi can anyone help with a remedy for unrinary inco...
1dawn041119:13 11 Sep 11 by maheeru
gas ,acidity related frequent throat irritaton leading to coughing.
I am a female aged 50 with the above problem for ...
7vrsm999918:12 11 Sep 11 by Joe De Livera
Attn. Dr.Nawazkhan
Dear sir, My sister aged 33 year has been sufferin... [LAST PAGE]
15pradeepx2817:57 11 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
non function of kidney
As diagnosed, both the kidneys not functioning and...
3ggpkg16:45 11 Sep 11 by Joe De Livera
small penis
hello, a friend of mine recomend me homeo medic...
11raja.javaid09:51 11 Sep 11 by qamaraltaf
for brisbane homeopath

[message deleted by pacifick on Tue, 28 Feb 20...
35pacifick04:39 11 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
heart palpitations (?)
I am 28 year old woman and I experience heart palp... [LAST PAGE]
59Mag88903:00 11 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
crusty scalp
My scalp is really crusty. I go through bouts of h...
0jazmine723:01 10 Sep 11 by
joint effusion
Helo Sir, Myself visit your site and some ...
3scraftindia16:56 10 Sep 11 by Nikkie
Masturbation: good or bad?
What is the view of respected doctors of this foru...
7badshah1915:29 10 Sep 11 by badshah19
WBC are high 24 count
dear Doctors, my mother have problem of high wb...
5wasaf13:48 10 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
Dr Nawaz khan. answered questionnaire
1. ID- vikram 2. Age- 37 3. Sex- male 4. Single... [LAST PAGE]
93vikram_ahuja12:18 10 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
Salivary Gland Stone
My son is 17. He has a stone in the left salivary...
0Carmel11:46 10 Sep 11 by
Precum Drops and Penis Size
heloo everyone and especially Dr. Mehfooz and Dr. ...
0asad78607:15 10 Sep 11 by
for brisbanehomoeopath

[message deleted by mani_jee on Mon, 13 Jul 20...
0mani_jee06:15 10 Sep 11 by
vaginal infection
I m 34 yr old woman ,got vaginal infection after t...
12nande04:15 10 Sep 11 by kadwa
Hemorrhoids in my 3year old boy, help!
My son has been bleeding (a bright red, small bloo...
2cbpoh04:01 10 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
i am taking Synthroid (thyroid supplement) and the...
0pollen02:38 10 Sep 11 by
sex problem in married life
sir my age is 27years.i am married. and i have man...
0khan83801:57 10 Sep 11 by
chronic urticaria
In the latest lab test results, it is seen that th...
0sukam5500:17 10 Sep 11 by
candida albicans
This is a problem with my wife now. Earlier, for h...
1sukam5500:16 10 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Sickel cell info
sickel cell can be trated by homeopathy...
2manish.patel8021:04 09 Sep 11 by daktersaab
Gastric Problem
Hello, I am 35 year old female who has been suffe...
1homeo_med_fan16:33 09 Sep 11 by Nikkie
dream aggravations
Suppose a person is given a medicine, for hay fe... [LAST PAGE]
23karinamom13:35 09 Sep 11 by karinamom
Asthma of my 13 Year Old son
Dear Joe, I have been reading your corresponden... [LAST PAGE]
115datind11:44 09 Sep 11 by Joe De Livera
Pain in Testis
I am 29 years old unmarried. Weight 57 kg. Height ...
4niazkarim05:25 09 Sep 11 by niazkarim
Black colour around both eyes
1. High Blood Pressure in some occasions 2. One...
1beynazeer12304:14 09 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
idepathic chronic urticaria
From Mrs.Malliga 60 years old To Dr.deoshlok...
2sukam5502:15 09 Sep 11 by sukam55
deleted [message edited by girl2010 on Tue, 20 Dec...
1girl201021:45 08 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
how increase sex time
AOA. any one please help me i am 27 Ayers old...
0mossanna20:01 08 Sep 11 by
albumins in urine
Dear DOCTOR, My age is 17, and I have an albumins...
3hxnali17:49 08 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
Post piles surgery issues
Hi I am Anurag , male, 35 years. Have been taki...
5Anurag_singhal17:43 08 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
colocynthis dose

[message deleted by pacifick on Tue, 28 Feb 20...
3pacifick16:26 08 Sep 11 by pacifick
Heavy Hairfall
Hi, My name is Trupti Dabholkar, age: 28 years, We...
1trupti.dabholkar16:14 08 Sep 11 by Nikkie
failing root canals
My dentist told me that my root canal (25+ years...
5Kathy M.16:08 08 Sep 11 by Kathy M.
ear pain in toddler - urgent!!!
hello... my kid has turned 2 this month and he is...
8avyay16:03 08 Sep 11 by Nikkie
Dr.David/ Brisbane homeopath pls help
Dear David Sir I present my case and seek your... [LAST PAGE]
29taurus070513:41 08 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
pudendal nerve inflamation
i have been diagonised with a inflammation in the ...
8Neel161912:42 08 Sep 11 by Neel1619
Tootheache after Crowning process at dentisit
Dear dr. many years ago, my one tooth, 2nd las...
1nadeem4u 11:15 08 Sep 11 by Joe De Livera
sleeplessness + food aversion
I have a problem while taking food. I get a lot of...
4raghava21607:57 08 Sep 11 by shouse_nsk
dog epilepsy
hi , i am having a male dog 1.5 yrs old , mixed br...
3khushkhush05:26 08 Sep 11 by khushkhush
panic disorder and inner ear problems causing dizzy spells
8 years ago i was put into hospital for panic diso...
2danielle75 03:40 08 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
likoria help
my wife is 28 years old, she have a problem of lik...
1nanu_322403:26 08 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
Natrium Muriaticum Mamma
Hello everyone, My mother is definitely a Natri...
3BlueOcean01:51 08 Sep 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Penis erection problem
I m 22 years old, i never did masturbation in my l...
2a.i.a00:34 08 Sep 11 by sadeqahmed
sexual problem
hello Dr. i am going to be very weak......i am su...
4malikwaqar00:30 08 Sep 11 by sadeqahmed
Need help
I am a 26 old man and need help in my sexual condi...
1nadeemachmed00:17 08 Sep 11 by sadeqahmed
Lower back pain with constipation
Hi ! Respected forum members, I am 68 yrs male su... [LAST PAGE]
41ranjandr13:13 07 Sep 11 by nawazkhan
Fever and sore throat
My 9 yrs son got fever and sore throat. He was out...
1nikkikumar12:52 07 Sep 11 by Nikkie
Dr Joe De Liveria... hairloss
hello sir, Im frm India, having hairloss ...
4JEE04711:53 07 Sep 11 by JEE047
Hi Experts, I have two severe eating habbits 1...
2kanchan_vanks2211:53 07 Sep 11 by shouse_nsk
Brsibane please- new cat problem
Hi- The cat who you had prescribed the opium fo...
2iloveyou09:34 07 Sep 11 by iloveyou
chest congestion
im suffering by chest congestion with nose choking...
1bhushanrb04:23 07 Sep 11 by kadwa
hypersensativity due to overdose of thuja
i had taken thuja in 200 dose for around 1 and 1... [LAST PAGE]
21tecky04:17 07 Sep 11 by kadwa
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