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Arseni Alb during breastfeeding
can i take arsenic alb duringbreasfeeding for urticaria?
surabhi niranjan 2012-01-12
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

married and have to children
My name is Khan. I have two childrens and my age is 34 but i am experiencing less erection
insiahozefa 2012-01-15
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

I'm 24yrs Male, I've been suffering from migraines since i was 15. My symptoms a
fosterz 2011-11-21
6   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

intercourse last only 25 seconds pls help me dr
dr i have a problem of premature ejaculation , my ejaculation dont last even 25 seconds pl

vinodag 2011-12-15
28   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Lichen planus
Please Provide Treatment of LICHEN PLANUS
mdsharma 2012-01-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

cure of impotency
I feel myself impotence due to musterbation for last seven years
jasvinder 2012-01-13
4   kadwa 5 years ago

Advice on frequency
I was after some advice please. I consulted a Homeopath for a range of chronic symptoms a
Derek M 2012-01-14
3   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Stuffy nose .
My son has stuffy nose since yesterday . There is not much runny nose but not able to
nikkikumar 2012-01-14
1   Reva V 5 years ago

Blushing, Clammy hands & feet
Evening all, This is my first post, and to be honest- my last resort at some turn around
Surf-Tiki 2012-01-06
9   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Gain Weight
My age is 35 yrs and weight is 58 kgs. My problem is I am lean since my childhood.When we

skvvs35 2011-12-08
23   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Over attachment /possessiveness
Dear Doctor, It is for my elder brother.He was 33 and married and has a 9aged son .His wif
sv3731 2012-01-11
5   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

eczema/psoriarsis on palm on hand
Could you help me with a severe case of exczema on the palm of my hand. It has been going
nishpatel 2012-01-09
12   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

36 years old Rheumatoid arthritis
Hello, My name is Sean and I am 36 years old. Within the last 5 months or so I have start
Sean75 2012-01-07
10   ebedlam 5 years ago

left side Radiating
My mother had an operation to remove blood clot in leftside of brain after four weeks she
babug 2012-01-14
1   Reva V 5 years ago

Penis Girth Increase?
Is there any medicine in Homeopath which really works to increase the Girth of Penis.
aahil 2012-01-13
1   aahil 5 years ago

i want to take wet dose of arnica 6c. Where i can find this in bangaladesh. Is arnica &
mizanmunni 2012-01-14
no replies yet

Sir i am 23 year old yet and have 5'.4' height . I want to increase my height wit
mirha 2012-01-14
no replies yet

hair is thin after taking isotretinoin an allopathy medicine
i have problem of hyperhydrosis. i sweat lot from palm and feet also i had very oily scalp
prashantsharma9040 2012-01-12
3   kadwa 5 years ago

When taking hydrastis, even 6X, I start producing copious amounts of mucos, my eyes start
Apistolla 2012-01-13
1   kadwa 5 years ago

im hook with it
i dont really know how to stop it when im hook with it, i can stop myself from doing it be
rexme_18 2012-01-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

tubercular miasm
what is the essence of this miasm? Is it that 'change' creates temporary relief?
starface 2012-01-14
1   starface 5 years ago

are high potencies safer compared to low ones like dr. shawrow says. Will they less likely
starface 2012-01-12
5   starface 5 years ago

Arnica for slipped disk
Would arnica work for helping ease a slipped disk in the lower back? What doses would be
ethel37 2012-01-13
1   simone717 5 years ago

Dr. do you think homeopathy can help me
Last year I used anabolic steroids ever since then my body is not working properly. My ski
WilliamHolst 2012-01-10
12   WilliamHolst 5 years ago

Right side headache
sir, i was having slight headache since morning on sunday. to add to it i applied henna o
vikassri 2012-01-13
2   srisri 5 years ago

urine problem
mother aged 85 has problem in controlling urine at nights. involuntary passing of urine be
chiraniara 2012-01-13
1   srisri 5 years ago

acute osteo arthritis on both knees
Respected Dr. Nawazkhan, Sir, I am now quite better with my fissure as you have guided
sibabrata 2012-01-13
no replies yet

Tendinitis in my wrist
I am 40 years old female. For 5 months I have tendinitis in my left wrist (syndrome de Que
mariagar 2012-01-13
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Vaginal discomfort for toddler
My almost 4 year old daughter,has been grabbing/holding her crotch often over the last few
Forest Elf 2012-01-11
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Please help with ADHD child
I have a 8 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with ADHD. She was diagnosed with thi
Motheroffour 2012-01-12
1   kadwa 5 years ago

my upper chest hurts both sides
I used a multiviatmin drug which makes me sleep and eat well, and ive used it for over 5 y
doyin 2012-01-12
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Macular Distrophy
Hello, First of all, thanks for having this website and helping so many people :) I was
dnumdanielem 2012-01-13
1   dnumdanielem 5 years ago

Dr. nawaz, Please help me
Dear Doctor, I described my symptoms in one of the thread ôSevere pai
bunteeman18 2012-01-12
2   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Question about a Homeopathic Term
I was going through a Homeopathic Article on ONOSMODIUM and I read something which I dont
sshussain 2012-01-12
3   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Would this describe me? In below description is mentioned dreams of a hand stabbing in th
starface 2012-01-13
1   starface 5 years ago

Heal Thyself Magazine Archives
Archived copies of Heal Thyself (The Homeopathic World) are available by free subscription
similitude 2012-01-13
1   daktersaab 5 years ago

what remedy has issues with unjust? staphysgaria, mercury? are there anymore in the sens
starface 2012-01-12
5   starface 5 years ago

