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could allergies be assoicated with night sweats?
Hi This is a general question. I posted another post with all my symptoms earlier (head s
anabella 2011-03-09
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URGENT help required
I am 45years old, male, and have suffered since childhood from asthma and ichthyosis. Howe
gtripathy 2011-03-09
8   gtripathy 7 years ago

Pilonidal sinus
I have been feeling a certain kind of pain in my butt crack. since a week. i ignored. toda
sadhnam 2011-03-09
11   nawazkhan 7 years ago

17 month old boy not gaining weight
My son is 17 months old. He eats well and eats all kinds of food. But has hasn't be
hennadesign 2011-01-25
8   hennadesign 7 years ago

For acute diseases.
For acute diseases as listed below, the homeopathic medicines with strength C30 or D30 tak
Parakletos 2011-03-08
1   Parakletos 7 years ago

problem with masturbation
Hi, I started masturbation very early in my childhood, when I was just 11 years old as it
R_A_Jain 2011-03-09
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Rib bone fracture (7th rib bone left side)
Today afternoon (1230hrs) I fell off a two wheeler and fractured the 7th rib bone left sid
anannya 2011-03-05
6   anannya 7 years ago

help for maid
Dear Doctors this is the case about our maid servant ...she is about years of 35age has
lifecycle31 2011-03-09
1   Reva V 7 years ago

Doctors' list
Hello all, Is it possible to know the list of doctors who are members of this forum and t
wisdomhomeo 2011-03-02
8   wisdomhomeo 7 years ago

Ouch! My shin!
I slid in the grocery store on a slick floor and banged my shin bone -- hard -- on the met
ruth45 2011-02-15
7   maheeru 7 years ago

Is there anyone that has worked with Chlamydia in someone that has had it for three years

ecogenie 2010-12-29
35   ecogenie 7 years ago

Staring at tv snow with the sound off aborted mania in bipolar disorder
A neighbor came over recently who had extreme pressure of speech, a non stop rapid fire m
stevelord 2011-03-09
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Try this simple free technique for migraines
Can someone try this for their migraine. Stare at a small area of skin anywhere on their
stevelord 2007-12-07
11   stevelord 7 years ago

Migraines and desperately searching for a cure
I have has Migraines/ Cluster headaches since I was 13 years old I am a 24 year old female

LadyJustice 2005-03-22
21   Cesca 7 years ago

Skin, sinus, parasites
Hi. I have a fungal skin condition on my leg. It started with a red rash spread over my up
twopaw 2011-03-09
2   twopaw 7 years ago

Dear Dr. My mum is 60 yrs old and for the last 1 yr had some dswelling in her hand - she
Jovss 2011-03-08
1   kadwa 7 years ago

sexuly week
I'm 40 years man, from some time i feel sexuly week, I lost my interest in sex.it may
jeetu007 2011-03-09
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nasal congestion & voice change
Hi, I am seeking your good advice. I have nasal congestion and the voice also is changed.I
anoopsyd 2011-03-08
3   anoopsyd 7 years ago

Having some discomfort. Weight gain around the stomach area and hot flashes ..more a night
msoceanlover 2011-03-08
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Tinnitus Help Please, Please!
I am so happy to have found this forum. I have been suffering with tinnitus for 4 years. I
moosemtnjudy 2011-03-08
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Male cat with UTI
Reva V, Thank You for your quick response. Will look into ordering the 2 items you suggest
topkatz 2011-03-09
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infertile after polycystic ovarian syndrome
i had a laproscopic surgery last year for cyst, am ok but still afertile....is there any o

dia11 2010-07-13
19   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Male cat with UTI
My male cat, neutered, 18 lbs. has an UTI. I've stopped any dry food, giving filtered
topkatz 2011-03-09
1   Reva V 7 years ago

im suffering from nurofibroma from past 20 years all over body but i don't have pain
abhay nathani 2011-03-09
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homeopath in kolkata, India
Dear all, Can you please suggest some good experienced homeopathic doctors/practitioners i
bhondor 2011-03-09
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delay in period
my gf suffering for delay in periods of 10 days from normal one this happen because she ha
syedkamrannaqvi 2011-03-09
2   syedkamrannaqvi 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-03-08
2   girl2010 7 years ago

anal fissure
Hi, my husband has been suffering from an anal fissure for about a year. He has been on to
linda55 2011-03-08
1   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Religion Vs Science study please help
Hello, my name is Michael and I am a post graduate student currently performing research i
MikeW 2011-03-08
2   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Athletes foot
my husbad has had bad athletes ..well for as long as I have known him (8 years) nothing he
chavamora 2006-06-27
8   julie.m. 7 years ago

otrivin side effects
Dear docter i am 40 year male.I have been using otrivin nasal drops from 10 years because
prashant15 2011-03-08
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Skin problem
Sir/madam I am suffering from palm craking from last 5 year but it is not cured, give me s
baibhav 2011-02-16
4   baibhav 7 years ago

Gastroesophageal reflux disease
I have got the endoscopy done it confirmed that I have acid reflux problem, the issues I e

kak12 2011-02-28
21   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Please give opinion re this tissue salt
My friend found this on a site and wondered would it be good for weight loss - it's
kohler 2011-03-06
6   kohler 7 years ago

i m taking nat phos6x but my weight is not decresing and i m having my marriage next month
saisuraj 2011-03-07
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Euphrasia for my cat
I just starting using the eyebright for my cat (suggested by my vet) for a chronic eye inf
NurseLinds 2011-03-02
1   maheeru 7 years ago

