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please help
dear doctors i am 31 year old and going to marry in march,i have done a lot of masterbat
jadaji12345 2011-12-03
4   jadaji12345 6 years ago

Please help with Stress Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Issues, Tailbone Pain, Vertigo, Anxiety/Stress, Insomnia
1)Stress incontinence for 15 years leak with coughing, laughing, exercise. 2)Vulvar V
terri51 2012-02-10
11   kadwa 6 years ago

Teenager is overweight
Hello, I need help for my Son. He is overweight. He was born 4.3 kg, 1 year already weighe
Jinai 2012-01-14
10   kadwa 6 years ago

Depression, isolation from the people, headache, memory loss
Hello. Please help me. I am a 37 year old woman. About 20 years I feel depressed, which wa

Jinai 2011-12-29
29   kadwa 6 years ago

Re side effect of the Homeopathy.
As Advised by Dri Mahfooz to tke the miasmatic medicine Thuja-I M , Can I continue Dulcam
Simple Naveen 2012-02-01
6   Simple Naveen 6 years ago

Sir joe de livera help for tumor
Sir Can you treat my breast tumor?? I'm 44 years old woman. In my right side breast

amarami 2011-06-12
26   Dr Zaair Husain 6 years ago

how to increase height
how to increase height
2011btechce007 2012-02-20
no replies yet

how to increase height
sir i am arsalan obaidi.i am 18 years old. i am very much tensed due to my short height. n
2011btechce007 2012-02-20
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Pain in upper arm, not able to move
Hi, My uncle (age-58) has been suffering from a upper arm pain fro the last 3 months...He
victorsarkar2802 2012-02-19
1   Reva V 6 years ago

Need Advice after using Sulphur
Hi, I have a kind of autoimmune connective tissue condition, which I have been keeping
zacdesai 2012-02-19
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Nasal Polyps and congestion
Hi, I have been suffering from sinusitis for the last 10 years and have some bad sinus inf
Mroyblore 2012-02-19
1   Mroyblore 6 years ago

weak digestion and elimination problem
Namaste to all, i m 40 plus male and practice of modern medicine, i m having weak constitu
bkhs26 2012-02-18
4   bkhs26 6 years ago

Perhaps lead poisoning?
For the past 4 years or so my 26 year-old nephew seems to be having anxiety, distress, and
MGM deG 2012-02-18
3   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

acute cold/flu
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/flu and having chronic in digestion please ad
serfraz 2012-02-18
1   kadwa 6 years ago

please help me
since last 6 months I have pain in lower abdomin.I have done sonography of uterus.it is no
shekarraj 2012-02-19
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Please help
Parimal_N 2012-02-17
1   Parimal_N 6 years ago

two year old--hyper and picky eater
I am the mother of a very very very active two year old. He is constantly on the go from t
MommyHappy 2011-10-04
7   annmurphy 6 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst
I have a problem that I have never been to the doctor for, partially because I cannot affo
Dollymaniac 2012-02-17
12   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Brisbane Homoeopath - wound won't heal
Brisbane Homoeopath, I am hoping you can help with this. I've been trying not to inu
Sarah3NN 2012-02-18
4   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Swelling of feet
Dear Sir, I have arthritis for last 20 yrs; I am also overweight, weighing about 270 pound
davendrak 2012-02-11
1   davendrak 6 years ago

Dr mahfooz Please help me
Hello Sir, Please find solution for my problem: 1. I am a 30 year man but i am unable to
msharma 2012-02-18
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problem in erection and maintenance
Hi! I'm a 27 year old male and am having some issues with getting and maintaining an
ryann 2012-02-18
no replies yet

taniya: Dr. Nawaz please hepl
dear doctor nawaz as per your instruction kindly study my husbands case 1. id - soloman 2
k taniya 2012-02-17
5   nawazkhan 6 years ago

acute in digession
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/flu having also and chronic constipation in di
serfraz 2012-02-18
no replies yet

acute in digession
my father age 86y suffering from acute cold/flu having also and chronic constipation in di
serfraz 2012-02-18
no replies yet

Hair fall due to water
Hi Doctor, My hair are naturally healthy but after shifting to a new place, I start experi
study_hard 2012-02-14
7   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Effected from anesthsia
My son age is now about 12 years.When he was 2.5 year old during a littel opration Doctor
abid bhatti 2012-02-17
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Cyst Acne and acne scars
Hi Doctor, I am 26 yrs old male, suffering from acne since 7 yrs, I had seen many doctors
ducktyped 2012-02-18
1   kadwa 6 years ago

uterine polyp
A week before I done ultrasound of abdomen and found one uterine polyp measuring 28x11mm.
manasi up 2012-02-18
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Dashy Stones in The Bladder
Hi I went for a second opinion for Dashy's stones and got an x ray at another clini
Dashu 2012-02-18
no replies yet

Night Fall
hello sir, i m 24 years old i did a hand practice in the beginning of my childhood near

rinku1102 2008-03-05
26   namro 6 years ago

umr45 2012-02-18
no replies yet

my father is 63 yeras old he is suffering from unstable angina and on angiography we found
rohina begum 2012-02-18
1   rohina begum 6 years ago

DR David Kempson: Help in finding my constitutional remedy?
I'd like to know if I might be able to get some help finding my constitutional remedy
kamikama 2012-02-18
no replies yet

Itching Gets Worse with Sweat, Moisture
I got itching in groins a couple of years ago. The lesion looked like ringworm which I tre
chdpatient 2012-02-15
2   chdpatient 6 years ago

