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Dr. Kadwa and other Dr. plz help premature enjection problem
Hello sir my age is 26 and I started Masturbation since I was 17yr old. First time I did s
Stupid_k 2017-01-14
1   Stupid_k 9 months ago

For dr Kulkarni, right ovarian cysts
Dr Kulkarni, please help me remove two ovarian cysts. I am a female 48, tall, thin, light

Stars879 2016-10-21
51   DrKulkarni 9 months ago

Please Help! Sore Throat/Strep Throat
I'm 14 years old,and i'll be 15 in February. There are orange spots at the back
Tara2 2017-01-11
5   Tara2 9 months ago

requesting antivirus's help?
Would you be willing to help me figure out a dose and strength for the remedy Petroleum?
Lady Nada 2017-01-13
2   simone717 9 months ago

Chronic painful Bladder ??... pressure!
Over the past 3 months,after a stressful event happened at work I started experiencing the
Saurfu 2017-01-14
1   telescope 9 months ago

Lower jaw / chin
Hi, I'm looking for a remedy for stiffness, tenderness in my lower jaw / chin. I'
Ourfenaix 2017-01-08
2   Ourfenaix 9 months ago

help with how to use Petroleum?
I was hoping someone might know how to use the remedy Petroleum for cracked hands in the w
Lady Nada 2017-01-13
6   Lady Nada 9 months ago

Please Help, throbbing toothache
I have a throbbing tooth ache on the right side, in between my second and third molar. The
Buink 2017-01-13
2   Lady Nada 9 months ago

Dilution differences - question
I'm just curious, what would be the difference of someone taking a remedy at differen
MyerB 2017-01-07
4   gavinimurthy 9 months ago

Constipation in child
A child aged 5 years has chronic constipation since last three years. Does not feel urge.
Satish Pasrija 2017-01-11
5   Satish Pasrija 9 months ago

intestinal parasites
Hi , I'm 18(male).I live in Ukraine.I was diagnosed in september this year with giar
Nurmagedov4567 2017-01-13
no replies yet

breast enhancement
i am 23 years old and have a small breast of size28.please help me by giving suggestions a
shivani kesharwani 2017-01-13
no replies yet

4 yr old giving tough time eating
My 4 yr. old son is giving tough time in eating his meals. Even when he eats, his portion
bh.vikas 2017-01-04
7   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Returning UTI - Cantharis & Sepia did not work out-Please help
I would appreciate if any one could help, I am a 28 year married female.4 years ago (afte

Honar 2011-01-17
22   Eve 9 months ago

7 years old, frequent thirst,..
This is for my grandson who is 7 years old. Restless , intelligent gets good grades but ha
vtechy1 2017-01-13
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

very low immunity
I was in perfect health till ten years ago . I suffered reaction from an allopathic medici

kks 2016-12-11
19   kks 9 months ago

Doctor please help Motion Sickness
Hello dr I am Sarmad from Pakistan. I am suffering from motion sickness like whenever I si
Sarmadqm 2017-01-10
3   gavinimurthy 9 months ago

Need homeopathy treatment for parasites giardia(lamblia)
Hi , I'm 18(male).I live in Ukraine.I was diagnosed in september this year with giard
Nurmagedov4567 2017-01-06
4   simone717 9 months ago

New to Homeopathy/Need advice for my Cat
Hello everyone, My cat Geppetto has been through a lot since about a week before Thanksg
rosso961 2017-01-11
4   rosso961 9 months ago

Inactive skin
Hi guys, Can someone enlighen me what is the meaning of Inactive Skin symptom in repertor
Esoors 2017-01-11
2   Esoors 9 months ago

5 year old kid severe cough
My son(Jayden) is 5 years old boy suffering with severe cough. x-ray shows lungs right sid
elururajesh 2017-01-11
1   kadwa 9 months ago

Urine color
Hi i am 20 years old. i masturbates 5 times a week.When i masturbates my acne level increa
Teja 2017-01-10
1   kadwa 9 months ago

pcos help!!
I am a female, indian , 5 ft tall and 195 pound of weight. I have had PCOS all along my li
Swati028 2017-01-10
1   kadwa 9 months ago

