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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Azoospermia for three brothers
peace be upon you I am living in Sri Lanka and ...
0imthiyaspmm07:06 27 Feb 11 by
Hypothyroidism| No weight gain
Generally in hypothyroidism, people gain weight an...
0sanj806:40 27 Feb 11 by
dddd [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 25 Jan 20...
3girl201006:26 27 Feb 11 by girl2010
i hav this prblm wat should i do i m losing hair...
1alikhanshb04:16 27 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
best pick for me
HI, would like to find a good remedy for following...
3mommie403:51 27 Feb 11 by Reva V
I'm Rh- and my husband is Rh+ so I may have t...
0Cschulz22:45 26 Feb 11 by
Brisbane update
Well it's been a few weeks now since the last...
4iloveyou20:05 26 Feb 11 by iloveyou
Lycopodium vs Aconite
I have been using homeopathy for 20 years under tr...
0taz5517:38 26 Feb 11 by
dr. sameervermani pls help
hello sir, i am suffering from hypothyroid and wa...
0gopalgupta314:41 26 Feb 11 by
bitter taste in mouth
no matter how many times I brush my teeth, rinse m... [LAST PAGE]
16beanco12:12 26 Feb 11 by beanco
Brisbanehomeopath| please advice
Hi, Currently I am taking homeopathic treatment f...
7sanj805:17 26 Feb 11 by sanj8
Urgent_Endometriosis with diarrhea and heart palpitation
Dear doctors, I have been undergoing home...
2bunny_t01:48 26 Feb 11 by Joe De Livera
need help curing varicocele
I was diagnosed with a varicocele and have had it...
4jacknelsen 23:32 25 Feb 11 by Reva V
teething in children
sir, my daughter is 4 months,and around 6 kgs. she...
1awareness18:16 25 Feb 11 by anna_jenkins
Nebwie here! Pls help, which remedy would be best for dealing with eczema
my whole arm has gone dark red in a rash along wit... [LAST PAGE]
26nemz118:16 25 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
Food to avoid during yeast infections
Regular consumption of bread might not be very use...
0judimaria12:06 25 Feb 11 by
Article about Homeopathy IN MSN
Homeopathy tricks you into feeling better, says ne...
3likehomeo11:34 25 Feb 11 by Parakletos
Importance of fish- diet
I stay here alone I usually hang around with my fr...
0carstenantoon11:30 25 Feb 11 by
Attn:Brisbanehomeopath, Reva, Yogesh,Gavini Murthy
My daughter 3 yrs old is having cough and cold fro...
4likehomeo10:50 25 Feb 11 by likehomeo
dr. sameervermani and other doctors Help for my brother
dear doctors my cousin is 11 years old male a...
10lifecycle3108:56 25 Feb 11 by sameervermani
hairloss and vericocele
dear sir,,, u told me wiesbade is ths any side eff...
1anujsingh06:47 25 Feb 11 by sharonbaker
pcod problem
since from ten years i m using medicines (english)...
1sowjanya05:50 25 Feb 11 by Reva V
help for my brother

[message deleted by lifecycle31 on Thu, 04 Aug...
4lifecycle3105:47 25 Feb 11 by Reva V
Hi ! i m 40 yrs old nd i m suffering from sneezin...
1kbdmunna05:03 25 Feb 11 by kadwa
Dr.Kadwa Please Evaluate

[message deleted by lifecycle31 on Thu, 04 Aug...
2lifecycle3104:56 25 Feb 11 by kadwa
Diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis
I was Diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis 5 yea... [LAST PAGE]
14lulu112204:52 25 Feb 11 by iccure
Living with Interstitial Cystitis
Hello I am a forty year old female living with IC...
5WW1970 04:50 25 Feb 11 by iccure
ACCUTANE related impotence and joint problems in 19 year old
Desperate need of help. From when I was on accutan...
1louidoui04:44 25 Feb 11 by kadwa
To My Patients
Dear Patients, I will not be able to respond t...
1Niel Madhavan04:27 25 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
I wonder if its possible to treat it with homeopat...
4amel200902:23 25 Feb 11 by amel2009
Ailments post birth
Hello, I gave birth 4 months ago. Bad experienc...
9mommyfromct00:48 25 Feb 11 by mommyfromct
ddd [message edited by girl2010 on Fri, 25 Jan 201...
2girl201023:39 24 Feb 11 by girl2010
Need help for a 2yr old whose just been through a series of major surgeries
Hello again, I haven't posted for about a yea...
0dawnb122200 21:00 24 Feb 11 by
TIA / Hypertension
My dad had a TIA a couple of months ago. he is on ...
2anna_jenkins 20:57 24 Feb 11 by anna_jenkins
remedies to treat low dht or low 5 alpha reductase enzyme?
