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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Dr. Abhishek Mukherjee..Please Respons..
Dear Abhishek jii You are caring my problem on ...
0carebd13:43 28 May 10 by
Sinuses blocked due to seasonal allergies
Hello Doctor, I live in Toronto, Canada. With t...
11anulokre13:26 28 May 10 by anulokre
Pain after bowels clear
Hi, Request your help with this particular prob...
3Barty201009:28 28 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
PCOD+Missed Periods+Oligo Dendro Glioma(BrainTumor)
Hi This is the case of my sister going through a...
0sporuri08:41 28 May 10 by
Chronic Eye Pain
Hello~ I have chronic left eye pain that comes an...
3johnjoeadam06:53 28 May 10 by prakash_roy
I have little skin colored pimples all over my forhead
Little skin colored bumps all over my forehead. I ...
1MontanaLace04:12 28 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
severe pms/pmdd
good day, i'm a 32 year old female, marrie...
2nadia060902:19 28 May 10 by nadia0609
Pilonidal Cyst diagnosis. Has been painless
I am a 24 year old male and have been effected wit...
1JonIsHere00:45 28 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
Amenorrhea [possibly due to use of birth control pill], and bad acne
- Suffering from two conditions: amenorrhea and ba...
2birdwire 23:18 27 May 10 by bumbly
Problem with body, energy, emotions, sleep
I have always been very skinny. I have never been ...
2merchant22:21 27 May 10 by merchant
Need help with perianal sinus/fistula
Hello everyone. I am new to this site and homeopat...
0thesting17:28 27 May 10 by
tooth problem
hello i am from U.S.A. my name is simi, i ha...
2kimik16:52 27 May 10 by kimik
help with sepia and calcarea doses
I am suffering from severe generalized anxiety, an...
3wellington15:30 27 May 10 by kadwa
Dr. Kadwa... Fractured vertebrae and bulging discs
Hello, A family member (83 year old female with o...
1kingtut15:13 27 May 10 by kadwa
Varma, which Symphytum??
To Pankaj Varma, I read your post about Symphtum Q...
1kingtut14:51 27 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
Hi, i am suffering from neurofibroma, Is there ...
0chikkam6murthy 13:35 27 May 10 by
Enlarged Adenoids in 3 year Old
My Son , is around 3 Years 5 months old. He is a N...
4sidbee13:34 27 May 10 by sidbee
Paralysis & spasticity
i had a paralysis attack due to brain hemorrhage. ...
8kedarg650012:40 27 May 10 by kedarg6500
loss of appetite for 19 months old baby
hi i have a son(19 months old)likes to eat sugar ...
1samundi11:57 27 May 10 by kadwa
plz reply menstrual disorders..

[message deleted by venusonearth on Mon, 21 Fe...
1venusonearth11:52 27 May 10 by kadwa
Eye Callus/Ulcer
What should I use to treat a callus/corneal ulcer ...
1jadee120811:47 27 May 10 by kadwa
how to increase height and weight
My child is 1year & 4 months but his height is...
0sid2911:28 27 May 10 by
Dizziness going downstairs and unsteady gait
Hi, I need some help with my senior 3 legged dog,...
7spencersf11:26 27 May 10 by kadwa
Dr. Mahfooz or others can you please review my topic
can you please review my topic once again? i have ...
3prakash_roy08:40 27 May 10 by prakash_roy
Blocked tear duct - silicea
Hi My daughter is 2 years old and has just had an...
1valks103:13 27 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
8yr old with stomach problems
My daughter has been having stomach problems for t...
1tikamom02:16 27 May 10 by sajjadakram635
acquired brain damage
I know a person who suffered a stroke a few weeks ...
9watchman01:17 27 May 10 by gavinimurthy
Sabbal serrulata for penis enlargement?
Does Sabbal serrulata helps to increase penis size...
1Cool boy20:47 26 May 10 by Cool boy
Height increasing- Is it too late?
I am 18 years old guy. But I have short height. Ca...
1Cool boy20:46 26 May 10 by Cool boy
Functions of Sabbal Serrulata Q on male sexual organs.
What is the function of sabbal serulata Q on male ...
1Cool boy16:11 26 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
vulval skin cracks
For two years my vulval skin cracks without any ap... [LAST PAGE]
26anamika_anamika16:03 26 May 10 by kadwa
Ddd [message edited by girl2010 on Sat, 11 Jun 201... [LAST PAGE]
13girl201015:56 26 May 10 by girl2010
can not empty the bladder !!!!
I am 33 years old man, have problem of frequent ur...
0peepintom15:37 26 May 10 by
my kid has bronchitis and i wish to know homeo m...
4vhbindu7914:30 26 May 10 by vhbindu79
I Own Hompath MD
Hello Friends, I would like to info...
4dr.k.s12:27 26 May 10 by gavinimurthy
hii guys Im new to this forum and hope to lear...
