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Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert.

If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

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TopicPostsStarted byLast Post
Please help - anxiety issue - thank you.
I really hope someone can help me, my problems are...
2Loobyloo3508:10 01 Mar 10 by Loobyloo35
Anxiety, Psoriasis, Ovarian Cyst and TMJ
I'm a 28 yr. old female with psoriasis that...
0paulawhite06:18 01 Mar 10 by
Trigeminal Neuralgia.
I'm 39 yo female with severe trigeminal neura... [LAST PAGE]
19ncrespo06:04 01 Mar 10 by kadwa
My 2 yrs son got 102f fever . No cold/cough/no oth... [LAST PAGE]
23nikkikumar05:45 01 Mar 10 by kadwa
want to get rid of Warts
I am 48 year old male I have lot of wart on my nec...
2raj70104:23 01 Mar 10 by raj701
Dr. Sameer, please help my older daughter too
She is almost 6 years old. -shy, not able to mak... [LAST PAGE]
43to_be_cured02:40 01 Mar 10 by sameervermani
Bad Taste In Mouth
I have had a bad (bitter) taste in my mouth since ...
2laffer4923:35 28 Feb 10 by girilal
cChronic renal failure and high blood pressure
my age= 36 years/ male High blood pressure from...
5jaspreet975014:10 28 Feb 10 by kadwa
Uro-Getinal Problems - Please Help Dr. Mahfooz
I am suffering by a secretion problem, which pollu... [LAST PAGE]
56patient2513:56 28 Feb 10 by patient25
for wakeupsid.
Hey buddy where are you...long tima no see.Looking...
1drlkumar10:16 28 Feb 10 by wakeupsid2010
Detntal infection
Hi, I have severe Hiatal Hernia and chronic GERD...
1raiaashish 10:14 28 Feb 10 by kadwa
Chronic problem with a child
A child of two and half years is suffering from th... [LAST PAGE]
29ranjandr09:23 28 Feb 10 by ranjandr
Desperately need help with Seborrheic Dermatitis.
Hello, I have developed Seborrheic Dermatitis ...
5novah06:34 28 Feb 10 by kadwa
Hi there, Im a 45 yo male suffering from prostati...
10guevon 06:09 28 Feb 10 by Joe De Livera
Psoric or tubercular
Hi, Well I am researching on homeopathy for years ...
1potencial06:07 28 Feb 10 by kadwa
Need some help!!!!
Hello, My husband has varicocele on the left si...
6Kaliopa05:59 28 Feb 10 by kadwa
Droopy right eyelid
To: Rishimba - please help....
0jayasri03:25 28 Feb 10 by
Acidity, Sever Burping, Chest Pain
Kind Atten Mr.Joe. The above problems consistentl...
5chittattukara02:22 28 Feb 10 by Joe De Livera
Insertional Achilles Tendonitis
The Kent's repertory has only once medicine f...
2dhundhun19:03 27 Feb 10 by dhundhun
Sensitivity / side Effects ???
Hello, I turned to homepathy last yr when I got n...
11messages32116:39 27 Feb 10 by rishimba
plz help ...for insomnia
Hi , this is for my husband he is 35 , he is suffe...
3nikkysh16:24 27 Feb 10 by rishimba
proving Vs Aggravation
Hi, Please clear my confusion when we say the dru... [LAST PAGE]
57Dipika13:33 27 Feb 10 by patient25
Chronic renal failure and high blood pressure
my age= 36 years/ male High blood pressure from...
0jaspreet975013:03 27 Feb 10 by
uneven breat size
hello iam a 23 year old girl..and my problem is my...
0preethi198612:38 27 Feb 10 by
Hyperhidrosis / sweating in hand+feet
Dear Dr.Deoshlok Sharma, My son is 10 years old ,...
2mguptapdil08:24 27 Feb 10 by mguptapdil
Remedy for low muscle tone
Hello, My 3 yr old son with autism has low mu... [LAST PAGE]
16mywonderbaby08:11 27 Feb 10 by kadwa

