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Acidity and acid reflux (drthoufeequebhms)
Hi, I have a some GERD issue going on. Looks like acidity/ acid reflux to me. Because of
Sulatha 2017-05-30
5   simone717 10 months ago

Frequent urination and retention
please help im 25 y/o male is there anyone here know what homeopathy treatment for urine r
urineretention 2017-08-11
3   Nikkie 10 months ago

h pylori bacterial infection treatment
I am having from 3 days high acidity,and can't able to eat anything just milk with br
FuzMALBKK 2017-04-01
3   Zady101 10 months ago

Hello My name is hasan Age 32 years I have 1 son and expecting a baby soon I'm diab
Hamdaan 2017-08-11
no replies yet

Can old forum members tell where is drthoufeeque?
Can old and regular forum members tell where is drthoufeeque? And when will he be joining
Lost45505 2017-06-02
2   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

3 Month Old Spit Up
Dear Joe, My son is almost 3 months old and spits up a lot of milk after each feeding. H
sarah chowdhruy 2017-08-08
5   sarah chowdhruy 10 months ago

osteomyelitsis suffered my 13 years old son
Dear Sir, My 13 Year Old son suffering osteomyelitsis last 8 months, first two month we t
rajbendu_shekhar 2017-08-11
2   Nikkie 10 months ago

Premature ejacuation#
Hello sir my age is 26 and I started Masturbation since I was 18yr old. When I started wit

Stupid_k 2016-12-29
56   jawahar 10 months ago

Chronic post nasal drip
Looking for some help please! I have had chronic PND for almost two years. Started doing

Kinsmang 2017-01-24
13   jawahar 10 months ago

Sir I am 20 yrs old and I want to increase my penis size up to 1 inch more My homoeopat
Serezou 2017-08-10
1   jawahar 10 months ago

Can homeopathy treat my acne or am I just wasting more time ? Please reply I'm all ti

Lovebug93 2016-07-31
20   jawahar 10 months ago

how to cancel homeopathy's effect
Hi, my brother has schizophrenia, homeopathic doctor told me to give him 1 single dose of
maryam 2017-07-21
7   maryam 10 months ago

Breakthrough device heals organs with a single touch
Google the above headline. Nano tech now going into USA trials.
simone717 2017-08-07
3   simone717 10 months ago

Aurum metalicum
My doctor prescribed aurum metallic 30 potency for obsessive compulsive disorder and anxie
earth 113 2017-08-07
6   earth 113 10 months ago

Please help drthoufeequebhms
I am 27 yr old Indian girl.I'm suffering from pcos for past 2 yrs. And I'm gaini
Serene1 2017-07-31
12   Serene1 10 months ago

Sir, I am having ribs pain continuesly while I am sitting with out back support. I am ha
Oogui 2017-08-09
2   PARTHA RAY 10 months ago

Tooth extraction
Hello, I need some advice. I am going to get a bottom infected wisdom tooth extracted eit
penny3 2017-07-05
5   Reva V 10 months ago

Kidney Stones
Hi, I have kidney stones for last 4 years. There are 2 of them in each - left and right k
Purvui 2017-08-07
8   Purvui 10 months ago

Need To Get Rid Of masturbation Permanantly
Hello, Doctors,Please Read FUll message full details. I am in problem atleast from age of

Mrpolice 2017-07-10
21   HealthyWorld 10 months ago

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Classical
I was recently diagnosed with EDS classical with a wide array of symptoms, The most promin
gnihtemos 2017-08-10
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Hypo or hyper thyroid ????
I am a heart patient and was on amiodarone for 1 year. I noticed fatigue, energy loss, hun
akpt1978 2017-08-09
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Seeking homeopathic remedy for large polyp discovered
My 67 year old husband, who was diagnosed with COPD about 4 years ago, starting having sto
natural4me 2017-08-09
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Calcarea Carbonica 200c
I m a female of age 33, from some time my weight is continuously increasing , do I go for
Yeexee 2017-08-10
1   kadwa 10 months ago

left ankle and knee pain
I am 40 years young No bp,sugar,DVT Blood tests are all absolutely normal including thyroi
dpnctl 2017-07-05
4   kadwa 10 months ago

red rash problem
hi doctor,i'm 20 now.. I hv red rash problem..but it,s not like rash it's like r
aryan_chatz1 2017-08-09
3   akshaymohl 10 months ago

