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Dear Dr Kadwa ji , I am 61 yrs old and is suffering from asthma . Prior to 2002 i was suf

ghanshyam49 2010-05-03
27   ghanshyam49 7 years ago

Medicine which can make breast milk degistive for baby???.
our baby 45 days is facing problem of colic pain and gas and some time she takes and vomit
libra981 2010-11-12
no replies yet

arnica 50m
I accidently bought 4oz. of arnica 50M and will never use it in ten lifetimes. That being
clarajean 2010-11-10
9   clarajean 7 years ago

I am 28 yrs old male suffering from Impotence It all started Two years ago when i took th
supreet 2010-11-12
no replies yet

hi..i just registered to this forum I am 28 yrs old male suffering from Impotence It all s
supreet 2010-11-12
no replies yet

urgent attention : any dr pls rply
My father 57yr old is having right lung pleural effusion and is suffering from chronic cou
pratik20990 2010-10-26
10   pratik20990 7 years ago

anxiety dep help needed urgent
My son is suffering from anx, dep. he is 9 years old. We are really suffering. Can anyone
talkpeace 2010-11-12
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homeopathics in bristol uk
hello, can somebody suggest a good homeopathic doctor in Bristol,UK? I'm a student i
rishita 2010-11-12
no replies yet

5 years ago needle like fleshy growth seen near opening of vagina.Thuja and nitric acid ap
pkprathibha 2010-11-12
no replies yet

my right sided ailments
hi, i am 23 yrs old and i have noticed a few probs on the right side of my body. firstly m
Michelle_chick 2010-10-18
10   sameervermani 7 years ago

Joe Please Reply.
Age: 50years Male Married. I have suffering from backache. My X-Ray Report is: 1. LUMBOS
mustafarshi 2010-11-11
4   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Suffering from PCOD,.......no menses without medicines
Iam 25 years old, working and unmarried suffering from PCOD having no menses without medic
archi 2010-11-11
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

chronic nocturnal emission
Dear Dr. Rewa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i start to do masturbation,i did a lot of hand
pkshrma 2010-04-12
10   Hector_Shah 7 years ago

Hi, I am 24.6 yrs old, my ms started on 10.6yrs. I was diagnosed with PCOD at the age of 1
Shruti86 2010-11-11
1   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

Can a const remedy prevent arthritis?
Hi, Arthritis is common in my family and obviously I am concerned that I may inherit it.

JMalik 2006-09-02
13   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Erection Problem
Hello Fellows, I came a cross this website with hope if some one can help me out, I am 40
hostwithtoast 2010-11-11
1   sajjadakram635 7 years ago

Contacting ABC Homeopathy Moderator?
Is there a way to contact the moderator of this forum privately either by email or web for
Homeopathy International 1 2010-11-11
1   gavinimurthy 7 years ago

Cincuentamilesimal Scale
Dear All, Is it posible after a patient has doing well on the centesimal scale bu
Albert 2010-11-11
no replies yet

stem cell transplant
Hi, everyone. Have u heard of stem cell transplant? Share your experience.
kasly 2010-11-11
no replies yet

Night Bedwetting - 5 yo boy
Hi, My son just turned 5. He was fully day toilet trained by 2 1/2 yo. I was hoping he wou
winuby 2010-08-08
5   winuby 7 years ago

Educational Homoeopathic Website - patients on this site take a look!
Actually this site is so good I thought I would create a new post for people. David Little
brisbanehomoeopath 2010-11-11
2   nawazkhan 7 years ago

My present state of health
I am 37 years old female. I need advice for my following condition Sleepless nights anxie

KKNMUS 2010-10-26
13   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Need Educational Info for Allopathic Doctor
I am scheduled for an eyelid surgery to improve my peripheral sight. When I mentioned usi
pjlohse 2010-11-11
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

to all respected doctors, please help.
Hi My name is sophia and i am houswife. I have one daughter who is 2 year and six months o
sophiaahmed 2010-11-08
6   sophiaahmed 7 years ago

remedy for acne
sir,i am 20 years old female and i have been suffering from acne for past 5 years and i do

tejaswi 2009-03-11
46   wendy222 7 years ago

Low level of iron and hair loss! please help!
i have been facing severe hair loss problem since 3 months ago. i have seen a doctor and t

cirnelle 2004-06-07
16   wendy222 7 years ago

Alternate diarrhoea and constipation
My mother,aged 72 years is suffering from alternate diarrhoea and constipation. She has no
jayanta.mukherjee 2010-11-10
1   maheeru 7 years ago

Hi I am Shantha 29 years old, height 5 feet weight 62 kgs,I am sufferng from PCOD from 7 y
Shasrinu 2010-11-10
2   maheeru 7 years ago

homeo madicine for type two diabetis
I am aged 55 years and diabetic since 10 years. Now taking metformin 500(SR) + glimipride
neenu 2010-11-11
4   neenu 7 years ago

Epstein Barr Virus
Could i have some advice please. I have for many years been suffering with Chronic fatigue
alberto121 2009-10-11
5   Daniellie 7 years ago

heiht pls
i am 23 years old and my height is 5'1,i want to improve my height by gaining 3-4 inc
smurthy5 2010-11-11
no replies yet

Chronic abcess
I am new to this site and I don`t know if this came up before. A couple of years ago I had
Garcie 2010-11-11
no replies yet

Lycopodium Clavatum, Anacardium & Staphysagria
Hi, I found few medicines, Lycopodium Clavatum, Anacardium & Staphysagria. for lack
kk_tanti 2010-11-09
2   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

urine problem
Hello Doctor I have urine problem from 2.5 years
vmh_1983 2010-11-10
2   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

small breast
im 24 ,i hav a problm of small breast ,the right one is not enough bt bibber then tha left
muqaddas 2010-11-10
no replies yet

