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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Pain on right scrotum
Hello Sir, I am 24 years old. 30 days ago i ha...
1rodro16:25 17 Apr 16 by vasude
Anxiety with sinus and blocked eustacian tubes
I'm so desperate to get a remedy that will al...
11Leanne116:16 17 Apr 16 by vasude
mint effects
Does mint/ peppermint counteract any/all remedies...
0debbie103:54 17 Apr 16 by
recurrent styes
I've been getting styes recurrently on my eye...
3Saroureh00:18 17 Apr 16 by homeo_helper
Increase Bone Density
Sir, my bones density is very law, suggest me medi...
1rahuldiwan15:31 16 Apr 16 by fitness
Calling All Homeopaths
I need help from a competent homeopath. I am willi...
3jeffd729msn.com15:24 16 Apr 16 by 0antivirus0
Baryta Carb(tonsils, cold sensitivity, weak memory social anxiety)
I have been suffering from almost all the symptoms...
7narendrach14:52 16 Apr 16 by bethsmith
Anal Fissure or piles
i am suffering from anal pain during stool pass an...
2giri babu14:25 16 Apr 16 by vasude
please help regarding periventricular leukomalacia
please help expert panel of abchomeopathy. my son... [LAST PAGE]
23fatehveer12:59 16 Apr 16 by fatehveer
GERD_lax lower esophageal junction
I had chronic cough, lump like feeling & tooth...
1GERD8406:07 16 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
motor neurology
Sir, my father is 63y his whole body reduced on ...
1kumar mukesh06:04 16 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
Knee ligament torn, pains
My daughter age- 25 years suffering from knee pain...
1kisnrao06:01 16 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
Dr Nawaz Khan I need your help!
Dr Nawaz Khan, I am a 40 yr old woman, mother o... [LAST PAGE]
28momofx05:23 16 Apr 16 by nawazkhan
so many homeopaths and methods these days
hello. let me explain what i mean. as a family we ...
5paula121:39 15 Apr 16 by paula1
Hair loss Problem Please help me.
Hello Sir/Madam, I am Sanjit Das 1.Age 28 2.Pr...
12sanjitrules19:57 15 Apr 16 by sanjitrules
Childhood trauma, need advice
Hi I have been married for last 12yrs and my hus...
4need_advice17:14 15 Apr 16 by need_advice
Looking for help with dosage and frequency
Hello, I am just starting out with homeopathy and ...
0gnomebuddy16:03 15 Apr 16 by
Kind attention please : for Telescope Sir
Hi Sir.... Can a case of extreme lack of Confiden... [LAST PAGE]
19Ak200013:39 15 Apr 16 by telescope
Please help - 6 weeks old baby girl with a severe silent reflux
Dear doctors, I have a little, 6 weeks old baby...
1Amber113:09 15 Apr 16 by fitness
2 yr old ruptued ear drums, stinky ears
2 yr old boy with ruptured ear drums, both ears ...
7amy13:07 15 Apr 16 by fitness
Teeth problems. Please help!
I have problem with my teeth on right side. Back i...
11Selina112:56 15 Apr 16 by fitness
Sex desire in women
Hi, I'm 28 years old. I have a 1.5 years old ...
3Sandeep9212:32 15 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Dear doctors: how can I antidote arnica 1000?
Hi doctors! My boyfriend took arnica 1000 becaus...
1abcjoana10:59 15 Apr 16 by fitness
allopathic homeopathic together
Dear Doctors, Could you please let me know, is th...
4Raj200010:21 15 Apr 16 by davisjack
excess sweating on forehead
Hi, I am male 23 years old,i sweat too much o...
10charger860006:10 15 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Due to physical and mental weekness,I cann't study well.
DEAR DOCTOR, I'm a male age 26,h... [LAST PAGE]
13sajai365 04:12 15 Apr 16 by Sajeeb
Thoughts anyone?
Hi I have posted on here once before. I am wond...
1NorthernStar02:10 15 Apr 16 by telescope
smashed toe
My 5yo son dropped a 10lb weight on his big toe ...
1debbie101:53 15 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
urethral stricture help please i need a homeopathic specialist
I've had urethral stricture for over 3 years ...
12JohnJohn113:29 14 Apr 16 by fitness
Looking for a cure for Male pattern Baldness.
Dear Dr, I am 35, male, slim build. I have been ...
0thaslim.mbio10:15 14 Apr 16 by
Nasal Glands
I m 40 yrs old and last 6 yrs i m suffering with t...
1pace6306:36 14 Apr 16 by kadwa
Dr kadwa
Sir, meri age 30 years hai mai pichhle 15 sal se h...
1Vikas0706:30 14 Apr 16 by kadwa
Asthmatic problem
Age=47Y, Pakistani, Male, asthmatic problem throu...
1Fayaz ur Rehman06:20 14 Apr 16 by kadwa
Love vashikaran specialist aghori baba
Love vashikaran specialist aghori baba...