Toddler 2yo wakes up every night!
My toddler won't sleep through the night, she wakes up freak frequently as if teethin
Elenamiami 2017-06-03
12   sameervermani 10 months ago

Looking for help for prostate problem, back pain, anxiety, mild depressive feelings, etc.
Hi, I am a 48 y.o. single man. I am experiencing lower back pain for past few years now.
hopeful69 2017-08-04
6   hopeful69 10 months ago

Noa azospermia
Sir I have a patient of noa azospermia.no sperm count.plz advice some Madcien.
Alam3 2017-08-09
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Stomach problem
I have been having kind of constipation in my whole life, but that was all OK. I started m

Ialouxowch 2017-05-05
37   Ialouxowch 10 months ago

Molar tooth sensitive after root canal
Hi Everyone, My Mother aged 65 had undergone root canal for her right side down molar too
bneelblr 2017-08-08
1   Nikkie 10 months ago

Severe throat infection and cough
dear doctors, my younger girl aged 5 years. going to school. about 10days back she suf
krishna_1980 2017-08-08
1   0antivirus0 10 months ago

Extremelly urgent and complicated case help will be much appreciated-
This is a very problematic case and the time to resolve it if possible is very short. Woth
can 2017-08-09
no replies yet

Varicose Veins
Today I went to the store to buy some shorts. To my surprise when I turned around I saw b
penny3 2017-07-06
8   akshaymohl 10 months ago

Attn: Joe De Livera - Infant Acid Reflux and Constipation
My son was diagnosed with Acid Reflux at the age of 1 month. At first he was prescribed Pr

yuliak 2011-06-26
87   sarah chowdhruy 10 months ago

Hi I have come across Arnica 6c wet dosage for gerd. Just want to know they after mixing 3

Sweety3 2017-05-15
38   Zady101 10 months ago

ED, PE etc sextual disorder
Any one who live in kolkata or nearby kolkata like Howrah, Hooghly, Nadia, 24 Parganas and
alliswell1 2017-07-01
1   kishore30 10 months ago

Brown mucus from nose and throat
Chronic cough with wheezing and brown mucus from nose and throat using dr. Reckewegs r8
Vtyagi 2017-08-08
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

weight gain
im 22yr but my weight is only 40kg how can gain my weight
sia 2017-08-08
1   akshaymohl 10 months ago

Enlarged Prostate and Urinary Retention
Hello all,I am new here, 47 year old male. I was diagnosed with BPH in June and have taken

alcatraz 2005-10-01
20   urineretention 10 months ago

very serious acne
I am 18 yr old boy . I am suffering from very moderate acne from last few years. I took th
rshrmawow 2017-08-05
3   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Piles problem (need urgent solution)
Hi Doctor, My wife is suffering Piles from about 3 years. some internal and external hem
MD. ROkon 2017-08-08
1   0antivirus0 10 months ago

Damiaplant & Sperm Count
Hello Any Doctor. Please tell me. Can Damiaplant Increase sperm count and sperm motility.
amit_tyagi2001 2010-01-06
7   arogyam917 10 months ago

