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Midwifes Reject Circumcision
'Nancy Wainer is one such mother. When her son was born 34 years ago, Wainer and her h
Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-11
5   Homeopathy International 1 6 years ago

Fear of Future and about the World to come
my friend is suffering from a depression state. the main symptoms are anxiety of severe
dr.yusuf 2010-08-05
4   dr.yusuf 6 years ago

clarify my doubt
can we use homeopathic medicine and ayurvedic medicine(triphala churnam) at different time
pakeee 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Red rash around mouth
My 7 year old daughter has had a rash around her mouth, especially the corners, for months
Teresa_W 2010-05-04
2   Learner_123 6 years ago

Caught the Flu -
Hi, Just caught the flu . Severe throat dryness with pain. head heavy. Sneezing, Drip
pimathew 2010-08-05
no replies yet

dribbling urine
my age 22 some drops remain in urethra who comes out after standing position and when i se
asdf660 2010-08-05
no replies yet

dribbling urine
after urination some drops remain in urethra
asdf660 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Ear - Buzzing sound.Please help.
Dear Sir/s My son has blockages in Eustachian tube.So i read here about vacuum method.I
daverichard 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Sinus problem
i am Nsrawal, 27 yrs old ,suffering from sinus and cough in throat. pls help me .
nsrawall 2010-08-03
7   nsrawall 6 years ago

can dr sameer pls help me !!!
11 views Sex:female Age: 28 yrs Marital status: married Children: one Occupation:
sugarbase20 2010-08-05
no replies yet

prof. m. s. verma
Every winter itching starts. It begins at ankle first and gradually goes up finally settli
msverma31 2010-08-05
no replies yet

Flu Like Symptoms after extrenous exercise
Hi everybody, I have recently developed flu like symptoms after over exercising - lik
glowingsoul 2010-08-04
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

reply me
can we use triphala powder (ayurvedic medicine)and homeopathic medicine at different times
pakeee 2010-08-04
1   Info.rahiq 6 years ago

Help with site information
I am confused. When I go into searching for a remedy to a condition or a suggested homeop
glazer 2010-08-04
3   PANKAJ VARMA 6 years ago

Dr. Bagyavasan, what can you recomend for my 8 yr old daughter with asthma?
Hello, My Daughter has been suffering from mild asthma since two. She will only get ast
ngalarza 2010-01-27
7   ngalarza 6 years ago

Hypothyroid - Looking for help
Hello, I have just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroid, but I believe it has been
cynthia17 2010-08-01
7   cynthia17 6 years ago

Could azoospermia be treated after biopsy detects no sperm in semen?
yellowcab74 2010-08-04
no replies yet

Rhus tox side effects
I am trying to find some pain relief for my 83 yr old mother who has a severe case of shi
glazer 2010-08-04
3   maheeru 6 years ago

PCOD - Doctors please help
I am 25 yrs old, married 7 months ago. I was diagnosed and was confirmed with PCOD since f

Vasuvasu 2009-06-09
13   Taruna 6 years ago

severe depression
Sex:female Age: 28 yrs Marital status: married Children: one Occupation: housewife
sugarbase20 2010-08-04
no replies yet

ajay from hyderabad
can we use triphala churnam(ayurvedic medicine)and homeopathic medicine at different times
pakeee 2010-08-04
no replies yet

Suppressed period and cimicifuga
Hello, i really need your help. I had not gotten my period for about 3-4 months so my h
ihope 2010-08-03
2   ihope 6 years ago

homeopathy and hiv / aids
“What is incurable to-day may be curable to-morrow, and what we are all of this generation
Homeopathy International 1 2010-08-04
no replies yet

Itchy and irritated private region
I have been having problems with the area between my testicles and anus. It has been real
flfbru729 2010-08-03
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Dear sir, My 2nd son is 31 yrs old and residing in USA .He is suffering from flatu

ghanshyam49 2010-06-09
14   kadwa 6 years ago

spine injury and paralysis
Hello, A lady I know felt 14 steps down the stair and injured her lower spine. The inci
Learner_123 2010-08-02
7   kadwa 6 years ago

Homeopathy and Lupus
Is there any cure against Tumid Lupus symptoms with homeopathy?
ptismayi 2010-08-04
no replies yet

girl2010 2010-08-03
no replies yet

anxiety, depression
hello, i was wondering if i could get some advice on what remedies would be good for my sy
skinny 2010-08-03
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

Erection disfunction
I wish to know if the erection disfunction i am suffering is related to failling kidney an
Bondole 2010-08-03
no replies yet

underactive thyroid
after taking the radiation pill my doctor put me on synthroid 175MCG before i never weight
oldman39040 2010-08-03
no replies yet

breastfeeding & phosphoric acid
Hi, I've been experiencing very low vitality, low mood, just a total indifference
karinamom 2010-08-03
no replies yet

Kidney Stones
Are there remedies for kidney stones that can help in passing them out without pain?
KidneyStoneRemoval 2010-07-30
6   mayda 6 years ago

need help urgently!!!
I am 36 yr M. for past many years suffering from anxiety and stress but for past 6 month
booty 2010-07-21
4   booty 6 years ago

to kadwa
Name: rajat 2. Age :22 years 3. Sex: male 4. Married/Unmarried:unmarried 6.Edu
rajat11 2010-08-03
no replies yet

joe de help me
. Name: rajat 2. Age :22 years 3. Sex: male 4. Married/Unmarried:unmarried
rajat11 2010-07-12
3   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

