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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Post-Nasal Drip, Halitosis
Need some help. -Primary concerns: Post-Nasal Dri... [LAST PAGE]
302lavalamp06:31 22 Jun 16 by Anuradha1
5 year old girl with hyper and anxiety issues
Hello I have a 5 year old girl who loves to eat ...
1Am12305:50 22 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Stomach and weight loss problem
Hi From last 7-8 years i am suffering from this p...
1DIPAK_17005:21 22 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
pme&grade 1 vericocele
Mostly I am suffering from 4 problemes I am 26 yea...
1sivasudheer9505:05 22 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Greetings Hope you are doing well today. I hav...
2Firg03:45 22 Jun 16 by Firg
I have a general enquiry. Suppose a person is h...
6gopal1802:38 22 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Warts on neck, at right side
I am 21 year old male. I am having warts on my ...
2wiki777719:20 21 Jun 16 by wiki7777
need help plzzzzz dr.muhfuzur rahman or any specialist dr. plzzz
Iam suffering night fall since 2 year..iam taking ...
0Arham1217:38 21 Jun 16 by
Sir, this is the pics od allergy occuring before...
4Madhav_D16:21 21 Jun 16 by Madhav_D
Help understanding the remedies ...
someone please help me understand these remedies, ...
0HmP1415:59 21 Jun 16 by
Vertigo Since a year
Hello Doctor, I am a victim of Vertigo, I am 32 y...
6yvaditya15:46 21 Jun 16 by yvaditya
azadirachta indica tincture
can I use azadirachta tincture as a blood cleanser...
2Asma15:34 21 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
High BP and Diabeties
I am female 52 years weight 72kg height 5feet 3inc...
5seemajabeen15:32 21 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
antidote of carcinossin
plz let me know the antidode of carsinoccin 200c ...
1shahzad114:39 21 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Toddler girls bow leg treatment
Dear Doctors, My two years girl Devadrita has bow...
1Devabratasaha14:23 21 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Premature whitening hair
I am 30 and my white hair are increasing at a grow...
1Kanza08:48 21 Jun 16 by drsajid
Need Calcium Medicines ..... Please Help
I need homeopathy calcium medicine without sulphu...
2vb508:41 21 Jun 16 by vb5
acid vs alkaline
dear doctors i need homeopathic medicines that ar...
3vb508:11 21 Jun 16 by vb5
Left Side inguinal Hernia
Hello All, I am Usama, 27 male, from Pakistan....
7UsamaGP07:59 21 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Anal Fistula
Hi I'm suffering from Fistula for more than a... [LAST PAGE]
250sumanth349004:42 21 Jun 16 by nawazkhan
3 years old congestion?
My son has been congested for a few days. He just ... [LAST PAGE]
76bluesky7702:58 21 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Spayed Kitten
My 8 months kittens has been spayed yesterday, any...
8yoga200020:55 20 Jun 16 by John Stanton
for dr mohla
My sister aged 42yrs have mental retardation since...
1rashid.af19:36 20 Jun 16 by rashid.af
eyes iop
Sir, the IOP of my left eye has fallen as a result...
3Summy Agrawal16:01 20 Jun 16 by John Stanton
For Dr. Kadwa
I am sorry but my finger sent my post off before c...
1Hahneman215:52 20 Jun 16 by John Stanton
post on 6/19/2016 - for dr. kadwa
I did 2 posts on 6/19/16? Does anyone know why it...
0Hahneman215:46 20 Jun 16 by
piles itching & uneasyness
Sir, Last few days I am suffering from piles ...
1dmitra5913:04 20 Jun 16 by nawazkhan
Indigestion acidity - vagus nerve
Hello I am suffering from acidity indigestion an...
6Panudh12:48 20 Jun 16 by nawazkhan
Chronic sinus, for dr Nawaz Khan
Reference to your emails, yes, he can be helped. ...
3Rolls_s12:37 20 Jun 16 by nawazkhan
F**k ds homeopayhy
I visited at dr batras 15dsys back for acne , th...
2Shatufn12:26 20 Jun 16 by sabkamalik1
low sperm count
my age is 31 . I am taking allopathic medicine sin...
3mohit2488510:20 20 Jun 16 by mohit24885
Acute sinusitis after nose job
I have acute sinusitis .it developed after I had ...
7Kanza10:13 20 Jun 16 by homeo_helper
left neck swollen
mAJOR problem:
7shahzad106:59 20 Jun 16 by shahzad1
HSV2 Treatment Plan?
Hoping to find a way to eradicate this! Any help y...
1misspoco02:32 20 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
hospital psychosis/sundowner syndrome
My (elderly) folks have problems when they are in ...
2LisaT01:48 20 Jun 16 by ruth45
i want to learn homeopathy
Hi I am a student of biomedical engg. From Kolkata...