I was on accutane when I was younger and it poison...
0louidoui20:31 24 Feb 11 by
Sinus - Blockae in
My friend (F, 40) is suffering from chronic sinus,...
1arulamudhu18:00 24 Feb 11 by Dr.Saravanan
hairloss and left vericocele
dear sir,i m suffering frontal hair receding from ...
3anujsingh 17:37 24 Feb 11 by anujsingh
Homeopathy| Query
Is hypothyroidism completely curable in homeopathy...
1sanj815:23 24 Feb 11 by sadhnam
Ongoing Mononucleosis, over a year
My two children and I were diagnosed with mononucl...
2Kanga13:48 24 Feb 11 by rhoda
Urgent Advice Please
Hi, I just wanted to take an advice. I woul...
10shriyar12:51 24 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
Gallbladder Stones..
1. ID 2. Age, 50 years 3. Sex, Male 4. Singl... [LAST PAGE]
21ridha8912:44 24 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
hair fall
for the past 4 yrs iam loosing 10 to 15 hairs dail...
4LIJOE11:41 24 Feb 11 by alikhanshb
Homeopathy| TSH index
I am currently taking homeopathic treatment for hy...
4sanj811:15 24 Feb 11 by sanj8
so much weak
i am so much weak.kindly suggest some medicine...
9audionic10:50 24 Feb 11 by audionic
Phytolacca use
Hello, could someone help me please. I ordered P...
0plaguedmum10:27 24 Feb 11 by
Need help to cure PE & ED
Salam doctor Nawaz,
0abuali08:38 24 Feb 11 by
what is this ethanol pack ?
I have read many things including posts by sir Joe...
0soumen07:47 24 Feb 11 by
diabetic and heart patient
Hi doc, i have bben advised to take natrum fos 6 ...
2nice4u07:28 24 Feb 11 by nice4u
any medicine to dechlorinate drinking tap water?
Is there any way i could eliminate the traces of c...
4sadhnam06:03 24 Feb 11 by Joe De Livera
I am 38 yrs old ,healthy male recently got semen c...
7shek4703:49 24 Feb 11 by shek47
When I go to the toilet (faeces) I get a burning s...
3nandu.semachyd00:30 24 Feb 11 by Nataly
how to increase baby hight
hi Doc, i have one year baby, i m warry abt his h...
1niraj2k300:16 24 Feb 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Arundo for Nerve Damage?
I have axonal nerve damage in my spine from contra...
3janinco22:58 23 Feb 11 by brisbanehomoeopath
Nawaz Sir for your attention : Fistula and itching/Urticarea
Hi Nawaz Hope you are doing well. You have h... [LAST PAGE]
160AbFisRidden21:37 23 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
Genital herpes.
I have a genital herpes for 9 years. Outbreaks ...
8Pavel12319:09 23 Feb 11 by Pavel123
pcos .... remedy required..help will be greatly appreciated
gender: female age: 33 body type: heavy height:...
4homeomedicine18:57 23 Feb 11 by homeomedicine
Hi, I am 23 year old girl and I started having th...
3sumera17:23 23 Feb 11 by sumera
Lots of problems
Gender: Female Age: 55 Body Type: Heavy, app...
7ruby917:18 23 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
Breast sagging - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural, inevi...
4deoshlok17:14 23 Feb 11 by HoneyKhanna
Hypothyroidism.....Please advice
Hi, Currently I am taking homeopathic treatment f...
0sanj815:38 23 Feb 11 by
heat rash on face
Hi I am a 41 year old female with acne which I c...
9happy4115:29 23 Feb 11 by personperson
what the best remedy for it pls help me...
2nandu.semachyd15:19 23 Feb 11 by Joe De Livera
vomiting at night
my son is 4 years old and he has a vomiting tenden...
1smita137815:14 23 Feb 11 by Joe De Livera
Falling/thinning hair
I am 50+ and my hair is falling a lot and has beco...
1zaaira15:02 23 Feb 11 by Joe De Livera
Hello I am very new to homeopathy and I decided...
5amichee 13:15 23 Feb 11 by nawazkhan
somebody help me please
1. ID 21 boy 2. Age :22 3. Sex :male 4. Single/...
0 21boy11:10 23 Feb 11 by
side effects of homeopathy
I have been suffering from abdomenal gas (farts) f...
11bad.shape10:59 23 Feb 11 by bad.shape
Hormone-related acne
Hi! I am 23 years old and I have recently been str...
4katiedid55509:42 23 Feb 11 by williammoore
Aim For A Stress free Life
Times have becoming demanding where each one of us...
0felixbleeker09:05 23 Feb 11 by
suffering from masturbation after effects
Hi I am a 22 year old boy from Pakistan. I sta...
0 21boy08:03 23 Feb 11 by
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