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 20...
0girl201007:51 27 Feb 10 by
Acidity, Sever Burping, Chest Pain
I forgot to mention some more details about me. I ...
2chittattukara07:40 27 Feb 10 by chittattukara
Tinnitus-Urgent Help needed
Hi All, My father has recently developed tinni...
1SajjadKhan07:33 27 Feb 10 by kadwa
sepia for tired mom who is breastfeeding and has bad cold
Hello, I just moved from the warm southwest to ...
1mswmaman07:32 27 Feb 10 by kadwa
stomach disorder
age:34,i have stomach problem since 10 years, i fe...
12matifsh119:39 26 Feb 10 by Reva V
Giving pet rats homeopathic remedies
Pet rats are small animals weighing no more then 1...
1spazrats19:38 26 Feb 10 by maheeru
seeking 4 right and permanent treatment
i have the problem of almost impotency.my penis do...
0all4sameer 18:57 26 Feb 10 by
3 year old with milia
I had my son take the 200c thuja for four weeks ...
0ejacq16:08 26 Feb 10 by
Nail biting
i have a severe nail biting character.When i am th...
3Goodwill15:37 26 Feb 10 by kadwa
epididymal cyst
Hello, I wanted to know if you know how to trea...
1Suraj8714:42 26 Feb 10 by rishimba
please help me
DEAR FRIENDS im naveed hassan from rawalpindi. i...
1rilyble11:55 26 Feb 10 by Mahfoozurrehman
itchy skin- especially facial skin, eyebrows
around Christmas 2009 i started having itching on ...
5sepia10:52 26 Feb 10 by sepia
Kadwa or any body advice
Dear sir, My wife is in the periods and she got...
1homeopatient00109:55 26 Feb 10 by kadwa
hsvii.... help!!!
I am currenlty infected with HSVII and I suffer fr...
12tonybana06:24 26 Feb 10 by kadwa
Help - Lack of focus, lazy, no energy
Hello, I am 32 yrs old female, 2 kids, one is 3 a...
2sassie05:49 26 Feb 10 by srisri
Tooth Pain After Filling HELP
I had a filling replaced in an upper molar a coupl...
1girlnextdoor05:14 26 Feb 10 by kadwa
deposit of cholestrol on my eye lid
i have deposit of cholestrol on my both eye lids,i...
1julie_0805:10 26 Feb 10 by kadwa
lachsisis...menopause and more
I am new to homeopathy and came upon this forum in... [LAST PAGE]
65catgirl04:14 26 Feb 10 by catgirl
PLS HELP - 6month old baby - sleep / cradle cap problems
Hi, I would attempt to describe my 6 and 1/2 mo...
4Dev1003:33 26 Feb 10 by Dev10
Hair loss......... plz help

[message deleted by babu6542 on Tue, 24 Apr 20...
0babu6542 19:30 25 Feb 10 by
Fluid in lungs also has asthma
Hello, I am hoping someone here can help me. My fi...
9naturalone 16:00 25 Feb 10 by naturalone
Swollen Little Finger
About a year ago my little finger started to swell...
6Doll115:50 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
PLEASE help!! Strange rxn to Phosph!
A homeopath recently prescribed Phosphorus 7 as ...
2messages321 15:36 25 Feb 10 by Toronto Homeopath
irregular pulsebeat and vertigo
I am having irregular pulsebeat [4 or 5 beats miss...
10Divinegrace15:33 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
Anal Fissure
I am suffering from anal fissure from last 8 month...
3AB_IND 12:23 25 Feb 10 by AB_IND
delayed periods and overweight
i am a 23 old girl and have been suffering from de...
2piyali123 11:22 25 Feb 10 by piyali123
scanty menses
thanks kadwa 4 ur quick reply .. one more thing is...
1mariajjj08:38 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
scanty menses
i had 2 take nat mur just only on days. 2nd can...
1mariajjj08:37 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help! ...
3muandmore07:14 25 Feb 10 by Dr.Sabadra
nail-biting & silicea
Hullo and thankyou for any advice you may be able ...
2fieldhigh_m307:13 25 Feb 10 by Adolf_Carley
Hi! I am seeking help for hypothyroidism which I ...
2ncb985707:00 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
Sore Gum Toddler with gingiva concern
My daughter is 3 yrs old. She is having swollen gu...
1Simpleton05:41 25 Feb 10 by kadwa
Sir, My 12 years male child have excessive swae...
0mguptapdil05:00 25 Feb 10 by
Herpes virus!
Hello, I'm searching for an all natural '...
0tonybana02:34 25 Feb 10 by
Hi. I am looking for some guidance to deal with th...
10sangye01:39 25 Feb 10 by jonno
acne problem
i am 20 years old.i have pimples on neck,behind th...
2raz412518:09 24 Feb 10 by dr_tahir
stomach disorder
hi.i am 18 years old girl. i have stomach problem ...
1raz412517:19 24 Feb 10 by dr_tahir
Prostatorrhea - Prostatic Fluid
Dr. Sadeq Before commiting this sin, i was very...
9candid14:04 24 Feb 10 by sadeqahmed
A crack on my anus ,constipation and weight loss
Hi Doctor I am 28 woman suffering from constipa...
7kjijiji13:11 24 Feb 10 by kadwa
artharitis of vertbra 9spinaL COLOUM
1roypaul09:28 24 Feb 10 by kadwa
Petrol fumes
Hi there, just wondering what the best homeopathic...
1JohnG09:13 24 Feb 10 by kadwa
demodex mites
Does anyone have ANY info. on demodex mites? pleas...
2l41cheetah06:38 24 Feb 10 by sepia
Remedy for blister/s caused by ???
Hi all About 3 weeks ago 1 of my toes was very ...
5kezzza405:51 24 Feb 10 by kezzza4
brown circles on cheeks
I am 29 yrs old female, i am pragnant. brown marks...
6ajitisewal05:31 24 Feb 10 by kadwa
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