GERD 10 week old- Help please!
Hi, My 10 week old starting out spitting up a lot and as he is getting older it's get
Kmayo1128 2017-01-09
1   kadwa 9 months ago

erection problem report to dr kadwa
I am 24 year old unmarried not have erection i masturbate for 8-9 year . In patangali cli

akale 2015-02-01
69   kadwa 9 months ago

DR kadwa please suggest me
DR. Kadwa please help sir i m suffering from premature ejaculation and a lot of precome.

kishor1 2016-11-27
17   kadwa 9 months ago

newborn Heart
Hi i currently have a 1 month old baby girl that i notice was breathing rapidly. So took t
muttaqeen 2017-01-05
3   kadwa 9 months ago

Dr. Kadawa/Seniors/Doctors Please Help me!!!
Sir I am 30 years old and i m going to married after 1 month, my problem is, erection is n
DO DO 2017-01-11
3   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Right ear suppression of pus in middle ear problem and cold and cough
In right ear In cold having problem Once the Eustachian tube is blocked the pressure in th
hitss 2017-01-12
1   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Elderly women with severe back pain ....suggestions required
My mother 74 yrs, patient of high blood pressure and arthritis for last 12 yrs, is sufferi
navedsha 2017-01-11
2   geranium 9 months ago

Unwanted Hair in Girls
Dear Dr I have a niece who is 18 years old she complains about having abnormal hair.My wi
AK110 2017-01-06
3   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Itching all over body...... for dr akshymohl
My son is 6 year old. He had chicken pox exposure about 1.5 months back. Scabs were remove
navedsha 2017-01-11
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

chikungunya homeopathy treatment by Dr Raaj Swetta
Dear readers, I am facing with one of the bad disease Chikungunya from Last Three months.
Harshit1 2017-01-11
no replies yet

Need Anti dote
Hello sir... plzz take my case.. i hv been using homeopethic medicines since 2 years... a
asad3 2017-01-07
7   simone717 9 months ago

4 year old growing pains
What can I give my 4 year old for growing pains-- She cries at bedtime that her legs or an
Mariarico 2017-01-10
3   simone717 9 months ago

arnica 30c and ferrs phos 6x
can i use these both medicins at a time.
ankit2 2017-01-11
1   maheeru 9 months ago

Fracture radius ulna delayed union
Dear All i am 26 year old male have had an accident on 20th august 2016 while driving moto
Maij 2017-01-10
1   akshaymohl 9 months ago

Piles n fissures
m 26 yr old girl suffering from internal piles and fissure fro 8 years.after typhoid..it h

Riya3 2016-12-08
14   Riya3 9 months ago

Elevated potasium levels
I find my potasium levels in the blood elevated . The doctor told me it is because of the

kam42 2007-02-25
13   geranium 9 months ago

AVN patient those are under treatment by Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
this thread is only for those who are under treatment of AVN by dr.deoshlok Sharma for sha
deoshlok 2009-03-02
7   taz55 9 months ago

arnica 30c and ferrs phos 6x
can i use these 2 medicins at a time.
ankit2 2017-01-10
no replies yet

Hello all, My wife - 42 yrs of age. Probably she is suffering from migrane. She has this
shahidr100 2017-01-10
1   0antivirus0 9 months ago

Backache to Ms Singh started two years back. It was not very intense and used to get cured
abha ayan 2017-01-04
2   abha ayan 9 months ago

urgent help!!
Sir I am 30 years old and i m going to married after 1 month, my problem is, erection is n
DO DO 2017-01-08
3   DO DO 9 months ago

Sinus headache - which remedy
Hi, I have had sinus headaches on and off for a few months. I believe it is aggravated b
Siyah 2017-01-09
1   0antivirus0 9 months ago

Pollakiuria/Frequent Daytime Urination 5 yr old
My daughter is 5.5 yrs old and has had pollakiuria (frequent daytime urination) off and on
mom2ivy 2014-03-03
7   AllEssentialWellness 9 months ago

Travel Sickness
Hello sir I m Sarmad Qureshi from rawalpindi pakistan. My problem is that when ever I sit
Sarmadqm 2017-01-09
no replies yet