16 year old jammed finger
[message deleted by 1969sarah on Sun, 04 Mar 2012 16:23:52 GMT]
1969sarah 2012-02-18
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

is it ok to try multiple remedies?
I am new to homeopathy, is it ok for me to pick the incorrect remedy, and then try a new o
1969sarah 2012-02-18
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Super dry, red, swollen lips
My son, 11 years old has been battleing a viral cold/flu for about 5 days. Cough,fever, re
1969sarah 2012-02-18
no replies yet

to seek a remedy
Sir Assalam-o- Alaikum I am a banker and in banking industry for last 21 years, My age i

aasim1966 2012-01-18
15   nawazkhan 6 years ago

family history of alcoholism-any remedy or nosode?
My question is, wheter there is any remedy for deeper cure of pathologic patterns in long
natalija123451 2012-02-17
2   natalija123451 6 years ago

10 1/2 month old baby teething
My 10 1/2 month old daughter is teething in the back (molars) and is in a lot of pain, mor
audreysmummy 2012-02-17
1   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

My 9 yrs old boy with pdd, nos is changing
Hi every one. I'm new and glade I found this forum. I have a very smart boy. He seeed
blueoccean 2012-02-17
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i wanna increase my height..nd cure my knee
my name is sahil/m and i am 20 yrs old my height is 5'7 inches -weight is 55 kg sugg
coolsahil_08 2012-02-17
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shoulder arthritis
Hello sir, My mother is suffering from R.A. since 1 month, according to her test her r. f.
cv.clp 2012-02-17
no replies yet

symptoms are agitation, tension in my nervous system and muscles, over-reactive to stress
selawa 2012-02-16
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

I am suffered from high blood pressure 160/90
Suffered from Hypertension anxiety anticipation
telipeli 2012-02-16
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Toes red, thickened skin, severe itching around 5 pm
My big toes have thickened skin on top and are red and itch intensely around 5 pm each nig
emcdb 2012-02-16
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

How long before rhinoplasty can be preformed with broken nose?
Hi, I was in a car accident 6 weeks ago and broke my nose. I went to plastic surgeon today
Magret12 2012-02-17
no replies yet

Dr. Mahfooz /Dr. Maheeru plz help in this
hi i m 33/m suffering from hair loss.other problems are 1. i feel very heat in summer sw
verma007 2012-01-26
10   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

internal nerve pain at bladder neck
husband needs to catherize through a stoma into an internal bladder pouch. All was fine f
murphysmom 2012-02-16
2   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

Sore throat ,runny nose and headache
My 9 yrs old son has sore throat since yesterday , he complained of sore throat when he wo
nikkikumar 2012-02-15
3   kadwa 6 years ago

looking for homeo help for 9 1/2 yr old son in homeo
Hi- I need help to understand whethere homeopathy can help my son. He has mild asperger sy
indonesiamom 2012-02-15
6   naturalnurse 6 years ago

Anxiety, insomnia, weight loss - weaning off of paxil
i recently started weaning off of paxil (under dr supervision) for anxiety and ocd. i am h
hsmommaof4 2012-02-17
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Genital Warts
I have warts (HPV) on the genital area. One on the lower portion of shaft and three are j
lanka 2012-02-17
no replies yet

please answer me this
.... if a person takes a remedy from animal kingdom and he reacts with anger, like in vide

starface 2012-02-16
22   simone717 6 years ago

increase height
dear, i am 19 years old.i live in india.my height 5ft 5inch. please tell me what kind
gniitvaibhav 2012-02-17
no replies yet

increase height
i am 19 years old.my height 5ft 5inch.i live in india.please tell me medicine for increse
gniitvaibhav 2012-02-17
no replies yet

Brushing teeth
Hello everyoneWondering if anyone can help me.I have a problem that has been bothering me
CHELLE 2005-02-09
9   abrera28 6 years ago

staphylococcus aureus
My daughter suffers from staph. aureus which resulted in folliculitis of the skin.After ma

Sarieta 2005-04-26
15   Irrate 6 years ago

Allergic to Sodium flouride
Please help! After going to my dentist due to oral lesions I found out I was allergic to
halamastiva 2012-02-16
1   dsw9421 6 years ago

[message deleted by simone717 on tue, 28 feb 2012 17:21:11 gmt][message edited by simone71

simone717 2012-01-09
85   simone717 6 years ago

Bipolar/ dfepression/anxiety.
Dear all. I am a 46 years old male.My sleep is totally disturbed.My brain keeps on workin

m s uppal 2010-01-31
24   sad123 6 years ago

Canine mammary tumor help please!
I just came from the Vet. My 7 year old Cocker has a mammary tumor.It hasn't been dia
rootessa 2011-08-13
3   rootessa2 6 years ago

Herbal remedies for panick and anxiety attacks
Hi 5 months ago I collapsed at work and have suffered from Extreme panick attacks and anxi

guest user 2005-06-08
125   simone717 6 years ago

Post surgery Dementia
My father age 74 had surgery 12 days ago ( colon resection for dysplastic large polyp) a
Firefamily5 2012-01-28
6   Firefamily5 6 years ago

about virginity
hello sir, i want to know tht i had physical intercourse about 6 yrs back..... does my hu
oberoi.arushi 2012-02-12
2   oberoi.arushi 6 years ago

I am suffered from high blood pressure 160/90
Suffered from Hypertension anxiety anticipation palpitation feel weakness
telipeli 2012-02-16
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I am suffered from high blood pressure 160/90
Suffered from Hypertension anxiety anticipation palpitation feel weakness so please help
telipeli 2012-02-16
no replies yet

sex problem
AGE:26 SEX: MALE UNMARRIED Problems are stated below..... 1)I have masturbated since 14
dipbiswas2 2012-02-16
no replies yet

Severe back ache and knee joint pain
1. Name Pallavi 2. Age 39 Years 3. Sex Female 4. Married/Unmarried - Married 5. weight
sapatwardhan 2012-02-12
5   Reva V 6 years ago

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