Eye floaters: tooth braces as a possible reason
Please, I'm seeking for your help to solve my problem! March 2008 I'd installed
enrico-f 2009-01-01
1   John Doe 5 years ago

Dry ,Scaly ,Skin with Winter agravation
I have a friend (educated well placed- now 40 years of age, medium built(169 cm height 64
naman 2005-12-30
11   waqarshakoor 5 years ago

Awful taste in mouth.
From the past three months, my life has taken a turn. And here's the reason. I

nalrrr 2005-05-14
141   karjade 5 years ago

semen volume
I ejaculate only one drop during intercourse. PL TELL me how to increase the volume?
paraman 2011-12-18
1   sabakha 5 years ago

Increased heart beat with pain, Streess..!!
I want to get remedy for a problem that i m facing from many years, whenever i take tensio
Streessgetout 2012-01-11
5   Streessgetout 5 years ago

Brisbane Homeopath
can i give u all my information and you look it over into what remedy i need.
WilliamHolst 2012-01-11
9   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Addicted to rice eating
Dear doctor, It is for one of my cousin.She is aged 36 married and mother of two
sv3731 2012-01-11
5   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

hello,i m rahul 28 yrs male..and suffring from leukoplakia from 6 months..a small white p
marshal100 2012-01-03
1   marshal100 5 years ago

4 year old suffering with recurrent cold.
Hello, We live in New Jersey, USA. My 4 yr old son has been suffering from recurrent cold
abhishek76 2012-01-11
3   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

What should I do if the first remedy didnt work
My homeopath Prescribed me Natmur muriaticum and i showed no results. Should i go back to
WilliamHolst 2012-01-10
2   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

pregnant and superventricular tachycardia
does anyone have any experience with homeopathic treatment of superventricular tachycardia
karinamom 2012-01-11
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Dear sir,pls help for my wife attcking sle present his situation was butter fly rashes in
bssnarasimha 2012-01-10
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

filiriasys - elephentiasis
Could you pl. help me to come out of the problem from filiarisis. I have the problem on th
venkateshsrao1965 2012-01-11
1   Dr. Showrav 5 years ago

Am having this unusual hard fesis for the past three weeks now,despite what i eat, i eat s
doyin 2012-01-11
1   Zahid)2 5 years ago

Dear Doc, I am 38 years old and 165cm height lean built. I have the insomnia, i suuffer f
balu_ak 2012-01-09
2   balu_ak 5 years ago

Is it called Harnia?
I,Sagnik,26 yrs old.About six months ago suddenly after sleeping i feel pain in my belly.A
sagnik 2012-01-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

semen analysis
i found in my semen analysis that. volume was 2.5 milileter active 35% sluggish
singh_surinder 2012-01-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

What can I give my 9 month-old to improve his immune system?
Hi, My son has had a cold at least once a month since being weaned off the breast, what ca
Snowi_d 2008-02-28
12   kadwa 5 years ago

doctor pls help me my aunt is suffering from fibromyalgia so pls help me doctor
dear doctor pls help my aunt she is suffering from fibromyalgia she has got pain all over
vinodag 2012-01-10
1   kadwa 5 years ago

consultation for palpitation after dinner and fat rich foods
Dear doctor i am 25 years old boy. i had the problem of palpitation after eating food. Pal
ahmed666 2012-01-06
1   ahmed666 5 years ago

Swelling of epididymis
Hello, I am facing problems with acute pain in epididymis. There is swelling of testicles
Krishna Balaram 2012-01-11
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Unable to perform intercourse
Age: 30 yr Male, Married just 2 months ago Not able even to insert my penis as I feel wife
cssme 2011-01-06
4   wifefuck 5 years ago

Bruise / Sprain /
Dear Dr, My father is 90 years old and active. He takes BP tablets. No other tablets. Las

Sudhee 2011-11-05
79   nawazkhan 5 years ago

Vaccination is a Crime against Humanity
Vaccination is a crime against humanity, which is manipulated by an international syndicat
sadeqahmed 2012-01-10
5   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Natmur muriaticum
I was prescribed this with no results. Any suggestions
WilliamHolst 2012-01-10
4   WilliamHolst 5 years ago

Feelings of insecurity about being.
i am a generally very fit male, 43, who knows himself pretty well, and is fully functional

mickonz 2011-09-06
49   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

S/L 30 homeopathy medicine
Dear all, Would someone here be able to advise me for what symptoms S/L medicine is presc
frequrination 2012-01-10
3   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Raising kids Naturopathically- Vaccines and Homeopathy
I have 3 children, my youngest is 5 months. After years of learning more about homepathy
lhlermitte 2012-01-10
1   brisbanehomoeopath 5 years ago

Pls help with advise on frequent urination problem
Dullo docs, I am 39 years of age and have been having frequent urination problem for the
frequrination 2012-01-08
7   maheeru 5 years ago

ACUTE, ill after vaccination
Wednesday two weeks ago (the 7th) my horse got a (booster) tetanus shot. He was fine that

mirald 2011-12-21
25   maheeru 5 years ago

Reduced breast Size
Sir, 1) My age is 30yrs, 56 kg, 5 ft 2 inches. married with two kids, Breast fed both 2) b

Nazia 2007-11-04
15   cool jhanvi 5 years ago

Please doctors help me urgently
Hello doctors, I have chronic depression, Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence problem.
Trishna 2012-01-09
2   Trishna 5 years ago

Dr.Mahfoorzurahman - Azoospermia - 3 brothers
Assalamu Alaikum I am living in Sri Lanka and i am 42 years old. no children. No sperms a
imthiyaspmm 2011-03-08
4   sallyd 5 years ago

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