Goitre,, Irritable Bowel, Memory Weakness and Anxiety
Dear Doc, I am a 52 year old woman who is going through the menopause. I am not finding it

Tara2 2016-10-21
36   DrKulkarni 9 months ago

Dear Dr.Kulkarni plz help & help me not to be addict of alleaopathy.
i am male, age 41, weight 86kg, height 5'8'' 1. Describe your main suffer

filza 2016-10-28
82   DrKulkarni 9 months ago

Hello everyone, I am a 28 y/o male who has been suffering from anxiety, noticeable interna
WitheringAway1234 2017-01-04
8   WitheringAway1234 9 months ago

Can antim crud alumina and pulsatilla can be taken togethet
I want to know whether these medicines can be taken together.
gudiya123 2017-01-07
1   kadwa 9 months ago

Erectyle dysfunction and digestive problems
Dear Dr.Kadwaji, Asper your prescription I have taken Sulphar200 and Nuxvomica 200 for th
roynayak67 2016-10-03
5   kadwa 9 months ago

Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis
Which medicines should i take to get relief from hyperhidrosis in palms & feet as earl
Sd1994 2017-01-05
1   kadwa 9 months ago

ferrum met
I am going to take this for muscle tear to my bicep. I'm not going to have surgery. s

bugler 2009-08-22
25   AshishJain 9 months ago

Frozen Shoulder (Shoulder Impingement/Periarthritis of the Shoulder)
I had righ shoulder impingement. It is now cured and I have 100% motion restored. Just whe
rsdhar 2016-12-05
12   kadwa 9 months ago

urine incontinence
Hello i am male 60 year old suffring from urine incontinence for 3 years. day time Goin
davind1 2017-01-08
1   telescope 9 months ago

Is there any remedy available for aspergillosis
Hi, I am asthmatic, suffering from asthma from the age of 13. from the age of 17 I used to
prashantaset 2016-12-28
7   kadwa 9 months ago

Need homeopathy treatment for parasites giardia(lamblia)
Hi , I'm 18(male).I live in Ukraine.I was diagnosed in september this year with giar
Nurmagedov4567 2017-01-08
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

Severe Depression
I had posted here before. My main physical symptoms are hormonal imbalance (hirsutism), di
wannabehealthy 2017-01-08
1   wannabehealthy 9 months ago

Lac maternum in India?
Hi, where can I find Lac maternum 1M in India? Its not there here in Bangalore. Thanks

ramheight6 2016-11-15
66   simone717 9 months ago

touching genitals in sleep
Hi, My daughter has seizures and he is under the care of a homeopath, SHe is currently us
Jane77 2016-12-23
3   sameervermani 9 months ago

Dose for acne
I am years old . I am severely suffering with acne by searching in google i found homeopa
Teja 2016-12-30
6   Teja 9 months ago

Cell Phone Radiation - help yourself with Phytolacca 30
RF radiation from cell phone is severly oxidizing (burning) your body. Whether you want it

Reva V 2012-08-20
28   simone717 9 months ago

sexual fantasies HELP
My problem is quite long but please read and help me out. I born in the divided family wh
anonymous2 2017-01-05
1   deoshlok 9 months ago

Seeking help for Staph infection at Semen
Hi Dr, Need urgent help for stpah infection at semen. Its at heavy growth stage. Problem f
araghyagmail.com 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok 9 months ago

Ischemic Heart disease-Reply ASAP
My father is 66 years old and is suffering from ischemic hear disease.His ejection fractio
chithraravindran 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok 9 months ago

plz help.. need long strength and more hair on head
My friend has thin hair on her head. But she needs more, strength and long hair. She speci
deep09 2017-01-06
1   deoshlok 9 months ago

2.5 y.o. miserable toddler
It seems my 2.5 yo has begun the "terrible twos" and making the rest of the hous
AYoung 2017-01-08
3   telescope 9 months ago

Attn: Murthy Lichen Planus
Mr.Murthy, Thank you for looking into the case. I just noticed today. Tiny bumps are all

HelpwithLP 2016-10-20
41   HelpwithLP 9 months ago

Persistent Cold
hello everyone, I am in desperate help with regards to my daughters health.She is 12 year
AK110 2017-01-06
2   AK110 9 months ago

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