Attn: Dr. Abid-Slipp disc
Dear Dr. Abid, My husband is a patient of slipped disc on another thread you recommended:
janks 2010-11-10
no replies yet

Sudden voice loss
I have a friend (45 year old female) who suddenly lost her voice after 6 hours of teaching
lhesabi 2010-11-10
2   lhesabi 7 years ago

Hair loss
Mr. Joe Livera Please let me know what is good for hair thinning and hair loss.
Nilanthi 2010-11-10
no replies yet

Alopecia Areata
Hi. I am 30 year old female with a mild case of alopecia areata. Only one area of my hea
kkelly05 2010-11-10
no replies yet

Recently Divorced
Hi, I am a 24yr old female living in Australia. I have recently seperated with my husband
didsta 2010-11-10
4   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Difficulty in walking...
hi I was wondering if anybody knows any cure for walking difficulties in children. My dau
sophiaahmed 2010-11-09
3   akshaymohl 7 years ago

Some one told me that CoQ10 also named as Coenzyme is excellent for incresing sperm count.
mrbaig 2010-11-09
4   Daniellie 7 years ago

remedy for heartburn (reflux)
[message deleted by nature_girl on Sun, 12 Jun 2011 13:32:06 BST]

nature_girl 2010-10-03
96   nature_girl 7 years ago

Dr.Joe my babies acid reflux
Hello! I just wanted to say that my baby girl developed acid reflux at 4weeks of age.You p
calimom 2010-11-08
4   calimom 7 years ago

cystic and depression after weaning
1. Mental State of the patient, good feeling rather sluggish and tired sense of needing o
foxychico 2010-11-05
9   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Acne & Gas
I am a 33 year old male sufferring from moderate acne for over 10 years.At any given point
SamKaran 2010-11-08
4   SamKaran 7 years ago

Arnica 30c
Arnica 30c From K Rangaswamy I am taking Arnica 30c 3 doses daily. I got a feed back that

K Rangaswamy 2009-05-16
45   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

trying to conceive for 1 year- help?
hello, i would like a bit of help on what we can do.my hubby and i have been trying to hav
amaraya 2010-11-10
no replies yet

queries on constitutional remedy - homeopaths pls reply
I have some queries on selection, use and effectiveness of constitutional remedies. pls
thinc 2010-11-09
2   thinc 7 years ago

My son suffering from itching ptoblem
Hi, My son is suffering from sudden itching which spreads quickly all over the body, hand
ramesh_krs 2010-11-08
3   ramesh_krs 7 years ago

Dr. Kadwa, Hypothyroidism case - Request Help
Hi, I am 29 year old male. I started experiencing hair fall and sleeplessness since 2 y
rjmalhotra 2010-11-06
5   rjmalhotra 7 years ago

solutions for genetic problems in homeopathy
hi everyone, I am curious to know whether homeopathic medicine can treat genetic problems
sophiaahmed 2010-11-10
no replies yet

raised white foliate papillae on lingual tonsil
I am an otherwise healthy 48 year old female. a weel ago I took a sip of warmed green tea
Hilary 2005-12-01
8   jennyflorenz 7 years ago

help!! aggravaton!!urgent!
a friend of mine started takng phophorous 30 c and kal carb 30c , in 4 pills two times a d
juliuscaesar 2010-11-09
6   juliuscaesar 7 years ago

My grand son aged 6 yrs has white patches on his mouth and few white spots on other parts
blsapru 2010-03-02
2   surender 7 years ago

I have fibrous hard peanut size stye on my right eyelid since past eight months, I tried w
sweet saphy 2010-11-08
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Mental Power Increament plus Physical fitness issue
Malik Saad 28 age male Unmarried 58 kg weight and height = 5'8'' Pakistan
malik saad 2009-05-02
5   shelper 7 years ago

pain in stomack
dear Doctor ofter eating pain have been started
jai prakash 2010-11-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

akshaymohl 2010-11-09
2   maheeru 7 years ago

PCOS problem-urgent please
Dear doctor, I have been diagonised for PCOS.i'm 23 years old and 169cm tall with 70
abcpooja 2010-11-08
3   maheeru 7 years ago

Hello, My wife keeps complaining of weakness day and night. She keeps asking me to press

cotton1234 2009-08-20
47   cotton1234 7 years ago

vaccine detox through homeopathy
anyone familiar with CEASE therapy for treating autism or just a general guidance in vacci
some_gurly 2010-11-09
no replies yet

Varicose vein
My wife, 47 yrs old, is suffering from VV. Can you suggest a homeopathic remedy? Thanks,
ramby 2010-11-08
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Reoccuring tonsillitis
Hi, I recently was sick with tonsillitis about 2 weeks ago. The doctor didn't know
sgagliano 2010-11-09
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

I have young Boston with open pyo. On anti biotics Have given caulo. 30c & sepia 30c d
nutmeg49 2010-11-09
no replies yet

excessive masturbation side effects
Hi, i have been masturbating since i was 11years old, now i am 23. . since last 4 years th
jk2401 2010-11-09
2   jk2401 7 years ago

height increase
Hi,my question is very simple.My son is 9+years ols.his height is 4'3' and weight
baishali chatterji 2010-11-09
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Taking anibiotics
Hello; I'm new here but a believer in homeopathy. I have been taking Silica and arn
baddone 2010-11-08
4   nawazkhan 7 years ago

back pain
Hi, if any body can help me. im 30 female.married. one child. suffering from chronic lowe
shafr 2010-11-03
2   shafr 7 years ago

Treatment for Azoospermia
Dear Sir, I found that Iam Azoospermia after 1yr of my marriage. I gone through semen anal
uanekal 2010-11-09
no replies yet

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