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diabetes (question for mr.joe & dr.deoshlok)
i have been suffering from diabetes for last 12 years.I take english medicine(heavy dose).
gsraina_999 2007-05-02
2   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Anal Prolapse (Might be !!!! not sure)
Dear Sir, I really tired off with my problem.Here is my symptoms, Whenever I go for st
banky 2010-07-30
3   banky 7 years ago

i am male 45 years old suferring from diahorea diahorea starts after eating any cold food
maxim_nunes 2010-07-31
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

Dr.Hasnat pls tell me the remedy for my breasts
Hi, i am 23years old and have very small bust size of 30... 1)i m unmarried and 5.6 ft tal
jahnvi 2010-07-29
1   jahnvi 7 years ago

Sever Headache and Loss of Memory
whenever i travel, and upon reaching the destination i have sever headache, sometimes diss
einalhaq 2010-07-28
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Upset stomach
I've been treated for GERT etc. but lately nothing is working. Regardless of what I
majordave59 2010-07-30
2   kadwa 7 years ago

100% Guaranteed Vitiligo Treatment Without any side effect.
Vitiligo is a relatively common, acquired loss of pigmentation of the skin, affecting 1% t
dree44 2010-07-31
no replies yet

Puppy with enlarged heart, fluid on lungs and neck pain
Hi There, I have a 14 month old X Besengi puppy who has been battling with neck pain for
YanaNH 2010-07-30
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Help! Feeling Lifeless.
Hello everyone, Lately, I haven't been feeling myself. It is as if I am another per
BlueOcean 2010-07-30
1   sameervermani 7 years ago

Height increase....help?
Hello! i am 18 year old female, trying to increase my height..im short and i hate it. im a
belizabeth 2010-07-30
no replies yet

Dear Dr. Mumtaz Ali Riaz We were trying to have a baby for one and a half years but all i
Jamal Jan 2010-07-30
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

SLE ,cryoglobunimia, Hep C
recent siezure migraines feet swelling redness peticia facial rash fatigue anxiety depress
jaspersmom 2010-07-30
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

Tinnitus in a Planning, Efficient Person
Since taking Wellbutrin for two weeks four weeks ago, I have had tinnitus, probably since
babyrain 2010-07-30
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

Allopathy with Homeopathy
Hello Every one, my daughter is 21/2 yr old , she use to get weizing but I started with ho
shashi75 2010-07-30
1   John Stanton 7 years ago

hart attak
please send me hart attack remedies
bibhishanv 2010-07-30
no replies yet

getting blood when urinate
this prolem started after my period was over i getting blood like period i though my perio
robina655 2010-07-24
7   PANKAJ VARMA 7 years ago

balance after stroke
hi, my wife (44) had a pons type stroke last Dec and she is progressing very slowly thank
no1dad 2010-07-29
7   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

dr kadwa -tonsil problem
dear sir presently i am consulting with varma ji. but he is not coming in the forum for

prakash_roy 2010-06-17
55   prakash_roy 7 years ago

Only proven remedy pls - Short timed Erection (doesn't last long and drops when I'm awake....not so when I'm half asleep)
Hi Doctors, As described in the subject line, my problem is that my erection doesn't
RishiRishi 2008-04-22
10   thesparky1000 7 years ago

Problems after Masterbating
i am 26 male. i am facing tremendous problems due to excess masterbating.i-e weak memory w
syedahmadnaqvi 2009-03-15
2   thesparky1000 7 years ago

i m feeling very drowsinss from last 4 year i feel hole day drowsiness mind dull and not a
asif123 2010-07-29
1   drsantoshjaiswal 7 years ago

Aoa dr, i got married three and a half years back and we are not having cild i got re
sana hasan 2010-07-29
1   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Vaginal Itching - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Now a days the vaginal itching is very common in female … generally allopathic doctor or
deoshlok 2010-07-28
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

distill water for wet dose
can we use distill water or normal water for arnica wet dose . pl s suggest me
m.aditya 2010-07-29
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

IBS suffering from diarrohea
dr .Mehfooz plz reply i am male age:24 height:5'10' weight :55kg I am sufferi
arif iqbal 2010-07-09
10   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

dry cough,bronchitis
age: 60 years, female complaint: dry cough,wheezing now stopped, but cough continues for
sukam55 2010-07-28
2   sukam55 7 years ago

swelling in uterus area, harnia pain and back pain
My uterus has been operated in 2005 due to infections, other reasons and advised by doc
vidyawati1970 2010-07-28
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Urgent attention: Left kidney shrink by birth
The Ultrasound report of my child about 7 years shows that his one kidney shrink and not i
negiaudit 2010-07-27
1   negiaudit 7 years ago

Hi , I am 42 yrs old, married for 15 yrs, residing in Cochin. I have problem of ED from pa
ginnie 2010-07-27
3   abid ali 7 years ago

help me please
DEAR GOOD DOCTORS: I am 50 years old male and married i have suffering from neck pian, i

mustafarshi 2010-01-17
28   kamran.cisco 7 years ago

kadwa pankaj yogesh anyone pls need suggestion
my daughter got fever. cough and rattling Sound when breathing pls advice regards
homeopatient001 2010-07-28
5   homeopatient001 7 years ago

converting adult dose for infants
i'm excited to have found homeopathy is helping my infant's gas issues. i was us
phunsara 2010-07-29
1   kadwa 7 years ago

HBSag + Please Help Someone
Name: Kawsar Hamid Age: 25 Height: 5'5' Weight: 50kg I have been suffering HBSag
amarami 2010-07-27
2   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Vulva Burning
I am a 55 year old women who has been diagnosed with Dysestesia Vulvodynia, symptoms are c
googy2 2010-07-28
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Rectal Warts
I have aprox 4 internal warts that Itch like crazy I take a daily anti histimine for this,
GT1982 2010-07-10
7   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