To Joe - Diabetes
Hi Joe, I read your posts on Diabetes - Arnica 30c wet dose treatment. Could you ple
victory786 2010-08-03
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Ovarian Cysts & Hydrosalpinx
I have suffered from endometriosis , ovarian cysts. Had partial hysterectomy. Ovaries cou
indranil 2010-08-03
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

rahiq sir
sir the dns is since birth it is to the right no pain i am very much normal i have no p
homeopathy1 2010-08-03
no replies yet

Fatty Lumps - Lipomas
I have fatty lumps (1-2 cm diameter, 6 of them alltogether) underneath the skin of both my
rsaad 2005-12-19
9   ritimukherjee 6 years ago

Aloe D6 - dosage
I'd like to start taking Aloe , which seems perfect for my condition, but I'm n
Louki 2010-08-03
1   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

sos for father in law
kind attn. dr.kadwa, my father in law age-82 yrs,is suffering from no motions problem he
bapu4 2010-07-08
10   bapu4 6 years ago

high pulse rate
I am patients of first stage hypertension . Last time my BP was 145/90 but pulse rate was
ravi2 2010-07-08
11   Dr.Saravanan 6 years ago

Malaria _ Precaution
Malaria has spread significantly in our city. Is there a medicine in homeopathy which can
Indu04 2010-08-02
4   maheeru 6 years ago

Dr. MAHFOOZ can you help me please?
Hi. I had gooten reccommendations from you earlier this year. My chalazion went down wit
misszon 2010-06-27
9   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

Chin acne/monthly cycle
Hello, I am hoping for help with what should be a very simple problem. Following my month
cocalla 2010-08-02
6   kadwa 6 years ago

Very bad cough
Few months back my son suffered from Gastro-enteritis, then later he was diagnosed with To
nisham 2010-07-31
4   nisham 6 years ago

Is Causticum for me? Oily Skin with Clogged Pores
I used the tool on the website and it suggested Causticum for my symptoms. Can someone
jdavisva 2010-08-02
no replies yet

sons tonsils
Any suggestions? my son has swollen tonsils, which are pink in colour with no pain. He
Gerney19 2010-08-01
4   Gerney19 6 years ago

diarrhea from one week
i m male age:23 weight :55 height:5'10' I m suffering from watery motion f
arif iqbal 2010-07-29
2   arif iqbal 6 years ago

Dementia with depression
My mother, age 89, has been diagnosed with 'moderate dementia' by a traditional do
lazmatazz 2010-07-30
2   lazmatazz 6 years ago

Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis (Auto immune Hapetisis) & Spondalytis, back pains
Hi Everone!! My wife is suffering from Liver Cirrhosis(Auto immune Hapetitis) since last
vtrivedi 2010-07-27
5   vtrivedi 6 years ago

Alopecia Areata
My son 13yrs has been suffering from alopecia areata ( baldness ) in a patch of the size
vkl1966 2010-08-02
1   mayda 6 years ago

Plantar Wart
My son ,13,contracted a plantar wort which was later surgically removed around a month ago
vkl1966 2010-08-02
4   mayda 6 years ago

Sulphur - Constitutional Medicine
I have been told that Sulphur is my constitutional medicine. I have been asked to pour 5
jawahardalal 2010-08-02
2   Info.rahiq 6 years ago

to dr.joe
gud morning.in treatment of vitiligo .how many days we can preseve wet dose in same bottl
m.aditya 2010-07-31
3   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

alopecia and adenoids
Dear Joe, My son 13 is suffering alopecia from the past two years. In between he had
vkl1966 2010-08-02
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Mom of 3 suffering from...
Hi, I've had a headache for about three weeks now...nothing seems to help sleeping ea
cdh83 2010-08-01
3   sameervermani 6 years ago

software for homoeopathic doctors
Try 'Eshertia'- A Patient Management Software for Homeopathic Doctors at promarkit
dranand 2010-08-02
1   Divinegrace 6 years ago

Grade A Esophagaties, erosive duodinites and Hiatal Hernia
Dear Doctor, I am a 35 year old female, married and have a 9 yr old son. I was diagonis
surajsind 2010-07-29
5   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 6 years ago

Impotency,numb penis,semen in urine,frequent wet dreams,numb palms,diarrhoea....plz help
I'm suffering with impotency,numb rubbery penis and testicles,semen appears in urine,
Deckas 2010-08-01
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Dr Kadwa/ Rishimba - attention pls. Boils on 11 month old
My 11month old daughter has been having lesions for 3 weeks now. It typically starts with

Indu04 2010-07-25
17   Indu04 6 years ago

Stiff Neck
Two days ago , i developed a stiff neck. very difficult to move neck at all.i applied pain
vkl1966 2010-08-02
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Gymnasium Fitness Friendly Remedies
Dear all, Can any one let me know any Energy boosting remedies or any remedies that hel
homeopatient001 2010-08-02
1   homeopatient001 6 years ago

Fordyce Spot Treatment
Hi,I am male 27.I am suffering from fordyce spot on penis for past 15 years.Allopathic doc

sam007 2010-03-29
21   kadwa 6 years ago

treatment requested for catarrh and acidity
Dear Doctor, My age is 47 years. I have been suffering from chronic catarrh for the last
nattar 2010-08-01
1   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

Help Needed with Digestion and Headache Issues
Hi, I am a 33yo female suffering from random symptoms that are becoming unbearable to deal
lotusreiki 2010-07-31
5   kadwa 6 years ago

100% Guaranteed Vitiligo Treatment
Vitiligo is a relatively common, acquired loss of pigmentation of
dree44 2010-08-02
no replies yet

My wife 40 yrs has been suffering type II diabetes since past 13 years ever since she conc
vkl1966 2010-08-02
no replies yet

symptoms after gallbladder removal
I had my gallbladder removed in January after a scan showed a stone of 14mm lodged in the
minibramble 2006-05-26
5   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

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