Email alerts
Is everybody getting the email alerts OK? Or more to the point; is anybody not. I have had
moderator 2011-02-04
8   maheeru 7 years ago

Pls advice remedy for Hair loss and graying
Pleas advice me the best solution for my hair thinning drastically and graying hair even a
mohiyudden 2011-03-08
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difference between 'sanguinaria canadensis' and 'sanguinariana nitrica'
Would someone explain me the difference between 'SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS' and &#
anoopsyd 2011-03-08
4   anoopsyd 7 years ago

momof6 2011-03-07
4   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

I am on homeopathy since last 3 months for galstone. now there is no pain and I feel hungr
giriraj76 2010-11-08
8   giriraj76 7 years ago

Dr. Sharma - Azoospermia - 3 brothers
peace be upon you I am living in Sri Lanka and i am 42 years old. no children. No sperms
imthiyaspmm 2011-03-08
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remedy for skin disease eczema
remedy for skin disease eczema
Reaz Haider 2011-03-08
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

CBD-stricture remedies
My fathers CBD is narrowed due to thickening of its walls and due to this his bilirubin co

xsneha 2011-01-11
32   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

knee pain
i am male 45 military career seen lot of wear and tear of knees.no osteoarthiritis but som
andy_65_in 2011-03-03
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

cough and sore throat
i just developed sore throat and cough that aggravates when i bend my head backwards. Also
missar69 2011-03-06
4   missar69 7 years ago

Complete my story... Doctors
I was brilliant in studies but neglected child. i always saw fight between my parents , an

signature 2010-12-11
46   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Hi Can some one suggest to cure Hives .. all over body, specially on hands , upper part of
bhavnas90 2011-02-25
6   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Increase in BP & less sleep
Doctor Murthy / Sharma I am male 49 years old 174 cm 75 kg working in BPO. I am a vegetari
maharad1 2011-03-07
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allergic reaction to eggs
I think my son ate some with egg noodles in it and having an allergic reaction. He is scre
congested 2011-03-05
3   congested 7 years ago

Cough and Throat Problem
i am suffering from Cough right now and my throat becomes dry and worse condition and feel
preetmca 2011-03-07
3   desha 7 years ago

I am suffering from sinusitis mainly maxillary.I have pain on left side below the eys near
desha 2011-03-07
2   desha 7 years ago

Acute Nephrotice Syndrome
Hi, My Name is Amar, I've been suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome for 4 years now. B
aymj23 2011-03-07
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Respected doctors please advise
Female Age-45 i am married working women mother of lone male child Wearing spectacles sin
lifecycle31 2011-02-21
6   lifecycle31 7 years ago

Desperate allergy and asthma sufferer!
I am having a very bad allergy. My nose is very sensitive to everthing dust, odors, tempe
audrey 2004-09-08
11   k.sivadasan 7 years ago

dry Lips and crack on skin surrounding lips
My husband is 54 yrs old. He has dry lips problem which arises 4-5 times a year.. long cra
bhavnas90 2011-03-02
3   bhavnas90 7 years ago

Pilonidal Cyst
Dear Dr Varma, I am 40 year old male. I have been reading some of the posts on identical
rquinta 2011-02-16
8   rquinta 7 years ago

K Sivadasan
I am having the problem of cold in the morning when I wake up, with sneezing and running n
k.sivadasan 2011-02-13
5   kadwa 7 years ago

extreme itching and swelling in left leg
hi..iam male 33..my problem is that some days ago i felt extreme itching in my both legs..
m.yahya 2011-03-02
12   nawazkhan 7 years ago

HELP! I will send you money! -- Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Racing heart
Profile: Male 22 Yrs old USA 170 lbs Current Symptoms: WORRY about my health, Anxiety (
neuro123 2011-03-07
2   nawazkhan 7 years ago

How to choose a better Homeopath
This Post is for the Patient about “How to choose a better Homeopath”. Please read this a
Info.rahiq 2010-12-23
4   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Preventing Osteoporosis
Spine and hip fractures are not often a concern of the under-fifty crowd. However, what yo
westcoastmagazine 2011-03-06
no replies yet

My mother is having cervical spondilytis
My mother is having cervical spondilytis, she is 54 yrs old, weight 70 kg, ht 5'2. Is
Sheetal rajput 2011-03-03
7   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Jusquiami CM
[message deleted by Albert on Sun, 07 Sep 2014 14:38:46 BST]
Albert 2011-02-26
3   Albert 7 years ago

10 months daughter not sleeping enough
Hi All My 10 months old daughter sleeps too less. She sleeps around 6-7 hours while I thi
earthangel 2011-03-03
3   Reva V 7 years ago

attention all homeopathy experts need advice.
what kind of remedy suits the following personality: feet and hands unusually thinner and
sadhnam 2011-03-05
4   sadhnam 7 years ago

Hello Dr. Sameer I have had Psoriasis for the past 15 yrs. When I was in India, I did use
venkaty 2011-03-02
3   faisal qureshi 7 years ago

My husband was finally dx with narcolepsy but it took 50 years. No one would believe me w
carolyn baker 2011-03-04
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

antidote for Ignatia
my age is 19. two weeks back i was suffering from acute insomania, n little anxiety bcoz o
tula2007 2009-11-24
10   darksun 7 years ago

Angry all the time
PAST CHILDHOOD,Sexual abuse by friend of family. Parents split when i was 2yrs old. Mum
ellenvass 2011-03-04
7   nawazkhan 7 years ago

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