Intestinal worms, extreme weakness
I feel tired and fatigued all the time. Idleness and weakness metally & physically.I h
signature 2010-07-27
3   ahila 7 years ago

Are there any ways to avoid tears/episiotomy in labour?
Hello dear homeopaths! I am just wondering if there is a way to prepare perineum tissues
nettle 2010-07-24
5   nettle 7 years ago

female baldness,
dear doctors, i am 22 year old female. my hair started thinning when i was 13 years old. i
shaz jamal 2010-07-28
no replies yet

dermatitis from chemo
Hello: My mother is taking chemo for breast cancer and she suffers a very bad case of der
vanilla27 2010-07-27
2   vanilla27 7 years ago

Hi there everyone. I was not sure where to place this question - as there are so many sub
SpiritGirl 2010-07-28
2   sameervermani 7 years ago

no sexual desire
my wife 37 has almost no sexual desire since last two years. she is diabetic. she worries
dmtechddn 2009-10-25
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Dr. Maheeru, would help my friend?
Dear Doctor Maheeru, My friend is suffering from pms. She is 40, thin, straigh hair, cauc
abcjoana 2010-07-27
1   maheeru 7 years ago

Need help with slipped disc
I am a 32 year old mail suffering from a slipped disc in l4-l5 region. I was diagnosed wit
pssaini 2010-07-25
5   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Self-medication - please advise!
Hello everyone! I was wondering how dangerous it is to self-medicate, in less serious cas
renaissance 2010-07-27
5   Dr.Saravanan 7 years ago

Drastic hair loss+extremely dry skin
My hair has been falling out in clumps for some time now. I've taken phosphoric acid
cloud 2004-08-01
9   phdmom3 7 years ago

Mr Joe Riva will you help me
bronchitis of my wife aged about 60- Joe Riva and Homeo Drs tohelp me My wife is aged 60
sukam55 2010-07-27
2   sukam55 7 years ago

My Symptoms reappear one after another. (Classical case)
I got bluish bruises on my skin to cure it I used Lach 200, it relief me about 1 month, on
ponroof 2010-07-28
no replies yet

Mouth itching from inside + ear itching.
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I am having severe mouth itching deep inside (on the upper surface area w
ajitk 2010-07-28
3   kadwa 7 years ago

7months old with blocked nose
Hello. My 7 months old daughter has a blocked, runny nose. During the night was blocked se
justme111 2010-07-27
1   kadwa 7 years ago

my lil bro is 6 feet...i waana grow a bit more to
hay doc...how are you?i just went through some posts so i thought may be it'll do som
casinova 2010-07-28
no replies yet

My husband has severe anxiety or panic attack while driving. I tried Ars Alb 30 and Gelsem

allara 2010-06-23
15   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Asthma in 6 years old daughter
My daughter had been suffering from asthma attack since 2 years old till now. The problem

dis43686 2009-12-29
189   dis43686 7 years ago

knee pain
i am male 45 military career seen lot of wear and tear of knees.no osteoarthiritis but som
andy_65_in 2010-07-26
7   kadwa 7 years ago

10 month baby sleep problems
Hello I have a 10 month old son who wakes up repeatedly throughout the night, I don'
laloka 2010-04-30
8   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

10month old, teething, fever, cough (vomiting)
My 10 month old daughter is currently teething, has developed cold/ cough (last 6-7 days)

Indu04 2010-06-14
109   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 7 years ago

My wife is suffering from Endometriosis with cysts of 20 mm and 11 mm in the left and righ

singhal_g 2006-11-04
39   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Singer in trouble
Hello, I wonder is there anyone out there who can please help me. I am a singer who has b
PúcaBeag 2010-07-26
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

burning itchy scalp with hair loss
i am a mixed (dougla) 18 years old male that have been experiencing hair loss in handfuls
1todobless 2010-07-27
no replies yet

Are Homeopathic remedies gluten free?
hi, my 6 yr old daughter has celiac disease and can not tolerate any gluten whatsoever (i.
sfmomof3 2010-07-26
2   sfmomof3 7 years ago

My name is Rudra, 26 years, from India, kerala. I’m a Chrons disease patient For the past
lijithej 2010-07-26
1   vikas_grower 7 years ago

girl2010 2010-07-23
2   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

hieght increase
i am 26 yrs and my height is 5 i want to increase 4-5 inches in 3 month because my bf fath
leenadive 2010-07-22
1   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

25 yr old woman with hair loss, itchy scalp
I've been experiencing hair loss since I was 16. I had a coarse, full head of hair th
jesspatri 2010-07-26
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

hi doctor,i am 27 year old and my problem is that i need to for frequent urination.i met a
jaiho 2010-07-27
1   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

for white hair
dear sir i m sunil/28 from jalandhar punjab i m suffuring from white hair problem. i m s
sunilmahey 2010-07-26
1   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

humble request to grow at 31
i am 31 years of age and my height is 163 cms.. i would like to grow even whatever minimum
saaku 2010-07-26
1   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

has anyone found relief for tinnitus?
brucefleet 2010-07-26
2   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

Please help my cat. May have drank toxic stuff.
My cat Jasmine, her consitutional remedy is phosphorus. I am currently treating my Koi Pon
dragonfly1976 2010-07-23
7   dragonfly1976 7 years ago

To Joe De Livera - Dandruff/Hair Fall
Dear Joe, (There is another post down with the same content. I typed your name wrongly

victory786 2010-07-25
13   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Argentum nitricum
Dear doctors, My son 3 years old has poor balance and he is very fearful of falling. A ho
sweetsarah 2008-09-02
5   kadwa 7 years ago

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