10rashid.af19:23 19 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Psoriasis in groin area
Hello. I am 22 years of age, male. I had psoria...
3Srood18:43 19 Jun 16 by fitness
60yrs/right side paralyzed due to brain hamrage
Can any1 suggest anything for a patient paralyzed ...
2Gaurav50418:28 19 Jun 16 by ChristinaMu
I am suffering from IBS last 25 years. Too much...
8baruactg17:18 19 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Completely exhausted after 2-3 days of exercise
Sir, I was in habit of chronic masturbation. But... [LAST PAGE]
33Ayush115:55 19 Jun 16 by John Stanton
I have floaters in my left eye which moves left to...
5Amit168314:54 19 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Not able to heal again Dr mohl Dr deoshlok kadwa any homeopath
I had felt miracle effect after taking baryta car...
1Aks00013:43 19 Jun 16 by Aks000
Sir, 1. Age. 27 2. Male 3. Single 4. weight. ... [LAST PAGE]
14riyazahmad511:58 19 Jun 16 by riyazahmad5
bleeding piles, intestinal gas, sleepless ness
Dear sir, I am 32 year female. following are my pr... [LAST PAGE]
93gudiya12302:51 19 Jun 16 by gudiya123
Att Dr. Mohla
Dear Sir, My sister age is 51. Weight 49 kg. High...
5busa200701:49 19 Jun 16 by akshaymohl
0Madhav_D01:03 19 Jun 16 by
Peptic Ulcer
I am providing below the symptoms, which I feel ar...
1Jitendra196022:29 18 Jun 16 by fitness
Sir, I am male 59yrs.from 2006. Suffering from s...
1skd5022:16 18 Jun 16 by fitness
left side sore throat
Woke up with left side sore throat, hurts when swa... [LAST PAGE]
66bluesky7722:07 18 Jun 16 by John Stanton
alopecia areata
I had alopecia areata since 14 that after, white...
8jill o19:12 18 Jun 16 by jill o
Burning tongue syndrome
Hi. A 70 year old woman has suffered from burning ...
1Leah17:33 18 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Burning tongue syndrome
Hi. Sorry for duplicate post. I didn't think ...
1Leah17:27 18 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Can any doctor share their successful treatment link?
I have read so many posts. But nobody was cured by...
2agriz14:34 18 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Acidity indigestion - vagus nerve
Acidity indigestion anxiety palpitations nervou...
1Panudh14:29 18 Jun 16 by nawazkhan
Acne, lethargy, dizziness,vaginal discharge
I am a 30 year old woman. I have been suffering fr...
3Kanza12:52 18 Jun 16 by Kanza
2 years old girl afraid from sounds - Dr. Kadwa
My 2 years old daughter afraid from high pitch sou... [LAST PAGE]
13fizspace10:55 18 Jun 16 by fizspace
Hair loss! which remedy?? pls help
Im a 23 year old female who has been losing hair d... [LAST PAGE]
48starlet08:26 18 Jun 16 by Aishwarya1
Fibromyalgia? Peripheral neuropathy
y friend is a 46 year old male with severe achy ge...
1Leah07:41 18 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Teeth sensitive after filling.Please Help!
I am experiencing severe sensitivity in Central In...
2samyadav04:47 18 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
restlessness genital syndrome/ persistance genital arosal syndrome
I m suffering a disease ...name : restlessness gen...
10power4004:33 18 Jun 16 by anuj srivastava
Red colour moles type boils are coming on the body
Red colour moles type boils are coming on my body ...
3gpa815001:42 18 Jun 16 by Chariklo
potency for post herpetic pain due to zoster virus
Dear Medics, Something people hate from homeopa... [LAST PAGE]
25renu9210100:32 18 Jun 16 by renu92101
Seeking Classic Homeopath
I'm looking to get an assessment for constitu... [LAST PAGE]
42rom10923:47 17 Jun 16 by alaskamom
Dog that's Bad With Kids
I'm on the fence as far as just finding my do...
3rom10922:06 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Enquiry(Rishimba kadwa Evacuationer)
Sir can anyone tell me how long a 30 potency be gi...
2gopal1821:49 17 Jun 16 by gopal18
Ruta G overdose....Plz Help!!!
I was prescribed 4 pills of Ruta G 200 every 3 ...
11phoenix75120:57 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
digestion problem
Hello, my problem is that i have probleme in diges... [LAST PAGE]
19Nitin Kumar20:08 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
cat with fungal sinusitis
13 year old Tonkinese cat, spayed female. She has...
1JenK3919:52 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Tobacco and alcohol addiction
Sir I m chewing tobacco in regularly 7 times in ...
1srajasekaran19:44 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
Please help! Extremely itchy and redness
My leg becomes extremely itchy and redness after I...
7Gloria115:02 17 Jun 16 by John Stanton
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