1smsme000511:50 26 May 10 by prakash_roy
A case For you Guys
Hi Everybody, Please help me on weight loss pi...
0smsme000511:50 26 May 10 by
Homeopathy Repertory Simplified
Hello people I found this Article ,i hope it is ...
1johnny11511:47 26 May 10 by smsme0005
tonsils with pain
hi I hv very bad tonsillitus . It is coming bac...
11abbas3711:20 26 May 10 by abbas37
health & sex
i m 22 year old.i am very sick and weak.because i ...
1sanamm 10:50 26 May 10 by dr.akmal11
Antibiotics and homeopathic medicine when pregnant
Hello please help Im in agony - I have sinusitus a...
0nettielm10:44 26 May 10 by
respected doctors please help
circumcision of my 3 and half year old son is abou...
0lifecycle31 10:01 26 May 10 by
Can someone cure this?
Here are the symptoms: Main ones: Age 20 (Male)...
1jackiechan 09:57 26 May 10 by jackiechan
Divergent Squint
Can anyone suggest homeopathic remedy for divergen...
0HassanMahmood09:14 26 May 10 by
depression, overweight adult female
I'm not sure if homeopathy can help me. I am ...
3namastejoy7109:09 26 May 10 by kadwa
Enlarged Lever..high uric acid and many more symptoms
1. Describe your main suffering? - Weak memory... [LAST PAGE]
42sunup7508:46 26 May 10 by kadwa
my appetite and am skinny like a skeleton
hi , my name is AHMED ... and my problem is tha...
1boshi 06:47 26 May 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
Hepar sulph for styes, please help me!
I bought hepar sulph because I have a chalazion...
1worriedaboutstyes 06:45 26 May 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
extreme fear of fire crackers
please advice me. my 6 yrs old son is having extre...
4June14200306:39 26 May 10 by kadwa
Message for Joe: Chronic Polypuss
Joe: I have chronic Polypuss. All my sinuses are...
0nakhan 03:47 26 May 10 by
5 Months baby suffering from cough
HI , My daughter is 5 Months old. She is suf...
2Murthy_P02:14 26 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
Migrain killing me !!!
I am 43 yrs old male and having migrain headaches ...
3mathewfbd17:41 25 May 10 by PANKAJ VARMA
diabetes with menier's
i have been diagnosed with meniers about 3yrs ago....
5kamalat15:31 25 May 10 by kamalat
Best homeopath in LUCKNOW ? it's urgent.
Please tell me the best doctor in lucknow if someb...
1samroy 15:22 25 May 10 by drpragatisingh
Any doctor please help my aunt. she was having sev...
5ahila13:31 25 May 10 by gavinimurthy
Bad Cough, Molar - plz help
9 days ago my son had very watery eyes. The next d...
3racataca10:47 25 May 10 by Parakletos
Hypothyroid and have poor libido
I have been suffering from subclinical hypothyroid...
5ceracera10:41 25 May 10 by kadwa
Seeking Migraine Help
I have had migraine headaches all of my life; ho... [LAST PAGE]
17sparky10:20 25 May 10 by kadwa
To grow beard at the age of 25
Please suggest how to treat to grow beard of a boy...
0lrk12309:29 25 May 10 by
my tummy! want a flat one
hello sir , im 33 years old.im a mother of two lov...
5mrs khan 08:11 25 May 10 by mrs khan
BoooBooo : Corns - Callus Treatment And Remedy
A corn or callus are areas of thickened skin that ...
0booobooo 04:47 25 May 10 by
BoooBooo : Backache Treatment And Remedy
Lumbago is defined as mild to severe pain or disco...
2booobooo 04:44 25 May 10 by booobooo
dosage potency
i always get confused when it comes to what dosage...
1metaboy00:33 25 May 10 by sajjadakram635
Finger joints stiff in the morning just after getting up from bed.
My finger joints gets stiff when ever I wake up fr...
1lsriv00:29 25 May 10 by sajjadakram635
To joe De Livera or to whom it may concern: My nam... [LAST PAGE]
21platinum16:56 24 May 10 by platinum
Joe De livera: Help with intermittent leg weakness
Hi Joe, Thanks for all the help with the spast...
3jorbri151314:45 24 May 10 by jorbri1513
pleasee help my, advise me
I hav treid to msg with diferent ID but no doctor ...
4saleem0411:11 24 May 10 by saleem04
hip Pain due to Piriformis muscle
Is there any remedy for the pain sciatica pain due...
2theshoeman10:20 24 May 10 by M.Saleem
not sleeping and feeling irritable
hi there- can anyone help with a remedy i can take...
4conciousparent10:16 24 May 10 by conciousparent
Regarding increasing height at the age of 26
I am 26 year old guy i am very much upset with my ...
0Vivek9045 09:21 24 May 10 by
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