0astrologyaman05:43 14 Apr 16 by
pennis loose earlier and too small in size
I have a problem of loose early and too small in s...
0kaifiyat05:32 14 Apr 16 by
How to decrease testosterone and dht?
Dear Sir, Are there any homeopathic remedy that...
3troja05:32 14 Apr 16 by kadwa
myopia weak eye vision
Dear Sir I have diagnosed with weak eye from last ...
4zaffar_consfela05:24 14 Apr 16 by zaffar_consfela
2 year old speech
My son is two years old. He isn't talking yet...
9Am12302:21 14 Apr 16 by Am123
Dear Rajiv please help 4 years old autistic child anger issue
Please help us in our case, my son has some anger ...
4mia88801:04 14 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
attn: fitness
answered survey, awaiting your reply on 2yr old wi...
0amy00:29 14 Apr 16 by
I need help from a competent homeopath. Here is my...
0jeffd729msn.com23:13 13 Apr 16 by
Help for my dog
Hello, I have worked briefly with two homeopaths...
1newbie needs help22:59 13 Apr 16 by newbie needs help
Twitching and Irrability - for nawazkhan
Dear Nawaz- I am wondering if you can help my k...
1magicandmiracles121:43 13 Apr 16 by magicandmiracles1
Twitching and Constipation
I am hoping someone can help me kitty. I just a...
2magicandmiracles120:42 13 Apr 16 by magicandmiracles1
Very strange trigeminal neuralgia.
Hello, I am male 24 yrs old suffering from very...
1ansarishoaib20:38 13 Apr 16 by fitness
Cat with rat ulcers
Can anyone suggest a remedy to boost the immune sy...
1Reiki master20:34 13 Apr 16 by fitness
blushing and flushing cure
CURE, it really works. Take 2 vitamin B complex t...
3squirrels4444 16:35 13 Apr 16 by BlueRum
how to buy medicines
can someone tell me where to buy medicines online ...
0abdullah314:53 13 Apr 16 by
Beard growth problem
Hello I am 20 and my face is clean.I want to g...
0Sisoash14:11 13 Apr 16 by
erectile dysfunction
newly married. cannot do sex as my penis is not ge...
0prakash888813:51 13 Apr 16 by
Calc Fluor increases cataract?
Male, age- 28. For many years, there was a blac...
3JollyBoy13:44 13 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Vomiting, possible acid reflux?
Friday my 7month old projectile vomited twice. Fr...
1marsui13:37 13 Apr 16 by fitness
pain relief from wisdom tooth
I am frustrated by the pain caused by wisdom tooth...
1mayankgates13:36 13 Apr 16 by fitness
C and X potency not available - Q is available - Dosage help
I have to take sinapis nigra 6c . But c and x po...
1agriz13:33 13 Apr 16 by fitness
Pcos and irregular mensuration
Dear doctors weight 118 kgs height 170 cms Age ...
1Misty113:33 13 Apr 16 by fitness
high serum creatinine level
my mother have high serum creatinine level (3.0), ...
1mani201613:31 13 Apr 16 by fitness
Giardia in sanctuary cat
I run a cat sanctuary for feral/dumped cats. I hav...
3kt80813:12 13 Apr 16 by fitness
Voodoo spell +Love problem solution molvi ji Am
Voodoo spell + Love problem solution molvi ji Am...
0tantrik12308:56 13 Apr 16 by
0tantrik12308:53 13 Apr 16 by
Glaucoma and Uveitis
I've been suffering from glaucoma since 2005 ...
8restorept06:16 13 Apr 16 by sumit.malik22
Hairloss problem
I am 29 year old male who has suffers from diffuse...
1satishgh01:37 13 Apr 16 by akshaymohl
Burning scalp after perm + headache
Hello, I'm a 25 years old guy and today I ...
1rahman_hope19:15 12 Apr 16 by rahman_hope
Left Hand Shock/Tingling running down the hands.
I had some mild electric shock kind of thing runni...
1jagan888216:13 12 Apr 16 by fitness
Toddler runny nose
My 2 1/2 yr old has clear watery runny nose. Conge...
1Pkaraboo16:10 12 Apr 16 by fitness
Help small chested issues
Hi there... I need help for my friend. She is smal...
1Basela9016:06 12 Apr 16 by fitness
Recovering from Ludwig's angina - mouth abscess
It is an abscess in the floor of the mouth. I have...
1logicbombed15:51 12 Apr 16 by fitness
Polio Vacc detoxification
hi there i live in pakistan.recently i received...
1kami12312:53 12 Apr 16 by kami123
Tooth enamel
Is it possible to restore tooth enamel? I have ver...
3Selina106:26 12 Apr 16 by Mahfoozurrehman
piles & inside anus crack
Sir, I am 50 years old lady and housewife, doi... [LAST PAGE]
36nandamitra6505:59 12 Apr 16 by rihanadisuza
Shrink in penis glans
SIR, Mai 30 years ka Hu pichhle 15 sal se hastmeth...
3Vikas0704:08 12 Apr 16 by mnaari
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