Sexual Power
Hello Dr!! I am 25 male married for 1 year facing the problem weak errection and low se
Airlureffoath 2017-07-28
7   arogyam917 10 months ago

please help drthoufeequebhms
Hello sir, please help for my wife for back pain problem she has ceasar operation before

mariz 2017-05-13
43   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Dust allergy
Hello,my child in the age 12 suffering from chocolate and dust allergy.his history is ecto

ranadr2010 2017-04-24
15   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Skin problem
Skin at joints are black,hard and a little itchy.Skin is peeling off on itching. Please su

digitronic 2017-04-25
28   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

need remedy for irregular menarche
hello doctor I need help for my 12 years and 9 months old daughter.she got her menses star

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-30
62   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Bloating and weight gain
I m 27 years old female. 5feet and 68 kilos. I have been diagnosed with pcod. Of late i ha

Superbs 2017-04-25
25   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

too much leg pain.uterus warts
dr i need help age 34 single period regular i got vaginal sore/ ulcer , three years back a

mahsan 2017-04-17
23   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Unknown Problem
Hello, I was hoping I can get help with something that I do not have a diagnosis for but

tod86 2017-04-20
25   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

I have anxiety. I get very nervous when driving. I have fear of future . I get nightmares.

c_arora 2017-04-20
34   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Low sex desire
Hi Dr. I am facing weak libido issue.I am 35 years married man.since two years,my sex des
amit143mishra 2017-06-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Premature ejaculation
Hello please guide me some medicine I choose homeonpathy because I believe it's bet
Jhangeer 2017-06-28
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Hi, This is me Riyaz Ahmad. I am having toothache since day before yesterday due to emerg
riyazahmad5 2017-06-29
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

need help for spasticity
hello my son is 7 1/2 years old.his right side of body is week and spastic.can not stand o

afskarimymail.com 2017-03-31
53   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Dizziness, Burping, Shivering, Tiredness, Heavyweight on head, Breathing trouble
Hi, My wife is 32 years old. She has been suffering from health issues for the last 6 m
udayabaski 2017-08-06
3   homeo_helper 10 months ago

my child's insecurity
Goodmorning everyone, I am new to this forum and i wish you can suggest a remedy for my gi

Alia S 2016-12-16
25   sameervermani 10 months ago

nervous at the exam hall, concentration problem, lack of will
I have the problem of nervousness and concentration. i am at very crucial stage of my life
debojyoti2017 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Hey Everyone, I want a remedy for Moles On my Face, i want to remove them, po lease help m
alimughal 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Eczema and Sulfur 30C pellets
I have Eczema, and have had it for 35 + years, it rarely clears up completely, I have seen
Bob W 2017-08-06
4   Zady101 10 months ago

Fear of death .
I have fear of death .I think that my enemy will attack in night and kill me during sleep
earth 113 2017-07-29
4   simone717 10 months ago

Aurum metalicum
My doctor prescribed me aurum met 30 potency for obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety
earth 113 2017-08-07
1   simone717 10 months ago

My daughter
Hi I am looking for advice with my daughter. I have read a lot and she seems a typical c
andrewkp 2017-08-06
1   telescope 10 months ago

Hi I am 24 years old and married for one and a half years. I am a patient of polycystic o

bhartikataria_121 2012-07-25
22   medicineman9 10 months ago

Help needed- pcos
Hey. I am 24 years old female. I have pcos since past 5 years, I had periods after 2 or 3
Rabail 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Pcos help needed- Acne/scars/ hairfall
Hello, I'm 24 year old female. I had pcos since past 5 years, because of which I ha
Rabail 2017-08-07
1   drthoufeequebhms 10 months ago

Best Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment
Pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to infertility in women if left untreated. Contact us
sharukh1 2017-08-07
no replies yet

hristaso 2017-08-07
no replies yet

Pcos- Acne
Hi! I'm 23 years old I have been suffering from pcod since 1 year and it has resulted

Pcosgirl 2017-07-26
29   Pcosgirl 10 months ago

kidney problem
sir i am amarjit age 55 weaight 70kg height 5.6inch. my both kidnies were operated for sto
mintubal 2017-08-06
1   kadwa 10 months ago

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