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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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For Dr. Kadwa : Post nasal drip and cough problem.
Several months ago for similar problems you advise... [LAST PAGE]
37rania140310:27 06 Jun 11 by kadwa
Exposed Tooth Root
To anyone who can help me, My two front bottom t...
1seeking4advice07:43 06 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
pain in right elbow region
hi, I am suffering from a pain on movement, num...
1Dr. Subrata01:34 06 Jun 11 by John Stanton
Suggest a doctor on abchomeopathy
I am in real need of a doctor who is experienced a...
2Jirvankar19:58 05 Jun 11 by bluematter
Herbal Remedies for hirsutism
I just found this forum when searching for informa...
4crystalagni15:13 05 Jun 11 by normzie
Severe redness on nose, followed by acne
hi, Not sure what this is on the nose. I need g...
2check_kpr12:57 05 Jun 11 by check_kpr
I Bablu from Assam, For last 5 years I am sufferin...
0broy200711:29 05 Jun 11 by
Anal Fissure to Hemorrhoids to Skin Tag
All, Ive been seeing these forums and my Homeo... [LAST PAGE]
17gvisionsingh 11:11 05 Jun 11 by Harrysmum
Dr Deoshlok- When can I see you in mumbai?
Hello Dr, I would like to meet you in mumbai or...
3samur42006:19 05 Jun 11 by samur420
burning and bloating upper abdomen after food
Hi, please help me, I have tried so many different... [LAST PAGE]
25maryam06:07 05 Jun 11 by kbilalsa
Tricky Prescription
Respected doctors, my father is 50 years old an...
1in_trouble23:38 04 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
help brisbanehomoe
respected doctor, thank you sir for replying me...
1in_trouble23:34 04 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
female hormonal imbalance
Hi all, With due respect to homeopathic remedie... [LAST PAGE]
39vinootha22:02 04 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Low Libido Low testosterone.
Hi, I am suffering from loss of erections. When...
4avinash.patnaik 16:34 04 Jun 11 by drvarya
My mother around 64yrs is having dizziness. She is...
1naushadakhtar16:17 04 Jun 11 by Reva V
uric acid
deposit of calcium phosphate in big toe...
3babries10:51 04 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
dear all, i am 31 year old and going to marry ...
0jawadji07:06 04 Jun 11 by
dear all, i am 31 year old and going to marry i...
1jawadji07:01 04 Jun 11 by jawadji
Expiry date not listed on my Homeo medicine
I have a few medicines in liquid dilution mostly 9...
2vohra2706:41 04 Jun 11 by vohra27

[message deleted by girl2010 on Mon, 20 Jun 20...
0girl201002:03 04 Jun 11 by
Preparing Tablets at home
I want to prepare homeopathic tablets at home. I h... [LAST PAGE]
21vohra2701:22 04 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath

[message deleted by girl2010 on Mon, 20 Jun 20...
0girl201021:23 03 Jun 11 by
Give me Answer !
Asslam-0-Alaiakaum! Dear Dr.Kumar and other Drs! ...
0khanfaria19:58 03 Jun 11 by
To dr joe
Sir I have acid reflex problem so I am taking ger...
6Shu43913:59 03 Jun 11 by Shu439
Help my baby feel strong during labour
Hello, I wonder if any one can advise me . Last y...
4Phoenix7512:20 03 Jun 11 by Phoenix75
faiz ibrahim
Female of 30 years age , pain in right shoulder wh...
0faiz.ibrahim11:40 03 Jun 11 by
Vaginal blisters
Dear Dr, Please help me... I am 37 yrs old fema...
3queen111:24 03 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
Stomach and semen problem
Respective doc I am 19 year old. I am suffering a... [LAST PAGE]
24Shu439 10:52 03 Jun 11 by Shu439
newborn lactose intolerence
A friend of mine baby boy of age 2 month shas been...
7simkhan0610:50 03 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
cold & its effect on eyesight
to Dr.joe, dear dr. This is Taniya. & this p...
0taniya10:26 03 Jun 11 by
three year old boy and sleep.
Our three and a half year old keeps waking up at 3... [LAST PAGE]
13jazmine709:03 03 Jun 11 by jazmine7
infant reflux
I have a six week old baby who has reflux. He see... [LAST PAGE]
17erinvd08:14 03 Jun 11 by simkhan06
need permanent cure
I am 27 years old male., 5'9 and 75kg weight ... [LAST PAGE]
15its_arch07:27 03 Jun 11 by kadwa
H.Pylori Cure.. Need Ur Help Doctors
Here are my details which you wanted to know: Pl... [LAST PAGE]
51Sanam1626106:58 03 Jun 11 by Sanam16261
Joe sir, plz pay attention..
Hi Dr. Joe Zaki here. Age 45, married. I have a l... [LAST PAGE]
18Sanam1626106:52 03 Jun 11 by Sanam16261
male breasts
dr. i'm 36 year male with a moderate sporty b...
