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nasal polyp getting better and better and serious cough
My husband(36year old) used to have big nasal polyp. All of the family seems to get very s
wasabicat 2011-02-07
2   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

gynecomastica or men boob
i have develop men boob please help me
hassan42 2011-02-06
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

please sugestion to me.
manojkmr034 2011-02-07
no replies yet

please help, my breath problem is depressing
Hi, I am a 28 years old female with breath problems. I've had bad breath ever since I
aandf 2011-02-03
5   kadwa 7 years ago

please help
My father aged 78 was very good health in 2007.Never used any drug in the life. In 2007he

vedant 2009-08-03
94   kadwa 7 years ago

Not able to digest vegetables, cireals and diary product
Dear Dr. I am 27 yr old male. Following problems I am facing last 1.5 yr. 1.Cannot able
souju 2011-02-05
3   kohler 7 years ago

hi. i'm sending below my information. thank you. Gender: female Age: 35 Body Type
LCKV health 2011-01-01
11   kadwa 7 years ago

Merc sol A disabled mans story
First off, I am 49 and had a v, v bad stroke when I was 42. I am in a wheelchair as I am n

sakima 2010-02-11
65   kadwa 7 years ago

Can hair loss be reversed from excess carbohydrate consumption?
When you eat too many refined carbohydrates, you body takes an insulin hit. This can cause
crystal.bautista28 2011-02-07
no replies yet

constantly running nose and cough
Hello,I am new in this forum and I would like to ask you. My son has discharge from nose
olgita 2006-03-27
8   SBasnet 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-02-07
no replies yet

upset stomach and diarrhea
Hi, From yesterday due to bad food my stomach is upset and I am having diarrhea. There is
its_arch 2011-02-06
no replies yet

blooding piles
I am suffering from constipation for the last many years. for the last 3 years i am suffer

gpnz2003 2010-10-31
30   gpnz2003 7 years ago

Excessive Body Hair
hello i am 23 years old male. i have a lot of hair on my body i mean chest etc. i am a bod
helpless_guy 2011-02-06
no replies yet

Sorry I posted twice.
Sorry I posted twice. cannot see how to delete post
AusAlly 2011-02-06
no replies yet

reporting back
hello. i can't find the post w/ the patient form i filled out. but basically i'm
LCKV health 2011-02-06
2   LCKV health 7 years ago

Hemoglobin Level
What is the good medicine in Homeopathy to increase the Hemoglobin Content? I have 12.4 no

scorpioncan 2008-03-07
17   Reva V 7 years ago

Hi, i m riya i am 21 years old and i stammering since 4-5 years. because of this i have lo
gjhalak 2011-02-06
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Homeopathy to grow tall
Are there any medicines which can help me to grow taller? I am a 21 year old male and hav
APS89 2011-02-04
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Dear Panjav
My opening homeopathic remedy was arnica. from a miasmatic perspective wich should be the
Albert 2008-11-22
12   Albert 7 years ago

medicen for over masturbation
sir: I live in lahore pakistan. i am the patient of over masturbation.sir i read your foru
jamshed94 2011-02-06
no replies yet

Pilonidal Cyst (Question to Dr/Philosopher. Pankaj Verma)
First of all i would like to appreciate your assistance and philanthropic efforts for peop

hammadk 2011-01-22
28   nawazkhan 7 years ago

mood swings etc 12 year old girl
please adivise me of what I need to give my daughter. She is 12 years old and suffering m

gsjct 2010-10-18
20   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

How often can I teke Baryta carbonicum??
4 days ago I took one Baryta carbonicum 30c and felt improvements in my emotional and ment
blyster 2011-02-06
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

excessive hair loss
i am suffering from excessive hairloss since 2 months i hav tries eplopathis medicine and
hiti jheeta 2011-02-03
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

dear sir, maine apne andkos ka test karwaya to sertoli only cell syndrom ki report mile. k
shailendra singh 2011-02-06
no replies yet

Fear of being buried alive
dear all, i wonder wich remedies has de symptom of the subject? thanks. albert.
Albert 2011-02-05
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Constipation problem ( Dr.neil madhavan )
Dear Sir , I think i am a patient of IBS. i get constipation very often...there is lot o
mukeshkeshav 2011-02-06
no replies yet

Complete case history : chronic oral ulcers with pain in abdomen
Name : Sub: Chronic oral aphthous ulcers for 7 yrs (increasing in intensity), urticaria

bhuvijain 2011-01-11
18   bhuvijain 7 years ago

hand tremor
I am 56 yr old male, recently suffering from intermitent trembling of left hand. my blood
apurba 2011-02-06
no replies yet

fibroid and constipation
Female 35yrs old 1. Describe your main suffering? Longer periods that last for 10 to 14 d
sweetcreole 2011-02-02
7   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Skin eruptions
I am a a 48 year old male suffering from acne since youth. I suffer chronic red dry and it
payamn 2011-02-05
2   anna_jenkins 7 years ago

I have hypothyroid for seven years. I was taking synthroid for it and I was fine. Just las
pollen 2011-01-15
8   pollen 7 years ago

kidney failure
my father is chronic diabetes problem from last 30 years and hyper tension from last 11 ye
ajaykhare05 2011-01-17
6   ajaykhare05 7 years ago

Allergic to Horses
Hello, Can anyone suggest a remedy for an allergic reaction to horses? I have just start
Pauline5 2011-02-05
1   sanremo 7 years ago

HiI'm 27 year old male.I have Eczema problem on my neck, right wrist and chest. Some

razz 2003-09-27
34   shasif 7 years ago

stomach infection/urine infection: DR Pankaj/Dr kadwa plz help
1. Describe your main suffering? stomach infection Stomach pain which start mainly afte
jcharu 2011-02-05
no replies yet

remedy for my wife, plz help its urgent
my wife is 26 years old. She has an addiction to alprax0.5 mg and smoking. she suffers fro
dutta 2011-01-30
3   dutta 7 years ago

Improving school study????
i m using following combination for improving memory and concentration. your comments plzz
tcdserver 2011-02-04
2   tcdserver 7 years ago

The World Of Microorganisms
Microorganisms are generally considered to be those organisms that are made up of one cell
sagecarter 2011-02-04
no replies yet

how i find the body nature
i am taking homeopathic medicine from a homeopath. i gave answers which homeopath's a
kumar123 2011-01-26
5   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

cydonia valguras
Hi in ur resent discussions ,u mentioned of this wonder drug ,does it really help if ur i
hussain shaw 2011-02-02
1   hussain shaw 7 years ago

Does Homeopathy Work
Hello. First I'd like to say I'm not sure one way or the other. I came here for
dijitalnomad 2011-02-04
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

fluid in lunf sm,tumor
my 89yr. father has a small tumor 2.5cm in his left lung,fluid is slowly building up in th
rosabeth 2011-02-04
no replies yet

Little boy with Autism type illness, please help
Can any homeopaths or parents suggest remedies for my little boy diagnosed autistic? Dalt

nyxpooka 2009-11-23
23   sameervermani 7 years ago

Hi, i was wondering if one of the doctors on the forum can help me with asthma and eczema
lily777 2011-01-26
8   lily777 7 years ago

2 year old dog- rear legs paralyzed
Last sunday all of a sudden dog sat down and couldn't get up. No injury seen or notic
geauxp 2008-06-22
7   maheeru 7 years ago

Attn: Dr. Joe De Livera please help
Hello, I am asking this question for my significant other. He was wounded in Iraq in 200
pippi747 2011-01-24
5   pippi747 7 years ago

pregnant and high white blood cells
i m 7 months pregnant, and i m having high white blood cells in pregnancy .. in 3rd month
memyself 2011-02-04
no replies yet

hair fall
I am 22 years old, from last 2 years my hair falls too much. plz suggest a remedy, also i
memyself 2011-02-04
no replies yet

Small thin lips as a symptoms? Cell salts 101
I have just started reading a book about Cell Salts, and i see that Calc Phos is being men
DoubleEdge 2011-02-04
no replies yet

19 yr old with hashimoto's
my daughter has hashimoto's thyroiditis ...she is on thryoid medicine and feeling bet
volzrules 2011-01-30
4   kadwa 7 years ago

Lycopodium - Questionnaire filled in for help
Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and r

kohler 2011-01-01
48   kohler 7 years ago

Unexpected pages
Hello, I've had a report of somebody opening a page on ABC Homeopathy and getting a
moderator 2011-02-03
2   moderator 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-02-03
no replies yet

Toddler Tooth Decay
-My son is 2 yrs old and right before his 2nd birthday his teeth started decaying. Mostly
Breezibre 2011-01-28
6   Reva V 7 years ago

Please help me urgent
I humbly require yours help as i wish to live. I'm average male of 34 facing ill eff

justnice22 2010-12-21
47   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Please help fear of passing stools
Hi can any one please please help our 3 year old, she had a painful stool a few days ago a
anabellajj 2011-01-17
6   anabellajj 7 years ago

[message deleted by HoneyKhanna on Fri, 18 Mar 2011 06:02:03 GMT]
HoneyKhanna 2011-01-10
9   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

various symptoms need remedy
Dear ABC homeopaths, I am posting my case here with the answer given to the questionaire.

bipin 2010-11-11
13   kadwa 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-02-03
no replies yet

Questionaire severe urinary pressure and pain
Gender: female Age: 22 Body Type: tall and thin Height: 58 Weight: 140 General appearance
Sally116 2011-02-02
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Anxiety, Panic, Depression, OCD
Anyone please help! I am a 42 year old woman who for the past 4 months have had all of th
Shirlene 2011-02-02
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Remedy for PE & ED
Dear ALL I Have a query can any body from the form please suggest some medcine for PE &
nitin_wrkbuddy 2011-02-02
2   nitin_wrkbuddy 7 years ago

Belladonna and Calcarea Carbonica
Can I take Belladonna and Calcarea Carbonica together ?
guptah77 2011-02-03
1   kadwa 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-02-02
3   girl2010 7 years ago

Improve Eyesight
My 14 yr old son is myopic and his eyesight is increasing at an alarming rate....he alread
suna711 2011-02-02
3   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

Floaters ,neck
Hello to everyone! I am 23 years old.First of all ,sorry for my english, iam not a native
Barbaros 2011-02-02
no replies yet

Son diagnosed with Hydrocele
My 3.5yr old son has been diagnosed with Hydrocele on right side. The Pediatrician as well

Deven 2005-11-22
18   dnlena 7 years ago

Homemade colloidal silver tutorial - A must read
Check out my easy guide to make your own colloidal silver on my website!
parkerluxe 2011-02-02
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