1Debdatta06:22 03 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
Child with epilepsy
My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she...
2april101023:54 02 Jun 11 by nawazkhan
Age: 24 Women Epilepsy started 16 years old. A...
7aukse23:49 02 Jun 11 by nawazkhan
regarding epilepsy
Dear Doctors i am looking for all homeopathic me...
10gopal1823:34 02 Jun 11 by nawazkhan
Ignatia question
Hello. Yesterday I took Ignatia 200 and began to...
9emma7921:28 02 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
rabies vaccinosis
Has anyone here had an animal that has gotten rabi...
3thehardenfamily21:12 02 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
throat inflammation & tonsils pain on swallowing
Dear Doctor, I am having throat inflammation &a...
6anish_anirudh18:31 02 Jun 11 by drabhi81
Attn Homeopaths - Suffering from Vitiligo, pls help
Hi I am writing on behalf of my husband. He is suf...
4diana12318:25 02 Jun 11 by drabhi81
Best Homeopathy Treatment
I am 35 years old. Would someone suggest the best ...
12savio00417:30 02 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
Severe hammering / pounding pain in one side then ... [LAST PAGE]
28sssbaba16:42 02 Jun 11 by maheeru
severe oligospermia
Myself 30year old male, having fertility problem s...
0richirich_201015:41 02 Jun 11 by
New case for joe sir ..
(Hi this is a new case and whatever profile i am u...
3Sanam1626112:02 02 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
I've been recently diagnosed with both hypo a...
3JustinSnow10:59 02 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Peculiar reaction. Homeopathic solution?
I've been bedeviled by light headedness, some...
5AndyP10:30 02 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Age: 26 Sex: male (unmarried) I have been a vi...
2Jirvankar09:19 02 Jun 11 by Jirvankar
mucus with bacteria in stool
Dear Sir, My child is 1 year old, he is suffering...
6Manirul08:40 02 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
Can the advise given here by the experts
Apply to both human and animals? Or better yet, is...
1spazrats06:46 02 Jun 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Pilonidal cyst - No Surgery
I am a 47 year old female. I discovered (by touch...
4christyn06:35 02 Jun 11 by kadwa
Dr Sameer -Help for Autistic Sons - Part2
I posted about our 3rd son earlier. Our eldest son...
8shinyhappypeople04:44 02 Jun 11 by shinyhappypeople
I was tested positive for albumin in urine . I am diabetic.
Iím 52 years old woman. I was tested positive for ...
1Marianna04:19 02 Jun 11 by Reva V
Dr Sameer -Help For Autistic Sons
Hi! We have 2 sons with Autism , Eldest is 18 yo ...
7shinyhappypeople02:33 02 Jun 11 by shinyhappypeople
spotting problem after periods..
Hi my name is Bella and my age is 23. I am facing ... [LAST PAGE]
16Sanam1626101:40 02 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
4 month old kitten-PTSD
We just got two rescue kittens. They were found in... [LAST PAGE]
95iloveyou22:25 01 Jun 11 by iloveyou
dr nawaz khan help me plz
my name is sajid khan from pakistan islamabad.age ...
1machman18:04 01 Jun 11 by drabhi81
9 year old fingernail not growing
hi, I would like to know what is causing my 9 yea...
2sdkhoo16:52 01 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
plz nawaz help me
my name is sajid khan from pakistan islamabad.age ...
2machman15:31 01 Jun 11 by machman
Faiz Ahmad
My Female Patient Age 28 Years Right Shoulder pai...
0faiz.ibrahim10:48 01 Jun 11 by
Fibroids in Uterus
Please help with any treatment. I have a large ute...
1Melissa92309:13 01 Jun 11 by kadwa
Polycystic Ovaries (not PCOS) and Endometriosis. Tendancy to miscarry. Looking for homeopathic assistance please.
I had a spontaneous miscarriage at 6.5 weeks, and ...
4Marilyn10007:32 01 Jun 11 by Joe De Livera
me (mother) and my two children aged 5.6yrs (boy) and 6 mnth old baby girl have dry cough since one month.Plz Help !
To begin with...Am 33 yrs old lady,have a 5.6 yr o... [LAST PAGE]
18anannya06:23 01 Jun 11 by anannya
Tongkat Ali for errective disfuntion
Hi, Did anyone tried Tongkat Ali natural suplimen...
0DavidBroza 06:21 01 Jun 11 by
Acute ear infection please HELP!
My son- 4 years old has an extremely painful right... [LAST PAGE]
178karinamom22:00 31 May 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Chronic Acne
im Saatvi from srilanka and im 24 years old. im a ... [LAST PAGE]
53saatvi20:16 31 May 11 by check_kpr
Kidney Stones
Right Kidney multiple stones, later on forwareded ...
2faiz.ibrahim15:14 31 May 11 by nawazkhan
cramp in hands & legs both
sir what will you advise for cramp in hands & ...
0ritik09:22 31 May 11 by
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